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Thursday, december 6, 2018, revolution 29: a mini voyage boat.

revolution 29 yacht for sale

revolution 29 yacht for sale

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revolution 29 yacht for sale

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revolution 29 yacht for sale

CRUISER-RACER CONFUSION: Scow Bow Revolution 29 and Gunboat G4 Capsize

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This is something I ask myself quite often: can a modern truly cutting-edge high-performance racing sailboat also be a cruising boat? In certain ways, of course, the old ideal of the true cruiser-racer, per the glory days of the Cruising Club of America rating rule and boats such as Carleton Mitchell’s famous yawl Finisterre , evaporated many decades ago. Yet still it is an ideal that both boatbuilders and boat owners incessantly aspire to somehow realize in a modern context, and it is fascinating to watch how these aspirations manifest themselves. Take, for example, the Revolution 29 (see image up top), a new cruising design developed in France that is directly based on David Raison’s radical scow-bowed Mini 6.5 in which he won the Mini Transat in 2011.

Raison’s Mini was not just radical in appearance; it was radically fast and won the 2011 Transat by a large delta, setting a new course record in the process. This success was so significant that other important monohull racing classes—Open 60s, Class 40s, TP 52s—pretty quickly banned scow bows for fear their existing fleets would instantly be rendered obsolete. Development of the concept continues however within the Mini class, which has long been a leading hotbed of high-performance monohull sailing innovation.

David Raison arrives in Brazil aboard TeamWork Evolution in 2011 after crushing the rest of the Mini fleet

What’s interesting about the scow bow, of course, is that it is one of those few racing innovations that immediately and obviously has critical advantages in the cruising market. As in: if you make the bow of any boat much wider you have lots more space inside for accommodations.

Interior of the Revolution 29. A whole lot of space for a boat this small. Note there is also a predecessor design, the Revolution 22, more directly based on the 22-foot racing Mini

But putting a scow bow on a cruising boat obviously doesn’t instantly make it a “cruiser-racer.” What makes the scow bow super-competitive is that it facilitates a boat’s ability to plane, and the other key factor in that equation is always weight. Or rather the lack of it. Load up a boat with lots of furniture and gear and you will seriously inhibit its ability to plane regardless of what shape its bow is. As always, a certain balance must be achieved and compromises must be made.

To get an idea of what a competitive scow-bow boat looks like under sail, watch this viddy here of TeamWork Evolution drag-racing against a conventional Mini.

You should note in particular the boat’s insanely huge sail plan. Prototype Minis are renowned for these, and obviously the rig on any reasonable cruising boat would want to be quite a bit smaller. One question in my mind is whether you in fact need all the extra sail area to make the scow bow fast. Could it be that with more cruiser-sized sails the scow bow might actually be slower than a conventional bow?

The new G4 does its flying thing

Another question being openly discussed right now, thanks to Gunboat and its new G4 foiling catamaran , is whether foils make any sense on a “cruiser-racer.” As I mentioned in my previous post on the boat, it is the first fully foiling boat with any sort of accommodations, and Gunboat has been marketing it as a coastal cruiser-racer. And now in its racing debut at St. Bart’s the svelte little beast has capsized in dramatic fashion, which has prompted some forum trolls as well as a few otherwise polite people to wonder out loud how this could possibly be termed a cruising boat.

Wipe Out from Gunboat on Vimeo .

Watch the viddy here first and then ask yourself: did the boat capsize because it was foiling, or did it capsize because the crew was unable to release the mainsheet for some reason? To me it definitely looks like the latter and that this would have happened, given the issue with the sheet, to any performance cat whether it was airborne or not.

Actually in this image it looks like that helicopter might have been a precipitating cause

Gunboat CEO Peter Johnstone, post flip

So maybe we shouldn’t be focussing on the foils so much. After all, as I understand it the G4 was originally developed as a straight performance cat and the flying foils were added later in the process. Like the AC72s in the last America’s Cup go-round, the G4 wasn’t born a foiler, but evolved into one. Also, of course, it is perfectly obvious that the boat capsized because it was being raced and not cruised. The crew was pushing the boat to its limits, and just because it has a limit (like any boat) doesn’t mean it can’t be cruised. For example, I have a friend who once owned a heavy full-keeled Tayana 37 that was dismasted during a distance race because he declined to take his spinnaker down when conditions got strong. The spinnaker in a gust just pulled the mast right off the boat. Which obviously doesn’t mean you can’t go cruising in a Tayana 37.

I think the real question to ask is: is there a point at which a boat becomes too performance-oriented to really be termed a cruiser? Which really is just another way of asking: what exactly is a cruiser-racer?

Back in the days of Carleton Mitchell and the very conservative CCA rule it was a pretty simple concept. A cruiser-racer was a boat designed to cruise that you could also race, and basically all you had to do to do that was take a ton of crap off the boat and—if you were very serious—bend on different sails. Back in those salad days, that was all it took to be competitive at the highest levels of racing.

These days there are many more variations of the species. There is a vast universe of older boats racing mostly under the PHRF rule in local beer-can series that are very obviously cruising boats that are being raced just for fun. We have a few what I call “captive venues,” the best example being Swans, where there is a small universe of very active racing focussed usually around a brand, where an honest-to-God cruising boat can engage in some pretty serious racing with other cruising boats. We have fancy expensive “performance cruisers” with luxurious interiors that can be raced if desired with minimal changes to the boat (this is pretty much the category the larger Gunboat cats fall into). We have a few even more insanely expensive performance cruisers with wholly interchangeable interiors for both cruising and racing. (I have even seen boats with interchangeable keels!) We have various folding trimarans with cramped accommodations that can be raced in various events. We have families with small children cruising around the world in modified open-class ocean racers. We have “buckets” where enormous super-yachts, obviously designed for cruising in the most obscenely opulent sense of the term, can race against each other.

And on and on and on. The market for sailboats that can be both raced and cruised has become so complex and variegated it is impossible to say where it begins and ends.

Really the only advice I can give to help make sense of this spectrum is that the terms “cruiser-racer” and “racer-cruiser” should not be used interchangeably. Rather we should agree on two specific definitions. As in a cruiser-racer is a boat designed to cruise that can also be raced, and a racer-cruiser is a boat designed to race that can also be cruised.

The G4 I think is certainly a racer-cruiser, and perhaps to some it is an extreme example, but I for one would be very happy taking it out for a week’s worth of high-octane gunkholing.

IN OTHER DEVELOPMENTS: There’s some buzz on the Sailing Anarchy forums that the Gunboat 55 Rainmaker , abandoned after being dismasted back in January , has been spotted again, afloat, but with her coachroof torn away (remember, this is an open-bridgedeck boat, the roof is merely shelter). There’s even one guy claiming the boat has been towed in somewhere, but so far there’s no confirmation of this. I have heard confirmation of the boat’s being spotted, and of the damaged coachroof, from the boat’s designer Nigel Irens via third parties.

