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Looking for Bluewater Trimaran plans 40-50 feet

Discussion in ' Boat Design ' started by Schoolbus , Feb 17, 2019 .


Schoolbus Junior Member

There seems to be a real gap of trimaran plans out there in the 40- 50 foot range- I am only finding trailerable tris, or very old Piver type designs, or the 54 foot Chris White Hammerhead..... Anyone out there know of any bluewater 40-50 foot Trimaran plans? (Neel 45 is one of the few production ones, and it is more of a catamaran style.......) Sincerely, Schoolbus  


Angélique aka Angel (only by name)

Schoolbus said: ↑ Anyone out there know of any bluewater 40-50 foot Trimaran plans? Click to expand...
In WoodenBoat Magazine #265 * ( Nov . /Dec . 2018 ) was a design concept for a LOA 39' 4" ( 12 m ) wind - solar - electric trimaran motorsailer by Laurie McGowan . * Table of Contents PDF ​ ​ ( the flickering in the above animation, below the bottom in center view, is the lines of the bow centerboard and the mid centerboard and the rudder interfering with each other while being raised and lowered ) — two Elco EP-14s electric motors, one up and one down in this aft view — ​  
F-39 Farrier is close but a bit short and the retractable amas put it into the trailerable slot, I am really looking for a dedicated bluewater cruiser tri....... Something about the WoodenBoat's tri seems a bit off.....cant put my finger on it- a bit like a Popular Mechanic quality of execution..... Schoolbus  


rwatson Senior Member

There are Grainger Tri's - about four models TR52 Performance Trimaran https://www.graingerdesigns.net/trimaran-designs/tr52-trimaran/  
Philippe Briand has designed the Exception 52 Tri, several were built by Techni Yachts Pinta in the 1980's , here's one for sale , don't know if Philippe sells plans for it though, but if meant for single handed self build then such projects are gonna be to big I think.  
rwatson said: ↑ There are Grainger Tri's - about four models TR52 Performance Trimaran https://www.graingerdesigns.net/trimaran-designs/tr52-trimaran/ Click to expand...


Tad Boat Designer

Searunner Multihulls - CC 44 Tri http://www.searunner.com/index.php/cc-44-tri Traveler Class Trimaran by Dick Newick http://dicknewickboats.com/traveler.html Kurt Hughes Multihull Design - Catamarans and Trimarans for Cruising and Charter - 52' Trimaran http://www.multihulldesigns.com/designs_stock/52tri.html  

Richard Woods

Richard Woods Woods Designs

Add Roger Simpson, John Marples to the list if you can still get plans (not sure) RW  
Here's a thread about a Roger Simpson 43 ' Liahona stalled build project, it shows it's important to make a realistic plan how to finish such a project before starting it. To see some pics of a completed Liahona, there's a fixer upper for sale * , she's located on Walter Greene' s yard in Yarmouth ME. ( * see post #20 - #25 - #27 in the above linked thread )  
↑ 2 × the in 1999 Greene built 38' Scout , designed by Walter Greene. ↑ P2 - 52' Newick/Lambert/Greene design, in 2005 built by Greene. See also Dick Newick designs. ( one of them is already linked by Tad in post #8 )  


Squidly-Diddly Senior Member

here is a good one.  
At 60' she's out of range, she's an tarted up for hollywood older version of an ORMA 60 ... Same type , the old ORMA 60 Brossard , she was wrecked in 2009 in Oman , and has been there like pictured for quite a number of years .  
I always thought that the big harpoon in the front would have been super useful. Would have added a lot to the marina charges though.  
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That's why they've parked Brossard's bow on the boulders in Oman, as they were only charged for the part in the water there . . from Brossard's better days . . . ​ ​  


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    Here are 6 of the best trailerable trimaran: The Dragonfly series. F-22. Corsair Series. Astus. Weta 14.5. Windrider 17. Choosing the best trailerable trimaran (a multi-hull with three "hulls") will depend on crucial factors like speed, durability, design, and ease of transportation.

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    Early trailerable trimaran designs often incorporated a simple hinged beam-reduction system to fold both sides down. Boats to about 25' (7.6m) with a 16' (4.9m) beam could be made to fold to 8'. At the ama end, lifting the hull, sometimes with attached wing deck, could require substantial muscle or a mechanical lift.

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    The plans have been drawn up for foam sandwich construction with additional notes for marine ply construction. The Scarab 18 is a very compact trailerable trimaran designed for sailing on protected water, easy to rig and sail (single handed if desired). It has a double berth and two quarter berths (under the cockpit seats) for two children.

