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2020 Landyachtz Drop Cat 33 Alternative Setup Reviewed (165mm 43º Trucks)

Drop Cat from 2019 and 2020

The 2020 Drop Cat 33 is a bit different than its 2019 counterpart . The standing platform is shorter, with longer, narrower necks. This was to account for narrower setups as well as large wheels on Bear’s new Gen 6 Grizzly trucks. As luck would have it, I had been thinking about trying out a rail matched version of the Drop Cat 33. I love the Drop Cat 33. It’s small, nimble, the rocker increases your locked-in feeling for standup slides, and it’s great for commuting when you also want to tackle some hills. In fact, I find myself reaching for it more often than my Pantheon Ember , the ultimate city commuter, just because it’s better for freeriding.

Landyachtz ships these with 180mm trucks. However, they’re so wide you can’t even stand your deck up on its side. Landyachtz did this for two reasons. First, it increases stability. This setup is still fun to slide around on, and the platform is just wide enough that you don’t feel like it’s difficult to control the wide trucks. Secondly… Landyachtz doesn’t make 165mm trucks.

But Paris does.

So I made a Paris V3/V2 hybrid setup (more on that in a bit) to create a 165mm, 43º Paris truck. I slapped these on the new 2020 Drop Cat 33, and tossed on some Powell Peralta 66mm Snakes for good measure.

The Drop Cat 33 with 180mm Paris V3 trucks is one of my favorite setups. It’s just a fun setup to push around and slide. It’s low, easy to push for distances, stiff enough for some light freeriding, and incredibly nimble. It’s perfect for a commute that involves a few hills. But I decided to order another deck to mess with the formula anyway. Let’s talk about this rail-matched setup, how it rides, and what Landyachtz and Paris are doing wrong.

Table of Contents

The 2020 Drop Cat 33

Drop Cat Seaker artwork, a bird of pray against a golden sun

The 2020 Drop Cat has the same 33″ length, 23.9″ wheelbase, and 9.625″ width as the 2019 version. But the standing platform itself is about about 2.5cm shorter to make room for larger wheels with lower angled trucks. That might not seem like much, but it’s definitely something you notice. After all, this setup was inspired by shaving a mere 15mm off of the width of my hangers. This is 25mm taken from where I typically put my foot. That’s like two toes!

After riding the 2020 model for a few weeks, I hopped on my older 2019 the other day just for some fun. I had some brand new Remember Hoots on hand and wanted to give them a go. It was so comfortable. I felt like I could put my feet anywhere, and I felt more comfortable than ever on it. I began to really appreciate the platform again. That tiny amount, just 25mm, really made a difference in the confidence I had on the deck.

That made me realize that Landyachtz made a mistake with the 2020 model. Initially, when I first got a Drop Cat, I took some time to get used to the smaller platform. I actually put a footstop on the back to help. However, it didn’t take me long to use the sharp corners of the standing platform as a reference. That’s a problem with the new model. Those sharp corners are more rounded, due to the shorter length of the standing platform. I wish Landyachtz had bit the bullet and created a new 34″ or 35″ version, rather than shrink the standing platform. An ever so slightly longer platform and longer wheelbase wouldn’t hurt this dynamic much. My guess is that it couldn’t fit the molds they had. Perhaps in a future version.

Is the Standing Platform Bad ?

Drop Cat next to a street deck

No, I wouldn’t consider it bad . I just don’t use it for freeride as much as my larger Drop Cat 33. Now more than ever, I recommend the 38″ version if you prefer a wider stance. I’m 5’10”. I consider the length to be suitable, but not perfect. A lot of people around my height may find it a little too short. Both models of the 33 are just shy of perfect for me, but I love them anyway. This is still a fun little deck. It’s great for pushing around cities and cranking out a few slides on hills. I’ve found it’s really comfortable in a stand up slide. The concave, rocker, and edges of the platform still help lock you in, while the wedged effect on the trucks makes for a nimble setup. This is still one of my go-to setups. In fact, I commuted to work on it for quite some time before the COVID lockdown. One of my coworkers even stated it was her favorite of mine, just for its design.

It is a really cool design. It’s by David Hale, the same guy who made the Dugout Gray Skull graphic, and a few other Landyachtz favorites. You can find his art on hawk.love .

This is a fun deck, I just wish it had an inch more standing room.

Narrow Back, Wide Front

Since I broke my wrist last year, I’ve favored toe slides. I still haven’t been able to confidently put my left hand on the pavement, and usually opt for a squattie when sliding heelside. Now, I wear around a size 9.5-10 (U.S.) women’s shoe. That’s equivalent to an 8 in men’s, depending on the brand. This means my toes overhang a bit on the back on this board. On top-mounted setups, a little overhang is great for leverage. But on a drop, especially one as low as this, I can sometimes drag my toe along the asphalt. It’s rare, and it means my stance wasn’t good to begin with, but it also would be more recoverable on a slightly wider deck. It’s especially bad when I’m using smaller wheels, like testing out the 63mm Easy Hawgs on this platform, or even just the 66mm Powell Peralta. On more than on occasion, I did this enough to pull my rear leg off the board. Fortunately, no serious injuries, just the usual bumps and scrapes. But this means that, for more serious freeride, you’ll have to shift your back foot more than you might on other setups.

It’s not an insurmountable issue, and it becomes such muscle memory that you’ll have your toe floating on the center of the board if you even think about sliding, but it’s something to remember. This is a fun board for some light freeriding, but it is not a freeriding deck, unless you have small feet and are a little on the shorter side (think 5′-5.5′). I’d recommend this more for commuting and lower speed freeriding, or perhaps if you really need that short wheelbase and wedged trucks for narrow and often unpredictable city streets. If you love the rocker this gives you, and the drop through nature, but you’re tall and want to use it for freeride, you may want to go with the 38 instead.

