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macgregor sailboat dealer

Super Sport Marine is representing Sailing Yachts in more places.

Super Sport Marine has satisfied customers across the United States with sailboats delivered from our home offices in Nebraska.

macgregor sailboat dealer

Super Sport Marine is now manufacturing and delivering replacement aluminum trailers for your MacGregor Classic 26, 26M and 26X yachts.

Super Sport Marine's central location allows us to sell and service sailing yachts through out the United States. Oh, and did we mention that Super Sport Marine will deliver your new boat and take you sailing to familiarize you with your new yacht.

macgregor sailboat dealer

At Super Sport Marine we are sailors too.

Customers recommend Super Sport Marine... and that is the ultimate compliment to us. Contact us for your new Sailing Yacht or we will help you find a gently used sailboat also.

macgregor sailboat dealer

Call Super Sport Marine at 1-800-234-3315

Call Super Sport Marine using our toll free number, 1-800-234-3315, or use our E-mail to contact John Gerber. John is always happy to answer your sailing questions about the sailing boats Super Sport Marine offers.

Hi Sailors... Super Sport Marine is representing Sailing Yachts.

Super Sport Marine has satisfied customers across the United States with sailboats delivered from our home offices in Nebraska. It is always a pleasure to demonstrate your new sailboat and help to network you with other experienced sailors.

Super Sport Marine's central location allows us to sell and service yachts and sailboats through out the United States. Oh, and did we mention that Super Sport Marine will deliver your new boat and take you sailing to familiarize you with your new yacht?

Super Sport Marine has continued to service MacGregor Sailboats since 1977. John Gerber has a wealth of experience in rigging and servicing the sailing boats he sells and delivers. Super Sport Marine will rig your new yacht with the features you want, such as, Shore Power or a Marine Head with holding tank that is fitted with open water discharge and a deck pump out. All of your electrical rigging is done with marine grade braided tined copper wire (the best materials) for years of trouble free use.

At Super Sport Marine we are sailors too, and have a staff that is service focused. Customers recommend Super Sport Marine... and that is the ultimate compliment to us. Contact us for your new yacht or we will help you find a gently used one also.

MacGregor Trailers

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Our MacGregor replacement tandem and single axle trailers come equipped with or without surge brakes.

Super Sport Marine trailers are manufactured of lightweight aluminum to properly fit your MacGregor 26 Classic (1986 thru 1994 boats); 26X (1995 thru 2002 boats); and 26M (2003 thru 2013 boats).

Replacement trailers designed to give you better support than the original steel trailers.

Our Location

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3110 11th Ave Kearney, NE 68845

John gerber, boats & trailers for sale.

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Super Sport Marine does not manage content to the website linked here. The vessels are offered subject to prior sale, price change, or withdrawal without notice.

MacGregor 26M Video

Check out all the MacGregor videos HERE

Super Sports Marine is top of the line. That"s because of John Gerber.

I've known John since 2010 when I bought a MacGregor sailboat. He has always been knowledgeable and helpful. Can’t say enough about his professionalism and attitude when I’ve called with a question.

I am a fan of John Gerber at Super Sport Marine.

I am a fan of John Gerber at Super Sport Marine as well and I am glad I choose him. From ordering the whole package to delivery up to solving problems thereafter I think I got the best possible support you can expect from a dealer - and he can always be reached on his cell.

reprinted from

Thank you Super Sport , Gary and most of all Thank You John Gerber.

I cannot recommend this company enough and should the need arise for me to sell my boat, it will be shipped back to Super Sport to sell, as I know that their expertise will be able to place her and treat any intending purchaser with the same care, consideration and respect I have enjoyed.

D. Smith Fairport Harbor, Ohio

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  • Super Sports Marine is top of the line
  • Thank you Super Sport ,thank you Gary and most of all thank you John
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HOT NEWS from Roger MacGregor :


It has dawned on the MacGregors that we are suddenly way beyond retirement age, beyond geezerhood, and it’s time to start a new career. We have recently ended production of the MacGregor sailboats at our Costa Mesa, California plant, and are continuing to develop our all new MacGregor 70. We have converted our 5 acre production site to 11 industrial rental units. We are now big time landlords.








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Macgregor Yacht Corp

MacGregor Yacht Co. was founded by Roger MacGregor in 1961 as part of class project while he was an MBA student at the University of California. Located in southern California ,the company is still in business.(2008) The first boat was a small catamaran, but the product line consisted mainly of small, trailerable sailing yachts, from a 15-foot (4.6 m) catamaran to 17-foot (5.2 m) pocket cruisers, up to 26-foot water ballasted trailerable sizes. MacGregor has also built a 36-foot catamaran, and a 65-foot ULDB cruiser-racer. The MACGREGOR 65, with more than 100 sold, was one of the most successful boats of this size ever built. Early models were called VENTURE’s, but after 1969, all models were called MACGREGOR’S. Currently the only model in production is the extremely popular MACGREGOR 26M, a 26-foot (7.9 m) trailerable sailboat that can except a large outboard motor makin it capable of relatively higher speeds under power. It is estimeated that more than 3600 Ventures/MacGregors have been built. Thanks to Samuel Trickey for his help in getting something of the specs sorted out for different models. HOT NEWS: After 58 years of production, and 38,000 sailboats, the MacGregors are retiring. Production of the MacGregor 26 has been discontinued. Our daughter and son in law, Laura and Paul Sharp, have opened a new boat building business in Stuart, Florida, and are manufacturing a boat similar to our MacGregor 26. Contact them at

