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Surfing Elements



SmartKAT Catamaran

Curv Series


  • ✓ Setup Time 20 Minutes
  • ✓ Beaufort 6 Certification
  • ✓ 2 Bags Only (<25kg)
  • ✓ No Sailing License Required
  • ✓ Single-Handed Sailing
  • ✓ 1-4 Persons
  • ✓ For Beginners and Pros
  • ✓ Motorboat Option (up to 25 km/h)
  • ✓ All-In-One Model (Original)
  • ✓ Plus-Warranty: 2.5 Years

SmartSUP Standup Paddle Board

Raid Select


  • ✓ 50% Less Weight (5.9 kg)
  • ✓ 50% Smaller Packing Size
  • ✓ ISPO Winner 2019
  • ✓ Carry and Leash Function
  • ✓ All-In-One Package
  • ✓ Multifunctional Operation
  • ✓ Patented Folding Technique
  • ✓ Clickbox Center Fin
  • ✓ Paddle-Pump Function
  • ✓ Nano Pump

SmartSUP Ultralight Performance 5.9

SmartSUP Ultralight Perform...

Video clips.

SmartKAT All Videos

sup catamaran kit


sup catamaran kit


sup catamaran kit

Join Our Smartkat-Meeting (Altmühlsee, 21.05. - 24.05.2020)

sup catamaran kit

Take a Smartkat along your next camping adventure. Camp...

sup catamaran kit


sup catamaran kit

Smartkat, the New Toy for Outdoor Adventure people.

sup catamaran kit


sup catamaran kit


sup catamaran kit


sup catamaran kit


sup catamaran kit


sup catamaran kit


sup catamaran kit

Meet us on the Caravan Fair in Sulzemoos (Freizeitmarkt...

sup catamaran kit


sup catamaran kit


sup catamaran kit


sup catamaran kit

Smartkat Test Day in Switzerland (1st of Juni 2019,...

sup catamaran kit


sup catamaran kit


sup catamaran kit

Schlauchsegler Smartkat-Event Altmühlsee 2022

sup catamaran kit

Smartkat Community Meet and Greet at Altmühltal Sailing Club

sup catamaran kit

8. Smartkat-Regatta in Davos

sup catamaran kit


sup catamaran kit


sup catamaran kit


sup catamaran kit


sup catamaran kit


sup catamaran kit


sup catamaran kit





Meet us on the Caravan Fair in Sulzemoos (Freizeitmarkt Glück)

Smartkat Test Day in Switzerland (1st of Juni 2019, Strandbad Brüggli Zug)




Take a Smartkat along your next camping adventure. Camp and sail!

Smartkat Community Meet and Greet at Altmühltal Sailing Club

Aug 9, 2018

8. Smartkat-Regatta in Davos

Jun 8, 2018


Jan 9, 2020


Aug 9, 2019


Nov 3, 2019


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sup catamaran kit

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  • 10.6' Inflatable Pedal Board PSUP325
  • 12' Inflatable Pedal Kayak PK365
  • 12' Inflatable Fin Pedal Kayak FPK365
  • Electric Fin Motor For Kayaks and SUPs
  • 9.6' Cargo Trailer Boat
  • 11' Inflatable Catamarans MC330
  • 12' Inflatable Catamarans MC365
  • Inflatable Fenders
  • Floating Dock Container
  • 55 Lbs Electric Trolling Motor 12V
  • 1HP Light Electric Motor 12V
  • Hangkai 4HP Outboard Motor
  • Hangkai 6HP Outboard Motor
  • Central Console For Boat
  • Seating Frame For Boats, KaBoats, Rafts and Kayaks.
  • Rowing Frame For 1 Person
  • Rowing Frame for 2 People
  • Aluminum Fishing Chair
  • Deluxe Sport Fishing Kayak Seat
  • High Pressure Hand Pump
  • Digital High-Pressure Electric Pump w/Battery
  • Analog High-Pressure Electric Pump
  • Under-seat storage bag w/Cushion
  • Deluxe Seat Cushion
  • 2-Bow Folding Bimini Top

Frame For SUP Catamarans

Catamaran SUP Frame

New product.

  • Description
  • More Pictures
  • Attachments

Aluminum Catamaran Frame for Inflatable Paddle Boards.

Convert 2 paddle boards into an electric or sail catamaran..

Also can be used to install electric motor on single kayak, canoe or paddle board. See pictures for more details.

Great for pleasure cruising for 1-2 people or fishing. Heavy-duty set of 2 aluminum frames, designed to join together 2 inflatable SUP Paddle Boards to make catamaran type of vessel. Frames can be break down into smaller pieces for easy storage. Comes with transom on one of tubes, so that electric trolling motor can be installed on it.

Frame section with a transom can be installed in various ways, so that trolling motor can be installed in front, or in rear. In both configurations, location of transom can allow easy access to tiller handle of trolling motor for comfortable operation.

Various types of beach chairs or kayak seats can be installed on both SUPs for comfortable ride and enjoyment. If no D-rings available on a top of SUP paddle board to attach beach chairs, then chairs can be secured directly to frame tubes with tie downs.

This frame can also be used for DIY project of converting 2 inflatable SUPs into sail catamaran. Please note that this is DIY project, and we do not provide detailed instructions. However, having 2 frames joining 2 SUPs or kayaks. it become possible to mount sail pedestal and keel on a front frame, and attach rudder or oar to rear frame, so that to create sail catamaran.

Frames attach to hulls of 2 paddle boards, placed side by side, by running 44" long x 1.5" wide tie down straps under hull of each SUPs, and securing to tie down clamps. Bottom of frames has rubber layer attached to it, so that to reduce slippage. Once frames installed to both SUPs, there might be some play in movements, which does not affect functionality or performance of catamaran going under power over waves. To make frame more rigid, install it while SUP only inflated about 60-80%, pull tie downs firmly, and then finish inflation. Flash with fresh water after use in salt water. Apply grease to thumb bolt to make disassembly easier.

If installing electric trolling motor in front of catamaran, rotate tiller handle 180 degree for comfortable operation. To do that, remove screws holding top housing of trolling motor, rotate it 180 degree and then re-install screw back. If installing trolling motor in rear, do not install fins on paddle boards, to make catamaran more responsive for turns.

  • Shipping Weight: 18.5 lbs.
  • Shipping size: 24"x17"x5"
  • Product weight: 17 lbs.
  • Stainless steel hardware included.
  • Assembly Instructions available.
  • Straps 44" long x 1.5" wide.
  • Provided straps will works with all inflatable SUPs up to 32" wide.
  • Frame designed to be used with electric trolling motors up to 55lbs thrust.
  • Longer webbing straps can be purchased on Amazon to wrap around wider SUPs or canoes or kayaks.

Unboxing and assembly of Catamaran Frame.

Testing SUP Catamaran tested with 3HP and 55Lbs Electric Motor.

DIY modification to use motor on single SUP or kayak.

Make catamaran out of 2 inflatable SUP paddle boards.

Videos of Catamaran Frame Test with 2 different SUP Paddle Boards

sup catamaran kit

Assembly Manual (Catamaran-Frame-Assembly-Manual.pdf, 507 Kb) [ Download ]

Recommended Accessories

12 Volts  Brushless 55 Lbs Electric  Outboard

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logo image for supCAT boards

catasup padamaran standamaran supCAT

picture of a paddleboard featuring two pontoons and a deck.

June 26, 2022 Shades of green loaded with happy birds surround me on our deck. It's light at 0500ish. My coffee steams a bit. Life is good! As always, a supCAT starts with two pontoons and a deck. It includes a base set of ‘build to order’ features and can also include optional add-ons like:a variety of lengths and widths, several different wood species, ‘pinstripes’, a custom decal, hatches, and ‘one of a kind’ deck designs.

There's something about wood boats that is hard to quantify. For me as a builder, I love the smell when I'm working the wood into shape, the feel of a spokeshave as it moves across a piece of wood, and the look of the wood as it comes alive under epoxy or varnish. As a paddler, the feel of a wood boat as it slips through the water is very satisfying.

Pictures below are from the July 2018 supCAT splash. It handled well and felt great. As the pics show, this fourteen foot model nicely fits two people.

  • length - the supCAT pictured above is 14 feet long and 32 inches wide. 12 foot supCATs are possible, as are even longer (expedition anyone??) supCATs
  • wood - white pine (seen above), but western red cedar, redwood, even reclaimed barn board are options,
  • complementary pinstripe woods, e.g. purpleheart, wenge, bubinga,
  • a simple open deck. Plenty of design options are possible - ranging from hatches to built-in fishing rod holders!

sup catamaran kit

  • Classes and OnSite builds are an Option
  • supCAT blog

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Spring is here! Get $100 off any SUP Kit

Hala Gear

Fame Inflatable SUP Kit

 | 11'3" x 36" x 6"

The Hala Fame is designed for overnighters, fishing, and adaptive paddling. The wide board and unique shape give the Fame a stable platform fit for any adventure. The integrated Scotty Mounting Pads offer a place to add rod holders for a quick and easy fishing rig.

  • Reinforced PVC
  • Welded seams
  • Retractable Fin

Kit includes:

  • Lever-lock Adjustable Carbon Paddle
  • Backcountry Rolling Backpack

Why the Fame?

  • The large board offers more stability
  • Perfect for beginners, linebackers, and adaptive paddlers
  • Space for overnight and fishing gear, children, and pets

It will inspire confidence in new paddlers and allow more seasoned paddlers the ability to carry a day's worth of equipment for extended backcountry trips.

- Andrew Mullok

The Rado SUP has more of a dynamic shape that is better suited for whitewater river use [10'10" X 35" X 6"]

5 year warranty

5-year warranty

Hala Gear offers an industry-leading 5-year warranty on every SUP. We use quality materials and a unique construction process to create top-of-the-line boards that are built to last.

Every seam is double-glued and mechanically welded to guarantee durability for decades to come. No matter how many times you roll your board, how you store it, or where you paddle, your SUP will withstand any adventure.

