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The 20 Best Horror Movies on Amazon Prime Video


This list is regularly updated as movies rotate on and off of Prime Video . *New additions are indicated with an asterisk.

Who wants to be scared tonight? While there are fantastic streaming services dedicated to horror nuts, there’s also a wealth of genre hits and indie darlings on Prime Video. In fact, they have one of the most diverse arrays of horror hits, including films by vets like Tobe Hooper and Dario Argento, alongside newer films from indie studios. This regularly updated list will keep Prime Video subscribers in the know on what are the best horror movies they can watch right now. Turn the lights off and lock the doors.

How We Pick Our Films

Critic Brian Tallerico watches and writes about movies and TV every day. To curate this list, he dives into Amazon Prime Video’s catalogue every month to surface terrifying horror titles — using his taste and a lifetime of cinema study as his guide, instead of whatever the algorithm happens to be pushing. After triple-checking to make sure they’re still available, he watches each and writes his recommendation. We highlight more than just the crowdpleasers: Filmmakers can use horror to craft spine-tingling moods, keep audiences on their toes, and comment on culture. Read on to find something to watch.

The Blair Witch Project

Year: 1999 Runtime: 1h 20m Director: Daniel Myrick, Eduardo Sanchez

When this movie dropped at Sundance back in 1999, it felt like something entirely new. Two decades of found footage imitators has dulled some of its impact, but The Blair Witch Project remains the model for how to do this kind of DIY horror well. And it’s still pretty damn terrifying.

Year: 2021 Runtime: 1h 31m Director: Nia DaCosta

Too many people easily dismissed the Nia DaCosta remake of the 1992 classic about a boogeyman who terrorizes a Chicago community. Yes, it’s imperfect in its messaging, but it’s a spectacularly well-made film, including some excellent sound design and chilling compositions. Yahya Abdul-Mateen II stars in this film that was co-written by the insanely talented Jordan Peele.

Carnival of Souls

Year: 1962 Runtime: 1h 20m Director: Herk Harvey

An independent filmmaker who had made his career doing industry safety videos just happened to direct one of the most essential horror flicks of all time in this absolute classic. Candace Hilligoss stars as Mary Henry, a woman who barely survives a car accident and starts seeing ghostly, zombie-like figures in the new city she’s trying to call home. As the figures draw her to an abandoned carnival, some of the best horror imagery of the 1960s surfaces in a film that didn’t get much attention on its release but has gone on to be recognized as a genre masterpiece.

Year: 2019 Runtime: 1h 27m Director: Alexandre Aja

More action than horror, this 2019 cult hit has just enough terrifying set pieces to qualify for a list like this one. Kaya Scodelario rocks as a young woman who gets trapped during a hurricane win a flooded house that happens to have a few hungry alligators. Aja’s sense of space and pacing here are phenomenal. It could be a fun way to break up the slasher marathon most people have this spooky season.

Hell House LLC

Year: 2015 Runtime: 1h 23m Director: Stephen Cognetti

We’re all tired of found footage movies but this flick can be one of the exceptions. So popular that it spawned a franchise (there have already been two sequels), this is the story of a documentary crew that captures the creation of a Halloween haunted house that becomes all too real, ultimately killing 15 ticket buyers and staff. Structured both in a “what happened that night” and in-the-moment found footage doc, this is a truly clever indie horror film.

Year: 1987 Runtime: 1h 34m Director: Clive Barker

The horror author Clive Barker directed this adaptation of his own novella The Hellbound Heart and made genre movie history. Introducing the world to the iconic Pinhead, who would go on to appear in so many sequels, the original film here is still the best, the tale of a puzzle box that basically opens a portal to Hell. The sequels have kind of lost the thread, but the original is still incredibly powerful. It’s one of the few films from the ‘80s that would still shatter audiences if it were released today.

High Tension

Year: 2005 Runtime: 1h 29m Director: Alexandre Aja

This movie is bonkers. Directed by Alexandre Aja (and sometimes called Switchblade Romance ) it stars Cecile de France and Maiwenn as two young woman who go to a secluded farmhouse, where they’re attached by a serial killer. The twist ending to this brutal film will likely either make it or break it for you. Note: Shudder also added a few other French Horror Wave films, including Inside and Martyrs — both essential for horror fans, neither for the faint of heart.

Year: 2006 Runtime: 1h 33m Director: Eli Roth

In the mid-‘00s, horror delivered a subgenre that would be sometimes called torture porn: ultra-violent films about actual violence that tried to push the shock meter in ways that major genre films are rarely allowed to do. This Eli Roth film is really the centerpiece of that subgenre, an underrated cautionary tale about how naïve American travelers can be. Note: The sequel is also on Prime Video.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Year: 1978 Runtime: 1h 55m Director: Philip Kaufman

There’s a reason that Hollywood keeps returning to Jack Finney’s novel The Body Snatchers —it strikes at a common fear that our neighbors and loved ones aren’t who they were yesterday. The best film version of Finney’s tale is the ‘70s one with Donald Sutherland, Brooke Adams, Veronica Cartwright, Jeff Goldblum, and Leonard Nimoy. A riveting unpacking of ‘70s paranoia, this is a truly terrifying movie.

Jacob’s Ladder

Year: 1990 Runtime: 1h 53m Director: Adrian Lyne

Adrian Lyne’s horror film has developed an increasingly vocal fan base in the three decades since its release (helped in part by a horrible remake in 2020 that reminded everyone how much better the original was.) Tim Robbins stars as Jacob, a man who starts having increasingly terrifying visions and hallucinations, many of them related to his time in Vietnam. A stunning journey into Hell, it’s also an anti-war film that’s given weight by Robbins’s genuine, in-the-moment performance.

A Knock at the Cabin

Year: 2023 Runtime: 1h 40m Director: M. Night Shyamalan

One of the most inventive directors of his era adapted a screenplay for the first time when he tackled Paul Tremblay’s stunning 2018 novel The Cabin at the End of the World . Shyalaman does some bad things to the final act, but this is still worth a look for its incredible craft and an excellent performance from Dave Bautista as the leader of a group of people who believe that a sacrifice must be made to stop a pending apocalypse.

The Last Exorcism

Year: 2010 Runtime: 1h 27m Director: Daniel Stamm

Before found footage films were overdone, Daniel Stamm made one of the best in 2010 in this surprise smash hit. Patrick Fabian stars as a man who agrees to participate in a documentary about his exorcism business, one that’s largely a scam. The problem is that the charlatan stumbles onto a real possession when a farmer reaches out and tells him that his daughter is acting, well, strange.

Murder Party

Year: 2007 Runtime: 1h 19m Director: Jeremy Saulnier

Not exactly horror but just gory and twisted enough to qualify, this is Jeremy Saulnier’s super-low-budget debut. From the beginning of his career, it’s easy to see the sense of space and pacing that would make him famous in films like Green Room and Hold the Dark (as well as directing the recent season of True Detective ). This one is wonderfully simple – a loner finds an invite to a Halloween party and decides to go. Big mistake. That’s all you need to know.

Year: 2022 Runtime: 2h 10m Director: Jordan Peele

The genius behind Get Out and Us delivered his most controversial film in 2022, a story that blends an alien invasion with a commentary on movie-watching and spectacle in general. Daniel Kaluuya and Keke Palmer are fantastic in this story of people beset upon by an alien species that likes to watch. Brilliantly structured and gorgeously shot, Nope is blockbuster horror filmmaking at its finest.

Year: 1979 Runtime: 1h 29m Director: Don Coscarelli

Another low-budget flick that produced an empire, Don Coscarelli’s totally bonkers 1979 film isn’t as much an influential genre classic as it is kind of unlike anything before or since. Who can forget the first time they saw Angus Scrimm as The Tall Man, one of the best horror characters of his era? The crazy plot here is secondary to the unforgettable imagery and style. There’s a reason it spawned four sequels and has a very loyal cult following 40 years later.

