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a haunted house 2 in spanish

Best Spanish-Language Horror Movies Ranked by Tomatometer

Hot off our guide to the 125 Essential Spanish-Language Movies , we’re galloping into the night for all things spooky en Español!

Here you’ll find only the Freshest scary selections from Mexico ( Cronos ), Spain ( The Orphanage ), Uruguay ( The Silent House ), Chile ( The Wolf House ), and Argentina ( Cold Sweat ). Inside each film, an underworld teeming with our favorite monsters. Zombies in [rec] ! Mad scientists in The Skin I Live In ! Vampires in Dracula ! (Yep, there was another version to the Universal classic.) Creepy kids in The Orphanage ! And In the Devil’s Backbone , maybe something beyond…

We gathered virtually every Spanish-language horror movie we could find, separating the Fresh and Certified Fresh. If you’re wondering about the decided lack of chucapbras and La Llarona on this list, it’s because there hasn’t been a critically-noted movie made yet. Though KM 31 comes closest with its take on Mexican folklore.

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Tigers Are Not Afraid (2017) 97%

' sborder=

La llorona (2019) 96%

' sborder=

The Wolf House (2018) 96%

' sborder=

The Devil's Backbone (2001) 93%

' sborder=

Piggy (2022) 91%

' sborder=

Julia's Eyes (2010) 90%

' sborder=

Rec (2007) 90%

' sborder=

Timecrimes (2007) 90%

' sborder=

Cronos (1993) 90%

' sborder=

The Orphanage (2007) 87%

' sborder=

The Untamed (2016) 87%

' sborder=

The Skin I Live In (2011) 81%

' sborder=

The Platform (2019) 80%

' sborder=

We Are the Flesh (2016) 74%

' sborder=

Dracula (1931) 100%

' sborder=

The Similars (2015) 95%

' sborder=

Shrew's Nest (2014) 95%

' sborder=

Sleep Tight (2011) 92%

' sborder=

Witching & Bitching (2013) 84%

' sborder=

Juan of the Dead (2011) 83%

' sborder=

Thesis (1996) 83%

' sborder=

Errementari: The Blacksmith and the Devil (2017) 80%

' sborder=

Verónica (2017) 78%

' sborder=

The Day of the Beast (1995) 77%

' sborder=

Tombs of the Blind Dead (1971) 77%

' sborder=

We Are What We Are (2010) 72%

' sborder=

Cold Sweat (2010) 69%

' sborder=

The Silent House (2010) 68%

' sborder=

Rec 4: Apocalypse (2014) 68%

' sborder=

Rec 2 (2009) 66%

' sborder=

In a Glass Cage (1987) 67%

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A Haunted House

A Haunted House (2013)

Malcolm and Kisha move into their dream home, then learn that a demon also resides there. When Kisha becomes possessed, Malcolm--determined to keep his sex life on track--turns to a priest, ... Read all Malcolm and Kisha move into their dream home, then learn that a demon also resides there. When Kisha becomes possessed, Malcolm--determined to keep his sex life on track--turns to a priest, a psychic, and a ghostbusting team for help. Malcolm and Kisha move into their dream home, then learn that a demon also resides there. When Kisha becomes possessed, Malcolm--determined to keep his sex life on track--turns to a priest, a psychic, and a ghostbusting team for help.

  • Michael Tiddes
  • Marlon Wayans
  • Rick Alvarez
  • Essence Atkins
  • Marlene Forte
  • 150 User reviews
  • 131 Critic reviews
  • 20 Metascore
  • 1 win & 1 nomination

Redband Version

  • Dan the Security Man

Dave Sheridan

  • Chip the Psychic

Alanna Ubach

  • (as Andrew Daly)

J.B. Smoove

  • Kisha's Stepdad
  • (as JB Smoove)

Robin Thede

  • Kisha's Mom

Jordenn Thompson

  • Little Kisha

Affion Crockett

  • Father Williams
  • (as Cedric the Entertainer)

Damien Bray

  • (uncredited)

Maris Croatto

  • All cast & crew
  • Production, box office & more at IMDbPro

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A Haunted House 2

Did you know

  • Trivia The character of Dan the Security Man (played by David Koechner ) talks about the movie Snakes on a Plane (2006) . Koechner actually had a supporting role in that movie.
  • Goofs (at around 24 mins) While they are making the video, the camera is moved from the tripod to the bedside cabinet. When they look at the tape the next day and see the door move, the camera is back on the tripod.