  • Included with SUP: Backcountry Rolling Backpack, Paddle, Fins, Hand Pump, Repair Kit
  • Included Paddle: Leverlock Carbon Travel Paddle
  • Backpack Dimensions: Large (12" x 18" x 40")
  • Fin Boxes: Patented Stompbox 2.0™ Fin System
  • Fins: 9" Orange Stompfin
  • Board Shape: All Around Dynamic Board Shape with Progressive Rocker and Square Tail
  • Board Construction: Thick Fusion Construction with Welded Seams and PVC Stringer
  • Rigging Options: 16 Soft Rigging Points with Nose Bungee and Tacklebox Tail Webbing
  • D-Rings: Tail D-Ring and Bottom Nose D-Ring
  • Handles: Rubberized + Reinforced Nose Handle, Rubberized + Reinforced Tail Handle, Center Step-Flat Soft Handle, and 2 Cloth Side Handles
  • Deckpad: Croc Skin EVA Deck Pad with 1.5” Raised StompPad and Rear Foot Index
  • Board Warranty: Industry-leading 5-Year Warranty
  • Included Accessory Warranty: 1-Year Warranty

Hala Fame whitewater sup

Sup fishing at its finest.


What's in the Kit

Adjustable Carbon Paddle

Adjustable Carbon Paddle

Hand Pump

Rolling Backpack

Repair Kit

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Happy Cat Spring Sail Sale Going on Now! SAVE UP TO 20% OFF HAPPY CAT SAILBOATS LEARN MORE

Shop Inflatable & Portable Boats at Red Beard Sailing

  • Capabilities
  • Accessories
  • Outboard Motors
  • Resources / Support
  • Need Help Deciding?


Forward rowing, backward rowing, or SUP, the XCAT Row configuration does them all flawlessly.  

Xcat rowvista®.

With traditional rowing, you are pulling the boat backwards, and your line of sight is opposite of the direction in which you are traveling. With RowVista, you're pulling the boat forward, and your line of sight is forward so you are facing the direction you are headed, much like driving a car or operating a powerboat. You will feel the breeze in your face and you can row at a relaxed pace without fatigue. Moderately fit people can row much farther than they think with RowVista.

If you want to be able to row forward and sail at the same time, choose the RowVista System from the dropdown menu on the left and add an XCAT Sailing Kit from our accessories below.

XCAT RowMotion®

The XCAT RowMotion uses a classic reverse rowing motion—the way that it’s been done since rowing was invented. The stable catamaran design provides a smooth safe ride on the water while an adjustable stop limits movement to the rear so that you can row without using foot straps. This is extremely beneficial if you want to row in flip flops or barefoot in the summer.

The XCAT RowMotion is available with or without oars. Choose the option that best suits your needs from the dropdown menu on the left.

The XCAT is a super stable platform for stand-up paddling. This boat can easily be walked around on and even surfed in waves. This is the perfect boat to SUP with a friend, especially for longer distances in coastal waters.

If you want to use the XCAT Row like a stand-up-paddleboard (SUP) choose the XCAT SUP from the dropdown menu on the left.

Boat Capabilities

Xcat row innovations.

Designed with rowing in mind, the XCAT is built to excel at rowing while providing an unparalleled platform that can withstand coastal conditions and constant powerboat wakes.


Optional Tiller-Fix keeps the rudder off center to countersteer paddling from only one side of the boat.

HDPE hulls are ultra durable and can handle hard groundings or collisions with underwater obstructions.

Self tensioning trampoline material saves you from unnecessary lacing for a faster assembly.

Anodized aluminum frame is corrosion resistant and will keep your boat looking new for years to come.

Extra wide platform is ultra stable. The XCAT can easily tackle big waves and rough waters.

Long and narrow hulls are fast through the water allowing you to reach high speeds with less effort.

Wide catamaran design lets you row in rougher conditions.

Low to the water design keeps you in touch with the water.

Concept2 oarlocks allow you to use our oars or your old C2 oars from college.

Fully adjustable positioning for oarlocks, roller seat and foot stretchers.

RowVista system has swinging oarlock that allows the oars to swing inboard of the boat for coming alongside docks or other boats.

RowVista is designed to allow the same motions as traditional rowing, but the boat moves in the direction you are facing.

Not the right sailboat for you? Let’s find your perfect boat.

X-Cat Video Image

XCAT Row Features & Benefits

The world’s first hard-hulled catamaran that can be transported on the roof of your car and assembled in 12 minutes—all without sacrificing quality or performance.

High-Quality Textilene Image

High-Quality Textilene®

This high tech material is used for the trampoline. It is UV resistant, hard wearing, breathable and self tensioning. This material is comfortable enough to sleep on but firm enough to comfortably stand and walk around. It is also durable enough to bring a large dog along without worry of damage.

Motor Mount Image

Motor Mount Included

All XCAT boats include a motor mount attached to the rear crossbar. This mount can handle up to a 3 hp outboard (Red Beard recommends either the EP Carry or Torqeedo 1103CL). If you don’t want/need the mount, you can unbolt the wooden motor mount from the crossbar for a clean aesthetic with reduced windage. Check out the XCAT Extra Crossbar With Outboard Bracket .

Bow Net Storage Image

Bow Net Storage (Optional)

This optional bow net and bowsprit allows you to store gear without cluttering the main trampoline area. With a rowing only XCAT, you will need to purchase the rowing version of the Bow Net as it includes a bowsprit.

Included Bags Image

Bags Included

Every XCAT Row includes two high quality padded storage and transport bags. One holds the trampoline and the other has wheels and holds the crossbars, oars, rudder (optional) and most other accessories. There will even be room left over to hold a sailing package as well.

Oar Blade Feathering Image

Oar Blade Feathering (RowVista)

The RowVista system allows easy feathering by rolling your hands forward. There are hard stops at the feathered and square positions to make rowing easier for newbies and relaxing for advanced rowers.

All Carbon Sculls Image

All Carbon Sculls (RowMotion)

Our all carbon 2 piece oars feature Martinoli grips and an adjustable cuff to accommodate any size rower.

Anodized Aluminum Frame Image

Anodized Aluminum Frame

The high quality anodized aluminum frame resists dings and dents as well as being very resistant to seawater and UV degradation.

Foam Filled Hulls Image

EPP Particle Foam Filled Hulls

This foam provides structural support to the HDPE hull skin material but also makes the XCAT unsinkable.

HDPE Hull Skin Image

HDPE Hull Skin

Think plastic cutting board material, it is weatherproof, impact resistant and dirt repellent. These hulls are easy to clean and can withstand hard groundings on an oyster bed, even though the boat floats in ankle height water.

XCAT Row Technical Specs

sup catamaran kit


Sail it. row it. power it. go ahead, it’s your move..

The XCAT combines versatility, portability and performance in a way that no other boat on the market can. The XCAT Row is perfect for achieving your fitness goals, or use it on your next river or lake rowing adventure. You can maximize the XCAT’s versatility by powering it with an optional outboard motor, or add a sailing kit to XCAT RowVista for the ability to row and sail at the same time.

XCAT Sailing Kit Add-On

If you want the best of both worlds with the ability to row and sail your XCAT Row, this is the accessory for you. The Sailing Kit has everything you need to start harnessing the wind.

  • When combined with an XCAT Row model you can row it or sail it to your favorite fishing spot, or have versatility for your next adventure.
  • Easily switch between rowing and sailing in 60 seconds without any hard work or tools.
  • Easy to sail system allows novice sailors to “learn the ropes” without a large risk of capsizing. If you can’t get back upwind, just drop the sails and row home!
  • Recommended Hiking Seats option allows you to stow your oars behind the seats keeping the trampoline clutter free.

Accessory Kit Includes: Mast, Mainsail, Genoa, Bowsprit, Rudder and all running and standing rigging.

XCAT Sailing Kit Image

ePropulsion Motor Electric Inboard Motor with Mount

The XCAT is a lightweight expertly engineered watercraft, and what better way to power it than a lightweight and expertly engineered electric outboard! This motor configuration was expertly designed for the XCAT. This motor is easily deployed and retracted via uphaul and downhaul control lines and features a bluetooth remote throttle for easy use! This motor is also great for motorsailing out of a narrow creek to help you get out to the big wind and water faster!

  • Ready for use and folded up again in a flash (can even be used to cheat on tacks)
  • almost invisibly integrated due to its slim design (no need to mount on the outboard mount)
  • very light, no negative effects on weight trim when sailing (other outboards leave the starboard side of the boat heavier than port)
  • collision protection (folds away in case of grounding)

Runtime Range at full power: approx. 5 miles - runtime approx. 70 minutes | Range at half power: approx. 12.5 miles - runtime approx. 5 hours

sup catamaran kit


Choosing the right accessories to make the ultimate xcat row.

XCAT Accessory

Roof Rack Accessory Kit

This bundle of accessories is the perfect kit if you plan to transport your XCAT on the roof of your car. Roof rack not included—but it does include the necessary straps, pads and pegs to secure your XCAT.

XCAT Accessory

Bow Mesh / Front Trampoline (Rowing)

This front trampoline is fantastic for keeping the main trampoline clean and clear for rowing! It can’t carry a person, but it can carry about 70 lbs of gear and supplies. This kit includes the trampoline and the bowsprit. If you elect to add a sail kit (which comes with a bowsprit), Red Beard suggests buying the Sailing Equipment Set which includes the bow mesh instead of this accessory.

XCAT Accessory

Center Beam Seat

This seat is a great way to add a padded seat to the center of your XCAT. A good comfortable way to seat a passenger while rowing and keeping their weight center-ship.

XCAT Accessory

Launching Cradles

The Launching Cradles are the easiest to use as a solo sailor and are perfect for launching and retrieving from concrete boat ramps and moving the boat over hard ground like dirt. It struggles a bit in super soft sand.

XCAT Accessory

Launching Cart with Balloon Tires

This upgraded Launching Cart comes with purpose built balloon tires which makes moving your XCAT on soft sand much easier.