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revolution 29 yacht for sale

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revolution 29 yacht for sale

JAMES WHARRAM: His New Autobiography

' src=

The scow bow helps the boat surf, especially sailing off the wind. But how is it beating into steep seas?

' src=

@Damon: That is the question, for sure. Even if it’s still fast to windward, I bet it’s not exactly comfortable. One advantage of the shape is the waterline area is likely very symmetrical when the boat is heeled, but I guess the bow must pound something fierce.

' src=

I think the answer to your question is, yes.

This type of fast – cruising, would be different than what cruising has evolved into since the Finessterre days.

Today, cruising can mean a life choice/commitment of living for decades on a sailboat. The cruising sailboat that must serve as a home at sea has evolved into a complicated and commodious(and expensive), vessel.

To cruise in a high performance boats like you’ve posted, means going light. Backpacking as compared to RV-ing. The speed could be a whole new adventure and lure for younger sailors. But it will come at a cost of comfort and maybe will become less of a time commitment, as back packing is(not many backpack open-ended, for decades).

It appears less people today are jumping into the life choice cruising mantra of the 60’s and 70’s. Yet sailing is as popular as ever with young and old(around me).

I see this notion of a lighter, smaller, faster(cheaper), sailboat on a ‘sail’, as having appeal to a new generation of sailors my kids(and their friends) age, as they grow into a life(and the means), that includes sailing.

Speed is good and will take skill to tame(I love 4kts)!

' src=

I have cruised and raced my light, go fast boat for 25 years, loved every minute.

' src=

I am drawing a 42′ idea, 14′ beam, looking at 10-12 as a good speed for us elders (me 69, she 66). assy lee boards, unstayed rig, two winches, lots of hatches and deck openings. I built an Atkin Ingrid in 1969-74 and sailed her from San Fran to NZ. As a sailmaker who raced 5O5 at WC level for awhile, the slowness and poor performance upwind of that double ender shape was always tough to trade for some speed. not to mention low and wet. When i hitched a ride from Tahiti to Maui on a Cal 39 it really showed me how nice the speed could be for comfort as well. Better wave synch etc.

thirty years of windsurfing speed and early foiling tri’ experience (Longshot) leave a deep impression about how fast we can go… but 10-12 will do for this stage of my ocean travel dreams. plus, samantha isn’t comfortable with the whole concept yet. got to make it comfy. our Westsail 42 is growing on her, and she’s getting used to that scale of living aboard .

thus, i’d love to hear from anyone who has had some experience with these shapes in head seas. i’m right there with the french concept. so happy to let them find out these things before my paper becomes a boat.

bob johnstone sailed the grot baer across oceans. he probably wasn’t in a hurry. but he must have been comfy enough. if you are truly voyaging, and not sight seeing on a plan, you rarely need to go to weather. it’s a choice. you just have to be flexible about destination and time, no schedules. with today’s weather magic on the net there is even more choice of routing underway for comfort… as long as you are more about the voyage than the destination. obviously i approve of aimless wandering… and have a wife who loves the easy sailing, hates the other bit, and is willing to just be out there,

if that is what it takes to bring her on board happily, i’m on with it. it’s all a bunch of compromises, for senior citizens like us to be voyaging viable for another bunch of years, then end up in freemantle or perth with a nice liveaboard until you can’t get up/down/in/out, that suits us.

i expect our vessel will sail very well. a good compromise.

and that pounding thing. i see mushy pushing, throwing the spray off. the slab side forward when heeled? might that pound? i busted the bow bulkheads out of a ranger 37 pounding to weather. once. maybe mushing is better.

i really am imagining all of it more and more. hope to feel the water doing whatever it wants ASAP.

' src=

I was watching the wave action and the helmsman action. He did the right thing to release the main but it was not enough. Secondly the person responsible for the genoa sheet was pulling in when he should release. It does appear that the chopper is the culprit to give them dirty air washed down from the blades. Lastly why is it that not a single one was wearing lifejacket in this kind of boat. It is a different class of sailing and may not appeal to some mundane sailors but is it such fun to the adventurous types. Keep it up!

' src=

I think anyone who’s ever noticed the sink and wood trimmed mirror down below in a J 24 knows the Johnstone’s tendency to put accomodations into boats which aren’t really safe to cruise in.

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revolution 29 yacht for sale

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Review of Rêvolution 29

Basic specs..

The boat can enter even shallow marinas as the draft is just about 1.10 - 1.20 meter (3.61 - 3.91 ft) dependent on the load. See immersion rate below.

Sailing characteristics

This section covers widely used rules of thumb to describe the sailing characteristics. Please note that even though the calculations are correct, the interpretation of the results might not be valid for extreme boats.

What is Capsize Screening Formula (CSF)?

The capsize screening value for Rêvolution 29 is 2.22, indicating that this boat would not be accepted to participate in ocean races.

What is Theoretical Maximum Hull Speed?

The theoretical maximal speed of a displacement boat of this length is 6.6 knots. The term "Theoretical Maximum Hull Speed" is widely used even though a boat can sail faster. The term shall be interpreted as above the theoretical speed a great additional power is necessary for a small gain in speed.

The immersion rate is defined as the weight required to sink the boat a certain level. The immersion rate for Rêvolution 29 is about 173 kg/cm, alternatively 971 lbs/inch. Meaning: if you load 173 kg cargo on the boat then it will sink 1 cm. Alternatively, if you load 971 lbs cargo on the boat it will sink 1 inch.

Sailing statistics

This section is statistical comparison with similar boats of the same category. The basis of the following statistical computations is our unique database with more than 26,000 different boat types and 350,000 data points.

What is Motion Comfort Ratio (MCR)?

What is L/B (Length Beam Ratio)?

What is a Ballast Ratio?

What is Displacement Length Ratio?

SA/D (Sail Area Displacement ratio) Indicates how fast the boat is in light wind: - Cruising Boats have ratios 10-15 - Cruiser-Racers have ratios 16-20 - Racers have ratios above 20 - High-Performance Racers have ratios above 24 Sail-area/displacement ratio (SA/D ratio): 26.23


When buying anti-fouling bottom paint, it's nice to know how much to buy. The surface of the wet bottom is about 34m 2 (365 ft 2 ). Based on this, your favourite maritime shop can tell you the quantity you need.

If you need to renew parts of your running rig and is not quite sure of the dimensions, you may find the estimates computed below useful.

This section shown boat owner's changes, improvements, etc. Here you might find inspiration for your boat.

Do you have changes/improvements you would like to share? Upload a photo and describe what to look for.

We are always looking for new photos. If you can contribute with photos for Rêvolution 29 it would be a great help.

