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SAY 42 Carbon Fiber Boat Brings Lightweight Racing to the Ocean

I know you came for our awesome blog post, but we have to let you in on something. Our main business is a shop that sells a ton of unique and cool lifestyle and personal accessories made with REAL carbon fiber.

If you love carbon fiber as much as we do, go explore !

Cutting the waves and speeding to the ocean’s farthest reaches - the silhouette of such a speedboat has become an iconic figure in the minds of many ocean enthusiasts. Recently, the German watercraft manufacturer SAY has introduced its second generation of carbon fiber yacht called SAY 42, sparking the possibility of lightweight ocean racing.

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In This Article:

SAY - the Pioneers of Luxurious Carbon Fiber Yachts

Extravagant design with state-of-the-art technology, ultra-low-emission v8 engines for high performance, carbon fiber construction makes everything possible, say 42: “a german supercar on water” to dominate the yachting industry.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by SAY Carbon Yachts (@saycarbonyachts)

SAY is a German high-tech company that manufactures the most luxurious yachts on the water. As a newcomer, SAY has quickly reached beyond Europe to become a key international player in the motor boat industry. Standing behind every milestone of SAY is Karl Wagner , considered among the most experienced carbon fiber specialists in the Old Continent. This status is no exaggeration as Wagner’s previous company, Carbo Tech, is a leading producer of carbon-fiber-reinforced components for the automobile industry.

After years of working with many materials, Karl Wagner and his engineering team at SAY believe that carbon fiber is the future of the yacht industry. Like aviation, motorsports, and other top-notch applications, carbon fiber is making its way into the biggest and fastest yachts in the world. SAY’s superyachts, widely considered “supercars on water,” inherit the unique features of the premium composite material - lightweight , high strength and utility , and an impeccable sense of aesthetics. The SAY 42 has it all and is even slightly better than its predecessor - the SAY 29E . The genuine “supercar on water” is about to dominate the ocean and the yachting world.

In general, yachts are extravagant seafaring playgrounds for the ultra-rich. However, for SAY, extravagance displayed in the current vessels has not reached its limit, and expensive can be more expensive. Indeed, the SAY 42 is for those who love and appreciate the extravagant. This one-of-a-kind motor boat has an iconic, modern design with top-tier materials and an aggressive colorway. That said, the yacht remains elegant thanks to its flawlessly graceful shape. Having enough space at 12.96x3.99m for up to 12 passengers in a fully-functioning cabin, the SAY 42 is ideal for a thriftless day on the water. 

In addition to a beautiful design, the latest masterpiece from SAY also boasts the most advanced technology available today. A digital cockpit and a gyroscopic stabilizer are some high-tech features that (a lot of) money can buy. When driving a massive watercraft, you will want everything to be under control. Therefore, the analog gauges are insufficient for the helmsman to manipulate the vehicle. With a fully digital dashboard, the driver can easily understand and control their boat, allowing for maximum party time and infinitely less worrying. 

Do not let the extravagant yet elegant, pleasingly appealing appearance of the yacht distract you from the fact that this “monster” has a colossal V8 engine that produces up to 860 horsepowers. At a massive weight of 4.5 t​on​, this speedy boat can cut through the waves smoothly at a maximum speed of 50 kilometers. Still, being high-performance does not mean the carbon fiber boat is a “foe” to the environment. The SAY 42 consumes only half the fuel compared to its other counterparts. Among the most powerful vessels, the SAY 42 stands out as an eco-focused yacht with little environmental impact.

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To achieve all the features mentioned above, the SAY 42 largely relies on the omnipresent use of carbon fiber in many parts of the yacht. From the 100-percent carbon fiber hull to even the seats, everything is on another level compared to other conventional vessels. In addition, the company claims that each of its products is a carbon fiber masterpiece designed to the customer’s specifications, meaning that each boat is made individually to order. This make-to-order manufacturing process allows deep customization for the most bespoke works of artisanship. As the company’s motto goes: “YOUR VISION. YOUR SAY!”

