Haunted Walk of Toronto

haunted forest trail toronto

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haunted forest trail toronto

Original Haunted Walk of Toronto Ghost Tour

haunted forest trail toronto

Spirits of the Distillery District Ghost Tour

haunted forest trail toronto

HAUNTED WALK OF TORONTO - All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (with Photos)

Haunted Walk of Toronto

haunted forest trail toronto

  • See all photos

haunted forest trail toronto

Original Haunted Walk of Toronto Ghost Tour

haunted forest trail toronto

Spirits of the Distillery District Ghost Tour

haunted forest trail toronto

Haunted Walk of Toronto - All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (with Photos)

Haunted walk of toronto information.

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This New Spooky Festival Near Toronto Takes You Through A Haunted Forest & Dead Flower Maze

You'll want to bring a flashlight.

Creepy forest with a monster standing on the path. Right: Sunflower field with a cloudy sky.

Creepy forest with a monster standing on the path. Right: Sunflower field with a cloudy sky.

The spookiest time of year is almost here, and if you're looking for a scare, you'll want to head to this haunted farm near Toronto. Brooks Farms has a new Halloween-themed festival, and it's filled with spine-tingling activities.

The Brooks Farms After Dark event begins September 30 and runs every Friday and Saturday evening until October 30. The attraction is inspired by the farm's former Spooky Nights and will transform the area into "Halloweentown."

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Brooks Farms (@brooksfarms)

The festival offers three haunts, including two new ones, live entertainment, and more. You can take a spooky wagon ride and visit creepy creatures who hide in the back fields.

The Spooky Sugar Bush is filled with skeletons, witches, and ghouls, but a sweet surprise awaits you at the end, where you can collect some trick-or-treats.

Those looking for more of a scare should head to the Creepy Corn Maze and the Quarantine Zombie Pit. If you're really brave, take a trip through the Deadflower Maze comprised of wilted sunflowers. Both mazes are for ages 10 and older. You never know what you could meet in the shadows of these fields.

Other activities include fire pits, entertainment like fire-eaters, and playland attractions for younger kids. Food will be available from the Hungry Hut, so you can fill up on treats.

The farm is also hosting its annual Fall Festival , where you can enjoy pumpkin picking, an apple orchard, and more. If you're looking to get spooked this fall season, check out this new festival where you can explore haunted mazes and a scary sugar bush.

Brooks Farms After Dark

Price: $19.99 + tax per person

When: September 30 to October 30, 2022

Address: 122 Ashworth Rd., Mount Albert, ON

Why You Need To Go: This new spooky festival has haunted wagon rides, creepy mazes, and more.

Before you get going, check out our Responsible Travel Guide so you can be informed, be safe, be smart, and most of all, be respectful on your adventure.

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Ontario's Haunted Fear Farm Opens This Fall & It Will Bring Your Nightmares To Life

13 haunted attractions in ontario that'll scare your pants off this fall, this ontario farm is like a tiny autumn town & you can get lost in a golden corn maze, pumpkins after dark is returning to the gta with a glowing trail & secret new 'spook easy', a magical fall village is opening near toronto with pumpkin houses & a candy forest.

haunted forest trail toronto

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Best Haunted Attractions in Toronto [2023]

Home » Featured » Best Haunted Attractions in Toronto

Best Haunted Attractions in Toronto

The most haunted attractions in toronto are sure to give you an adrenaline rush! Whether you’re looking for a scary night out with your friends or want to explore some of the city’s oldest and spookiest locations, there is no shortage of haunts in Toronto that will keep you screaming all night long. From spooky houses to abandoned hospitals, these Toronto haunts will have your heart racing. 

We chose these haunt destinations based on their reputation as some of the scariest places in town, customer feedback, accessibility/location, popularity among other horror enthusiasts, etc. If you’re brave enough to go on one of these Toronto haunted attractions – be prepared for an unforgettable experience !

What is the scariest haunted atttraction in the world?

  • 1) Martino Manor
  • 2) Séance at Black Creek
  • 3) Screemers
  • 4) Toronto’s Horror Hallway’s

Most haunted attractions in Toronto

1. martino manor.

haunted forest trail toronto

Fernando Martino’s “Martino Manor” is one of the most popular haunted houses in the city. The decorations and actors are great, and you’ll definitely get scared during your visit. The lighting effects and sounds are amazing, making this a truly terrifying experience. Plus, don’t forget to check out the outdoor scenes!

