Haunted Places in Lowell, Massachusetts

haunted forest in lowell massachusetts

Mary Belanger House

Lowell, massachusetts.

This is the house where a woman named Mary Belanger supposedly died when she fell into the fire pit in the back yard and burned to death. Events such as visible apparitions and floating objects support this claim. I also took a photo in the cellar that captures an ...

Bainbridge’s - Aprile's European Restaurant

Chelmsford, massachusetts.

The former Bainbridge's, now Aprile's European Restaurant, may serve up a surprise or two to its customers. Folks say it has pictures that move, a woman's spirit that cries, and ghostly children who play in the overnight hours.

haunted forest in lowell massachusetts

The Village Inn

Dracut, massachusetts.

The restaurant here is said to be haunted by a little boy and a little girl. The boy hangs out in the lounge area, but he runs away whenever anyone comes near him. The little girl is seen walking through a tunnel that runs between the restaurant and the barn ...

haunted forest in lowell massachusetts

Holiday Inn Tewksbury

Tewksbury, massachusetts.

An apparition moves from the ballroom to the hall, and can only be seen out of the corner of the eye. When you turn to look at it, it vanishes.

Tewksbury Cemetery

Locals tell of a ghostly white woman who walks here, as well as a dark, leather-skinned creature who follows guests through the graveyard.

The Pines Cemetery

The Pines is the old cemetery from Tewksbury State Hospital. There are numbered markers here for over 10,000 individuals who died at the hospital. It is rumored that many bodies were exhumed and taken to Boston for medical students to train on. The cemetery is located in the woods and is ...

Old Dudley Road

Billerica, massachusetts.

Although the New Dudley Oxford Road is in use today, its ancestor, the Old Dudley Oxford Road, still exists for about a mile. Apparently unable to quit his favorite route, a spectral horseback rider in Colonial garb is said to patrol the remains of the old road.

Harold Parker State Forest

Andover, massachusetts.

Harold Parker State Forest now has 35 miles of woodsy trails and roads, ponds, swamps, forests and rocky outcroppings, but evidence of its 18th-century farming and milling operations may be seen here as well. Ruins of houses and unmarked graves can be found on the grounds. Some say that beyond ...

Gilson Road Cemetery

Nashua, new hampshire.

Misty apparitions have been reported at this early-1800s cemetery, along with a strange feeling like you are walking through water. Voices are reported to come from the back right corner and a figure in a black hood has been seen. Folks who live in the subdivisions that have cropped up ...

haunted forest in lowell massachusetts

Concord's Colonial Inn

Concord, massachusetts.

TV's Ghost Hunters has featured this inn, at which Room 24 is said to be haunted by a ghost.

haunted forest in lowell massachusetts

Windham Restaurant

Windham, new hampshire.

Windham Restaurant is housed in a former 1812 home once owned by the Dinsmore family. Witnesses here have noticed something playing with their hair (especially blondes), cold chills, something unseen that unclasps their jewelry and moves objects in the house. Prop Christmas packages are moved by a prankish spirit and ...

J. Michael's Family Sports Pub

Once Numero's Mexican Restaurant, once with apparitions on the second floor, footsteps in the attic, lights that worked on their own and silverware that jumped off tables, the place has was renovated and is now J. Michael's Family Sports Pub. No hauntings have been reported since the renovations.

Pine Hill Cemetery - Blood Cemetery

Hollis, new hampshire.

Pine Hill Cemetery, also known as Blood Cemetery because of the name Abel Blood on a tombstone, is reported to be haunted by the entire Blood family who were allegedly murdered in the 1800s. The spirit of the little boy of the family has been seen by drivers passing by ...

Indian Rock Road

The dark wooded road reportedly leads to a meadow, a popular teen hangout. It is said to have cold spots and a malevolent force that watches over everyone there.

Country Tavern

The historic Country Tavern restaurant is housed in a place that was built in 1741 and was once owned by English sea captain Ford and his young wife Elizabeth. Legend has it that when he was off to sea for an extended time, he came home to find Elizabeth had ...

Bradford College - Northpoint Bible College

Haverhill, massachusetts.

Urban legend has it that this is the very New England college that stored H.P. Lovecraft's famed evil book Necronomicon, buried deep underground. Although the Lovecraft book "Necronomicon" is a work of fiction, fans maintain that the book of spells actually exists at Northpoint Bible College (formerly Bradford College). It ...

The Blue Door Bed and Breakfast

Middleton, massachusetts.

Several ghosts are said to be in residence at this cottage built in 1692, and one is the builder, Philip Knight. Another is Rebecca Towne, who wears a blue dress and floats through the dining room. Captain Henry Quiver died here in the 1850s, and was said to join the ...

Fort Devens

Devens, massachusetts.

Fort Devens, named for Civil War general Charles Devens, is now the Devens Reserve Forces Training Area. Reports say that in the older, unused buildings, unexplained flashing lights have been noticed at night. And piano playing has been heard coming from the defunct movie house.

The Common Man Restauruant

Merrimack, new hampshire.

The Common Man Tavern was built by Matthew Thornton in 1797 as a wedding present for his son James. But a few years later, James committed suicide. Today, witnesses report ghostly footsteps and several apparitions, but not ones belonging to James. Folks have seen a Native American, a little girl, ...

Woman In White Dress

Belmont, massachusetts.

Seven years ago on my way home driving through Belmont, as I always did, around 2:30 in the morning I saw a woman in a long flowing white dress (looked like she was possibly in her late 30's/early 40's but I am bad with age) walking up Royal Road (right ...

haunted forest in lowell massachusetts

The Cooperage

Townsend, massachusetts.

The Cooperage, explored by TV's Ghost Hunters, was built in 1733 as a mill. In the mid-1800s it was a barrel-making business, and later, a restaurant and a gift/antique shop (it's most recent incarnation). Apparitions, voices and footsteps are among the eerie things often reported here.

Reed Homestead

At the Reed Homestead, explored by TV's Ghost Hunters, four generations of the Oliver Reed family have resided. It was built in 1809 and contains murals believed to have been created by Rufus Porter, painter, inventor and founder of The Scientific American Magazine, a Victorian garden and examples of early ...

Verna's Donut Shop

Cambridge, massachusetts.

Below Verna's Donut Shop is a basement storeroom, used to hold supplies for the doughnut shop and the adjacent cake-decorating shop, and it's rumored to have more than flour and sprinkles. A ghost, or at least a shadowy figure, has been seen crouching behind the boxes.

Tortilla Flat

At the Mexican Restaurant Tortilla Flat, believed to be haunted, witnesses have seen strange phenomena such as shadow figures and objects that move about on their own.

Sacco's Bowl-Haven

Somerville, massachusetts.

Sacco's Bowl-Haven, investigated by TV's Ghost Hunters, has been owned by the Sacco family since 1939. It's believed to be haunted by a former employee. Witnesses have described the feeling of something breathing on their neck and balls that return when the machine is off. The Ghost Hunters debunked the ...

Regis College

Weston, massachusetts.

Regis College's haunted College Hall, built in the late 1920s, is rumored to have several ghosts in residence, including a roaming cold spot. A former piano teacher opens and closes doors and occasionally plays the piano, and the fourth floor is home to some spectral nuns, students say.

Peabody Institute Library of Danvers

Danvers, massachusetts.

Make too much noise in the Peabody Institute's Library of Danvers, established in 1854, and you may be shushed by a ghost. The apparition of an old man likes to sit in the research section on the third floor, and is known to shush loud library patrons.

Endicott Family Cemetery

The Endicott Cemetery has three ghosts, locals say. Their identities are thought to be the spirits of the only three gravestones in the cemetery that haven't toppled over: Margaret and her two sons, Jeremy and Alex. The public is not allowed here and No Trespassing signs are posted because of ...