It’s not All Bad

That cutout by the neck that decreases the standing position? It was done for a reason, and that reason wasn’t to mock the tall folks grabbing this little board. When I first decided to try this setup, it was because I put my 165mm, 43º Paris Savants on my 2019 Drop Cat. I liked it. Sure, it was a little “squirrely” with the more narrow trucks, but it was a fun setup. The only problem? It didn’t work with the 70mm wheels I was using. The wheels bit into the neck. I had to go with some 63mm wheels I had on hand to test it out. When I ordered the parts for this setup, I grabbed 66mm Powell Peralta wheels. But, as it turns out, the new deck works perfectly with 70mm wheels. In fact, I could likely go up to 72mm, easy, even higher if they’re offset. While you’re definitely giving up a bit of standing room, you’re gaining options for wheel sizes. Depending on how much your toes overhang on a standup toe slide, you might want a bit of extra distance. For many people, especially those who favor a more narrow stance, the additional wheel and truck options is worth the 25mm off the standing platform.

Paris V3/V2 43º 165mm Trucks

UPDATE: Paris now sells V3 trucks with a 165mm hanger and 43º baseplate ! Guess I was just a little too impatient.

Closeup of the drop cat next, from the top, looking at the trucks

They don’t.

But at least they sell the V3 baseplates separately, right?

It’s so bad, Pantheon Longboards actually had to custom order 165mm 43º Paris V3 trucks for their freeride completes. They were only able to get them because they ordered in bulk. Jeff, owner of Pantheon Longboards, says he hopes they can show Paris there’s demand for this size. Paris makes the Savant in a 165mm, 43º setup, it’s insane they don’t offer the same for their cast V3 trucks.

So you can likely figure out how we got here, since I couldn’t order the baseplates and hangers separately in bulk. I bought some 165mm Paris V3 trucks with 50º baseplates and some V2 43º baseplates. Yes, they work together, but I did swap out the pivot cups to be sure. The baseplates arrived about a week after the complete trucks, so I used those for a while on the Drop Cat 33 Seeker. It’s not a terrible setup, actually. It’s a 57º truck with the wedges the Drop Cat rocker adds. This, surprisingly, wasn’t violently unstable. Maybe it’s because I’m used to going fast on TKP trucks. Perhaps it’s because my 2019 Drop Cat 33 is my go-to grab and go cruising setup. I didn’t hate this. However, it also felt a bit squirrelly around 20MPH, which is a lot slower than I’d like to go. I could have tweaked it with some bushings, but there’s only so much you can do with 57º trucks with 165mm hangers.

But then I got the 43º baseplates. Those still felt a bit loose at speeds around 20mph, but I didn’t feel as though they were ridiculous, and I could definitely tune it better with the right bushings. I feel like this setup would benefit from a lower rebound bushing, for more drawn out stand up slides. Of course, everyone will have different tolerances, and your balance and experience can take an unstable setup and make it stable, so I don’t want to assume that everyone would have wobbles for this, or that someone might have severe wobbles. The truth is, some better weight-appropriate bushings on this setup would likely be enough to fix the problem altogether, and I’m still working on dialing it in just right for my weight and the amount of rebound I want. I lost a bit of weight recently (thanks quarantine), and want to tweak a couple of my setups now.

The baseplate angle with the rocker is about 50º. It’s still grippy for quick turns thanks to the 165mm hanger, but still initiates and slides easily. This was when I felt like this setup had found its identity, where I could carve out a niche for it as a nimble, but not unwieldy small RKP pusher/cruiser with some light and slower freeriding potential. It was just the right combination of nimble but not so nimble it’s dangerous.

It’s been great for commutes and low speed freeriding!

Putting it all Together

Drop Cat and Pantheon Ember.

The 2020 Drop Cat 33 is a fun deck, albeit with a slightly shorter platform than I’d prefer. Still, I’m also taller than average. As for the trucks? Paris should make this setup available to everyone. Pantheon Longboards ran into the same problem when working on their own completes where the 43º baseplate would be perfect.

But how does it feel ? What is it like to ride? I had a revelation while skating it once. It feels kind of like balancing on a rail more than a platform. Easy to go off one side or the other, bit if you move with it, it never feels hard to balance on. If you keep your weight forward, it’ll surprise you with its stability. Is it a fast setup? No. I wouldn’t take it past 30mph too often. But there’s so much fun to be had before then. It’s super agile, dives into turns, and just floats over the ground. It’s nimble, smooth, and just a blast. Whip it around for a 180 toeslide even between parked cars on a narrow one-way street. It’s just so nimble and thrilling.

Drop cats next to each other. New one has a slightly smaller platform

It’s not a great freeride setup, though it can help you improve your stance, tuck, and slides on a better freeride setup. It can help you get used to the increased agility of a more narrow platform and the increased grip that provides. Essentially, because it’s not a great freeride setup, but it’s low and versatile, you may end up getting a lot of practice with it. Because it’s so good for commuting, carrying, or stowing under a desk, you may freeride on it more often than you could for a larger, less nimble, or less commute-friendly setup. Because I’ve been staying close to my apartment and because the hills around me are less than optimal, I’ve been freeriding on my more nimble setups recently than my dedicated freeride setup, the Pantheon Gaia.

The Drop Cat 33 is a decent enough commuter, but the 180mm setup with a slightly longer platform that I have from 2019 works a bit better for that. What this setup is good for is putting a huge, goofy grin on my face, even at slower speeds. It’s great for standup slides and perfecting your stance on a narrower platform. But really? It’s for fun, even on busy, narrow, cracked, pothole-ridden streets. It’s a fun setup for the city freeriding enthusiast. I was walking back up a hill once after I blasted down it, bouncing between heel and toeslides. A woman who saw me go down the hill saw me trudging back up. She exclaimed, “You looked like you were having fun!” You know what? I was, and, looking at her grin, the fun was infectious.

This is a great platform for just having a little fun joyriding. Not worrying about max speeds, or learning the perfect pre-drift slide. Just take your little setup out and have a blast. That’s exactly what I wanted this setup to be, and that’s exactly what I got.

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Landyachtz Drop Cat review

October 9, 2021

landyachtz battle axe vs drop cat

If you’re looking for a cruiser that is compact and super easy to skate, look no further. The Landyachtz Drop Cat 33 is one of the best cruisers I’ve skated to date. It’s low to the ground, easy to skate, and quite turny. I’m quite pleased that I own this board and get to skate it often. However, the turning did feel a bit awkward sometimes … 

Check out my review for more.