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22 sailboats built by Macgregor Yacht Corp

macgregor sailboat dealer

Macgregor 25

macgregor sailboat dealer

Macgregor 26X

macgregor sailboat dealer

Macgregor 36

macgregor sailboat dealer

Macgregor 65 Pilot House

macgregor sailboat dealer

Macgregor 65

macgregor sailboat dealer

Macgregor 19

macgregor sailboat dealer

Venture 222

macgregor sailboat dealer

Macgregor 22

macgregor sailboat dealer

Venture OF Newport 23

macgregor sailboat dealer

Macgregor 26M

macgregor sailboat dealer

Macgregor 26S

macgregor sailboat dealer

Macgregor 26D

macgregor sailboat dealer

Venture 2-24

macgregor sailboat dealer

Venture 15 Catamaran (1970)

Macgregor 24.

macgregor sailboat dealer

Macgregor 21

Venture 15 catamaran (1974).

1999 macgregor 26x cover photo

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macgregor sailboat dealer

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MacGregor 26 (newer model)

This hybrid powersailer is so popular that the company has a year- long backlog of orders. its an inexpensive entry level sailboat also capable of towing a water skier..

MacGregor Yachts, one of the largest builders in the US, has a well-established reputation as the producer of inexpensive boats. Located in Orange County, California, its plant sits across the street from the former headquarters of Westsail and Islander in a neighborhood that in 1973 built more than 24,000 boats with a retail value of $88 million. A year later, the number of boatbuilders shrank from 46 to 22. MacGregor endured by sticking to a business plan that is strong on financial and management principles and devoid of romance.

The company was founded by Roger MacGregor as a hobby following his successful completion of the MBA program at Stanford University, where he graduated Phi Beta Kappa, second in a class of 200; he had previously graduated Phi Beta Kappa with a degree in economics from Occidental College.

MacGregors studies at Stanford produced a business model based on the sailboat industry that he eventually used as the blueprint for the company. In 1964, while employed at Ford Aerospace, he began building boats as a hobby. Wife Lou, who is still active in the business, oversaw the embryonic stages of the company.

In 1967, when I was finally making more money from the hobby than my real job, I moved into boatbuilding full time, he recalled.

Since that modest beginning the company has built more than 37,000 boats in its 65,000-square-foot factory, and has annual sales of $10 million. It employees 150 people.

Initially marketed under the Venture brand, the name was changed to MacGregor in 1977. Though the company focused on 22- to 25-foot fiberglass sloops, it made a foray into the big boat market in the 1980s with the MacGregor 65 ULDB, which MacGregor claims was the most successfully produced big boat in the industry. A decade earlier, MacGregor built a 36′ catamaran.

Unlike many industry doomsayers, MacGregor doesn’t agree that the sailboat market has dried up; he thinks people have lost interest because of a perception that sailing is too complicated. To attract newcomers to the sport, he builds boats that are simple to operate, require little maintenance, and are low-priced. His 28-page owners manual is written in everyday English, and includes basic sailing instructions. He also has recruited a loyal dealer network that understands the product and caters to first-time buyers.

MacGregors strategy is to concentrate the entire production effort on one boat so as to amortize production and tooling costs over a long run.

Over the years we have zeroed in on the 26-footer for a number of reasons. It is the largest boat that can be easily and safely trailered and launched, and economically shipped in containers.

Originally introduced as the 26X, the new model replaced an earlier MacGregor 26, a water-ballasted sloop previously reviewed in PS (November 1, 1987 and August 1, 1995); 7,000 of the first model were produced. Since its introduction in 1995, 4,000 of the new 26s have been built, and the company enjoys a backlog of orders stretching into 2001. MacGregor sees no need to increase production, which currently turns out one boat every two hours.

The Design The 26X, conceptually similar to the powersailers built by Lancer in the 1980s, represents MacGregors attempt to reach several markets with a boat capable of sailing at 7 knots and powering at 20-plus knots.

From an aesthetic standpoint, the boat gets average marks. Viewed from the bow, with an entry angle of 18, it has a conventional appearance. Viewed from the beam, its high topsides are evident. Freeboard amidships is 3′ 5″.

Unlike the rounded sections of her predecessor, the new model has a flat, straight bottom designed to enhance planing while under sail or power. It also has a harder turn of the bilge, which translates to a higher initial righting moment. Some owners say the boat will carry a genoa in 15-18 knots of wind before reefing the main or shortening the headsail.

The boat displaces 3,750 lbs. with full tanks; the sail area/displacement ratio (SA/D) is 19 and the displacement/length ratio (D/L) is 138, which indicate the potential for speed.

However, MacGregor says, these figures don’t mean much because crew and gear weight is such a big part of the all up weight. He said that every 100 pounds of weight in the boat reduces speed under power by one mile per hour.

Construction MacGregors theory is that he can sustain his success by eliminating inconsistencies and waste from the production process. Fiberglass fabrics used in the lay-up are cut in patterns and bundled in sequence for laminators.

The hull, deck and interior liners are solid, hand-laid fiberglass, and MacGregor brags that theres not a chopper gun in the factory; instead, workers use low-volume airless guns to wet out resins. No cores are used.

He is particularly rankled by critics who claim his methods are quick and dirty.

We have the neatest, most tightly controlled plant on the earth, and these boats arent failing, he said.