Lorden Plaza

Milford, new hampshire.

Folks here have noticed an apparition of a man in blue jeans and a plaid flannel shirt with a tape measure on his belt. He walked along the plaza, disappearing into a plywood wall.

haunted forest in lowell massachusetts

Longfellow's Wayside Inn

Sudbury, massachusetts.

At this 1716 inn, it is said that a woman named Jerusha Howe lingers, especially in Rooms 7 and 9. She is said to have been unlucky in her love life, and therefore likes to touch male visitors. Author Henry W. Longfellow wrote a book about the inn in the ...

haunted forest in lowell massachusetts

St. Mary's Cemetery

Salem, massachusetts.

Witnesses have seen a ghostly gray figure walking alongside them and have felt unpleasant vibes from the forest down the hill. There have also been sounds of claws on the path and a waist-high light that appeared near the top of the hill.

Bellingham-Cary House

Chelsea, massachusetts.

The Civil War-era mansion known as the Cary House is private property, but it has a legend attached. The daughter who lived here had two beaus on opposing sides of the war, and they happened to kill each other on the staircase. Rumor has it that on Mr. and Mrs. ...

Proctor's Ledge

Proctor's Ledge was the true site of Salem hangings. It's said that there is still a high psychic energy remaining since the hysteria ended. A note to anyone who investigates: the land is private property and located behind a series of houses; if you don't get permission first, there is ...

Boston University - Shelton Hall

Boston, massachusetts.

The fourth floor of Boston University's Shelton Hall is said to be haunted by playwright Eugene O'Neill, who spent his last years there. It was built in 1923 as a Sheraton Hotel and had been renamed the Shelton; the university bought in in 1954. Witnesses say the elevator works by ...

The Witch House - Jonathan Corwin House

The Witch House, aka Jonathan Corwin House, was the home of Judge Jonathan Corwin and is known for being the only structure still standing in Salem with direct ties to the 1692 Salem witch trials. It was Corwin who investigated the claims of witchcraft after the accusations arose, which resulted ...

Charlesgate Hotel

Charlesgate, built in 1901, was bought by Boston University to use as a dorm in 1947, and then was also used as a dorm by Emerson College through the late 1990s. It's now a condo building. Some of the hauntings are attributed to séances held by college kids or a ...

The Lyceum - Turner's Seafood

Formerly the Lyceum and now Turner's Seafood, the spot is said to be haunted by a woman in a long, white period dress on the staircase. She has also appeared as a reflection in mirrors. Some say the land on which it stands was once an apple orchard belonging to ...

haunted forest in lowell massachusetts

Joshua Ward House

At this historic house built in 1784, the spirits of Sheriff George Corwin and Giles Cory are said to linger. Both men are associated with the Salem Witch Trials.

Blood Town Forest

Lancaster, massachusetts.

Legend has it that a young man and woman were killed here while camping in the forest. There is said to be a rock near the entrance that tells the story, but this may or may not be true. Some say the forest really got its name strictly because the ...

Howard Street Cemetery

Giles Corey, one of the accused witches of the Salem trials, was pressed to death nearby (slowly crushed by heavy stones). His ghost is reported at this cemetery and he was said to have cursed the local sheriff department; those in position as sheriff have suffered heart attacks, felt the ...

haunted forest in lowell massachusetts

The Burying Point

Judge Hathorne, also known as "The Hanging Judge" for his role in the Salem Witch Trials, is buried here. At night, light anomolies are caught on camera and some of the local homes are thought to be haunted by ghosts that are buried at this site. (Submitted by Chris Berglund)

The Boston Conservatory

The Boston Conservatory, some say, is haunted. There have been numerous reports of footsteps, doors that slam themselves, disembodied voices, objects that go missing, and other strange phenomena, especially in the dorm buildings. Some attribute the activity to the fact that the place was an 1800s hospital where many spirits ...

haunted forest in lowell massachusetts

Hawthorne Hotel

This hotel boasts a haunted elevator and sixth floor. Legend has it that a double murder over a lovers' quarrel occurred here. Chandeliers are said to sway and cold spots can be detected.

Berklee College of Music

Established in 1945, Berklee College of Music has been attended by many famous musicians. And it also has a haunted dorm, a 1900s former apartment building that eventually was remodeled into the Sherry Biltmore Hotel. When the hotel caught fire in 1963, started by a boy playing with matches, many ...

haunted forest in lowell massachusetts

Boston Athenaeum

Author Nathaniel Hawthorne claimed to have seen the ghost of the scholarly Reverend Harris at this historic library.

haunted forest in lowell massachusetts

Omni Parker House Hotel

At this hotel, rumored to be haunted, witnesses claim that doors open and close by themselves, lights turn on and off, and apparitions of folks in old-time clothing have been spotted. Voices have been heard as well in the lobby, restaurant and halls.

Pine Manor College

Brookline, massachusetts.

Students of Pine Manor College say that the lights along the pathway near the Main House (the administration building) turn off as they get close, then turn on again as they pass by. Mists have materialized in the nearby woods, and witnesses have noted a disconcerting feeling that something is ...

Morning Glory Bed and Breakfast

This bed-and-breakfast inn is said to be haunted a young woman in turn-of-the-century clothing. Ghostly children are believed to reside here as well.

Cutler Majestic Theatre

Built in 1903, the historic theater is said to be haunted by a former mayor of Boston who died during a performance, a little girl, and a married couple wearing turn-of-the-20th-century clothing.

House of the Seven Gables

Susan Ingersoll, former owner and relative to Nathaniel Hawthorne, is still seen walking down the halls and peering out of the windows. The presence of a child has been reported in the attic, but is thought to be playful. Strange sounds are heard, objects move by themselves, and a chair ...

haunted forest in lowell massachusetts

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The Most Haunted Forest In America Is Right Here In Massachusetts

haunted forest in lowell massachusetts

Massachusetts native. Freelance writer and strawberry eater.

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The history of one of Massachusetts’ most mysterious spots is filled with murder, fear, and the possibility of the paranormal.

Behind its beautiful, shady paths and sunny clearings, the Freetown State Forest is actually hiding one incredibly dark reputation. It has long been a hotspot for terrifying real-life occurrences and plenty of rumored supernatural happenings.

Part of the fabled “Bridgewater Triangle,” this haunted forest in Massachusetts appears to be a magnet for the weird and horrifying. It is known as the Cursed Forest of Massachusetts, and after learning about the area’s history, it’s easy to see why.

haunted forest in lowell massachusetts

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Its haunted reputation is based on more than just rumor and speculation. The Freetown Forest is the site of numerous documented tragedies and crimes. In November of 1978, the corpse of Mary Lou Arruda was found tied to a tree in the woods. She was a local 15-year-old who had been recently abducted from the nearby town of Raynham about two months prior. James M. Kater was tried four times for the kidnapping and murder of Arruda and eventually convicted.

However, that’s not even the creepiest story about these haunted woods in Massachusetts . In 1980, police were investigating a murder near the forest. They were approached by a number of locals who claimed to have witnessed Satanic cult activity in the woods. Some believed that these reports were connected to the so-called “Fall River Cult Killings” that occurred during the same period. Suspicious clearings, stained with animal blood, were found in the Freetown Forest. The curiously arranged carcasses of cattle were later discovered in the woods, lending more steam to the rumors of ritual sacrifice within the forest.

haunted forest in lowell massachusetts

The forest was also the site of three more murders. In 1987, a homeless man was somehow mistaken for an undercover police officer and killed in the forest. In 2001, two men were found riddled with bullets on Bell Rock Road, which winds through the woods. There have also been numerous assaults reported along the perimeter of the forest and along its shady paths.

haunted forest in lowell massachusetts

Other incidents border on the more bizarre. In 2006, reports of roving and aggressive dogs plagued the area. In the same year, an escaped emu was spotted wandering through the forest and rushing at visitors. As recently as May of 2016, wires were found stretched across frequently traveled paths through the woods. The wires had a sinister purpose: to catch off-road motorbike riders across the neck, and likely decapitate them.

