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Map: Here are some of the Twin Cities' spookiest Halloween displays

October 24, 2023 / 5:00 AM CDT / CBS Minnesota

MINNEAPOLIS — Halloween is now just a few days away and houses in Twin Cities neighborhoods everywhere are ready to chill your bones.

On Tuesday morning, WCCO's Shayla Reaves headed to Woodbury to see how Royal Oaks transforms into Haunted Oaks .

If you'd like to see haunted homes verified as active across Minnesota, homes decorated by people who simply share a love for Halloween, click here for a map of those homes and how you can check them out.

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Haunted Places in Woodbury, Minnesota

haunted house near woodbury mn

Lake Elmo Park Reserve

Lake elmo, minnesota.

The forest all around Lake Elmo (lake) is rumoured to be haunted by a middle-aged man who walks the trails in the early evening hours. Visitors who approach or greet the apparition get a surprise when the man disappears into thin air, no-where to be seen. People who walk ...

haunted house near woodbury mn

Mounds Theatre

Saint paul, minnesota.

At this 1922 playhouse building, folks have reported being grabbed physically while working late at night. An obscenity-shouting ghost named Red sometimes even throws objects at women, and a little girl in a pink dress may bounce a ball on the stage. But beware: Stories say some investigators didn't leave ...

haunted house near woodbury mn

The Moonshine Saloon

Previously known as the Noose Bar, Moonshine Saloon definitely has some ghosts, witnesses say. For one thing, a beer glass flew across the room and shattered against the wall, and for another, a jukebox started up on its own. A neon sign swung and fell despite a lack of wind, ...

William Hamm Mansion

This historic mansion seems to harbour a spirit determined to protect owners from peril. The ghost has been known to wake up tenants during the night to forewarn them of impending disasters, and is believed to be a former resident dating back to when the house was built for ...

Wabasha Street Caves

Wabasha Street Caves are sandstone underground caves available for tours. They are decorated with brick walls, stucco ceilings and carpet or tile floors. Apparitions seen here include a man in a panama hat, another man who meets a woman in the bar area around 3 a.m., a man who sits ...

Cottage Grove Cemetery

Cottage grove, minnesota.

Reported in this cemetery have been an apparition seen in the storage shed window and phantom perfume aromas.

St. Paul City Hall - Ramsey County Courthouse

The Ramsey County Courthouse is haunted, say witnesses who have seen apparitions in old-style clothes and heard laughter in empty rooms and high heels walking down empty halls. The apparition of a shoeshine man has been seen in the lobby, and another man has been seen hanging from a noose, ...

The Jonathan Padelford

The Jonathan Padelford is a Mississippi River steamboat that's believed to be haunted by a man who drowned after climbing to the top of the pilothouse and then falling from it into the river. Both employees and passengers have heard this phantom scene replay, complete with footsteps and a large ...

haunted house near woodbury mn

Landmark Center

This beautiful castle-like location is said to be haunted by Jack Pfeiffer, a former bellhop who got in with gangsters and began laudering money. He was arrested and, fearful of going to prison, killed himself by poisoning in his jail cell. Jack's ghost enjoys ladies, drinking and partying, and can ...

Fitzgerald Theater

The 1910 Fitzgerald Theater is reportedly haunted by Ben, thought to be a former stagehand, and Veronica, a former actress. During a restoration in 1985, workers removed a false ceiling and discovered a second balcony, on which was a note written to Ben. Since then, a male apparition has been ...

haunted house near woodbury mn

Hamlet Park - Dead Man's Pond

Legend has it that the little swampy, algae-covered pond in Hamlet Park claimed a victim long ago, and today it is haunted... and lies in wait for its next victim.

Forepaugh's Restaurant

Forepaugh's Restaurant serves French cuisine in an 1800s Victorian mansion. It is believed to be haunted by Molly, a young maid who had an affair with Joseph Lybrandt Forepaugh. When Joseph's wife Mary caught them in bed, pregnant Molly hanged herself from a chandelier and threw herself out a third-story ...

Minnesota State Capitol

The Minnesota State Capitol was completed in 1905, replacing an older building that had burned down. Witnesses have described unexplained noises that come from the second story, cold gusts of air, and apparitions of deceased senators and governors in the halls and stairways. Something may be strange about Room 217 ...

Oakland Cemetery

Witnesses who have seen the ghost believed to haunt this cemetery have given a thorough description of her apparition. She is in her mid twenties and has shoulder-length brown hair and blue eyes, and wears a turn-of-the-century lace dress.

Griggs Mansion

The 1883 Griggs Mansion was turned into apartments, and then an art school in 1939. It has many ghosts, including a maid who hanged herself on the fourth floor landing in 1915; gardener Charles Wade, who has been heard flipping through books in the library; a thin man in a ...

haunted house near woodbury mn

Schmidt Brewery

Allegedly haunted by a variety of employees who died there in various ways. Details on the actual haunted activity are scarce but seem to fall primarily into the "eerie feeling" and "random sound" categories.

Marie Schmidt-Bremer House

This house is known in these parts because it belonged to Marie Schmidt-Bremer, the daughter of Schmidt Brewing Company founder Jacob Schmidt. She and her husband Adolf Bremer had a son, Edward, who was kidnapped in 1934 by the Karpis-Barker gang. The house is haunted by an apparition of a ...

Grey Cloud Island

St. paul park, minnesota, afton house inn, afton, minnesota.

The 1867 historic inn is rumoured to be haunted by a ghost or two. The spirit set here include a woman known as 'Margaret', a young boy in old-fashioned breeches and the apparition of a farmer. Other encounters indicate that disembodied footsteps, cold spots and the smell of ...

Roselawn Cemetery

Roseville, minnesota.

A ghost called Smiling Jack resides at the lovely Roselawn Cemetery. According to local tales, the police got several calls about a person who was trapped inside a mausoleum. When they responded, the police never found anyone, so the locals decided they had a ghost on their hands. He was ...

haunted house near woodbury mn

Hamline University

Hamline University has a few haunted halls, say the students. One building said to see the most ghostly activity is the Manor Hall, where apparitions, moving objects and strange noises abound. The third floor is the most active. Old Main and Drew Hall are no slouches either, as far as ...

College of St. Catherine

At College of St. Catherine's St. Mary’s Hall, a gray lady appears in doorways of the second floor rooms. Students also have reported something poking them awake right before their alarms go off or cold fingers on the backs of their necks. Some have heard the sound of someone running ...

Minnesota State Fairgrounds

Falcon heights, minnesota.

The Minnesota State Fairgrounds, according to some, is haunted by a ghost pig, or half-human, half-pig called the Pigman. Other reports say a small brown bird that nests here is believed to be a reincarnation of Wayne Murray, a maintenance man who died here in 1986. Also, the ghost of ...

haunted house near woodbury mn

Matoska Park

White bear lake, minnesota.