Year: 2019 Runtime: 1h 24m Director: Rose Glass

Morfydd Clark is fearless as a hospice nurse who converts to Roman Catholicism and becomes convinced that only she can save the soul of her latest patient, a former dancer (Jennifer Ehle) who is in the final days of her life. Is Maud a true vessel for miracles or could she be going insane? Rose Glass’s debut stunner plays with audience expectations until its final unforgettable shot.

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

Year: 2019 Runtime: 1h 47m Director: André Øvredal

Guillermo del Toro produced this clever adaptation of the short story collections by Alvin Schwartz that warped an entire generation or two. Several of the most beloved stories work their way into a story that takes place on Halloween in 1968 in a Midwest town. Some of the big stuff about a magical book is a little silly, but there are unforgettable little horror vignettes that give this movie its strength.

Year: 2022 Runtime: 1h 55m Director: Parker Finn

Paramount has been regularly funneling some of their biggest theatrical hits to their streaming service for a small window of time before they roll over to Prime too. That was the case with Parker Finn’s debut feature film that was in theaters just last summer and made a fortune worldwide (over $200 million). One of the biggest commercial and critical horror hits of 2022, Smile is about a therapist who discovers something supernatural stalking her patients. It will get under your skin.

Totally Killer

Year: 2023 Runtime: 1h 45m Director: Nahnatchka Khan

What if Scream and Back to the Future had a baby? It would look a lot like this Prime Original thriller about a young woman (a fun Kiernan Shipka) who travels back in time and joins forces with the teenage version of her mother to stop a serial killer. Quirky and clever, it works as a mystery, slasher film, and an ‘80s comedy.

Year: 2022 Runtime: 1h 46m Director: Ti West

Mia Goth is a force of nature in dual roles as Maxine and the elderly Pearl, who it turns out likes to kill folks. Maxine is a part of a group of people who rent a property in Texas to make a porno, but Pearl gets in the way. Co-starring Jenna Ortega, Martin Henderson, and Brittany Snow, X launched a franchise with the same-year Pearl and the upcoming MaXXXine .

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Best Horror Movies On Prime Video Right Now (January 2024)

Our monthly update of the scariest movies on prime video right now..

Matt Donato

Amazon Prime Video’s catalog can be a bit more challenging to navigate versus the neatness of Netflix or Hulu. There are no subcategories or breakdowns, just an endless scroll of fifty-ish pages loaded with titles. Don’t expect many Amazon Originals in their horror section either — these seem to be limited to Blumhouse’s “Into The Blumhouse” collections and not much else. You’d think this is where horror movies come to die, but that’s only if you don’t have a guide.

Clicking through every page of Prime Video’s horror section, you’ll find some real gems hidden between backyard-made uploads that Amazon loosely vets. The problem is, “hidden gems” are just that — hidden. I’m talking “Page 15” for an outright horror icon or anything before the 2000s. Curation seems like an afterthought, just whatever’s available at the time. To make perusing easier, we’ve highlighted the best horror films currently streamable on Prime Video, updated monthly as we sink deeper into their catalog of neverending pages.

Best Horror Movies On Prime Video

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Please note: This list pertains to U.S. Amazon subscribers. Some titles may not currently be available on international platforms. This article is frequently amended to remove films no longer on Amazon and to include more horror movies that are now available on the service.

A Quiet Place Part II

ghost amazon

Where A Quiet Place was a measured exercise in sound design and largely unseen threats, A Quiet Place Part II is the creature-feature sequel that doesn’t care about making noise. I don’t think it’s as successful as the first, but John Krasinski continues the franchise’s mythology well enough to reward the pursuit of an alternative path. The creatures become more prominent players on the screen, opening the world to alien invasion parameters that frighten through enemy numbers. It’s the perfect kind of sequel to hit Prime Video, which doesn’t have many blockbuster offerings. A Quiet Place Part II should scratch the grander-scale horror itch for those who’ve burned out on low-budget indies at the time.

ghost amazon

Michael Cooney’s supremely 90s horror movie Jack Frost begs an important question: What if Child’s Play, but a snowman? That’s the concept in a nutshell. A serial killer is involved in a car accident, gets doused with genetic research chemicals, and fuses with the snow outside. It’s a highly unserious Christmas horror movie about what would happen if Frosty ever snapped, but Cooney works about as well as he can with the lower-budget gonzo material. Cooney leans hard into the festive spirit with a bevy of seasonal deaths as Jack cracks cheesy one-liners you’d expect from a slasher villain snowman. It’s goofy as heck, knows its role, and delivers plenty of fun for B-Movie fans seeking horror schlock during the holidays. They even got Shannon Elizabeth to show up and die!

Uncle Peckerhead

ghost amazon

Despite preconceptions outside the genre, there is such a thing as "Feel Good Horror." Uncle Peckerhead fits the brand, about a scrappy punk band named Duh that unknowingly lets a monster join their first-ever tour. Every night for thirteen minutes, the band's roadie "Uncle Peckerhead" (aka "Peck") turns into a flesh-munching creature. As the tour progresses, Duh learns to love their murderous companion — especially when he tears apart sleazy promoters or club owners. Writer and director Matthew John Lawrence does well to honor indie punk-rock aesthetics through the unexpectedly sweet journey with plenty of rebellious spirits, rad tunes, and spilled blood.

Better Watch Out

ghost amazon

I curse Chris Peckover's name every December because I love recommending Better Watch Out to Christmas Horror fans, but it's impossible to describe without spoilers. Olivia DeJonge plays a babysitter, and Levi Miller plays the twelve-year-old who needs supervision. Bedtime brings chaos. Home Alone traps turn deadly. Twists and turns keep mouths agape. If you're into some sick and twisted holiday entertainment, there aren't many better options than Better Watch Out (which is all I'm going to say).

Totally Killer

ghost amazon

If Hot Tub Time Machine turned into a slasher, you'd get Totally Killer. It's a comical horror film that's comedy-forward in terms of balance, frequently poking fun at easy 80s stereotypes like railing cocaine on the regular. Kiernan Shipka is delightful in these moments as a "wokester" modern girl trying to comprehend how anyone made it out of the 80s alive — then the horror hits. A masked maniac reminds us that we're watching a slasher movie where teens die horribly, and scares attempt to wash away comedic brightness. It's never totally in balance, but sure can be killer.

ghost amazon

Yes, the Nicolas Cage Dracula film is worth your time. It’s a humorous take on escaping toxic relationships led by Nicholas Hoult as Dracula’s famous familiar Renfield that twists iconic vampire lore into a unique new form. Renfield eats bugs to become super powerful, and Dracula works with drug kingpins — you have to accept that Renfield (the movie and the character) just wants to have fun. Oh, and it’s gratuitously bloody? Renfield hits the right notes for a contemporary vampire flick that aims to entertain with broad horror strokes, and Cage is as deliciously batty as you’d hope.

Cocaine Bear

ghost amazon

I don’t think Cocaine Bear ever pushes as far as it should, but that doesn’t ruin the entire experience. Elizabeth Banks still finds a worthwhile twist on creature features as a cocaine-sniffing bear brutalizes victims in the Chattahoochee National Forest. There’s a suitable amount of gore that helps lift the somewhat struggling comedic bits, as Banks distracts us from mediocre humor by tossing another severed limb into frame. Whenever the bear is on screen (and on drugs), Cocaine Bear delivers on promises — sometimes good enough is indeed good enough.

