segelyacht 9m

RM 890+: our 30-foot / 9m sailboat

A true cruising yacht in a 30-footer.

Since its launch in 2013, the RM890+ never stopped to surprise and seduce. The goal was to conceive a true cruiser, with loads of living space, comfort yet performance, at ease for both coastal cruising and port-hopping. In her different versions – twin-keel or fin keel – this fast 30ft sailboat is easy to sail, and quick to set up.

As soon as sails are hoisted, you will feel a lively boat, very much responsive and sensitive to trim, reacting to the first rise. Once breeze comes in, her large-beamed and powerful hull will make you feel totally safe.



Space, volume, and light: modern and comfortable interior

In a cruising yacht, one might be tempted to divide the available surface into smaller areas. In our 30-foot sailboat, we decided to opt for an approach that fosters volume and light for the interior.

When opening the companion way, you will be surprised by this feeling of space: everything contributes to a global well-being: the small stairs for an easy access, a 180-degree visibility thanks to large windows, as well as the absence of bulkheads that creates an unmatched living space.

RM890+ intérieur carré


Learn more about the specs of the RM890+, and you will understand why she is a very consistent monohull yacht, with flattering ratios, never scarifying comfort nor performance.

Marc Lombard Design Group

Edouard Delamare Deboutteville

hull lenght

Sigle keel draft, twin keel draft, light displacement, engine in board sail drive.

Volvo Penta 13 CV

fuel capacity

Water capacity, holding tank capacity, asymmetric spinnaker, virtual tour.

As if you were already in, let’s have a look at the bright interior of the RM890+.

Visite virtuelle RM890+

Should only large yachts be elegant?

Designing a 30ft liveaboard sailing yacht is a complex job: one would like to find all the benefits of a cruiser within a limited space. Most of the time, if the result is functional, it is rarely elegant.

With the RM890+, Marc Lombard Design team managed to draw a very elegant plywood sailing boat of nearly 9 meters, with well-balanced proportions. As a matter of fact, when you will see an RM890+ under sail, you will probably be surprised by her elegance: her proportions are perfect, and you might confuse her with a larger yacht!

guided tour rm 890+

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Path Sailing Yacht underway shot

Path: On board Baltic's award-winning 45m sailing yacht

Inspired by an experienced sailor, the World Superyacht Award-winning sloop Path is a real standout, as Sam Fortescue finds out in Palma...

It takes an effort to stand out from the crowd in Palma. There are so many metres of gleaming superyachtery lined up on the quays that everything starts to look the same. Not so the latest launch from Baltic Yachts . It has the advantage of a mast, which naturally helps in a world dominated by motor yachts. But it is really the sleek, quiet purpose of 44.6 metre Path that distinguishes her. That and the flame orange crew uniforms.

With a German designer, an obsessive Finnish builder and an engaged owner, nothing on this boat has been left to chance. I am immediately grateful for the owner’s foresight as I step aboard on an uncharacteristically grey morning. With the leaden threat of rain, we congregate under the truly vast hardtop he requested, which protects the dining and lounging areas of the cockpit. It is a continuation of the coachroof, which sweeps aft a further seven metres.

“The owner took all the experience he gained from sailing round the world and put it into the new boat,” explains Henry Hawkins, executive vice president of Baltic Yachts. “His previous boat was a Baltic 112 which we call Old Path . He’s a hugely passionate sailor and competes in a couple of sports boat classes. So he was adamant he wanted a cruising boat with performance.”

And what the hardtop lacks in pure elegance, it makes up for in sheer practicality. It is just one part of the owner’s philosophy of choosing reliability over elaborate technology or flashy styling, as designer Rolf Vrolijk notes. “This owner knows very well what he wants. There was no need to go to an external designer to make a statement.”

Ease of handling was the other key brief for the judel/vrolijk team. Path has twin rudders, for instance, and a hydraulic lifting keel. This reduces her draught to 3.4 metres – enough to get into many smaller ports and anchorages, including much of the Bahamas. She also features a roller boom system from Carbo Link to make light work of furling or reefing the 558-square-metre mainsail.

