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Chasing Sunsets: 3 Great Spots On The Peninsula For A Sundowner

placencia yacht club

Placencia isn’t known for its spectacular sunsets; the peninsula is oriented to afford a sunrise or moonrise view over the Caribbean Sea, so to situate yourself to see a sunset behind the Maya Mountains you will need a bit of height or a clever angle. But have no fear! If you’re seeking a sunset and only a sunset will do, here are the top three places on the peninsula to catch one.  Have a drink and a bite to eat at any (or all, if the timing of your visit permits) of these spectacular settings and toast that sinking sun to another day of fun in ‘barefoot-perfect’ paradise.

Three60 Martini Bar at Sirenian Bay

placencia yacht club

Enjoying a martini atop three60 Martini Bar at Sirenian Bay. Image via Megan Rodden

The new three60 Martini Bar at Sirenian Bay is a sleek and sexy rooftop lounge offering panoramic views of the Placencia Lagoon in the forefront and the Maya Mountains in the distance. Pick between bistro tables, comfortably cushioned conversation nooks, or belly up to the impressive bar featuring a polished and preserved Strangler Fig as the centerpiece.  Martinis are on the menu here and the list is long! All the classics, of course, plus flavored martinis, wines, and specialty coffees. Pair your libation of choice with some small bites from their tapas menu. Everything is thoughtfully prepared and presented, with many of the ingredients coming directly from the on-site organic garden. 


Try a round of mini-golf at Inky’s Restaurant, Bar & Mini-Golf.

After you’ve watched that golden globe go down from your rooftop-vantage point, you can head downstairs to Inky’s for a round of mini golf .  Not just for kids, playing a round at Inky’s is a great date-night activity too.  The course is beautifully landscaped and lit at night so it feels equal parts romantic and campy.

Muna Rooftop Restaurant & Bar

placencia yacht club

The elegant and sophisticated Muna Rooftop Restaurant and Bar at the top of the Ellysian Hotel provide Placencia’s tallest observation point and the most stylish purlieu for sunset cocktails and candlelit dinners. Muna presents patrons with views of Placencia Village, the caye-studded Caribbean Sea, mangrove forests along the lagoon, and in the background, the beautiful Maya Mountains. If the sights outside aren’t captivating enough, perhaps the handsome and refined décor inside the restaurant will wow you. Sleek, modern lines contrast beautifully with earthy touches such as hand-woven reed lampshades and driftwood accents. Linger over one of Muna’s signature hand-crafted cocktails on the open-air patio during sunset then indulge in dinner inside the air-conditioned restaurant. 

muna dessert belize placencia ellysian cchanona

Besides cocktails and sunset views, Muna also serves up its new dinner menu. Image via Carolee Chanona

Muna’s menu aims to please discerning palates by focusing on the best Belizean fare and elevating it just a bit to fine dining standards; think bite-sized tostones topped with savory pork pibil and bright pico de gallo, or fresh coconut in a creamy split pea soup with roasted pork belly. Muna is a splurge by Placencia standards but the perfect excuse to swap your flip-flops for slingbacks for a night.

The Placencia Yacht Club

sunset placencia yacht club belize

Sunset. Image via Placencia Yacht Club

Yacht Club is a bit of a misnomer for this cool and casual lounge. Placencia Yacht Club is located on a dock over the water on Placencia Caye, a stone’s throw from the village proper.  You needn’t be a member of an exclusive club or sport Sperry’s and drive a pleasure cruiser to hang out here, though you do need to sort out your own aquatic transportation to the restaurant.  The Yacht Club offers a unique perspective for sunset; it might be the only place in Placencia with unobstructed views along the sea to the south. Listen to the gentle lapping of the waves underfoot and savor a glass of their excellent rum punch , the not-so-secret ingredient that makes their’s special is nutmeg, as you quietly appreciate the breeze off the water and the slowly setting sun.

Written by Megan Rodden. Header image via Carolee Chanona.

placencia yacht club

Megan Rodden

Megan's motto is "work less, play more" and that mantra became the inspiration for both her move to Belize in 2017 and the life she chronicles on her personal blog. She's always on the lookout for the next adventure and delights in daily opportunities to learn more about the fascinating cultures, cuisines, history, and landscapes of this beautiful country. Megan's background in Social Services and Broadcast Media has forged her into a Jack-of-many-trades and a master of none. But that's just fine with her, as she values experiences over achievements.  