Mutant Blast

ghost amazon

Here's one you probably haven't heard about yet. Mutant Blast is a Troma-produced piece of B-Movie mania that features gross-out practical effects, full-body rat mamma costumes, and so much more insanity. It's a nuclear doomsday movie, a zombie apocalypse movie, a mutant monster movie — a little bit of everything that fans of kooky horror movies love. Where else can you find a French lobster wearing a business suit with an intense hatred for dolphins? I promise you've never seen anything like the grotesque, often hilarious, and freakishly inventive Mutant Blast.

ghost amazon

The horrors of artificial intelligence are alive and well in M3GAN. It’s more comedic than unsettling but works well enough as a horror-comedy about a murderous plaything gone rogue. Allison Williams wages war against her superintelligent dolly who sings and slays in a PG-13 affair that begs for a bit more blood, but entertains nonetheless. M3GAN is an endearing creation lashing back against her creators with personality and a killer instinct, making the most of pre-release hype by delivering on promises of humor and violence.

ghost amazon

I’m never ready when Prime Video scores a high-profile release for their streaming platform, which was the case when I saw Nope available. Jordan Peele’s take on science fiction and American media fields is his least terrifying, but possibly most accomplished as a filmmaker. Performances are top-notch, cinematography exceptional, vision as confident as ever — Nope is Peele calling back to Spielberg pretty darn well. It’s one of those blockbusters that pushes the mold and keeps you guessing without leaving you in the dust. Peele hasn’t missed from behind the camera, and I hope he never does.

ghost amazon

From the minds behind Reno 911! and many other goofball comedy productions comes a demonic comedy that puts laughs first and hellspawn terror second. Hell Baby isn’t revolutionizing the horror-comedy, but for those who enjoy Robert Ben Garant and Thomas Lennon’s sense of humor (a vast range of maturity levels), there’s some solid gold haunted house schtick to be found. A cast of reliably funny people including Rob Corddry, Leslie Bibb, Keegan-Michael Key, and so many more familiar faces make Hell Baby more entertaining than it should be — look no further than Kumail Nanjiani’s insane long-take gag as a stoned cable guy trying to drive away without drawing attention. Hell Baby gets the job done as a means of silly satanic entertainment that pokes fun at exorcisms, Vatican heroes, and other horror tropes.

ghost amazon

Smile is a textbook definition horror movie that's scary, composed, and adheres to commen genre expectations. Sosie Bacon leads a film where seeing a haunting grin means you're about to become an evil entity's next victim. Storytelling lacks tightness as characters come and go from the absurd scenario, but the scares are all aces. Writer and director Parker Finn understands the bread and butter of most horror experiences: primetime chills. Finn's movie exists to make you scream and scream you shall. I'm not sure everything about the ending works for me personally? But it's still worth the stream for the adrenaline spikes alone.

Torn Hearts

ghost amazon

In the mood for some honky-tonk horrors? How about a movie where Katey Sagal stars as a once-famous country music sensation who torments an aspiring duo after they show up on her doorstep begging for a collaboration? Director Brea Grant feeds off Nashville's music scene as newbie band Torn Hearts tangles with their idol — Sagal's Harper Dutch — who soaks their insides with booze and starts breaking down their psyches. Good music, bad attitudes, and jaded celebrity commentaries are the key ingredients that make Torn Hearts such a boot-scootin' blast to watch. The trio of actresses embraces madness in harmony, and while their standoff isn't without some disbelief, it's still one hell of a performance I'd grant an encore.

ghost amazon

Nikyatu Jusu's Nanny is one of the better original Prime Video horror releases as of today's date. Anna Diop stars as immigrant Aisha, with Michelle Monaghan as her upper-class boss. Terror is based on international folklore and damning conversations until an absolute gut punch of a finale drives home Jusu's fragile vision. We love a horror film that reminds us how movies don't need fictional monsters — life itself is frightening enough.

Run Sweetheart Run

ghost amazon

Subtle is something that Run Sweetheart Run is not, which I find a feature, not a bug. Ella Balinska plays a single mother in Los Angeles who is being chased by a misogynistic, womanizing, possibly supernatural predator after a blind date (Pilou Asbæk plays “bad” so well). It’s not pulling punches or sugarcoating commentary. There’s a John Carpenter-esque feel as Balinska’s target flees through a dystopian version of LA where everyone is on her pursuer’s payroll, but also less dystopian based on how characters interact with the fleeing woman. It’s a fight for survival, a bloody satire on women fending for themselves, and a vicious chase flick that’s only taking home run swings.

ghost amazon

From the guy who directed killer elevator and killer Santa movies (Dick Maas) comes Uncaged, about a monstrous lion terrorizing Amsterdam. A blend of CG and animatronic effects bring the lion to life, as a veterinarian leads hunters through the Dutch capital. Maas is known for having a flair for the outrageous, which doesn’t escape Uncaged. The film’s ideas are grotesque and a bit bonkers, amassing a showy body count while indulging darkened humor. If you’re into Mass, B-Movies, and beastly creature features, give Uncaged a whirl.

ghost amazon

Nia DaCosta’s Candyman — say it five times — succeeds as a thoughtful requel in remake camouflauge. The creative team sees an opportunity to challenge Bernard Rose’s original by viewing its legacy through a Black lens, which gives a complementary perspective. New elements are introduced (mirror travel), the universe of Candyman expands, and effects teams splatter some righteous gore as trauma is exploited as art. There’s a poignant conversation at the center of Monkey Paw’s Candyman update, one that unifies the worlds of cultural reflection and representative horror in a tasty way.

Hell House LLC

ghost amazon

Stephen Cognetti's Hell House LLC is a spectacularly scrappy take on found-footage Halloween horrors. Haunted attraction creators select an abandoned hotel in upstate New York for their next production, and opening night ends with fifteen dead. Hell House LLC sells itself as documentary footage that recounts the tragedy of Hell House — what went wrong, all the supernatural signs that attraction makers ignored. It's one of its decade's better independent horror efforts, especially considering how it maximizes every advantage of found footage styles. Minimal budgets, seasonally creative scares, and in-your-face screams are the calling cards of Hell House LLC.

ghost amazon

Mariama Diallo's Master turns systemic racism into a ghost story that haunts collegiate halls. Regina Hall shines as the first Black master at Ancaster, a predominantly white New England college. There are legends of haunted dorm rooms thanks to witch hangings nearby, but Hall's character encounters prejudice that's far more horrifying. The paranormal element of Diallo's story becomes the unseen but campus-wide stoking of hatred that's ingrained in Ancaster's traditions. Horror becomes a conduit for protest as well as a frightening accent on a few occasions, but most impressively, Diallo keeps thematic emphasis tight and tense throughout the university thriller. It's spooky, frustrated, and particular with its monsters — horror continues to be as punchily political as always.

Train To Busan

ghost amazon

If Sang-ho Yeon’s Train To Busan is streaming on a platform, it will be in my recommendations. No exceptions. South Korea’s breakneck zombie thriller jams all the hyper-intensity of World War Z into a speeding commuter vessel and it’s non-stop excitement. Everyone from baseball players to businesspeople must band together when the undead sprint into stations where the train stops. Once the wheels start turning, Yeon’s film never ceases momentum — that’s why it’s one of the best zombie films to release in the last decade (minimum). Look out for its stateside remake produced by James Wan and directed by Timo Tjahjanto!

ghost amazon

Rob Grant’s Harpoon is so sarcastic, caustic, and spiteful. I say that with glee. It’s the darkest of dark comedies, cutting to the chase about humanity’s vile core. Three “friends” are stranded on a boat and devolve into the worst versions of themselves — somehow even worse than the betrayers and hotheads they were on land. There’s also a harpoon on board, hence the title. Brett Gelman narrates as Richard (Christopher Gray), Jonah (Munro Chambers), and Sasha (Emily Tyra) try to survive heatstroke, dehydration, and themselves. Drifting on waters that are much calmer than tensions aboard, which is all I want to reveal about this laugh-out-out slice of human misery.

The Taking Of Deborah Logan

ghost amazon

Found footage fans already know why Adam Robitel's The Taking Of Deborah Logan is on this list. Deborah Logan (Jill Larson) permits a film crew to document her battle with Alzheimer's, but the production becomes more nightmare than informational research. Threads between mental illness and possession are pulled so delicately until jarring scares deliver thunderous horrors. Deborah's condition worsens as the camera rolls and evolves past medical explanations. Then we reach an open-wide finale moment that's been gif'ed a million times, assuring mass acclaim around Robitel's debut.

