Haunted Places in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

haunted hilton head

Tybee Island Lighthouse

Tybee island, georgia.

The original lighthouse in this spot was built in 1736, but after storms and shore erosion caused the demise of not only it but the first three lighthouses here, the current, fourth structure was built. Folks here have witnessed apparitions and heard unexplained whistling and other sounds. Some apparitions were ...

haunted hilton head

Chapel of Ease

Saint helena island, south carolina.

The Chapel of Ease is reportedly a deserted church, and it's haunted. Rumor has it that when workers attempted to seal its old crypt, its ghostly residents wouldn't have it. The bricks used to seal the opening would be stacked in a neat little pile the next day.

haunted hilton head

Fort Pulaski

It was in 1862, during the Civil War, when Union soldiers at Fort Pulaski first tested a rifled cannon, which eventually made brick fortifications useless. The fort also was used as a POW camp. At night at this historic site, it is said that the ghosts come to relive their ...

Joseph Johnson House - The Castle

Beaufort, south carolina.

The Castle is the 1850 Italian Renaissance home of Dr. Joseph Johnson, and it is rumored to be haunted. Its legend centers around the ghost of a dwarf named Gauche, who was a jester brought to the area by the French explorer Jean Ribaut in 1562. Gauche's apparition has been ...

Wigg-Barnwell House

This historic colonial house served as a hospital during the civil war, and is rumoured to be haunted. Visitors claim to have heard strange noises, have felt cold spots and have seen the apparition of a soldier. (Submitted by Callum Swift)

haunted hilton head

Bonaventure Cemetery

Savannah, georgia.

The cemetery property dates back to a private landowner in the mid-1800s, but was purchased by the city in 1907. It is the spot where naturalist and preservationist John Muir spent several nights in 1867, as he wrote about in his book "A Thousand-Mile Walk to the Gulf," in the ...

haunted hilton head

The Waving Girl - Florence Martus

The statue of the Waving Girl along the Savannah riverfront was erected in the likeness of Florence Martus (1868-1943), the daughter of an ordnance sergeant. For 44 years, she was known to greet ships as they came in by waving a cloth. Some say she comes to life at night, ...

haunted hilton head

The Pirates' House

At this 1753 tavern building, originally a sailors' pub, you may just get a climpse of the ghost of Captain Flint of "Treasure Island" fame. Some say this is the spot where the pirate died upstairs, although others say Flint is a fictitious character. Regardless, something spectral appears to be ...

haunted hilton head

Olde Harbour Inn

The inn was originally built in 1812, but that building was destroyed by fire in the 1890s. The owners rebuilt over the original foundation. It was an oil company and blue-jean factory until it closed, and was vacant for over two decades. In 1987, it opened as the upscale Olde ...

haunted hilton head

Harley Davidson - Savannah

Those shopping for Harleys may experience more than a test ride at this shop. Employees here have reported seeing an apparition wearing a suit and hat upstairs, and the plumbing and electricity are known to work by themselves.

haunted hilton head

Hampton Lillibridge House

This is a private house, so please do not trespass without permission. Some say the house was once the site of an exorcism. Apparitions of a man in a black suit and bow tie have been seen, and the sound of a scream has been heard. Rumor has it that ...

Hampton-Lillibridge House

haunted hilton head

B. Matthews Eatery

Said to be housed in one of Georgia's oldest buildings (likely built in 1790 or before), the eatery's basement allegedly was once used in slave smuggling, as is evident by the old iron tether rings set into the basement floor. The spot was then a tavern. Another point of interest ...

haunted hilton head

Melonie's Antiques

More than antiques may be found here: A specter of a woman in a blue pants suit has been spotted numerous times, and footsteps can be heard at the location of a staircase that was removed during a renovation. Besides the lady in blue, poltergeist activity has been reported, often ...

haunted hilton head

East Bay Inn

The ghost of a former worker named Charlie is said to haunt the inn. He reportedly fell to his death from a third story room and it is alleged that he haunts that room to this day. Room 325 is called Charlie's room and is where most of the ...

haunted hilton head

River Street Inn

An employee describes having seen the apparition of a man in tan pants, white shirt, and a derby hat.