On the mechanical side, she is equipped with a saildrive pod system that can rotate through 340 degrees beneath the boat to give optimum thrust and torque at almost any angle. Coupled with the bow thruster, this flexible system simplifies close quarters manoeuvring. A four-blade variable-pitch propeller also adds to efficiency across long passages under power or when motor sailing.

“When manoeuvring under power, you can set it to a high engine speed to provide hydraulic power to the thruster via a PTO,” Hawkins says. Only one thruster is needed with the rotating saildrive, he explains. “We can then add a little pitch to the blades to move forward or backwards or even sideways as needed, as this leg rotates.”

Path rows somewhat against the current with its engine. The capable 550hp Scania unit is certainly up to the job, but the power system eschews hybrid or battery-assisted technology. It is an old-fashioned mix of iron, oil and diesel with enough grunt to pull the boat along and turn the winches, while a pair of 55kW Northern Lights generators pick up the hotel loads. Of course, that is exactly what the owner wanted.

“We looked at electric propulsion, as with the majority of our boats,” Hawkins says. “But Path is set up as a world cruiser and the cornerstone had to be proven reliability.” Similarly, the Hundested main thruster pod is theoretically capable of retracting into the hull to reduce drag under sail. “The owner chose not to take the folding ability for the sake of simplicity,” he adds. “While the pod and propeller hydraulics can all be driven mechanically to return to port.”

Before anything else, though, this boat is a Baltic, and that means a fast hull with a meticulous layup in carbon fibre. By making ample use of Sprint and pre-preg materials from Gurit, Baltic has limited the displacement of this 44.6-metre yacht to 172 tonnes. Pre-preg means that precisely the right amount of epoxy resin is already right where it needs to be in the layup, eliminating the wastage of wet systems.

The lines by judel/vrolijk are as sleek as you would expect from a team that has done so much work with racing yachts. Despite her length, her beam tops out at 9.35 metres, giving Path naturally efficient proportions. The architecture is closely related to that of the Baltic 112 Canova . “These are families of hulls developed through feedback from the crew,” Vrolijk says.

A powerful masthead sloop rig gives the crew plenty of options, and again, the emphasis is on ease of handling.   “We didn’t want to go too big with a square-head main, because that creates too much complexity for a cruising guy,” Vrolijk says. No fewer than two fixed and two removable headstays permit a range of sails upwind, plus a three-metre bowsprit for setting the gennaker or dedicated reaching sail. Baltic describes the set-up as a homage to the Imoca 60, whose multi-headsail configuration make short-handed racing a reality.

Vrolijk says that the boat sails well with two headsails set – jib and staysail or storm jib and staysail, as conditions dictate. The main is reefed by putting turns on the boom, but in order not to overstrain the mandrel, the sail still has three reefing points on the luff and leech that take the strain. After sea trials in Palma, he described Path ’s handling in typically dry fashion. “It was, of course, quite nice,” he told me. “She has a balanced rudder feel, and the boat tracks very well.”

Path is designed to sail at between 11 and 16 knots in typical conditions, but she had already hit speeds approaching  20 knots on the passage down from Finland, according to Captain Daniele Cesaro. In Palma, the boat handled 35-knot gusts under full main and a staysail jib.

Sightlines from the two wheels are well thought out, with a clear view ahead down the windward side. Each helm station has its own little hardtop with a glass panel for gazing at the sail. It feels a little like the bridge of the USS Enterprise sitting here with six big Sailmon screens for boat data and six huge glass-bridge displays.

Step inside, though, and you instantly return to a past where wood, not carbon fibre, was king. With decidedly classic styling, the interior is all about panelled walls and solid furniture. Elegant cabinetry is well endowed with fiddles – this is an owner who understands the need to steady yourself as you cross the saloon on a 20-degree heel. From sofas to a robust wooden swivel chair at the navigation station, it seemingly adds weight, but says Hawkins, the furniture is foam core with a wood veneer, which allows keeping the weight under control.