We Are Still Here

ghost amazon

Haunted houses are part of any horror fan's comfort formula but can present storytelling problems. Why remain in an estate that aims to harm you? Or possess your family? Ted Geoghegan's We Are Still Here works as a New England ghost story because characters played by Barbara Crampton and Andrew Sensenig believe their new abode's strange occurrences are signs from their deceased son. A calmness keeps them settled until their assumptions are proven very, disastrously wrong. It's a third-act for the ages that pays off slower burns when Geoghegan unleashes more bloodshed in its closing remarks than some entire movies accomplish. Eat your hearts out, A24. Here's how you sustain elongated simmers with a proper climax.

ghost amazon

If you’re in the mood for a horror-comedy slasher, may I direct you towards Conor McMahon’s Stitches? British comedian Ross Noble plays an undead clown who reanimates to slaughter the now-teenage children responsible for his accidental party death. Death scenes are over-the-top and emphasize practicality, like when a boy’s head inflates like a balloon or brains are scooped like ice cream blobs. It’s wild fun and even sets up a mythological cultish vibe as Stitches is somehow tied to a graveyard clown congregation, which begs for a sequel. That ship has probably sailed, but for everyone who misses the lunacy of 80s slasher romps? Stitches should be a headliner act.

ghost amazon

Classic horror staples don’t often find their way onto Prime Video, but Clive Barker’s Hellraiser remains the exception. Pinhead makes his theatrical debut serving sadomasochism as the only flavor on Barker’s menu. Cenobites explore new torturous carnal pleasures, no longer able to decipher between pain and pleasure. So begins a gory affair where bodies are pulled apart by hooks as leather demons bring such sights to show the humans caught in their path. Oh, and there’s skinwalking to boot? Hellraiser lives its name by bringing Hell unto Earth, whether you’re talking about the disgusting gratification on-screen or the slew of unappetizing sequels.

House On Haunted Hill

ghost amazon

Yes, 1999’s House On Haunted Hill is an underrated aughts-era example of gothic decadence — but let’s not forget the William Castle original. Vincent Price and Carol Ohmart star as untrusting partners who so entertainingly scorch each other with hateful words, setting a proper murder mystery afoot. Since we’re talking about a 1959 haunted house whodunit, there’s less stress put on inky ghosts and more on the macabre charisma of Price and his character’s guests. Survive the night and win a handsome sum of cash — leave, or worse, and forfeit. The latter becomes harder as the evening turns gravely severe in this delicious horror puzzler that still holds its mansion-mania charm.

Scare Campaign

ghost amazon

Cameron and Colin Cairnes have something to say about the mainstream’s shift in media consumption. Scare Campaign is about television pranksters challenged by “The New Entertainment,” in that nobody’s falling for old tricks anymore. The Scare Campaign crew find themselves hunted by The Masked Freaks — these guerrilla filmmakers who’ve outfitted their cameras with weapons like chainsaws or nooses. Crowds show their support to encourage illegal presentations of deaths online, as the Scare Campaign workers wonder how things have become so bleak given their days as television horror jokesters. Don’t be afraid of the film’s indie vibes — it’s a tale that’s only gained more relevance and bite as society’s social media habits have altered since 2016.

ghost amazon

If you’re a sucker for horror rock musicals, you should crank Rob Stefaniuk’s Suck. A host of rockstars from Alice Cooper to Henry Rollins roll through this vampire take on selling your soul for everlasting fame. Admittedly, it’s not precisely high-brow since Malcolm McDowell plays a vampire hunter named Eddie Van Helsing. Still, musical interludes and the film’s goofy commentary on stardom strum the right chords. Moby, Iggy Pop, Alex Lifeson — Suck has it all in terms of talent. If only “The Winners” had any of the listed legends in their actual band, they wouldn’t have to morph into bloodsuckers for attention.

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Best Paranormal Shows & Movies On Amazon Prime 2021

This article is more than two years old.

Amazon Prime Paranormal

Truth Seekers

The Haunted Hunts

Are You Haunted...?

The House In Between

The Blackwell Ghost

The Craft: Legacy

The Haunting Of Margam Castle

Haunted State

Haunted State

The Phenomenon

A Voice For The Silenced

Ghost Dimension: Lock Down

Ghost Dimension: Lockdown

Close Encounters Of The Fifth Kind: Contact Has Begun

The X-Files

The X-Files

More To Keep You Entertained View All

A Haunting In Venice

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Best Paranormal Books Of 2023

Best Paranormal Books Of 2023

Top Paranormal Podcasts

Top Paranormal Podcasts 2023

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Paranormal Movies To Look Forward To In 2023

Help! My House Is Haunted: Nightmare In Neath

Paranormal TV To Look Forward To In 2023

My Haunted Hotel On YouTube

Best Paranormal YouTube Channels 2022

Paranormal Podcast

Top Paranormal Podcasts 2022

Paranormal Documentary

Paranormal Documentaries Of 2022

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ghost amazon

If someone in your family challenges your choices or motivations right now, it is likely because they believe that you have been spending too much time in self-indulgent pursuits lately. Well, you do deserve a few treats now and then.... Read More

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10 best horror movies and shows on Amazon Prime Video for Halloween

Amazon has dozens of terrifying titles - but these are our faves

Amazon Prime Video menu showing horror movies and shows

For subscribers of Amazon Prime Video , there's no shortage of scary movies that you can watch just in time for Halloween. In its roster of great TV shows and movies there are plenty of spine-chilling classics and modern masterpieces to choose from, as well as heaps of enjoyable B-movie filler, and some movies that are so bad they're g-... No, they're just plain bad.

To help whittle down your search of blood-curdling entertainment, we've curated a terrifically terrifying list of the 10 best horror movies and shows on Amazon Prime Video for you to watch this Halloween.

  • Need more screams? Discover Disney Plus's Halloween treats

Editor's note: We advise checking the Amazon Prime Video site in your region before signing to ensure that your movies of choice are available where you live

Night of the Living Dead (1968)

“They’re coming to get you Barbra!” George A. Romero cemented his place in the Horror Hall of Fame with this low-budget picture about the recently deceased coming back to life to feast on the living. It gave birth to the modern zombie film – although the “Z” word isn't uttered here – and led to five Romero-directed sequels, including 1978’s Dawn of the Dead.

Opening with siblings Johnny and Barbra ambushed by a graveyard ghoul, Barbra breaks free to seek refuge with a terrified rabble of survivalists in an abandoned farmhouse. As tensions grow among the group, they find themselves besieged by the growing ranks of the living dead, with little chance of escape.

Romero’s film is pretty tame by modern standards. But it shocked contemporary viewers, being described by Variety as “an unrelieved orgy of sadism.” It's a fair assessment, given our heroes return to life as cannibals, are dismembered – or worse – while one woman is brutalised with a masonry trowel by her reanimated daughter. Yikes! Its nihilistic vision reflects a time in which images of racial conflict and violence in Vietnam were rife, broadcast daily into American homes.

  • Head to Amazon Prime to start streaming now

I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997)

The slasher film was back in vogue after the success of Scream, and people lined up around the block to see writer Kevin Williamson’s latest about a hook-wielding psycho fisherman.

Based on Lois Duncan’s 1973 novel, it follows a group of friends whose lives veer off track when they’re involved in a hit and run, killing a man and agreeing to dump the body in the ocean. They swear to take the secret to their graves. But a year later they’re contacted by someone who claims to know… Well, y’know. What they did? Last summer?

Featuring an attractive cast of 90s TV stars, a hip soundtrack, and packed with no-nonsense frights, this fast-paced thriller lit up the box-office, taking $125 million dollars and becoming the seventh highest grossing slasher movie of all time. Proof of its popularity? It was mercilessly parodied in the so-so spoof Scary Movie, spawned a number of pale imitations, and has even been adapted into an Amazon Original TV series for Generation Z.

Secret Window (2004)

Not long after Johnny Depp hit the Hollywood stratosphere post-Pirates, he landed the lead role of depressed writer Mort Rainey in an adaptation of Stephen King’s ‘Secret Window, Secret Garden’ - a creepy head-scratcher taken from the author’s Four Past Midnight collection.

Having discovered his wife’s infidelity, Mort retreats to his isolated cabin in upstate New York and falls into a writing funk. Six idle months pass when, out of nowhere, a Mississippian stranger by the name of John Shooter (John Turturro) arrives and accuses him of plagiarism. Mort refutes the heated claim, noting that his short story ‘Secret Window’ was published over two years ago. That is, until he discovers the two stories are virtually identical except for the ending. And in Shooter’s version, the protagonist kills his wife.