The lamination schedule calls for a layer of 1-oz. mat, followed by 10-oz. cloth, a layer of 1.5-oz. mat, 24-oz. roving, and layers of 1.5-oz. mat and roving. High-load areas in the centerboard trunk and bow have 15 layers of fiberglass built to a thickness of 3/4″; low-load areas are 3/16″-3/8″ thick.

The hull-deck joint is two outward-turning flanges that are secured with stainless steel bolts and locknuts with nylon inserts located on 4″ centers. The joint is bonded with 3M 5200 and the seam is covered with a rubber rail.

The liners are bonded to the hull with 6″ wide strips of mat and roving.

Boats built since spring 1999 have a new deck structure. Older boats have a balsa-cored deck and companionway hatch. The new deck is stiffened by a series of solid fiberglass U-shaped beams with an outer flange bonded to the inside of the deck. The beams, which are on 4″-6″ centers, are filled with foam, over which are laid layers of 1.5-oz. mat; the deck liner is then laid over the deck, which compresses the foam and bonds the deck and liner.

MacGregor said the new method produces a stronger structure and avoids the problems of rot with balsa. The process also reduces weight by 125 lbs.

Water ballast is carried in a chamber that runs from 3′ forward of the transom to the V-berth; it is 4′ wide and acts as a longitudinal stringer. It is enclosed by a fiberglass module bonded to the hull.

This leaves precious little area below the sole for a bilge. Because there is no way to inspect the bilge without looking behind the galley, there is no way of knowing how much water is in it. The company now drills a 1/2″ hole in the sole below the companionway to allow bilge water to appear on the floor of the main cabin.

Without the hole it is possible for the boat to collect a really large, stability-threatening load of bilge water, MacGregor said. Since the liner floor area is essentially a watertight tub, the skipper had no way of knowing until it reached the level of the cutout in the face of the galley.

I prefer a more obvious warning. When he steps in the cabin and ends up with water up to his ankles he will get the message. I recommend owners of older boats make a similar hole, being careful not to drill into the water tank.

One owner said cleaning up bilge water on the sole is messy.

A company video shows that, will full ballast tanks, the boat is self righting. With 120 lbs. of pressure on the jib halyard, the mast lay in the water, and immediately popped upright when the halyard was released; MacGregor said the limit of positive stability is about 115.

MacGregor also claims the boat has positive flotation; the same video shows a boat still floating that is filled with water halfway up the cockpit floor. Flotation is Styrofoam blocks in the cockpit coaming, bow, and under the anchor locker.

As weve written before, water ballast doesn’t produce as stiff a boat as lead, but because you can drain it on the ramp (or dump it underway going 8 knots or faster), you don’t have to tow it down the road.

The centerboard is hollow with drain holes, the bottom of which is filled with resin. It weighs 25 lbs., compared to 600 lbs. in the original 26. The board retracts into the hull, thus avoiding potential damage while launching and loading.

Access to deck hardware and wires is via liner plugs mounted throughout the boat; access to the motor mount and rudder mount are through a hatch in the stern.

The mast is a 7/8 fractional rig with swept-back spreaders and two shrouds; spreaders are mounted in sockets on the mast, an improvement over the original 26. MacGregor constructs the spar from 3″ x 4″ extrusions with wall thicknesses of 1/8″. Standing rigging is 1/8″ 7 x 19 wire on the stays, and 5/32″ 1 x 19 for the shrouds.

Despite criticism that the rigging is too light, MacGregor said, These rigs just don’t come down.

Chainplates are bolted through the hull with stainless steel bolts, washers and nuts. They are strong enough that during construction they are used to remove the hull from the mold;

Deck The cockpit and deck are typical of boats this size; however, there are no side decks so movement forward is over the cabintop. There are lifelines running from the stern pulpit to the base of the bow pulpit; owners with small children would be well-advised to install safety netting at the bow.

Deck hardware consists of two Lewmar #6 winches and cam cleats for the centerboard and furler lines, vang and halyard, located atop the cabin. The centerboard raises easily from the cockpit.

The helm is a movable seat on the transom behind a steering pedestal; cockpit seats are more than 6′ long, and wide enough to be comfortable for most adults.

Because of its size, the small stainless steel steering wheel looks out of place in the cockpit; however, it is reachable from the helmsmans seat, or the rail.

The mainsheet terminates at a padeye atop a stainless steel pipe inside the pedestal. Though the mainsheet arrangement is convenient to the helmsman, we think a sailor intent on proper sail shape will be frustrated.

MacGregor disagrees. The vang (a $69 option) will control the leech adequately.

The boat is equipped with twin rudders, which improves handling when heeled, and provides space on the transom for up to a 50-hp. motor. The rudders raise easily with ropes cleated on the transom.

The motor is raised electrically from controls on the steering pedestal. One boat we inspected had the cables hidden under a polypropylene strip on the cockpit sole, and on another boat they were led through a hole in the side of the cockpit aft through the stern.

A stainless steel rod attached to the rudders and the front of the motor allows moving them simultaneously.

We were alarmed at the location of the factory-installed stern ladder, which is mounted between the port rudder and the engine, close enough to the engine propeller to be a hazard. Todd McChesney of Bluewater Yachts in Seattle, with whom we sailed, installs a ladder fabricated in Seattle that is mounted outboard of the rudder, a better alternative.

Accommodations The area belowdecks feels spacious, a reflection of the 90″ beam, lack of bulkheads or visual intrusions, shiny gelcoat surfaces that are devoid of any wood trim, and reasonable headroom. The company advertises standing headroom. We measured 510″ headroom at the foot of the companionway, but theres less amidships.