Looking to the future, the ubiquitous presence of carbon fiber on boats may open the door to lightweight racing on the water. We all know how lightweight yet resilient carbon fiber can be, and any motorboat equipped with this material is no doubt one step ahead of others in any race. That said, SAY plans to increase the size of its carbon fiber yachts collection over time. In a few years to come, the German company may make up to 72-meter long yachts to satisfy the needs of those looking for that “floating mansion” in the sea. 

So, buckle up and stay tuned. Those huge houseboats made of carbon fiber are about to make their way to the largest bodies of water.

If you have questions about carbon fiber boats or any of the details discussed here, connect with us and learn more. 

Interested in other CARBON FIBER products? Visit our store and take a look at our featured collections!

Personal Accessories , Clothing Accessories , Jewelry , Home & Office , Tech , Travel , Gifts , and much more!

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The Carbon Fiber Gear Blog is a lifestyle blog for carbon fiber enthusiasts where we talk about carbon fiber gear, fabrication, and news. We will round up the coolest carbon fiber products, the best gift ideas, and uses of carbon fiber.

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mayla’s all carbon-fiber superboat GT torpedoes in the sea with an ultra-pointed monohull

Mayla introduces gt, its all-carbon-fiber superboat.

Yacht company Mayla unveils its all-carbon-fiber superboat GT, a sea cruiser featuring a sharply pointed V monohull. The design emerges as a modern tribute to the speed boats of the ’70s and ’80s, amplified by its refined-looking exterior. Its deep-V monohull comes with twin transversal steps, or raised platforms, and patented Petestep deflectors that the company claims can optimize the hydrodynamic efficiency of the carbon-fiber superboat. These transversal steps pocket bubbles of air under the hull so that Mayla GT can cruise at higher top speeds for the same power. Mayla debuted GT during the Düsseldorf International Boat Show between January 20th and 28th, 2024.

Design inspired by racing powerboats

Mayla’s design for its carbon-fiber superboat GT regards racing powerboats rather than distance cruisers. The style then springs as a long water vehicle with stark outlines for the exterior and minimal furnishings for the interior as the cabin paves the way for opulent-leaning interior design. The Petestep deflectors of the carbon-fiber superboat – developed by the Swedish engineering office Petestep – redirect the spray under the hull of Mayla GT so it can generate additional lift, an increase in fuel efficiency, and a smoother and quieter ride even at high speeds. Given that its body is made entirely of carbon fiber, the superboat is light and robust, and Mayla says that it follows the standards of the automotive industry with millimeter-level precision.

Inside mayla’s carbon-fiber superboat GT

Stepping inside the cabin, Mayla GT can accommodate up to eight people. It comes with a luxury cabin where a double bed is fitted, Alcantara textile skin for the furniture, a wardrobe, a vanity area, a couple of TV screens, and a premium audio system. The carbon-fiber superboat features an open cockpit area too, where sliding sun loungers await the guests for a breather. Shock-absorbing helm seats are also installed to give the guests a pleasant ride amidst the waves, and for those who are thinking of hosting a party, the cockpit area is where the wet bar, barbecue, foldaway table, and ample storage can be found. Walking towards the aft, the spacious storage with an electric transom door can both keep a jet ski for an extra water activity and be converted into a beach club platform.

If nighttime sailing is what the passengers are looking for, the underwater light system can keep Mayla GT illuminated in the dark in the middle of the sea. Its premium sound system in the large open cockpit area can also offer the owner various entertainment possibilities to place from a mini-outdoor cinema to a DJ table. Air conditioning can be installed too as an extra to fend off the heat if cruising during warm seasons along with the option to equip it with Seakeeper Ride vessel attitude control system that can prevent the carbon-fiber superboat from underway pitching and rolling. As of publishing the story, Mayla is expected to host sea trials with the carbon-fiber superboat GT starting in Spring 2024.

given that its body is made entirely of carbon fiber, the superboat is light and robust

Mayla is expected to host sea trials starting in Spring 2024

project info:

company: Mayla

deflectors: Petestep

carbon fiber (112)

caon’s aircraft seat uses 3D knitted merino wool for its semi-transparent, changeable cover

yacht design (231)

Product library.

a diverse digital database that acts as a valuable guide in gaining insight and information about a product directly from the manufacturer, and serves as a rich reference point in developing a project or scheme.