If you have any comments to the review, improvement suggestions, or the like, feel free to contact us . Criticism helps us to improve.

revolution 29 yacht for sale

Revolution 29

A unique scow bow makes the revolution 29 spacious and fast.

revolution 29 yacht for sale

We are going to have some fun this month—there is an interesting trio of boats to review. I don’t know if you have been following the MiniTransat class ocean racers but you should. These little pocket rockets are amazing boats, very extreme and capable of high speeds in the hands of skilled crew. The class is growing rapidly, especially in Europe. Minis use a box-type rule that limits LOA to 21 feet 4 inches, so designers have to look for innovative ways to gain sailing length and power. 

Enter the scow bow Minis. At first look I was inclined to think, “Oh God, please don’t make this fast.” But I knew that scow bows have a long and successful history so the chances were strong that this bow would work. It works on the many scow one-design classes and even the old, sedate, CCA rule had Hoot Mon, a scowlike yawl with a successful race record. 

It was inevitable that a builder would jump on the scow bow for a family cruising boat. Look at that beam and volume forward. Along came Afep Marine with designer David Raison. Together they have produced the aluminum Revolution 29, along with its 21-foot little sister. It’s funny looking; there’s just no way around that. The ends are snubbed off, there is zero spring to the sheer and the only attractive line I can find on the entire hull is the chine that runs around the bow.

I suspect that the heeled waterlines for this hull would look fairly normal with that chine making a somewhat V-shaped entry. Using 27 feet 2 inches for DWL gives a D/L of 232. This is not a light boat. L/B is 2.53 indicating plenty of beam, as if your eye had not already told you that. Draft with the board down is 5 feet 7 inches and the board-up draft is 2 feet 4 inches. There are twin rudders.

The accommodation plan is pretty amazing considering it is a 29-foot boat. The expansive capital-U-shaped berth has replaced the dreaded V-berth. The bad news is that the U-double berth is an extension of the main cabin settee, so there is no privacy forward. The good news is that it will be very convenient to have breakfast in bed. There is a double quarterberth aft, but it’s pretty tight with just enough standing room to pull on your pants.

revolution 29 yacht for sale

The galley is big for this size boat. I don’t like stoves up against a bulkhead so I would move that stove forward to line up with the forward counter then put counter aft of the stove. I like to be able to put pots either side of the stove. But there is quite a bit of counter space as drawn. There is a forward-facing nav station to starboard and a small but adequate head aft.

I was out racing last weekend and studying the square-topped mainsails in the fleet. The more I looked, the more the shape made sense and the pointy-headed triangular mains began to look silly. Square-topped mainsails mean you can’t have a standing backstay but with enough spreader sweep that’s not a problem. Spreader sweep angle on the Revolution looks to be 28 degrees. The SA/D of the Revolution is 23.37 and that’s plenty of power for some exciting sailing. 

One thing for sure  is that working on the foredeck will be easy. The headstay is about 20 inches aft of the stem so there is lots of room to work around it. On deck, a retractable sprit can be mounted for the asymmetrical chute. Interestingly, the cap shrouds go to chainplates on the rail. The lower diagonals go to chainplates inboard near the edge of the cabintrunk. This will make it easy to get past the shrouds when you go forward.

I would hope this look provides the owner with blistering speed and sumptuous comfort. 

LOA 22’8”; Beam 11’6”; Draft 3’7” (board up), 8’6” (board down); Displ. 8,818 lbs.; Ballast 2,425 lbs.; Sail area 743 sq. ft.; Auxiliary 18-hp diesel; Fuel 11 gal.; Water 66 gal. 

Sailaway price: $145,000

Afep Marine

Plateau Nautique

50 Rue Senac de Meilhan 

17000 La Rochelle, France

+33 (0) 54 644 81 51

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revolution 29 yacht for sale

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revolution 29 for sale

revolution 29

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revolution 29 yacht for sale

29 Sailboat Boats for sale

1980 Bayfield 29

1980 Bayfield 29

Green Bay, Wisconsin

Make Bayfield

Category Cutter

Posted 2 Weeks Ago

Discover your next adventure with peace of mind - all details and pictures of this listing have been provided by the seller and our representative has not personally seen the vessel. Unless explicitly noted, the seller assures that all systems are in working order. Our offer process allows plenty of time to personally inspect the vessel to test and verify its condition to provide yourself the assurance you need to buy with confidence! Make a no-risk offer today! Stock #335480 29' Cutter with original sails, One head with holding tank, galley with alcohol stove, fenders, safety equipment, Anchor, cradle! If you're looking for a reliable and well-performing sailboat, then look no further than the Bayfield 29. This 1980 model is a classic and timeless sailboat that has been well-maintained and is ready to take you out on the open water. The Bayfield 29 is constructed out of fiberglass and features a great balance of sail power, form, and stability. Its classic cutter design allows for great performance in both light and heavy winds. With a beam of 10 feet, 2 inches, and a draft of 3 feet, 6 inches, this sailboat is easy to maneuver and has nice balance and agility. The interior of the Bayfield 29 is spacious and comfortable. There are 2 berths with plenty of storage, as well as a galley and spacious head located in the bow. The decks are non-skid, and the side decks give you easy access to the dock. Not only is this a great boat for sailing, but its modern amenities make it perfect for cruising. It is equipped with a depth finder, Marine VHF radio, battery charger, stereo, and more. It also comes with an inboard engine that provides enough power to get you to where you want to go when the winds won't. If you're looking for a reliable classic sailboat that is both powerful and comfortable, then the Bayfield 29 is the perfect boat for you. It's a great option for anyone who wants to enjoy the beauty of the open water and experience the thrill of sailing. Reason for selling is no longer using.

1973 Ericson Yachts 29

1973 Ericson Yachts 29

Stockton, California

Make Ericson Yachts

Category Sloop

This sailboat had a recent haulout where a bottom job was completed. It is a used classic sailboat in better than expected condition. The exterior gelcoat is in typical condition. The current owner indicated that, besides a couple of navigations lights that need to be replaced, all mechanical and electrical systems are in working order. Stock #278016 Beautiful Bruce King design! Ready to get on the water and enjoy! The Ericson 29 was built between 1970 and 1978 and is a popular overnight cruiser in the Bay and beyond. Well designed and sails well in the Pacific Coast waters. The design has sleeping accommodations for five people, with a double V-berth in the bow cabin and two straight settee quarter berths in the main cabin along with a drop-leaf table and one quarter berth aft on the starboard side. The galley is located on the port side just forward of the companionway ladder. The galley is L-shaped and is equipped with an icebox and a sink. The head is located just aft of the bow cabin on the starboard side. Priced to sell so don't wait too long!