Margo Vrolijk led the styling team, making it a full house for judel/vrolijk. She drew on a visit to the owner’s home and a good look at his previous Baltic. “The concept is inspired by how the family lives ashore and translating that into an easily controlled sailing yacht,” she says. “The timeless style of the interior has been achieved through symmetry in geometry and balancing the choice of neutral and natural colour palettes with classic, colourful patterns like stripes and paisley shapes.”

This approach has created a very liveable environment below, with deep, inviting sofas, plump mattresses and comfy chairs. Despite the suede and natural fabric finishes, the upholstery has been designed to be easily maintained when off the beaten track. Most surfaces are in warm teak, while the floors are in a dark stained oak that will conceal wear and tear. “You can spill anything on the fabrics and it will still remain the same colour,” says Margo Vrolijk.

More than the materials, though, it is the spaces created by the design team that intrigue. Beneath that huge main saloon lie the owner’s quarters, bang amidships. The cabin spans the full beam but is partially divided near the middle by a glass screen. Twin beds lie to starboard, with access to a large bathroom with both a shower and recessed full-length bathtub.

To starboard is a wonderful kind of parlour or snug sitting room, with two Poltrona Frau recliners and a host of convenient features within reach. Touch a button and the glass panel turns opaque, becoming a screen for projecting charts and nav information. Pull open a low cabinet and there’s a custom-built recess for a decanter of whisky and weighted crystal tumblers. The glasses are inlaid with a magnet on the base to keep them from sliding off when set down. Pilot guides and reference books line the walls – a library for settling down with a drink to figure out where to head next.

Upstairs you reach the office, on a kind of half level.  A huge array of electronics is concealed behind the panelling here, while twin VSAT domes can keep the owner as connected on board as he would be if he were sitting in the office. “The system is Starlink ready,” Hawkins says. “Then there’ll be no need for those big domes – the eggs in the rigging will disappear.”

As this space lacks a hull window, the owner requested an LED wall, the first I have seen aboard a yacht. Running the length of the hull in the office, it normally displays an aquarium scene, but can naturally be programmed to show anything. Vrolijk mocked up a full-size office and owner’s cabin to check every detail.

Although naturally on a smaller scale to the owner’s cabin, three en suite guest cabins offer heaps of space. A VIP cabin in the bow converts between double and twin and includes its own sofa area for privacy. The double just aft has an even larger snug seating area opposite. And a final guest double is in the aft accommodation. Though this puts it next to the crew area, it has its own private companionway to the saloon.

There are lots of little features which are a pleasure to discover. I liked the way that a navigation display folds up out of a burnished chart desk in the main saloon, for instance. Another display in the crew mess slides down out of an overhead cabinet to create a barrier between the navigator and the mess. It’s a smart idea that creates two distinct spaces when necessary. I also like how the doorknobs are leather bound.

With her huge aft deck and a big bathing platform for catching the sun, plus a tender well on the foredeck that serves as a pool when the Ribeye YT600 has been craned out, Path can hold her own in Mallorca and the world’s other yachting hotspots. But she won’t be here for long. Though she’s registered in Malta, this boat has no home port – no marina berth with her name on it. Her calling is as an ocean wanderer. She is going to find her own path around the world.

First published in the June 2022 issue of BOAT International. Get this magazine sent straight to your door, or subscribe and never miss an issue.

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Yachting Monthly cover

Achilles 9m

  • September 23, 2009

Designed for long-distance, short-handed sailing

Product Overview

Price as reviewed:.

While cruising offshore in the Achilles 24 was ‘adventurous’, the 9m was designed for long-distance, short-handed sailing and today makes a good choice as a cheap but safe and strong introduction to cruising. Despite having six berths the accommodation was cramped, with small spaces for the chart table, galley and heads. She had a fin-and-skeg underwater profile with a much taller rig, comparatively, than the 24 and could be raced competitively at club level. A 10hp diesel was fitted as standard.