Table of Contents

  • Width – 9″.
  • Length – 33″.
  • Wheels -Hawgs 72mm 78a Plow King wheels.
  • Trucks – Reverse kingpin Bear Gen 6 trucks. 50*, 180mm.
  • Bearings – Space Balls Abec 7 bearings.
  • Construction – 7plys of Maple

**Though Landyachtz did send me this to review and ride as part of my sponsorship agreement with them, I will remain unbiased and fair in the review. A big part of me accepting the sponsorship was being able to review products from an unbiased POV.


When it comes to cruisers, I like those that are on the smaller side of the spectrum. They’re usually a bit nimbler, easier to carry around and just more fun to cruise with than bigger ones – hitting features, busting out small slides and slaloming between road obstacles is what I crave for and small cruisers have that juice on tap. 

That said, you often can’t fit very big wheels on them and they aren’t suited for skating distances more than a handful of miles. Mini-cruisers do have their limitations.

I really liked the Fireball cruiser as a mini cruiser but I couldn’t push it for too long before getting tired. Pushing uphill and over rougher roads kinda sucked as well – it just wasn’t the type of board suited to that sort of riding … 

I was itching for something that was just as compact as the Fireball but was better for getting around, especially over those longer distances.

I had been eyeing the Drop Cat 33 for a long time (even before my sponsorship) as it seemed like the sort of board I was looking for – it was relatively compact (33inches long), had a standing platform that was low to the ground (easy to push), had bigger wheels (would roll longer and over most things), and seemed to turn on a dime (easy fun slalom). So naturally, I had to pick it.

When I actually got to ride it, my suspicions were confirmed. It was easy to ride but ofcourse, one or two little things that weren’t obvious affected the overall ride.

For more info on the best cruisers on the market, check out this article here.

The Drop Cat is quite small …

At 33inches, this is one of the smaller drop-through cruisers around and I really liked this. I’ve always felt like most drop-through cruisers are too big (most are about 36inches in length). This makes them feel a bit slow turning and sluggish, and makes them feel unwieldy when carrying them around – I’ve bumped many a people in a supermarket aisle trying to handle a big board. 

I’ve also always felt like I have to have my feet too far apart to handle those bigger boards (I’m only 5ft10, so taller riders may disagree with this).

Because it is so small and is also a drop-through, you sort of get both the benefits of riding a drop-through and the benefits of a smaller compact board. As a result, the Landyachtz Drop Cat is easy to carry around, lightweight and has a nimble feel when turning – it’s very reactive to your input and.I love this!

However, with this small size comes a rather small standing platform. You only have about 20inches of actually board to stand on as the wheel cutouts to avoid wheelbite are quite big. 

This small standing platform isn’t going to work for everyone – especially those with wider stances. I think tall riders will be affected the most.

The standing platform isn’t too big

The standing platform of this board is only about 20inches long, 9inches wide at the front and 8inches at the back. It tapers to the smaller 8inch width from the front to the back.

It’s about the same as riding most compact cruisers – but you have a wider, more comfortable standing platform. So if you’re used to small cruisers, you’ll be able to transition to this one with no issue. 

Basically, if you can comfortably stand over the mounting points of a small cruiser with a wheelbase between 14-17inches, this board will likely be ok for you.

And whilst it is wide and kinda comfortable, I couldn’t help but sometimes feel that I didn’t have enough room length wise. I think it’s because I unconciously prefer to have my feet over the mounting options that I felt this way. Other than that, I’m quite happy with the overall size of the board.

The Landyachtz Drop Cat has flex

The board has a considerable amount of flex and will flex under your weight. This lowers your to the ground and makes pushing and footbraking abit easier. Paired with the considerable amount of rocker, you actually ride super close to the ground.

The flex also just adds a bit of bounce and “juice” to the overall ride. It makes it a bit more fun as you can bounce in and out of the turns – just watch out you don’t accidentaly force the wheels to break traction as you do. It’s quite easy to do this if you’re over enthusiastic.

Finally, the flex acts as a shock absorber and it helps harsh out the feedback you get from riding over rougher surfaces.

This complete is really turny!

As I mentioned earlier, I usually dislike how to drop throughs turn. They aren’t very nimble, feel sluggish and they take forever to turn. Fortunately, the Drop Cat has a much better feel when turning.

Because of it’s compact size, it has a smaller wheelbase. This allows it to have a smaller turning circle and a sharper turn. It also has a considerable amount of rocker which carries on throughout the board. This rocker wedges the front trucks by about 5-7* and wedges the back trucks by about 3-5*. 

This rocker brings the overall truck angles to about 57 and 53 degrees. Naturally, a higher angle truck turns a lot more and this adds to the nimble feel.

Though it is nimble and it does turn a lot, with the stock bushing setup the board didn’t give me a particularly nice feel when turning. 

It had a tightrope sort of balancing point and it would turn too suddenly for my liking … I talk more about this in the “what I didn’t like about the Drop Cat section below. Messing with the bushings did solve this, and some riders might actually not find issue with it at all.

How does the turning feel?

When it comes to turning, the board doesn’t turn much, then it turns a lot/suddenly, and then it quickly taps out of that turn. You don’t really dig into the turn as you would with a top-mount board, the turn sort of taps out, and you can lean and fall off the board if you keep adding more pressure/leaning expecting the board to lean and turn even more. 

You kinda have to hold the angle and just hold on as the board turns. It’s like a dead end of the lean and you just hold it there.

The board sits super low to the ground

The drop-through nature of the board, the considerable amount of rocker and the flex allows this board to sit super low to the ground. This does a few things.

It’s super easy to push and footbrake

The first thing the low height does is make the Drop Cat really easy to push and footbrake on. 

When skating longer distances and skating uphill even, I could feel myself getting less fatigued as I didn’t have to reach as far to get my foot down to push. I wasn’t bouncing up and down as much to get to teh ground and I was able to conserve a lot of energy.

Footbraking was also a lot easier. I gave the board to a friend who was struggling with footbraking and they were able to do it quite easily on this. They struggled a lot on a top mount as it was higher off the ground but came close to doing it quite well with the Drop Cat.

I found the board to be quite comfortable

When it comes to concave, the board has minimal features and the concave is rather mellow. It does have wheelflare sort of things and kinda rises up where the cut outs are. This might be uncomfortable if you have really big feet, but should be ok for most.

The main place that felt kinda of uncomfortable was the rear of the board. If I put my feet directly across the wheel flare sort of things it wouldn’t feel very nice. 