Depp is giddily entertaining in the kind of quirky role he excels at, and this slow-burn psychodrama keeps things weird and unpredictable until the very end. It ultimately opts for a bolder ending than the one King used, concluding events on a much darker note.

Black Box (2020)

The feature film debut of Emmanuel Osei-Kuffour Jr. delivers a troubling yet moving meditation on identity and trauma with a technological slant, coming across like Black Mirror meets Jacob's Ladder. It’s part of the Welcome to the Blumhouse stable, an anthology of eight films produced by modern horror virtuoso Jason Blum (Get Out, Us, the 2018 Halloween reboot) for the Amazon Prime Video platform.

When Nolan Wright (Mamoudou Athie) becomes the sole survivor of a car accident, he’s left to raise his 10-year-old daughter Ava by himself while struggling with severe amnesia. Anxious of being judged unfit to care for Ava, he opts for an experimental procedure offered by Dr. Lilian Brooks (Phylicia Rashad). The titular “black box” provides a virtual pathway into Wright’s memories, allowing him to rebuild the shattered fragments of his psyche. But to his terror, his reminiscences are populated by faceless figures and the contorted Backwards Man, whom he must confront to recover the reality of who he really is.

Suspiria (2018)

An A-list Hollywood cast and the director of Call Me By Your Name come together to “reimagine” Dario Argento’s classic giallo of the same name, one of the most iconic horror movies ever made. Luca Guadagnino kept the basic premise about American dancer Susie Bannion arriving in Germany to audition for a prestigious dance academy, only to find out it's being run by a coven of nasty witches. Other than that, it’s almost an entirely different beast.

While Argento’s 1977 original evoked the sturm und drang of evil occurrences with expressionistic lighting, bold primary colours and a prog-rock score, Guadagnino’s Suspiria provides an atmosphere of chilly malevolence and a languorous, art-house aesthetic. It’s more of a cerebral experience than a bloodily visceral one, although the film is punctuated by some truly spectacular moments – in particular the enchanted death of a student trapped in a room full of mirrors. Plus, it has an incredible ensemble of actors, led by Tilda Swinton as Madame Blanc and Dakota Johnson as her enigmatic protégé.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997 – 2003)

High school can be hell. That was the premise of Joss Whedon’s highly influential TV series, a pop-culture landmark in which “chosen one” Buffy Summers and her gang of “scoobies” exchanged witticisms while fighting the forces of darkness. They battled blood-suckers, wayward scientists, mutants, demons from hell dimensions – all the evils. But the gothic horror elements were often perfectly blended with the anxieties of adolescence.

Led by Sarah Michelle Gellar as a teen slayer with ‘tude, the show ran for seven near-perfect seasons. Each episode would focus on a unique threat or monster, but the romantic and emotional storylines of the characters could extend over whole seasons, making the fantasy world of Buffy, Giles, Willow and Zander feel incredibly grounded.

It got dark at times. Buffy had a tumultuous love affair with a vampire with an on-off soul; there was always an apocalypse to prevent; and the show wasn’t afraid to portray complex experience like grief, sexual assault and depression. But the show never lost its heart…even when someone was putting a stake through it.

Ju-On: The Grudge (2002)

Japanese horror movie Ju-On: The Grudge helped popularise the figure of the “vengeful ghost” (or onryō ) in the Western world. At the turn of the millennium therefore, the image of lank-haired, bug-eyed ghost girls was regularly projected on cinema screens.

Although the Ju-On franchise began with two straight-to-video entries, director Takashi Shimizu was encouraged by the international success of 1998's Ring to produce a theatrically released sequel. Told in a non-linear fashion, his tale begins with the brutal murder of a family by a jealous husband. This tragedy engenders a terrible curse that affects anyone who enters the family’s home, resulting in their terrifying death and causing them to become a vengeful spectre, too.

What The Grudge may lack in narrative sense it makes up for in scares and a barrage of haunting, grotesque images. A hand emerging from one woman’s wet hair, or pale-faced ghosts appearing underneath the victim's bedsheets. And, leaving a hauntingly macabre final impression, a bloodied corpse crawling downstairs to enrol school teacher Mariko on this undying cycle of terror.

Them (2021)

Not to be confused with the sci-fi film about giant ants or that 2006 home-invasion shocker, this Them is an Amazon Original series about the Emorys: a family from North Carolina confronting both the real and supernatural incarnations of racism in 1950s Los Angeles.

Them stars Deborah Ayorinde and Ashley Thomas as a young couple who’ve recently moved to the LA suburbs in search of a better life. They’re overjoyed with their new abode. But their arrival makes their Caucasian neighbors anxious, and housewife Betty (Alison Pill) quickly launches a campaign of intimidation to drive them away. Meanwhile, the Emorys' youngest daughter Gracie perceives evil forces at home, one of which is a demonic minstrel in blackface.

It’s a grippingly acted and full-throttle series, potently revealing the psychological toll of prejudice in addition to more gruesome horrors.

The Descent (2005)

Director Neil Marshall followed up Dog Soldiers – his squaddies versus werewolves debut – with a brutal, bracing story about things that go spelunk in the night.

A year after her husband and daughter’s deaths in a car accident, Sarah and her thrill-seeking friends set off for an all-girls caving weekend. They’re in high spirits - initially, at least - until they get trapped in an unexplored network of tunnels. Tempers fray and tensions start to emerge. But, once that panic has subsided, they realize that something else is down there with them. And it's very hungry.

Inspired by survival horror films like Deliverance and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Descent engenders a feeling of breathless claustrophobia as characters squirm in the dark between immovable walls of rock, after which the film switches gears into a frenzy of caving carnage. Worse than the ravenous ferocity of the “crawlers” is the gradual irruption of resentments and betrayals between the women, which threatens any remaining hope of escape.

One of the best horror films of the noughties, The Descent is a work of blunt, brutal trauma.

The Wicker Man (1973)

Funnily enough, The Wicker Man is the sole British folk horror musical on this list, and it’s an utterly unique experience. The film weaves captivating songs through a bizarre narrative about a priggish police officer contacted to help find a girl missing on the Hebridean island of Summerisle. The problem is, once he gets there, all of the inhabitants deny that she ever existed.

Edward Woodward plays “Christian copper” Sergeant Howie, whose conservative beliefs jar with the Celtic Paganism of the locals and their practices of public fornication and jumping naked over fires to encourage fertility. Horror veteran Ingrid Pitt features alongside Swedish actress Britt Ekland, while Christopher Lee (Count Dracula himself!) hams it up as the debonair Lord Summerisle.

It’s a genre-bending film, which Cinefantastique dubbed “the Citizen Kane of horror movies". Rightly so too. Because when you finally meet the Wicker Man, every one of your hairs will be standing on end.

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Daniel Pateman is a freelance writer, producing articles across the cultural spectrum for magazines like Aesthetica, Photomonitor, The Brooklyn Rail and This is Tomorrow. He also provides text-writing services to individual curators and artists worldwide, and has had work published internationally. His favourite film genre is horror (bring on Scream 5!) and he never tires of listening to Absolute 80s on the radio.

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The best horror movies on Amazon Prime right now

Michael Bizzaco

What better way to bring in the new year than with a healthy dose of madness, macabre, and all other things vile? We’re talking, of course, about indulging in a horror movie or two, and there’s no better place to stream a creepy flick than Amazon Prime Video. Each month, we take it upon ourselves to dive into the platform’s immense archive of chilling titles to handpick the very best genre pics for you and yours to enjoy. But don’t expect your average roundup because, as devoted horror fans ourselves, our criteria for curation are a little more elevated.  

We expect our horror movies to feature original stories, as well as time-honored tropes and genre throwbacks. We also aim to highlight some of the most popular big-budget releases, indie gems, classic films, and brand-new releases. Whether you’re a fan of vampires, ghosts, slashers, or panic-inducing monsters, there’s something on our list for everyone. We’re always updating this piece, so check back next month to see what the best horror movies on Prime Video are for February 2024!