Accommodations include a king-sized berth below the cockpit, galley and two settees to port, head and dinette to starboard, and V-berth large enough for two adults.

Though the boat is advertised as having sleeping accommodations for six, MacGregor says thats two too many. The aft berth measures 90″ x 78″, and has enough headroom to use the hull as a backrest. The forward V-berth is 76″ wide at the head, and the dinette converts to a double that measures 80″ long and 41″ wide.

Except for a smoked Plexiglas door enclosing the head, the entire area is wide open, so privacy curtains fore and aft would be high on our list of additions.

The dinette is elevated, providing virtually 360 sight lines through fixed ports, forward hatches and the companionway hatch-a good touch. The table, which is nearly 36 inches square, has a clever feature-a clear acrylic insert flush with the surface of the table under which a chart can be placed. The aft dinette seat is 41″ wide and 18″ deep; the forward seat is slightly smaller.

Stowage below the forward seat extends to the V-berth, and stowage for a removable 48-quart ice chest is located below the aft seat.

The head is marginally large enough to allow showering. It is 25″ wide, 40″ long, and has 57″ of headroom. The only furnishings are a molded sink, small storage area, and a mirror on the bulkhead. A porta-potty is equipped with a holding tank.

The galley is quite small. Counter space consists of several 4″ x 5″ ceramic tiles, a molded fiberglass sink with a freshwater faucet, and cutout for an optional two-burner stove. The galley could use more stowage.

The finish of stowage areas isn’t great; we found rough surfaces on the hull as well as fiberglass shards that can produce cuts.

Performance We tested the boat on a dead calm day so were able to try her agility under power. We had to rely on owner comments for input about sailing characteristics.

Because of its high profile and hull shape, upwind performance is average at best. Most owners opt for a CDI roller furler, a $495 option.

I usually allow 95-105 for a tack, the owner said. Absolute perfect sailing is in 10-15 knots of wind on a close reach. Ive sailed the boat in as much as 35 knots with reduced sail.

Gene Arena, a dealer who has represented MacGregor in San Francisco since 1968, said the boats fare well in the bays gusty, lumpy conditions.

We have to reef this boat sooner than a typical 25′ keel boat, he said, but even novices learn to sail the boat quickly. We typically put the first reef in when wind speed reaches 15-20 knots; when wind speed exceeds 25 knots we tuck in the second reef and reduce the headsail to 65%.

The calculated jib sheeting angle is 11, but Arena said, I don’t think this boat points as well as the old 26 because it has more windage and a different hull shape, so the best bet is to foot off 10.

An owner who sails regularly on San Francisco Bay said, My wife and I sail the boat regularly in 20-knot winds with no problems. With a reef in the main, shes stable and sails well, heeling about 15. But Id never take her into blue water.

Another owner, who sails off the coast of Northern California, said, We typically have 15-20-knot winds, and long 8′-10′ swells, which she handles easily. I think this is an outstanding boat. I was knocked over 50 by a 40-mile per hour gust, and she popped right up and nothing broke.

A Puget Sound sailor, who said he usually sails the boat under shortened sail, records speeds of 8 knots on a broad reach with the genoa. I also like the fact that the bigger motor allows me to fight the heavy current we experience in the Northwest, he said.

The PHRF handicap is between 240 and 250.

MacGregor claims top speed under power exceeds 20 knots, which we confirmed on our test with a boat powered by a 50-hp. outboard. A 9.9-hp. will push the boat at 6-7 knots, a 25-hp. at 12-14 knots. Most buyers opt for the 50-hp. motor. But the added weight of the big outboard has its downside. One owner said, The boat ends up with too much weight aft with 180-230 pounds of motor on the stern, ballast tank, gas tanks, and passengers.

In addition to straight-ahead speeds, we made 360 turns at 18 knots with relative ease and noted that the boat stays relatively flat. In choppy seas, the flat bottom could be expected to pound.

As for its seaworthiness, Roger MacGregor said, The 26 was designed for typical small cruising boat use-inland waters and limited coastal sailing. It is too small to be a long-distance passagemaker. It wont hold enough gear and supplies, and the long-term, day-after-day motion of a small, light sailboat can be tough on the crew.

There are thousands of these boats out there, and many have been caught in, and survived, some really extreme weather conditions, on both lakes and oceans. Like most small cruising sailboats, the 26 can handle high winds and nasty seas, but risk and discomfort levels increase dramatically in severe weather. To maximize fun and safety, most of our owners wisely keep a watchful eye on the weather and try to avoid severe conditions.

Conclusion Theres no question MacGregor is building an inexpensive product that sells for $4,000-$6,000 less than its primary competitors. The list price for boat, sails and trailer is $14,995 FOB the factory. Genoa and gear, roller furling, cruising spinnaker, vang, mast raising system, stove, cushions and transportation jump the price to $17,000; add $5,000-$7,000 for engine and electronics.

They also enjoy relatively high resale. Two-year-old boats on the market are selling for 85%-90% of their original prices.

The owner of a recent model sums it up well, She is fast enough to be pleasurable, forgiving enough that I can be stupid, balanced enough that I can be lazy.

The two-year warranty covers all parts manufactured by MacGregor.

Contact- MacGregor Yacht Corp., 1631 Placentia, Costa Mesa, CA, 92627; 949/642-6830.


