1. Cal 40: A Speedy Bit of History

    cal 40 sailboat review

  2. Cal 40: The 1960s US classic that deserves restoration

    cal 40 sailboat review

  3. Used Sailboat Review

    cal 40 sailboat review

  4. Used Sailboat Review

    cal 40 sailboat review

  5. CAL 40 Sailboat tour

    cal 40 sailboat review

  6. CAL 40 Hull Type: Fin w/spade rudderRig Type: Masthead Sloop LOA: 39.33

    cal 40 sailboat review


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  1. Cal 40

    Sailboat Reviews; Sailboats 36-40ft; Cal 40 Though now an old and dated design, the Cal 40 was a hot boat when new, and she carries that legacy. By. ... The Cal 40, a hot racing boat when new, carries that legacy with her into maturity. Generally, the boats have been raced hard, some cruised hard as well.Owners have tended to be the type to add ...

  2. The Cal 40 Used Boat Review

    The Cal 40 Used Boat Review. There may be no more than a handful of sailboats in recent history that can be called milestones in that they significantly influenced the way in which boats were designed, built and sailed. Without a doubt, the Cal 40 is one design that fits this elite group. Introduced in 1963, the Cal 40 was so successful ...

  3. The Cult of the Cal 40: The Classic 1960s Ocean Racing Legend

    The Classic 1960s Ocean Racing Legend. The Cal 40 is a roughly 39-ft 4-in fiberglass production racing and cruising sailboat, of which about 155 were built in Costa Mesa, California, starting in 1963. The first mass-produced sailboat that was capable of sustained surfing on waves, the Cal 40 dominated ocean racing during the 1960s like no other design before or since.

  4. CAL 40

    The rig dimensions above are from the 1963 sail plan drawing. Current class rules (2005) allow a max of: I - 46.7'. J - 15.3'. P - 40.1'. E - 17.55'. The accolades for this particular boat are many. Certainly one of the most influential designs and successful racing boats ever. With 160 built, it was also a commercial success for Jensen Marine.

  5. Cal 40: A Speedy Bit of History

    The Cal 40 developed a reputation for being a fast, downwind sailing machine very early in its history. It's easy to see why. The first hull, Persephone, was an instant success, although the design was considered somewhat radical for offshore and long-distance racing. Her flat, dinghy-like bottom, fin keel, and high-aspect spade rudder, along ...

  6. Cal 40: The 1960s US classic that deserves restoration

    The Cal 40's traditional appearance belies her lightweight design and her surprising scarcity value, writes Rupert Holmes. The traditional styling of this boat, with its counter stern and raked bow, might lead onlookers to assume it's a typical heavy long keeler from the early 1960s. However, it's a lightweight design with the potential to ...

  7. World's coolest yachts: Cal40

    Stan Honey nominates the Cal40. The Cal40 has iconic status in the United States and was a game-changer in the 1960s as a true racer/cruiser. Designed by Bill Lapworth, it has a radical flat ...

  8. A Modern Classic: The Cal 40 Turns Sixty

    One hundred and eight were built from 1963 to 1971. Conceived as an "offshore racer," the Cal 40 was 39.33 feet long and 30.33 feet on the waterline, with a beam of 11 feet and draft of 5 feet 7 inches. At 15,000 pounds with 6,000 pounds of ballast she was incredibly light for the time, with a canoe-shaped hull that surfed downwind like a ...

  9. Cal 40

    The Cal 40 is an American sailboat that was designed by Bill Lapworth as an offshore racer and first built in 1963. The boat became an acclaimed racer and was also a commercial success. ... In a 2020 review Tom Burden wrote, "today the Cal 40 has attained true 'cult' status as a design that is sought after, restored and passed down through ...

  10. Cal 40

    Cal 40 is a 39′ 4″ / 12 m monohull sailboat designed by C. William Lapworth and built by Jensen Marine/Cal Boats between 1963 and 1971. ... Sail area in square feet, derived by adding the mainsail area to 100% of the foretriangle area (the lateral area above the deck between the mast and the forestay). D: ...

  11. Cal 40

    The first Cal 40s were introduced in 1963, but they were really making an impact by 1964 and by 1967 the 40 was the most dominating production ocean racer ever built. In the 1966 Bermuda-Newport Race, 40s won five of the top 15 places overall. Cal 40s won the Transpac race in 1965, 1966 and 1967, and again in 1985, also winning the SORC in 1964 ...