The only issue I see is the standing platform feeling a bit too small for bigger riders.

The construction is solid

Despite being really flexy, these boards can carry riders up to 250lbs in weight. The construction is solid and I haven’t had an issue with any cracks or anything forming. I only weigh 150lbs, but I make sure to abuse my boards, taking them over all sorts of environments. 

No issue so far construction wise with the Drop Cat.

Is it good for learning to slide?

It’s not a good board for downhill skating. It has flex and a lot of wedging which increases the angles of your trucks considerably, this can make it unstable at faster speeds.

However, because it is so low to the ground and it is a drop-through, it will be a good board for learning to slide. Drop-throughs and boards that sit close to the ground break traction super easy and this is no different.

I gave it to a buddy of mine who was still learning to slide and he had a blast. It broke traction easily for him and he was sliding within minutes of riding it.

It’s not a bad board for doing downhill stuff with under 25mph.

However, because the standing platform is quite small, it’s best for riders with a narrower stance. You might suffer if you like a wider stance for sliding.

The components are quite good

Apart from being a great board all-around the Drop Cat comes with excellent components too. It is paired with Bear trucks and Hawgs wheels – all baby companies of Landyachtz.

I was really impressed with the Plow kings

The Plow Kings surprised me! I didn’t think these wheels would be this good. Looking at the product pictures, I took them at face value and discounted them as regular, kinda wack longboard wheels. But they blew me away when I actually tried them 

These roll fast and pick up acceleration quickly. They rolled over most things and absorbed a ton of road vibration. They didn’t have an amazing amount of traction or grip, but were good enough for a cruiser wheel. But I should not understate that they roll really fast and accelerate quite quickly. They’re not a race winning wheel, but they really excel in that 15-30mph range.

They were also quite easy to slide despite having such a wide shape … though I reckon it’s mostly because they were attatched to the Drop Cat that they have been easy to slide, so take that with a grain of salt.

The Bear Spaceball bearings are decent

When I skated them the first few times a lot of lube leaked out of them and on to the shields. This is largely normal though. The lube leaking out was the excess lubricant in the bearing and this happens to most bearings as they break in.

Bearings with thicker lubricants (eg. Lithium Grease) don’t have this happen to them though …

You will have to wipe the wheel down to get it clean once the lube stops coming out.

Otherwise the bearings are still wroking quite well. I’ve skated them over dust, mud, puddles etc. and they’re still going strong. No issues so far.

The Bear Gen 6 trucks are high-quality

The Gen 6 trucks are the update Bear cast trucks. A lot of people didin’t like the 5th gen bear trucks and after trying them myself I can see why. The Gen 6 are considerably better though.

These have a very flowy turn, and feel quite leany and carvy. The turn is usually quite predicatable and smooth. 

What I didn’t like about the Landyachtz Drop Cat

It had a tight-rope feel when skating.

When leaning, the board would turn very suddenly and quickly and would react to my inputs quite drastically and then would suddenly stop turning as much. This gave the board an overall tight-rope feel like I was balancing on a point and it would turn very quickly/suddenly if leaned either left or right.

Honestly, this feel isn’t too bad and some people might like it, but I didn’t find it to be very comfortable and it made the board a bit awkward to skate. It was also not very confidence-inspiring at higher speeds (20-25mph) –  you want a board with a smooth, forgiving turn for going fast.

How did I fix this?

A quick fix to this tight-rope feel would be removing the cupped washer on the bottom of the boardside bushing. This will give the board an overall better feel as the bushings won’t be constricted as much and will allow the trucks to flow better. But for the best feel, you should pick up some aftermarket bushings according to your weight.

 What after market bushings am I using?

I eventually switched over to soft hardcore bushings which gave me the feedback and the smoother lean that I was looking for. I am currently riding the 85a (white) bushings in the front truck and the 87a (green) bushings in the back truck. The board still turns just as much, but the turning isn’t as sudden and it leans in a smoother controllable way. 

These bushings also give me feedback (a tiny bit of bounce) when I’m engaging the truck rather than just mushing over and allowing the truck to flop left or right. This gives me a lot of confidence, both at low speeds and slightly higher speeds as well.

I think higher rebound bushings (like Powell Hardcore bushings, and Venom SHRs) give a better feel in them. I tried some Venom HPF and they felt waay too mushy for my liking. Higher rebound bushings gave me a better feel.

The graphic got dirty quite easily

I got the version of the Drop cat with the white graphic. Being in Kenya, where there is dust, mud and all sorts of things, the board nturally got a bit dirty. Also, grease stains stuck on it and stuck out a bit.

I cleaned it for the review and they more or less came off. Some stubborn stains stayed but it was more or less like new. But if if how the graphic looks is important to you, get the darker versions where the stains won’t show up.

Is the price fair?

Depending on where you pick it up, this board will cost you bout $200. It is a bit on the expensive side, but you are paying a premium for high-quality products with great components.

If you like what I’ve said in the review, you will absolutely love this board and it will be worth it for you.

No kicktail – not the best for all sorts of terrain

Not having a kicktail hasn’t really affected me so far. I’m quite used to navigating urban roads on boards that don’t have tail (most of the DH boards I have don’t have one), so this was quite easy to adjust to. 

However, I can see the lack of a kicktail being an issue for people who have to use one to go up curbs and the like.

Things to watch out for!

It’s easy to kick the wheels.

Because its so short and sort of narrow size, you can sometimes kick the wheels on this board when you’re pushing. This only happened to me the first few times skating the board, or when skating it after a long-period of not skating it. I would quickly adjust and it would’t be an issue any more.

Just something to keep in mind.

Be careful riding over puddles

The cut-outs let water and mud  through. You’ll get sprayed if you roll over any of these.

Unless you have wheel shields to protect against the water spray, this board is best for riding in the dry.

Don’t use trucks under 160mm in width

You’ll get wheelbite quite easily with trucks that are a shorter width than this. And with this board, you’re going to want to avoid wheelbite as much as possible. It is often quite sudden and you’ll find yourself flying forward.

Who is this board right for?

  • Looking for a relatively compact cruiser that will be easy to skate around with? This is the one for you.
  • Still want a compact board but want something better suited for longer distances? This is a good choice.
  • Looking to buy a board for a kid? This one is a good choice. The smaller size and standing platform accomodates a shorter stance. They’ll have better control and a better riding experience with this board.
  • Looking for a great beginner board? This is a great choice.