Several reports claim that an apparition can be seen standing in the shallow marsh to the left of the bridge to Manitou Island (private area). The ghostly figure is said to be a younger female, wearing casual clothing from circa 1920. The figure has yet to be identified. Others have claimed ...

Rudy's Redeye Grill and Hotel

Local legends claim that the wardrobe on the second level of the hotel is haunted by an unknown spirit that was cursed to the wardrobe a long time ago after it was made. Other reports claim seeing shadowy apparitions in the 3rd and 4th hotel halls in between the ...

haunted house near woodbury mn

Lumber Barons - The Water Street Inn

Stillwater, minnesota.

Former Lumber Barons and now the Water Street Inn, the place is said to be haunted by the spirit of a drunken Confederate soldier. The soldier died on the S.W. suite of the second floor, and witnesses say his ghostly sweaty odor can still be detected.

Warden's House Museum

The Warden's House Museum, built in 1853 as the home of the Minnesota Territorial Prison warden, is said to be haunted. Trudy, the daughter of Henry Wolfer, last warden to live here, got married and moved away. Right after she had a son, she died appendicitis, and her father raised ...

Gibbs Museum Farmhouse

At the 1800s Gibbs Museum Farmhouse, spirits are a regular occurrence, some say. Doors and cupboards are known to open and close, a chair rocks with no one in it, toys are moved around in the night, footsteps are heard in the halls, and the apparition of a little boy ...

Treat Me Sweet

Hastings, minnesota.

Treat Me Sweet was a restaurant (no longer open) rumored to be haunted by a former owner who committed suicide in the kitchen.

Rosewood Inn Bed and Breakfast

People have reported seeing a strange glowing apparition walking around the grounds and inside the historic inn. When the inn was abandoned for a period of time, people were reportedly chased by the spirit on various occasions. (Submitted by Callum Swift)

haunted house near woodbury mn

Washington Avenue Bridge

Minneapolis, minnesota.

Washington Avenue Bridge at the University of Minnesota is the stuff of local haunted legend, especially among students. Witnesses have heard footsteps along the bridge that seem to follow them, stopping when they stop and resuming when they do. The haunting is said to be a result of the many ...

Dairy Queen

St. anthony, minnesota.

Who else would haunt a Dairy Queen but ice-cream-loving kids? Children's laughter and the sounds of employees' names being called have been heard after closing, and mysterious orders print up that were not ordered by anyone in the realm of the living. Items also have been known to disappear or ...

William G. LeDuc House

Civil War quartermaster General William Leduc's home, built in 1865, and his family reportedly dabbled in spiritualism. Many spirits are said to reside here, and the apparition of General Leduc himself has been spotted. His daughter Alice and family friend Carroll Simmons are believed to be here as well, and ...

haunted house near woodbury mn

The Soap Factory

The old 1880s soap factory, now an experimental art venue, is said to be a doozy of a haunted site, based partly on the reality that soap was made from animal fat (allegedly from thousands of strangled stray dogs and the like). Not only that, but before it was a ...

Minneapolis City Hall

The turn-of-the-century Minneapolis City Hall building is said to be haunted by John Moshik. In 1898, he was convicted of murder and his hanging was botched, forcing him to endure 3 minutes of slow strangulation. As a result, no more hangings occurred here. Now, folks have seen his apparition or ...

Minnesota Institute of the Arts

Some say the spirit of a student who was raped and murdered haunts the Minnesota Institute of the Arts. The Connecticut Room is reported to have unexplained cold spots, and some students say they have awoken in the night freezing cold to the sound of screaming.

Minneapolis College of Art and Design

At the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, legend has it that the ghost of someone who was murdered in a campus building's basement terrifies the students. Some have awoken in the night to screaming inside their heads, unable to move.

haunted house near woodbury mn

First Avenue

Rumor has it that the upstairs dance lounge is haunted, and deejays report growls and other noises in the headphones. And according to local legend, when the site was a bus station long ago, a distraught woman hanged herself in the restroom. She was going to meet her boyfriend who ...

haunted house near woodbury mn

The Buckingham

I don't go around seeing ghosts everywhere. The last ghost I saw was in 1983 when I lived in an apartment building called The Buckingham. I was in my bedroom when I saw a shadowy silhouette of a man enter, stand and stare at me, and proceed to ...

Cuzzy's Bar and Grill

In 1890, this building was a brothel where a young girl named Betsy worked as an entertainer, with her true love being a soldier at war. He promised to take her away, but she was murdered before this happened. Today, it is a bar in the Minneapolis warehouse district, minus ...

haunted house near woodbury mn

Andy's Market Hill - Scott Park

Apple valley, minnesota.

At the popular sledding spot called Andy's Market Hill, aka Dead Man's Hill in Scott Park, legend has it that a little boy named Dameon was sledding in 1998 when he was killed accidentally by an archer who shot him in the eye. Now, Dameon's sledding apparition is seen here ...

St. Joseph of the Lakes Catholic Church

Lino lakes, minnesota.

St. Joesph's Catholic Church, formerly a Catholic school, is home to a ghost nun. Her apparition has been seen around the church and has been blamed for slamming doors, playing the piano, knocking a Bible off a shelf, and footsteps.

Banfill-Locke Center for the Arts

Fridley, minnesota.

The building was built in 1847 and is on the MIssissippi River. It was a rooming house for those on the Red River Ox Cart Trail. There have been numerous reports of smells, sightings, and sounds by a variety of visitors. Personally I have seen a woman ...

Kozy Korner Restaurant

New richmond, wisconsin.

The Kozy Korner Restaurant is no longer in operation, but who knows whether anyone told the ghost boy who frequents it. The ghost was unknown until a photograph of a boy who resembles the apparition turned up; locals have learned that the ghost's name is Carl.

Treasure Island Resort and Casino

Welch, minnesota.

One night after leaving the Treasure Island Resort and Casino, a man pulled over to take a nap. A few moments later, he heard footsteps coming toward his car, sounding like the walker was dragging one leg. The man looked out his car window and saw a bony old ghost ...

Billy's Bar and Grill

Anoka, minnesota.

Housed in a building that was a former brothel, the restaurant is said to be home to the spirits of some of the former brothel's staff. As local legends go, either some brothel patrons killed madam Mrs. Jackson and stole the women's money, or Mrs. Jackson hanged herself from a ...

Holy Name Cemetery

Wayzata, minnesota.

A white apparition, phantom disappearing headlights, footsteps, voices, and unexplained wind have all been reported at the Holy Name Cemetery across from a brick church.

Chanhassen Dinner Theatre

According to local lore, the theater was built on the site of a home that burned down, killing the woman who was inside. Her spirit was said to haunt the theater, along with the ghost of a former actor who was bicycling home when she was hit and killed by ...

Quill and Quilt Bed and Breakfast

Cannon falls, minnesota.