1985 Freedom Yachts 29

1985 Freedom Yachts 29

New York, New York

Make Freedom Yachts

Category Cruiser

According to the seller, this boat has a diesel engine that is in great working order and she just needs some cosmetic maintenance on the interior and exterior. The sails are in good serviceable condition We encourage all inquiries and questions relating to its present condition, and the accuracy of details including but not limited to its location, engine hours, service history, listing status, and features. Stock #288000 Nice sailboat, pretty fast with standing headroom, Yanmar 2gmf, 13 hp. fresh water cooled, diesel Discover the unique sailing experience offered by the Freedom 29, designed by Gary Hoyt. This project boat presents a fantastic opportunity for enthusiasts looking to restore a classic vessel to its former glory. While this Freedom 29 requires exterior and interior cosmetic repairs, its innovative design, featuring a freestanding carbon fiber mast and self-tacking jib, promises an exceptional sailing experience once restored. With some TLC, this boat has the potential to become a standout vessel, ready to conquer the waters. Embrace the chance to customize and revitalize every aspect, turning this Freedom 29 into your dream sailboat. Some of her key equipment is listed below: - 2 Main Sails - Jib - Hoyt Gun Mount Spinnaker - Spare 2 Blade Folding Prop These boats are quite rare so don't wait too long to request a showing or put your offer in to see if you can negotiate a price that works for you. Reason for selling is sellers change in plans forces this sale..

1984 Watkins 29

1984 Watkins 29

Rockport, Texas

Make Watkins

The interior and the exterior of this 1984 Watkins 29 is in expected condition for its age. It is a classic ready to do some day or weekend cruising. With a little elbow grease this would be a beautiful boat. The owner states that all systems, electronics and mechanics perform as intended. Stock #385919 A great boat or for day sailing and weekends. Rig ready to sail. Minor TLC is all she needs. The Watkins 29 is a 29-foot sailboat known for its cruising capabilities. The boat was designed with cruising in mind, featuring a comfortable interior and practical layout. It is constructed with a fiberglass hull, the Watkins 29 was designed for durability and seaworthiness. The Watkins 29SL offers a stable and predictable sailing performance suitable for cruising. The interior of the boat is designed to maximize space for living aboard during extended cruises. Its features include a galley, a salon, a head, and sleeping accommodations. The cockpit is designed for ease of handling and provides a comfortable space for the crew. Reason for selling is not using enough.

1973 CAL 29

1973 CAL 29

Redondo Beach, California

The hull of the 1973 CAL 29 project boat displays signs of wear and exposure to the elements. The gel coat, once vibrant, has faded over time, and there are some minor scratches and dings present. The topsides and deck exhibit weathering, and the wooden trim shows signs of dry rot and deterioration in certain spots. The sails are aging and show noticeable wear and discoloration. Some stitching has come undone, and minor repairs may be necessary to restore their functionality. The rigging components have aged, and corrosion is evident in some areas. Although the mast and boom appear to be straight, a thorough inspection is required to ensure their integrity. The interior of the CAL 29 project boat is in a state of disrepair. The upholstery is worn and faded, and the cabinetry shows signs of water damage and peeling veneer. The galley appliances are outdated and non-functional, requiring replacement. The berths have cushions that are showing their age and need reupholstering. The engine is not currently running and needs a complete overhaul. The wiring throughout the boat is outdated and poses a safety concern. The electrical panel requires updating to meet modern standards. The plumbing system needs attention, as there are leaks in the freshwater system and the sanitation system is inoperative. The deck of the CAL 29 displays wear from foot traffic, with non-slip surfaces showing signs of erosion. The teak decking in the cockpit area is weathered and in need of sanding and resealing. The cockpit seating cushions are torn and sun-faded. The hardware and fittings, including cleats, winches, and stanchions, are original to the boat and have signs of corrosion and general wear. Some fittings might require replacement to ensure safety and functionality. The 1973 CAL 29 project boat presents a significant restoration challenge. While its classic design and sturdy hull provide a solid foundation, the vessel's condition indicates a need for comprehensive restoration work. The project will require expertise in fiberglass repair, woodworking, sailmaking, marine electrical systems, and mechanical engineering. The restoration scope includes addressing hull osmosis, refinishing the gel coat, replacing or restoring worn and damaged sails, updating rigging components, complete interior overhaul with modern amenities, refurbishing the mechanical and electrical systems, refinishing the deck and cockpit areas, and replacing or restoring hardware and fittings. Undertaking this project provides an opportunity to bring new life to a classic vessel, combining the charm of a bygone era with the comforts and performance enhancements of modern boating. It's a labor of love that will require dedication, skill, and a vision for transforming a neglected vessel into a seaworthy masterpiece. Stock #360657 This boat was featured in the 1974 movie The Dove! Own some history! The 1973 CAL 29 is a classic sailboat that presents a thrilling opportunity for a complete renovation project. Whether you're a seasoned sailor, a DIY enthusiast, or a maritime aficionado, this project boat offers a fulfilling endeavor to transform a vintage gem into a modern masterpiece. The 1973 CAL 29 boasts a classic design that captures the essence of traditional sailboats. Its sleek lines, graceful curves, and distinct hull shape pay homage to a bygone era of sailing. One of the standout features of the CAL 29 is its surprisingly spacious interior layout. Despite its compact length, the boat's clever design maximizes usable space. The cabin offers comfortable accommodations with berths, a galley area, and a cozy seating arrangement. While the interior may require updating, the existing layout offers potential for customization. Imagine crafting a modern and efficient interior that retains the vessel's charm while incorporating contemporary amenities for extended voyages. The CAL 29 has a reputation for its respectable sailing performance. Its design strikes a balance between stability and agility, making it a versatile vessel for both leisurely cruises and spirited racing. As you embark on this renovation project, you have the opportunity to enhance the boat's sailing capabilities. This might involve updating the rigging, optimizing sail configurations, and fine-tuning the keel for improved handling and speed. Breathing new life into the boat's performance aspects could result in a sailing experience that's both nostalgic and exhilarating. Reason for selling is does not use it.

1977 1977 C &C 29' Cruiser sailboat

1977 1977 C &C 29' Cruiser sailboat

Havre De Grace, Maryland

Make 1977 C &C 29' Cruiser

Model Sailboat

Posted Over 1 Month

1977 1977 C &C 29' Cruiser sailboat What a great buy for a 29 ft sailboat that is ready to go. Atomic 4 for power. All sails are in very nice condition. This is a must see.

Gulf 29 pilot house sailboat

Gulf 29 pilot house sailboat

Port St. Lucie, Florida

Make Gulf 29

Model Pilothouse

Length 29.0

Very good condition. Needs nothing to start cruising, or racing anytime. Raised pilot house with 4 opening windows and wood stove allow for comfortable year round sailing. Inside and cockpit steering with full controls at both stations. Oversized below deck mounted auto helm ST 5000 autopilot, with remote control. Fresh varnish on all topside teak, and cabin sole as well. New red strip paint on top sides and transom, looks very sharp. Sails and rig in very good condition. Very responsive, fast, easy ,and fun to sail. New head, holding tank, very good size, with diaphragm or deck pump out option. All original books, including original invoice for 37k$ in 1978. Original high end interior cushions in great shape. Electric water heater and shower. Foot pump and 12v fresh water pumps. Tons of spare parts and storage. 24gal aluminum fuel tank, needs filling once a year with .3 GPH fuel consumption. Very good condition universal diesel(2cylinder) no leaks, smells or issues. New house and starting batteries. Pressure alcohol stove , icebox in galley. Proper swim platform and swimming ladder on stern. Professionally upgraded and owner by USCG 1600 ton master. Delivery anywhere available at reasonable cost. Message me with any questions. second owner. Boat lived in fresh water and was used 4 months a year for last 26 years, and it shows. Boat is in east Greenwich Rhode Island. Dock paid until September, or ready to sail away anytime.