The supernatural reputation of this forest is equally formidable. The woods have allegedly been the site of blood sacrifices, UFOs, ghosts, black helicopters, mysterious orbs of light, strange disappearances, giant snakes, poltergeist activity, and even rumored abductions.

President Ronald Reagan himself reported seeing strange lights in the sky within the forest. Many people believe that the forest exerts a dark influence that drives people to suicide, while even older legends assert that Pukwedgies, humanoid creatures from Wampanoag native tradition, are known to stalk the woods.

Whatever you believe, there’s no arguing with the fact that the Freetown State Forest has fascinated residents for years. There are more than 50 miles of unpaved roads and paths that wind throughout the forest. If you’re not bothered by the forest’s dark reputation, it’s a beautiful place to hike, bike, ski, and even dogsled.

However, even skeptics may want to make sure they leave the forest’s shadow before night falls. If you’re curious to explore more of the region, check out some of the best trails in the Freetown Falls State Forest .

Have you ever explored these haunted woods in Massachusetts? If you’re looking for even more paranormal adventures, gas up the car and take this road trip to some of the most haunted places in Massachusetts.

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Haunted places in massachusetts.

What are the most haunted places in Massachusetts?

Some of the most haunted places in MA include:

  • The Hoosac Tunnel

With so many haunted places in Massachusetts , it’s best to get in the car and take a road trip to some of the state’s most notorious haunts. If you find yourself in the northwest corner of the state, a visit to Hoosac Tunnel is a must. Nicknamed “The Bloody Pit,” more than 200 people have died working on the construction of this tunnel, one of the deadliest construction projects in Massachusetts’ history. On the other side of the state, getting aboard the USS Salem, one of the most haunted vessels in the world, is a must for fans of the paranormal. You can tour the ship and learn all about the haunted history of this ship year-round, but they do a special haunted-themed tour during October.

Are there any haunted restaurants or bars in Massachusetts?

The Sun Tavern is a haunted bar in Massachusetts.

Tucked away in the charming town of Duxbury, The Sun Tavern has been a local favorite for many years. In fact, part of the building dates back to 1741. With walls that old, it should come as no surprise that many believe this to be one of the most haunted restaurants in Massachusetts. Local lore suggests that the ghost that flips tables and makes his presence known is Lysander Walker, a man who lived in the building in the mid-1700s and committed suicide in the house.

What are the most popular ghost stories in Massachusetts?

The tale of Lizzie Borden is one of the most popular ghost stories in Massachusetts.

While locals may have a different answer, one of the most popular ghost stories in Massachusetts that are known nationally is the tragic tale of Lizzie Borden. Many remember the sing-song rhyme you may have grown up reciting, but you may be surprised to learn that the story behind Lizzie Borden is true, and you can visit the Lizzie Borden House, which is located in Fall River. The house is a paranormal hot spot, with countless paranormal teams confirming that there’s something...or someone...still here. Reports of doors opening and closing on their own are common, but there have even been reports of apparitions and disembodied voices, and some say they’ve been touched/scratched while in the house. The house has been converted into a museum as well as a bed & breakfast, so if you’re feeling really brave, you can rent a room and spend the night in the same room where Lizzie Borden’s stepmother was killed.

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The Most Bone-Chillingly Haunted Places in Massachusetts

Ghoul-infested ships, devilish graveyards, and infamous lizzie borden..

Updated on 10/28/2021 at 2:50 PM

Sk Pierce Haunted Victorian Mansion

If you were to rank every US state in terms of spookiness, there’s a good chance that Massachusetts would come out on top. After all, the Bay State saw scores of bloody battles during the Revolutionary War, experienced mass death during the first Plymouth Colony winter, and, perhaps most significantly, serves as the setting for Hocus Pocus , AKA the greatest Halloween movie of all time.

For a lot of folks, October 31st is a time to stroll around the nearest wealthy suburb in search of king-sized Reese’s (the absolute best Halloween candy—don’t @ me), but for the thrill seekers out there, we’ve got you covered with some of the finest spectre-filled destinations Mass has to offer. From spirit-filled swamps to haunted highways, these spooky spots are sure to leave you with a healthy dose of seasonal fright.

Dover, Massachusetts

Norfolk County There are a few things that the cozy Boston suburb of Dover is known for: moneyed residents, high-ranking public schools, and a hair-raising ghoul known as the Dover Demon. A prominent figure in the annals of Massachusetts cryptozoology, the most famous documentation of the beast dates back to April 1977, when local teenager Bill Barlett spotted an unfamiliar being while cruising along Farm Street late at night—and, as it turns out, he wasn’t the only person that reported an encounter that evening.

Though there have been no credible sightings in the modern era, Bartlett’s detailed sketch of the creature has served as the inspiration for multiple forms of media over the years, including a particularly gruesome 2009 episode of Animal Planet’s Lost Tapes . If you’re brave enough to venture out to Dover this Halloween, keep your eyes peeled—you just may catch a glimpse of a pair of bulbous glowing eyes peering out at you from deep in the woods.

The Oliver House MA

Oliver Estate

Middleborough When you live in a town as old as Middleborough, there’s bound to be some form of spiritual activity going on—a fact that volunteers at the historic Oliver Estate know all too well. Constructed in the pre-Revolutionary War era at the behest of Judge Peter Oliver, the property was home to some truly opulent architecture—for mid-1700s Massachusetts, at least. An ardent supporter of the Crown, Judge Oliver and his family ended up fleeing the soon-to-be United States, his personal mansion razed to the ground by an angry mob—though his son’s home still stands today.

The following centuries saw generations born, raised, and deceased in the Oliver House—many of which are purported to still roam the halls today in spirit form. These first-hand accounts have led the estate to star in a 2016 episode of Paranormal Lockdown , and for those brave enough to visit Middleborough, there are multiple ghost tours offered on-property throughout the year.

haunted forest in lowell massachusetts

Quincy The scariest part of being on a haunted ship? There’s nowhere to run when the spirits come out to play. While the 700-foot-long USS Salem never saw active combat, this heavy vessel certainly saw its fair share of death during its ten years of service. One of the ship’s most notable—and certainly most gruesome—journeys took place in the Mediterranean, arriving on the western shore of Greece to provide relief to victims of the 1953 Ionian earthquake. Injured victims were brought aboard for medical care, but scores of people perished aboard the ship—and some believe that their spirits still wander her storied planks today.

For any budding supernatural investigators out there, the Greater Boston Paranormal Associates have crafted a five-hour itinerary dedicated to seeking out specters, providing patrons with infrared cameras, lasers, and voice recorders to aid in their search. If a night spent on the USS Salem is a little too spooky for your sensibilities, catch the 2019 episode of the Travel Channel’s Most Terrifying Places and live vicariously through the brave filmmakers instead.

Bridgewater Triangle

Southeastern Massachusetts We’ve all heard of the Bermuda Triangle, that watery grave where planes and ships have a habit of mysteriously vanishing. But Massachusetts has an unexplained phenomenon all to itself. It’s the Bridgewater Triangle, so named by paranormal researcher Loren Coleman in his 1983 book Mysterious America . The Bridgewater Triangle consists of 200 square miles and 17 towns, with Abington, Freetown, and Rehoboth serving as the “tips” of the triangle.