  12. CAL 40 Sailboat tour

    The Cal 40 is a 39'4" fiberglass production racing and cruising sailboat. Abou... #cal40 #retroboat #sailinganarchyIn this video we check out a Cal 40 sailboat.

  13. Caliber 40 LRC

    Base price seems a fair $204,950, FOB Clearwater, Florida. For comparison, a Cabo Rico 40 is close to $400,000, a Catalina 40 Mk II and a Jeanneau Sun Fast 40 about $170,000, and the C&C 121 Express about $220,000. Contact- Caliber Yachts, 4551 107th Circle N., Clearwater, FL 33762; 813/573-0627. Darrell Nicholson.

  14. Documenting the Full Restoration of a Cal 40

    Documenting the Full Restoration of a Cal 40. BMC. August 21, 2015. Boat Refit / Sail Boat / Yacht Racing. The boat yard has always been a place where sailors with a dream have started on projects to fulfill their dream. Fred Cook of Schaefer Marine is one of those sailors, and the complete restoration of a Cal 40 is his latest dream project.

  15. Used Sailboat Review

    It is unclear if the original 40 was produced alongside the 40 LRC or was discontinued in favor of the LRC. A total of 130 of the 40 LRCs were produced. Caliber 40 sailboat photo by Tarn Kelsey. Systems. The engine and drive train in both models were similarly sized (50 to 55-hp) Yanmar engines with Kanzaki mechanical transmissions.

  16. Caliber 40 Review

    The Caliber 40 has a fully encapsulated, elongated fin keel that has an iron and concrete ballast of 9,500 pounds. Her ballast to displacement ratio is a very respectable 44% which is good to find on a boat intended for bluewater use. The rudder is skeg hung for protection and tracking and her waterline is just over 32 feet.

  17. Cal 46

    Sailboat Reviews; Sailboats Over 40ft; Cal 46 Bill Lapworth's unusual design, with motor sailer accommodations, was ahead of its time. By. ... The Cal 40, as mentioned, won the 1964 SORC. When it came to designing the ultimate cruising boat, Lapworth wasn't about to settle for a slug. The Cal 46 has a displacement/length ratio of 250, which ...

  18. Caliber 40

    The Caliber 40 is an American sailboat that was designed by Michael McCreary as a cruiser and first built in 1992. Production. The design ... In a 1994 review Richard Sherwood described the Caliber 40 as, "a big cutter for cruising, with high displacement, and lots of ballast for stability."

  19. PDF Boat Test: Blue Water Sailing Caliber 40

    A glance at recent classified ads for "loaded" 1995 and 1996 Caliber 40LRCs (sloops with Caliber's Convertible Cutter Rigs) launched in the past two years reveals prices consistently between $220,000 and $225,000. The base price for the origi-nal 40 was $154,000 in 1994.

  20. Cal 25-2

    Lapworth was responsible for many Cal designs, including the most-popular Cal 20 and the much-admired Cal 40. (3.5 sailboats) CONSTRUCTION QUALITY: Jensen Marine, purchased by Bangor Punta Marine in 1965, built the boats in California with hand laid-up fiberglass and quality materials, including stainless steel, aircraft-grade aluminum and ...

  21. The Caliber 40 LRC Used Boat Review

    Used Caliber 40 LRCs currently on the market range from a 1996 model offered at $194,900 to a 2003 model offered at $249,900. Reported sales over the last six months range from $143,000 for a 1993 model to $265,000 for a 2007 model. There are plenty of less expensive used boats in this size and age range, but there may be no less expensive ...

  22. Cal 39: Offshore Dreaming

    The Cal 39 might be the ideal boat for an offshore retrofit. By Staff. July 16, 2003. Both the Cal 39, built by Jensen Marine of Costa Mesa, California, and the Cal 39 MK III, built by Bangor Punta in Fall River, Massachusetts, are jewels in the tradition of most Bill Lapworth designs. Built between 19seveneight and 19eightsix, they are true ...

  23. CAL boats for sale

    CAL is a yacht manufacturer that currently has 37 yachts for sale on YachtWorld, including 1 new vessels and 36 used yachts, listed by experienced boat and yacht brokers mainly in the following countries: United States, Mexico and New Caledonia. YachtWorld offers a diverse array of models, showcasing a comprehensive range of sizes and lengths ...