1996 Hunter 29.5

1996 Hunter 29.5

St Augustine, Florida

Make Hunter

This Hunter 29.5 appears to be in good condition. The seller reports all major components are fully operational. If you are in the market for a budget friendly, entry level sailboat, this Hunter 29.5 might be your match! Stock #382323 ***SALE PENDING*** A Great Cruiser with a Wing Keel and Spade Rudder! Go Cruising or Live Aboard! Discover the joys of sailing with the 1996 Hunter 29.5 - a perfect blend of style and functionality! This Hunter boasts a timeless design and a well-crafted interior that invites relaxation. The spacious cabin offers a cozy retreat, while the well-appointed galley ensures your culinary needs are met at sea. With a sturdy build and responsive handling, the Hunter 29.5 is ideal for both experienced sailors and those new to the water. Take advantage of this opportunity to own a classic sailboat that promises unforgettable journeys on the open waves. Inquire now for a chance to make this Hunter 29.5 yours and embark on countless nautical adventures! Reason for selling is not using enough to justify keeping it..

1994 Hunter 29.5

1994 Hunter 29.5

Mobile, Alabama

This vessel is in very good condition for its age. The owner has added a nice water pressure gauge conveniently located at the engine. There are no signs of mold or mildew. Inside, it smelled and looked fresh and clean. Other than a slight bit of oxidation on the chrome, everything was in tip top shape and very impressive. The seller has taken pride in taking such good care of her. She and the owner just came back from a trip to the Keys. Per the seller, everything is in working order. Stock #391985 Classic 1994 Hunter sailboat that has has upgrades added Like most Hunter sailboats, the Hunter 29.5 offers maximum accommodations, a large comfortable cockpit, and reasonable sailing performance at an affordable price. The Hunter 29.5 was designed by Hunter's in-house staff under Rob Mazza. It exemplifies a boat that appears to have been designed from the inside out rather than from the outside in. Like all production boats in this size range, the Hunter 29.5 is constructed from fiberglass composites utilizing a modular type of construction. The hull, deck, structural grid, and interior components are molded separately and then assembled into the finished product with structural adhesives or secondary bonds of fiberglass and resin. The deck is cored with balsa wood, and the hull is a solid composite. There is a nice solid clear windshield which makes steering and navigating an easy task and also an upgraded hard top that will last a very long time. Also located atop the helm is a set of solar panels with a Jupiter inverter. The 29.5 has a rather large cockpit for her size that opens at the stern to a molded swim platform. At anchor, this becomes an integral part of the cockpit adding even more usable space. This is one of the 29.5's more appealing features, and it makes getting in and out of the water or dinghy quite easy. Wheel steering is at the helm at the aft end of the cockpit, and there are two seats incorporated into the stern rail for passenger seating. Although the seller has upgraded the wooden steering wheel, the stock wheel is included with this purchase. Because the side decks are narrow with rigging shrouds at the deck edge, to go forward, the best path is over the cabin trunk. The foredeck has a small anchor locker which will accommodate a 13-pound Danforth with chain leader and 100 feet of half-inch rode. There are also two sturdy anchor rollers forward. This vessel houses three anchors. Below deck, the cabin is wide open with the only privacy offered by a fully enclosed head. There is a V-berth forward, and the main saloon features a large U-shaped dinette that comfortably seats four adults. The head and a small hanging locker are to starboard, and the galley is to port with a two-burner non-pressurized alcohol stove, a refrigerator, and a single sink. Aft and below the cockpit is an athwartship double berth. Auxiliary power is provided by a two-cylinder, 18 hp Yanmar diesel contained in an engine box beneath the companionway steps. This workhorse of an engine dominates the market in boats of this size and is very dependable. Quick access for maintenance is limited but, if necessary, the engine box can be removed easily for more serious work. The 29.5 is designed with simplicity in mind, and the large mainsail and small fractional jib certainly make tacking and sail handling a breeze for the short-handed or single-handed sailor. Included you'll find an autopilot as well as an Autohelm handheld steering device Without a traveler, the mainsheet attaches to the steering console directly in front of the helmsman. Sheet winches are also within easy reach of the helm. The B&R rig features long spreaders that are swept back 30 degrees eliminating a backstay. This necessitates tacking downwind to avoid impaling the mainsail on the spreaders, but I think that most would not find this much of an inconvenience. With the proper tacking angles, this can actually be a faster way to sail downwind. Inquire with your representative to find out more items that this seller is including with the sale of this beautiful boat! Contact your representative to find out all of the extras included with the sale of this gorgeous vessel. Call today while she's available! It's a must-see!! Reason for selling is lifestyle changes - no longer using.

1978 Dufour 29' Sloop with Coastal Inflatable/Tohatsu Outboard

1978 Dufour 29' Sloop with Coastal Inflatable/Tohatsu Outboard

Newington, New Hampshire

Make Dufour 29

Model Sloop

Category Cruiser Motorcycles

The 29' Dufour sailboat offers ample interior space. There is a forward berth that sleeps two, two salon benches that can accommodates two additional people. There is a small galley on the left side of the salon. The head/shower area is located in the middle of the interior. There are two doors to seal it off between the salon for forward berth. The head has a small sink/vanity area and side wall storage. The vessel is powered by a 2 cylinder Volvo Penta diesel engine. The overall condition of the vessel, including sails, is good. Included is a 3 y.o. Coastal Inflatable with Tohatsu Outboard. 2012 SURVEY done prior to current owner buying and making improvements. CONTACT SELLER FOR SURVEY LINK (includes pictures of the interior)She sits on the hard at Great Bay Marina in Newington, New Hampshire

Erickson 29' 79 Sailboat

Erickson 29' 79 Sailboat

Sandusky, Ohio

Make Erickson

Erickson 29' sailboat is in excellent condition and ready to sail. If interested sailing lessons and dock space is available. Call or email with questions phone is 252.675.1505 contact Jeff.