Want more Prime Video content? Check out the best movies on Prime Video right now. If you don’t see anything of note on Amazon Prime, we’ve also rounded up the best horror movies on Netflix and the best horror movies on Hulu . 

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Evil Dead Rise (2023)

The conjuring: the devil made me do it (2021).

The first Conjuring film to not be directed by James Wan, The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It is based on another true paranormal investigation from the archives of Ed and Lorraine Warren. Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga return to play the husband and wife duo as they attempt to support a man named Arne Johnson (played by Ruairi O’Connor), who murdered his landlord and is claiming demonic possession as his defense in court. The Warrens do some digging, discovering that Arne’s supposed demon could result from an ancient curse brought to fruition by a malevolent cult. At this point, it’s a race against the clock as Ed and Lorraine search for a way to close off the curse before the demon can claim another victim. Arguably less entrancing than the two films that came before it, The Devil Made Me Do It still manages to pack in quite a few scares while delivering a fresh story that pays thoughtful homage to its predecessors.

The Uninvited (2009)

Bones and all (2022).

The latest effort from masterful filmmaker Luca Guadagnino, Bones and All   reunites the director with Call Me By Your Name star Timothée Chalamet. Set in a modern world not too different from our own, the story follows Maren (played by Taylor Russell) and Lee (Chalamet). Star-crossed lovers, both youths are doing what they can to stay afloat on the road. Oh, and it just so happens that they both enjoy consuming human flesh. On its face, this bizarre blend of horror, drama, and romance may not seem like it would work, but thanks to some committed performances from its two leads, Bones and All is hard to look away from.

Play Dead (2022)

Absentia (2011), renfield (2023), knock at the cabin (2023).

An adaptation of Paul G. Tremblay’s The Cabin at the End of the World , writer/director M. Night Shyamalan brings us  Knock at the Cabin , the kind of closed-quarters horror flick that will remind us that idyllic trips to the middle of the woods may not be the greatest idea. Our story follows seven-year-old Wen (Kristen Cui) and her fathers, Eric and Andrew (Jonathan Groff and Ben Aldridge), three people minding their own business who are suddenly intruded upon and held captive by a gang of apocalyptic prophesiers led by Leonard Brocht (Dave Bautista).

According to the doomsday crew, if the family doesn’t sacrifice one of their own, a series of global tragedies will consume the world. It’s your typical nail-biting siege pic, with a bunch of characters stuck under one roof for a majority of the runtime, but Knock at the Cabin gets a big boost from its excellent cast, with Dave Bautista being an empathetic standout. Yes, he could kill you by looking at you for too long, but Mr. Brocht could also make you a shed a tear or two.

There's Something Wrong with the Children (2023)

Directed by Roxanne Benjamin from a script by T.J. Cimfel and David White, There’s Something Wrong with the Children stars Alisha Wainwright and Zach Gilford as Margaret and Ben, a couple who take a trip into the wilderness with fellow adults Ellie and Thomas (Amanda Crew and Carlos Santos) and their two kids, Lucy (Briella Guiza) and Spencer (David Mattle). Everything is going peachy-keen until the dawn of a new day. After disappearing into the forest, Lucy and Spencer are acting quite strange upon their return.

Is something supernatural afoot, or did the kids just have too many marshmallows? Cut from the same cloth as films like A24’s horror movie A Hole in the Ground and Amazon’s remake of Goodnight Mommy (swap the weird kids for a weird parent), There’s Something Wrong … isn’t bringing the most original premise to the table, but where this Blumhouse-produced entry truly succeeds is with its foreboding camera work, editing, and haunting score.

M3GAN (2022)

The battery (2012).

Written, directed, produced, and starring Jeremy Gardner, The Battery follows the postapocalyptic day-to-day lives of two former baseball players, Ben (Gardner) and Mickey (Adam Cronheim). Constantly at each other’s throats, these two survivors of the undead takeover are forced to wander the desolate remains of New England. While searching an abandoned property, Ben and Mickey discover two walkie-talkies.

While testing the radios, they stumble upon a transmission from a nearby group of survivors. Mickey wants to join the marauders, but Ben seems to have his doubts. Shot in just 15 days in Connecticut for only $6,000, The Battery is proof that you don’t need flashy CGI to tell a captivating, horrific, and inspiring story.

Jigsaw (2017)

The eight film in the still-ongoing Saw franchise, 2017’s Jigsaw plays to the typical Saw film formula: Unsuspecting victims are forced to participate in a series of deadly games curated by whatever notorious malcontent is calling themselves “Jigsaw” this time around.

But with the O.G. serial killer, John Kramer, dead in the ground for over a decade, who exactly is still willing and able to pull the murderous strings? Like the many lesser versions of the original film that came before it, Jigsaw doesn’t stray too far from the grisly visuals that the series is known for. That being said, it’s still a decent watch, especially for longtime fans of the saga.

The Taking of Deborah Logan (2014)

The directorial debut of Adam Robitel, The Taking of Deborah Logan follows a group of documentary filmmakers who are looking to produce a film about the crippling affects of Alzheimer’s disease. Their main subject is a woman named Deborah Logan (Jill Larson), a sufferer of dementia who begins experiencing erratic behavior. According to Deborah’s physicians, her behavior is par for the course, but when these eccentricities begin developing links to terrifying crimes and supernatural phenomena, the documentarians realize that their very lives are at stake. A found-footage gem that many fans of the sub-genre will enjoy, The Taking of Deborah Logan is a lesser-known horror entry that doesn’t get talked about as much as it should.

Smile (2022)

The feature film debut of writer-director Parker Finn, Smile stars Sosie Bacon as Dr. Rose Cotter, a psychiatrist who finds herself haunted by disturbing specters and other supernatural phenomena after one of her patients ends her life right in front of her. As the days and weeks go by, Rose starts losing her grip on reality, leading her to do a bit of investigating into her client’s demise.

Her discovery: a morbid and long-spanning connect-the-dots of self-mutilation. Leaning on jump-scares (albeit some very good ones) and measured performances to spin its terror threads, Smile may feel familiar  to many fans of the genre, but who said wearing your influences on your sleeve has to be a bad thing?

Cropsey (2009)

Cropsey is the kind of documentary that has us wishing there were more documentaries just like it; and even if you’re a horror fan who never treads the waters of non-fiction, we highly recommend giving this one a go. Produced and directed by Joshua Zeman and Barbara Brancaccio, Cropsey explores the titular urban legend, a monster of a man who preyed upon five New York City children through the ‘70s and ‘80s.

But far more than a wandering wraith, the filmmakers discover that the horrible acts of convicted child kidnapper Andre Rand may be at the root of the decades-old myth. Profound and disturbing, Cropsey has gained quite the following over the last 15 years or so, and for good reason: it’s a sensational and disturbingly horrific doc that’s worth your time.

The Oak Room (2020)

Based on the Peter Genoway play of the same name, director Cody Calahan’s The Oak Room stars Breaking Bad  alum RJ Mitte and Peter Outerbridge as Steve and Paul. Hoping to settle a long-ago score, a homecoming Steve (Mitte) returns to a bar he once frequented, where he decides to trade harrowing stories with the miserly barkeep. It’s these chilling words that possess a greater part of the film, with the various vignettes delivering countless twists and turns throughout the runtime.

My Best Friend's Exorcism (2022)

Goodnight mommy (2022), the collector (2009), candyman (2021), saint maud (2020), my heart can't beat unless you tell it to (2021), madres (2021), black as night (2021), nocturne (2020).

Nocturne stars Sydney Sweeney ( Euphoria , White Lotus ) and Madison Iseman ( I Know What You Did Last Summer ) as twin sisters Juliet and Vivian. Accomplished pianists attending a prestigious music school, Vivian’s abilities are near-virtuoso and always a step above Juliet’s hands. That is until Juliet comes into the possession of a music theory book from a student that had jumped to her death. As the tome begins granting Juliet newfound confidence and dedication to the piano, her inflated ego meshes with a series of supernatural events that threaten her own life and the safety of those around her.