Built in 1897 for a prominent local physician, this bed and breakfast inn appears to now be a private residence. During the establishments heyday, guests reported catching glimpse of a shadowy apparition in the Quilters Haven Room. (Submitted by Callum Swift)

Anoka State Hospital

Anoka State Hospital has been known by many names in its past, including First State Asylum for the Insane, Anoka State Asylum, Anoka State Hospital and most recently Anoka-Metro Regional Treatment Center. It was originally opened in 1900 and is said to be haunted by spirits of those who have ...

haunted house near woodbury mn

» Cemeteries near Woodbury, MN » Find museums in Woodbury, MN

Nowhere Haunted House

Escape Rooms

Whether you’re looting treasure from a pirate ship, ghost hunting in a haunted funeral home. (Opening Nov. 4th)

haunted house near woodbury mn

Haunted House

Skip the roses and chocolates and come to Nowhere Haunted House for Cupid’s Revenge.

haunted house near woodbury mn

13 holes of family friendly spooky mini golf will entertain all ages with black lit circus, Frankenstein, and giant bee, themed holes.

Nowhere Haunted House, Escape, Mini Golf and Arcade bring the thrill and spooky fun showcased in October to you all year long! We strive to delight the entire family with scary, and not so scary, entertainment. Whether it be our family friendly haunted themed mini golf and arcade, our escape room adventures, or our immersive haunted house we want you to be a part of the Nowhere experience.

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Nowhere Pom-Pom Beanie

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Nowhere Haunted House AirPods case

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Hours of Operation to Arcade and Mini Golf

Monday – Closed Tuesday – Closed Wednesday – 4:00pm- 8:30pm Thursday – 4:00pm – 9:30pm Friday – 4:00pm – 10:00pm Saturday – 11:00am – 10:00pm Sunday – 11:00am – 7:00pm

Woodbury Magazine

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Have a Frightfully Good Time at Haunted Oaks

by Hailey Almsted | Oct 2023

Haunted Oaks

Photos: Chris Emeott

Royal Oaks transforms into a spooky spectacle during the month of October.

Derek Schmidt has long been a fan of Halloween. Unlike many children, who may revel in the winter holiday season of light shows, décor, unwrapping presents and eating desserts, Schmidt looked forward to his father decorating their family home during the month of October growing up in southern Minnesota.

“Back when I was 4 or 5 years old, we always had big haunted houses,” the Woodbury resident says. “My dad’s birthday is the 30th of October, so every year as a kid, we had a Halloween house.” In Schmidt’s teenage years, his father purchased a barn—which turned into a spooky house during October. Schmidt’s time spent in Cub Scouts and different high school clubs included events centered on Halloween, too. “That’s how I got my start,” he says.

Haunted Oaks

Schmidt and his wife, Stephanie, first moved to a townhome complex Woodbury six years ago. He had a small display at that home—“It was the biggest one in the complex by far,” Schmidt says. After purchasing their home, which sits off the corner of Courtly Road and Lamplight Drive, he began adding to the display. “That’s how it started, and every year I’ve been adding to it, and it just gets bigger and bigger,” he says.

Schmidt is hoping this passion for Halloween will be passed to his children, Sophia (6) and twins, Evan and Ellie (4). “I started bringing stuff out of storage, and my twins were a little spooked. But my 6-year-old is a little into it; she’ll put out skeletons or skulls,” Schmidt says. “But she’s still a little too young to understand that it’s only our house [and] how it’s not super common to have elaborate displays.”

Haunted Oaks

Now, many of Schmidt’s neighbors are joining in on the fun, too.

“Shortly after Derek and his family moved into the neighborhood a couple of years ago, we got to talking about Halloween and how we both enjoyed decorating for it,” says neighbor Joe Briol. “I have lived in this neighborhood since the late ’90s and have always done some type of Halloween display. But we didn’t start collaborating and going all out on our displays until 2021.”

Since then, Schmidt agrees that he’s seen the number of decorated houses drastically increase. “It feels like since [two] Halloween seasons ago, my neighborhood especially has doubled or tripled with people putting decorations up … It’s about 20–30 houses with decorations.”

Haunted Oaks

Schmidt’s displays change each season, and last year it included animatronics, a five-piece sound system with thunder and a simulated lightning machine, a custom-built “wrought iron” fence and more. “It’s fun because a lot of people think it’s a real wrought iron fence, but it’s all fake,” Schmidt says. “It’s hundreds of hours of planning and creating throughout the year, and the funny thing is [that] the stuff comes from Home Depot and they do their Halloween launch in July, so I’m buying stuff in July for Halloween.”

Other houses also add over-the-top decorations. “Most of my neighbors joke that every creepy—I mean well-loved—doll in the county has somehow ended up living here,” Briol says. “This year, those creepy dolls may just be joined by some equally creepy clowns!”

Last year, Waconia resident Mitchell Hall brought his 1970s Cadillac Miller-Meteor hearse to the neighborhood to be displayed. It was a hit with the crowd. “He brought it from across the Cities to be put on display. People loved it … We thought that was pretty fun,” Schmidt says, noting that due to unexpected weather conditions, not all décor, including fog and sound machines, can be displayed 24/7.

Haunted Oaks

Schmidt’s favorite part of it all—throughout the beginning all the way to the end—is seeing the excitement around the event. “I love seeing the kids coming out … They all look forward to it,” he says.

Briol agrees. “My husband and I both come from small towns where people really got into Halloween, and it was a fun and safe holiday for kids of all ages,” he says. “When we moved into this neighborhood in 1996, we wanted to bring some of that nostalgia and fun to our Halloween decorations, and that’s what keeps us motivated each year. It’s so fun to create a memorable experience for the kids (and adults) who visit us.”

Schmidt’s already dreaming up the future of The Haunted Oaks—and his own displays, too. “Some people add pirate ships to their display—and I mean full-fledged ships made out of pallets or foam board. That would be the ultimate goal; to have a pirate ship theme,” he says. “Something more realistic would be to turn my garage into a mad scientist’s laboratory. I’ve looked into that before, but it’s funny because it’s really, ‘How big do you want to go?’”

The mission of The Haunted Oaks was to bring the neighborhood together—and it’s done much more than that. Briol estimates that the neighborhood welcomed more than 1,000 trick-or-treaters in 2022 alone.

Haunted Oaks

“The Haunted Oaks project was born out of a desire to bring people together after a really tough couple of COVID-19 years,” Briol says. “I’m extremely proud of how our neighborhood has jumped on board to make it successful … Hopefully, The Haunted Oaks will continue to thrive and make our Royal Oaks neighborhood a Halloween destination for years to come.”

The displays can be viewed in the Royal Oaks neighborhood, on the corner of Courtly Road and Lamplight Drive, beginning on October 1 through the end of the month.

Haunted Oaks

View the Haunted Oaks

The Royal Oaks neighborhood transforms into the Haunted Oaks beginning on October 1. Many of the homes in the neighborhood join in on the display, and trick-or-treaters will be delighted with many treats.

Haunted Oaks

Briol says, “For as long as I can remember, we have been referred to as the ‘pop house,’ because we have handed out full-sized cans of soda every year … We also have a Little Free Library in our yard, so this year, we will be making a special effort to offer teal pumpkin items (items specifically for kids with food allergies).”