Marina Del Rey, California

ERICSON 29' SAILBOAT 1972 This graceful ERICSON 29' is very comfortable and Spacious popular model, that sails great! The Ericson is a great example of an all around great and well looked after boat. With soild workmanship and performance, this costal cruiser, appeals to a wide range of sailors, from the inexperienced or families looking for a first boat. To competitive sailors looking for a performance cruiser. Boat is sail ready to Catalina Island. Must see, if you are looking at getting into sailing. This Ericson is very clean inside and out. With roomy interior for this size of boat. Accommodations: The interior is warm and comfortable, There is a large double berth forward with enclosed head between the v-berth and main salon. The salon it self is warm with a spacious living area that is standup 6'plus Head Room thought the boat. The salon table uniquely folds away out of the way when not in use but opens to a either a half-size work table or a full dining table. Beautiful wood with good cushions thought-out. Aft quarter berth (or storage) area. Galley is port as you step down into the cabin. The layout is very comfortable for a weekend condo or a Temporary Live aboard. And at night this boat has a very comfortable Vibe to make you feel right at home!!. Power plant is a inboard Atomic 4 engine with low hours, and in great shape and well looked after. This 29 has a wheel steering Roller furling With extra sails New deck paint And dodger and canvas to be put back together This boat is a Must see if your looking just add the amenities you need to make it home Come have a look. Slip is Transferable (upon qualification) if you want In the water now in Marina Del Rey $9500 priced to sell today

1967 Bristol 29 Sailboat

1967 Bristol 29 Sailboat

Woodbridge, Connecticut

Owned since 1978. Second owner. 25 hp Gray Marine engine (Professionally overhauled 2011 by Gray Marine) Four sails. Schaefer Roller Furling. Island Nautical Dodger. Edson Wheel. 2 Burner Alcohol Stove. 110 Dockside Power. Unifridge - Refrigeration. Rear mounting Grill & Cover. 8' Dingy. 5 Winter Stanchions.

1967 Bristol 29 Sailboat

Owned since 1978. Second Owner. 25 hp Gray Marine Engine (Professionally overhauled 2011 by Grey Marine) Four sails. Schaefer Roller Furling. Island Nautical Dodger. Edson Wheel. 110 Dockside Power. 2 Burner Alcohol Stove. Unifridge - Refrigeration. Rear Mounting Grill & Cover. 8' Digny. GPS/Fishfinder. 5 Winter Stantions.

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1987 Pennyan Tourament

1987 Pennyan Tourament

Richmond, TX

2016 BWC Gatlin Series GS29

2016 BWC Gatlin Series GS29

Fruitland, ID

2005 Crownline 316 LS

2005 Crownline 316 LS

2015 Sea Hunt 211 Ultra

2015 Sea Hunt 211 Ultra

Mt Pleasant, WI

2008 Pro-Line 26 Super Sport

2008 Pro-Line 26 Super Sport

Portland, ME


2015 Chaparral 21 H20 Sport

North Kingstown, RI

2001 Sea Ray SUNDANCER 340

2001 Sea Ray SUNDANCER 340

Sarasota, FL

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revolution 29 yacht for sale


This is a unique opportunity to buy a sub 500GT Dutch designed, engineered and built Diesel Electric motor yacht.

47M/155’ Project REVOLUTION is currently under construction with the Jongert Shipyard in Holland, boasting +70 years’ experience in quality build, and has been fully designed and engineered by the renowned Dutch Vripack Naval Architects.

She will be delivered in 2025.

She will be a true long range Explorer yacht with a range of 4500NM. Comfortably accommodating 10 guests on board, the boat will boast expansive deck areas and a contemporary yet cosy interior, to be designed by a leading designer elected by the new Owner in collaboration with the shipyard.

Her diesel electric motors guarantee low consumption and this is further accentuated thanks to an impressive battery pack for slow cruising and overnight anchorage.


  • Yacht Type: Motor Yacht
  • Builder: Jongert
  • Length Overall: 47.36 metres
  • Length at Waterline: 46.26 metres
  • Beam: 9.5 metres
  • Max Draught: 2.65 metres
  • Gross Tonnage: 499
  • Displacement Tonnage: 515


  • Year of Build: 2026
  • Hull Type: Full Displacement
  • Number of Decks: 3
  • Classification: LR

Performance & Capacities

  • Max Speed: 13.5 kn
  • Cruising Speed: 11 kn
  • Fuel Capacity: 52300 litres
  • Water Capacity: 12500 litres
  • Range: 3100 nm
  • Engine Make: Caterpillar
  • Hull: Steel
  • Superstructure: Aluminium


  • Passenger Rooms: 5
  • Master Rooms: 1
  • Double Rooms: 2
  • Twin Rooms: 2

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Sailing Boats

5'130 Ads Found

Bavaria 320 Sportline.

  • 9.85 x 3.20 m Dimensions
  • 1.60 m Draught
  • 1 x 30 HP / 22 kW Engine Performance
  • 1991 Year Built

Netherlands » Lake Ijssel » Sloten Friesland

Keelboat, Regatta Boat, Sailing Yacht

Van de Stadt Madeira 46

From the Stadt Madeira 46 (One off) MIT Stehhöhe!

  • 14.00 x 4.20 m Dimensions
  • 2.40 m Draught
  • 1 x 83 HP / 61 kW Engine Performance
  • 2009 Year Built

Netherlands » Flevoland » Lelystad

Ronautica Yachts Ro 300

Con Rueda de Timón

  • 9.00 x 3.19 m Dimensions
  • 1.70 m Draught
  • 1 x 20 HP / 15 kW Engine Performance
  • 1999 Year Built

Spain » Costa de Galicia » Vigo

Dufour 560 Grand Large

  • 17.15 x 5.05 m Dimensions
  • 2.50 m Draught
  • 2015 Year Built

Greece » Leros

Daysailer, Keelboat, Sailing Yacht

Skippi Yachts Skippi 650 Cruiser 2006 inc road trailer

Aka Skipper Yachts or Scandinavia Yachts 650 Cruiser

  • 6.80 x 2.48 m Dimensions
  • 0.30 - 1.30 m Draught
  • 1 x 6.0 HP / 4.4 kW Engine Performance
  • 2006 Year Built

Netherlands » Zuid-Holland » Warmond

Daysailer, Keelboat

Wieser Yacht- und Bootswerft Admiral

  • 7.00 x 2.35 m Dimensions
  • 0.60 m Draught
  • 1966 Year Built

Sweden » Oresund » Lomma

Bénéteau Oceanis 45

  • 13.72 x 4.50 m Dimensions
  • 1.73 m Draught
  • 1 x 54 HP / 40 kW Engine Performance
  • 2019 Year Built

Saint Lucia » Rodney Bay

Feeling 286S (Special)

Goed zeilende Feeling 286S, klaar om te gaan.nieuwe mast,giek, zeilen, revisie motor.