XCAT Accessory

Sailing Equipment Set

This bundle of sailing accessories includes: Hiking Seats, Bow Mesh, Tiller-Fix and Hiking Straps. All of these are highly recommended for sailing on the XCAT and the Hiking Seats allow for easier storage of oars when not in use.

XCAT Accessory

If you’ve elected to add the Sail kit to your XCAT Row, then this mast float will be your best friend on that fateful day that you do capsize. This float prevents the boat from turtling and makes righting the boat very quick and easy.

XCAT Accessory

The SUP paddle is fairly self-explanatory and stores perfectly behind the optional hiking seats. Red Beard recommends this plus the Tiller-Fix if you opt for no outboard or rowing system. This paddle is collapsible to a small paddle or a full length SUP paddle.

XCAT Accessory

The tiller-fix is a super simple contraption that essentially holds your rudder off to one side. This can be used to hold your course while sailing or to countersteer a solo SUP paddler.

XCAT Accessory

Standard with the XCAT Row RowMotion or RowVista options, but also can be ordered separately. This is a great bag to carry and store your running rigging in, to keep it from getting tangled in transport.

XCAT Accessory

Dry Bag - HIKO

This waterproof bag easily mounts on rowing boards or the XCAT bow net. Includes additional shoulder belts for use as a backpack. Size is 18" x 12" x 6".

XCAT Accessory

Stainless Steel Anchor

This is a beautiful stainless steel folding anchor that will give you some peace of mind when it comes to docking your XCAT. Includes a length of line appropriate for anchoring in waist deep water.

XCAT Accessory

These fenders are cleverly upcycled, spending their former life as seats. These fenders will help protect your XCAT from damage when rubbing against anything such as another boat or a pier. This is just for one fender, so if you think you need more, be sure to add more in your cart.

Resources & Support

XCAT RowVista ®

XCAT Basic, RowVista Oarlocks, Pair of RowVista Oars, Sliding Seat, Foot Stretcher w/ Foot Straps, Seat Stopper, Crossbar Bag, Long Bag and RV Oar Bag

XCAT RowMotion with Oars

XCAT Basic, Concept 2 Oarlocks, Pair of RowMotion 2pc Oars, Sliding Seat, Foot Stretcher w/ Foot Straps, Seat Stopper, Crossbar Bag, Long Bag and RM Oar Bag.

XCAT RowMotion without Oars

XCAT Basic, Concept 2 Oarlocks, Sliding Seat, Foot Stretcher w/ Foot Straps, Seat Stopper, Crossbar Bag and Long Bag.

XCAT Basic, Rudder, Tiller-Fix, Crossbar Bag and Long Bag.

What's Included Image


The XCAT provides a 2-year warranty on fabrication defects. This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear of parts and components. For more information on the warranty, reach out to the Red Beard Sailing team. We’re happy to answer any questions you have!

Buyer's Guide

Assembly Video

Customer Reviews

Xcat row photo gallery.

Gallery Image 1

Don’t see what you need? We carry a full line of XCAT, and other sailing accessories for your next adventure.

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part SUP and part catamaran. Have a look at supCAT boards for more info on buying a custom-designed supCAT, or kits and plans for your own DIY supCAT!

supCAT cataSUP padamaran standamaran

I've always liked the look of catamarans and the quiet of canoes and kayaks. So several years back (maybe more), I put one foot in front of the other and carved out some prototype supCATs, each one better than the last. Until finally I had one that was 'good enough'. Four ounce fiberglass went on and soon enough that supCAT got wet. It was a delight! Here are some pics in the wild, on a two day float down the Wisconsin River over 2019 Labor Day weekend. Still have this board. Pure pleasure.

What to call it? supCAT is my favorite, but cataSUP and standamaran work too. padacat? Two pontoons and a deck. Call it what you will, but it floats, it paddles and it is a joy out on the water! There's more at supCAT boards website still here! - and it's June 24, 2022

Lush colors that cut through the water. A spacious deck that can easily hold more than one paddler, or even a paddler and a sitter. Tie downs and hatches allow for more options.

cataSUP options

  • I am happy to build you your own custom craft. There are several different options, perfect for a few conversations via email or phone calls to plan out.
  • Much like the idea behind the wavetrainSUP paddle kits, a supCAT kit gives a DIYer the materials to indulge their vision and not have to worry about all the table saw-based ripping and cutting. Kits contain all the precut wood and materials needed to make a cataSUP.
  • For those with the tools and the inclination, I am also developing a set of plans such that you can take the rough lumber and rip it into the materials you need to build your own catamaran paddleboard.
  • Finally, I am working through a new build in front of a video camera. The net result of this will be a video tutorial laying out everything a DIY'er needs to go from concept through completion of their own cataSUP.
  • Check out supCAT boards for more details.

sup catamaran kit

Register for SUPboarder Pro

Live watersports catamaran sup.

It’s not a completely new design, but LIVE Watersports bring the catamaran SUP to the touring, adventuring, fishing and expedition side of SUP. What do you think of the design?

The dual hull design brings a lot of advantages compared to the traditional SUP. More deck space increases stability, allows for more capacity (up to 700lbs on some boards!) and provides versatility from SUP fishing, touring, expeditions or windsurfing. There is less surface area in the water which also enhances speed.

What do you think of the catamaran design? Have you tried one before? We would love to hear your comments below.

Also check out the LIVE watersports review video and our previous post on a SUP catamaran expedition .


Bad idea! Just what I wanted, a sup that will get tangled in any debris in the water by gathering it in front of me caught between the two front hulls. Better idea is for a single front hull that splits to a dual hull starting about 2 feet back of the nose.

Reuben Ellis

Now thats an idea… cool

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Brand partners.

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sup catamaran kit

Call now (800) 217-3270 or (208) 350-6572 and be boating next week!

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  • 15'8" Triton Whitewater Raft
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SUP Paddle Boards

Welcome to the Saturn/NRS SUP Board product line, where we offer some of the best stand-up paddleboards on the market!

Our SUP boards are designed for beginners and experts alike, making them perfect for anyone who wants to get out on the water and enjoy the experience of gliding across the waves. Our boards are made with high-quality materials, including strong and durable PVC and carbon fiber, ensuring that they can withstand the toughest conditions.

Our boards come in a range of sizes, from 9 feet to 14 feet, allowing you to choose the perfect board for your skill level and the type of water you'll be using it on. With our boards, you can enjoy surfing, racing, touring, or simply paddling around your favorite body of water.

We pride ourselves on our customer service, which is why we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all of our boards. We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase, and we're confident that you'll love our boards as much as we do.

In addition to our high-quality SUP boards, we also offer a range of accessories to enhance your paddling experience. From paddles to board bags to fins, we have everything you need to get out on the water and make the most of your time there.

So why wait? Browse our selection of Saturn / NRS SUP Boards today and find the perfect board for you!

  • 12 Per Page
  • 24 Per Page
  • 96 Per Page

12' Saturn River/Ocean SUP Board

The SATURN Inflatable SUP Board product lines represents the greatest value on the market today. Our SUP boards have been leading the industry for years and we continuously look at unique and cost-effective ways to improve them while keeping our wholesale pricepoint in place. All of our SUP boards are commercial grade quality and will rival the performance of any inflatable SUP on the market.

sup catamaran kit


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The 18 Best Fishing Paddleboards | Awesome SUPs for Angling

  • by Chris Klenner
  • September 3, 2020 September 21, 2021

Grouper on the SUP

Fishing SUPs (aka fishing paddleboards) have been steadily growing in popularity over the last decade. SUP fishing readily embraces a light gear philosophy – making it one of the best grab and go options out there. A cooler, rod, and some light tackle are all you really need, and can fit, for a great day paddling on the water.

Most sups are fishable; but fishing paddleboards, or rather SUPS built specifically for fishing, have a few key features that add some critical functionality. Our list below, a subset derived from our master sup database, shows the current market for fishing paddleboards. A deep dive on the most expensive and most affordable boards will give you a better idea of what your dollar buys. And finally we’ve put together a few tips to consider to help you find your best next board.

Most Expensive Fishing Paddleboard

Live 2 fish l4 expedition.

sup catamaran kit

The Live Watersports family features two high-end fishing paddleboards: the L2 and L4. Both feature catamaran style fiberglass hulls with premium gel coating that provides a glossy and durable finish. The L4 Expedition is the larger model and boasts some impressive specs. 14′ long with 8 square feet of deck space and a 700 lb capacity puts the L4 Expedition at the top of the pack for not just fishing paddleboards, but almost all paddleboards. At 34″ wide the L4 can still be easily paddled and is surprisingly fast thanks to the low wetted surface area.

When it comes to angling the L4 doesn’t skimp out; this rig is ready to take on all sizes of fish. Ten different gear tracks adorn the perimeter to provide anchor points for gear, rod holders, and other accessories. The recessed stern shape naturally lends itself to motor placement. With the Live Watersports motor mount you can easily throw on a low thrust trolling motor for longer distance voyages. The stability on this SUP is nearly unparalleled thanks to its twin hull design. If you take a dip fighting a redfish on this board well, that’s on you.

The L4 Expedition weighs in at 65 lbs, which is hefty for a SUP, but isn’t even a tenth of its total capacity. This is an awesome option for serious fishermen looking for exercise. And it’s perfect for those who want to bring along some extra gear, or a companion. This fishing paddleboard can easily support two people without crowding them; which means you’ll have no excuse not to bring your spouse or kid. The L4 Expedition costs $2,699 and is made in the USA in Clearwater, Florida.

Most Affordable Fishing Paddleboard

Kaku kayaks kahuna.

sup catamaran kit

The Kaku Krew down in Tarpon Springs Florida are known for producing some wildly innovative paddlecraft. Largely geared towards flats and inshore fishing Kaku’s built a respectable lineup of watercraft that often blurs the lines between kayak and paddleboard. The Kaku Kahuna borders hybrid territory and this design offers some great advantages over water.