The Royal Oaks neighborhood is currently undergoing construction, so displays may not be as large as previous years. Visit the Royal Oaks neighborhood to view the display, and join the Facebook group, The Haunted Oaks, for more information.

Looking for other spooky sites around Woodbury? Check out our interview with John Soma, the Halloween Dad .

Facebook: The Haunted Oaks

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haunted house near woodbury mn

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haunted house near woodbury mn

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The Scariest Halloween Attraction in Minnesota

Welcome to The Haunting Experience, the scariest of all the Halloween attractions and haunted houses in Minnesota. It is located just a few minutes south of St. Paul, along Highway 61 in Cottage Grove. We invite you to visit us this October…if you dare.

We offer a variety of terrifying attractions and the very best in Halloween entertainment. Enter our fan-favorite Haunted House and jump on Minnesota’s longest-running Haunted Hayride Attraction located near the Twin Cities, MN.

The Haunting Experience

Thrilling, heart-pounding, gut-wrenching adventure awaits…

  • Haunted House   – Walkthrough the scariest haunted house in Minnesota filled with terrors and dark entities that roam the hallways. Experience one of the most spine-chilling Halloween haunted attractions in MN, where nightmares come to life.
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Fall Fun Fest

During the daytime on select days , bring the family out for some fall fun! Pet goats, paint pumpkins, jump on a free hayride, or tour our Haunted House with the lights on and no monsters to scare you.

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  • Free Hayrides
  • Daytime Haunted House Tours
  • Goat Petting
  • Vortext Walkthrough | NEW

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When you visit the Haunting Experience, you will experience the legacy of terror that has made us the premier haunted attraction in MN. Find out why when you enter our terrifying haunted house and ride on the longest haunted hayride in the state.

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Minnesota haunted houses, hayrides and trails to visit this fall

(FOX 9) - Spooky season is approaching, and Minnesota is home to numerous haunted houses, hayrides and trails to get your horror fix. 

Here's a look at haunted offerings, as well as some less spooky venues for families:

Haunted houses

Anoka Haunted House:

  • Location: 3200 St Francis Blvd. NW, Anoka
  • Tickets: $12 per person

Head to the Halloween Capital of the World for this unique haunted house. The creatures in this house are local high school students raising money for their activities. The house has been operating for over 30 years.

Duluth Haunted Ship:

  • Location: 301 Harbor Drive, Duluth
  • Tickets: $10-$27 per person

The ship, the William A. Irvin, transforms into an October haunt where ghosts come alive. Starting in the engine room, you will travel through the ship until you find your final destination, below Lake Superior's freezing waters in this maze of terror. The belly of the boat is pitch dark, and there may be ghouls around the next corner.

While these haunts may be manufactured, there is a history of paranormal activity aboard this vessel. Three paranormal investigation groups have come aboard the Irvin to check out the potential activity.

haunted house near woodbury mn

The William A. Irvin, which is said to be haunted, is home to a haunted house in the fall.  (Melissa Turtinen/FOX 9)

Fright Nights:

  • Location: 105 3rd Ave NE Glenwood, MN
  • Tickets: $20 per person

This house features claustrophic passages, jump scares, uneven floors, total darkness, and more! Skull Boy, Zippy, and Buzzkill are three characters that frequent this eerie place! This haunt is not handicap accessible.

The Haunting Experience:

  • Location: 10900 E. Pt. Douglas Road, Cottage Grove
  • Tickets:  $24-$48 per person

This haunted house boasts over 35 years of experience. Guests have to navigate the winding corridors of this terrifying house. An abandoned hospital and the madmen inside greet visitors this year. There is no touching during this attraction, although minimal contact may occur.

Henning Haunted House:

  • Location: 606 2nd St., Henning
  • Tickets: $5 per person

With its low admission fee, the Henning Haunted House is the cheapest haunt in the central Minnesota area. The admission fee is donated to community organizations and projects. Last year, the Henning Lions Club began selling food across the street, so you can have dinner and a show.

RELATED: Halloween spending to reach record $10.6B: NRF

Molitor's Haunted Acres:

  • Location: 3571 5th Ave. NE, Sauk Rapids
  • Tickets: $29-$58 per person

This walk-through haunt added trails through their haunted woods and new thrills throughout the houses for this Halloween season. 

The trail is uneven, so wear appropriate shoes. This haunt is not recommended for children under 12.

Molitor’s Quarry Grill & Bar is steps away from the walk-through, where they fully celebrate the haunted season. The staff organizes themed weekends throughout October, so guests will be sure to find extra entertainment when they sit down for a meal.

Monster Bash:

  • Location: 150 1st St. NW, Harmony
  • Tickets: $13 per person

Monster Bash is a nonprofit haunted house and donates the bulk of its earnings each year to support the arts in the local area. They have donated over $107,000 to music, theater, and arts programs over the years. Each season is uniquely themed, and this year's theme is Slim Chance. 

Nowhere Haunted House:

  • Location: 5300 S Robert Tr. #300 Inver Grove Heights, MN
  • Tickets: From $28 per person

Nowhere Haunted House is a new addition to the haunting options in Minnesota this year! This event is produced by Haunt Armada, a group that aims to expand the scope and quality of the Twin Cities’ Halloween-themed activities and attractions.

After Halloween, Nowhere   will offer holiday haunts at Christmas, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, and May Day, and immersive theater productions throughout the year.

Scream Town:

  • Location: 7410 US-212, Chaska
  • Tickets:  $34-$149 per person

haunted house near woodbury mn

Scream Town is considered one of the best Halloween attractions in the Minneapolis St. Paul Twin Cities area. (Scream Town / Supplied)

This house was rated one of the top ten haunts in the country by CNN in 2019. 

This year's attractions include:

  • A psychedelic circus.
  • A zombie apocalypse.
  • A demonic forest.
  • Alien abduction.
  • A labyrinth.
  • A Christmas-themed haunt.
  • A possession-themed house with VIP access only.

Scream Town also offers food, including pizza, burgers, cheese curds, cookies, and more.

Haunted hayrides and haunted trails

The Abandoned Hayride:

  • Location: 7525 US-212, Chaska
  • Tickets:  $30-$149 per person

This hayride has new sets, effects, scenes, and scares this year. There are three parts to this haunt, beginning with the hayride. After being abandoned in the woods with only a small lantern to light the way, attendees must find their way out of the creature-infested woods. Guests will then be exiled with one other person. They have to find their way out or risk being banished forever! 

There is a touch element to this haunt, and the experience lasts roughly 45 minutes.

The Dead End Hayride:

  • Location: 28186 Kettle River Blvd. N, Wyoming
  • Tickets:  $12-$47 per person

This hayride travels down trails, through the woods, and into haunted barns and structures throughout the ride. The woods are infested with creatures that appear at every turn. The 2022 season brings back a minimal level of interaction, including touching.