  • 8.93 x 3.06 m Dimensions
  • 1.15 m Draught
  • 1 x 18 HP / 13 kW Engine Performance
  • 1988 Year Built

Netherlands » Velsen

  • 15.00 x 3.27 m Dimensions
  • 2.10 m Draught
  • 1 x 60 HP / 44 kW Engine Performance
  • 1957 Year Built

Germany » Contact De Valk Kiel

Optimist 2x

  • 2.50 x 1.50 m Dimensions
  • 0.30 m Draught
  • 1900 Year Built

Netherlands » onbekend

Daysailer, Regatta Boat

Laser SB3 / SB20

  • 6.15 m Dimensions
  • 1.50 m Draught
  • 2008 Year Built

Austria » Ossiachersee

Bavaria C57

Bavaria C57 from 2017 for sale!

  • 16.73 x 5.28 m Dimensions
  • 2.52 m Draught
  • 2017 Year Built

Croatia » onbekend

Cruising Yacht, Keelboat, Sailing Yacht

Domor A.C.K. / Skipper

  • 16.40 x 5.00 m Dimensions
  • 2.30 m Draught
  • 1 x 80 HP / 59 kW Engine Performance
  • 1992 Year Built

Martinique » Carribean

  • 4.52 x 2.00 m Dimensions
  • 0.20 m Draught

Montenegro » Tivat

Daysailer, Keelboat, Regatta Boat


Helbling Swiss Dyas

  • 7.17 x 1.94 m Dimensions
  • 1.10 m Draught
  • 2000 Year Built

Switzerland » Lake of Zurich » Eschenbach SG

Regatta Boat, Sailing Yacht

Schuchter Esse 850

  • 8.50 x 2.20 m Dimensions
  • 1.50 - 2.00 m Draught
  • 1 x 2.5 HP / 1.8 kW Engine Performance
  • 2007 Year Built

Switzerland » Lake Constance » Bodensee

Jongert Zwalker II

Classic Moror sailboat with center cockpit and aft cabin

  • 9.60 x 30.00 m Dimensions
  • 1.45 m Draught
  • 1 x 44 HP / 32 kW Engine Performance
  • 1976 Year Built

Netherlands » Noord-Holland » Roermond

Stichnoth STIC 36 Hubkiel

Gepflegte Aluminium/Stahlyacht für Binnen und Hochsee

  • 10.80 x 3.55 m Dimensions
  • 1.10 - 2.10 m Draught
  • 1 x 50 HP / 37 kW Engine Performance

Germany » Berlin

Center Cockpit, Cruising Yacht, Sailing Yacht

Van Dam Nordia Cruiser Ketch

Fully equipped blue water yacht without repair costs

  • 13.35 x 4.10 m Dimensions
  • 1.90 m Draught
  • 1 x 90 HP / 66 kW Engine Performance
  • 1981 Year Built

France » La Corse » Bastia, Korsika

Cruising Yacht, Regatta Boat, Sailing Yacht


2008. Teak deck. North Sails sails.

  • 12.10 x 3.85 m Dimensions
  • 2.10 - 2.50 m Draught
  • 1 x 39 HP / 29 kW Engine Performance

Spain » Costa Blanca » Villajoyosa

Center Cockpit, Sailing Yacht

  • 12.20 x 3.85 m Dimensions
  • 1 x 55 HP / 40 kW Engine Performance

Germany » Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 40


  • 12.20 x 3.95 m Dimensions
  • 1.95 m Draught
  • 2003 Year Built

Greece » Kilada (Peleponnes)

Keelboat, Sailing Yacht

Bumerang 860 Segelyacht / Harle Yachtbau

GRP classic, sailing yacht, well-maintained family cruiser

  • 8.60 x 3.00 m Dimensions
  • 1 x 14 HP / 10 kW Engine Performance

Germany » Elbe » Glückstadt

Classic Sailing Yacht, Daysailer, Regatta Boat

5.5mR Classic yacht with electric motor & road trailer

  • 9.43 x 1.91 m Dimensions
  • 1.38 m Draught

Germany » Mecklenburg-Vorpommern » Wismar

Sail boats are divided into the categories dinghy and keel boat. Dinghies have a skeg and can therefore capsize but not sink because the hull will float while capsized. The keel yacht can not capsize because the keel acts as a counterweight, however the keel yacht may sink if there is leakage due to too few buoyancy forces present. Exceptions are, for example, the unsinkable yacht models from Etap. A yacht with a keel (with ballast) is called either a keel yacht, sail yacht or just sail boat - although the term sail boat is also used for sailing dinghies.

Rêvolution 24

The rêvolution 24 is a 23.79ft fractional sloop designed by david raison and built in aluminum by afep marine since 2021., it accomodates 4 people in 2 cabins plus salon..

The Rêvolution 24 is a moderate weight sailboat which is a very high performer. It is stable / stiff and has a low righting capability if capsized. It is best suited as a racing boat.

Rêvolution 24 sailboat under sail

Rêvolution 24 for sale elsewhere on the web:

revolution 29 yacht for sale

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A sail boat with a large dark sail is tipping slightly to the left while all by itself in the ocean.

Alone on the Ocean, With 400,000 Friends

As Cole Brauer sped to the finish of a solo race around the world, she used Instagram to blow up sailing’s elitist image.

Before she could begin the Global Solo Challenge, a nonstop solo race around the world, Cole Brauer had to sail First Light, a 40-foot yacht, from Rhode Island to Spain. Credit... Samuel Hodges

Supported by

By Chris Museler

  • Published Feb. 29, 2024 Updated March 7, 2024

Video dinner parties, spa days, stuffed animals, favorite hoodies and cozy, colorful fleece blankets. Cole Brauer’s Instagram feed hardly feels like the work of someone racing a 40-foot sailboat around the world in the Global Solo Challenge. But Ms. Brauer, 29, is not an average ocean racer.

In 2022, Ms. Brauer had tried out for another competition, the Ocean Race, which is considered the pinnacle of professional ocean racing. Sailors in that race are highly trained, wear matching foul weather gear and have corporate sponsors. And most of them are men. Ms. Brauer, who had sailed thousands of miles on high performance ocean racing boats, felt she was ready to join their ranks.

But after competing in trials in France, Ms. Brauer was told she was “too short for the Southern Ocean” and was sent on her way.

A woman in a red sleeveless jumpsuit holds a railing with her left hand and a piece of a sail with her right hand.

In spite of her small stature — she stands 5 feet 1 inch — Ms. Brauer rounded Cape Horn, Chile, on Jan. 26, the last of the three great capes of her journey to finish the Global Solo Challenge. It is a feat most of the Ocean Race sailors picked instead of her have never even attempted. And despite being the youngest competitor in the race, she is ranked second overall, just days away from reaching the finish line in A Coruña, Spain.

Along the way, her tearful reports of breakages and failures, awe-struck moments during fiery sunrises, dance parties and “shakas” signs at the end of each video have garnered her a following that has eclipsed any sailor’s or sailing event’s online, even the Ocean Race and the America’s Cup, a prestigious race that is more well known by mainstream audiences.