I’d like to add that my MacGregor 26 M has as much room as some 35 footers. I bought it new in 2006 and I will never tire of it! It is the “Jeep” of sailboats, it can float in 12″ of water, and can drive right up on the beach. With a 4-stroke Merc 60 hp, she’ll do 21 mph fully loaded (actually overloaded). She’ll get up on a plane and you’re gone, baby! And at terrific fuel mileage. She sails ok but you won’t win any races, however it wins points being able to sail on a beautiful sunset evening, with nothing but music and no engine noise. She is amazing and people are curious to see how it functions and love it. In Puget Sound the weather changes quickly, but you can get home or back to safe harbor lickity-split, Thank you Roger MacGregor! Mike Jones “Antares”

There is so much information to read I’m wondering if the information to be processed is still relevant. I learn so much about the Mac Gregor 26. This sailboat sounds to amazing to be true in todays market prices. Just starting to to research and there are a lot of older ones out there for sale. Millions dollar question -wait and get new or get old to learn as I go knowing a boat will be more costly so I have to have some throw-away cash on the side

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macgregor sailboat dealer

Macgregor 26 Sailboats Boats for sale

2002 MacGregor 26X

2002 MacGregor 26X

Dandridge, Tennessee

Make MacGregor

Category Motorsailer

Posted 1 Week Ago

This 2002 MacGregor is in good condition, but it has not been used in a while, and could use a good cleaning. The engine Hours are unknowN, but is reported by the owner to run strong. Stock #349981 *** TRAILER INCLUDED ** FRESHWATER USE ** MOTIVATED SELLER *** Dont miss this opportunity to own a MacGregor 26X with trailer ! ** Freshwater Boat ** Tohatsu 20 HP outboard ** Trailer included Great price for a complete boat, ready to sail, including sails and trailer. It offers good power performance without compromising sailing performance. You can have the peace and quiet of sailing or the fun of powering around the water too ! Quick, stable and responsive, the MacGregor 26X is the fastest and best handling of any of the trailerable cruising sailboats. It is easy to sail, and easy to trailer to your favorite sailing waters. You don't need an expensive mooring. It can be stored on its trailer, launched at any ramp, and rigged in just minutes. Unlike any other boat, it opens up a world of endless variety - sailing, swimming, fishing, diving, water skiing or just fooling around on the water. Its high speed under power lets you get to cruising waters that are out of reach for a conventional six mph sailboat. Call me today for your showing, or to make an offer using our buyer friendly process. Reason for selling is no time to use.

2003 MacGregor 26X

2003 MacGregor 26X

St Augustine, Florida

Category Sloop

You can tell the owner has taken care of this nice Macgregor. Other than needing a good buffing on the exterior the boat has aged well. According to the seller, all mechanical and operational systems function as intended. The four stroke Yamaha 40 HP engine is recently had its 500 hour service and is ready to go. Rewiring of electrical systems was recently completed. Stock #387237 Great Condition!! Lots of Recent Upgrades!! Ready to Sail!! Imagine the convenience. A sailboat that is multipurpose! It's trailerable, a fast cruiser and can take you right up to your favorite beach like a catamaran, for a fraction of the price. The MacGregor 26X is one of the few cruising sailboats that can do all of that. It's fast and easy to sail and doesn't require expensive mooring. It can be easily stored on its trailer, launched at any ramp and rigged in just minutes. By being on a trailer, you can quickly and easily access great places that water-bound boats will never see and avoid the expense of in-the-water storage. The MacGregor 26X offers something unique that a conventional sailboat can't - high speed powering without compromising sailing performance. You can enjoy the peace and quiet of sailing or whip up some fun by powering around at a good clip. It opens up a world of endless boating variety - sailing, fishing, swimming, water skiing, diving or just scenic cruising for relaxation on the water. Its swift smooth speed under power lets you get to cruising waters that are out of reach for a conventional six mph sailboat. It's also one of the rare boats that can be a liveaboard on land or on the water. You can easily launch the boat, quickly access a quiet cove or beach, and can be as far away from the world as you want to be. You can also get to remote beaches and have your own island, for free, at some of the most beautiful vacation spots. Why not take a chance and be inspired by the wonderful sensation of shutting off the engine and enjoying the quiet serenity of cruising under sail with a MacGregor 26X! Reason for selling is not using.

2005 Macgregor 26

2005 Macgregor 26

Stuart, Florida

Make Macgregor

Category Sailboats

Posted Over 1 Month

2005 Macgregor 26 At Manatee Pocket Yacht Sales, we are proud to offer one of the only, if not the only, Macgregor Sailboats that is fully decked out for life aboard and fun. This boat is 100% ready to go! You can pick her up with a less then 5 month old trailer and head straight for the water. This boat comes with many extras and spare parts for cruising. She also has some very nice system upgrades that are factory installed and run by solar power. The Macgregor has the best of both worlds to offer, she is a sailboat that has been proven to sail in as much as 50 knots of wind or if there is no wind, you can pull the water ballast plug and motor at speeds up to 25 knots! At 25 knots, you just turned this beauty into another type of fun. At these speeds, you could even start pulling water toys behind the boat for a fun family day out. This truly is one of the coolest boats around. Another key feature with this boat is her draft. She can get to those far out places that have very little water, that few people can take their boat, for some rest and relaxing and outback camping. She can pull up right onto the banks on a sandy beach and you have your home right there next to the camp fire. You don't even have to set up a tent! This is a fantastic all around boat for someone who loves adventure or loves having friends over hanging out in her roomy cockpit and spending the day sailing around. Don't miss out on this deal! She won't be sticking around long! For a video of this boat copy and paste this link online. There are many more videos of these boats doing amazing things.   