The Kahuna measures in at 12′ long with a 34″ beam and is built using a rotomolded HDPE process comparable to most kayak makers. Integral skeg fins and board-length chines on the bottom offer stability and superior tracking. Up front a small hatch provides dry storage and hull access, while the stern features a power-pole insert which can also accommodate after market motor mounts. Gear track on each side and an EVA foam mat with some gnarly graphics complete the package.

All of these features add up to an extremely approachable fishing paddleboard at a great price (drops to $650 on sale fairly often). There are some downsides to consider though: this board is heavy; lugging 70lbs a couple hundred feet will have you shopping for a cart in no time. The weight capacity on this is also fairly low at just 300 lbs. Approaching that limit causes the board to sit low in the water which means wet feet. If you’re above 200 lbs you should definitely think twice.

All in all though this is an awesome board for lighter paddlers who want a stable and durable fishing paddleboard. If you ever get tired standing you can add on a Larry Chair to convert the Kahuna into a hybrid kayak/sup. Give the Kahuna some thought if you’re looking to break into paddleboard fishing for less.

Our Pick For The Best Value Fishing Paddleboard

Sea eagle fishsup 126.

Tricked out FS126

Sea Eagle has a long-standing reputation of delivering premium inflatables at approachable price; and the FS126 is no different. This inflatable fishing paddleboard measures 12’6″ long with a beam of 38″ and sports Sea Eagle’s distinctive hunter green color scheme. The 6″ thick FS126 inflates to 15 PSI thanks to a drop stitched core to provide an extremely rigid ride. Underneath 3 removable skeg fins assist in tracking; while up top a camo EVA foam deck pad provides traction for both paddling and reeling in some whoppers.

One of the hallmarks of an awesome fishing paddleboard is its versatility; and the FS126 delivers in spades. This fishing SUP can be rigged with just a pole and paddle. Or you can add a swivel seat, trolling motor, and rod holders for more adventurous outings. 14 D rings running along the port and starboard edges offer tie down points for paddle and rod leashes. And bungee up front is handy for stowing tackle boxes or a dry bag. We’re also big fans of the built in measuring stick and the paddle pocket up front.

sup catamaran kit

There are a few different trim levels for the FS126, but all of them come with a backpack (for storage), pump, repair kit, paddle, and soft bow box. The base package runs at $899 and Sea Eagle regularly runs free shipping promotions. At this price the Fishing SUP 126 is an incredible deal; you won’t find a lot of comparable packages anywhere near the same level of quality. Higher trim packages add in accessories like seats and motor mounts, which you can purchase separately, but are more attractively priced with the board. If you’re itching to get into SUP angling, and on a budget, then definitely consider running the Sea Eagle.

Smooth, Silent, and Stylish: The Dragonfly

sup catamaran kit

The Dragonfly 13’6″ is not your typical fishing paddleboard. This paddleboard was designed from the ground up to be smooth, quiet, and dry. The sharp entry bow breaks and flat side boards enable the 13’6″ to silently coast through the water; no board-slap to spook the fish. The raised lip around the cockpit, along with a slight rocker and backward tilt, provide splash over a clear path back to the sea. Paddling the Dragonfly 13’6″ starts dry and ends dry in all but the roughest waters.

Built using composite fabric and resin Dragonfly’s SUPs are durable but light. At just 45 lbs the 13’6″ model can support up to 420 lbs which is more than enough for sturdy passengers and big payloads. The hollow core provides plenty of buoyancy as well as convenient workspace for running wires if you decide to motorize.

sup catamaran kit

These boards are prized and sought after because of their reputation as some of the best made fishing paddleboards out there. Dragonfly’s are available around the world, but if you’re on the east coast it’s worth a trip down to Vero Beach to check them out. If you’re gearing for a board your friends will be jealous of then you’d be hard pressed to find one smoother than Dragonfly.

What to Look For in A Fishing Paddleboard

First and foremost to paddleboard fishing is a stable platform for throwing a line out. Stability in paddleboards can be accomplished a few different ways; chines, catamarans, or most commonly – width. Extra wide boards offer greater surface area to balance a load and resist against shifting forces. All around and even yoga type SUPS typically offer better stability and are good choices if you’re in a pinch. Wide boards simply aren’t as fast; but that’s OK – you’re fishing.

Most SUP anglers prefer quiet boards for the simple reason that noise spooks fish. And when you’re sightcasting and a fish goes, it’s gone. Board rocker and bow shape have a profound effect on the noise level of a board. Flared up bows are great for coasting over waves and keeping balance. But they also have a tendency to accentuate the dreaded Hull-Slap. In mild to moderate winds small waves will slap against the underside of your board producing vibrations which will send your prey swimming. Boards with steep entry bows and v shaped hulls will help reduce or outright eliminate hull slap.

Room To Grow

As you develop as a paddleboard fisherman you’ll want to adapt your setup. A board that provides a flexible platform to accommodate different setups is critical for long term satisfaction. The inclusion of gear track, D-rings, bungee, and scotty mounts on a board gives you the ease to switch up your config easily. While modifying a SUP is possible it’s also a bit more delicate than with a kayak; water that seeps into your foam core isn’t getting out easily. Boards with baked in accessory points are easier to adapt and grow with.

Overview on the Best Fishing Paddleboards

SUP at Sunset

We expect that Fishing SUP’s will continue to grow in popularity as more and more people begin to embrace a lighter and faster fishing philosophy. And with that the limited number of dedicated fishing paddleboard models should blossom with more innovative and exciting designs. We’re personally holding out for a SUP with integrated motor well – a board that incorporates a Bixpy and integrated electronics would be pretty schwifty. Let us know your favorite paddleboard fishing rig and tight lines!

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SUP / Catamaran Hybrid

What do you get when you cross a SUP with a catamaran? This video showcases the result. The inventors call it a "Standamaran". Watch this unique contraption racing down the Sacramento river in the 100 mile long California 100 race in June 2016. The board is a custom prototype Blue Planet board with two 18' long hulls.

sup catamaran kit

Nature is transformative.

~Shop Grey Duck SUP~

We make being on the water more fun, accessible, and enjoyable. Come with us on this journey, you won’t be disappointed.

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sup catamaran kit

A Healing Journey - Carving A Canoe

"For thousands of years, the Nimiipuu people piloted their canoes along the tumbling waters of the Snake…

sup catamaran kit

Shark Stuck in Kayak after Attack

Warning: video clip has some NSFW words, which is understandable considering what the videographer is…

sup catamaran kit

Seal Launch of a Sea Kayak?

Watch the extremes that some paddlers will go to when they just have to get on the water... This video…

sup catamaran kit

How not to treat a kayak paddle

Ever have one of those trips down the river? Hope this guy had a backup paddle along...



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sup catamaran kit

SUP+ Seafoam

$ 999.00 $ 599.00

The SUP+ is a paddleboard-kayak hybrid that blends the large open deck and stability of a SUP with the paddling performance of a kayak. Featuring a catamaran-style hull with multiple kiss-offs, the SUP+ provides an incredibly stable platform for standing, paddling, and fishing. The large molded skeg replaces a traditional fin, allowing you to track straight while running in shallow water with confidence. The SUP+ is more than a kayak and more than a paddleboard.

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Free Shipping On Orders Over $199 Dismiss


FastCat12™ Catamaran

Inflatable boat, about the fastcat12™ catamaran inflatable boat.

Now LIGHTER, STRONGER, and EVEN MORE PACKABLE - Welcome to the future! Due to the latest technological advancement in double-layer, high-pressure, all-drop-stitch, fusion technology, the current generation FastCat12™ is 19 lbs. lighter than its predecessor. Weighing in at just 94 lbs. versus the previous 113 lbs. It's also incredibly stronger due to the fusion welding process and much easier to fold and pack up. The future is here - order yours today!

The FastCat12™ is a rugged, dependable, rigid, high-pressure, all-drop stitch constructed, rapid self-bailing, two-person, inflatable, FastCat12™ Catamaran Boat that provides incredible deck space and "The Smoothest Ride On The Water!"

About the FastCat™ Series

Don't purchase or consider another boat without checking out the new and incredible Sea Eagle Inflatable FastCat™ Catamaran Boat for the smoothest ride on the water and sale prices!

Tired of being bruised up and bounced around by waves, back jarring rough rides, added fuel cost, and lack of cockpit room? The new Sea Eagle Inflatable FastCat™ Catamaran Boat is the solution to all these problems and more!

This catamaran-style, rigid, high-pressure, all-drop stitch constructed, easy to set up hull is the most innovative boat to hit the market! The catamaran hull design lifts the boat up and on top of the water as if you're riding on pillowy clouds with hydro foiling shock absorbers preventing the slapping of traditional hulls. Friction is reduced, increasing fuel economy, and with four independent high-pressure safety air chambers, you're guaranteed added safety.

The Sea Eagle FastCat™ inflatable catamaran series will entirely change the way you view inflatable boats!


Certifications, deflated hull size, when deflated and packed well, this hull will fit in:.

check_circle Backpack

check_circle Car Trunk

check_circle SUV

check_circle Truck/Large SUV

Standard Features

  • NMMA & CE Certified
  • All rugged, high-pressure, reinforced, drop-stitch construction
  • Completely self-bailing
  • 4 Independent safety air chambers
  • 7 Conveniently located grab handles
  • Dual EZ-attachment seating system
  • Removable transom for easy storage
  • High-strength bow ring
  • Non-slip EVA foam covered deck
  • Canopy attachment grommets and D-rings
  • Dual Universal Scotty Pads for use with optional Scotty accessories
  • Bottom and side protective bumper guard rubbing strakes

Top, Front & Side Views

top view

FastCat12™ Catamaran Reviews

I did a ton of research before I pulled the trigger on this boat and it paid off. My first trip was in San Diego in mission bay and the boat was perfect. My self and father-in-law fished the bay for a week with no issues and were blown away how stable the boat was and received a ton of compliments. The 5hp mercury outboard compliments the boat.