The Triangle is home to a treasure trove of bizarre, supernatural tales—a “huge black killer dog” spotted in Abington in 1976; UFO sightings; “George” the ghost (he frequents Bridgewater State University); tall, winged creatures; moving orbs of light; and even Bigfoot. Need more proof the Triangle is haunted? How about stories of mutilated cattle, a strange hitchhiker, and a “large, light tan cat the size of a Great Dane” dubbed the Mansfield Mystery Cat? A TV series about the Bridgewater Triangle was announced back in 2019, so it looks like its reputation won’t fade anytime soon.

Connecticut Paranormal Research Society

Spider Gates Cemetery

Leicester Spider Gates Cemetery—also known as Quaker Cemetery or Friends Cemetery—was founded back in 1740. The black metal pattern on its 1890s-era iron gates were meant to resemble the sun’s rays, but were ultimately deemed by locals as spider-like in appearance, earning the cemetery its current moniker.

If you’re up for it, hit the graveyard in search of the Eighth Gate To Hell. Legend has it that if you go through the other seven gates of the cemetery (which aren’t really there), then enter Spider Gates, you’ll find yourself plunging into the fiery pits of hell. Other fun highlights of the cemetery include “The Altar,” a barren patch of land that’s purportedly used for Satanic sacrifices, and the grave of Marmaduke Earle, who’s said to call out from the grave if you circle around his tombstone ten times and then utter the words “Marmaduke, speak to me.”

Hockomock Swamp

West Bridgewater It’s right there in the name—“hockomock” is an Algonquin word meaning “place where spirits dwell.” Local indigenous groups believed the swamp to be magical, which certainly freaked out the newly-arrived Puritans. They ended up calling it “The Devil’s Swamp” and “The Devil’s Bowl” instead. The area is the site of an old burial ground, so naturally, vengeful spirits could bubble up from the netherworld at any moment.

And then there are the Pukwudgies. A prominent creature in Wampanoag folklore, the name translates to “little wild man of the woods that vanishes.” Pukwudgies can make fire, cast magic spells, and disappear whenever they like. Their other hobbies include throwing people off cliffs, attacking them with spears, and blinding their victims with pocket sand. If you’re planning on taking a leisurely stroll through Hockomock Swamp, be sure to stay alert, lest the Pukwudgies come out to claim their next victim.

Lizzie Borden House

Lizzie Borden’s House

Fall River Planning a romantic staycation anytime soon? How about the house where Lizzie Borden allegedly hacked her mother-in-law and father to death in 1892? These murders were so horrific and sensational that Borden’s role is still argued about to this day. And the fact that she was acquitted of the acts—despite massive holes in her story and gross mishandling of evidence—just serves as high-octane fuel for the raging debate.

If you ever decide to sleep in the house, now a bed and breakfast, rest assured the owners do everything they can to make you feel as freaked-out as possible, including strategically placing pictures of the murder scenes throughout the property. If you’ve seen those pictures once, you really don’t need to see them again—trust.

SK Pierce Mansion

Gardner Houses rumored to be haunted can be a tough sell when it comes to the real estate market, but caretakers of the SK Pierce Mansion in Gardner have fully embraced its mysterious past. The Victorian-style home was built in 1875 by Sylvester K. Pierce and comes equipped with ten bedrooms and 11-foot-high ceilings—just enough room for ghosts and orbs to roam freely.

Throughout the decades, numerous tales of nefarious death and flat-out murder have arisen from the house, ranging from strangled sex workers and drowned children to a potential case of spontaneous combustion. Today, the SK Pierce Mansion serves as a popular haunted attraction—you can even spend the night there, though you probably shouldn’t.

hoosac tunnel

Hoosac Tunnel

North Adams The Hoosac Tunnel—or Hoosick Tunnel, as it’s sometimes called—is a railroad underpass in the Northern Berkshires that runs from North Adams to Florida, Massachusetts. The tunnel has also been dubbed the “Bloody Pit,” thanks to the ungodly amount of people who died during its construction. The final number is disputed, but it’s believed that roughly 200 men lost their lives from 1851 to 1875 before the tunnel was completed.

One particularly disturbing incident began when a 1,000-foot central exhaust shaft exploded, destroying a hoist that was used to lower men and equipment down the tunnel. Miners near the top attempted to rescue those below but eventually gave up, assuming that everyone had perished in the rubble. Months later, they discovered a makeshift raft, the only evidence of a few long-gone survivors that spent their final moments entombed in the ground.

Freetown-Fall River State Forest

Assonet This vast forest may be part of the Bridgewater Triangle, but there’s enough gory lore around here to warrant its own blood-curdling entry. Several real-life killings have taken place in this deeply disturbed wood, including the 1978 murder of a Raynham teen, a 1987 slaying, and a shooting that resulted in two deaths in 2001. Even as recently as 2016, an unidentified person stretched wire across some heavily-trafficked trails, possibly in an attempt to slice off the heads of any passing motorbike riders. And did we mention that the site has seen numerous reports of Satanic cult activity over the years? Maybe that has something to do with all the evil lingering around these parts…

houghton mansion

Houghton Mansion

North Adams A tragic car accident heaped misery on the Houghtons, a prominent early 20th-century family, and the northwestern Massachusetts town of North Adams still hasn’t forgotten it. Albert Charles Houghton was the town’s first mayor as well as the president of Arnold Print Works, an entity that now serves as the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art ( MassMoCA ). On August 1st, 1914, Houghton, his daughter Mary, and a couple of friends went out for a morning drive up to Vermont—but not everyone made it out of the car alive.

While driving through the town of Pownal, Houghton’s driver lost control of the vehicle and plunged down a hill, resulting in multiple fatalities including Houghton himself, after a few days of uncertainty. The driver was cleared of any wrongdoing but couldn’t forgive himself for the accident, and ultimately ended his own life in the Houghton Barn. The mansion is currently listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is also rumored to be haunted, making an appearance on the Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures as well as the show Ghost Hunters .

Rehoboth U.S. Route 44 runs 237 miles across four states, but there’s one particular stretch near the Seekonk-Rehoboth line that has a serious reputation for supernatural activity. Late at night, you may pass a hitchhiker with shocks of red hair and dark eyes dressed like a lumberjack. He’s most commonly known as the Red-Headed Spectre, and it seems like this apparition is a bit of a prankster. If you stop to pick him up, there’s a good chance that he’ll vanish as soon as he reaches the car, only to appear as a ghostly reflection in the rear view mirror, peering in from the back seat.

Others report a sudden crack over their radio, after which a deep, booming cackle bursts from the car’s speakers. No matter how the Red-Headed Spectre appears, one thing is certain—nothing good comes from it.

Metropolitan State Hospital

Metropolitan State Hospital

Waltham Founded back in 1927, the Metropolitan State Hospital was a mental-health facility built across parts of Waltham, Lexington, and Belmont—though it was ultimately closed in 1992 for cost-cutting reasons. This particular hospital was designed in accordance with the Kirkbride Plan, an avant-garde form of design engineered to heal the mentally ill through the use of circulating air and natural light. However, the design ultimately failed to have such an effect, as evidenced by the 1978 murder of Anne Marie Davee by a fellow resident.

The story is a tragic one: The Department of Mental Health was neglectful in conducting the case, and the missing-person report lacked proper documentation. The department officially closed Davee’s case in 1979, but parts of her body weren’t found on the grounds until 1980. The building’s eerie remnants may have inspired American Horror Story: Asylum , but Davee’s sad and true-to-life murder is scary enough on its own.