The Martino Manor haunted house is a great experience for all who want to attend this year. The actors, the props and just all of it put together, absolutely Spooktacular! This is an event not to be missed if you’re looking for something exciting and unique. If you’re interested in experiencing this type of entertainment firsthand then make sure to check out haunted house’s upcoming performances!

Business Information:

Website: martinomanor.com Phone: +16478025045 Address: 239 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M5B 1N8, Canada

Customer Review Highlights:

  • Easy to order online
  • Great selection of products
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  • Retail stores are closed on the weekends

2. Séance at Black Creek

haunted forest trail toronto

If you’re tired of the predictable haunted house experience and you really want to give yourself a fright this Halloween, you’re going to want to head to Toronto’s Black Creek Pioneer Village for a terrifying experience unlike anything else in the city. After two years of sold-out performances and countless nightmares, mind reader Jaymes White and The Haunted Walk have joined forces to host The Séance, an authentic Victorian-style séance inside one of the oldest and most haunted buildings in the city.

The séance’s host, mentalist Jaymes White, will leave participants questioning reality and sleeping with the lights on. Throughout the experience, the host will try several different methods to try and contact the dead, and participants will be required to sit, stand, and walk at various times. So if you want to dive into the Halloween atmosphere you should definitely check out this place. 

Website: hauntedwalk.com Phone: (416) 238-1473 Email: [email protected] Address: 1000 Murray Ross Pkwy, Toronto, ON M3J 2P3

  • Local, handcrafted gift baskets
  • Wide range of gift baskets
  • Custom packaging options
  • Prices are on the higher side

3. Screemers

haunted forest trail toronto

Screemers is Toronto’s original haunted attraction and it has been thrilling visitors for over 28 years. With 7 haunted walk through mazes featuring over 120 live actors, Screemers offers a unique experience that is not found anywhere else in the city. In addition, Screemers offers unlimited rides on the Midway of Madness as well as a Food truck eatery Vampire lounge to satisfy your hunger pains! 

Screemers Festival area will be housed under a Huge 15,000 Square foot open tent, featuring our realistic props, and stage shows to keep you entertained along. So whether you’re looking for an adrenaline-pumping scare or something more relaxing and cerebral, Screemers can’t be missed!

Website: screemers.ca Address: 80 Interchange Way, Concord, ON L4K 5C3

  • Premium items
  • Ships internationally
  • Timely deliveries
  • Prices are on the higher end

4. Toronto's Horror Hallway's

haunted forest trail toronto

Horror Hallway is an exciting Haunted Attraction located in Toronto, Ontario that offers visitors a unique experience with a range of frightfully themed attractions and activities to enjoy! Whether you’re looking for scare tactics or something more intense, they have it all! Visitors can explore different areas including the basement horrors maze, terrifying scenes from classic films such as “Psycho”, escape rooms full of terror and much more. 

Horror Hallway’s maze changes every year with new and terrifying scenes. The attraction features a variety of frightening characters, settings, and sound effects that will leave you spooked out! Whether you’re looking for a scary experience for the whole family or just want to jump alone in terror, Horror Hallway is sure to give you what you need. With plenty to see and do at this top rated haunt place – don’t wait any longer – book your tickets today!

Address: 37 Stoffel Dr, Etobicoke, ON M9W 6A8

  • For orders $100 or more is FREE for Toronto GTA
  • Same-day deliveries
  • Large assortments of baskets
  • Some reviewers mentioned that their deliveries were late

Toronto is a large and vibrant city with plenty to do, but it also has its fair share of haunted attractions. If you’re looking for a good scare during Halloween season or a truly terrifying experience, be sure to check out one of these spooky spots. From ghost tours to abandoned hospitals, there’s sure to be an attraction that will send a shiver down your spine. So if you’re brave enough, venture forth into the darkness and see what awaits you at these most haunted places in Toronto!

For more family and kids friendly activities on the weekends, check out our list of things to do Toronto . And if you are looking into your first skiing trip for 2022 winter, check out our best picks of the best skii resorts in Toronto . 

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haunted forest trail toronto

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Mysterious Travels

27 Most Haunted Places of Toronto in 2023

haunted forest trail toronto

Are you looking for the most haunted places in Toronto?

Is a trip to Toronto worthwhile? For us, it is one big YES! Visitors interested in Ontario can find a lot to interest them in Toronto.

Toronto has a lot to explore as the largest city in Canada and the capital of Ontario. Even in the depths of winter, tourism to Toronto is constantly thriving.

With all there is to do, and such a unique history, there is sure to be a ghost or two lurking about.

Here are 27 Haunted Places in Toronto!

Things to do in haunted toronto, 1. the elgin and winter garden theatre centre.