I love my Seaeagle 12 Fast Cat. Use it almost everyday in Florida. Customer service is great. Had a valve leak and they sent me a box and had it back in a couple of weeks with shipping time. Just the right size if I need to deflate it and store it. Great ride and just a solid built boat.

Boat is really great. I got all the extras with electric pump, seats, bimini etc. Sets up pretty quick and easy. I went with an electric 83lbs thrust motor and batteries ( 24 volt). I can run for hours! Great to take on vacation with us. We have an RV and like to bring the golf cart and the boat once deflated takes up no room at all.

The unit fits all of our needs. It is very stable with two passengers. Plenty of room to carry a cooler. The sun shade does act like a sail in the wind but you just make the best of it. The electric motor allows one to do some fishing and not have to stay in one spot for any time. Overall, good quality, came in a timely manner and was fairly easy to assemble. It definitely takes two people to move around when inflated.

Key Features

Catamaran design.

Catamaran Design

The Sea Eagle catamaran-style hull design provides the smoothest ride on the water. Side chambers create lift and reduce friction - increasing fuel economy, handling, and performance while providing an incredible cloud cushioned ride.

Protective Rubbing Strake & Bumper Guard

Protective Rubbing Strake & Bumper Guard

Protective full-length underside rubbing strakes and side bumper guards provide added protection against bumps and abrasions where it counts most.

Multiple Grab Handles

Multiple Grab Handles

Seven conveniently located heavy-duty grab handles for ease of carrying and water re-entry.

Universal Scotty Pads & Attachment Locations

Universal Scotty Pads & Attachment Locations

Two rear Universal Scotty Pads and dual side pre-drill bench seats Scotty attachment locations allow for the attachment of a vast array of optional Scotty accessories including but not limited to rod holders, triple rod holder, anchor lock, bait board, camera mount, transducer mount, and more!

*Scotty accessories are additional optional purchases. See

EZ-Attach Bench Seats

EZ-Attach Bench Seats

The EZ-Attach Bench Seats are quickly and securely attached by four easy to screw on and off knobs. Attaching your bench seats has never been easier.

Removable Transom

Removable Transom

The removable transom makes the FastCat12™ lighter and easier to pack down smaller and check as luggage. Attach the transom and you're ready for up to a 6 hp outboard.

Canopy Attachment System

Canopy Attachment System

Protecting yourself from the sun and elements has never been more important. The FastCat12™ is equipped with a Canopy Attachment System for use with the optional Wide Sun & Rain Canopy.

*Wide Sun & Rain Canopy is an additional optional accessory. See

4 Separate Independent Safety Air Chambers

4 Separate Independent Safety Air Chambers

4 Separate Independent Safety Air Chambers for added safety: Starboard Side, Bow, Floor, and Portside. Providing an added level of security and peace of mind.

FastCat12™ Catamaran Discount Packages

Deluxe package.

FastCat12 Deluxe

A great package for those who already have their own motors. Featuring two bench seats, one driver's locking swivel seat, one Quick Release Seatmount, a paddle, manual pump, repair kit, and boat bag.

In Stock   Freight Quote to Russia

Swivel Seat Canopy Package

FastCat12 Swivel Seat Canopy

This Swivel Seat Canopy Package provides protection from the elements. Featuring two bench seats, one driver's locking swivel seat, one passenger swivel seat, two Quick Release Seatmounts, paddle, manual pump, repair kit, boat bag, and canopy.

Watersnake Motor Canopy Package

FastCat12 Watersnake Motor Canopy

An excellent electric motor package providing quiet speeds of up to 5 mph. Featuring a canopy, two bench seats, one driver's locking swivel seat, one passenger swivel seat, two Quick Release Seatmounts, two Scotty rod holders, paddle, manual pump, repair kit, boat bag, and the infinitely variable forward and reverse speeds Watersnake Venom 34 lb. thrust dual-purpose (salt/freshwater) electric motor.

50w Solar Boat Package

FastCat12 50w Solar Boat

An excellent electric motor package providing quiet speeds of up to 5 mph. Featuring a canopy with a self-charging solar panel, two bench seats, one driver's locking swivel seat, one passenger swivel seat, two Quick Release Seatmounts, two Scotty rod holders, paddle, manual pump, repair kit, boat bag, and the infinitely variable forward and reverse speeds Watersnake Venom 34 lb. thrust dual-purpose (salt/freshwater) electric motor.

110w Solar Boat Package

FastCat12 110w Solar Boat

Honda Motor Package

FastCat12 Honda Motor

An excellent package providing speeds of up to 15 mph and over 30 mpg. Featuring two bench seats, one driver's locking swivel seat, one passenger swivel seat, two Quick Release Seatmounts, two Scotty rod holders, manual pump, repair kit, boat bag, and the reliable Honda 5 hp four-stroke outboard motor.

Ultimate Package

FastCat12 Ultimate

Featuring two bench seats, one driver's locking swivel seat, one passenger swivel seat, two Quick Release Seatmounts, two Scotty rod holders, manual pump, repair kit, boat bag, and the powerful Torqeedo 1103CL electric motor.

Torqeedo Solar Package

FastCat12 Torqeedo  Solar

Featuring two bench seats, one driver's locking swivel seat, one passenger swivel seat, two Quick Release Seatmounts, two Scotty rod holders, manual pump, repair kit, boat bag, a powerful Torqeedo 1103CL electric motor, Solar Panel, & Canopy.


download instructions

Sea Eagle Used Boats

  • have never been damaged, punctured or patched
  • have been test inflated for 48 hours
  • might have very minimal wear (no barnacles or algae)
  • are covered by our regular 120 day money back guarantee
  • and three year bow-to-stern warranty , just like our new boats.
  • might contain prior-generation components

Delivery Estimate

Gray locking swivel seat.

sup catamaran kit

Locking Gray Swivel Seat

sup catamaran kit

Adjustable Composite SUP Paddle

FC12 Boat Carry Bag

sup catamaran kit

Boat Carry Bag for FastCat12™

sup catamaran kit

SUP Pump w/ Pressure Gauge

Quick Release Seatmount

sup catamaran kit

Wide Canopy

sup catamaran kit

Wide Sun & Rain Canopy

Watersnake Venom 34

sup catamaran kit

Watersnake Venom SX 34lb Thrust Electric Motor (Fresh & Saltwater)

Covered by the Watersnake 1 Year Warranty

All Sales are final. This item is not covered by the Sea Eagle 120 Day Trial.

Scotty Rod Holder

sup catamaran kit

50W Solar Panel

sup catamaran kit

50W Semi-Flexible Solar Panel w/ Charge Controller

Covered by the PowerFilm Solar Panel Warranty

Wide Solar 50 Canopy

sup catamaran kit

Wide Sun & Rain Solar 50 Canopy (For use with 50W

Trolling Motor Power Center

sup catamaran kit

Minn Kota Trolling Motor Power Center

Covered by the Minn Kota Manufacturer Warranty

110w Solar Panel

sup catamaran kit

110 Watt Semi-Flexible Solar Panel w/ Charge Controller

Wide Solar 110 Canopy

sup catamaran kit

Wide Sun & Rain Solar 110 Canopy (For use with 110W solar panel)

sup catamaran kit

Honda 5S (Short Shaft)

Covered by the Honda Marine Warranty

Torqeedo 1103CL

sup catamaran kit

Travel 1103CL Long Shaft w/915 Wh Battery

Covered by the Torqeedo Factory Warranty

138w Solar Panel for Torqeedo

sup catamaran kit

138 Watt Semi-Flexible Solar Panel for use with Torqeedo

Covered by the Sol Go

Wide Solar 138 Canopy

sup catamaran kit

Wide Sun/Rain 138 Solar Canopy (For use with 138 solar panel)

Recently Viewed Items


Catamaran Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP)


Introduction: Catamaran Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP)

Catamaran Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP)

This is a fiber glass catamaran stand up paddle board or simply SUP. SUP boards are more related to a boat like construction rather than a surfboard. The sport of stand up paddle boarding came about in the era of surfing. It is a much larger board used along with a paddle in a standing fashion, to explore, race or surf. The shape and weight will be more determining of what the board is suitable for. This particular model I designed for a fast, long distance, touring style. My board is 12'6" long by 28" wide and weighs around 30-32lbs. The catamaran shape is great for a more stable board. I have not surfed with it as of yet and it is not suitable for a race that has many turns due to the lack of surface area in the rear (the method used to turn a sup is shifting the weight to the rear, raising the nose). Hope you enjoy! Btw:  Eventually I would like to create these completely hollow. If you like what you see, I would appreciate any help. Below is a link on how you can help. Thank You!!!

Step 1: Foam


Buy Blue insulation foam. Panels are 4x8 feet and about $14. You will need 3-4.

Step 2: Cut Foam

Cut Foam

Once you have traced a design you like, sketch it on the foam. Measure twice cut once!!

Step 3: Place Pieces Together

Place Pieces Together

Before any glue is used, place the pieces together to make sure they fit correctly.

Step 4: Glue


I used water resistant glue since it will be glassed later anyway.

Step 5: Cut Upper and Bottom Parts

Cut Upper and Bottom Parts

Once the basic shape is glued and pieced together you will need to make the top and bottom of the pontoons.

Step 6: Glue


Once it is fitted and glued. Begin shaping. I used 150 grit sand paper.

Step 7: Second Pontoon

Second Pontoon

Repeat the steps for the second pontoon.

Step 8: Middle Piece

Middle Piece

Join the two pontoons.

Step 9: Deck


Add a deck to stand on.

Step 10: Shape


Shape using sandpaper. Take your time.

Step 11: Get Rid of 90 Deg Corners

Get Rid of 90 Deg Corners

I added a rounded edge underneath to ease with glassing.

Step 12: Glassing


Add fiber glass. Use two part epoxy.

Step 13: Add Fin Boxes

Add Fin Boxes

After adding 2-3 layers of fiber glass prepare fin boxes. Research angles for the size you are building. Also add any leash holds or net holds at this time.