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The Spookiest Haunted Sites in Massachusetts

Haunted forests, homes, ships, hotels: The Bay State has them all.

dark north end street

Photo by DenisTangneyJr/Getty Images

Old war stories from the South. Hollywood tragedy and lore. Ghost town mysteries in the West. The U.S. is overflowing with haunting, goosebump-raising ghost stories. But New England has plenty of its own ghost stories to tell, with an abundance right here in Massachusetts.

Whether you’re in for a family-friendly thrill or a groundbreaking paranormal discovery, the good news is that all of these sites are just a short car ride or day trip away. Happy haunting!

haunted forest in lowell massachusetts

Parker’s restaurant at Omni Parker House Hotel in Boston, MA on August 21, 2013. President John F. Kennedy allegedly proposed to Jacqueline Bouvie at Table No. 40. / Photo by Rick Friedman/Corbis via Getty Images

Omni Parker House, Boston

Why not start off the list with a spooky spot right here in the city? It’s been over 165 years since the Omni Parker House opened its doors, and the place has had ghost rumors for nearly as long. The founder of the hotel himself, Harvey Parker, is even said to roam the halls of the 10th floor annex.

As might be expected for a nice hotel, ghost encounters here tend to be friendly and welcoming. For instance, guests have heard hushed whispers from ghosts who sounded like they had “just come back from a glorious evening.” Or the hotel’s specters might want to show off the hotel’s historic charms—elevators are allegedly always called to the third floor, which is where Charles Dickens stayed during his 1867 reading tour, without any buttons being pushed or guests waiting for elevators.

Other reports include such uncanny but harmless phenomena as floating orbs of light and the sounds of rocking chairs (even though there are none in the hotel). But the spookiest story of all might be one related on the Omni Hotel company’s website . A guest claims she awoke to the sight of a ghostly gentleman in old-fashioned clothes, smiling down at her in a welcoming way. When that guest went down to breakfast the next morning, she found a portrait of her visitor hanging on the wall—it was Harvey Parker himself.

60 School St, Boston, MA, omnihotels.com .

haunted forest in lowell massachusetts

Exterior of the Lizzie Borden House at night. / Photo by Barry Chin/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Lizzie Borden’s House, Fall River

Though Lizzie Borden may have been acquitted of the gruesome murders of her father and stepmother, notoriety followed her for the rest of her life—and has continued even a century later. That’s why this bed-and-breakfast stay is not for the faint of heart.

That’s right—the house where the murders were committed acts as a bed-and-breakfast for anyone brave enough to sleep in the house. Or for those who really want to immerse themselves, in the room where Borden’s stepmother died. You can even “enjoy” the same breakfast the family ate that fateful morning.

But be careful what you pay for: Lance Zaal, the CEO of inn owners US Ghost Adventures, swears that guests who have stayed at the house report feeling lightheaded and dizzy the next morning, and experience their “limbs or ears being pulled.”

$250-$312 per night, 230 2nd St, Fall River, MA, lizzie-borden.com .

Freetown-Fall River State Forest, Assonet

This beautiful and sunny forest has a dark reputation. Also known as the “Cursed Forest of Massachusetts,” Freetown-Fall River State Forest is part of the eerie Bridgewater Triangle , which is a 200 square mile area with a number of documented urban legends and spooky happenings.

The forest has a long and dark history, complete with multiple murder victims, but rumormongering about Satanic cult activity and urban legends of ritual sacrifices and roving dogs have also contributed to its macabre reputation. It’s enough to keep out all but the most determined hikers—or occult enthusiasts.

Whatever the truth is, this 5,000-acre forest is dense, dark, and brimming with mystery.

110 Slab Bridge Rd, Assonet, MA

Colonial Inn, Concord

History buffs know that Concord is a goldmine of history, ghost stories, and urban legends. Just a half-mile away from the North Bridge (where the “shot heard around the world” started the Revolutionary War), the Colonial Inn is home to many soldier ghost tales.

Many guests make reservations for Room 24 on the second floor, which was used as an operations room for wounded soldiers during the war. But rather than the ghosts of soldiers, guests have reported seeing or sensing the ghosts of the soldiers’ caretakers. According to the inn’s website , staff and guests have reported flickering lights and powered on appliances that they were sure they hadn’t turned on—during the Halloween season especially.

Don’t believe us? Historic Hotels of America named the Colonial Inn one of the top 25 most haunted historic hotels in 2018. Book a room…if you dare.

48 Monument Square, Concord, MA, concordscolonialinn.com .

Oliver Estate (Peter Oliver House), Middleborough

Mysterious paranormal activity abounds at this 1769 historic home in Middleborough, where you’ll find a staff just as excited to talk about the haunted happenings as you are. The house played an important role in the American Revolution—the owners at the time were Loyalists, and after the home was seized by the Sons of Liberty, the proceeds from the house sale helped finance the American Revolution .

The ongoing interest in haunted happenings there has even led to attention from Hollywood, with TV shows such as Kindred Spirits and Paranormal Lockdown stopping by. Are the spirits of past inhabitants dwelling within its walls? Various paranormal investigators say they’ve captured unexplainable activity via video or Ouija board . And to make things even creepier, the Oliver Estate is smack in the middle of the Bridgewater Triangle. Sound familiar? You can follow the house on Facebook to keep up with the latest haunted happenings.

445 Plymouth St, Middleborough.

USS Salem, Quincy

The USS Salem, a cruiser built by the Navy after WWII, provided food and medical care to the victims of the 1953 Ionian earthquake that destroyed Greece’s west coast. However, many of the victims of the Ionian earthquake tragically died while on the ship, with one room even serving as a morgue. Those who passed away on the ship are said to still linger aboard, with the mess hall having the most alleged paranormal activity, as it sits right above the morgue. Today, the ship operates as a museum and haunted happenings destination, where visitors can take tours and see what they can find.

549 South St, Pier 3, Quincy, MA, uss-salem.org

haunted forest in lowell massachusetts

Five Creative Ways to Go Leaf Peeping This Fall in New England

haunted forest in lowell massachusetts

The Ultimate Fall New England Bucket List for 2023

haunted forest in lowell massachusetts

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Best Restaurant Meals in Greater Boston, 2023

Boston winter dining guide: where to eat, drink, and get cozy, best of boston weddings 2024, for sale: a concord estate that’s like a private five-star resort, the interview: legendary philanthropist and ad man jack connors, in this section.

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Salem, cemetery, witch trails

10 haunted places in MA that you can visit

When you want to get spooked, these creepy Bay State sites are sure to send shivers up your spine

JQ Louise

Massachusetts can lay claim to some of the scariest ghost stories and hauntings ever recorded. From a former Revolutionary War hospital-turned-inn and a mysterious park rumored to host satanic rituals, to a grisly family murder and the horrifying Salem Witch Trials, the shadows of our state’s dark past are never too far. Thrillseekers have plenty to keep them busy, as they explore eerie areas in search of hair-raising spectral sightings and paranormal encounters. We’ve gathered 10 places rooted in the spookiest local lore for you to visit (after you've had your fill of pumpkin picking , apple picking and admiring the fall foliage ). Investigate at will, but be warned: These are the homes of the undead; You’re merely a guest.

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Most haunted places in Massachusetts

Lizzie Borden House

1.  Lizzie Borden House

Everyone knows the sordid tale of Lizzie Borden (and has probably sung the macabre nursery rhyme). But few have committed to staying the night at the haunted family home-turned-Bed and Breakfast. Those who visit the site of the 1892 unsolved murder (Lizzie was accused but acquitted of her parents’ grisly slaying) have heard weeping, whispers and footsteps, and have seen wandering apparitions in Victorian-era clothing. Take a day tour or settle in for the night in the actual room where Abby Borden met her demise.