Harvest of Horror:

  • Location: 4108 200th St St. Augusta, MN
  • Tickets:  $29-$49 per person

This haunt begins in the fields of St. Augusta as guests enter into a spooky hayride. If they make it off the hayride alive, they'll be tormented in the woods! The Harvest of Horror is open, rain or shine, and tickets are sold until 10:45 p.m.

This attraction is the oldest haunted hayride in Minnesota. It passes through gnarled trees and deep tunnels, passing into the territory of a two-century-old monstrous family. Other haunts on this ride include cannibalistic monsters, madmen, creatures, and more

There are stairs, steps, and uneven ground throughout this experience, so be sure to dress appropriately. There is no touching during this attraction, although minimal contact may occur.

Family friendly Halloween celebrations

ValleyFair Halloween:

  • Location: One Valleyfair Drive, Shakopee
  • Tickets: $29.99-$34.99 per person

haunted house near woodbury mn

Valleyfair transformed their Halloween celebration this year. Rather than offering Valleyscare, the theme park is opting for a family-friendly option called Tricks and Treats. (Valleyfair / Supplied)

Halloween at ValleyFair looks different this year. Rather than their traditional ValleyScare, the theme park is introducing Tricks and Treats, a family friendly Halloween event with seasonal treats, drinks, and candy.

The land of treats has two areas: Everfall and Sweet Tooth Acres. Everfall creates the perfect fall oasis with pumpkin decorating, flannel, and softly glowing candles, while Sweeth Tooth Acres is reminiscent of a childhood favorite, Candyland.

The land of tricks features Ickyville and Spooky Spires. Ickyville brings all things creepy and crawly to this Halloween festival, including worms, zombies, and bugs. Spooky Spires is a 1920s gothic village with a silent disco and macabre carnival games. 

Family friendly activities will be available throughout the park, so this event will be fun for everyone.

Jack-o-Lantern Spectacular:

  • Location: 13000 Zoo Blvd., Apple Valley
  • Tickets: $20-$24 per person

Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular at Minnesota Zoo

The Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular runs Oct. 1-Nov. 5 at the Minnesota Zoo. The event features hundreds of artist-designed pumpkins.

Follow the trails at the Minnesota Zoo to see thousands of artistically carved pumpkins. This year's walk will lead you on a journey through a 'Night at the Library,' featuring new artists' work and plenty of seasonal fun.

Animal viewing is available in Discovery Bay until 8 p.m. The animal buildings close at 4 p.m.

haunted house near woodbury mn

The Minnesota Zoo in the fall hosts a Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular.

The Haunted Oaks

There is a neighborhood in Woodbury that has transformed for the Halloween festivities.  The folks have gone from Royal Oaks into The Haunted Oaks !

Related: Local. Community Lifestyle Magazines

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The Dead End Hayride

Minnesota's Most Terrifying Haunted Attraction


Minnesota haunted hayride


haunted house near woodbury mn

Minnesota’s Most Terrifying Haunted Hayride!

September 22nd – october 31st.

Click For More Info

haunted house near woodbury mn

"Been going to DEH since 2016 and I’m still wowed every time I visit!" A Google Reviewer
"Tonight was my first night at the Dead End Hayride and I will say it did not disappoint! From the 20+ minute hayride to walking through all of the sets it took around an Hour! This was a fantastic time! Well worth the money!" A Google Reviewer
"Tonight was my first time going to dead end hayride and I was extremely impressed!! The monsters were terrifying and I was spooked through the entire attraction." A Google Reviewer
"Very fun experience. High production value- it felt at times like walking through a horror movie set." A Google Reviewer
"It's amazing and all the actors are awesome!! If you're looking to get scared or simply have an amazing time with friends/family, I'd recommend the dead end hayride." A Google Reviewer

PLay Video

The Dead End Hayride is located at  28186 Kettle River Blvd N, Wyoming, MN 55092

haunted house near woodbury mn

28186 Kettle River Blvd N, Wyoming, MN 55092

Official Accounts

Rogues Hollow Creative Design and Web Development

haunted house near woodbury mn

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7 Best Haunted Attractions in Minnesota

haunted house near woodbury mn

By the time October rolls around, before winter clenches the North Star State in its grip, Minnesotans are ready for fright. All of the terrifying haunted attractions that spring up across the state are testimony to these. If you’re looking for an evening filled with scares, check out our favorite haunted attractions in Minnesota—if you dare! 

Trail of Terror, Shakopee, MN

The Trail of Terror is the Midwest’s biggest Halloween attraction. Brace yourself for a horrifying hayride and or hoof it on a harrowing hike along the banks of the Minnesota River. Each weekend brings a new event from zombie races to the annual Phantom’s Feast.

Fright at the Farm, Zumbrota, MN

Every October, the town of Zumbrota becomes the scariest place in Southeast Minnesota. This is because the folks at Fright at the Farm, a few minutes outside of Rochester, go all the way to send shivers up your spine and wring paranoia from every step you take.

The Haunting Experience, Cottage Grove, MN

One of the state’s scariest Halloween attractions if The Haunting Experience on Highway 61 in Cottage Grove. In addition to the oldest haunted hayride in Minnesota, The Haunting Experience has a haunted house that is sure to send you home with nightmares—should you make it out at all. They do offer a less-frightening daytime experience, just in case.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by The Haunting Experience (@hauntingexperience) on Sep 25, 2018 at 11:00am PDT

Scream Town, Chaska, MN

Scream Town’s eight hugely-harrowing attractions make it one of the state’s biggest, scariest (and most popular) Halloween experiences. Try and avoid the clowns in the Circus Asylum or survive the Zombie Apocalypse. With all the options Scream Town has to offer, it’s an entire (fright) night’s worth of entertainment.

Northern Frights, Garden City, MN

Folks in south-central Minnesota get their share of scare at Northern Frights (“Land of 10,000 Screams”) in Garden City. Northern Frights is the haunted home of five harrowing attractions, including killer clowns in 3D, a terror tunnel and a walk designed to trigger every phobia you can think of.

Molitor’s Haunted Acres, Sauk Rapids, MN

For more than 20 years, Molitor’s Haunted Acres has been terrorizing the fine folks of central Minnesota. If you manage to find your way through the zombie-infested quarry and reach safety, take some time to share your tale with other survivors around the bonfire.