haunted hilton head

John Wesley Statue - Reynolds Square

The statue of John Wesley in Reynolds Square was placed there by the Methodists of Georgia in 1969, and it is the area around this statue that folks find mysterious. Why? Well, those who photograph the statue have found that strange hazy patterns and odd colors appear in the pictures. ...

haunted hilton head

Lucas Theatre

At this 1921 theater building that houses movies, dramatic presentations and concerts, folks have witnessed strange happenings such as applause coming from an invisible audience and shadowy forms. Visitors are welcome to take self-guided tours through the building.

haunted hilton head

The Olde Pink House

Builder General Habersham is the ghost in residence at the Old Pink House Restaurant and Tavern. Locals will tell you he most often appears in the tavern, located in the building's basement, but he has also been seen in the upstairs dining room. Keep watch for a man in a ...

haunted hilton head

Kehoe House

The Queen-Anne-style mansion was built in 1892 for William Kehoe, and it is said to be the home of a few spirits. Children's ghosts have been witnessed around the grounds, as well as that of the Lady in Gray who haunts room 203. The Lady is said to be a ...

haunted hilton head

1790 Inn and Tavern

Built in 1790, this historic inn is said to be haunted by Anna, a 17-year-old who jumped from a window after becoming pregnant by a sailor who went to sea instead of staying with her. Reports say some guests at the inn have found that their things have disappeared or ...

haunted hilton head

Owens-Thomas House

If you take a guided tour of this early-19th-century home, keep watch for its former occupants, who are said to still reside on the grounds. For example, an elderly woman in a big hat and a gray shawl strolling in the garden at dusk may not be a guest, but ...

haunted hilton head

The Marshall House

At this 1851 hotel, said to be Savannah's oldest, many haunts are said to reside. The building once was used as a Civil War hospital and also saw an epidemic of yellow fever. Rumor has it that the bones found under the floorboards during renovations to the building were the ...

haunted hilton head

Churchill's Pub

There are claims that a man was hanged here many years ago, and that a shadow of his hanging body can still be seen some nights hanging from the high ceiling beams. The staff also claim there was a strange occurrence in February 2013 (see video below), when the ...

haunted hilton head

Moon River Brewing Company

Employees here say it is angry spirits who haunt this brewing company. The staff has reported mysterious dark figures, physical attacks, and even possessions. The site has been featured on the TV show Ghost Adventures.

haunted hilton head

Colonial Park Cemetery

This 6-acre cemetery holds 9,000 graves and was established in 1750. It was the area's primary public cemetery through 1853. Folks who visit here have seen various apparitions, including a floating couple. There are claims that the small park near the south gate of the cemetery was an old dueling ground, ...

haunted hilton head

Wright Square - The Hanging of Alice Riley

The Hanging of Alice Riley at the gallows that once stood in Wright Square is a popular story on ghost tours. Irish immigrant Alice Riley was allegedly the first woman to be executed in Georgia. She was the indentured servant to a cruel man, and after she could take no ...

haunted hilton head

Ballastone Inn

Built in 1838, this mansion-turned-inn is a spot rich with mysterious happenings. Some say the ghost of Sarah Anderson, the original owner's wife, has appeared to them. She has been seen in the second-floor hallways, in the elevators, in the laundry room, and near the front door. Folks say the ...

haunted hilton head

Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace - Wayne Gordon House

Juliette Gordon Low was the founder of the Girl Scouts. The Wayne Gordon House museum is now owned by the Girl Scouts of the USA, and is a popular place for Girl Scout troops to tour. It was built 1818-1821 and is open to the public for tours. Folks say ...

haunted hilton head

Haslam House

At this 1872 townhouse, witnesses have seen a tall, shadowy man in a cloak appear from the rooms' dark corners, and then disappear back into them. Poltergeist activity is also reported in the kitchen and dining room. Private residence, please respect the owner's privacy.

haunted hilton head

B and D Burgers

The burger restaurant is said to be haunted: Employees report getting an uneasy feeling in the basement, and a manager heard his name being called when no one was around. Video surveillance picked up a light that moved around the bar area, then hovered above the bar. Ghost hunters detected ...