Father Williams : Tic tac toe in yo' face!

  • Crazy credits Alternative takes are shown during the end credits.
  • Alternate versions The film was presented to the MPAA in two versions, both were R rated for crude and sexual content, language and some drug use.
  • Connections Featured in Half in the Bag: The Last Stand and a Haunted House (2013)
  • Soundtracks Bad Boy Written by Taylr Renee (as Taylr Renee Smith) and Adam Longlands Performed by Taylr Renee Courtesy of Cutting Edge Music Holdings

User reviews 150

  • Jan 27, 2013
  • How long is A Haunted House? Powered by Alexa
  • January 11, 2013 (United States)
  • United States
  • Official site
  • Stevenson Ranch, California, USA
  • Open Road Films (II)
  • Endgame Entertainment
  • See more company credits at IMDbPro
  • $2,500,000 (estimated)
  • $40,041,683
  • $18,101,682
  • Jan 13, 2013
  • $60,159,584

Technical specs

  • Runtime 1 hour 26 minutes
  • Dolby Digital

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A Haunted House (2013)

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21+ Halloween Words in Spanish: Keep It Spooky with these Spanish Words

Halloween is around the corner and this holiday is celebrated around the world with a variety of traditions. 

First, if you’re looking for how to say “Halloween” in Spanish, it’s Noche de brujas , or literally: “night of witches”. 

Día de los Muertos is a holiday celebrated in Latin America that shares its roots with Halloween, but they are actually different holidays. But we’ll get to that in just a moment.

Here’s a summary of what you’ll find in this article:

  • How to say “Halloween in Spanish”
  • The origins of the Halloween tradition
  • How the Day of the Dead, or Día de los Muertos is different than Halloween
  • Halloween words in Spanish

Learn a new language with Drops

The Origins of Halloween Traditions

In the US, Canada and Ireland, pranks, costumes, trick-or-treating, and parties make up a significant part of traditions. In many Latin American countries, Día de los Muertos is the time to honor one’s ancestors. While in the UK, Guy Fawkes Day is feted with fireworks. 

Halloween is one of the oldest holidays, too. The Celts’ Samhain , the Romans’ Feralia , and All Saints Day are all said to have influenced modern-day Halloween traditions. Everything from costume-wearing to trick-or-treating and bobbing for apples to the telling of ghost stories come down from these historic celebrations.

How is Día de los Muertos Different Than Halloween?

Halloween and Día de los Muertos share roots, but they aren’t the same holiday. For one, Halloween is only celebrated on one night, the 31st of October. Día de los Muertos on the other hand takes place over 3 days, kicking off on October 31st and wrapping up on November 2nd. 

Halloween started with connections to the afterlife, but modern-day traditions are mostly removed from this connection. Instead, any reference to death are often related to fear, spookiness, or even horror. Día de los Muertos, in contrast, is directly connected to death. It’s all about celebrated the memories of departed loved ones. Calaveras and Catrinas (skeletons) are often depicted as lively and dancing or as musicians. 

Día de los Muertos is seen as a time when deceased relatives are able to cross back over to visit the living world. Haloween doesn’t have this at all–in fact, the holiday is pretty disconnected from ancestry or deceased relatives. 

Want to learn how to talk about Halloween or other holiday traditions in a new language? You can learn Halloween words, holiday vocabulary, and more than 2000 other words with Drops. Try it out.

In the meantime, here are 21+ Halloween words in English and Spanish to get you started.

Words for Halloween Candy and Other Food in Spanish

The food most often associated with Halloween is, you probably guessed it, candy. But there are other foods associated with the holiday. Here are just a few:

Candy in Spanish

How to Say Candy in Spanish - el caramelo (in Spain) and el dulce (in parts of Latin America)

Candy is handed out as a part of Halloween tradition. In the US, children don costumes and visit their neighbors’ houses where they’re given candy. It’s common for them to say “trick or treat” after knocking at the door.  

Pumpkin in Spanish

How to Say Pumpkin in Spanish - la calabaza

Pumpkins are associated with all things autumn. Halloween falls right in the middle of pumpkin season, so you’re sure to find pumpkin pies pumpkin spice everything. But most famously on Halloween, pumpkins are turned into jack o’ lanterns–seasonal decorations that haunt the stoops of many homes.