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placencia yacht club

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Location, Location, Location, Does the Placencia Yacht Club Nail that !

placencia yacht club

Although it feels like a lot longer, the Placencia Yacht Club has only been open for a little over two years now. With its commanding view of Placencia Harbor, the Pacencia Pier, Point, and the Mayan Mountains, the club has quickly become a “Gathering Place” for groups of boaters, tourists, and the general public.

placencia yacht club

This is a story of Caroline and Beat who first met in Zurich, Switzerland and soon realized their dreams were the same, to own and operate their own business, in something they both loved…

placencia yacht club

Owners Beat Retouch and Caroline Imfeld

placencia yacht club

Caroline and a nice-looking Bone.

Caroline and Beat departed Switzerland on April 1st, 2019, Not concerned with that date? :), headed for Placencia, Belize, on their Motor yacht, The Sirius.

placencia yacht club

Placencia Village

After a long journey with it’s own stories, they finally arrived here in Placencia, Belize, and found the vacant property with a boardwalk, pier and structure that was previously a small bar/ restaurant. After negotiating with owner, they took possession in February 2021, with Caroline opening the new restaurant / Bat, The Placencia yacht Club.

placencia yacht club

Caroline and her Pirate friends

Located on Placencia Caye a short distance from the Placencia Pier, Carolina offered boat transfer for guests on the mainland not having their own vessel. The Yacht Club has quickly gained a large following and client base, especially with the location in the Placencia Harbor. Those fishing the Caribbean Sea, both locals and fishing / snorkeling guides often stop there for their clients to experience.

placencia yacht club

Caroline makes everyone that jumps off a vessel feel at home, and quite literally, you “arrive as guests and leave as friends”.

placencia yacht club

With a standard bar service and a small but adequate menu, with plated like pasta’s, chicken wings, poppers, etc, there is something for everyone.

placencia yacht club

Popper’s Anyone?

Caroline also offers events for large groups, providing “to share” dishes, specialts fresh fish, salads and even a cake or two for these events.

placencia yacht club

Recently she was “invaded” by multiple Pirate vessels, full of nasty, gnarly cutthroat buccaneers, and she managed to provide a splendid dinner for 25 hungry Pirates and their Wenches.

And even a awesome birthday cake 🙂

placencia yacht club

There have been Weddings , Birthday Parties, Anniversary Celebrations, and more.

Last year and this year National Geographic brought their ship to Placencia Harbor and invited Caroline to participate in their social gathering in Placencia Village, and did again this year.

placencia yacht club

Plenty of room for your vessel.

Another fun and now regular event is a paint class complete with teacher and all supplies, where they paint a palm fond with scene or figure, like a mermaid. This has become quite popular with classes filline to maximum often.

placencia yacht club

Always greeted by friendly “dock dogs” 🙂

Both Beat and Caroline are still active in their love of fishing, especially Fly Fishing, as Belize Flats are quite famous for Bones, Permit and Tarpon. They run charter services out to the flats and Caribbean Sea on the Sirius, and let me say, it’s a First Class Fishing Adventure.

placencia yacht club

There are hookups of power and water for vessels up to 100 ft. using the docking service at the yacht Club, and many times large yachts and Catamaran’s are tied up there. Don’t worry, there is always somewhere to tie up your “little 28 foot” vessel.

placencia yacht club

So if your are visiting the Placencia Peninsula, cruising the Caribbean Waters looking for safe harbor, or even comming ashore from a cruise liner, give the Placencia yacht Club a call and become a friend in paradise.

placencia yacht club

Waiting for you at the dock 🙂

The Placencia yacht Club

Placencia Caye, Belize

Phone +501-639-8555

WhatsApp- +4178605

Fishing Charter Contact- [email protected]

Hope you enjoyed the article, and visit the crew at the Placencia yacht Club soon.

Please “Like and Share” this post if you have not as yet.