haunted hilton head

Hamilton Turner Inn

Samuel Pugh Hamilton built this mansion for his family in 1873; it was the first Savannah home with electricity, installed in 1883. Witnesses on the inn's staff have noted a cigar-smoking man on the roof, and have heard the unexplained sounds of billiard balls rolling on the upper floors and ...

haunted hilton head

Foley House Inn

The Foley House was built in 1896 by a wealthy Irish immigrant's widow, Honoria Foley. Cut to 1987, nearly a century later, when the owners are doing renovations. What do they find? A skeleton tucked behind a wall. It is thought to have belonged to a rich boarder who vanished ...

haunted hilton head

Telfair Museum of Art

Warning: If you don't wish to upset the ghost who roams here, don't smoke in the building or sit on a chair that is not permitted to be sat upon. If you do, witnesses say you will hear the sound of her footsteps walking rapidly toward you on the marble ...

haunted hilton head

Andrew Low House

Architect John S. Norris built this house in 1850; it was the home of William and Juliette Gordon Low. It is now a house museum. If you pay a visit, listen closely as you tour the historic home. Both guests and workers have witnessed the sound of unexplained footsteps. The ...

haunted hilton head

Oglethorpe House

At this dorm of the Savannah College of Art & Design, the ghost of Gracie Watkins, the little girl who also appears in Bonaventure Cemetery, is said to appear. She has been seen as a transparent form in the hallways or in rooms. Further, it is reported that from room 600 ...

haunted hilton head

Sorrel Weed House

The house is allegedly haunted by a variety of ghosts, most of them dating back to the late 1800's and the stories revolve around two suicides that took place there, though it is claimed that one of the suicides may have been a murder. The house was owned by ...

haunted hilton head

432 Abercorn Street

At this old Greek Revival house, some say a ghostly little girl can be seen in the windows. Others say their cameras have failed to work just when they went to get a photograph of the place, only to find that the camera works just fine when they leave the ...

haunted hilton head

The Eliza Thompson House

This 1847 home belonged to cotton dealer Joe Thompson and his wife, Eliza. The couple had seven children, so when Joe was killed in 1855 when a horse kicked him, Eliza had her hands full. The home is now an inn, and folks who visit have seen a ghostly woman ...

Gribble House

Now a trolley tour warehouse, the Gribble house is home to anywhere between 20-30 spirits. In 1909 one of the most diabolical murders in Savannah history happened at the site. In broad daylight on a Friday afternoon three women were brutally killed with an axe. Today the Gribble House is ...

haunted hilton head

Forsyth Park Inn

The inn began as an 1890s private home, and in its early days was owned by Canadian sea captain Aaron Flint “Rudder” Churchill. When he died in theh home, it was converted to a boarding house and then an apartment building. It became an inn in the 1980s. It is ...

haunted hilton head

Old Telfair Hospital

Locals will tell you that this former ladies' hospital is haunted by Mary Telfair, who has been known to appear in the hallways wearing a brown dress. It is now the "Telfair Arms Apartments", a senior-living residence.

haunted hilton head

Weston House

At this dorm for the Savannah College of Art, said to be near where Civil War battles were fought, college students have reported some strange happenings. They say they can hear tapping on the walls, furniture moving in empty rooms, and a ghostly girl who likes to sing. Not as ...

haunted hilton head

Old Sheldon Church Ruins

Yemassee, south carolina.

The Old Sheldon Church was housed in a church built in the mid-1700s. The British burned it in 1779, during the Revolutionary War, but was rebuilt in 1826, only to be burned again in the Civil War. It is said to be haunted by an unknown Pilgrim woman in a ...

haunted hilton head

Grove Point Plantation

At the plantation, folks say you can can hear unexplained voices and see a mysterious mist that may follow you.

haunted hilton head

Jacksonboro Light

Hilton head island, south carolina.

If you walk along Parkers Ferry Road late at night, you might catch a glimpse of a swinging lantern light, said to be carried by the ghost of a preacher who died when he was struck by a train one night while he was out searching for his daughter. ...

Cottageville Cemetery

Cottageville, south carolina.