Candy corn in Spanish

How to Say Candy Corn in Spanish - el maíz dulce

Candy corn is a sweet, sugary candy that mimics the appearance of corn kernels–hence its name. It was invented in the 1880s and went by the name “chicken feed”. Originally produced by Wunderlee Candy, this treat’s manufacturing process has hardly changed since its invention.

Caramel apples in Spanish

How to Say Caramel Apple in Spanish - la manzana dulce

Caramel apples are a dessert made by dipping apples in hot caramel. They’re occasionally rolled in nuts or other toppings before the caramel cools. 

Apple cider in Spanish

How to Say Apple Cider in Spanish -  la sidra achampañada

Apple cider is a non-alcoholic, fizzy cider made from apples. It’s popular among kids and adults alike, particularly during the fall and winter seasons.

Words for Halloween Locations in Spanish

During Día de los Muertos , there are a few locations that stand out in this multi-day celebration. Here are the words for these places in Spanish.

Cemetary in Spanish

How to Say Cemetery in Spanish - el cementerio

During Día de los Muertos celebrations, families often gather at the cemetery to pray for their deceased ancestors. 

Altar in Spanish

How to Say Altar in Spanish - la ofrenda

An ofrenda is an altar that can be large and elaborate and is most often associated with Día de los Muertos. The origin of the ofrenda goes back to the Aztecs, who believed souls continued on, entering another realm after someone died. The ofrenda is setup in the home to honor the souls of that home’s ancestors. 

How to Say Neighbor in Spanish - el vecino

Historically, children visit their neighbors when trick or treating. They walk from house to house in their neighborhood.

Learn a new language with Drops

Words for Halloween Objects in Spanish

Here are some of the key objects associated with Halloween and its counterparts in Spanish.

Marigold in Spanish

How to Say Marigold in Spanish - el cempasuchil

The marigold is a type of flower the Aztecs believed to be the flower of the dead. This belief has persisted, and it is thought these flowers guide the spirits of the dead to their altars on Dia de los Muertos . 

Costume in Spanish

How to Say Costume in Spanish - el disfraz

Come Halloween, many children (and even adults) enjoy dressing up. The tradition of wearing a costume on Halloween is said to have started with Celtic druids who wore costumes to commemorate the dead and tell fortunes as a part of Samhain.

Spiderweb in Spanish

How to Say Spiderweb in Spanish - la telaraña

Spiderwebs, regardless of the time of year, are always a little creepy–especially when you realize you’ve walked into one. Thankfully it’s only usually fake cobwebs or spiderwebs that are popular decorations during Halloween.

Haunted house in Spanish

How to Say Haunted House in Spanish - la casa embrujada 

A haunted house is a building that is believed to be occupied by ghosts or spirits. These spirits can be heard walking around the houses, may cause objects to move, or waking dreams, among other things. During Halloween, another haunted house makes an appearance. These attractions are simulations where you’re sure to get a good scare as you’re chased from room to room by actors in terrifying costumes.

Boo in Spanish

How to Say “Boo!” in Spanish - bu!

Curious how to say “boo!” in Spanish? Here’s the word to help you get in a festive, spooky mood in Spanish.

What about you? What spooky words do you know in other languages? We’d love to hear them in the comments!

And don’t forget, if you want to learn thousands of words in a new language, try Drops! You can play your way to a new language with fun, visual interactions in just 5 minutes a day. 

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The 10 most famous haunted houses in Spain

Haunted places in spain including haunted houses that you won't want to miss this halloween..


During Halloween, some people enjoy dressing up for a good time with friends, while others prefer heading to the cinema to watch a horror movie. If you consider yourself brave, why not make the most of the spookiest night of the year by joining our tour of Spain's best haunted houses and indulging in some Spanish ghost stories? Spain offers a variety of haunted places to explore, including those inhabited by ghosts, locations of heinous crimes, old mental hospitals housing tormented souls, and houses where peculiar apparitions have been sighted....It's time to discover the 10 most famous haunted houses in Spain .

The House of the seven chimneys, Madrid

Thorax hospital, terrassa, cortijo jurado, málaga, sanatorium of santo ángel de la guarda, madrid, the mystery of ochate, burgos, the ghost of catalina in casa lercaro, tenerife, preventorium of aguas de bussot, alicante, old building of the provincial council of granada, granada, bélmez de la moraleda, jaén, teatro eslava, madrid.