The Manor (2021)

We are still here (2015), bingo hell (2021), hellraiser (1987), black box (2020), the neon demon (2016), the reef (2010), suspiria (2018), editors' recommendations.

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Michael Bizzaco

Apple TV+ had a banner year in 2023, celebrating successful new shows like Silo, Shrinking, Hijack, and Monarch: Legacy of Monsters, along with the return of new seasons of popular shows like The Morning Show, Servant, and For All Mankind. Chances are that a friend, family member, or colleague mentioned at least one show that's worth watching on Apple TV+ this year. Did it prompt you to sign up for a subscription? If so, you made a good choice.

Now that you've watched that show and a few others, what's next? We have spent countless hours watching Apple TV+ series and have curated this list of the best shows on Apple TV+ right now. With new shows being released steadily throughout 2024, there are sure to be new series worth adding to the list, so check back each month for updates. For this month, here's the best from the streaming service.

The new year is just around the corner, but you've still got a few more days to kill with the whole family home, which means you still need to lean on the best new movies to stream on Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, Max (HBO), and other services. The last week of the year is a little slow regarding new movies, but there's plenty to catch up on from this list.

This week, Hulu gets scarier, Paramount+ gets one of 2023's most underrated movies, and Peacock debuts one of the frontrunners for next year's Oscars, The Holdovers. It's not a lot, but it will keep you occupied as 2023 turns into 2024. We also have guides to the best movies on Netflix, the best movies on Hulu, the best movies on Amazon Prime Video, and the best movies on HBO.

Some of the best shows on Netflix are foreign language shows. Indeed, Netflix has quite a diverse selection of TV shows that come from other countries. British TV shows, in particular, are a category of their own. While still in the English language, these all have a distinct British look, feel, and tone. Naturally, they also feature British actors.

Not every show that appears to be a British production on Netflix is indeed one: shows like Bridgerton and its spinoff Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story, for example, are American productions. If you're curious about what's available on Netflix in terms of British series, we have curated this list of the best British TV shows on Netflix. They include new and older titles across different genres, but each is entertaining in its own way.

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Integrate secure image storage into Ghost using Amazon S3 - deployed using a custom storage adapter

Amazon S3 is an object storage service for developers that offers secure, high-performance storage at scale. For Ghost sites with a high volume of image assets, it’s possible to override the default storage method and use Amazon S3 to store all images that are dropped into Ghost Admin.

There are a few ways to integrate Amazon S3 with Ghost.

Full Amazon S3 storage adapter

By default, Ghost stores any images uploaded to Ghost Admin locally to its filesystem, and delivers them via the same Ghost front-end service which delivers Ghost themes. It’s possible to replace this layer entirely using a custom storage adapter.

A custom storage adapter allows Ghost to upload and serve images directly to/from external services like Amazon S3. Here are some widely tested, open source storage adapters for Amazon S3 that have comprehensive setup guides:

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When using a storage adapter in Ghost, your images are uploaded directly to Amazon S3 and integrated into its media library, allowing you to use their service directly to manage your image assets.

Do more with Zapier automation

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Top 13 places in Russia where you may face a ghost

ghost amazon

1. Kusovnikov House in Moscow

ghost amazon

In the 19 th   century house № 17 on Myasnitskaya street in central Moscow was inhabited by a rich, but very greedy couple – Pyotr and Sofya Kusovnikov, who scrimped on almost everything. Extremely suspicious, they used to hide money from their servants in different places. Once they hid some in the fireplace, but the janitor accidentally burned it when lighting the fire. When she found out, Sofya died instantly of a broken heart, her husband passed away a little later. Since then, the ghost of a hunched old man in a coat has routinely appeared on the street near the house – this is Pyotr Kusovnikov mourning his lost money.

2. Sokol metro station

ghost amazon

During WWI, not far from the modern Sokol station of the Moscow metro, a cemetery for fallen soldiers was located. In 1918, mass executions of White officers and priests by the Reds were held there. All this led to the appearance of ghosts in the dark tunnels of the station. Early in the morning diaphanous figures with festering wounds can be seen there.  

3. St. Michael’s Castle in St. Petersburg

ghost amazon

This castle was a royal residence built by order of Tsar  Paul I. On March 21, 1801, he was killed there by a group of conspirators. It is considered that the restless spirit of the tsar was unable to leave the castle. It appears there in the corridors with a burning candle in its hand.

4.   Znamenskaya Tower in Yaroslavl

ghost amazon

During the Civil War in Russia (1917-1922), a group of White troops held positions in the Volkovsky theater in Yaroslavl. The Red commissar in command of the siege promised to spare their lives. However, he lied and all the Whites were executed at the Znamenskaya Tower. Since then, the ghost of the commissar who didn’t keep his promise has been seen at the place of his crime.

5. Igumnov House in Moscow

ghost amazon

The house at 43 Bolshaya Yakimanka Street in Moscow, also known as “Igumnov House,” serves today as the residence of the French ambassador. It was built at the request of the industrialist Nikolay Igumnov in the late 19 th   century. He settled his young mistress here, but one day caught her with a lover. The lover was kicked out, but the girl was never seen again. It is believed that the outraged Igumnov bricked her up in a wall. During Soviet times, people often saw the ghost of a young girl walking through the walls with deep, plaintive sighs.     

6. House of Rasputin in St. Petersburg

ghost amazon

The flat on the second floor at 64 Gorokhovaya street in St. Petersburg is today a usual residential apartment. However, in the early 20th century it was home to one of the most mystical figures in Russian history – Grigory Rasputin. His ghost sometimes appears here, scaring inhabitants with its clunking steps and grunting in dark corners.

7. House on the Embankment

ghost amazon

This house at 2 Serafimovicha Street, simply known as “House on Embankment,” is among the most famous in the Russian capital, known as the place of residence for the Soviet   crème de la crème : writers, artists, actors, generals, athletes. However, it also has a dark history. During the Great Purge, a campaign of political repressions in the USSR, dozens of the house’s inhabitants were arrested and executed. Today, the house is full of the ghosts of those victims, who sometimes appear in their old dwelling place. 

8. Tower of the old hospital in Ryazan

ghost amazon

Among the high-rise modern buildings at 15 Gorky Street in Ryazan is an old tower – all that remains of the old hospital. At night, a lonely dark figure can be seen walking in this tower. This is the ghost of Alexander Smitten, who administered the hospital more than a century ago.

9. Griboyedov Canal in St. Petersburg

ghost amazon

During a misty night in March, one can see the ghost of a young girl near the Griboyedov Canal in St. Petersburg. Her face is blue because of asphyxiation, and there is a big red mark on her neck caused by a rope. This is famous revolutionary Sophia Perovskaya, who assassinated Tsar Alexander II and was hanged for her deed. To meet this ghost is a bad omen, and can cost nocturnal pedestrians their lives.

10. Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin

ghost amazon

There is a legend that when the Kremlin in Nizhny Novgorod was being built, the constructors were unable to finish one of the towers. It kept falling down. In the end, they decided to make a sacrifice and to build the tower on the blood of the first person who passed by. It happened to be a pregnant woman hurrying to the river for water. She was seized and bricked up in the tower alive. The ghost of a pale woman holding a baby has appeared near this place ever since.

11. Oldenburg Palace near Voronezh

ghost amazon

Built in the late 19th century, the palace belonged to Princess Eugenia of Leuchtenberg. Today her ghost rises from the deep casemates of the palace to wander through its rooms and corridors. There is also another ghost there, much older — the ghost of a young peasant girl. It is even said that Princess Eugenia saw it when she was alive.

12. Stalin’s country house near Sochi

ghost amazon

Stalin’s ghost can be seen at his country house, located today within the Green Groove hotel near Sochi. The “father of the nations” walks in his white jacket, smoking his trademark pipe.

13. Psychiatric hospital near Nizhny Novgorod

ghost amazon

Near the modern psychiatric hospital in the village of Lyakhovo near Nizhny Novgorod, one can see an abandoned old building. Several dozen years ago a young girl hanged herself there because of unrequited love. At night it is possible to see a white silhouette and hear the moaning and cries of the “love-stricken schoolgirl” as the locals call her.