Duluth Haunted Ship, Duluth, MN

Come October, the dry-docked lake boat William A. Irvin, near Duluth’s Canal Park, becomes a 610-foot ghost ship. Haunts from the deep and shipwrecked souls do their best to make you scream as you navigate the darkened decks of this former bulk freighter.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Duluth Haunted Ship (@duluthhauntedship) on Apr 8, 2018 at 10:50am PDT

Molitor's Haunted Acres

Molitor's Haunted Acres

Horror at Huntfield

Horror at Huntfield

The Haunted Dome

The Haunted Dome

Anoka Haunted House

Anoka Haunted House

Anoka Halloween Capital Of The World

Anoka Halloween Capital Of The World

Scream Town

Scream Town

The Abandoned Haunted Hayride

The Abandoned Haunted Hayride

Trail of Terror

Trail of Terror

Valley Scare Halloween Haunt

Valley Scare Halloween Haunt

Mission Fire Department Haunted Hayride

Mission Fire Department Haunted Hayride

BareBones Puppets

BareBones Puppets

Wheel Fun Pumpkin Patch

Wheel Fun Pumpkin Patch

Haunted Basement

Haunted Basement

The Dead End Hayride

The Dead End Hayride

Eerie Street Haunt

Eerie Street Haunt

Community Haunted House

Community Haunted House

Edgecomb Haunted Estate

Edgecomb Haunted Estate

Nightmare Hallow Scream Park and Terror Trail Camping

Nightmare Hallow Scream Park and Terror Trail Camping

Haunted Woods Trail

Haunted Woods Trail

New Ulm Nightmares Haunted House

New Ulm Nightmares Haunted House

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The 12 Most Haunted Places in Minnesota

Minnesota, known as the “Land of 10,000 Lakes,” is home to several haunted locations that have drawn the attention of paranormal enthusiasts and thrill-seekers alike. From eerie cemeteries to historic hotels, MN is believed to be teeming with restless spirits and ghostly apparitions.

In this article, we will explore the 12 most haunted places in Minnesota, shedding light on their haunted history and spine-chilling encounters reported by witnesses.

1. Washington Street Bridge, Minneapolis

Washington Street Bridge in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Washington Street Bridge was built in the latter half of the 1960s spanning the Mississippi River and connecting the East and West Bank campuses of the University of Minnesota. The bridge has two decks, the bottom for vehicles and the top for pedestrians and cyclists.

The bridge is something of a hotspot for suicides and is now said to be haunted by the spirits of those who jumped to their death including professor John Berryman who committed suicide there in 1972. Students crossing the bridge often hear phantom footsteps at night and feel as though someone is watching them from the shadows.

2. The Fitzgerald Theater, St. Paul

The Fitzgerald Theatre in St Paul, Minnesota

The Fitzgerald Theater in St. Paul has long been considered one of the most haunted places in Minnesota. There is a number of unexplained phenomena that have been reported here, but most of them are pinned on a former stagehand known only as Ben.

It is believed that Ben died in the theater in the 1940s and he seems to have been hanging around ever since! His shadow has often been spotted moving up in the workings of the stage and cold spots are felt near an old entrance that has been boarded up for years.

Staff often say they can hear Ben dropping his empty beer bottles too. He is considered pretty harmless for the most part, but on one occasion he did almost kill two workers when he dropped a massive chunk of plaster on them from an overhead catwalk! Thankfully they both managed to jump out of the way at the last minute!

3. Warden’s House Museum, Stillwater

The Warden's House in Stillwater, Minnesota

Over the years there have been thirteen different wardens from Stillwater State Prison who have occupied this house. However, the one resident who seems to have decided to stick around is Warden Henry Wolfer’s daughter.

The story goes that Gertrude had just given birth to a son when she died suddenly of appendicitis. The little boy was sent to live with the warden up until the Wolfers moved out in 1914.

Gertrude may have gone with her son to his grandfather’s house, but she did not leave when he did. In fact, from 1914 until the present day there have been persistent reports of a lady wandering the rooms of the house in search of her infant son.

Sometimes she is seen looking out of the windows and at other times, a cradle in the upstairs bedroom rocks on its own!

4. Forepaugh’s Restaurant, St. Paul

Forepaugh's Restaurant in St Paul, Minnesota

The building in St Paul which now houses Forepaugh’s Restaurant was once a three-story Victorian mansion that wholesale magnate Joseph Forepaugh built for his family.

However, in 1892 things took a tragic turn for the family. Mrs. Forepaugh is said to have discovered her husband in bed with the family maid, Molly.

Forepaugh shot himself when his wife ended the marriage and his mistress Molly was heartbroken. She was apparently pregnant with his child and ended up hanging herself from a chandelier in one of the bedrooms.

Both Joseph and Molly are said to haunt the restaurant today. The two of them have been seen walking through the dining areas, but Molly seems to be the most active.

She is said to bang on the insides of walls and smash glasses. Patrons have also smelled her favorite lavender perfume at times. She is especially mischievous around Halloween which was Molly’s favorite time of year while she was alive.

Read more on the haunted Forepaugh’s Restaurant in St. Paul, Minnesota

5. Greyhound Bus Museum, Hibbing

The Greyhound Bus Museum in Hibbing is probably not the first place you might think of when it comes to a haunted location, but nevertheless is one of the most haunted places in Minnesota.

Staff at the museum say that one particular Scenic Cruise 4501 is home to a spirit who frequently opens and closes the windows and doors of the bus.

There are also regular sightings of strange shadows flitting around on-board the ‘Nine bus’ and a little girl’s voice has been heard in the shadows between the old vehicles on display here.

6. First Avenue, Minneapolis

The First Avenue Theatre in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Perhaps one of the most gruesome paranormal tales comes from Minneapolis and the iconic First Ave music venue. It is said that a blonde woman took her own life in the fifth stall of the ladies bathroom by hanging herself.

She has occasionally shown herself to unlucky patrons who see her bloated apparition still hanging there from her makeshift noose! However, she is not alone in the venue.

The staff has nicknamed another spirit ‘Slippy.’ This particular entity is said to make a balloon appear from nowhere which then floats up and down the staircase on its own! Creepy!

There is also a great deal of other unexplained activity including equipment malfunctions and random destruction of property!

7. Gibbs Farmhouse, St. Paul

Gibbs Farmhouse in St Paul, Minnesota

Another one of the most haunted places in Minnesota which can be found in St Paul is Gibbs Farmhouse. In 1867, a nine-year-old Willie Gibbs faced a raging prairie fire that threatened to engulf the family farmhouse.

The house was spared, but sadly young Willie died of smoke inhalation soon afterward. However, he appears to have stuck close to his family home, which is now a museum, and his spirit is every bit as boisterous as you might expect the average 9-year-old boy to be!

He is known to remove toys from locked display cabinets and leaves them scattered across the floor for staff to tidy away.

He also likes to open and close cabinet doors and can make quite a noise rocking back and forth in a rocking chair upstairs.

Some even claim to have seen his little face peering at them from the windows as they walk by!

8. The Palmer House Hotel, Sauk Center

The Palmer Hiouse Hotel in Sauk Centre, Minnesota

The Palmer House Hotel has long been known as one of the most haunted hotels in Minnesota.

See Also: More haunted places to stay in Minnesota

Reports of paranormal have been made since the 1950s and there have been a variety of unexplained occurrences in the building.

Some of these include an apparition of a young boy, a ball bouncing down the stairs, disembodied voices, and some poltergeist activity!

There have also been reports that the ghost of famous author Sinclair Lewis may also be haunting the building!