2007 Macgregor 26M

2007 Macgregor 26M

Cortez, Florida


2011 Macgregor 26M

2011 Macgregor 26M

Jackson, Mississippi

2011 Macgregor 26M,Selling our 2011 Motorsailer. Best of both worlds...sailing or running the motor. Yamaha F70LA Outboard. $24000, 2288611545

2010 Macgregor m26

2010 Macgregor m26

Naples, Florida

2010 Macgregor m26, FSBO Black on white, charcoal Bimini two years old. Sails jib is about one year old, main is months old and spinnaker is like new. 90 horse Suzuki, aluminum trailer. Air conditioner. Spare rudder and dagger board. Coast guard package w two anchors. This is the perfect shallow water cruiser for the Gulf Coast. $22,000, 845-772-1940. Price reduced new boat coming, must sell . All, offers considered.

1998 Macgregor 26X

1998 Macgregor 26X

Buford, Georgia

1998 Macgregor 26X This is a very well equipped boat. Options include roller furl jib, Alcohol stove, portable toilet in enclosed head. Dual batter, Stereo with cockpit speakers, mast raising device, recently serviced 50 HP Yamaha outboard with pedestal mounted controls. Swim ladder, extra cushions and dual 12 gallon fuel tanks. Price includes the trailer with spared tire and brakes. - FRESHWATER Boat. Great for weekend.

1993 Macgregor 26' Sailboat

1993 Macgregor 26' Sailboat

Orlando, Florida

Model 26' Sailboat

1993 Macgregor 26' Sailboat 1993 MacGregor 26 S sailboat with 2002 Continental galvanized trailer and spare tire.  Price includes a Suzuki 6HP with 6 gallon fuel tank.  This package is equipped with lots of options!  Bimini top, Pop-top with enclosure, Mast-crutch (homemade), fish/depth finder, Mast raising system with gin pole, Spinnaker is in excellent condition, Main and jib are in good/average condition, stainless steel boarding ladder, sink, alcohol stove, enclosed head with a port-o-potti, battery with 400w inverter, solar maintainer,  cockpit cushions, bulkhead compass, huge aft berth, v-berth & quarter berth…Loads of room and loads of fun!!

2008 Macgregor 26M

2008 Macgregor 26M

2008 Macgregor 26M 2008 Macgregor 26M with a 2008 Macgregor custom aluminum trailer and powered by a 2008 Yamaha 60 outboard. Water ballast with retractable keel. This package is loaded with great options!  Wheel Steering, Roller furling jib with Sunbrella cover, Main sail cover, Bimini top with boot, Mast raising system,  custom cockpit cushions, radio with DVD player, New Uniden handheld VHF,  Lowrance LMS522 GPS, Depth sonar, transom boarding ladder, and stern rail seats. The cabin offers full standing headroom, Interior lights, Large sofa, Dinette seats with folding table, Stove, Sink, the comfortable berthing accommodations feature a full forward V-berth, large queen-sized quarter berth & a saloon berth that sleeps 4-6 total,  and a New Porto-o-potti with privacy curtain.  Trailer is equipped with a spare tire and guide on posts.  This package is in incredible condition and is a must see!

1994 Macgregor 26 S

1994 Macgregor 26 S

Chagrin Falls, Ohio

1994 Macgregor 26 S, This is a slick looking boat in or out of the water and it is absolutely fabulous to sail. Easy and very responsive. One of the unique things is the swing center-board making the boat an auto shoal draft vessel. Light to trailer (1650 lbs) and easy to launch. 45 minutes gets rigging/sails ready for water. Only need 1ft of water to launch, with water ballast filled (1200 lbs) you need 2ft. Drop the center-board and you need another 4 feet. Sailing weight is about 2850 lbs.Put it in the water, have a delightful sail, drop the anchor and camp for the night -- even pull it right up to the beach! Or pull into port and plug in with the 120V shore power hookup using the 120V outlets (3) onboard. The main cabin has a pop-up top for a 6 ft. ht mid-cabin. Snap-on-black canvas all around w/screen in front provides privacy. Aft cabin is 6x7 -- amazingly comfortable for sleeping. The bow contains a 5-1/2 ft V berth with a hatch for ventilation. Galley has a two-burner propane stove, under pull-out table seating a cozy 4 & a sink. Has enclosed area (w/swing door & mirror) for a port-a-potty. All-around life-lines with stain-less Bow pulpit and Stern rail. 6 ft self-bailing cockpit w/attached shade/rain cover is great. Stern contains a huge storage area under a lid. Exterior aft has stainless steel swing down ladder.Gear includes 4 sails: Main, Working Jib, Storm Jib, & a 150 Genoa (has been repaired). Powered by 9.9 Mercury - good condition with electric start from a heavy-duty, deep-volt battery recharged via motor or shore power. Engine props have cover to protect rudder. Throttle and gear control are arms in cockpit. All cushions are in good shape, 3 danforth anchors, cover for main, bags for jibs, dock fenders, dock lines, adult life jackets, misc. tools and pieces and parts. Original trailer /w surge brakes & bearing buddies.. Little wear on tires. Systems tested, hull polished, fresh bottom paint (Interlux VC 17 Extra). Ready for water, sailing and FUN ! $8500, 4402270147

2006 Macgregor 26M Powersailer

2006 Macgregor 26M Powersailer

Model 26M Powersailer

2006 Macgregor 26M Powersailer 2006 Macgregor 26M with a 2006 Macgregor custom trailer with brakes and a spare tire. Also includes a 2006 Tohatsu 50HP outboard. Water ballast with retractable keel. This package is loaded with great options! Main sail, jib and spinnaker – all in good condition, Bimini top with boot, transom boarding ladder, mast raising system, prop guard, VHF, Flat screen TV, Garmin GPSMAP 198C chart and depth sounder, forward anchor locker, set up for single handed sailing, enclosed head with porto-potti, and much more! Super great condition. This package is ready to hit the water and have some fun!