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segelyacht 9m

A legacy built on precision, innovation and unmistakable American craftsmanship.

Elevate your sailing experience with a touch of true American Luxury.


A key to our success and longevity is the relationship and communication with our owners, dealers and team. For more than 50 years they have propelled us forward as America’s largest sailboat builder.

We are a Catalina family.


We’re not just building sailboats; we’re creating experiences that resonate with the essence of American Luxury. Our fleet is a testament to a legacy built on precision, innovation, and the spirit of adventure, with the unmistakable touch of American craftsmanship.

catalina 22 capri


catalina 355


Catalina 425


Find your dealer.

We have a roster of dealers across the country who represent the Catalina fleet and there’s a good chance they’re planing a show, event or open house to showcase their in-stock Catalina models.



Performance hardware, sails, custom apparel, mats, sheets and much more!

segelyacht 9m

The official publication for thousands of Catalina Yachts sailboat owners around the world.

segelyacht 9m


From the past 50 years, and to the next 50, Catalina is devoted to providing owners and dealers with quality and value that has made Catalina America’s largest sailboat builder.

Frank Butler’s vision and philosophy carries forward with Sharon Day, who worked alongside Frank for 48 years, at the helm of a veteran leadership team.


segelyacht 9m

True North initiates Catalina’s entry into the growing market segment of Downeast-style powerboats and promises traditional style with great performance and Catalina value.


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7200 Bryan Dairy Rd

Largo, FL. 33777

GEIST Spirit Yachts

  • Inspiration

GEIST has 19 Photos


Rhoades Young Design News

50m Sailing yacht MERAKI launched at Vitters

50m Sailing yacht MERAKI launched at ...

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Yacht OCEAN'S SEVEN 2 - Sailing Lifestyle

OCEAN'S SEVEN 2 | From US$ 49,000/wk

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If you have any questions about the GEIST information page below please contact us .

Luxury sailing yacht GEIST is a 33.9m (111'22') performance vessel built by Spirit Yachts and launched in 2020. She can accommodate up to 8 guests in 4 cabins.

NOTABLE FEATURES OF GEIST: ~Regatta-ready performance ~Cutting-edge energy-efficient technology ~One of the largest wooden sailing yachts built for almost a century ~Internationally renowned designers ~Interiors inspired by Antelope Canyon, Arizona ~Unique cocoon-like cabins ~One of the most eco-friendly sailing yachts on the market ~Designed for short-handed sailing ~Air conditioning ~Wi-Fi

The above deck area has a generous flowing cockpit furnished with an abundance of seating: A sofa/sunbed is placed in the forward corners and behind two inward-facing C-shaped sofas and two semi-circular tables for alfresco dining and resting outdoors with hobbies in comfort. The helm controls aft have excellent line-of-sight down the deck, which provides plenty of space for sunbathing, exercise and observation while at anchor.

Below deck, organic shapes are incorporated into the surroundings for a unique interior never before seen aboard a superyacht. Sipo, teak and American walnut are used in the ceiling, wall panelling, floors and furnishing for a seamless effect. The lounge amidships receives plenty of sunshine through the skylight, and the cutting-edge technology uses smart lighting to complement the wooden interior. Light sensors and a GPS clock control the interior brightness so that the difference between interiors lighting and the sunlight strength for the time of the day is minimal.

GEIST Specifications

The galley is combined with the salon for open-plan ease-of-use, with two curving sofas creating a cosy central space for conversation and dining around the circular table. A sofa/daybed is placed on the starboard side of the room, forward of which is the corridor that leads to three of the guest cabins; the final en-suite guest cabin placed aft. Instead of handles, the discreet doors have sensor-activated recesses for an uninterrupted appearance to the natural materials.

Luxury yacht GEIST uses Diesel engines producing 175HP for a top speed of 11 knots and a cruising speed of 8 knots. The Torqeedo electric propulsion system uses a 100kW motor for a total of 8 knots and a range of 40 nautical miles using only battery power. The propulsion system regenerates four BMW lithium battery banks by rotating the propeller shaft whilst under sail.