Step 14: Paint


Design a color scheme and begin painting base color first.

Step 15: Design


Continue with your design scheme. I chose a post apocalyptic look.

Step 16: Glass/epoxy


You can finalize with a thin 4oz fiber glass to seal the images or glass with epoxy alone. Add the epoxy with a brush and add 3 layers total. Let the epoxy sit for 3 hours exactly before its cured to add the next layer.

Step 17: Help Support Us!!

ATTENTION EVERYONE!! I have launched a small campaign to fund my company PH822 Composites & Design. Please checkout the link below for a chance to purchase a high quality T-shirt with my logos on the front and back. I have 21 days to meet my goal of 282 shirts (but I can go above)!!!!! Please share at the very least!!!


Freeride Wooden Ski, Free Heel Edition

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Catamaran Sailing Guide – Boats, Rigging, Tips

catamaran sailing guide boats rigging tips 1

Looking to embark on an unforgettable adventure on the open waters? Look no further than our comprehensive Catamaran Sailing Guide. In this article, we will delve into the fascinating world of catamarans, exploring everything from the different types of boats and rigging, to indispensable tips for an enjoyable and safe sailing experience. Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or a complete novice, this guide aims to equip you with the knowledge necessary to navigate the thrilling world of catamaran sailing. Get ready to set sail and discover the wonders that await you on the horizon.

Review contents

Choosing the Right Catamaran

When it comes to choosing the right catamaran for your sailing adventures, there are a few key factors to consider. The hull type, size, capacity, and performance versus cruising capabilities all play a crucial role in finding the perfect catamaran for your needs.

Catamarans come in various hull types, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. The most common hull types are solid, balsa core, foam core, and carbon. Solid hulls offer durability and strength but may be heavier and less fuel-efficient. Balsa core hulls provide good insulation and strength-to-weight ratio, while foam core hulls offer excellent buoyancy and lightness. Carbon hulls are the most lightweight and rigid but come with a higher price tag.

When choosing the right hull type, consider factors such as your sailing style, budget, and desired performance. It’s essential to understand the pros and cons of each hull type to make an informed decision.

Size and Capacity

The size and capacity of a catamaran are crucial considerations, depending on your sailing goals. Smaller catamarans, typically between 30 to 40 feet, are easier to handle and navigate, making them ideal for solo sailors or those new to catamaran sailing. On the other hand, larger catamarans, ranging from 40 to 60 feet or more, offer ample space for accommodation, amenities, and extended trips.

Consider the number of people you plan to sail with and the amount of storage and living space you require. It’s important to strike a balance between comfort and maneuverability when choosing the size and capacity of your catamaran.

Performance vs. Cruising

Another essential factor to consider when choosing a catamaran is whether you prioritize performance or cruising capabilities. Performance catamarans are designed for speed and agility, featuring lightweight construction, tall rigs, and high-tech materials. They provide exhilarating sailing experiences but might sacrifice some comfort and amenities.

Cruising catamarans, on the other hand, offer spacious living areas, numerous amenities, and stability. They prioritize comfort and leisure, making them perfect for extended trips and living aboard. However, they may not have the same speed and maneuverability as performance-oriented catamarans.

Consider your sailing goals and preferences to determine whether you prioritize performance or cruising capabilities. Consulting with experienced catamaran sailors or attending boat shows can also provide valuable insights into finding the right balance between the two.

Understanding Catamaran Rigging

To fully grasp the ins and outs of catamaran sailing, it’s important to understand the various components of catamaran rigging. From the mast and boom to the sails, standing rigging, and running rigging, each element plays a crucial role in the performance and handling of the catamaran.

Mast and Boom

The mast and boom act as the backbone of the catamaran rigging system. The mast supports the sails and facilitates their proper functioning, while the boom controls the shape and tension of the main sail. It’s essential to choose a mast and boom that are suitable for your catamaran’s size, sailing style, and intended use.

Consider factors such as material construction, height, and compatibility with the sails when selecting the right mast and boom. Consulting with rigging professionals or experienced catamaran sailors can provide valuable guidance in making an informed decision.

Sails are one of the most crucial components of catamaran rigging, as they harness the power of the wind and propel the catamaran forward. The main sail, genoa or jib, and spinnakers are the primary types of sails used in catamaran sailing.

The main sail is the largest and most important sail, responsible for driving the catamaran forward. The genoa or jib is a smaller headsail that complements the main sail, providing additional power and maneuverability. Spinnakers are specialized downwind sails that excel in light wind conditions.

Choosing the right sails involves considering factors such as sail material, size, and shape to suit your catamaran’s rigging and sailing goals. Working closely with sailmakers or experienced catamaran sailors can help ensure you select the most suitable sails for your catamaran.

Standing Rigging

Standing rigging refers to the fixed components of the catamaran’s rigging system that support the mast and provide stability. This includes elements such as stays, shrouds, and rigging wires.

It’s crucial to regularly inspect and maintain the standing rigging to ensure its structural integrity and minimize the risk of failure. Look for signs of wear and tear, corrosion, or any loose fittings that need immediate attention. Consulting with rigging professionals or experienced catamaran sailors can help you develop a comprehensive maintenance routine for your standing rigging.

Running Rigging

Running rigging refers to the adjustable components of the catamaran’s rigging system that control sail shape and trim. This includes elements such as halyards, sheets, and control lines.

Understanding how to properly trim and adjust the running rigging is essential for optimal sail performance and handling. Familiarize yourself with the purpose and function of each line, learning how to adjust them for different sailing conditions and maneuvers. Practice and experimentation will help you develop the necessary skills to make the most of your catamaran’s running rigging.

Essential Equipment for Catamaran Sailing

When setting sail on a catamaran, having the right equipment on board is crucial for a safe and enjoyable experience. From navigation instruments to safety equipment, anchoring gear, and communication devices, each item serves a specific purpose in enhancing your sailing journey.

Navigation Instruments

Accurate navigation is essential for catamaran sailors, ensuring they can safely navigate their intended course and avoid potential hazards. Some essential navigation instruments for catamaran sailing include a chartplotter or GPS, compass, depth sounder, and VHF radio.

A chartplotter or GPS provides real-time position and navigation information, allowing you to plot your course and stay on track. A compass serves as a reliable backup for navigation, especially in case of electronic failures. A depth sounder helps you monitor the water depth to avoid running aground, while a VHF radio enables communication with other vessels and emergency services.

Ensure you have these navigation instruments on board and understand how to use them effectively for a safe and confident sailing experience.

Safety Equipment

Ensuring the safety of you and your crew is of utmost importance when venturing out on a catamaran. Essential safety equipment to have on board includes life jackets, a first aid kit, fire extinguishers, flares, and a man overboard (MOB) retrieval system.

Life jackets should be readily accessible and properly fitted for every crew member. A well-equipped first aid kit is essential for treating minor injuries and providing basic medical care until professional help can be reached. Fire extinguishers help extinguish potential onboard fires, while flares serve as distress signals in emergency situations. A MOB retrieval system, such as a throwable buoy or sling, aids in quickly recovering a crew member who has fallen overboard.

Regularly inspect and maintain your safety equipment to ensure its effectiveness and readiness in case of emergencies.

Anchoring Gear

Anchoring is a common practice for catamaran sailors to secure their vessel in a particular location. Having the right anchoring gear is essential for a secure and stable anchorage. Anchoring gear typically includes an anchor, chain, and rode.

Choose an anchor that suits your catamaran’s size and the type of seabed you plan to anchor on. A general rule of thumb is to select an anchor that weighs approximately one pound per foot of your catamaran’s length. The chain provides additional weight and helps keep the anchor in place, while the rode (rope or combination of rope and chain) connects the anchor to your catamaran.

Understanding anchoring techniques and practicing anchoring in different conditions will enhance your confidence and proficiency in this important aspect of catamaran sailing.

Communication Devices

Maintaining communication with other vessels and shore-based services is crucial for catamaran sailors. Communication devices such as a VHF radio and a mobile phone or satellite phone provide means of communication in different situations.

A VHF radio allows you to communicate with nearby vessels, seek assistance in case of emergencies, and stay updated with weather information. A mobile phone or satellite phone provides an additional communication channel, especially when sailing in remote areas where VHF coverage may be limited.

Ensure your communication devices are fully charged, in good working condition, and stored in a waterproof case to protect them from water damage .

Preparing for a Catamaran Sailing Trip

Preparing adequately for a catamaran sailing trip is essential to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience. From provisioning to checking weather forecasts, boat systems, and conducting a safety briefing, each step contributes to a successful voyage.


Provisioning involves stocking your catamaran with the necessary food, beverages, and supplies for the duration of your trip. Consider the number of people onboard, the duration of the trip, and any specific dietary requirements or preferences.

Plan your meals and create a comprehensive shopping list to ensure you have an adequate supply of fresh produce, non-perishable goods, water, and other essentials. Allocate storage space and organize the provisions on the catamaran to ensure easy access and minimize spoilage.

Regularly check your provisions throughout the trip, making adjustments as necessary to ensure you have enough supplies for the intended duration.

Checking Weather Forecasts

Checking weather forecasts is a crucial step before setting sail on a catamaran. Understanding the current and predicted wind conditions, tides, and potential weather patterns helps you plan your route, adjust your sailing schedule, and ensure the safety of your crew and vessel.

Consult reputable weather forecasting services, such as local meteorological offices or dedicated marine weather websites or apps. Look for updates on wind speed and direction, wave heights, and any significant weather events or warnings that may affect your sailing plans.

Keep in mind that weather conditions can change rapidly, especially at sea, so regularly monitor the forecasts throughout your trip and adjust your plans accordingly.

Checking Boat Systems

Before embarking on a catamaran sailing trip, it’s important to thoroughly check and test all the boat systems to ensure they are in proper working order. This includes the engine, electrical systems, plumbing, navigation instruments, and safety equipment.