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  • sound art (64)
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  • electric automobiles (645)
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85' mcconaghy | 2024 | $8,200,000.

  • Yachts for sale

Carbon Fiber Luxury

Last updated May 13, 2024

Carbon Fiber Luxury Yacht | 85' Mcconaghy 2024

The Makara 85 sailing superyacht series features subtle intricacies and perfectly proportioned style, that’s benefitted from the full scope of McConaghy’s experience in the build of high-performance carbon fiber race boats. The Makara 85 is a lightweight luxury yacht series, which brings the superyacht lifestyle to the racecourse in a way never seen before.

The Makara 85 series features subtle intricacies and perfectly proportioned style. Her exterior lines incorporate a defined hull chine and low profile superstructure, with dark glass giving a dynamic and striking contrast to the teak deck and paintwork. McConaghy designed her hull to glide with the lightest of breeze delivering the highest levels of sailing performance with minimal effort and maximum comfort.       

Constructed using prepreg carbon and structural foam cores, this model has a lightship displacement of just 48 tonnes. The rig package for the Makara series has been specified by Southern Spars, and a client can hone their racing and cruising preferences with the optional additions of a bowsprit and a lifting keel. Advanced systems and sail handling technology deliver push-button performance with effortless ease, and confident blue water cruising even for a solo sailor.

The MC85 is able to offer four different layout options with a three or four cabin layout, all en suite, as well as separate quarters for a 2 or 3 live-aboard crew.   Also, available with Telescopic Keel System.

Michael J. Johnson

Michael J. Johnson


C: 312.890.6385 | O: 954.763.3971

[email protected]

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carbon fiber racing yacht

First-Time Yacht Buyer?

Read our guide to learn the process for buying CARBON FIBER LUXURY

Carbon Fiber Luxury HIGHLIGHTS

  • Yacht Details: 85' Mcconaghy 2024
  • Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • Engines: Yanmar
  • Last Updated: May 13, 2024
  • Asking Price: $8,200,000
  • Max Draft: 14' 8''

Carbon Fiber Luxury additional information

  • Beam: 20' 8''
  • Hull Material: Composite
  • Displacement: 108,000 lb
  • Fuel Tank: 1 x 925|gallon
  • Fresh Water: 1 x 528|gallon
  • Holding: 1 x 264|gallon
  • Max Passengers: 8

McConaghy MC85 MAKARA - Specifications Pricing and Options as Configured 5-2022

Composite Vessel Construction

  • Hull, Deck, Cabin top & Structure are built with high performance structural foam cores carbon prepreg
  • Carbon Composite strap chain plates will be integrated into the hull structure

Rudder & Steering

Rudder Blade

  • Blade rudder vacuum infused resin and carbon fiber

Rudder Stock

  • Prepreg carbon autoclaved rudder stocks

Steering Wheels

  • McConaghy carbon steering wheels, will be chain sprocket and shaft system

Steering Station

  • Fully equipped steering and navigation station with steering wheel helms and, navigation equipment instruments, gauges and controls.
  • A Carbon Prepreg Bow sprit with Rod bobstay optional

Deck Hatch Openings

  • High standard, custom McConaghy flush hatches, with concealed hinges and lockable latches fitted throughout

Custom Metal Work

  • All bright stainless will be all 316L, all high load stainless will be a grade of Aquamet and deck hardware stainless will be A3 or equivalent

Deck Gear Package

  • 1 x Magic trim mainsheet traveller
  • 1 x Harken captive winch
  • 4 x Harken primary winches
  • 2 x Harken mast base winches
  • If stanchions requires, they will be composite built, as per McConaghy standard
  • The Aft deck, side deck, forward deck, planed teak battens with margin boards

Garage Door

  • Stern Lazarette with transom door, allowing for tender dive gear and toy storage. This forms a beautiful beach for swimming and access ladder to main deck.

Mechanical Systems

  • Access to the machinery and pumps removable panels are provided to allow service access to all systems, valves, junction boxes, etc
  • All vibrating or moving items are, as far as is practical, fitted on anti- vibration mounts.
  • All pipes in the machinery space are polished, painted or plastic coated and marked with the system number.
  • Pipes are laid out where possible along the centerline under the floor and orthogonally
  • Clamps bolted to the structure will support them and in accommodation space they will be isolated from the pipe hangers with nylon, or equivalent, saddles.