The "Casa de las siete chimeneas" stands at Plaza del Rey in Madrid and was once the secret hideaway of Captain Zapata and his wife Elena. Nonetheless, their marital bliss was fleeting, as the soldier met his untimely end on the battlefield in Flanders. His wife's life took a mysterious turn when she was discovered lifeless in their bedroom, yet the circumstances surrounding her demise remain shrouded in mystery. Adding to the intrigue, her body inexplicably vanished without a trace. Since that fateful event, it is rumored that a female presence roams amidst the seven chimneys adorning the rooftop of the property.

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Another location steeped in death is this former hospital in Terrassa. In its heyday, the hospital specialized in treating patients with severe respiratory illnesses and held the unfortunate distinction of having the highest suicide rate among medical centers in Spain. The slow and agonizing deaths of the patients led to a widespread sense of unease, often culminating in suicides. There are tales of patients being thrown from the ninth floor into the garden, known as "the Jungle," and some believe their restless spirits still haunt the hospital's surroundings to this day.

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Disturbing stories circulate about this mansion located in the Campanillas neighborhood of Málaga. The Heredia family, known for their high social standing, were the proprietors of this estate and have been implicated in the mysterious disappearances of several girls, allegedly linked to satanic rituals. Many report hearing strange noises at this eerie Spanish location, while others claim to have witnessed figures in the windows. Some versions even suggest that there are torture devices in the basement and that the victims may be buried beneath the house. Enter at your own risk!

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This sanatorium in the region of Madrid was built in 1941 to treat some of the most serious diseases that were plaguing the population back then, such as tuberculosis, leprosy, polio, fibrosis and lung cancer. It was eventually converted into a psychiatric hospital and in 1995 it closed its doors once and for all. Until not long ago it was possible to go inside this property, and visitors could find the records and personal objects of former patients. However, those who have been there speak of mysterious presences in the corridors, electrical devices that strangely stop working for no reason and doors that suddenly close violently. Many people also claim to have seen lights in the immensity of plants that resemble lanterns walking around.


In this tale, it's not just a house but the entire village of Ochate that's rumored to be haunted and is famous for its paranormal mysteries. This Spanish village has remained abandoned and unoccupied since the mid-19th century, having endured various epidemics that wiped out its population. In 1981, there was even a reported UFO sighting in the area.

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The origins of this chilling tale are connected to the ancient residence of the Lercaro family, found on Calle de San Agustín and dating back to the late 16th century . "Catalina" was a resident of this house, and many believe she was Antonio Lercaro's daughter. It's said that she was compelled into a marriage with an elderly man and, as a result, chose to end her own life by leaping into a well located behind the house, an area that is now sealed off with a wall. Legend has it that Catalina's body lies within one of the rooms in the house and continues to haunt the property. This is because, in her case, the Church of that time refused to provide a Christian burial due to her suicide.

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This old sanatorium for tuberculosis during the civil war is nowadays associated with strange events and rumours that the church within the building was home to sessions of spiritism, Ouija and black magic.

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During work on this site, workers got quite a shock as human bones were discovered. Later, when the building was used as a provincial council, strange phenomena such as ghostly presences, gusts of wind, noises and mysterious lights happened that evidently frightened the workers in this building in the city of Granada.

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Another noteworthy supernatural occurrence with significant nationwide repercussions in Spain is the case of the faces of Bélmez . Resembling human countenances, these mysterious markings on the floor and walls have been appearing and vanishing within the premises since 1971. This uncanny phenomenon unfolds in a residence located at Calle Real number 5 in the town of Bélmez in Jaén, and astonishingly, they persist even into the year 2023. It's a genuine haunted house in Spain, inviting you to visit at your own risk!

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This location in the centre of Madrid will be familiar to many, used nowadays as a nightclub and concert venue . In the past, however, literary rivalry and a quarrel over a woman were the cause of the murder of playwright Luis Antón on 2nd March 1922 at the hands of Alfonso Vidal in the old theatre. Since then it has been said that his soul wanders around the place and haunts party goers to this very day.

Ready to find the house of your dreams?

Ready to find the house of your dreams?

How to Say Haunted House in Spanish: A Comprehensive Guide

When visiting or discussing haunted houses in Spanish-speaking countries, it’s useful to know how to express this spooky concept in Spanish. Whether you’re looking to communicate formally or informally, we’ve got you covered. In this guide, we’ll explore various ways to say “haunted house” in Spanish, offering tips, examples, and even regional variations if necessary.