Inspect the engine for any signs of leaks, ensure all fluid levels are adequate, and test its starting and running capabilities. Check the electrical systems, including battery levels, lights, and charging capabilities. Test the plumbing system, including freshwater and wastewater systems, to ensure there are no leaks or blockages. Verify the functionality of the navigation instruments, such as the chartplotter, compass, and VHF radio. Finally, inspect and test all safety equipment, including life jackets , fire extinguishers, and emergency signaling devices.

Address any issues or malfunctions promptly, seeking professional help if necessary, to ensure the reliability and safety of your catamaran systems.

Safety Briefing

Conducting a safety briefing before setting sail is essential to ensure that all crew members are familiar with the catamaran’s safety procedures and emergency protocols.

Discuss emergency procedures, including man overboard (MOB) response, fire safety, and abandon ship protocols. Familiarize the crew with the location and usage of safety equipment, such as life jackets, flares, and fire extinguishers. Clarify roles and responsibilities during different sailing maneuvers and emergency situations.

Encourage open communication among the crew and address any questions or concerns they may have. A comprehensive safety briefing sets the foundation for a safe and confident sailing experience.

Basic Catamaran Sailing Techniques

Developing a solid foundation of basic catamaran sailing techniques is essential for smooth maneuvering and control over your vessel. From steering and sail trim to tacking and gybing, mooring and docking, and maneuvering in different conditions, each technique contributes to your overall skill as a catamaran sailor.

Steering and Sail Trim

Steering and sail trim are foundational skills for catamaran sailing. Understand how to use the catamaran’s steering mechanism, such as a helm or tiller, to control the direction of the vessel. Practice various steering techniques, such as using the wind to assist with turning, to maximize maneuverability.

Sail trim involves adjusting the sails to achieve the desired shape and tension, optimizing their performance. Learn how to adjust the main sail’s halyard, sheet, and traveler to control the sail’s shape and power. Similarly, understand how to trim the genoa or jib to balance the sails and achieve optimal speed.

Experiment with different sail trim settings in different wind conditions to develop a sense of how each adjustment affects the catamaran’s performance.

Tacking and Gybing

Tacking and gybing are maneuvers used to change the direction of the catamaran in relation to the wind. Tacking involves turning the bow of the catamaran through the wind, while gybing involves turning the stern through the wind.

Practice tacking and gybing in a wide, open area with ample room to maneuver. Understand how changes in the wind and sail trim affect the maneuver. Start with slow, controlled maneuvers and gradually increase speed as you gain confidence.

Maintain clear communication with your crew during tacking and gybing to ensure a smooth and coordinated maneuver.

Mooring and Docking

Mooring and docking are essential skills for safely approaching and securing your catamaran in various locations. Practice approaching a mooring buoy or a dock from different angles and in various wind and current conditions.

Learn how to use fenders and lines effectively to protect your catamaran and prevent damage during mooring or docking. Familiarize yourself with different mooring and docking techniques, such as using spring lines or utilizing thrusters if your catamaran is equipped with them.

Engage in regular practice sessions in controlled environments to build confidence and enhance your mooring and docking skills.

Catamaran Sailing Guide - Boats, Rigging, Tips

Maneuvering in Different Conditions

Catamarans handle differently in various wind and sea conditions. Understanding how to maneuver your catamaran effectively in different situations is crucial for maintaining control and safety.

Practice sailing in different wind strengths and directions, experiencing the effects of waves and currents on the catamaran’s maneuverability. Learn how to adjust sail trim, steering techniques, and weight distribution to optimize performance in light winds, strong winds, upwind sailing, and downwind sailing.

By practicing maneuvering techniques in various conditions, you’ll develop the experience and skills necessary to safely navigate your catamaran in any scenario.

Advanced Sailing Techniques for Catamarans

Once you have mastered the basic catamaran sailing techniques , you can explore more advanced maneuvers and techniques. These advanced sailing techniques allow you to maximize the speed, efficiency, and overall performance of your catamaran.

Powering Upwind

Sailing upwind in a catamaran can be challenging due to their wide beam and reliance on sails for propulsion. Powering upwind requires proper sail trim, weight distribution, and understanding how to use the catamaran’s hulls to generate lift and reduce drag.

Experiment with different sail trim settings, such as adjusting the mainsail traveler position and genoa or jib sheet tension. Shift crew weight to windward to balance the catamaran and increase its ability to sail close to the wind. Learn to anticipate wind shifts and adjust course and sail trim accordingly to maintain the best angle of attack.

With practice and experience, you’ll be able to efficiently sail upwind in your catamaran, maintaining good speed and pointing ability.

Downwind Sail Techniques

Sailing downwind in a catamaran presents a different set of challenges compared to upwind sailing. Mastering downwind sail techniques allows you to harness the wind efficiently, maintain control, and achieve the desired speed.

One popular downwind sail technique for catamarans is using a spinnaker. Asymmetrical spinnakers are particularly suited for catamarans, as they offer ease of handling and optimal power in light wind conditions. Learn how to rig, set, and trim a spinnaker to minimize drag, maintain stability, and increase speed.

Practice gybing with a spinnaker to ensure smooth and controlled transitions. It’s essential to communicate with your crew to coordinate maneuvers and ensure the safety of the spinnaker during gybes.

Using Asymmetrical Spinnakers

Asymmetrical spinnakers are versatile downwind sails that offer excellent performance in light wind conditions. Unlike traditional symmetrical spinnakers, asymmetrical spinnakers are designed to be flown from a fixed point on the bow of the catamaran.

Learn how to rig and set an asymmetrical spinnaker, ensuring it is properly hoisted, trimmed, and controlled. Experiment with different angles and positions to find the optimal sailing angle for your catamaran and the specific wind conditions.

Asymmetrical spinnakers require precise coordination and communication among the crew during maneuvers such as setting, gybing, and dousing. Regular practice sessions in controlled environments will help you master the use of asymmetrical spinnakers in a catamaran.

Sailing in Strong Winds

Sailing in strong winds can be exhilarating but also challenging, requiring advanced sailing techniques to maintain control and manage the inherent forces at play. It’s crucial to have a proper understanding of how to handle the catamaran in strong winds to ensure the safety of the crew and vessel.

Reduce sail area and adjust sail trim to depower the catamaran and prevent excessive heeling or overpowering. Maintain an upright position to avoid capsizing or tripping a hull. Consider reefing the sails or changing to a smaller headsail to reduce sail area and increase control.

Anticipate gusts and shifts in wind direction, adjusting course and sail trim to maintain balance and prevent broaching or weather-cocking.

By developing advanced techniques and gaining experience in sailing in strong winds, you’ll be able to confidently navigate your catamaran in challenging conditions.

Maintenance and Upkeep of Catamarans

Maintaining and regularly inspecting your catamaran is essential for its longevity and continued performance. From hull care to rigging inspections, sail maintenance, and engine maintenance, each aspect of maintenance and upkeep plays a crucial role in ensuring your catamaran is in top condition.

Caring for the hull of your catamaran is vital to protect it from damage and maintain its structural integrity. Regularly clean the hull, removing any marine growth or dirt buildup that can cause drag and reduce speed. Inspect the hull for any signs of cracks, blisters, or damage, addressing them promptly to prevent further deterioration.

Apply antifouling paint to the hull to inhibit the growth of marine organisms. This helps maintain the efficiency and performance of the catamaran, reducing fuel consumption and minimizing the risk of damage from fouling.

Additionally, regularly check and maintain the seaworthiness of the hull’s structure, including bulkheads, keels, and rudders, as any damage or weakness can compromise the safety and stability of the catamaran.

Rigging Inspections

The rigging of your catamaran requires regular inspections to ensure its integrity and proper functioning. This includes the mast, boom, standing rigging, running rigging, and associated hardware.

Inspect the mast and boom for any signs of corrosion, cracks, or deformation. Check the standing rigging, such as shrouds and stays, for any wire breaks or signs of wear. Inspect the running rigging, including halyards and sheets, for fraying, chafing, or damage.

Address any issues immediately, replacing any damaged or worn components to maintain the safety and performance of your catamaran.

Sail Maintenance

Sails are a significant investment and require proper care and maintenance to extend their lifespan and preserve their performance. Regularly inspect your sails for any signs of wear, tears, or UV damage. Address minor repairs promptly to prevent further damage.

Clean your sails regularly to remove dirt, salt, and other contaminants that can degrade the fabric. Use appropriate sail cleaning products and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. Properly flake or fold your sails when not in use to minimize creases and prevent damage from prolonged storage.

Consider having your sails professionally inspected and serviced to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

Engine Maintenance

The engine is a crucial component of a catamaran, providing auxiliary power for maneuvering and motoring when necessary. Regular engine maintenance is essential to maintain reliability and prevent breakdowns.

Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for regular maintenance, including oil and filter changes, checking fluid levels, and inspecting belts and hoses. Clean the engine’s cooling system and heat exchanger regularly to prevent overheating.

Regularly inspect the engine’s fuel system, including filters and lines, for any signs of contamination or blockages. Clean the fuel tank periodically to remove any sediment or water buildup.

Have your engine professionally serviced at recommended intervals to ensure it remains in top working condition.

Dealing with Common Challenges

Catamaran sailing, like any other maritime activity, comes with its own set of challenges and potential obstacles. Understanding and addressing these challenges is essential for a safe and enjoyable sailing experience.

Nautical Terms and Language

The maritime world has its own unique set of nautical terms and language, which can be overwhelming for beginners. Take the time to familiarize yourself with common nautical terms, such as starboard, port, bow, stern, and understand their meanings and usage.

Reading books or online resources on sailing terminology can help you grasp the basics. Spending time on the water and engaging with experienced sailors also provides valuable opportunities to learn and practice using nautical terms in context.

Seasickness Prevention and Remedies

Seasickness is a common challenge for many sailors, especially when venturing into rough seas or unfamiliar waters. To prevent or alleviate seasickness, there are several strategies and remedies you can try.

Maintain a well-rested and hydrated state before setting sail. Avoid consuming heavy or greasy meals and alcohol, as they can exacerbate seasickness symptoms. Focus on keeping your eyes on the horizon or a fixed point on land to help with spatial orientation.