Read more about the haunted Palmer House Hotel, Sauk Centre, Minnesota

9. Wabasha Street Caves, St. Paul

Wabasha Street Caves in St Paul Minnesota

Back to St Paul again, this time to the Wabasha Street Caves. During the prohibition era, these caves were said to host a number of famous figures including John Dillinger and Ma Baker when they were used as a speakeasy.

However, not everyone left the caves alive! It is said that the caves are now haunted by the spirits of three gangsters murdered in a back room and buried under the cement floors.

The owner has frequently encountered men in 20s-style attire and strange mists floating through the halls. There is also said to be a ghostly bartender who will refill empty wine glasses!

Others have spotted the apparition of a madam known as Nina Clifford who appears wearing a period dress.

10. Minneapolis City Hall, Minneapolis

Minneapolis City Hall in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis City Hall was the site of a historic execution. In 1898, John Moshik was the last man hanged at City Hall. His death will be remembered not just for being the last, but also because the execution was ruthless.

The process was bungled and Moshik took 3 minutes to die. His crime had been murdering a man over a very measly $14! It is said that today Moshik’s angry spirit haunts three locations in City Hall – the courtroom in which he was convicted, the Mayor’s office, and the site of his hanging.

He seems to have mood swings, because at his most harmless he is known to rearrange pictures or appear to staff or prisoners dressed only in his undergarments, but on his worst days he has made judges and attorneys severely ill!

11. Grey Cloud Island, Washington County

The Grey Cloud Island Township Cemetery, Minnesota

One of the key features of Grey Cloud Island is that it has the highest concentration of Native American burial mounds anywhere in the United States.

These days the island is very sparsely populated and the residents do not take kindly to ghost hunters! So much so that some have claimed to be run off the island by a man in a white truck!

However, this does not stop a large number of ghost stories from coming off the island!

There are reports of a transparent motorcyclist, a young woman weeping for her deceased infant, and many other ghosts.

Perhaps strangest of all are the rumors about why the residents are so protective of the island – some say that the church camp on the island is a cult or even a secret KKK camp!

Learn more about the haunted Grey Cloud Island Township, Minnesota

12. Lakeview Cemetary, Buhl

Lakeview Cemetary MN

Situated amid dense woodland on all sides in Buhl, Minnesota, lies one of the most haunted graveyards in America. Lakeview Cemetery was established in 1913, the same year the nearby Shaw Hospital was built.

The deceased patients of the hospital, who succumbed to tuberculosis or mental illness, were buried in the cemetery’s potter’s field, marked only with cast-iron crosses, if anything at all.

Visitors who dared to venture into Lakeview Cemetery have reported spine-chilling experiences. Apparitions of people dressed in 1920s attire are seen wandering around the graves.

The silence of the graveyard is broken by disembodied voices and footsteps that echo all around. The air carries the stench of decay, with an unsettling sensation of being watched closely. The flash of sudden light fills the darkness, followed by intense dread and discomfort.

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HORROR at HUNTFIELD in Foreston, Minnesota

A grave is disturbed; the ground breaks open and the undead lurk among the narrow pathways of this haunted cemetery. Horror at Huntfield presents a Gothic experience in fear and horror, sorrow and superstition, revenge and remors... [ Read more ]

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The Butcher Shop: House of Gore in St. Paul, Minnesota

THE BUTCHER SHOP: HOUSE OF GORE is a full-size maze-style haunted house that was constructed in the way haunted houses used to be built... black lights, rats, skulls, cadavers, ghosts, strobe lights, fog machines, rubber masks, and gallons of shocking bloody gore! Although there is no age restriction, THE BUTCHER SHOP is intended for an adult audience. Children must be accompanied by an adult. PLE... [ Read more ]

  • 2 Web reviews
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haunted house near woodbury mn

Sleepy Eye Ghost Tours in Sleepy Eye, Minnesota

45 minute Ghost Tour on our Ghost Tour Bus...after the tour 18 hole Dark Shadows Haunted Mini Golf.

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Haunted Hallways in Rochester, Minnesota

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NightScreams in Bena, Minnesota

After a great first season at our new location, we have decided to add more nights. This year, we will be open every weekend(Fri&Sat) in October and Halloween night. We have completely re-invented "Zombie Trail, and we all welcome everybody to at least try to make it through our new addition "Forest of Fear"!! In addition, our main attraction has been through a major makeover which can only be ... [ Read more ]

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Stalker's of the Corn Haunted Maze in Shafer, Minnesota

Get ready for a Night of Fright! We challenge you to walk our narrow, twisting, heart pounding paths through rustling stalks of corn in the dark of night. What is it that waits around the next corner? Will it be a lumberjack gone mad?! Or will it be some "Thing" much more terrifying?! Face your deepest fears in this horrifying, living nightmare! If you think Haunted Woods are scary, think again... [ Read more ]

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Aquarium Ghost Tours in Bloomington, Minnesota

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haunted house near woodbury mn

Face Your Fears in Blaine, Minnesota

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haunted house near woodbury mn

Haunting Experience on Highway 61 in Cottage Grove, Minnesota

The Haunting Experience on Highway 61 is one of the oldest and best haunted attractions in the Twin Cities. Featuring multiple haunted houses and the closest haunted hayride to St. Paul, MN.

  • 9922 Profile Views

haunted house near woodbury mn

TerrorFest in Blaine, Minnesota

  • 9292 Profile Views

Haunted Dome in Long Lake, Minnesota

An Evilhill Production of The Dungeons of Darkness & Doom. Our 30,000ft2 indoor containment dome was not enough to keep the Evilhills at bay. Enter if you dare into the haunted dome full of horror. Visitors are guided into over 20 rooms of mayhem inside what was once the10 Sports Dome. Each room reveals and unfolds before your disbelieving eyes another member of the Evilhill Family. Theirs is... [ Read more ]

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haunted house near woodbury mn

Pope County Fright Nights in Glenwood, Minnesota

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SS William A. Irvin Haunted Ship in Duluth, Minnesota

  • 6363 Profile Views

Northern Frights in Garden City, Minnesota

Northern Frights Haunted House will be haunting this fall at the Blue Earth County Fairgrounds. If you have any questions or are wanting a fun job this fall email [email protected]

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Nightmare Hallow Scream Park in Columbus, Minnesota

  • 5538 Profile Views

HauntEd Hallows in Belle plaine, Minnesota

  • 5063 Profile Views

Nightmare Grove Haunted House in Cottage Grove MN - OPEN in Cottage Grove, Minnesota

We will BE OPEN for two nights only this year. We figured the food shelve needs our help this year more than ever. Not to mention that everyone could probably use a little fun as 2020 hopefully comes to an end….. soon. We will be open Friday, Oct 30th from 7 to 10pm and Saturday HALLOWEEN Oct 31st from 7 to 10pm. Please bring a cash donation for Friends In Need Food Shelf OR Toiletry Items.