Formal Ways to Say Haunted House in Spanish

If you want to convey a sense of formality when speaking about haunted houses, the following phrases will suit your needs:

  • Casa Encantada: Literally translating to “enchanted house,” this formal term can be used to describe a haunted house.
  • Mansión Embrujada: This phrase indicates a haunted mansion, which is often associated with ghostly tales and eerie occurrences.

Informal Ways to Say Haunted House in Spanish

When engaging in casual conversations or with friends, using more colloquial terms to refer to haunted houses can create a more relaxed atmosphere. Here are a few examples:

  • Casa de Miedo: Translating to “house of fear,” this informal phrase directly conveys the haunted and scary nature of the house in question.
  • Casa Hechizada: Meaning “bewitched house,” this informal term is often used in Hispanic communities to describe a haunted house or a place believed to be under the influence of supernatural elements.
  • La Casa del Terror: Often used in the context of amusement parks or Halloween attractions, this phrase means “the house of terror” and is well-suited for informal discussions about haunted houses.

Regional Variations

Spanish is a rich and diverse language, with various regional variations. While the terms mentioned above are widely understood across Spanish-speaking countries, it’s essential to note that some regions may have their own unique ways to express the concept of a haunted house. Here are a couple of examples:

La Casa del Espanto (Latin America): This term, meaning “the house of fright,” is common in Latin American countries and is particularly prevalent in Mexico. It emphasizes the spooky and terrifying aspects of a haunted house.

As you can see, regional variations may exist, but the previously mentioned phrases will generally suffice in most Spanish-speaking communities.

Tips for Using these Phrases

Here are some useful tips for incorporating these phrases into your Spanish conversations:

  • Context is Key: Consider the setting and your relationship with the person you’re speaking to. In formal situations, it’s best to use the formal terms, while the informal phrases are suitable for casual conversations among friends.
  • Pronunciation: Practice the correct pronunciation of these phrases to ensure effective communication. Spanish pronunciation often differs from English, so it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the proper sounds.
  • Intonation: Pay attention to intonation when using these phrases. The right intonation can convey the spooky and mysterious nature of a haunted house effectively.
  • Cultural Differences: Be aware that cultural differences may exist regarding haunted houses. While the concept is widespread, the specific beliefs and traditions associated with haunted houses can vary from one Spanish-speaking country to another.

Here are a few examples showcasing the phrases we’ve discussed:

Formal: Este edificio antiguo es conocido como la Casa Encantada. Translation: This old building is known as the Haunted House. Informal: Anoche fuimos a visitar una Casa de Miedo en el pueblo cercano. Translation: Last night we went to visit a haunted house in the nearby town. Regional Variation: ¡No te acerques a la Mansión Embrujada, dicen que está llena de fantasmas! Translation: Don’t get close to the haunted mansion; they say it’s full of ghosts!

Remember to adapt these phrases based on context and the specific situation you find yourself in!

Knowing how to say “haunted house” in Spanish can enrich your conversations and help you navigate spooky encounters in any Spanish-speaking country. By using the formal or informal phrases we’ve covered, you’ll be able to effectively communicate your thoughts and create a chilling atmosphere. Remember to consider regional variations and the cultural context when discussing haunted houses in Spanish. ¡Buena suerte y no te asustes demasiado!

' src=

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a haunted house 2 in spanish

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In Italian culture, hospitality is highly valued, and expressing the sentiment "My house is your house" can be a warm and sincere gesture towards your guests. Whether you want to invite someone to feel comfortable and at home in your house formally or informally, this guide will provide you with the necessary phrases, tips, and examples.

How to Say "My House is Your House" in Spanish

Hello there! If you're looking to express the warm sentiment of "My house is your house" in Spanish, you've come to the right place. As you may know, Spanish is a rich and diverse language spoken in numerous countries across the globe. It has various regional variations and cultural nuances. In this guide, we'll explore different ways to say "My house is your house" using both formal and informal expressions. So, let's get started!

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Bienvenidos! If you're looking for a warm greeting to make your guests feel at home, knowing how to say "Our house is your house" in Spanish is a perfect start. In this comprehensive guide, we will not only provide you with the translation of this phrase but also offer formal and informal variations, as well as regional considerations. Let's dive in!

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Saying "house" in Spanish is an essential part of learning the language. Whether you're traveling to a Spanish-speaking country, communicating with native speakers, or simply expanding your linguistic knowledge, it's crucial to know both the formal and informal ways to refer to a house in Spanish. In this guide, we'll explore various regional variations, provide tips, examples, and common phrases related to this topic. Let's dive in!