The Elgin and Winter Garden, which first opened in 1913, is the last of its kind! A double-decker Edwardian theater which is still in use today. It appears to be crawling with spirits as well.

The historic location, previously known as Loew’s Yonge Street Theatre, was constructed in 1913 and now houses two theaters. The Lavender Lady is the most well-known ghost at what is now the Elgin & Winter Garden Theatre Centre.

Although no one is certain of her identity, rumors suggest that she might be a jealous castmate’s rival actress or a betrayed wife whose husband fell in love with a showgirl from a Vaudeville performance.

She first appears in the area between the big stairwell and elevator. A dip in temperature and the aroma of lavender are noticed by those who have sensed her presence.

Sam is yet another phantom at the magnificent building. Volunteers and staff at the theater heard a trombone or trumpet playing in 1989, following the completion of the building’s renovation.

The odd thing was that there weren’t any rehearsals happening. The seats in the theater flipping down and then back up was another strange incident. On the Winter Garden Theatre stage, the volunteers had a seance at midnight using a Ouija board.

They got in touch with a musician they called “Sam.” He claimed to have played trombone in a 1918 Winter Garden Vaudeville show.

haunted places toronto

2. Mackenzie House

It is considered the most haunted place in Toronto is reportedly Mackenzie House. It presently holds the spirit of the first mayor of the city.

William Lyon Mackenzie, the former rebel commander moved into the house in 1859, but he was unable to stay there for very long. Just two years later, this famous person passed away, leaving behind a wife and 14 kids.

Up until the beginning of the 1940s, the area was peaceful before renovations to turn the majestic mansion into a museum started. At that point, rumors of a ghostly apparition that resembled a long-haired woman started to circulate. There is also a record of the spirit of Mackenzie House hitting a caretaker across the face, so this was no mild ghost.

But there are other ghosts in this mansion besides the spectral woman. Over the years, there have been more accounts of bald men wearing frock coats. Many people think that William Lyon Mackenzie is actually strolling the corridors of the home where he passed away.

Another specter is a tall, shadowy figure that stands over the hotel’s sleeping occupants. The piano plays at various times throughout the day, and guests can frequently hear it when walking through the halls.

➡️ Check out their website here for tour information!

3. Humber College Lakeshore Campus

While the Lakeshore Psychiatric Hospital was in operation on what is now the Lakeshore Grounds at Humber College from 1890 to 1979, discussions concerning it are frequently based on myths or misconceptions about the development of mental illness and its treatments.

The century-old structures that make up Humber’s Lakeshore Campus were home to a number of mental institutions and lunatic asylums. There have been multiple eerie occurrences in the tunnels that connect the buildings, including one involving a faceless nurse. Additionally, screams and wails have been heard.

The structure that formerly housed the morgue is also said to have “strong” and “strange” odors, according to students and staff.

4. Queen’s Park

The University Hospital for the Insane was located in Queen’s Park before it became the location of Ontario’s Legislative Assembly.

The grounds are supposed to be haunted by the spirits of numerous women, including the somber “White Lady,” the “Maiden,” who covers her face with an apron, and the “Hanging Woman,” who dangles from a hook in a cellar tunnel.

An enraged soldier has reportedly also been spotted leaving the legislative building’s great stairway, according to Toronto Ghosts.

5. Gibraltar Point Lighthouse

The oldest lighthouse on the Great Lakes is Gibraltar Point Lighthouse. Since 1808, this imposing building has served as a navigational aid for ships entering Toronto Harbour. But for more than a century, tourists have been troubled by the tale of the first lighthouse keeper.

Visitors climbing the lighthouse have reported seeing spectral shadows and experiencing an unexplained rumbling beneath their feet.

The Gibraltar Point Lighthouse is said to be the final resting place of John Paul Radelmuller, the lighthouse’s first keeper. It has been claimed that two drunken soldiers killed Radelmuller and then buried his mutilated body near the lighthouse.

gibraltor point lighthouse

6. The Don Jail

Considered to be one of the most haunted places in Toronto is the Don Jail. Many spirits are rumored to haunt the famed building. They include persons who have died via suicide, murder, or execution.

The Don Jail closed in the 1970s after hosting inmates from the 1860s. Inhumane living conditions, public hangings, and overcrowding were all well-known features of the institution.

60 people were hung at the jail, and some of them were interred in unmarked graves on the property. The specters of the killed inmates, notably the spirit of a blonde woman who hanged herself in the women’s block, are reported to still wander the site today. Her apparition is said to have appeared in the main rotunda.