Thanks in advance,

Gary…..The Pirate

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placencia yacht club

Our home base

Placencia yacht club.

our home base at placencia caye  

No matter if you come to Placencia by car or by plane, after a short boat ride you will arrive at Placencia Caye. It is a small island right in front of the village and our home base. Since April 2020 this treasure is ours and we call it the Placencia Yacht Club . It is a restaurant / lounge / marina and much more. We developed a big outdoor living area with sky bed, drift wood couch, pick nick table, hammocks, outdoor shower. Over 50 palm trees, Hibiscus and other flowers were planted and we are constantly working and improving the area.

It is the perfect place to relax after your journey, install yourself in the yacht, prepare your gear, enjoy a nice drink and/or do your the first casts right from the dock, where we often have permits and at night tarpons, jacks and snapper - right under the restaurant. 

placencia yacht club

placencia yacht club

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  • Crew looking for a vessel
  • AWARD WINNERS 2022-2023

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Pacific weather | caribbean weather | atlantic weather |  climatology  | lightning density | clouds.



10 Cloud types

—found in the low levels of the atmosphere, tend to produce a light drizzle; Stratus (St): 0 to 500 m altitude

It is a cloud of grayness, which forms a uniform, extended and gray layer of low clouds, which can occur to drizzle, snow or ice prisms. It can also take the form of a shredded bench when it dissipates. Its irregular contours and dimensions change continuously and rapidly. Its base is very low (between 20 and 500 m) and it can hide the peaks of small hills. When it touches the ground, it turns into a fog. They are particularly common in large urban areas because of air pollution.

Effect It can produce drizzle, granular snow or snow in very small flakes, in very small quantities and with very low intensity.



—(‘alto’ meaning high), found in the middle level, tend to be very good rain producing system for large areas across continents, particularly inland; 2 to 6 km altitude

It is a bluish or greyish cloud layer with a striated, fibrous or uniform appearance and covers a large part of the sky. It can let the sun appear where it is thinnest. It looks like a cirrostratus, but without the halo phenomenon. Several layers of altostratus can overlap at intervals of a few dozen metres and are often associated with altocumulus.

Effect When thick, it can bring rain, snow or ice granules.



—formed when altostratus undergoes further vertical development, allowing the cloud to hold more moisture, and causing the cloud base to lower and produce heavier rainfall; also appears darker in color; 2 to 6 km altitude

It is a sign of bad weather and takes the form of a thick grey and dark cloud layer, whose appearance is blurred by the precipitation it generates. Coming from the altostratus, it causes either rain or snow continuously with a strong to very strong intensity. It often gives the impression of being lit from the inside, but is thick enough to completely hide the sun. It is regularly accompanied by shattered low clouds (pannus).

Effect Rain and rains can last all day and in winter, if it is cold, it will generate snow or ice pellets.



—found in the higher levels of the atmosphere, white and wispy, and made of ice crystals. Often produces a lot of halo activity with cirrostratus cloud, with the ice crystals refracting light around the moon and the sun. 5 to 13 km altitude

Appears as a transparent, whitish cloud veil with a fibrous and smooth appearance and partially or entirely covers the sky, yet it is not thick enough to remove cast shadows. In general, it is associated with a halo phenomenon. Composed of small, widely dispersed ice crystals,  announces a change in the weather.

Effect Precipitation: It never produces precipitation. It is often found at the front of a warm front and may precede precipitation up to 24 hours after its appearance.

placencia yacht club

in the lower part of the atmosphere clouds are

—low level cloud which tends to produce short duration, fairly intense rainfall that is often very localized, meaning that rain falling at your house might not be falling at your next bay a mile up the coast  200 m at 2 km altitude

Cumulus is a cloud of good weather despite its imposing size and develops vertically. It is dense, with well defined contours. Their upper side buds and often resembles a cauliflower. When the sun shines on them, they are bright white, while their rather flat base is more or less dark. We distinguish 3 varieties of cumulus according to their vertical development.

Effect The cumulus of good weather does not announce rain but it sometimes gives rise to rain, snow or rolled snow, always in the form of rainfall.