How to Say "Haunted" in German: A Comprehensive Guide

In this guide, we will explore various ways to express the word "haunted" in German. Whether you need to describe a haunted house or share spooky tales, we have you covered. We'll discuss both formal and informal ways, providing tips, examples, and even regional variations if necessary.

Guide: How to Say Haunted in Japanese

Are you fascinated by the supernatural and looking to expand your language skills to describe haunted places or objects in Japanese? In this comprehensive guide, we will explore how to say "haunted" in Japanese, covering both formal and informal ways. Additionally, we will provide tips, examples, and a glimpse into regional variations. So, let's dive in!

How to Say "Haunted" in Spanish: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you curious about how to say "haunted" in Spanish? Whether you're looking to expand your vocabulary or impress your Spanish-speaking friends, this guide will provide you with all the necessary information. In this article, we'll explore both formal and informal ways to express the word "haunted" in Spanish, keeping regional variations in mind when necessary. Let's dive right in!

How to Say "Haunted" in Spanish: A Comprehensive Guide with Tips and Examples

If you're intrigued by supernatural tales and want to express the term "haunted" in Spanish, you've come to the right place. In this guide, we'll explore the different ways to convey the concept of "haunted" in both formal and informal contexts. We'll also delve into some regional variations, providing you with tips, examples, and common phrases to help you navigate this spooky topic. So, let's delve into the ethereal realm and discover how to say "haunted" in Spanish!

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"haunted house" in Spanish

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Spanish to Go

Spanish to Go

Haunted House in Spanish

Exploring the mysterious world of haunted houses.

Haunted houses have long been a subject of fascination and intrigue. These eerie dwellings, filled with supernatural occurrences and ghostly apparitions, continue to captivate our imaginations. If you’re planning to delve into the world of haunted houses in Spanish-speaking countries, let’s take a closer look at the terms you’ll encounter.

Haunted House in Spanish: La Casa Encantada

In Spanish, a haunted house is commonly referred to as “la casa encantada.” This term perfectly captures the essence of a dwelling that is believed to be haunted by spirits or ghosts. Such houses are often associated with spine-chilling tales, unexplained phenomena, and a sense of foreboding.

Legends and Folklore

Spanish-speaking countries boast a rich tapestry of legends and folklore surrounding haunted houses. For example, in Mexico, the legend of “La Llorona” tells the story of a ghostly woman who wanders near bodies of water, mourning the loss of her children. This haunting tale has become deeply ingrained in Mexican culture and serves as a cautionary tale for misbehaving children.

Popular Haunted Houses in Spanish-speaking Countries

One well-known haunted house in Spanish-speaking countries is the “Casa de la Moneda” in Argentina. This historic building is rumored to be haunted by the ghost of a former employee. Visitors have reported hearing unexplained footsteps and witnessing flickering lights, adding to the spine-chilling atmosphere.

Exploring the Supernatural Vocabulary

If you find yourself venturing into a haunted house in a Spanish-speaking country, it’s useful to familiarize yourself with some related vocabulary.

Ghost: Fantasma

A ghost, often associated with haunted houses, is called “fantasma” in Spanish. Be prepared to encounter the ethereal presence of these spirits as you navigate the eerie hallways.

Spirit: Espíritu

The term for “spirit” in Spanish is “espíritu.” Spirits are believed to inhabit haunted houses and interact with the living in various ways. Keep your senses sharp for any spiritual encounters you may experience.

Paranormal Activity: Actividad Paranormal

Paranormal activity, which encompasses all unexplained phenomena associated with haunted houses, is referred to as “actividad paranormal” in Spanish. Be ready to document any unusual events that may occur during your exploration.

Embarking on a journey through the mysterious realm of haunted houses in Spanish-speaking countries opens the door to a world steeped in legends, folklore, and spine-tingling encounters. From the chilling “casa encantada” to the ethereal “fantasmas,” every step reveals a deeper understanding of the supernatural. Whether you seek adventure or simply enjoy the thrill of the unknown, exploring haunted houses in Spanish will immerse you in a captivating world of spirits and ghostly tales. Scottish in Spanish Right There in Spanish How Do You Say Throw The Ball in Spanish | Translation – SpanishtoGo