15 people’s skeletal remains were discovered in 2007 behind the Old Don Jail. They belonged to inmates who had been condemned to death at the jail.

7. The Old City Hall

Numerous paranormal experiences have been claimed at Old City Hall, which is currently a courthouse. Many have described hearing phantom footsteps, being touched, and the feeling of “not being alone”.

Ronald Turpin and Arthur Lucas, the last two men to receive the death penalty in Canada in 1962, are rumored to still be present in courtroom 125 (previously known as courtroom 33).

There have been allegations of footsteps in a back stairwell, and judges have felt hands on their backs and robes pulled as if someone were trying to push them down the stairs. There have also been whispered groans coming from the attic.

The structure’s cellars, which once served as a prisoner holding place, often has the sound of moaning echoing throughout.

8. University College

According to legend, Ivan Reznikoff and Paul Diabolos, two stonemasons who were employed to build University College in the 1850s, fell in love with the same woman. The woman, according to the college, was engaged to Reznikoff, but fled with the young, attractive Diabolos.

Reznikoff approached the dagger-wielding Diabolos at their deserted work site, brandishing an axe. Eventually, Diabolos triumphed and flung his foe’s corpse down a flight of stairs.

Reznikoff is purportedly buried on campus, although his bones weren’t found until after the 1890 fire. According to legend, his ghost still prowls the grounds at night.

9. Niagara Parks Power Station

Although the Niagara Parks Power Station is the city’s newest destination, this ancient structure has a sinister side that few tourists are aware of.

It has been a part of Ontario history since its construction in 1905. As well as the sad lives of William Rankine, the founder, and his wife Annette are directly responsible for the haunting of this Niagara Falls attraction.

After founding what would become Niagara Falls’ longest-running power station, he became ill and quickly died of congestive heart failure not long after his marriage. His young wife Annette was heartbroken. She spent years using mediums and psychics to attempt to reach her dearly departed husband but to no avail.

After finally giving up on her lost love, Annette spiraled into a deep depression and disappeared. Shortly afterward staff at the station began reporting sightings of a “well-to-do woman in a fur coat” moving around the thrust deck. These reports continue to this day and many believe it is Mrs. Rankine desperately searching for her lost husband.

niagara parks power station

10. Lower Bay Station

You might recognize this literal ghost station from movies and TV shows, but it hasn’t been used for regular service since 1966.

Since then, multiple transit employees have reported seeing a “lady in red,” with no eyes and no feet, on the platform beneath Bay Station.

11. Colborne Lodge

This house-turned-museum, built in 1836 by John and Jemima Howard, is said to be a hub of eerie activity. Perhaps the charming High Park home isn’t as harmless as it seems.

Colborne Lodge in Toronto’s High Park is reportedly haunted by Jemima, the lady of the house. She spent many years in her bedroom due to illness before passing away in 1877 and was buried there.

To this day her apparition is observed staring out that same upstairs master bedroom window, looking down at her iron-fenced cemetery and towering monument.

12. Casa Loma Stables

Casa Loma is another location considered to one of the most haunted places in Toronto, home to a number of ghostly encounters, including weird apparitions, eerie whispers, and gripping hands that aren’t there.

The medieval castle has developed a reputation as a paranormal hotspot due to the number of accounts from staff and visitors who describe seeing a strange woman clad in white, hearing a gruff guy near the stables, or experiencing other paranormal experiences.

It seems that ghostly sounds of men and children have been heard in the castle’s stables, and a white-clad woman has frequently been seen wandering the castle’s hallways. The White Lady has been spotted the most frequently; she usually shows up on the second level but has recently been spotted in the cellar.

13. The Soldiers’ Tower

The Soldiers’ Tower is a monument to those we have lost to war.

Their names were inscribed in Indiana limestone at the base of a bell tower that was built on campus in their honor in 1924. Later, the names of those lost during World War II would be added.

It’s possible that the light bursts occasionally seen through the Soldiers’ Memorial’s stained glass window are a thank-you note from those who perished in battle.

the soldiers;' tower

14. The Old Finch Bridge

High schoolers looking for thrills who have heard stories about a young girl who was killed on the bridge at Morningside and Finch—and on her birthday, no less—frequent this location. It is said that her spirit will materialize if you sing “happy birthday.”

15. Necropolis Cemetery

One of the most haunted places in Toronto is an appropriately named cemetery and a favorite haunt of historians and participants in spooky Halloween tours.

Some of Canada’s most illustrious individuals rest in Toronto’s second non-sectarian cemetery, including churchmen, doctors, philosophers, political reformers, and founders of Confederation.