Yacht Accommodation

The accommodation sleeps a maximum of 4 en-suite cabins: 1 Master suite, 1 VIP stateroom and 2 double cabins. ~ The Master suite and VIP stateroom both have steam-curved timber above the beds. All cabins come with auto-sensor lighting and an en-suite bathroom containing a sink, toilet and shower. ~ S/Y GEIST is capable of being controlled by the Owner only, and a crew is not required.

Amenities and Extras

We do have available further amenity, owner and price information for the 33.9m (111'22') yacht GEIST, so please enquire for more information.

GEIST Disclaimer:

The luxury yacht GEIST displayed on this page is merely informational and she is not necessarily available for yacht charter or for sale, nor is she represented or marketed in anyway by CharterWorld. This web page and the superyacht information contained herein is not contractual. All yacht specifications and informations are displayed in good faith but CharterWorld does not warrant or assume any legal liability or responsibility for the current accuracy, completeness, validity, or usefulness of any superyacht information and/or images displayed. All boat information is subject to change without prior notice and may not be current.

Quick Enquiry

Sailing Yacht Geist

ERATOSTHENES | From EUR€ 60,000/wk


HIGHLAND BREEZE | From US$ 60,000/wk

The 34m Yacht REE

REE | From US$ 52,000/wk

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CeFeA Charter Yacht

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33.78m  /  110'10   solaris yachts   2020.

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Special Features:

  • Full-beam master cabin for superior comfort
  • Award winning
  • Intimate beach club
  • Sleeps 9 guests
Superyacht CeFeA promises to deliver an outstanding charter vacation

The 33.8m/110'11" 'CeFeA' sail yacht built by shipyard Solaris Yachts is available for charter for up to 9 guests in 4 cabins. This award winning yacht features interior styling by Studio MYT.

Boasting ample deck spaces for sunbathing and relaxation, voluminous sailing yacht CeFeA is built for global cruising.

Guest Accommodation

Built in 2020, CeFeA offers guest accommodation for up to 9 guests in 4 suites.

Onboard Comfort & Entertainment

On your charter, you'll find plenty to keep you busy and entertained, particularly a beach club for you to relax on the edge of the water.

Performance & Range

CeFeA is built with a carbon fibre hull and carbon fibre superstructure. Powered by 1 x Cummins engines, she comfortably cruises at 10 knots, reaches a maximum speed of 11 knots.

Based in the magical waters of the Mediterranean all year round CeFeA is ready for your next luxury yacht charter. Let CeFeA Discover the magical places, food and experiences of the the Mediterranean.

Sail yacht CeFeA boasts an impressive array of outstanding amenities for truly out-of-this-world charter vacations that you’ll never forget.


There are currently no testimonials for CeFeA, please provide .

CeFeA Photos

CeFeA Yacht 11

Amenities & Entertainment

For your relaxation and entertainment CeFeA has the following facilities, for more details please speak to your yacht charter broker.

CeFeA Awards & Nominations

  • Boat International Design & Innovation Awards 2021 Outstanding Exterior Sailing Yachts Winner
  • Boat International Design & Innovation Awards 2021 Best Interior Design: Sailing Yachts Finalist
  • Boat International Design & Innovation Awards 2021 Best Naval Architecture: Sailing Yachts Finalist
  • The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2021 Sailing Yachts Finalist
  • The World Superyacht Awards 2021 Sailing Yachts Nomination
  • The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2022 Sailing Yachts Finalist
  • + shortlist

'CeFeA' Charter Rates & Destinations

Mediterranean Summer Cruising Region

Summer Season

May - September

€100,000 p/week + expenses Approx $109,500

High Season

€120,000 p/week + expenses Approx $131,500

Cruising Regions

Mediterranean France, Greece, Italy, Monaco, Turkey

HOT SPOTS:   Amalfi Coast, Corsica, French Riviera, Mykonos, Sardinia

Mediterranean Winter Cruising Region

Winter Season

October - April

Charter CeFeA

To charter this luxury yacht contact your charter broker , or we can help you.