Who shouldn’t buy this board?

  • If the board doesn’t fit your budget, it isn’t a good choice for you.
  • If you have a very wide stance, this board might be too small for you. You should consider the Drop Cat 38.
  • If you want kicktails, this isn’t a good choice.

Where to buy the Drop Cat cruiser?

Buy the Drop Cat here at the Landyachtz website. Use the code – “ AroniSkate&Explore15 ” for 5% off.

You can buy the Drop Cat 33 here at the Stokedride shop.

You can also pick up the Drop Cat 38 here at Stokedride shop too.

What do you think, is the Landyatchz Drop Cat right for you?

If you’ve liked what you’ve read I highly recommend you pick up the Drop Cat. You will absolutely love it. If you’re still hesitant, I recommend looking at my best cruiser boards list for more options and info on other boards.

Big thanks to my  patrons  Jed, SuperbadJuju, Mowgii, Bryan, Andrew, Jan, Jay, Owen, Samil, Daniel, Alex, and Kasajja for the support. Your continued support of me allows me to keep making things like this. Cheers!

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4 comments on “ landyachtz drop cat review ”.

landyachtz battle axe vs drop cat

Philip Krayna

Hi- thanks for a great and thorough review. I am buying the 38” model— what specific bushings would you put on to improve ride? I couldn’t tell from your review and photos which brand and durometer you recommend.

landyachtz battle axe vs drop cat

I am currently riding the 85a (white) bushings in the front truck and the 87a (green) bushings in the back truck. I weight 150lbs/about 70kg. It should work good for you if you’re about the same weight

landyachtz battle axe vs drop cat

Looking into getting some Venom SHR standard bushings. Do you know if I have to get separate washers? Sorry, new to this whole thing but really need to make adjustments to improve maneuverability as I am a pretty light rider.

Depends on where you buy them from. If you get them from muirskate you can get them with washers.

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New Landyachtz Battle Axe & Seeker - Basement Skate Blog

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New Landyachtz Battle Axe & Seeker

landyachtz battle axe vs drop cat

Landyachtz Battle Axe and Seeker are two staples of the complete longboard line up on offer. Both are available in a selection of different graphics but here are a couple of the latest we love!

Landyachtz Battle Axe 38″ Paper Tiger Longboard Complete

Paper Tiger, Man of  Steel the hero from the movie reel. If you are a fan of ALL you will know what I’m talking about. And just like ALL, this new complete is is as good as it gets. The all new Landyachtz Battle Axe 38″ Paper Tiger Longboard Complete. A classic pintail shape and lowered standing platform might be the best combination out there for someone looking to pick up a board for the first time and learn to ride. Get out and explore your city in style with a Battle Axe!

Battle Axe Features:

  • Grizzly 50 degree 180mm Gen 6 trucks
  • Hagws Supremes 70mm 78a Black wheels
  • Spaceball Precision Bearings

landyachtz battle axe vs drop cat

Why is it so good? Because it’s hella easy to push with a low center of gravity, has a bit of rocker for switch slides and flex for that nice surf like ride. The all new  Battle Axe longboard has enough concave to throw down some big slides when your in that frame of mind. If your into a bit of speed that lower ride will be nice and stable but also give you great lean for carving and sidewalk surfing. The Battle Axe Paper Tiger from Landyactz Longboards comes complete and ready to skate as soon as you open the box.

Landyachtz Drop Cat 33″ Seeker black Longboard Complete

The Landyachtz Drop Cat 33″ Seeker Complete Longboard is part of the new line up from the biggest longboard companies in the world. Fresh new graphics to suit an epic shape. Still one of the best and easiest setups for city cruising, urban transport and long distance commuting but coming in 33″ will give you even quicker reaction and greater aggressive turning.

  • 7 Ply Canadian Maple Construction
  • CNC Cut Wheel Wells
  • Polar Bear 155mm Black Trucks
  • Easy Hawgs 78a 72mm Teal Wheels 
  • Bear Spaceball Bearings

landyachtz battle axe vs drop cat

The super low dropthrough with huge rocker design will allow for the most comfortable ride you will experience. Comes with Bear Grizzly 180mm trucks and 72mm 78a Plow King Hawgs wheels and Bear Space Balls bearings make this a premium complete longboard a more stable ride. The drop through design also eases the strain that comes from pushing

Landyachtz : One Tree One board

Maple is the best material for skateboards. Unfortunately that means removing maple trees from the environment. To give back to the environment Landyachtz will plant one tree for every skateboard they sell. One tree produces at least 60 boards. So with this program, one tree will turn into at least 60 new trees planted. When you buy a Landyachtz board, know that you are making a difference and improving the environment for future generations to enjoy.

Landyachtz is one of the most reliable and solid ranges of longboard gear you can find. The also do some amazing cruiser completes like these and these . Top quality, no holds bared they are some of the best in the biz. Click here to follow them on Instagram. Need kit? Click here for the latest offering at Basement Skate.

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Should You Buy The Skateboard of Landyachtz Battle Axe?

More than just something new to try, skateboarding is an exciting, and valuable activity that helps improve your fitness. No special gear needed. No fellow player needed. Let’s cart a skateboard around and do some tricks!

And right after you decide to give skateboarding a shot, “Which skateboard deck brand is the best out there?” is the very first question to pop up in your head.

As the skateboard industry is as diverse and competitive as this nerve-racking sport itself, you will be spoiled for choices.

But we have compiled a list of the most favorite and popular skateboard brands of 2018 for you to consider. The Landyachtz Battle Axe Longboard Skateboard is nothing but the best option you can choose.

See more: Landyachtz Longboards: Detailed Reviews For Unique Longboarders.

What is Landyachtz Battle Axe?

What is Landyachtz Battle Axe?

As the top skateboarding deck brand on the market, the Landyachtz takes on that daring, free expression, and cringe-worthy outdoor activity which is quintessential to the grand community of skateboarders.

High-quality skateboarding decks are the fastest and most effective lesson plan for you to learn how to ride by yourself and even do a ton of tricks.

But the top products by the Landyachtz are not all about that deep kind of fun and games. Rather than taking a lot to produce wooden decks with dope graphic designs, the skateboard company with their DIY mentality in mind has made it to the highest level since day one.