—found in the lower levels, a blend between stratiform and cumuliform cloud and taking on appearances from both these cloud types, may produce drizzle;  300 m at 2.5 km altitude

Marine stratocumulus is a type of stratocumulus cloud that form in the stable air off the west coast of major land masses. The Earth spins on its axis, which results in the Coriolis force pushing the ocean surface water away from the coast in the mid-latitudes. This results in upwelling of cold water from below that creates a pool of cool water at the surface, which in turn cools the air directly above it. The surface cooling results in a large temperature inversion at the top of the marine layer. As the temperature is cooled to the dewpoint, water vapor condenses upon available cloud condensation nuclei, and forms a cloud. The stability of the marine layer prevents deep convection, and thus stratiform clouds are formed

Effect They announce a rather threatening weather and it can – but very rarely – give rise to light rainfall, snow or rolled snow.



—found in the middle levels, looks like sheep in the sky, may produce light showers; 2 to 6 km altitude

Form of a bench or layer of clouds in the form of white and/or grey strips, pebbles or rollers. They can be welded together and are mainly composed of super cooled water droplets.

Effect do not announce a particular weather but rather a change of weather. They can bring rain in rather light and short rainfalls.



—small, rippled, higher level cloud, does not produce precipitation; 5 to 13 km altitude

small white clouds in the form of granules or wrinkles that form a bench, a layer or a thin layer, letting the sun filter. Essentially composed of ice crystals, they follow the cirrus and cirrostratus and announce a change in weather.

Effect They do not announce any particular weather and very rarely give rainfall that never reaches the ground.



—the largest cloud of all, forms in the lower layer of the atmosphere but extends through all three layers right to the top of the atmosphere. Also known as thunderstorm cloud, producing thunder and lightning. 300 m a 17 km

These are cumulus clouds which predict  bad weather: storms, showers, hail. They are formed by enormous volutes at the top and can generate very violent bad weather. These are the only clouds that cause thunderstorms.

Effect It brings the most violent bad weather, in winter as in summer: rain, snow, rolled snow, sleet and hail, always in the form of showers, often accompanied by lightning and thunder. Sometimes it can even form a waterspout, or even exceptionally, a tornado that will descend to the ground with strong winds.


—formed of ice crystals moving very quickly through the atmosphere, occurring at temperatures around –40°C to –60°C, does not produce precipitation 6 to 12 km altitude

Shape  of white filaments, like feathers or commas, with a fibrous aspect and/or a silky shine. Very thin and transparent, they let the sun pass through, even if they dull its shine. They are essentially composed of small scattered ice crystals. They appear in the sky before other clouds that will cause a disturbance

Effect They are a sign of good weather and their precipitation never reaches the ground. If followed by Cirrostratus, they often precede a disturbance.


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  2. Ranguana Caye, Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, BELIZE

  3. The Peninsula Club and Marina in Placencia Belize

  4. Belize : Placencia + Harvest Caye w/ Norwegian Joy (2023-04-04)


  6. Guille Placencia & George Privatti


  1. Home

    Placencia Yacht Club - Placencia Caye - Belize +501 639 8555 for CALLs and TEXT only +41 78 605 5181 for WHATSAPP. operated by

  2. Perfect way to spend a lazy afternoon

    The Placencia Yacht club is a beautifully decorated costal themed restaurant and bar in an open air building situated on a dock at Placencia Caye (across from the Southern tip of Placencia). From the moment we arrived, the evening felt magical. She invited us to sit anywhere and move around this beautiful venue.

  3. Placencia Yacht Club

    Placencia Yacht Club, Placencia. 1,838 likes · 49 talking about this. restaurant/lounge that offers nice cold drinks and a small menu all over the water! cash only thanks u ...


    Placencia Yacht Club is a restaurant and bar on a dock in Placencia, Belize, offering Italian, European and healthy cuisine. Read reviews from travelers who enjoyed the scenic views, the hospitality and the sunset cocktails.

  5. Everything you can possibly wish for...

    Enjoy delicious food, drinks and hospitality at Placencia Yacht Club, a venue built over the water on a little island in front of Placencia Village. Read 16 reviews from travelers who rated it as one of the best places to watch the sunset and experience the sailors paradise.