2002 Macgregor 26X Powersailer

2002 Macgregor 26X Powersailer

Mattituck, New York

Model 26X Powersailer


2000 Macgregor 26X Powersailer

2000 Macgregor 26X Powersailer

Hewitt, New Jersey

2000 Macgregor 26X Powersailer Water Ballasted MacGregor 26X powersailer with 50HP Honda 4-stroke outboard. Mainsail with cover, 150% furling genoa, CDI FF2 furling system. Boom vang. Mast raising system. Porta potti. Cockit seat and seat back cushions. Boarding and swim ladder. Steering sytem.   New Loadmaster 2014 double axle galvanized trailer. with brakes. #15



Rancho Cucamonga, California



Length 26.0


2004 Macgregor 26M with trailer. New mailsail. Serviced motor and lower unit

2004 Macgregor 26M with trailer. New mailsail. Serviced motor and lower unit

South Easton, Massachusetts

Great condition! We purchased a larger sailboat, time to move the Mac on to its next owner! See pictures below description. ALL pictures of the actual hull for sale As you may know Macgregor is no longer building sailboats. The new company Tattoo Yachts, is also no longer producing a 26 foot sailboat. The supplies of these boats are limited to the boats that are already made. This is a perfect opportunity to purchase one of the best condition 26M sailboats out there. The trailer is the superior (despite popular belief) steel trailer. (later models have an aluminum frame, but still have a STEEL tongue, axle, bunk supports which all rust/fail as well). The trailer with this boat was professionally rebuilt with a 1/4" thick steel tongue, rustproofed on the inside (where ALL the Macgregor trailers fail first) and painted with rustproofing paint. There is a new surge brake actuator, as well as new brake calipers and brake pads. The brake line is made of stainless steel. The lighting system is newly wired with LED lights. New winch, winch strap, new security chain, new tongue winch. Bunk boards rebuilt as well. The factory trailer is superior to many aftermarket ones, as it allows the lowest trailering height (allowing launching in shallow ramps) AND a front ladder to dramatically ease launchingLots of well thought out upgrades!SailsNEW (used 1 season) MainsailGeneoa with UV strip sewn in (cleaned, serviced, folded)Roller furler with line led aft with cleat for Geneoaboots installed on spreader endsSail handlingTopling lift installedMain halyard led aftStock rotating mast with locking pin (for trailering or running down wind)ElectronicsGarmin 440s GPS Plotter and depth sounder (shoot through hull) included/installedStandard Horizon VHF radio with DSC - hooked up to GPSWired remote VHF Mic in cockpitmast top mounted VHF antennaElectrical8 circuit Blue Sea breaker panellight control subpanel2 Marine Deep Cycle batteries (starting and house) - Group 24Battery switches with Automatic Charging relay (automatically charges bothbatteries, but keeps them separated when not being charged!)110 Inverter with plug12v plugs in cockpit and cabinLightingStandard macgregor lightsAnchor light on mast topforedeck lightcockpit light under consoleHead5 gallon portable headGalleyOrigo Alcohol stoveelectric fresh water water pump with 50 gallon flexible tank and transom fill.Large cooler with tiedown2 piece table, doubles as a cockpit tableInteriorStock Macgregor cushionsNew custom carpetstorage bins and pocketsSeveral grab handles mounted throughout the interiorSolar vent fan in foredeck hatchStainless Steel hatch holder2 fire extinguishersCockpitCustom Stern rail seats installedCustom rudder control line with blocks to reduce lifting effort !Upgraded steering cablesLarge Ritchie compassCustom made, 2 piece hatchboards with screens and shades (in addition to factory solid hatchboard)Custom transom mesh guard (keep stuff from falling out the back!)Transom swim laddergrab rail mounted on hatchEngineRECENTLY SERVICED - carbs rebuilt/sync'ed; impeller replaced.Turnkey ready to go!50 HP Honda outboard with engine steering linkageupgraded throttle cables12 Gallon fuel tankCanvasCustom padded lifeline coversCustom Sailcover3 Custom made sheetbagscustom chart pockets in cockpit6' Bimini covers the entire cockpitMast handling:Mast raising system with brake winch with removable baby staysPVC roller furler support for traileringquick release removable spreadersOthermast top mounted windexFlag pole with flag for sternburgee flag block on spreader with stay mounted cleat2:1 blocks installed for daggerboard raising'Jam' cleat installed for easier daggerboard handlingCustom/improved rudder raising system with pop-up cleats and jamb cleatsAnchorDelta plow200' anchor rode6' chainTrailerNew tounge winchnew surge brake2" trailer ball requiredNew stainless steel brake lineNew tires and wheelsLED lights Please note, these pictures were taken over the years. Some of the pictures show equipment that is not currently on the boat, as over time modifications change. only what is listed is included

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    MacGregor Sailboats Information. MacGregor Sailboats: Each year for the past 35 years one of the various models of either the MacGregor 25 or the MacGregor 26 have been the best selling cruising-type sailboats worldwide. There are many reasons why MacGregor has achieved such market domination. The MacGregor 26 claims to be the fastest and best handling of any of the trailerable cruising sailboats.