Note: “Haunted House in Spanish” is a very popular phrase in the Spanish language, and you can find its meaning on this page. Knowing the translation of: “Haunted House in Spanish” you will know how to apply it in any conversation. Remember to apply the translation to the text, as well as know how to use it in context at different Spanish tenses and situations. The grammar in the Spanish language has a series of rules, therefore the phrase or word: “Haunted House in Spanish” must be used correctly. Ham Hock in Spanish


a haunted house 2

a haunted house 2 in spanish

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  1. Watch A Haunted House 2 (2014) Full Movie Free Online

    a haunted house 2 in spanish

  2. Haunted house in Spanish

    a haunted house 2 in spanish

  3. A Haunted House 2 Movie Poster

    a haunted house 2 in spanish

  4. A Haunted House 2 (2014) movie at MovieScore™

    a haunted house 2 in spanish

  5. A Haunted House 2 (2014) Poster #1

    a haunted house 2 in spanish

  6. First Trailer & Poster For A HAUNTED HOUSE 2, Starring Marlon Wayans

    a haunted house 2 in spanish


  1. A Haunted House 2

  2. A haunted house 2

  3. My Movie HAUNTED HOUSE 2

  4. A Haunted House 2 FullMovie HD (QUALITY)


  6. Haunted house 2


  1. A Haunted House 2

    My name is Miguel Jose Jesus Gonzalez Smith.

  2. A haunted house 2

    Translate A haunted house 2. See Spanish-English translations with audio pronunciations, examples, and word-by-word explanations. Learn Spanish. Translation. Conjugation. ... Spanish learning for everyone. For free. Translation. The world's largest Spanish dictionary. Conjugation. Conjugations for every Spanish verb.

  3. Haunted house in Spanish

    1. (scary attraction) a. la casa encantada (F) Every October, my friends and I go to a haunted house.Todos los años, en octubre, mis amigos y yo vamos a una casa encantada. b. la casa embrujada (F) Haunted houses are too scary for me. I don't like them.Las casas embrujadas me dan demasiado miedo. No me gustan. 2. (building inhabited by spirits)

  4. Best Spanish-Language Horror Movies Ranked by Tomatometer

    The Orphanage (2007)87%. #10. Critics Consensus: Deeply unnerving and surprisingly poignant, The Orphanage is an atmospheric, beautifully crafted haunted house horror film that earns scares with a minimum of blood. Synopsis: Laura (Belén Rueda) has happy memories of her childhood in an orphanage.

  5. A Haunted House 2

    Marlon Wayans returns in this outrageous and wickedly funny sequel as Malcolm who, after exorcising the demons of his ex, is starting fresh with his new girlfriend (Jaime Pressly) and her two children. But after moving into their dream home, he's once again plagued by bizarre paranormal events. Co-starring Gabriel Iglesias and Cedric the Entertainer, it's the ultimate laugh-out-loud scary ...

  6. Watch A Haunted House 2

    A Haunted House 2. 2014 | Maturity Rating: 16+ | 1h 26m | Comedy. Grieving after a tragedy, Malcolm tries to start fresh with his new girlfriend and her kids — but supernatural shenanigans find their way back to him. Starring: Marlon Wayans, Jaime Pressly, Essence Atkins.

  7. A Haunted House 2 (2014)

    1h 26m IMDb RATING 4.7 /10 23K YOUR RATING Rate Play trailer 2:25 37 Videos 33 Photos Comedy Fantasy Horror Having exorcised the demons of his ex, Malcolm is starting fresh with his new girlfriend and her two children. After moving into their dream home, however, Malcolm is once again plagued by bizarre paranormal events. Director Michael Tiddes

  8. Haunted in Spanish

    1. (inhabited by ghosts) a. embrujado People say that house is haunted.La gente dice que esa casa está embrujada. b. encantado Tita thought the house was haunted, but the noises turned out to be from rats in the walls.Tita pensó que la casa estaba encantada, pero los ruidos resultaron ser de ratas en las paredes. 2. (preoccupied) a. obsesionado

  9. A Haunted House (2013)

    A Haunted House: Directed by Michael Tiddes. With Marlon Wayans, Marlene Forte, Essence Atkins, David Koechner. Malcolm and Kisha move into their dream home, then learn that a demon also resides there. When Kisha becomes possessed, Malcolm--determined to keep his sex life on track--turns to a priest, a psychic, and a ghostbusting team for help.

  10. A Haunted House 2

    Malcolm thinks it has to do with Kisha. Wilde then proceeds to cook meth with some prostitutes, but then gets arrested by the police. Malcolm finds himself being terrorized and taunted by Abigail, as he is getting sent crude photos from her to his phone. She also ends up burning his clothes.