2.  S.K. Pierce Mansion

  • Attractions

Built in 1875 by wealthy furniture mogul Sylvester Knowlton Pierce, this Victorian home is a charming 26-room mansion—until it isn’t. Not for the faint of heart, the entities roaming the halls are “extremely advanced,” or so say hosts of Syfy’s Ghost Hunters and Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures . Think voices, apparitions, moving furniture, slamming doors, sudden temperature changes and foul odors. Feeling brave? Rent the house overnight for a potential paranormal meet-and-greet—but you’ll have to sign a waiver first.

Longfellow's Wayside Inn

3.  Longfellow's Wayside Inn

Of course, America’s oldest continuously operated inn is haunted. Built in 1716 on a majestic, 100-plus-acre property, the Inn drew fame as Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s poetry setting. Stay in Rooms 9 or 10 and you might “meet” resident specter Jerusha Howe, a descendant of the original owners and the sister of a former innkeeper, who died of a broken heart after losing her fiancé to the sea. Some say that you can smell her citrus perfume, feel her touch and hear her playing the piano at night. Look for notes tucked inconspicuously throughout the inn by visitors who have witnessed these ghostly experiences— aka the Secret Drawer Society.

Concord's Colonial Inn

4.  Concord's Colonial Inn

The guest list at this historical inn is a who’s who of paranormal research: Ghost Images Paranormal Investigations, Spirit Encounters Research Team and Ghost Hunters. Built in 1716, it was used during The Revolution’s 1775 North Bridge battle as America’s first war hospital—so its halls have seen quite a past. Visitors tell spirited stories of items flying off shelves, power surges, images in mirrors and sightings of well-dressed women and bloodied soldiers. Rooms 24 and 27 are hot spots, putting the inn on Historic Hotels of America’s list of Top 25 Most Haunted Historic Hotels.

Omni Parker House

5.  Omni Parker House

  • price 3 of 4

This iconic Boston hotel is full of opulent, old world décor, historical firsts (it’s the home of the Boston Cream Pie) and haunting tales. The ghost of Harvey Parker, who founded the hotel in 1855, is said to roam its halls, being partial to the 10th floor. Not to be outdone with paranormal occurrences, elevators are always called to the third floor (the floor Charles Dickens occupied and where 19th-century actress Charlotte Cushman died). Guests have seen misty apparitions and have heard rocking chair creaks, as well as friendly whispering in empty hallways.

House of the Seven Gables

6.  House of the Seven Gables

  • Things to do
  • Allston/Brighton

Originally the Turner-Ingersoll Mansion (Salem-born author Nathaniel Hawthorne’s 1851 novel spawned the name change), this 17th-century Colonial house is rumored to be one of Salem’s most haunted. In a city that was the site of the 1692 Witch Trials, that’s saying something. There are claims of visions of a boy playing near the attic and shadowy silhouettes near the outdoor Gothic-inspired gables. Did Hawthorne’s great grandfather’s role as a witch trial judge cause a curse? We’re not sticking around to find out.

7.  Freetown-Fall River State Forest

You don’t earn the nickname “The Cursed Forest of Massachusetts” for nothing. Not only does this 5,000-acre forest include 25 miles of strolling, hiking and horseback trails, it also boasts a sordid history of documented crimes and tragedies. Think several murders and satanic cult activity, with eye witnesses also reporting UFOs, poltergeists and ghosts. This strange place is part of the famous Bridgewater Triangle, a 200-square mile "vortex" of unexplained paranormal activity located 30 miles south of Boston.

Spider Gates Cemetery

8.  Spider Gates Cemetery

Local lore believes this 1740 Quaker cemetery is the gateway to another dimension—and not a pleasant one. Set back from the main road and past a stream that some folks think is the mouth of the River Styx, the iron gate serves as the entrance to a secluded graveyard lovingly known as “The Eighth Gate to Hell.” Visitors agree that the other seven gates don’t actually exist, but that doesn’t explain a history of questionable activity—ghostly sightings, strange noises and evidence of satanic rituals conducted on the stone “altar.” Local tip: Coins left on Marmaduke Earle’s gravesite might buy you a conversation with the departed.

9.  Hoosac Tunnel

America’s first major rock tunnel, this 4.75-mile, active railroad passageway in the Northern Berkshires has been dubbed the “Bloody Pit” after the roughly 180 workers who died over its 24-year construction, from 1851 to 1875. One disturbing accident involved an explosion of a 1,000-foot central exhaust shaft, which caused 13 miners to be buried alive and perish. Legend has it, you can still hear their moans. Note: This is still an active freight route, so walking on the tracks is strictly prohibited when you visit.

The city of Salem

10.  The city of Salem

When a city is tied to a hysteria heard ’round the world that caused 19 innocent deaths based on accusations of witchcraft, the entire area has a firm grasp on the ghoulish. Whether you choose to visit Salem at peak creepiness during the fall (warning: that’s when the huge crowds come) or during its off-season, there are plenty of haunted places around the Witch City that echo its horrifying past. Check out the Old Burying Point Cemetery (one of the state’s oldest burial grounds), Gallows Hill (the site of these shameful executions), The Joshua Ward House and St. Mary’s Cemetery, to name a few. Salem also has loads of museums and tours, along with Halloween haunted houses, if the real paranormal is just too much for you.

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haunted forest in lowell massachusetts


haunted forest in lowell massachusetts

Haunted Houses, Spook Walks & Other Halloween Attractions in Lowell

haunted forest in lowell massachusetts

The Haunt: Welcome to Deadwoodville

Located in Hopkinton 508-435-9222-->

Welcome to Deadwoodville, our little hidden town deep in the woods of Hopkinton. Deadwoodville prides itself as a creepy, ominous, and scary community with gruesome oddities. During your tour of our ghastly town you will meet our unwelcoming citizens and be carefully guided through our village of Read More

haunted forest in lowell massachusetts

Boston Ghosts

Located in Boston 844-757-5657-->

Boston Ghosts: Embark on a historical journey through the heart of Boston's dark and chilling past with Boston Ghosts. Join us to uncover the shocking truth behind Beantown's gruesome history on a bone-chilling tour like no other. Book your adventure now and learn about the terrors that shaped Read More

haunted forest in lowell massachusetts

Salem Ghosts

Located in Salem 844-757-5657-->

Salem Ghosts Welcome to Salem Ghosts, the #1 rated ghost tour that beckons you to explore the hallowed streets of Witch City, where terrifying hauntings and real-life ghosts await your company. Join us for an unforgettable night as we finally unveil why Salem reigns as the most haunted city in Read More

haunted forest in lowell massachusetts

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haunted forest in lowell massachusetts

Categories: Haunted Trails

haunted forest in lowell massachusetts

Categories: Paranormal Events | Ghost Tours

haunted forest in lowell massachusetts

Categories: Paranormal Events | Ghost Tours | Pub Crawls

haunted forest in lowell massachusetts

haunted forest in lowell massachusetts


haunted forest in lowell massachusetts

Haunted Houses & Halloween Attractions in Lowell

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haunted forest in lowell massachusetts

Salem Ghosts Located in Salem 844-757-5657-->

haunted forest in lowell massachusetts

The Haunt: Welcome to Deadwoodville Located in Hopkinton 508-435-9222-->

haunted forest in lowell massachusetts

Fear Town Located in Seekonk 508-296-0661-->

haunted forest in lowell massachusetts

Boston Ghosts Located in Boston 844-757-5657-->

haunted forest in lowell massachusetts

The Haunting of Parsonsfield Seminary Located in Parsonsfield 207-625-4449-->

haunted forest in lowell massachusetts

13th World Located in Cumberland 508-298-8653-->

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  • The Haunting of Parsonsfield Seminary
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haunted forest in lowell massachusetts

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Halloween event list including haunted houses, corn mazes, hayrides, spookwalks, home haunts, and more.