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    All Stock Plans Order Form : Trimaran Plans. Ed Horstman designed TRIMARAN and CATAMARAN plans are drawn for the first time builder. Plans are concise and clearly drawn so the builder can easily follow each building step. Designs are continuously updated with your input and new ideas. Plans include full size patterns to 63'.

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    A 26' cruising trailerable trimaran in developed plywood. This 26' cruising trailerable trimaran is designed to be wide, stable and fast. ... Even with the old amas, I used to sail the prototype literally in circles around other trimaran designs on the same course. Notice the first 3D model is the 26 migrating into 3D CADD. ...

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    TRI-STAR 26MT a trailerable trimaran with comfortable cruising accommodations. The main hull has four full size berths and a full galley with seating for four. ... TRI-STAR 26MT is a trailerable design with the ama's being folded back beside the main hull for trailering or TRI-STAR 26MT once folded may be berthed in a regular boat slip. TRISTAR ...

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    Farrier, who passed away in 2017, created the F-22 as a kind of culmination of all he'd continued to learn about small, trailerable multihulls in the years since he penned the F-27 trimaran, a true trail-blazer and now part of the "Sailboat Hall of Fame.". Another F-22 sidles up alongside a pier in Malta with amas folded in.

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    The DESIGNER'S book TRIMARAN and CATAMARAN CONSTRUCTION is part of the plans (over 21') and covers all phases of construction. Plans are leased to build ONE boat, NO time limit. ... Trailerable, Fast Catamaran Design with berthing areas Click for more information. TRI-STAR CAT 27 PC Study Plans $ Add To Cart TRI-STAR CAT 27 PC Plans $ Add To Cart.

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    The F-22™ is intended to solve this problem, as a brand new entry level design, and intended to be a light weight, roomy, low cost trailerable trimaran, which is available as a full production sail-away boat. Neil Wilkinson's plan/kit built F-22R (with cuddy cabin) at Team New Zealand's dock in Auckland. (Neil was the foil engineer with ...

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    Probably the fastest trailerable and foldable sailing racer-cruiser trimaran on the Planet. Perfectly made for single- and double-handed racing and cruising. ... With more victories at legendary races in Europe, the Marlin trimaran is a well-proved design. With the comfort for a family, there is a standing headroom of 192 cm in the salon and ...

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    The ultimate multihull design and building resource - catamarans and trimarans to 150 feet. New Design Books Are Here, with 2016 Updates! Home New Designs Stock Designs Cruising Cats Power Multihulls Custom Designs Charter Designs ... professional builders who build my designs; and answers to frequently asked questions. It is over 235 pages ...

  17. Looking for Bluewater Trimaran plans 40-50 feet

    Angélique aka Angel (only by name) Philippe Briand has designed the Exception 52 Tri, several were built by Techni Yachts Pinta in the 1980's, here's one for sale, don't know if Philippe sells plans for it though, but if meant for single handed self build then such projects are gonna be to big I think.

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    About Woods Downloadable Plans The Strike 2 trimaran is akin to a scaled up Strike 15, rather than a longer Strike 18. So is designed for those who want to sail fast or race, rather than those who want a day cruiser.

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    However with all things considered, building a multi can be an amazing journey. Fast Twin Catermaran. $ 30.00 - $ 45.00 (USD) Lively 28 Cruising Trimaran. $ 170.00 - $ 185.00 (USD) Lively 35 Cruising Trimaran. $ 355.00 - $ 370.00 (USD) Catamaran & Trimaran Boat Plans from Hartley Boats make it a reality to build your own multihull at home.

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    The trailerable aspect of this design allows for easy delivery and storage. Design Brief; Specifications; Layout; Kits; Plans; Study Plans; Purchase. This is predominately an open boat ideally suited to tropical conditions and outdoor living. The open cockpit design is spacious enough for groups of up to 6 to 8 people with comfortable seating ...

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    The development took almost 2 years and is the ultimate combination of design and function. The Dragonfly 28 is a foldable and trailerable 28 ft trimaran, that provides you with all the benefits and features from a trimaran on the water - allowing speeds up to 22+ knots, shallow draft and high comfort while sailing, as the boat is barely heeling.

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    Power Multihulls. These low-drag powerboats give a much better ride and require far less power than other types for target speeds of up to 2.5 to 3.0 times the vessel's hull speed. Excellent economy, a superior ride, and a more extensive cruising range are possible with these displacement multihulls. Some of those catamaran powerboats are ...