Consider using seasickness remedies such as over-the-counter medications, wristbands, or natural remedies like ginger-based products. Experiment with different remedies to find what works best for you and consult with a healthcare professional if needed.

Handling Emergencies at Sea

Emergencies can arise unexpectedly when sailing, and being prepared to handle them is crucial for the safety of the crew and the catamaran. Develop an emergency action plan that includes procedures for medical emergencies, man overboard situations, fire onboard, or severe weather events.

Regularly conduct drills and practice emergency procedures with your crew, ensuring everyone understands their roles and responsibilities. Familiarize yourself with the operation of safety equipment, including life rafts, EPIRBs (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons), and flares.

Carry out regular safety equipment checks, ensuring they are easily accessible and in good working condition. Regularly review and update your emergency action plan based on lessons learned and changes in crew composition or sailing areas.

Dealing with Inclement Weather

Inclement weather can pose significant challenges and potential hazards when sailing a catamaran. Regularly monitoring weather forecasts and being prepared to make informed decisions is essential.

Avoid sailing in severe weather conditions, and always err on the side of caution when it comes to the safety of your crew and vessel. Develop a safe strategy for seeking shelter or a safe haven in case of rapidly deteriorating weather conditions.

Learn how to handle sudden wind shifts, squalls, and thunderstorms by reducing sail area and maintaining control over the catamaran. Practice reefing techniques and develop a plan for quickly and effectively reducing sail when needed.

By staying vigilant and prepared, you can safely navigate inclement weather and minimize potential risks.

Tips for Catamaran Sailing in Specific Locations

Catamaran sailing in different locations presents unique challenges and opportunities. Consider these tips when sailing in specific regions to enhance your experience and make the most of the local conditions.

Sailing in the Caribbean

The Caribbean offers a vast playground for catamaran sailors, with its turquoise waters, consistent trade winds, and breathtaking landscapes. When sailing in the Caribbean, consider the following tips:

  • Research the various islands and cruising areas to plan your itinerary based on your preferences and interests.
  • Take advantage of the easterly trade winds for relaxed downwind sailing and explore remote anchorages.
  • Be mindful of hurricane seasons and ensure your catamaran is properly prepared or relocated outside of hurricane zones.

Sailing in the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean Sea is a popular destination for catamaran sailors, offering a rich blend of cultures, history, and stunning coastlines. Consider these tips when sailing in the Mediterranean:

  • Research the local regulations and customs of each country you plan to visit, as rules and procedures can vary.
  • Be prepared for the meltemi winds in the Aegean Sea, which can be strong and gusty, especially in the summer months.
  • Take advantage of the Mediterranean cuisine and explore the local gastronomy and regional specialties.

Sailing in the Pacific

The Pacific Ocean presents diverse and captivating catamaran sailing opportunities, from the stunning islands of French Polynesia to the vast ruggedness of the Pacific Northwest. Consider these tips when sailing in the Pacific:

  • Pay attention to the local weather patterns and seasonality, as conditions can vary significantly across the vast Pacific.
  • Familiarize yourself with the customs and regulations of each country or island you plan to visit.
  • Embrace the unique marine life and coral reefs found in Pacific destinations, ensuring responsible and sustainable practices while snorkeling or diving.

Sailing in Coastal Areas

Coastal sailing offers a mix of close-to-shore navigation, diverse scenery, and the opportunity to explore various anchorages and towns. Consider these tips when sailing in coastal areas:

  • Familiarize yourself with local charts, tide tables, and navigation aids to ensure safe passage in shallow or unfamiliar waters.
  • Plan your itinerary, taking into account the availability of marinas, anchorages, and places of interest along the coast.
  • Be aware of potential coastal weather patterns such as sea breezes, fog, or strong currents, adapting your sailing strategy accordingly.

Catamaran Sailing for Beginners

If you’re new to catamaran sailing, there are several steps you can take to start your journey and build your confidence as a sailor.

Taking Sailing Lessons

Enroll in a structured sailing course, specifically tailored for catamarans, to learn the fundamentals of catamaran sailing. These courses typically cover topics such as basic maneuvers, sail trim, navigation, and safety procedures.

Attending sailing lessons provides a structured and comprehensive approach to learning catamaran sailing and ensures you receive proper instruction and guidance from qualified instructors.

Joining Sailing Clubs and Communities

Joining sailing clubs and communities offers an excellent opportunity to connect with experienced catamaran sailors, share knowledge, and gain practical insights. Many sailing clubs organize regular events, races, or group outings where you can participate and learn from experienced sailors.

Participating in club activities not only enhances your skills but also allows you to build a network of like-minded sailors who can offer advice, support, and camaraderie.

Gaining Experience through Crewing

Crewing on other catamarans is a valuable way to gain experience and expand your skills as a catamaran sailor. Reach out to catamaran owners or charter companies to inquire about crewing opportunities, especially during regattas or extended trips.

Crewing exposes you to different catamaran models, sailing styles, and conditions, allowing you to learn from experienced skippers and crew members. It also provides an opportunity to practice various sailing techniques, refine your knowledge, and build your confidence.

Building Confidence as a Sailor

Building confidence as a sailor takes time and practice. Engage in regular sailing trips, varying your routes and conditions, to challenge yourself and further refine your skills. Set achievable goals and gradually push your limits to gain experience and expand your comfort zone.

Take advantage of opportunities to skipper your catamaran, even if it’s just for short day sails or weekend excursions. This enables you to apply and consolidate what you have learned, building self-assurance and proficiency in handling your own catamaran.

Reviewing and reflecting on your sailing experiences, learning from mistakes, and seeking advice and feedback from experienced sailors contributes to your growth as a confident catamaran sailor.

In conclusion, catamaran sailing offers a world of adventure and discovery for those seeking a unique and exhilarating experience on the water. By understanding the different aspects of catamaran selection, rigging, equipment, sailing techniques, and maintenance, you can embark on a safe and enjoyable catamaran sailing journey. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced sailor, there are always new skills to learn and destinations to explore. So, hoist your sails, feel the wind on your face, and set off on your catamaran sailing adventure!


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  • Duflex Kit Construction in 9 Steps


Duflex Kit Construction Step.1

Step 1. Kit Design

Work with us to finalise the details of the design you have chosen including any design options or additional modules to be included in the kit.

We will determine the laminates, the number of panels required for each laminate, create the cutting files and prepare a quote for the kit if it is not already priced.

Once the design details and pricing are confirmed you are ready to place your order.

Duflex kit construction Kit image-01

Step 2. Unpacking

2. The kit arrives at your workshop door, usually by container, as a stack of 1.2m x 2.4m routed composite panels ready to be joined. The shipment will normally include additional reinforcements, resins, and ancilary products as specified.

Unpack the shipment and stack the panels out of the way of the space where the panels will be joined.

If you have purchased a joined kit many of the panels will already be joined up to the length that can be shipped in a container (12m).

Duflex Kit Construction Step 2 image-02

Step 3 Joining the Panels

Set up the work space where the panels are to be joined.

The panels have a scarf join called a Z join that facilitate the join without needing tapes.

The joining can be done with a heated Z press that cures the epoxy join quickly. Alternatively they can be joined with clamping pressure.

If the panel are are being joined with the Z press you will need an elevated work bench the full length of the longest panels you are using. (image below).

If you are joining them with a clamping technique the space can be on the factory floor.

A nesting booklet is provided with the kit to show how the panels are joined (right)

Duflex kit construction Step 3 image-01

Joining the panels with  clamping pressure

sup catamaran kit

Panels are being joined into a single long panel by painting the surfaces of the scarf join with epoxy screwing through plywood battens that have a release film applied to one side.

Joining the panels with the Z Press

sup catamaran kit

Step 4 Stacking Joined Panels

Once the joins are cured the panels are stacked to one side until they are needed for the job. The inividual parts should not be cut free of the panels until they are required.

Bulkhead and floor panels will be needed before the hull sides and cabin top so they should be left to the front of the stack wherever possible.

Diuflex Kit Construction Header image step 5.

Step 5. Separating the Parts

When assembly is ready to begin the individual parts are separated from the panels by cutting the joining tabs. It is likely you will be building onto moulded hull bottoms that have been built from strip planking or another method of building moulded components. The process for building moulded components is described in another article.

Duflex kit Construction Step 5 Image-01


As the joined panels are assembled onto the job you will need to apply glass tapes to the joins as specified in your plans.

Panels can be surfaced and coated inside and out with high build while they are on the workshop floor to minimise fairing time once they are assembled to the boat. The paint on the panels shown here has been kept back from the edges to provide a good bond for the tapes.

Duflex Kit Construction Assembly image-01

Smaller items such as steps, seats and dagger cases are nested into the kit and for the more complex parts diagrams are provided to assist with the assembly process.

Duflex Kit Construction Header Image Step 7

Step 7. Interior

Interior kits can be ordered with the primary kit, or they can be ordered later when final decisions have been made about the interior arrangement.

A compromise solution is to order the interior as a set of plain planels that can be cut to shape on site after finalising the layout.

Duflex Kit Construction Step 7 Image 2

Step 8 Fairing, Painting, Hardware Installation

8. The DuFLEX construction process goes a long way to minising the amount of fairing that has to be done, but inevitably any boat that has not come out of a female mould will require some level of fairing and surface preparation prior to painting. 

The fillers and resin systems required for the fairing work are normally supplied as part of the kit.

Hardware installation is the same as for any other form of construction using high density core inserts or consolidated laminate in way of fittings.

Duflex Kit Construction Step 8 Image 2

Step 9. Sailing

Go Sailing. This Barefoot 40 Catamaran was built entirely with a Duflex kit in Foam/Glass and Epoxy resin systems from ATL Composites

sup catamaran kit

DuFLEX Kits are manufactured and supplied world wide by ATL Composites

And in Europe by VDL Composites

For more information on DuFLEX and associated Products

sup catamaran kit

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