But the chapel, crematorium, and ominous Gothic Revival archway that mark the entranceway also harken back to a perilous period in Toronto’s Victorian era when children under one accounted for 40% of all fatalities in the city. Diphtheria, whooping cough, polio, and scarlet fever claimed the majority of lives.

16. Hockey Hall of Fame

The Hockey Hall of Fame building at Yonge and Front used to be a bank before becoming the home of Canada’s national sport. It served as the Bank of Montreal’s main branch for a while.

Its position also made it a convenient target for bank robbers. A teller was reportedly shot and died during one attempted heist in the early 1900s. She passed quite close to the vault where her apparition is rumored to show up.

hockey hall of fame

17. William Mellis Christie Mansion

William Mellis Christie, of the famous Christie biscuits, went from modest beginnings to earn a substantial wealth. But the cookie tycoon’s life in general wasn’t all that sweet.

At the height of his success, catastrophe struck in 1868. James and Willie Christie, 8 years and 8 months respectively, would pass away from illness. The business was left to be inherited by William’s third son, Robert Jaffray Christie, after he passed away abruptly from cancer in 1900.

In addition, Robert Jaffray received the magnificent home that had recently been constructed at the intersection of Queen’s Park Crescent and Wellesley. He had the house totally reconstructed in 1910. Perhaps it was done to drive away the spirits of past catastrophes.

While not much is known about him, he reportedly kept a mistress in a hidden apartment inside his renovated mansion, though. The relationship would last for a number of years before his sweetheart killed herself, perhaps as a result of neglect or insanity.

According to the legend, her body was stolen at night and buried someplace on Queen’s Park’s grounds.

👻➡️ Check out our ghost hunting equipment article so you can plan your own paranormal excursion!

🚗➡️ Need help getting around? Rent a car!

Haunted Places in Toronto: FAQs

Are there unique things to do in toronto, 18. storm crow manor.

storm crow manor

This pub-style, sci-fi and horror-themed restaurant is made up of three floors of strange and fascinating rooms, including the underground dungeon restrooms, the mad scientist-chic Mary Shelley bar, the Cyberpunk Lounge, and the surreal, concealed Black Lodge.

It is a geek’s paradise, with drinks and entrees being dedicated to big fandoms such as Star Wars, Dungeons and Dragons, and Lovecraft.

19. Deadly Grounds Cafe and Curiosities

“Coffee to die for” is their tagline. They also sell uniquely flavored chocolate, and teas. You can order their products to be mailed if you can’t get to the Oshawa/Courtice area.

20. Little Ghosts Bookstore and Cafe

Toronto’s best horror-themed bookstore is where you can find the city’s spookiest novels while sipping a beverage and eating pastries on their cozy terrace.

21. Museum of Illusion

The Toronto Museum of Illusion has more than 100 surreal rooms. It features a ton of exhibits that promise a whole day of entertainment for kids, teens, and adults alike, including holograms, vortex tunnels, game rooms, and 3D puzzles.

🎟️➡️ Buy your ticket here!

Are There Haunted Restaurants In Toronto?

22. the keg mansion.

haunted places toronto

Formerly the private residence of businessman Hart Massey and his family, this majestic manor on Jarvis Street is now a humming restaurant.

According to legend, a grieving maid hanged herself over the grand staircase after Massey’s daughter passed away. Numerous visitors and employees claim to have seen the maid’s body hanging over the stairs throughout the years. With such a history it’s no wonder this restaurant is considered one of the most haunted places in Toronto.

The restaurant’s second-floor restroom is also rumored to be haunted, and diners have reportedly observed ghostly kids playing there as well. When you’re done with the meal, ask your server to show you the restaurant’s book of ghost stories.

Are There Haunted Hotels In Toronto?

23. royal york hotel.

Many would consider this one of the most haunted places in Toronto. We know we do!

In the past, the hotel has played host to royalty, leaders of state, celebrities, and millions of other people seeking a night of luxury. Guests who have stayed there throughout the years claim that it is also the scene of some paranormal activity.

One guest reported that they had heard children running up and down the hallways, but had not seen any kids. The following evening, they peered through the peephole and noticed a grey-haired man wearing a purple waistcoat. Until they learned about the man in the purple coat who haunts the floor, they initially believed he was a hotel employee who went upstairs to ask the kids to stop running around.

The hotel’s Crystal Ballroom is rumored to be haunted as well; visitors commonly report hearing noises inside the room even when it is closed. There are rumors that even when the ballroom was empty, visitors could hear music and conversations.