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Haunted-Ridge in Carlton, Minnesota

This community-started Duluth haunted house and haunted hayride has been fright-filled since 1993. With more than 100 volunteers and actors each evening this haunt has become known all over the United states, With state of the art sound and special effects it is up to you to decided if its real or animated. Every attraction provides bone chilling terror that is sure not to disappoint... Also, ... [ Read more ]

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haunted house near woodbury mn

The Capricorn Killer in Saint Cloud, Minnesota

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Zoom over state below to find an attraction near you, most recent video minnesota uploads.

haunted house near woodbury mn


haunted house near woodbury mn


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Minneapolis Haunted House Dead End Haunted Hayride is the biggest and scariest haunted house in Minnesota and Hauntworld will take you on a journey to learn all the details about the biggest haunted hayride in the area.  Click here and read all the details.


haunted house near woodbury mn


haunted house near woodbury mn

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Find haunted hayrides, find pumpkin patches, find corn mazes, real haunted houses, escape rooms.

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Halloween 101: how to avoid becoming the haunted house of woodbury, taking care of your home can be scary tackle those household demons with professional help this fall..

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haunted house near woodbury mn

The arrival of fall not only marks a change in season, but also reminds us of spine-chilling spider webs, ghoulish decor, and the thrill of Halloween. While many of us like our homes to be festively scary this time of year, we certainly don’t want it to give our neighbors the creeps year-round. Fortunately, Thumbtack , a home services app used by millions, has Woodbury residents covered.

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You can contact pros and request free cost estimates, allowing you to compare prices and choose the professional that best fits your budget. You can also read reviews, view how many times a business has been hired by others, and identify how long a business has been open.

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Caring for your home can be scary! Find and hire top-rated Woodbury area pros to tackle even the most haunting of home projects.

More from woodbury, rollover crash kills unbelted man killed in maplewood.

Rollover Crash Kills Unbelted Man Killed In Maplewood

Where To Watch The Big Game In Woodbury

Where To Watch The Big Game In Woodbury

Husband Of MN Daycare Provider Sentenced For Sexually Assaulting Kids

Husband Of MN Daycare Provider Sentenced For Sexually Assaulting Kids

Northern Taphouse

Photo of Northern Taphouse - Woodbury, MN, US. Mocktail - ? I think it was called an Evelyn. So Yummy!!

Location & Hours

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7325 Currell Blvd

Woodbury, MN 55125

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Ray J’s American Grill

Ray J’s American Grill

3.0 miles away from Northern Taphouse

Michael Anthony H. said "So we wandered into this place tonite because it is next door to the hotel we are staying at. This was truly a visit out of convenience. It had a small town feel to the place and was set up like an Applebee's in the sense that half…" read more

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Jet’s Pizza

Jet’s Pizza

Mo S. said "I was there on the first day they opened the business. let me tell you, it's probably the best pie you can get your hands that's not "gourmet". Forget Dominos." read more

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Photo of Jenny G.

We went last night for a pre-opening soft launch. Food was fabulous and so were the drinks (both a mocktail and cocktail). Servers were knowledgeable and attentive. We are planning on going back for Bloody Mary's in a week. They said they were going to have breakfast too. Great new favorite restaurant in Woodbury! Beautifully decorated too!! I forgot to take pictures of our food. All of it was sooo good.

Gin and Juice - super fresh

Gin and Juice - super fresh

Mocktail - I think it's called an Evelyn. Also, very good!

Mocktail - I think it's called an Evelyn. Also, very good!

Margaritaville - Mall of America

Margaritaville - Mall of America

MR G. said "Stopped in on Wednesday for dinner. Was seated very promptly. A server came by, didnt offer drinks or water, introduced herself and said she woukd give us some time to review the menu and left. For about 10 minutes it seemed. There…" read more

in American, Bars

Exchange Food & Drink

Exchange Food & Drink

Andrea B. said "I love this place- the food is great. The only reason I can't give it 5 stars is because I insisted on taking a friend here for happy hour last week and the service was very lacking. Waited 10 minutes for our drinks, we didn't get…" read more

in New American

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    Find Scariest Haunted Houses in woodbury, Minnesota. The Biggest, Scariest and Best Haunted House in the city of woodbury, MN from haunted attractions, haunted hayrides, corn mazes, paintball zombie hayrides, to massive screamparks can all be found here at will introduces a new Haunted House in woodbury this Halloween Season!

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    12.1 miles from Woodbury, MN. The Warden's House Museum, built in 1853 as the home of the Minnesota Territorial Prison warden, is said to be haunted. Trudy, the daughter of Henry Wolfer, last warden to live here, got married and moved away. Right after she had a son, she died appendicitis, and her father raised ... Read more »

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    This was the first haunted house for our kids and I'm so so glad we started with low-scare. Adults had a few good jumps too! Jennifer Channell . 2023-11-02. We had great time playing mini golf and going through the haunted house . The actors & staff are amazing ! ... MN, 55077 (651) 340-8651 [email protected].

  7. Have a Frightfully Good Time at Haunted Oaks

    The mission of The Haunted Oaks was to bring the neighborhood together—and it's done much more than that. Briol estimates that the neighborhood welcomed more than 1,000 trick-or-treaters in 2022 alone. "The Haunted Oaks project was born out of a desire to bring people together after a really tough couple of COVID-19 years," Briol says.

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    Anoka Haunted House: Location: 3200 St Francis Blvd. NW, Anoka. Tickets: $12 per person. Head to the Halloween Capital of the World for this unique haunted house. The creatures in this house are ...

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    Address: 7410 US-212, Chaska, MN. Buy Tickets. 2. The Dead End Hayride. Located right off Interstate 35, The Dead End Hayride is one of the best Halloween attractions in Minnesota. The frights start the second you step out of your car, as there are actors wandering the parking lots and weaving in and out of the lines.

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    SEPTEMBER 22nd - OCTOBER 31st. "Been going to DEH since 2016 and I'm still wowed every time I visit!" A Google Reviewer. "Tonight was my first night at the Dead End Hayride and I will say it did not disappoint! From the 20+ minute hayride to walking through all of the sets it took around an Hour! This was a fantastic time! Well worth the ...

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    Horror at Huntfield presents a Gothic experience in fear and horror, sorrow and superstition, revenge and remors... [ Read more ] Address: 235 - 2nd Avenue, Foreston, Minnesota 56330, United States. Website: Phone Number: (320) 294-3185.

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    Claims to be the scariest haunted house near Minneapolis and St. Paul. In addition to the haunted house, they also have horror hayrides and a Klown Karnival. Open Dates: Oct. 5 through Oct. 31, 2012

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    Halloween 101: How To Avoid Becoming The Haunted House Of Woodbury - Woodbury, MN - Taking care of your home can be scary! Tackle those household demons with professional help this fall.


    7325 Currell Blvd Woodbury, MN 55125. Suggest an edit. You Might Also Consider. Sponsored. sweetgreen. 28 ... Find more Restaurants near Northern Tap House. Related Articles. Top 100 RESTAURANTS 2022. Dining in Woodbury. Search for Reservations. Book a Table in Woodbury. Near Me. Outdoor Restaurants Near Me.