Engine Rooms

  • Engine room mid ship will be painted and lined with soundproofing
  • Delta T fans in engine room with 24V control system
  • Two Delta T fire damper systems in one engine room

Tanks (preliminary figure, to be confirmed)

  • Fuel Capacity: 3500L
  • Fresh Water Capacity: 2000L
  • Grey & Black Holding Tank Capacity: 1000L
  • Diesel fuel: Vessel to have 2 separate tanks with separate fills for each tank. Transfer systems shall transfer fuel between tanks
  • Fresh water tanks: Transfer system between fresh water tanks
  • All tanks will be labelled with type and capacities. All tanks shall have inspection access hatches and baffles

Hydraulic Systems

Harken Sailing Hydraulic

  • 1 x reverse purchase system ram in boom
  • 1 x reverse purchase system self trackers

Hydraulic Mainfolds for Deck Winches

  • 1 x Mainfold for Mainsheet
  • 1 x Mainfold for Self Tracking Blade
  • Stern Platform
  • Four harken winches
  • 1 x A sail furler
  • 1 x Self tracking jib furler
  • 1 x Genoa furler

Central Coast Hydraulic

  • 1 x reservoir
  • 1 x heat exchanger
  • 1 x genset piston pump
  • 3 x value bank assembles 8 function each with pressure and flow control
  • 4 x logic values pump outlet
  • 4 x pump solenoid logic values
  • Fore Peak over rotating anchor arm concealed in fore peak hatch 1 x Lewmar V8 windlass
  • 1 x CQR 140lbs galvanized bow anchors with 100m of 13mm galv chain
  • 1 x manual chain stopper and storm anchor lashing points

Aft Deck Door Equipment & Design

  • Saloon aft door: custom, sliding door with glass panels.

 Insulation & Acoustics

  • McConaghy will evaluate and design a sound and vibration attenuation system for this vessel, this system will be in-keeping with best practices and industry standards for yachts of this size
  • The engine room is isolated from the accommodation areas of the vessel by sound proofing
  • CZone Digital Switching System including; touch screen, iPad compatible, voltage, tank, bilge and fuse alarms, lighting (switches and dimmers)
  • 2 x Mast Combi Pro 24 / 3500-100 inverters
  • Isotherm Draw freezer 160L
  • Isotherm Draw Fridge 190L
  • Miele convection oven
  • Miele induction hub
  • Miele microwave
  • 1 x Ice maker
  • 1 x Washer and dryer

Spars, Rigging & Sails

Southern Spars Mast

  • Mast tube laminate in Standard modulus carbon fibre, with standard modulus spreaders.

Standard Rigging

  • Complete Ni50 rod lateral rigging package with stainless steel clamp tangs, seats and miscellaneous fittings to designer’s specifications
  • Backstay and Checkstay cables to be K49 Kevlar
  • All stays complete with stainless steel end fittings
  • All Ni50 rods to be polished finish
  • Aft rigging K49 Kevlar cables covered in black plastic jackets
  • PBO Staysail Stay and Code sail torsional luff cables to be supplied

Sails by North Sails

  • Full Batten Mainsail 3Di OCEAN 700 32,000 Dpi
  • Self Tacking Blade 3Di OCEAN 700 35,000 Dpi
  • Harken 32mm T track cars, Cunningham, intermediates, battens and toggles
  • CTECH Full length battens

Running Rigging

  • Running rigging supplied for main and self tacking blade

Options As Configured (Included at $8.2M )

  • Upgrade to Nomex core
  • A Carbon Prepreg Bow sprit with Rod bobstay
  • Tender Winch & Cradle
  • 210kg Bow thruster
  • 3 x Harken Electric pop up warping winches
  • Deck shower on stern platform
  • 150L water maker
  • 1 x Under sole custom-built freezer approx. 700L
  • 35 Bottles wine fridge
  • Ecomar Sewage system
  • Covers for cockpit seat & table
  • Covers for helm
  • 1 x McConaghy carbon toilet
  • Head ventilation
  • 16 x Underwater lights
  • MCB commissioning

Additional Options Below (Not Included in Price)

  • Upgrade to Telescopic Keel
  • Carbon hydraulic Passerelle
  • Hull in metallic finish
  • Cabin top in metallic finish
  • Shrink wrap

Schedule a Tour of CARBON FIBER LUXURY

Contact our team to schedule a private showing.