Another oddity about this hotel is that it has a 13th floor. Nowadays, the majority of huge structures are constructed without the unlucky number, instead choosing to move directly from 12 to 14. The door of the elevator frequently opens and closes without being called, playing tricks on its users.

🏨➡️ Book your room here!

the royal york hotel

24. Gladstone Hotel

If you know anything about ghosts, you know they hate renovations, and the recently renovated Gladstone Hotel has its own ghost stories. To check out the recent renovations and get a sense of any paranormal activity, now might be the ideal time to reserve a room.

The hotel was constructed in 1889 and is the oldest hotel in continuous operation in Toronto. The hotel has undergone significant renovations before, so perhaps the ghosts that haunt this location don’t mind the changes.

The ghost of the hotel who enjoys playing the piano is the subject of a well-known ghost story. Listen for the piano if you want to spend the night at this hotel since you never know when a ghost might wish to play.

25. Omni King Edward Hotel

The King Edward Hotel was constructed in 1903, making it almost 120 years old. Ghosts are known to enjoy an ancient structure.

The ballroom on the 17th floor, which had been off-limits to the public since the 1970s, was the source of a lot of ghostly activity. According to a rumor, the chandelier in the ballroom had a propensity to change locations after each visit. Some people claim to have heard the chandelier trembling from other floors.

The 2nd and 12th levels of the hotel appear to be frequently visited by the elevator without notice. Another visitor noticed that the automatic faucets in the women’s restroom randomly turned on and off.

26. One King West

There hasn’t always been a hotel at One King West. Dominion Bank’s initial headquarters eventually transformed into a hotel and condominium tower in 2006. The hotel’s hauntings appear to be a little more beneficial than others.

The elevators at One King West are reportedly always ready, especially for personnel. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, a stay at the King Edward Hotel won’t let you down because the history of the structure is fascinating in and of itself. It’s an excellent site to act out a heist in the vault even if the ghosts don’t want to appear during your visit.

What Are The Best Ghost Tours In Toronto?

27. the haunted walk.

➡️ This #1 tour group has three unique tours to choose from: The Original Haunted Walk , Spirits of the Distillery District , and University of Toronto

mysterious travels ghost

Conclusion: 27 Most Haunted Places of Toronto in 2023

Is it still worthwhile to visit the largest Canadian city? Most certainly if you want to see these haunted locations in Toronto!

Toronto offers a lot to discover. A great foodie location, wonderful atmosphere and history, a few ghosts, what’s not to love?

haunted house toronto

Here's a map of all the haunted houses and drive-thrus in and around Toronto

Latest Videos

Haunted houses are still among the favourite Halloween attractions in Toronto every year. In 2020, it's a little slim pickins, given the global pandemic and all. Still, there a number of haunted houses, creepy drive-thrus, and socially-distanced creepy walk-throughs running in and around the city that'll take spooky season to the next level.

Here's a roundup of haunted Halloween houses and drive-thrus in and around Toronto for 2020.

Horror Hallways

This terrifying labyrinth of horrors is the only indoor Halloween maze left in the city. Horror Hallways will have you wandering through pitch-black hallways in Etobicoke's 401 Mini Indy. Just make sure to bring a mask and $20 cash. 

Boo at the Zoo

The Toronto Zoo isn't offering its BOOmobile this year, due to COVID-19 restrictions, but that means you get to do this Halloween drive-thru in the comfort of your car. You won't see any animals, but this 30-minute ride will be full of festive decor and "Halloween-themed commentary". 

Toronto's Haunted Drive-Thru

For the first year ever, Toronto Shines is hosting an immersive drive-thru on Cherry Street. Spanning 1.5 kilometres, you'll be rolling through a haunted pumpkin patch, a graveyard, creepy animatronics, and more. Tickets are $44.95 per car. 

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Haunted Hollows Scream Park (@hauntedhollows.ca) on Oct 3, 2020 at 4:12pm PDT

Haunted Hollows Scream Park

Drive about 30 minutes' drive north of Toronto to East Gwillimbury for this terrifying 1.5-acre wooded area, replete with an asylum, a cemetery, a butcher shop, Frankenstein's Lab, and some very convincing live actors. Masks are mandatory.

Bingeman's Screampark

This horrific Kitchener wasteland of creepy human experiments is back. A visit here includes a walk-thru of the ruins, something called The Slaughter Shed, and a bunch of other terrifying rooms I don't want to name. This year, they're also offering drive-in passes. 