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    All of your electrical rigging is done with marine grade braided tined copper wire (the best materials) for years of trouble free use. Call Super Sport Marine using our toll free number, 1-800-234-3315, or use our E-mail to contact John Gerber. John is always happy to answer your sailing questions about the sailing boats Super Sport Marine offers.

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    Factory website for the MacGregor 26', $19,990 trailerable sailboat, 24 mph, the WORLD'S best selling cruising sailboat. HOT NEWS from Roger MacGregor: AFTER BUILDING 40,000 MACGREGOR SAILBOATS, ITS RETIREMENT TIME. (Sort of). It has dawned on the MacGregors that we are suddenly way beyond retirement age, beyond geezerhood, and it's time to ...

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    Boat Trader currently has 16 MacGregor boats for sale, including 0 new vessels and 16 used boats listed by both private sellers and professional boat dealers mainly in United States. The oldest model listed is a built in 1976 and the newest model year of 2012.

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    MacGregor has also built a 36-foot (11 m) catamaran, and a 65-foot (20 m) yacht. The final model produced was the MacGregor 26 M, a 26-foot (7.9 m) trailerable sailboat, which is now under production as the Tattoo 26. [3] The 26M had the ability to mount up to a 60 horsepower (45 kW) outboard motor. At least two large one-off yachts were built ...

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    MacGregor Yacht Co. was founded by Roger MacGregor in 1961 as part of class project while he was an MBA student at the University of California. Located in southern California ,the company is still in business. (2008) The first boat was a small catamaran, but the product line consisted mainly of small, trailerable sailing yachts, from a 15-foot ...

  12. Macgregor Yacht Corp

    MacGregor Yacht Co. was founded by Roger MacGregor in 1961 as part of class project while he was an MBA student at the University of California. Located in southern California. The first boat was a small catamaran, but the product line consisted mainly of small, trailerable sailing yachts, from a 15-foot (4.6 m) catamaran to 17-foot (5.2 m) pocket cruisers, up to 26-foot water ballasted ...

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    Hull: fiberglass monohull. Engine: 1 gas outboard. Location: Powell River British Columbia Canada V0N 1W0, Outside United States. Asking: $12,000. Sailboat Added 14-Mar-2014 More Details.

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    The MacGregor 26M is the fastest and best handling of any of the trailerable cruising sailboats. It is easy to sail, and easy to trailer to your favorite sailing waters. ... We have been MacGregor's largest dealer over the past 24 years. Buyers from all over North America look for boats rigged by Blue Water Yachts, we will outfit your new boat ...

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    Ive sailed the boat in as much as 35 knots with reduced sail. Gene Arena, a dealer who has represented MacGregor in San Francisco since 1968, said the boats fare well in the bays gusty, lumpy conditions. We have to reef this boat sooner than a typical 25′ keel boat, he said, but even novices learn to sail the boat quickly.

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    Customize your boat, or put it back in its original factory condition with parts and gear from, 605 NW 53rd Avenue, Gainesville, FL, 32609 877-932-7245 M-F 10am - 4pm Eastern time

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    Built with Volusion. Blue Water Yachts is the only factory authorized distributor for MacGregor sailboat parts and accessories. We sell factory replacement and upgrade sails, fiberglass rudders, centerboards and daggerboard, replacement plexiglass windows for most MacGregor boats. Also Venture sailboats and MacGregor keel boats.

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    Stuart, Florida. Year 2005. Make Macgregor. Model 26. Category Sailboats. Length 26'. Posted Over 1 Month. 2005 Macgregor 26 At Manatee Pocket Yacht Sales, we are proud to offer one of the only, if not the only, Macgregor Sailboats that is fully decked out for life aboard and fun. This boat is 100% ready to go!

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    Build, Buy or Sell with the experienced team at MacGregor Yachts. Skip to content. 561-799-6511 Monday - Friday 8:30 AM - 5 PM. ... Our staff is extremely dedicated to making your experience of buying or selling your custom sportfish boat or motor yacht an easy and enjoyable process. Here at MacGregor Yachts, our marketing and sales team ...

  20. MACGREGOR 25

    The first version was called the VENTURE 25. With relatively few changes, it became the MACGREGOR 25 (around 1980). With more than 7000 boats sold, it's one of the most popular models from this builder. Masthead Rig: I: 28.3′ J: 9.75′ P: 24.5′ E: 10.5′ Photo of Venture 25 courtesy Adam Hunt.

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    ABOUT US. MacGregor Yachts is a family owned business with over 25 years experience in the sportfishing boat industry. The accommodating staff of MacGregor Yachts focuses on quality customer service while fostering long-term relationships with each client. Contact us with inquiries you may have concerning boats available for purchase or the ...

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    ONLY ONE BOAT SHOW DISPLAY BOAT STILL AVAILABLE, CALL FOR DETAILS! MACGREGOR 26 M, STARTING AT ONLY $22,900. One Boat, 3 Choices, ... (70hp engines are allowed on the 26M ONLY if installed by an authorized MacGregor dealer, we are one of the few authorized to do so). Unlike any other boat, it opens up a world of endless variety--sailing ...