A local legend surrounds Cottageville Cemetery. It says that those who drive around the cemetery three times, then drive into its center and flash their lights three times, will see the deceased leave their graves, walk around, and throw things.

Magnolia Plantation and Gardens

Charleston, south carolina.

Featured on an episode of TV's Ghost Hunters, the Magnolia Plantation is rumored to be haunted. The plantation has been owned by the same family since 1680; the investigation turned up unexplained music, a young girl's voice, a cough, and a woman's voice that asked "What are you doing?"

haunted hilton head

Hannah Heyward House

This historic private home, originally built at the end of the Revolutionary War by war widow Mrs. Heyward, is said to be the site of ghostly appearances since 1805. That's when Mrs. Heyward first saw the ghost of her son James, whom she believed was on a hunting trip. She ...

haunted hilton head

Rutledge Victorian Guest House

At Rutledge Victorian Guesthouse, the ghost of a young girl who perished in a fire years ago is said to reside. She makes herself known by turning lights on and off and peering in from a window over the stairs. The smell smoke can be evident when the ghost is ...

haunted hilton head

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Haunted Hilton Head: The Blue Lady of Palmetto Dunes


Palmetto Dunes has everything: beautiful beaches, challenging golf courses…and even our own ghost. Residents of the island have been telling the creepy tale of the “Blue Lady” for years. This ghostly apparition is said to haunt the outbuildings surrounding the Leamington Lighthouse located on the Arthur Hills Golf Course on stormy days.

There are various versions of the story, but the Blue Lady is believed to be Caroline Fripp. She and her father, Adam Fripp, tended the lighthouse in the late 1890s. In 1898, a major hurricane hit South Carolina—one of the deadliest to hit North America. Legend has it that Adam, dedicated to his job of lighthouse keeper , stayed in the lighthouse throughout the storm trying to keep the light bright for a ship that was dangerously close to the shore. Sadly, Adam dropped to the floor and suffered a heart attack. Caroline took her father to their nearby house and on his death bed he asked her to keep the light burning throughout the storm.

When Caroline returned to check on her father he had already passed. It’s been said that she paced back and forth between the lighthouse and the keeper’s house for several days wearing the same blue dress she had on during the storm and calling out for her deceased father. Some sources have said that Caroline died of shock a few years after her father’s death but others say she lived a long life carrying out her father’s last wishes: keeping the lighthouse lamp lit to warn others of high tides and storms.

Today, the story lives on. Many have reported seeing the “Blue Lady” or feeling her presence on stormy nights. So beware, the next time you visit the Leamington Lighthouse , you might just meet the ghost of Caroline Fripp, a spirit that awakens with the sound of wind and rain!

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The Blue Lady of Palmetto Dunes

A Hilton Head Ghost Story

haunted hilton head

For fifty years, Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort has been a destination for fond memories and happy times. But did you know that it’s also the home of a ghost story rooted in tragedy? The Blue Lady of Palmetto Dunes is one of the famous haunted stories of Hilton Head Island, and this true tale of misfortune took place in what is now Palmetto Dunes.

Take one look at the skeletal tower of the lighthouse that sits in the Leamington Area of Palmetto Dunes (on what is now the Arthur Hills Golf Course), and you can easily imagine how treacherous it must have been to climb to its lamp during the wind and rain of stormy weather. This is where our story begins.

In the late 1800s, Caroline Fripp lived with her father Adam Fripp, a lighthouse keeper. They tended to a lighthouse (the very one that now sits near the 5th hole of the Arthur Hills Golf Course), and Adam was as devoted to his charge of keeping ships safe during storms as he was to his doting daughter.

haunted hilton head

In 1898, a powerful hurricane battered the coast of South Carolina. It was one of the deadliest storms to hit the region and reportedly was the cause of 1,000 deaths in the area. Adam struggled through the whipping wind and pounding rain to keep the lighthouse flame lit, worried for the safety of a ship offshore. The stress was too much and Adam suffered a heart attack—falling from the perilous ladder of the lighthouse tower.

Caroline rushed from the safety of the lighthouse keeper’s cottage to her father’s aid, helping him to his bed and pleading for him to let her go for help. With his last breath, Adam insisted she stay at the lighthouse to keep the lamp lit for the safety of others.