The top skateboarding deck manufacturer is the one to bring hands-on willingness and genuine passion into this kind of exciting outdoor activity. And it’s exactly what the Landyachtz Battle Axe Longboard Skateboards will give you.

The feeling of landing a skateboard like the Landyachtz Battle Axe Longboard/Skateboard for the very first time might be the best thing you ever had.

Main Features

Main Features

Throughout 18 years producing skateboarding decks, the excellent products of the Landyachtz have gone through a lot of phases of development and advanced changes.

The Landyachtz creation and production team has contributed much to the development of the skateboarding deck industry by creating the awesome models particularly suited for many types of terrains.

And the Landyachtz Battle Axe Longboard Skateboard series is not an exception. From specific lengths, widths, shapes, wheelbases, and special construction technology, this series is produced with attention paid to even the smallest detail.

With the Landyachtz Battle Axe Longboard Skateboard series, Landyachtz has created an incredible beast of a skateboarding deck producing company.

And here are the main features of the Landyachtz Battle Axe Longboard Skateboard series:

The Special Construction Technology

Skateboarding lovers have witnessed a lot of phases of development and changes throughout this sport’s history. And the Landyachtz Battle Axe’s special construction technology including Drop – Through Mounting and 8 Plies of Maple makes its collection outstanding.

The Deck Size

They always measure the skateboarding deck’s size in inches – the American official unit of measurement. One American unit is equal to 2.54 cm or 1 Zoll – the unit widely used in Europe.

Skateboard Deck Length

Skateboard Deck Length

But the Landyachtz Battle Axe Longboard Skateboard series has only two options available. One is 35” (89 cm) and another is 40” (101.6 cm).

Skateboard Deck Width

Skateboard Deck Width

Only by trying out various models with different deck width can you get a feeling for the perfect size for your board.

That’s when you can determine the most comfortable option for you. And the perfect width for a skateboard deck varies depending on your body size, your skateboarding style, and your personal preference.

A tip for novice skateboarders: Good indicators when you have no idea about the best suited width are your height or your shoe size.

In short: The bigger shoes you wear, the bigger the skateboard width should be.

And if an incredibly smooth ride at a high speed is what you are looking for, then the wide surface of up to 9” (22.9 cm) will, without doubt, make you satisfied.

Apart from providing the fun of speeds at its best, this width with much space also decreases the chance that you will hurt yourself. The larger the size is, the bigger the advantage when landing tricks is.

Skateboard Wheelbase

Skateboard wheelbase is another fundamental factor to take into consideration when choosing. Two models of the Landyachtz Battle Axe Longboard Skateboard series correspond to the two skateboard wheelbase – 24.5″ (62cm) or 29.5″ (75cm).

The Skateboard

Normally, each board consists of three distinct parts: the front (also known as the nose), the wheelbase (the part between the trucks), and the tail (also known as the rear).

Take a much closer insight into your deck in order to find out the position of the nose and the tail. The front is usually wider and steeper as a result.

High-quality Included Components

High-quality Included Components

Because it is equipped with the premium included components! Some of them are Hawgs Mini Monster Wheels, Bear Grizzly Trucks, Landyachtz Abec 7 Bearings, and Bear Spaceballs Bearings.

Who is The Battle Axe Best For?

Who is The Battle Axe Best For?

You started your riding passion at a young age? It does not matter much how old you are, just make sure you are truly passionate to dominate the board. Riders of all levels, from beginners to intermediate riders, might just love the time spent with the high-quality products of the top USA skateboarding deck manufacturers.

What are the Benefits of Using Landyachtz Battle Axe?

It is needless to say that the Landyachtz Battle Axe takes you from one destination to another with ease. But the models of this series actually do a whole heap of things in only one full package.

Landyachtz Battle Axe Series – What Is The Best Size For You?

35” Battle Axe

35” Battle Axe

  • Features: sharp turns with ease; a 5-ply bamboo deck allowing an incredibly increased amount of flexibility; etc.
  • Pros: Affordable; excellent carving capability;
  • Cons: High speeds (at 25-30 mph) might hurt any riders’ stability;
  • Used For: Carving, Commuting, and Campus Cruising;
  • Best For: Those who want to use the Battle Axe as a commuting long skateboarding deck.

Your very first skateboarding deck should be a good-looking and affordable one which can complete multiple duties. And then there is no better choice than the 35” Landyachtz Battle Axe.

Thanks to the stunning maneuverability, it can make sharp turns without difficulty. Even when playing with your core group of boy and girl skaters out there, you will easily be able to improvise when your friends suddenly change directions.

Whether it is 35″ – Chill Bird, 35″ – Cougar, or 35″ – Thunderbird, the 35” Landyachtz Battle Axe will bring the riding beginners who have almost no experience to the advanced flat ground tricks.

Once you try out sliding with this board, you will find it a great excuse to visit any big city around the world. Whether it is London or New York, Berlin or Melbourne, Los Angeles or Guangzhou, you will have an unforgettable experience riding around.

One more thing that makes the 35” Landyachtz Battle Axe a good choice is its affordability. No matter which one you choose, you can have all of the simplest functions of a long skateboarding deck done pretty perfectly for around USD 200.

40” Battle Axe

40” Battle Axe

  • Features: Bamboo Core Construction, Stable board; 82a 70mm Mini Monsters Wheels;
  • Pros: A longboard for various purposes; increased stability and speeds;
  • Cons: The lack of maneuverability;
  • Used For: Long distance rides with a premium skateboard deck;
  • Best For: Novice skateboard riders.

The 40” Landyachtz Battle Axe has three models on sale: 40″ – Chill Bird, 40″ – Cougar, and 40″ – Eagle.

Among a handful of long skateboarding decks for different purposes out there, the 40″ Landyachtz Battle Axe stands out for a good reason. More than just a means of transportation, it is designed to show you how the real experience of a ride can be.

Also, we should mention the lowered platform, full length rocker, light flex pattern, and wheel cut-outs that make it one of the comfiest land cruisers.

With the hope of making every carve a buttery one, the Battle Axe not only has eliminated wheel bite but also has increased the stability and extreme control of this commuting longboard.

For novice riders who have almost no experience chopping their way through their daily commute, I cannot have a better suggestion than the 40″ Battle Axe.