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haunted forest in lowell massachusetts

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haunted forest in lowell massachusetts

Lowell Real Haunted Places

Check out Lowell's Real Haunts, where ghosts, ghouls, and apparitions make their home year round! Across Lowell, there are tons of houses, cemeteries, and places that are truly haunted - get all the gory details about Lowell's Real Haunts right here!

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  • Real Haunted Places (1)

America's Lady of Supernatural Thrillers

Mary Ann Poll

Haunted Destinations: Freetown-Fall River State Forest, Massachusetts

haunted forest in lowell massachusetts

A forest stroll is usually a peaceful activity – unless you’re in Freetown-Fall River State Forest. The majority of these woods, usually referred to as Freetown State Forest, pass through the center of Freetown itself.  If you dare, you can meander the 50 miles of unpaved roads and trails, which cut through its 5,441-acres. Freetown State Forest regularly makes the list of “most haunted forests in the world.” It is part of the fabled Bridgewater Triangle and is known as the “Cursed Forest of Massachusetts.”

Behind Freetown State Forest’s comforting, shady paths and bright clearings lurk a dark reputation. Documented murders and tales of the paranormal surround these woods.

First, some of the murders:

In November of 1978, the corpse of 15-year-old Mary Lou Arruda was found tied to a tree in the woods. James M. Kater was eventually convicted of the murder.

In 1980, police investigated another murder near the forest. Several locals told them they witnessed Satanic cult activity in the woods. Some believed this activity to be connected to the so-called “Fall River Cult Killings” occurring during the same period. Suspicious clearings, stained with animal blood, were found in the forest. The oddly arranged carcasses of cattle were later discovered in the woods, giving more credence to ritual sacrifice rumors.

In 1987, a homeless man was somehow mistaken for an undercover police officer and killed.

In 2001, two bullet-riddled bodies were discovered on Bell Rock Road, which winds through the forest.

And, then, these bizarre instances:

 In 2006, reports of roving and aggressive dogs plagued the area, and an escaped emu was spotted wandering the forest and charging visitors.

In May of 2016, people discovered wires stretched across frequently traveled forest paths, strung in such a way as to catch off-road motorbike riders across the neck, and likely to decapitate them.

These explainable events are enough to give any place an eerie, unwelcoming feel. Add the forest’s supernatural reputation, and the area pegs the extreme creepy needle.

As mentioned initially, the forest sits in the infamous “Bridgewater Triangle,” a 200 square mile area within southeastern Massachusetts. The triangle is the epicenter of an astonishing collection of inexplicable, bizarre phenomena reported since colonial times, including strange creatures, Bigfoot, UFOs, ghosts, specters, ominous black helicopters, mysterious orbs of light, strange disappearances, giant snakes, poltergeist activity, and cattle mutilations.

The forest is rumored to be home to a race of diminutive humanoid creatures known as Pukwedgies, which have long been known by the native Wampanoag tribe. These creatures are described as troll-like beasts between 2 and 3 feet in height. They sport smooth, hairy grey skin that is said to glow on occasion. The Pukwedgies have a reputation for mischief and mayhem and are said to intentionally startle people, throw rocks or sand in their faces, push or shove them, kidnap them, hurl them from cliffs, wrestle with them or even attack them with knives or spears.

Legend says the Pukwedgies are competent magic users and shapeshifters. The Natives give these creatures a wide berth, claiming that they cannot be trifled with or approached. Numerous visitors to the forest claim to have seen such beings. The mischievous beasts are blamed for a high number of people supposedly falling from cliffs to their deaths in the area.

Freetown State Forest is littered with locations that seem to be possessed of some dark power. Perhaps the most well-known of these is an 80-foot-deep rock quarry known as the Assonet Ledge, or “The Ledge.” Visitors to The Ledge report being overcome with a burning, unshakeable sense of dread when nearing the quarry. It is rumored to be a hotspot for Satanists and other cults, as well as ghost sightings. Numerous people report seeing ghosts jumping from The Ledge only to disappear before reaching the water below. Others say they see a spirit standing ominously at the top of The Ledge.

In 1974, then-governor Ronald Reagan reported seeing strange lights in the sky within the forest. The story goes that Reagan was flying in a Cessna over The Ledge with pilot Air Force Colonel Bill Paynter and two security personnel. They noticed strange lights tailing the plane. The lights accelerated, decelerated, and elongated, all within minutes. It reportedly shot upwards at a 45-degree angle and disappeared. Reagan related the incident to Norman C. Miller, the Washington bureau chief for the Wall Street Journal, in 1974.

A Wampanoag legend is related to Profile Rock, sometimes called Joshua’s Mountain. It reportedly takes on the image of Wampanoag Chief Massasoit, and, legend has it, is the location where the chief’s son died. The tribe has long held the rock to be a sacred place. To this day, the name Profile Rock conjures images of various ghostly phenomena from strange glowing, disembodied voices, to orbs of light, to sinister apparitions.

Then, there is the Hockomock Swamp. The swamp is a 16,950-acre wetland covering much of the northern part of southeastern Massachusetts and is the state’s largest freshwater swamp. The swamp gets its name from the native Wampanoag people and means “place where the spirits dwell.” Early settlers to the area quickly learned of the swamp’s dangers and numerous alleged ghosts prowling its darkness and called it “The Devil’s Swamp.”

Mysterious animals are said to prowl the swamp. These wetlands are also a hotbed of UFO sightings. There are regular reports of ghosts, specters, and phantoms in the vicinity.

Hockomock Swamp is the site of numerous massacres and brutal conflicts between early settlers and the native people. One theory is these horrors infused the swamp with an evil force and made it the haunt of vengeful spirits.

Adding to the list of strange places within Freetown State Forest is an immense, 40-ton boulder known as Dighton Rock. Numerous and mysterious petroglyphs, drawings of figures, geometric shapes, and alleged cryptic writing cover the boulder, none of which can be comprehensively identified and have unknown origins.

In summary, if you decide to visit Freetown-Fall River State Park, be ready to see more than beautiful scenery. Prepare yourself to encounter UFOs, ghosts, and mysterious animals. You never know who—or what—will join you.

Source: Mysteriousuniverse.org

Source: The Hartford Extra Mile

Source: Onlyinyourstate.com

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haunted forest in lowell massachusetts

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haunted forest in lowell massachusetts

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haunted forest in lowell massachusetts

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haunted forest in lowell massachusetts

Crime and Public Safety | Two suspects arrested in armed home invasion,…

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Crime and Public Safety

Crime and public safety | two suspects arrested in armed home invasion, shooting in lowell, both suspects released after dangerousness hearings.

haunted forest in lowell massachusetts

One year passes in search for missing Brookfield woman


Editorial: Fentanyl ID bill a step in the right anti-drug direction 

The following arrests were made recently by local police departments. All defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty.


Crime and public safety | arrest log.

TEWKSBURY —  Police arrested a man and a woman Friday afternoon who both now face drug distribution charges in Lowell District Court.

Crime and Public Safety | 2 arraigned on drug distribution charges after Friday arrest in Tewksbury


  1. The Most Haunted Forest In America Is In Massachusetts

    haunted forest in lowell massachusetts

  2. Spend The Night At Massachusetts' Most Haunted State Park For A Truly

    haunted forest in lowell massachusetts

  3. The Haunted Hike In Massachusetts That Will Send You Running For The Hills

    haunted forest in lowell massachusetts

  4. Haunted New England: 7 Must-Visit Haunted Places in Massachusetts

    haunted forest in lowell massachusetts

  5. This Creepy Spot Deep In The Woods Of Massachusetts Is Like Something

    haunted forest in lowell massachusetts

  6. The Most Haunted Forest In America Is In Massachusetts

    haunted forest in lowell massachusetts


  1. Top 5 Most Haunted Places in Lowell, Massachusetts

    Constructed in 1922, the Lowell Memorial Auditorium in Lowell, Massachusetts is rumored to be haunted by a mysterious, unidentified male spirit whose shadowy apparition is often seen by employees around closing time. Others report feeling a strange presence, or feeling as if being touched by an unseen entity.