Caroline obeyed her father’s dying wishes and spent the evening going between the cottage and the lighthouse, climbing to the top of the tower to tend to the flame. The events of that fateful night never left Caroline, who could be seen pacing between the two structures with grief for days, maybe even weeks after the storm, mourning her father and refusing to take off the blue dress she had been wearing the night he died.

haunted hilton head

It’s unclear how long Caroline lived after the storm passed. Some stories say that she died at a young age a mere three weeks later; others suggest that she lived a long life, carrying out her father’s wishes—tending the lighthouse and keeping ships safe in storms. The story goes that when she did die, she was buried in that very same blue dress.

As lighthouses became automated, the Leamington Lighthouse fell into disuse and ill repair. In 1960, materials from the lighthouse keeper’s cottage were used in the construction of Harbour Town and CQ’s restaurant, and this disruption may have been the cause for the ghost sightings that have been reported thereafter.

One story of the first reported sighting is that two young lovers drove out by the Leamington lighthouse one rainy night. While parked, they looked out the window to see a woman’s figure, bathed in ghostly blue light and wearing a Victorian-era dress. The young man gasped, “A blue lady!”

To this day, whenever the skies darken and stormy weather arrives, there are reports of the figure of a woman in a blue dress, pacing outside the lighthouse—the Blue Lady of Palmetto Dunes.

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Hilton Head, SC | HiltonHead.com

Hilton Head’s Haunted Cemetery

Everyone agrees that hilton head is a beach-side paradise..

Hilton Head's Haunted Cemetery

But there’s a hidden gem on the Island with an eerie past. The Baynard Mausoleum holds a melancholic tale that sends shivers down some spines.

Legend has it that William Baynard, a wealthy plantation owner, was inconsolable after losing his young wife in the early 1840s. He would wander the halls of his Hilton Head plantation, yearning for a glimpse of her presence. Today, ruins of the plantation still stand, a testament to this heart-wrenching tragedy.

In a desperate attempt to stay connected to his beloved, Baynard constructed the mausoleum three years before his passing in 1849. Whispers spread, speculating that the tomb was meant to safeguard his precious possessions for the afterlife he hoped to share with his wife.

During the Civil War, Union soldiers caught wind of the alleged fortune within the mausoleum.

What followed was a relentless raid, leaving every treasure stolen. The spirit of Willaim Baynard, angry and heartbroken, is said to linger not only in the ruins of the Stoney-Baynard Plantation , but also within the empty mausoleum itself.

This chilling tale continues to captivate visitors to the cemetery, who report a sense of eerie emptiness near the tomb. Step into the oldest surviving structure of Hilton Head, the Baynard Mausoleum, and prepare to be enthralled by the ghosts of the past.

The Zion Cemetery is located on William Hilton Parkway (Bus. 278) on Hilton Head near the intersection of Matthews Drive. It’s open 24/7 and free to explore.

Want to uncover more haunting secrets of Hilton Head Island at the Zion Cemetery and Baynard Mausoleum?

Mark your calendars for four nights only: Wednesday, Oct. 18 to Saturday, Oct. 21 for a spine-tingling event brought to you by The Heritage Library : “Ghosts and Myths of Hilton Head Island.”

Hear ghostly tales as costumed reenactors bring to life the stories of Andrew Baynard, Cap’n Jack Stoney, Williams Eddings Baynard and others. It’s a unique account of the chilling history of Hilton Head Island. For more information, click HERE.

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The ghost in the stone: spooky stories tell tales of hilton head island's distant past.

The Zion Chapel of Ease Cemetery on Hilton Head Island was established in 1767 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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haunted hilton head


The latest breaking updates, delivered straight to your email inbox.

Tucked away off William Hilton Parkway, many of us pass it every day.

But according to the Heritage Library, some spooky happenings have been reported there over the years.

In this week's Halloween edition of Lowcountry Living, we're taking you inside.

Inside the gates of the Zion Chapel of Ease Cemetery, you’ll find some rich Hilton Head history.