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Haunt Manor Hayrides &Houses (@hauntmanor) on Sep 20, 2020 at 4:39am PDT

This Kitchener-Waterloo attraction looks a little different than years past. The 2020 Fear Farm is all about the Haunted Campfire Experience: a two-hour private campfire that includes a walk-through of their haunted outdoor adventure. If you upgrade, you also get pizza and beer. 

Haunt Manor

Head to Niagara Falls for this sprawling landscape of creepiness: one of the largest in Canada. There are no hayrides this year, though you'll be able to walk through the backwoods of the area, and there are plenty of haunted mazes (five, to be exact). Expect clowns. 

Nightmares Fear Factory 

Billed as "the scariest attraction in Niagara Falls," this legendary haunted house is still going strong. More than 164,750 people have chickened out halfway through the walk, according to its website. You can find it at the top of Clifton Hill in Niagara, if you dare, just don't forget your mask. 

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Janet Lee (@janetleejanetlee) on Oct 8, 2020 at 6:42pm PDT

Fear Factory

This nightclub-turned-indoor haunted maze in Oshawa has taken over Club 717 to bring you a terrifying experience. Up to 10 people per group are allowed at a time. All funds go to the Durham Alliance Outreach. 

Pumpkins After Dark

More than 150 pumpkin sculptures make up this 2.5-kilometre drive-thru in Milton's Country Heritage Park. It'll be a jack 'o' lantern extravaganza. Tune into their radio station for a musical score. Tickets cost $39 to $89. 

Halloween Night of Lights

Spanning 21 acres at the Improve Canada outdoor space in Vaughan, this drive-thru is a twinkling ordeal of more than 700,000 LED lights. Drive this 2.25-kilometre trail with a spooky soundtrack for a safely-distanced night out. 

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30+ Scary Haunted Walks and Ghost Tours in Ontario — Introduction

S earching for something spooky to do? A lot of people like a good scare any time of year. Whether or not it’s Halloween season, you’re guaranteed to have a frightening fun time on one of these haunted walks and ghost tours.

This list is full of unique ideas for things to do. Haunted walks and ghost tours combine history, culture, costumes, and supernatural elements, all while providing a bit of low-impact exercise. So have a scream checking out all the eerie options below.

1. The Spirits of Amherstburg Ghost Walk

Presented by Monkeys With A Typewriter Theatre Company, this seasonal haunted walk takes visitors through the old historic town’s streets to hear ghost stories and see haunted houses.

2. Walking and Bus Ghost Tours of Chatham-Kent

Join ordinary citizens in telling ghost stories on these annual tours to haunted sites. Walking tours are led by lantern light.

3. St. Catharines Full Moon Ghost Walks

Offered monthly throughout all but the coldest months of the year, and more frequently during the Halloween season, these haunted walks take tour-goers through the downtown area to explore the town’s history and haunted places.

4. Jordan Village Haunted Tour

Find out what lies beneath this little village near Beamsville on a tour hosted by the Jordan Historical Museum.

5. Niagara Ghost Walks and Haunted Sleepover

Take the tour to learn all about the paranormal activity and hauntings in downtown Niagara Falls. You can choose to end the evening at a haunted rooming house, where you’ll spend the night with the resident spectres, attempting to draw them out during a midnight spirit session. Tarot card readings are also available for an additional fee.

6. Candlelit Ghost Walks of Fort George National Historic Site

Experience Niagara-on-the-Lake’s Fort George after dark during the summer season, or join a super-scary Halloween tour.

7. Hamilton and Niagara Ghost Walks and Dark History Tours

Offering a plethora of haunted walks and ghost tours, from Canada’s most haunted town at Niagara-on-the-Lake to Ruthven’s ghost town and graveyards, the focus is on speciality tours of Hamilton. Learn about the city’s dark and violent history, go on a ghost walk of downtown, take a dark trolley tour, explore hermitage ruins in a haunted forest at night, or discover the Scottish rite of Freemasonry in Canada’s largest masonic cathedral. Special events also include ghost bus tours and ghost hunts.

8. Haunted Hamilton

Choose from walking ghost tours of the downtown area, and take part in other speciality events such as a haunted cruise or bus tours to other haunted destinations.

9. Missus Mooney’s Halfpenny Dreadfuls

Hosts in character lead seasonal tour-goers on a walk through the dark and tragic Victorian and Edwardian history of Hamilton.

10. Burlington Ghost Walks

Investigate the Halton region’s most haunted places and their ghosts.

11. Oakville Historical Society Ghost Walks

Take a haunting look back into the town’s history, guided by characters of the past.