To charter this luxury yacht contact your charter broker or

Update your yacht

Yacht Owner, Captain or Central Agents - Send us latest Photos, Charter Rates or Corrections Contact Us


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34m | Oguz Marine

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35m | Custom

from $41,650 p/week

Prenses Esila charter yacht

Prenses Esila

32m | Custom

from $15,000 p/week ♦︎

Rara Avis charter yacht

33m | Custom

from $42,000 p/week ♦︎

Shamanna charter yacht

35m | Nautor's Swan

from $115,000 p/week ♦︎

Solleone charter yacht

from $120,000 p/week ♦︎

Sorvind charter yacht

from $88,000 p/week ♦︎

NOTE to U.S. Customs & Border Protection



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segelyacht 9m


1996   southern wind    72ft  /  21.9m.

nicht verfügbar


FAR II KIND Privatyacht

Die Luxus-Segelyacht FAR II KIND ist eine private Yacht und kann nicht chartern.

FAR II KIND wurde von Southern Wind gebaut und 1996 an ihren Besitzer ausgeliefert.

FAR II KIND bietet Platz für 6 Personen in 3 Kabinen, bestehend aus 2 Kabinen mit 2 Einzelbetten und eigenem Bad sowie einer primären Suite mit einem Doppelbett und einem eigenen Bad.

Sie können alternative ähnliche Segelyachten zum Chartern anzeigen oder sich alternativ an Ihren Yachtcharter-Broker wenden, um Informationen zur Anmietung einer alternativen Luxus-Charteryacht zu erhalten.

Westliches Mittelmeer

  • Korsika & Sardinien


segelyacht 9m

Häufig gestellte Fragen

Wie viele gäste an bord far ii kind.

FAR II KIND kann beherbergen 6 schlafende Gäste an Bord ein 3 Kabinen.

Legal Disclaimer

Segelyacht FAR II KIND is displayed on this page for informational purposes and may not necessarily be available for charter. The yacht details are displayed in good faith and whilst believed to be correct are not guaranteed, please check with your charter broker. Charter Index does not warrant or assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information or images displayed as they may not be current. All yacht details and charter pricing are subject to change without prior notice and are without warranty.

U.S. Customs & Border Protection

The yachting industry has no global listing service to which all charter yachts must subscribe to, making it impossible to ascertain a truly up-to-date view of the market. Charter Index is a news and information service and not always informed when yachts leave the charter market, or when they are recently sold and renamed, it is not always clear if they are still for charter. Whilst we endeavour to maintain accurate information, the existence of a listing on Charter Index should in no way supersede official documentation supplied by the representatives of a yacht.


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  1. RM 890+: our 30-foot / 9m sailboat

    RM 890+: our 30-foot / 9m sailboat. CONCEPT. DESIGN. SPECIFICATIONS. VIRTUAL TOUR. GALLERY. GUIDED TOUR. REQUEST FOR INFORMATIONS. A true cruising yacht in a 30-footer! Since its launch in 2013, the RM890+ never stopped to surprise and seduce. The goal was to conceive a true cruiser, with loads of living space, comfort yet performance, at ease ...

  2. 92.9m EOS Superyacht

    EOS is a 93m sail yacht built by Lurssen Yachts in Bremen and launched in 2006. She features exterior styling by Langan Design Associates, Inc., and engineering by Lurssen Yachts. The yacht's interior has been designed by François Catroux. This luxury yacht has an aluminium hull a beam of 13.50m (44.29ft) and a 5.5m (18.04ft) draft.

  3. Segelyachten kaufen

    Segelyachten kaufen - Boot24 ist die beste Adresse für alle Segelfreunde, die eine neue oder gebrauchte Segelyacht suchen. Hier finden Sie eine große Auswahl an Segelyachten verschiedener Marken, Größen und Preisklassen. Ob Sie eine Hardy, eine Heechvlet, eine Lochin oder eine Najad bevorzugen, bei Boot24 werden Sie fündig. Entdecken Sie jetzt die Segelyachten bei Boot24 und starten Sie ...