  2. Haunted Places in Lowell, Massachusetts

    Haunted Places in Lowell, Massachusetts 0 Mary Belanger House Lowell, Massachusetts This is the house where a woman named Mary Belanger supposedly died when she fell into the fire pit in the back yard and burned to death. Events such as visible apparitions and floating objects support this claim.

  3. Top 5 Most Haunted Places in Lowell, Massachusetts

    GhostQuest USA 2.01K subscribers Subscribe 1.9K views 1 year ago The following is a list of 5 of the most haunted locations in Lowell, Massachusetts. To find even more haunted locations near...

  4. The Freetown State Forest In Massachusetts Is Haunted

    By Sophia | Updated on September 22, 2023 (Originally published August 24, 2022) The history of one of Massachusetts' most mysterious spots is filled with murder, fear, and the possibility of the paranormal. Behind its beautiful, shady paths and sunny clearings, the Freetown State Forest is actually hiding one incredibly dark reputation.

  5. The Mysterious Witch Bonney

    The Mysterious Witch Bonney, a haunted statue in an old industrial city. Been Here? 215 Want to Visit? 1081 The Witch Bonney http://www.waymarking.com/gallery/default.... The Witch Bonney is a...

  6. Top 10 Best Haunted Houses in LOWELL, MA

    1. Ravenwood Haunted Farm 4.0 (1 review) Haunted Houses This is a placeholder "My wife and I are big fans of haunted attractions and have been to them all over the world." more 2. Nightmare Escapes 5.0 (1 review) Escape Games Haunted Houses This is a placeholder "Nightmare Escapes is the creepiest escape experience I've ever had!

  7. Salem didn't make the list of most haunted Mass. towns. But these did

    The study details six places in the town that are believed to be haunted, including the old Boott Cotton Mill, where people reported apparitions of old mill workers fatally injured on the job;...

  8. Browse Lowell Real Haunts and MA Paranormal

    Lowell's Real Haunts are home to ghosts and spirits year-round - they're not your average Halloween Haunt. Find out all about Lowell's Haunted History, and learn all about haunted places across the state that are plagued with REAL ghosts, ghouls, apparitions, and things that go bump in the night! Filter:

  9. Haunted Lowell

    Haunted Lowell · Join group About Discussion Featured Events Media More About Discussion Featured Events Media A group to discuss spooky stories and paranormal happenings in Lowell, Massachusetts, America's first factory town. Subscribe to our Youtube channel:...

  10. Haunted Lowell

    0:00 / 3:04 Lowell Ghosts, Goths & Ghouls Tour 2020 Teaser 190 views 2 years ago A premonition of what's to come! Lowell Ghosts, Goths & Ghouls Tour Play all Take a look around the Lowell...

  11. The Most Bone-Chillingly Haunted Places in Massachusetts

    A prominent figure in the annals of Massachusetts cryptozoology, the most famous documentation of the beast dates back to April 1977, when local teenager Bill Barlett spotted an unfamiliar being...

  12. A Guide to the Spookiest Haunted Sites in Massachusetts

    $250-$312 per night, 230 2nd St, Fall River, MA, lizzie-borden.com. Freetown-Fall River State Forest, Assonet This beautiful and sunny forest has a dark reputation.

  13. Lowell Ghost Tours

    What could be spookier than touring a local Lowell haunt that's been visited by real ghosts and ghouls? There's no creepier way to spend the shortened Autumn Day than on a Lowell Ghost Tour - you may even encounter some spirits of your own as you journey through local Lowell houses, cemeteries, and towns that are cursed with spirits of the undead that haven't moved on from the realm of ...

  14. 10 haunted places in MA that you can visit

    5. Omni Parker House. This iconic Boston hotel is full of opulent, old world décor, historical firsts (it's the home of the Boston Cream Pie) and haunting tales. The ghost of Harvey Parker, who ...

  15. Abandoned/Haunted Places To Explore? : r/massachusetts

    MeEvilBob It's an active cemetary, not abandoned. StrafingLobster • Greater Boston • There's an old abandoned summer camp type thing in Brimfield State Forest. I think it was just a DCR camp. But I've been told it was for terminally ill or disabled patients from the Monson hospital. So I guess that's kind of creepy?

  16. Is Lowell the most haunted city in Massachusetts?

    BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — Massachusetts is home to plenty of haunted happenings, but which city in the Bay State has the most ghost sightings?Article: https:/...

  17. Lowell MA Halloween Attractions

    Massachusetts Haunted Attractions » Middlesex County » Lowell Whether you're from Lowell, or you're simply visiting this Halloween Season, there are plenty of festive fun to enjoy this Halloween Season. If you're looking for a day of family fun in a pumpkin patch, or spending the evening Haunt hunting with friends is more your speed, Lowell ...

  18. Lowell Haunted Houses

    6 Halloween 2022 LowellHauntedHouses.com attracted over 2,212 visitors. More... Featured 2023 Halloween Events The Haunting of Parsonsfield Seminary Salem Ghosts Boston Ghosts 13th World First Parish Haunted House Fear Town The Haunt: Welcome to Deadwoodville Lowell Halloween Events

  19. Lowell-Dracut State Forest, a Massachusetts State Forest located near

    1. Native American Settlements: Prior to European colonization, the area where Lowell-Dracut State Forest now stands was inhabited by indigenous Native American tribes, most notably the Pennacook and Wamesit tribes. These tribes used the land for hunting, fishing, and gathering. 2.

  20. Haunted Lowell, Massachusetts

    Coordinates: 42.647299°, -71.306689° Location Address: 115 John Street, Lowell, Massachusetts Boott Cotton Mills in Lowell, Massachusetts was constructed in 1835 and remained an operational factory until 1958. It was later added as part of the Lowell National Historical Park and converted to a museum in the late 1970's.

  21. Haunted Destinations: Freetown-Fall River State Forest, Massachusetts

    If you dare, you can meander the 50 miles of unpaved roads and trails, which cut through its 5,441-acres. Freetown State Forest regularly makes the list of "most haunted forests in the world.". It is part of the fabled Bridgewater Triangle and is known as the "Cursed Forest of Massachusetts.". Behind Freetown State Forest's comforting ...

  22. MonsterBash

    The Haunted House, Neighborhood Haunt, and Trick or Treating will be from 12pm-3pm.* *The line for the Haunted House at Lowell City Hall closes at 2:30PM. Be sure to bring your own bag for your candy haul! Rain date: Sunday, October 29 from 12-3PM ... Lowell, MA, 01852, United States (978) 674-1483 [email protected].

  23. Halloween Haunted Houses Near Lowell, MA

    Massachusetts; Lowell; x Set Your Location. Close. Halloween Haunted Houses Near Lowell, MA . The Haunt: Welcome to Deadwoodville Hopkinton, MA The Haunt: Welcome to Deadwoodville Hopkinton, MA Review Us! ... Bedford, MA First Parish Haunted House will be back in 2023. This Haunted House fills the three floors of the 205 year old historic First ...

  24. Two suspects arrested in armed home invasion, shooting in Lowell

    Both suspects released after dangerousness hearings. LOWELL — An investigation into an armed home invasion in Pawtucketville last month resulted in the arrest of two Lowell men who a witness ...