  11. haunted house

    © Linguee Dictionary, 2024 Wikipedia External sources (not reviewed) Many translated example sentences containing "haunted house" - Spanish-English dictionary and search engine for Spanish translations.

  12. 21+ Halloween Words in Spanish: Keep it Spooky in Spanish

    First, if you're looking for how to say "Halloween" in Spanish, it's Noche de brujas, or literally: "night of witches". Día de los Muertos is a holiday celebrated in Latin America that shares its roots with Halloween, but they are actually different holidays. But we'll get to that in just a moment.

  13. a haunted house translation in Spanish

    a haunted house translation in English - Spanish Reverso dictionary, see also 'haunt, hate, handset, hatred', examples, definition, conjugation

  14. Living Books

    This is my first time ever playing the Living Books game, Harry, and the Haunted House. But played in Spanish.

  15. haunted house in Spanish

    casa embrujada, casa encantada, la casa embrujada are the top translations of "haunted house" into Spanish. Sample translated sentence: The haunted house is now the most wanted house. ↔ La casa embrujada es ahora la casa más visitada. haunted house noun grammar

  16. haunted house

    Is something important missing? Report an error or suggest an improvement. In Lists: Fairground attractions, more... Forum discussions with the word (s) "haunted house" in the title: No aparecen discusiones con "haunted house" en el foro Spanish-English. haunted house - English Only forum Haunted house / room? - English Only forum

  17. haunted

    haunted adj (house) encantado/a adj : poseído/a adj : The old hotel was scary and probably haunted. El viejo hotel era aterrador y probablemente estaba encantado. haunted adj (troubled) turbado adj : afligido/a adj : I could tell from Simon's haunted look that something was very wrong. Podía darme cuenta por la mirada turbada de Simon que ...

  18. The 10 most famous haunted houses in Spain

    The House of the seven chimneys, Madrid. Thorax Hospital, Terrassa. Cortijo Jurado, Málaga. Sanatorium of Santo Ángel de la Guarda, Madrid. The mystery of Ochate, Burgos. The ghost of Catalina in Casa Lercaro, Tenerife. Preventorium of Aguas de Bussot, Alicante. Old building of the Provincial Council of Granada, Granada.

  19. How to Say Haunted House in Spanish: A Comprehensive Guide

    The right intonation can convey the spooky and mysterious nature of a haunted house effectively. Cultural Differences: Be aware that cultural differences may exist regarding haunted houses. While the concept is widespread, the specific beliefs and traditions associated with haunted houses can vary from one Spanish-speaking country to another ...

  20. "haunted house" in Spanish

    casa encantada {f} Open the creaking door to a virtual haunted house with this free Windows7 theme. Abre la aterradora puerta de una casa encantada virtual con este tema gratuito de Windows7.  SIMILAR TRANSLATIONS Similar translations for "haunted house" in Spanish haunted adjective

  21. Best haunted houses near Spanish Fork, UT 84660

    Top 10 Best Haunted Houses in Spanish Fork, UT 84660 - February 2024 - Yelp - Shadows Of Fear, Blackburn Boarding House for Witches Ghouls & Monsters, Haunted House, Glen Ray's Corn Maze, Evermore Park, The Haunted Forest, Strangling Brothers Haunted Circus

  22. Haunted House Spanish

    Regional Variations It's important to note that in different Spanish-speaking regions, the terminology used for a haunted house may vary. For example: 1. In Mexico: "Casa de Terror" is a term commonly used to describe a haunted house with a terrifying atmosphere or dedicated to scaring visitors.

  23. Haunted House in Spanish

    How to say haunted house in Spanish? ¿Cómo se dice haunted house en español? English to Spanish translation of "Casa embrujada" (haunted house).This Skip to content Translation - SpanishtoGo Home Beginner Intermediate Advanced Questions Topics Charts Flip Cards In Spanish Translate Articles Flashcards Categories Shop Courses - Enroll Now

  24. Examples of A haunted house 2 in Spanish

    See examples of A haunted house 2 in Spanish. Real sentences showing how to use A haunted house 2 correctly. Learn Spanish. Translation. Conjugation. ... la película completa de A Haunted House 2 posee una duración de 86 minutos de video HD. Without commercial breaks, the full movie A Haunted House 2 has a duration of 86 minutes. Want to ...