Graves and memorials for Revolutionary War patriots, and the oldest existing structure on Hilton Head Island, the Baynard Mausoleum.

It was built in 1846 by wealthy plantation owner William Baynard.

In 1849, he became the mausoleum’s first inhabitant.

But in 1901, the Columbia newspaper published an article written by a doctor who stumbled upon the building with the doors ajar.

“He saw the caskets strewn around. And he noticed one casket, the lid was ajar. And on moving it he saw that it was a woman," said Tom Martin, a volunteer with the Heritage Library who portrays Baynard.

What the doctor discovered next was unusual, considering Baynard and his wife had died about 50 years earlier.

“He bent down and touched her hand. And the hand, he writes in his article, that it was as supple as if she was still alive," said Martin.

After that, the bodies of Baynard, his wife and their eight children were never seen again, but to this day, folks who visit this cemetery report hearing some spooky sounds.

“It’s still said today if you’re near the mausoleum, that you might hear the wailing of those souls mourning the departure of my death," Martin added.

A little further into the cemetery, you’ll also find a monument for Mary Kirk, who owned Rose Hill Plantation with her husband James.

According to the Heritage Library, Mary caught a woman named Michelle Corbell getting a little too friendly with her husband at a party in 1833, so Mary spread the word that Corbell was practicing witchcraft.

According to the tale, Corbell was later convicted and sentenced to hang for the crime, and on her way out of the courthouse, she had a message for Mary.

“You will have 20 years of heartbreak. And after you die, when your family erects a monument in your honor, I will come back. And my face will be etched on the stone of that monument," said Kathy Smith, a volunteer with the Heritage Library playing Mary Kirk.

The Heritage Library says, to this day, many visitors do report seeing “the ghost in the stone.”

“We’re not 100% sure that that’s a true story. But there is a face that you can sometimes see on the monument, especially if you have a flashlight and you can point it out. And so it makes a wonderful Halloween story," Smith added.

If you’d like to learn more about the ghosts, myths and history of Hilton Head Island, you can visit the Heritage Library.

You can find the nonprofit's information here .


  1. Haunted Places in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

    Haunted Places in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina 0 Tybee Island Lighthouse Tybee Island, Georgia 14.5 miles from Hilton Head Island, SC The original lighthouse in this spot was built in 1736, but after storms and shore erosion caused the demise of not only it but the first three lighthouses here, the current, fourth structure was built.

  2. Haunted Hilton Head: The Blue Lady of Palmetto Dunes

    Wednesday, October 31st, 2018 Most Popular Palmetto Dunes has everything: beautiful beaches, challenging golf courses…and even our own ghost. Residents of the island have been telling the creepy tale of the “Blue Lady” for years.

  3. THE BEST 10 Haunted Houses in HILTON HEAD ISLAND, SC

    Top 10 Best Haunted Houses Near Hilton Head Island, South Carolina Sort:Recommended Price Good for Kids Dogs Allowed Free Wi-Fi Accepts Credit Cards 1. America’s Most Haunted City Tour 5.0 (1 review) Haunted Houses Walking Tours

  4. The Blue Lady of Palmetto Dunes

    The Blue Lady of Palmetto Dunes is one of the famous haunted stories of Hilton Head Island, and this true tale of misfortune took place in what is now Palmetto Dunes. Take one look at the skeletal tower of the lighthouse that sits in the Leamington Area of Palmetto Dunes (on what is now t top of page MENU STORIES Palmetto Dunes Stories People

  5. Hilton Head's Haunted Cemetery

    The Zion Cemetery is located on William Hilton Parkway (Bus. 278) on Hilton Head near the intersection of Matthews Drive. It’s open 24/7 and free to explore. Mark your calendars for four nights only: Wednesday, Oct. 18 to Saturday, Oct. 21 for a spine-tingling event brought to you by The Heritage Library: “Ghosts and Myths of Hilton Head ...

  6. Hilton Head: Ghost stories shed light on island's distant past

    The Zion Chapel of Ease Cemetery on Hilton Head Island was established in 1767 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Tucked away off William Hilton Parkway, many of us pass it every day. Advertisement But according to the Heritage Library, some spooky happenings have been reported there over the years.