  6. yacht harbor marina belize

    Whether it's your first time to Placencia, or you live here, Placencia Yacht Club is a must-visit location. Geraldine Villa Cardona I've traveled a lot around the world but in few places I have felt the way I did in the Placencia Yacht Club.

  7. placencia marina restaurant and bar

    Bar lounge. The PLACENCIA YACHT CLUB is a unique place on a little caye right in front of Placencia beach with the most beautiful sunset in the whole village. Nice cold drinks, chillout-lounge music and delicious food - served over the water. You can see dolphins, egal rays, sea stars and different fish righ of the dock and if the season is ...

  8. Placencia Yacht Club

    Placencia Yacht Club, Placencia. 1.834 Me gusta · 264 personas están hablando de esto. restaurant/lounge that offers nice cold drinks and a small menu all over the water! cash only thanks u ...

  9. Placencia Yacht Club

    Placencia Yacht Club, Punta Placencia, Stann Creek, Belize. 198 likes. Placencia Yacht Club and Marina The Placencia Yacht Club, nestled on the leeward side of Placencia Caye, Belize, overlooks...


    Placencia Yacht Club, Placencia: See 16 unbiased reviews of Placencia Yacht Club, rated 5 of 5 on Tripadvisor and ranked #38 of 77 restaurants in Placencia.

  11. Friends trip

    Placencia Yacht Club: Friends trip - See 16 traveler reviews, 36 candid photos, and great deals for Placencia, Belize, at Tripadvisor.

  12. marina belize placencia

    The Placencia Yacht Club is the perfect location for birthday or engagement parties, wedding receptions or a private business event with up to 35 - 40 guests. How about a private dinner, where the whole restaurant is yours? We offer unforgettable moments up to maximum 24persons. Contact us for details and to discuss your individual menu.

  13. Marina

    The Placencia Marina located in Southern Belize is the only Super Yacht Destination Marina between Mexico and Roatan. Visit this Belize marina in Placencia.

  14. 3 Great Spots On The Placencia Peninsula For A Sundowner in Belize

    Placencia Yacht Club is located on a dock over the water on Placencia Caye, a stone's throw from the village proper. You needn't be a member of an exclusive club or sport Sperry's and drive a pleasure cruiser to hang out here, though you do need to sort out your own aquatic transportation to the restaurant.

  15. Business Spotlight….The Placencia Yacht Club, Placencia, Belize

    The Yacht Club has quickly gained a large following and client base, especially with the location in the Placencia Harbor. Those fishing the Caribbean Sea, both locals and fishing / snorkeling guides often stop there for their clients to experience.

  16. Marina Gallery

    Check out the marina gallery for the super yacht marina located at The Placencia Resort in Belize. This is the best yacht mooring destination in Belize!

  17. Scenic gorgeous spot!

    Placencia Yacht Club: Scenic gorgeous spot! - See 15 traveler reviews, 36 candid photos, and great deals for Placencia, Belize, at Tripadvisor.

  18. Our Homebase

    Since April 2020 this treasure is ours and we call it the Placencia Yacht Club. It is a restaurant / lounge / marina and much more. We developed a big outdoor living area with sky bed, drift wood couch, pick nick table, hammocks, outdoor shower. Over 50 palm trees, Hibiscus and other flowers were planted and we are constantly working and ...

  19. placencia yacht marina

    Placencia Yacht Club - Placencia Caye - Belize +501 639 8555 for CALLs and TEXT only +41 78 605 5181 for WHATSAPP. operated by

  20. View of the sunset from Placencia Yacht Club

    View of the sunset from Placencia Yacht Club - unfiltered! This place is a hidden gem if you're visiting Placencia. Make a reservation with Caroline and she'll arrange a boat to pick you up from the pier and take you across the channel to the Yacht Club where you can enjoy dinner & drinks.

  21. safe marina placencia

    Placencia Yacht Club - Placencia Caye - Belize. +501 639 8555 for CALLs and TEXT only. +41 78 605 5181 for WHATSAPP. operated by.

  22. Placencia Yacht Club Belize Sponsors the Panama ...

    PLACENCIA YACHT CLUB 🇧🇿 BELIZE SPONSORS THE PANAMA POSSE 16° 30.5216′ N 088°21.7333′ W We are please to sponsor the […]