And if you want to see a UFO, here are several places in Russia where you will have a chance.

If using any of Russia Beyond's content, partly or in full, always provide an active hyperlink to the original material.

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Norilsk: The city built by gulag prisoners where Russia guards its Arctic secrets

Environmental activists are frustrated by how authorities handled a diesel spill which poured into two Arctic rivers in late May.

ghost amazon

Moscow correspondent @DiMagnaySky

Friday 3 July 2020 23:41, UK

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Arctic suffers worst ever industrial spill

The drive from Norilsk airport to the city takes you past mile after mile of crumbling, Soviet-era factories.

It looks like an endless, rusting scrapyard - a jumble of pipes, industrial junk and frost-bitten brickwork. If you were looking for an industrial apocalypse film setting, this would be your place - but you're unlikely to get the permissions.

Norilsk was built in Stalin's times by gulag prisoners. This gritty industrial city is a testament to their endurance both of the cruelty of Stalin's regime and of the harsh polar climate. There were no thoughts then on how to build to protect the environment, just to survive it.

Norilsk in Russia. Pic: Anastasya Leonova

Vasily Ryabinin doesn't think much has changed, at least in ecological terms. He used to work for the local branch of the federal environmental watchdog, Rosprirodnadzor, but quit in June after exposing what he says was a failure to investigate properly the environmental impact of the gigantic diesel spill which poured into two Arctic rivers in late May.

At 21,000 tonnes, it was the largest industrial spill in the polar Arctic .

Despite the Kremlin declaring a federal emergency and sending a host of different agencies to participate in the clean-up, just last week Mr Ryabinin and activists from Greenpeace Russia found another area where technical water used in industrial processes was being pumped directly into the tundra from a nearby tailing pond. Russia's investigative committee has promised to investigate.

"The ecological situation here is so bad," Mr Ryabinin says.

"The latest constructions such as the tailing pond at the Talnack ore-processing plant were built exclusively by Nornickel chief executive Vladimir Potanin's team and supposedly in accordance with ecological standards, but on satellite images you can see that all the lakes in the vicinity have unnatural colours and obviously something has got into them."

Nornickel Plant and container (on the left) which had the leak. Pic: Anastasya Leonova

Mining company Nornickel would disagree. It has admitted flagrant violations at the tailing pond and suspended staff it deems responsible at both the Talnack plant and at Norilsk Heat and Power plant no 3 where the diesel spill originated from.

On Thursday it appointed Andrey Bougrov, from its senior management board, to the newly-created role of senior vice president for environmental protection. It has a clear environmental strategy, provides regular updates on the status of the spill, and its Twitter feed is filled with climate-related alerts.

But what investors read is very different to the picture on the ground.

21,000 tonnes of diesel oil has spilled into two rivers in Norilsk

Norilsk used to be a closed city - one of dozens across the Soviet Union shut off to protect industrial secrets. Foreigners need special permissions approved by the Federal Security Service (FSB) to enter the region. It would take an invitation from Nornickel to make that happen and, for the past month since the spill, that has not been forthcoming.

Unlike in Soviet times, Russian citizens are now free to come and go. That's why our Sky News Moscow team were able to fly in and travel around the city, even if getting to the spill site was blocked. What they were able to film provides a snapshot of the immense challenge Russia faces in upgrading its Soviet-era industrial infrastructure, particularly at a time when climate change is melting the permafrost on which much of it was built.

The Russian city of Norilsk. Pic: Anastasya Leonova

Just downwind from one of the rusting factories on the city outskirts is a huge expanse of dead land. The skeletal remains of trees stand forlorn against the howling Arctic winds. Sulphur dioxide poisoning has snuffed the life out of all that lived here. Norilsk is the world's worst emitter of sulphur dioxide by a substantial margin.

"For 80km south of here everything is dead," Mr Ryabinin says, "and for at least 10km in that direction too. Everything here depends on the wind."

Sample took by Vasily Ryabinin near the Nornickel plant in Norilsk, Russia, on the day of an accident. Pic: Vasily Ryabinin

Immediately after the spill, Mr Ryabinin filmed and took samples from the Daldykan river just a few kilometres from the fuel tank which had leaked. By that point the river was a churning mix of diesel and red sludge dredged up from the riverbed by the force of the leak. Norilsk's rivers have turned red before and the chemical residues have sunk to the bottom, killing all life there. Nothing has lived in those rivers for decades.

In his capacity as deputy head of the local environmental watchdog, Mr Ryabinin says he insisted that he be allowed to fly further north to check the levels of contamination in Lake Pyasino and beyond.

Nornickel at the time claimed the lake was untouched by the spill. Mr Ryabinin says his boss encouraged him to let things be.

"I can't be sure I would have found anything, but this sort of confrontation - making sure I didn't go there with a camera, let alone with bottles for taking samples, it was all very clear to me. It was the final straw."

Rosprirodnadzor refused to comment to Sky News on Mr Ryabinin's allegations or suggestions that the agency was working hand in hand with Nornickel.

The Nornickel plant and the place where diesel meets red water (polluted by other chemicals). Pic: Vasily Ryabinin

Georgy Kavanosyan is an environmental blogger with a healthy 37,000 following on YouTube. Shortly after the spill, he set out for Lake Pyasino and to the Pyasina River beyond to see how far the diesel had spread.

"We set out at night so that the Norilsk Nickel security wouldn't detect us. I say at night, but they've got polar nights there now, north of the Arctic Circle. So it's still light but it's quieter and we managed to go past all the cordons."

He is one of the few to have provided evidence that the diesel has in fact travelled far beyond where the company admits. Not just the 1,200km (745m) length of Lake Pyasino but into the river beyond.

He says his measurements indicated a volume of hydrocarbons dissolved in the water of between two and three times normal levels. He thinks after he published his findings on YouTube, the authorities' vigilance increased.

Greenpeace Russia have spent the last two weeks trying to obtain samples from Lake Pyasino and the surrounding area. They have faced difficulties getting around and flying their samples out for independent analysis.

They are now waiting for results from a laboratory in St Petersburg but say the samples remain valid technically for just four days after collection and that they weren't able to make that deadline due to the authorities' actively obstructing their work.

Vasily Ryabinin and Elena Sakirko from Greenpeace. Pic: Anastasya Leonova

Elena Sakirko from Greenpeace Russia specialises in oil spills and says this has happened to her before. This time, a police helicopter flew to the hunter's hut where they were staying and confiscated the fuel for the boat they were using. Then a deputy for the Moscow city parliament tasked with bringing the samples back from Norilsk was forced to go back empty-handed.

"We were told at the airport we needed permission from the security department of Nornickel," Ms Sakirko says. "We asked them to show us some law or statement to prove that this was legal or what the basis for this was, but they haven't showed us anything and we still don't understand it."

Nornickel announced this week that the critical stage of the diesel spill is over. The company is now finalising dates for a press tour for foreign media and for other international environmentalists.

Mr Ryabinin thinks this should have happened weeks ago.

"If we don't let scientists come to the Arctic region to evaluate the impact of the accident, then in the future if anything similar happens, we won't know what to do."

A spokesperson for Nornickel said the company "is actively cooperating with the scientific community and will meticulously assess both the causes and effects of the accident."

The Russian city of Norilsk. Pic: Anastasya Leonova

Nornickel considers permafrost thawing to be the primary cause of the accident, but is waiting for the end of investigation before making a final statement, the spokesperson said.

They added that the company "accepts full responsibility for the incidents on its sites these past two months and holds itself accountable for any infrastructural deficits or poor decisions by personnel.

"The imperative is to do everything to clean up our sites, instil a stronger culture of transparency and safety in our workforce, and ensure that such situations do not occur in the future."

Olga Chenchikova

IMDbPro Starmeter See rank

Wolf Trap Presents the Kirov: Swan Lake (1986)

  • Odile (as Olga Chenchnikova)

Karambolina-Karamboletta (1983)

  • Madonna (as Olga Chenchnikova)

Personal details

  • Olga Chenchilova
  • May 17 , 1956
  • Elektrostal, Moscow Oblast, RSFSR, USSR [now Russia]

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