As I’ve said above, the longer your longboard is, the more stable it is. Therefore, any rider regardless of age looking for a longer, more stable platform can pick the Battle Axe at 4’’.

There is no need to worry about a season pass, a membership, or a traditional vehicle to commute every day. All you need to do is bring out a 40″ Landyachtz Battle Axe and your imagination. And get ready to become a skateboarder!

Q1: How to Choose the Right Landyachtz Battle Axe?

Something interesting to hang out with a core group of friends, a fun way to pass the time outdoors with your teammates, an effective way to improve your health condition, and even a way to express yourself, skateboarding definitely certainly makes your life better.

That’s why the better the skateboard’s quality is, the much more your life is improved. But which skateboard deck was born to be yours? You only get what you pay for when you find out the most suitable one.

Q2: What can Affect Your Riding Experience?

Shopping around and you will spend much time on a dizzying collection of high-quality skateboarding decks. What can affect your riding experience? What should you know before getting your own skateboarding deck? What makes one type of skateboarding deck different from the others?

Summarizing The Above

I know that you have a hard time finding the best one for you. Thus, we have compiled some recommendations for you to find this wide selection a little bit less challenging. Hope that you can find answers to all of your questions and more here!

2018 is a good year for skateboarding. But among a wide range of good skateboarding brands in the market, how can you choose the best one? It might be the very first question to have in mind of all skateboard lovers, both amateurs and enthusiasts.

That’s why we want to take this chance to introduce the Landyachtz Battle Axe Longboard Skateboard to you. Hope that one of the best skateboard deck brands of the year will give you an exciting skateboarding experience.

Thank you for reading ! I hope you will find the perfect board for yourself!

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Landyachtz Switchblade

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Riding Boards

Landyachtz Drop Cat 38

The Landyachyz Drop Cat 38 is an excellent drop-through longboard for learning to freeride. It’s like a drop deck although not in a conventional way (strong rocker).

At 38.6″ by 9.9″, it’s long and wide enough for comfort and secure feel, yet short enough for easy pushing into slides and going switch as the symmetrical shape lets you ride both ways.

See Ridingboards’s full review

  • Description
  • Additional information

The Drop Cat is designed for maximum stability at speed with a long stable 29.3″ wheelbase and a strong truck-to-truck rocker making the board super low riding.

The Drop Cat gives you the best of both worlds for freeriding: a low-riding board stable at speed, but one that lets you break into slides with ease while giving you that secure feel and control you need as a beginner. Perfect for taller riders or those looking for a more stable ride.

This board has a strong and durable maple construction and a futuristic rocker profile. It comes with Bear Grizzly trucks and large grippy 72mm Hawgs wheels.

Related products

loaded Mata Hari

Loaded Mata Hari 44.5

The Mata Hari is Loaded’s new freestyle-oriented dancing longboard. It’s a more compact and lightweight board compared to Loaded’s all-time dancing king, the Bhangra.

Compared to classic dancer boards, the Mata Hari is a lot easier for freestyle tricks like kick flicks or no-comply 360 flips, thanks to its narrower and shorter shape, lighter weight, and steeper kicks.

See Ridingboards’ complete review

Loaded Poke 34

Loaded Poke 34

The Loaded Poke is a great board for riding inner city areas. Slightly bigger than a street deck, it’s very lightweight and easy to carry around.

The mildly flexy deck and large kicks make it apt for freestyle tricks and quick slides. With the right setup, this board can be astonishingly pumpable and surfy.

See Ridingboard’s complete review

Landyachtz Drop Cat 33

Landyachtz Drop Cat 33

The innovative high rocker makes this board low riding for pushing and distance, and offers nice foot lock-in for freeride. The mild flex helps absorb shocks from uneven ground without affecting stability when going fast.

With a 33″ length, the Drop Cat is the smallest drop-through Landyachtz has ever made. It’s an outstanding short longboard for freeriding, beginner sliding, carving, and some downhill speed. The Drop Cat’s small size makes it ideal for riding tight corners and narrow pathways.

See Ridingboards’ mini review

landyachtz battle axe vs drop cat

Loaded Basalt Tesseract 39

The Basalt Tesseract integrates dual kicktails, rocker, wheel well flares, W concave, and multi wheelbase options into a lightweight board for hilly descents, snappy slides, lofty ollies, techy manual combos, and cross-stepping.

The Basalt Tesseract is a full-sized, 39″ x 9.5″, dual-kick, freestyle-friendly longboard, highly responsive and very trickable due to its big kicks, small wheelbase and amazingly light weight relative to size.  Quick snappy speed checks on big hills.

Privacy Overview

landyachtz battle axe vs drop cat

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Battle Axe Space Rock (6235991474365)

Battle Axe - Space Rock

A classic pintail shape and lowered standing platform might be the best combination out there for someone looking to pick up a board for the first time and learn to ride. Get out and explore your city in style with a Battle Axe!

100% Canadian Maple

100% Canadian Maple

Canadian Maple is a strong and proven material used in the world’s best skateboards. We source only the finest veneers found in Eastern Canada.


Drop through decks are lower to the ground and enjoy increase stability without sacrificing maneuverability.


The perfect middle ground, enough concave that you always feel glued to your board, but not too much to hurt your feet during a longer cruise.

Rocker provides a more comfortable foot platform by adjusting the deck angles to a skater’s natural stance. It also adds board control and increases responsiveness under your feet.

Length : 38.2 Width : 9.4 Wheelbase : 27.2 Artist : Landyachtz Original Art

city street path beach campus hill

Watch the Battle Axe in Action

New board recommendations.

  • 5 Stars 96 Reviews
  • 4 Stars 6 Reviews
  • 3 Stars 0 Reviews
  • 2 Stars 0 Reviews
  • 1 Star 1 Review
  • Neighbourhoods
  • Mellow Hills

Really Happy

Very smooth ride. Didn’t need much adjusting to the trucks or the wheels at all. Perfect length and width for my type of cruising.

This bad boy is sweet

Very happy with this board. It's stable yet also responsive. Good for hills and for pumping on flats. Love the little tail on the back for kick turns and manuals.

Awesome board!

I love riding this board! It's just right in so many ways. I look forward to many more evening cruises. I am upgrading the wheels so suit my preferences. They are a bit slow although they are very grippy and smooth as butter.