  4. Segelyacht gebraucht kaufen

    Ihre Suche: Segelyacht + Länge 9+ m. Suche verfeinern. Sun Odyssey 36i. Sun Odyssey 36i Segelboot / Segelyacht: Jeanneau, Gebrauchtboot Länge x Breite: 10,94 m x 3,59 m, 10,94 x 3,59 m Bj.: 2008, Kabinen: 3 Motor: 30 PS (22 kW), Diesel € 55.000 Liegeplatz: Griechenland 2008 Firma: Istion Yachting.

  5. ENCORE Yacht

    S/Y ENCORE, a yacht for sale with a difference. As one of the last yachts to leave the New Zealand shipyard at Alloy Yachts, ENCORE (AY45) is one of the finest sailing yachts available for sale worldwide. She marks a unique purchase opportunity, due to her better than new condition, her readiness to go anywhere in the world immediately and her ...

  6. Segelboot gebraucht oder neu zu verkaufen auf Yachtall

    Segelboot / Segelyacht: Maxi Yachts, Gebrauchtboot, GFK/Kunststoff Länge x Breite: 8,70 m x 3 m, 8,70 x 3 m Bj.: 1979, Kabinen: 1 Motor: Volvo Penta MD 7A, 13 PS (10 kW), Diesel € 10.500 Liegeplatz: Deutschland, Niendorf 1979 Firma: Yachthandelnord


    Impressive 3,000nm range. Sleeps 10 overnight. The 49.9m/163'9" classic yacht 'Francesco Petrarca' (ex. Gerlando) was built by Benetti in Italy at their Viareggio shipyard. This luxury vessel's exterior design is the work of Anselmi Boretti Integral Designs and she was last refitted in 2021.

  8. Path: On board the award-winning Baltic 146 sailing yacht

    It is a niche in which Baltic Yachts has made a name for itself, building the giant 66.9m ketch Hetairos. All images courtesy of Stuart Pearce. "The owner took all the experience he gained from sailing round the world and put it into the new boat," explains Henry Hawkins, executive vice president of Baltic Yachts.

  9. Achilles 9m boat review

    Price as reviewed: £10,000.00. While cruising offshore in the Achilles 24 was 'adventurous', the 9m was designed for long-distance, short-handed sailing and today makes a good choice as a cheap but safe and strong introduction to cruising. Despite having six berths the accommodation was cramped, with small spaces for the chart table ...

  10. Tour the 96ft carbon superyacht Seatius from Southern Wind

    Yachting World's Toby Hodges gets an exclusive first look and full tour of the stunning new Southern Wind 96 during the Monaco Yacht Show 2018. This Farr and...

  11. AQUIJO Yacht Charter Price

    The award winning 85.9m/281'10" sail yacht 'AQuiJo' by the Dutch shipyard Oceanco offers flexible accommodation for up to 12 guests in 7 cabins and features interior styling by Dölker+Voges Design. For the ultimate sailing experience, AQuiJo offers the perfect mix of luxurious living coupled with plenty of adventure once her sails are unfurled.

  12. Segelyacht 9m 4.0to auf Harbeck-Hafentrailer

    Compare Multiple Quotes for Sail Boats Shipping at Recent Shipments include: Segelyacht 9m 4.0to auf Harbeck-Hafentrailer, - shipped from Attersee am Attersee, Austria to Gemeinde Edt bei Lambach, Austria

  13. LA BELLE Yacht

    Sleeps 8 overnight. The 42.9m/140'9" sail yacht 'La Belle' (ex. Vent D'est) was built by Vitters in the Netherlands at their Zwartsluis shipyard. Her interior is styled by British designer design house RWD and she was completed in 2002. This luxury vessel's exterior design is the work of Dubois and she was last refitted in 2019.