12. Ghosts of Stratford Walking Tours and Haunted Pub Crawl

Take part in the summer season walking tours or join a special Halloween tour. The Pubs, Pilsners, and Spirits Haunted Pub Crawl is offered during the months of September and October only.

13. Ghost Walk of Guelph

Stroll around downtown to explore some of the Royal City’s haunted past.

14. Toronto Zombie Walk and Halloween Parade

Dress up as the undead and wander the city streets with the rest of the horde. This is a free community event, run by volunteers every year.

15. The Haunted Walk of Toronto

Multiple options are available, beginning with the original haunted walk of the city’s downtown area. Other tours include Ghosts and Spirits of the Distillery, Ghosts of the University of Toronto, and the Time Travel Trail Adventure.

16. Muddy York Walking Tours

This company offers all kinds of historical walking tours, including several with a darker theme: Haunted Streets of Downtown Toronto, Ghosts of the University of Toronto, Bloody York – Crime and Punishment, Toronto Noir – Gangsters and Gallows, and Cinema and Scandal.

17. Urban Capers Scavenger Hunts

Using a clue sheet, teams answer tricky questions and solve riddles about a given area. One of the scavenger hunts is themed Haunted Toronto, but others will also satisfy spooky cravings, such as Murder at the ROM, The Mummy’s Curse, or The Great Whisky Heist Mystery.

18. DIY Toronto Self-Guided Ghost Tour

Presented by the Toronto Ghosts and Hauntings Research Society, you can print this document to create your own custom haunted walks of the city.

  • Guide [2,710kb PDF]

19. Black Creek Pioneer Village Ghost Walks

Join the regular haunted walk for a night of spine-tingling ghost stories and darker history from the area, or take a speciality tour for a unique experience. Options include Tales and Ales, which combines spooky stories and historic beer samples, and Death and Dying, which explores disturbing Victorian rituals about death.

20. Cannington Haunted Trail and Maze

A frightening outdoor adventure held annually during the Halloween season, the trail ventures into the woods, while the maze leads through a haunted house.

21. Downtown Peterborough Halloween Ghost Walks

Costumed guides recount spooky tales on this lantern-lit tour of the town’s most haunted buildings.

22. Haunted Ghost Walks of Cobourg

Offered each summer, visitors can choose from the downtown or cemetery tours to hear eerie tales from beyond the grave told by a costumed guide in character.

23. Shadowicc Ghost Walks and Haunted Tours of Belleville

Regular ghost walks and special events such as the Spirits of Christmas Past Ghost Walk.

24. Prince Edward County Gallows and Graveyards Walking Tours

Discover the darker side of the region with an experienced guide.

25. The Haunted Walk of Kingston

The original version of this tour takes tour-goers through the city’s old Sydenham Ward. The Ghosts and Legends of Gananoque special tour takes visitors out of town.

26. Kingston Ghost and Mystery Trolley Tour

Hear some of Kingston’s darkest stories and best-kept secrets as you travel off the beaten path to the town’s lesser-known and more difficult-to-access haunted spots.

27. Haunted Walks at Upper Canada Village

Hear spine-tingling ghost stories as darkness begins to fall.

28. Fort Fright at Fort Henry

Wander in the dark through an interior ditch, dark hallways, and tunnels filled with live scare actors, spooky props, and special effects. Take the Buried Alive Coffin Ride or attempt a sightless escape through a critter-filled hidden tunnel in the Hooded adventure.

29. The Lonely Ghosts Walk of Perth

Listen to stories of the town’s unsettled spirits on a theatrical walk through the streets.

30. The Haunted Walk of Ottawa

Includes a variety of several year-round and seasonal haunted walks, such as Ghosts and Gallows, a tour of the old Carleton County Jail, or the Haunted Walk Experience at the Mackenzie King Estate, a moonlit tour deep inside Gatineau Park. The original haunted walk of the downtown area and special tours and events are also available. At Halloween, join a self-directed city-wide mystery adventure, or choose from other family-friendly or adult-only options.

31. North Bay’s Haunted Downtown Hike and Haunted Museum

A lamp-lit tour of the city’s spookiest downtown locations, beginning with the Discovery Museum.

Map of Haunted Walks and Ghost Tours in Ontario

The map below shows the cities and towns in which haunted walks and ghost tours are available.

On a more serious note, you can observe from the map that most haunted walks and ghost tours in Ontario are offered along the St. Lawrence and Great Lakes. Under the guise of entertainment, this is a sombre reminder of the province’s violent colonial past.

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Do you know of any other haunted walks in Ontario? If so, please let me know by leaving a comment below or sending me a message , and I’ll update the article accordingly. Thanks!

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