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Noobs In Combat is a turn based single to multiplayer strategy game developed primarily by WhyAnon on ROBLOX. The game revolves around commanding platoons of characters reminiscent of ROBLOX noobs, and requires the player to work alongside their allies, be it bots or other players, to strategize and plan moves with the ultimate goal of defeating your adversaries.


Guidelines and Moderators.

For those who are interested in editing the Wiki, you must adhere to this set of rules. For those who need to message or tell others about the official mods, here is a list.

New features

  • Brand new community campaign featuring 5 new maps
  • Added Japanese IFV model
  • Added American halftrack CS model
  • MP40 for the German SMG
  • Fixes to some visual bugs when being attacked outside FOW
  • Fixes to the UN recor car
  • Fixed animation for when the sapper builds
  • Sapper can now build MTurret bunker
  • Sapper turret bunker rework which reduces the prices for all turret bunkers, with the catch being that they start off with 1 hp. Experimental change.
  • Fixed a bug in which wouldn't allow seaplanes and helicopters to take off/land
  • Added in a setting which will prevent corpses from despawning. Has been highly requested to be added to the main game from one of the test servers.
  • General can no longer suffer the penalties from losing morale
  • Fixes and changes to the artic campaign
  • Made minesweeper map easier by increasing the carrier loss count 1 => 2 on normal mode
  • Increased AP for the elefant
  • Changed the units used in Hold out! to make map easier.
  • Buffed the General units stats and added a few units to assist him.
  • More fixes to the datastore which should prevent data loss for players which have returned to the game
  • Potential fix to the sapper causing ghost units in pvp games
  • Fixed bug which didn't allow some buildings to be damaged by splash
  • Fixed mission type for minesweeper
  • Updated to recent kv-1 model
  • Other technical fixes
  • Fixes to some issues that the update above caused.
  • Radio highlight not being removed after deselect
  • Deployment tiles disappearing after deselect
  • Updates to the AI in how it handles transports (props to @Kollow)
  • Visual changes to french medium tank and british battle tank that add armor to the tracks (props to @Ayzkao)
  • When hovering over unit, the hover health bar wouldn't update after taking/gaining damage
  • Upon moving a unit, game would select the unit back again even if the main weapon is on cooldown. This occurred to units which were not able to fire on the move.
  • Bug in which weapons with inf ammo would not use ammo even if the property had be changed to a finite value.
  • Changed a feature in which supplies would not be collected if it's less than the weapons supplyPerAmmo
  • Rare bug which would trigger when trying to select a unit that has been removed
  • Fixes to when teleport to other sub-places
  • Fixes to the triggerEvent map event action
  • Updated light gunner attack animation to resolve some bugs
  • Sappers will no longer lose morale from removing landmines
  • Added new japanese anti-tank gun model (credits to @Admiral Karin)
  • Music changes for Outpost and Secrets Revealed
  • Increased starting tix for Outpost and Secrets Revealed's AI
  • Removed the supply truck in the very back on Secrets Revealed
  • Seaplanes can now land while having already moved

Make sure to join Discord to check #dev-logs for more information. (JOIN IF YOU ARE 13+)

Current Noob In Combat version: 5.3.9

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  • 3 Free model in combat

Noobs in Conspiracy [v5.3] [Day 5&6]

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Noobs in Combat Units

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    The Motorboat is a naval unit in Noobs in Combat. They come equipped with a torpedo salvo for dealing with large vessels and a machine gun for dealing with infantry. They can evolve into the Missile Boat. Motorboats are the first naval unit with the torpedo capability. The unit is composed of a single, small motor boat with two torpedo launch tubes and a machine gun turret. By being a beginner ...

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    Noobs In Combat is a turn based single to multiplayer strategy game developed primarily by WhyAnon on ROBLOX. The game revolves around commanding platoons of characters reminiscent of ROBLOX noobs, and requires the player to work alongside their allies, be it bots or other players, to strategize and plan moves with the ultimate goal of defeating your adversaries. Play Noobs In Combat For those ...

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    In this video i play noobs in combat and in the stage "Beach Landing" from the "Western Front" campaign i beat a destroyer with only a motor boat and a cargo...

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    Most people by now who play NiC probably finished guest rebellion on normal mode. If you need to level up a unit or get alot of points, then just equip the units you need to level up, and get into a solo match in any guest rebellion map (make sure it is on tryhard or rigged). Being on tryhard or rigged gives more points than normal mode.

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    -Modify the motorboat - Destroyers and battleships can now shoot without a radio.-Battleships can now resupply and transport their planes. It is an update to version 3.1.2. [Update History]-Super bazooka received a damage nerf.-Halftrack and APC now have some extra armor. - Fixed missile boat-Rocket truck is now an evolution of Rocket Battery.

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    Version 5.3.0: New community campaign. Fixes to some visual bugs when being attacked outside FOW. Fixes to the UN recon car. Fixed animation for when the sapper builds. Brand new community campaign featuring 5 new maps. Added japanese IFV model. Added american halftrack CS model. MP40 for the german SMG. Sapper can now build MTurret bunker.

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    The best, and also the most cheesy, method to earn fast points without paying is to gather two friends with Light Gunship and to just complete any tryhard missions that gives at least 450 points per completion as long as the sole objective is to destroy/capture a single structure or a single enemy. If you don't waste too much time forming up ...

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    Average Playtime 22. Mar 24. Mar 26. Mar 22. Mar 24. Mar 26. Mar 0 10 5 1d 3d 1w. Noobs in Combat [v5.3] is a Roblox Military game by Scuffed projects. It was created Friday, September 25th 2020 and has been played at least 124,578,505 times.

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    Noobs In Combat is a Roblox strategy game where you order your troops around a field. You'll be going up against an opposing army. Try to outmaneuver your opponent and capture important points or face seeing your army wiped out. You can grab Noobs In Combat on Roblox. If you're looking for more freebies, check out our That Crazy Adventure ...

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    noobs in combat, a quick infantry army rundown. In noobs in combat (NIC) a lot of people like to use vehicles. Even more than that, people love to use powerful vehicles like the battle tank. And while I see where they are coming from, by the time that they have finished deploying they have 0 tix. and seeing how a battle tank costs 180 tix you ...

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    Motor boat torpedo's in noobs in combat (roblox) are broken XD

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    Noobs in Combat Units. For each unit description, tell the name of the unit in noobs in combat. For #13, put "tree" at the end Quiz by Huskguard. ... Motorboat. Which naval unit has a depth charge? Destroyer. What is the most expensive unit at 240 tix? Battleship.

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    Unit/Update Concepts. Major update for Aviation as of now it is lacking and outdated (stuck in World War II) Unit concepts: Evolution of Dive Bomber. Takes up 2 spaces on aircraft carrier, models based off B-25 (US), He-111 (German), Vickers Wellington (British), Tu-2 (Soviet, Guest, Finnish) G4M (Japanese). Could have either 2 large bombs or 4 ...

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    I showcase the awe of AI-exclusive units on Backyard Rigged, and a familiar face reveals itself.Game w/ AI Exclusives:

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    Dragon Quest Tact is a free-to-play tactical RPG developed by Aiming Inc and published by Square Enix for iOS and Android devices in which we collect monsters from the Dragon Quest saga to team up and participate in turn-based combat. DQTact is only available in Japanese. Go to the official discord on guides on how to play the Japanese version.