“I’m so happy to have rounded the Horn,” Ms. Brauer said in a video call from her boat, First Light, after a morning spent sponging out endless condensation and mildew from its bilges. “It feels like Day 1. I feel reborn knowing I’ll be in warmer weather. The depression you feel that no one in the world can fix that. Your house is trying to sink and you can’t stop it.”

Shifting gears, she added, “It’s all getting better.”

Ms. Brauer’s rise in popularity — she has more than 400,000 followers on Instagram — has come as a surprise to her, but her achievements, combined with her bright personality, have struck a chord. And she has set a goal of using her platform to change the image of professional ocean sailing.

“Cole wants to prove you can go around the world and watch Netflix every once in a while and wear your pajamas,” said Lydia Mullan, Ms. Brauer’s media manager. “As for her mental health, she’s really creating a space in her routine for herself, to create that joy she hasn’t seen in other sailors.”

Four months after she began the Global Solo Challenge, a solo, nonstop race around the world featuring sailboats of different sizes, Ms. Brauer is holding strong. Sixteen sailors began the journey and only eight remain on the ocean, with the Frenchman Philippe Delamare having finished first on Feb. 24 after 147 days at sea.

Ms. Brauer, who was more than a week ahead of her next closest competitor as of Thursday morning, is on track to set a speed record for her boat class, and to be the first American woman to complete a solo, nonstop sailing race around the world.

revolution 29 yacht for sale

Her Authentic Self

Ms. Brauer has been happy to turn the image of a professional sailor on its head. Competitors in the Ocean Race and the America’s Cup tend to pose for static social media posts with their arms crossed high on their chests, throwing stern glares. Ms. Brauer would rather be more comfortable.

She brought objects like fleece blankets on her journey, despite the additional weight, and said solo sailing has helped give her the freedom to be herself.

“Without those things I would be homesick and miserable,” she said of her supply list. “We need comfort to be human. Doing my nails. Flossing. It’s hard for the general public to reach pro sailors. People stop watching. If you treat people below you, people stop watching.”

Other female sailors have noticed the same disconnect. “The year I did the Vendée Globe, Michel Desjoyeaux didn’t mention that anything went wrong,” Dee Caffari, a mentor of Ms. Brauer’s who has sailed around the world six times, said of that race’s winner. “Then we saw his jobs list after the finish and we realized he was human.”

Ms. Brauer, as her social media followers can attest, is decidedly human.

They have gotten used to her “hangout” clothes and rock-out sessions. Her team produces “Tracker Tuesdays,” where a weather forecaster explains the routes Ms. Brauer chooses and why she uses different sails, and “Shore Team Sunday,” where team members are introduced.

“In the beginning I looked at what she was doing, posting about washing her knickers in bucket and I was like, ‘No! What are you doing?’” Ms. Caffari said. “I’ve been so professional and corporate in my career. She’s been so authentic and taken everyone around the world with her. Cole is that next generation of sailor. They tell their story in a different way and it’s working.”

Finding a Purpose

Ms. Brauer was introduced to sailing at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Those days of casual racing on the turquoise waters of Kaneohe Bay informed her vision of an inclusive sailing community. That image was shattered when she came to the mainland to try her hand at professional sailing.

“When I came to the East Coast it was so closed off,” she said of those early experiences. “I couldn’t get a job in the industry. Pro sailors were jaded. They didn’t want anyone to take their job. It’s a gig-based economy. Competition, we’re pinned against each other, especially women in high-performance sailing since there are fewer of us.”

“This whole process of being a pro sailor over the past five years, I feel mentally punched in the face and my legs kicked out from under me,” she added. “I screamed and I cried. Without those experiences I wouldn’t be as mentally tough. It made me callused.”

A big break happened when she landed a gig as boat captain for Michael Hennessy’s successful Class40 Dragon. The boat was a perfect platform to hone her ocean sailing skills as she ripped up and down the East Coast delivering it to races, often alone, pushing Dragon to its limits. Her Instagram posts of those adventures drew attention, and she was invited to tryout for the Ocean Race, a fully crewed race around the world in powerful 65-footers.

“I was crushed,” Ms. Brauer said of being rejected after the trials.

Ms. Brauer, though, found a new purpose. After months of living in her van and working on Dragon, she found a benefactor in F.K. Day, the president of World Bicycle Relief and the executive vice president of SRAM Corporation, who, along with his brother Lincoln, agreed to buy a boat and fund a massive refit for the Global Solo Challenge, which was only three months away.

Conducting the hurricane of activity last summer in Newport, R.I., Ms. Brauer knew this was her moment to shine. But representatives for her new sponsors had reservations about her bold social media experiment.

“I got a massive pushback: ‘How can you be so vain. This isn’t important. We don’t want to pay for this,’” she said. “I said none of this is going to matter if the world can’t see it.”

Her boat was covered with cameras her shore team could monitor, with technology allowing for constant recording that could be used to capture unexpected twists. Ms. Brauer got some immediate traction, but nothing prepared her for the numbers she would hit once the race began.

“We were taking bets in Spain,” said Ms. Brauer, who had to sail First Light nearly 3,000 miles from Newport to Spain as a qualifier for the race. “There was a photo of me excited we hit 10,000 followers. Ten thousand for a little race? That’s massive.”

A few months later she has 40 times that count.

A Dangerous Journey

Only a handful of solo ocean racers have been American, all of whom being male. Now Ms. Brauer has a larger following than any of them, pushing far beyond the typical reach of her sport.

“This is a really good case study,” says Marcus Hutchinson, a project manager for ocean racing teams. “For me she’s an influencer. She’s a Kardashian. People will be looking for her to promote a product. She doesn’t need to worry about what the American sailors think. That’s parochial. She has to split with the American environment.”

Unlike her peers, Ms. Brauer is happy to do some extracurricular work along the way toward goals like competing in the prestigious Vendée Globe. “I’m part of the social media generation,” she said. “It’s not a burden to me.”

The playful videos and colorful backdrop, though, can make it easy for her followers to forget that she is in the middle of a dangerous race. Half her competitors in the Global Solo Challenge have pulled out, and ocean races still claim lives, particularly in the violent, frigid storms of the Southern Ocean.

“She was apprehensive,” Ms. Caffari said of Ms. Brauer’s rounding Cape Horn. “I told her: ‘You were devastated that you didn’t get on the Ocean Race. Now look at you. Those sailors didn’t even get to go to the Southern Ocean.’”

The question now is how Ms. Brauer will retain her followers’ desire for content after the race is over.

“She will be unaware of the transition she went through,” Mr. Hutchinson said. “She’s become a celebrity and hasn’t really realized it.”

Ms. Brauer, however, said she received as much from her followers as she gave them.

“They are so loving,” she said. “I send a photo of a sunset, and they paint watercolors of the scene to sell and raise money for the campaign. When I start to feel down, they let me stand on their shoulders.”

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