  • On Rough Pavement

This board does everything right: it’s smooth, it’s flexy, it’s great for carving, and it’s a whole lot of fun. Absolutely recommend this board for beginners!

Fun to ride ! First time buying a board

Rides with ease over rough pavement ,great for cruising in your neighborhood and parks, im tall person so it does feel comfortable over long period of time while riding it, i weight 210lb so i was bit worry about that it ,but its a sturdy board its was well made , a must have for summer this great summer vibes :)🤙🏼highly recommend

Land Yachtz Skateboards

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    landyachtz battle axe vs drop cat

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    landyachtz battle axe vs drop cat

  4. Landyachtz Longboards Battle Axe 38 Spectrum Drop thru deck

    landyachtz battle axe vs drop cat

  5. Landyachtz Battle Axe Black Space Rock Complete Longboard Skateboard

    landyachtz battle axe vs drop cat

  6. Landyachtz Battle Axe 38 Longboard (spectrum)

    landyachtz battle axe vs drop cat


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  1. Drop cat 33" vs Drop cat 38" vs Battle Axe 38"

    Drop Cat for a good all-around and versatile board: more aggressive concave for learning the basics of sliding and freeriding, low rocker for easy push and foot brake. 33" for city commutes (more nimble) and 38" for long distances and more stability at higher speeds. The Battle Axe might be a better choice for just cruising specifically ...

  2. Best Landyachtz Longboard By Riding Style [2023-2024]

    Landyachtz Drop Cat 33″ - 38″. The Drop Cat is a rockered directional drop-through commuter longboard. It comes in two sizes, 33″ x 9 5/8″ (23.9 WB) and 38″ x 9.9″ (29.3″ WB). The innovative high rocker makes this board low riding for pushing and distance and gives good foot lock-in for freeride.

  3. 2020 Landyachtz Drop Cat 33 Alternative Setup Reviewed (165mm 43º

    The 2020 Drop Cat has the same 33″ length, 23.9″ wheelbase, and 9.625″ width as the 2019 version. But the standing platform itself is about about 2.5cm shorter to make room for larger wheels with lower angled trucks. That might not seem like much, but it's definitely something you notice.

  4. Landyachtz Drop Cat review

    The Landyachtz Drop Cat has flex. The board has a considerable amount of flex and will flex under your weight. This lowers your to the ground and makes pushing and footbraking abit easier. Paired with the considerable amount of rocker, you actually ride super close to the ground.

  5. Landyachtz Drop Cat 33" cruiser (in depth) review

    You can also buy the Drop Cat from the Landyachtz website (https://landyachtz.com/search?type=product%2Carticle%2Cpage%2Ccollection&q=drop%20cat*). Use the c...

  6. Landyachtz Battle Axe 35" & 40" Complete Longboard Review

    Landyachtz Battle Axe Longboard Complete is an excellent cruising and carving setup that comes in two sides to meet the needs of riders of any size and skill...

  7. New Landyachtz Battle Axe & Seeker

    The Landyachtz Drop Cat 33″ Seeker Complete Longboard is part of the new line up from the biggest longboard companies in the world. Fresh new graphics to suit an epic shape. Still one of the best and easiest setups for city cruising, urban transport and long distance commuting but coming in 33″ will give you even quicker reaction and ...

  8. Should You Buy The Skateboard of Landyachtz Battle Axe?

    The 40" Landyachtz Battle Axe has three models on sale: 40″ - Chill Bird, 40″ - Cougar, and 40″ - Eagle. Among a handful of long skateboarding decks for different purposes out there, the 40″ Landyachtz Battle Axe stands out for a good reason.

  9. Landyachtz Drop Cat 38

    The Landyachyz Drop Cat 38 is an excellent drop-through longboard for learning to freeride. It's like a drop deck although not in a conventional way (strong rocker). At 38.6″ by 9.9″, it's long and wide enough for comfort and secure feel, yet short enough for easy pushing into slides and going switch as the symmetrical shape lets you ride both ways.

  10. Landyachtz Battle Axe Complete Longboard

    The Battle Axe has been a wildly popular shape in the Landyachtz longboard lineup since it first saw the.. Free shipping. Price match. 365 days Return Policy. ... Landyachtz Drop Cat Complete Longboard. $173.95 $109.95. Madrid Trance Drop-Thru Complete Longboard. Buy package. Buy for $195.46 in Longboard Package + +

  11. Landyachtz Drop Cat Complete Longboard

    Landyachtz Battle Axe Complete Longboard. Buy package. Buy for $212.46 in Longboard Package + + Buy package. Description. Skate the future of rockered longboards, with Drop Cat Complete from Landyachtz. You will be in full control when stepping onto this freeriding platform and now that you can carve as hard as you want, thanks to the twin ...

  12. Landyachtz Longboards

    Slay everything in your way with the new and improved 2011 Landyachtz Battle Axe!For more details on this board, check out our site:http://www.landyachtz.com...

  13. Drop Cat 33

    Complete - $249.99. Deck Only - $139.99. Time-tested maple construction and super low ride height come together with a futuristic rocker profile to create a board that lets you travel through time to sample the very best of what we've learned over 20-plus years of designing boards. The Drop Cat 33 is perfect for smaller riders or people looking ...

  14. Battle Axe

    The Battle Axe is a drop through longboard that measures 38" long by 9.4" wide at the front with a significant taper towards the rear. Its 8 ply maple construction gives it a moderate amount of flex which, combined with its super low ride height and mellow concave, makes it a very stable platform ideal for beginners or riders looking for a fast, comfortable board to commute on.

  15. Landyachtz Drop Cat Review

    Music by the l1ght

  16. Landyachtz Battle Axe Longboard Complete

    With drop-through mounting and wheel cut-outs the Battle Axe Longboard achieves a lowered platform that is not only easier to push, but also more stable and immune to wheelbite. The 35" length can be easily toted around and is more manageable for smaller riders, while the longer 40" length makes for a super smooth street surfer with the added ...

  17. Battle Axe

    Please scroll down to see our new board recommendations! A classic pintail shape and lowered standing platform might be the best combination out there for someone looking to pick up a board for the first time and learn to ride. Get out and explore your city in style with a Battle Axe!