  14. Catalina Yachts

    Catalina's broad range of intelligently designed family-oriented sailboats includes the SPORT SERIES , with sprightly 8-27 foot day sailors, the CRUISER SERIES capable, roomy mid-sized yachts from 31-35 feet, and the majestic OCEAN SERIES, 38-44 footers for more serious offshore adventures. SPORT SERIES.

  15. MARAE, Alloy Yachts, 32.9m segelyacht

    2014 Alloy Yachts 108ft / 32.9m. 6 Gaste. 3 Kabinen. 4 Mannschaft. Private Yacht. nicht verfügbar. Alternative Yachten. MARAE Privatyacht. Die Luxus-Segelyacht MARAE ist eine private Yacht und kann nicht chartern. MARAE wurde von Alloy Yachts gebaut und 2014 an ihren Besitzer ausgeliefert, später wurde sie 2018 einer Überholung unterzogen.

  16. Quote to Transport a segelyacht 9m, event. auf trailer to Weisweil

    Compare Multiple Quotes for Sail Boats Shipping at Recent Shipments include: segelyacht 9m, event. auf trailer, - shipped from Rorschach, Switzerland to Weisweil, Germany

  17. Yacht GEIST, Spirit Yachts

    Luxury sailing yacht GEIST is a 33.9m (111'22') performance vessel built by Spirit Yachts and launched in 2020. She can accommodate up to 8 guests in 4 cabins. NOTABLE FEATURES OF GEIST: ~Regatta-ready performance ~Cutting-edge energy-efficient technology ~One of the largest wooden sailing yachts built for almost a century ~Internationally ...

  18. 49.9m Francesco Petrarca Superyacht

    Length 49.9m. Year1941. Francesco Petrarca. 1941. |. Sail Yacht. Francesco Petrarca is a custom sailing yacht launched in 1941 by Benetti and most recently refitted in 2004. Over one century of history, more than 350 boats built including three giga yachts of 100mt and longer, over 300,000 sq m (3.229.173 sq.ft) of production facilities.

  19. CEFEA Yacht Charter Price

    33.78m / 110'10 Solaris Yachts 2020. Luxury yacht CeFeA combines style, performance and comfort for unforgettable charter vacations. The award winning 33.8m/110'11" sail yacht 'CeFeA' by shipyard Solaris Yachts offers flexible accommodation for up to 9 guests in 4 cabins and features interior styling by Studio MYT.

  20. Charta ABOVE & BEYOND, Sunreef Yachts, 23.9m segelyacht

    Sehen Sie sich die Spezifikationen, Fotos und Charterpreise der von Sunreef Yachts gebauten Luxus-Charteryacht ABOVE & BEYOND für 2019 an und buchen Sie Ihren nächsten Urlaub.

  21. Einhandsegeln, anlegen in der Box super einfach! How to dock single

    #hafenmanöver#harbourmanoeuvresDa ich einen Großteil meiner Segelzeit alleine unterwegs bin, brauche ich für alle möglichen Manöver eben auch Techniken, die ...

  22. Charta PERSEVERANCE, Baltic Yachts, 36.9m segelyacht

    Die Luxus-Segelyacht PERSEVERANCE wurde von Baltic Yachts gebaut und 2021 an ihren Besitzer ausgeliefert. Das Äußere von PERSEVERANCE wurde von Dykstra Naval entworfen. Die 121 Fuß/36,9 m lange PERSEVERANCE wurde mit einem Carbon-Rumpf gebaut und wird von einem Danfoss Electrical Engine mit einer Reisegeschwindigkeit von 9 Knoten und einer ...

  23. FAR II KIND, Southern Wind, 21.9m segelyacht

    1996 Southern Wind 72ft / 21.9m. 6 Gaste. 3 Kabinen. 2 Mannschaft. Private Yacht. nicht verfügbar. Alternative Yachten. FAR II KIND Privatyacht. Die Luxus-Segelyacht FAR II KIND ist eine private Yacht und kann nicht chartern. FAR II KIND wurde von Southern Wind gebaut und 1996 an ihren Besitzer ausgeliefert.