174' alloy yachts 2002, €22,000,000, cannes, france, dona francisca, 172' custom 2014, $24,500,000, valencia, es-v, spain, 169' custom 2008, liguria, italy, 167' custom 2007, portsmouth, va, us, project synergy, 164' custom 2025, upon request, turkey, 164' tradewind 1982, harlingen, netherlands, 157' custom 2019, split, croatia, other mcconaghy yachts for sale view all, carbon fiber luxury catamaran, 68' mcconaghy 2023, newport beach, ca, us, 85' mcconaghy 2024, fort lauderdale, fl, us, performance catamaran, 82' mcconaghy 2024, 79' mcconaghy 1995, la spezia, it-sp, italy, 63' mcconaghy 2024, 60' mcconaghy 2020, palm beach, fl, us, 52' mcconaghy 2007, milwaukee, wi, us, price watch.

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carbon fiber racing yacht


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carbon fiber racing yacht



  • 17.66 m / 57' 11"
  • Carbon Fiber & GRP

Sunreef 80 Carbon Line

  • 24.4 m / 80' 0"
  • Carbon Fiber & FRP

Scout LXF 530

  • 16.28 m / 53' 5"
  • Carbon Fiber & E-Glass

Scout LXF 420

  • 12.8 m / 42' 2"


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MEMBRANE software has been used to develop innovative sailplan.


Measures & weight.

  • Length (LOA ): 12,70 mt
  • Length (LWL): 11,50 m
  • Beam (Bmax): 3,99 mt
  • Draft: 2,70 or 3,00 mt
  • Displacement (Light): 5200kg
  • Ballast: 2245 kg
  • Keel: 2500 kg
  • ORC GPH: 528/533
  • IRC TCF: 1.185/1200

carbon fiber racing yacht


  • Water Tanks: 200 lt
  • Fuel Tanks: 100 lt


  • Engine: Saildrive 30 hp
  • CE Category: A ‐ Ocean
  • Crew Max: 10
  • Sail Area Upwind: 105 m2
  • Sail Area Downwind (Gennaker): 230 m2
  • Main Sail Area: 60 m2
  • Jib Area: 45 m2
  • Assymmetric Spi Area:170 m2
  • Concept: Neo Yachts & Composites
  • Builder: Neo Yachts & Composites
  • Designer: Ceccarelli Yacht Design

carbon fiber racing yacht


  • An innovative solution for maximum living space under sail
  • Long sailbags can be stored on the side of the centerboard case
  • 3 pivoting beds allow comfortable sleep to the windward side for max stability when sailing in strong wind
  • The front dinette allows great dining space for 10 people
  • It is ideal when dropping sails during the race
  • It can be transformed in a comfortable double bed big cabin


  • 1 front owner cabin
  • 1 large guest cabin
  • 2 bathrooms
  • 1 large separate shower
  • 1 extra large service room/locker
  • 1 central dinette
  • navstation to be reversible to sofa

carbon fiber racing yacht


Supercomfort fast.

  • 2 large guest cabin
  • 1 large bathrooms with shower


  • Fast yacth need deep draft for stability and upwind sailing ability
  • Cruising yachts need low draft for easy mooring
  • Rudder and Keel of Neo 400 are retractable without the use of hydraulic systems (OPTIONAL)
  • This system will allow fast split from ORCì to IRC keel and rudder
  • Speed and comfort while sailing and easy anchoring also in shallow waters
  • Weldox keel fin and lead bulb all CNC machined to perfection
  • Carbon hi aspect ratio rudder to improve upwind ability

carbon fiber racing yacht


More space outside than a bigger boat.

  • 3 people can comfortably sleep to windward in the back part of the yacht even when sailing in rough seas


  • Easy to clean
  • Long lasting


carbon fiber racing yacht

  • Low profile cabin is well integrated in a modern design concept
  • Flush, curves, continuous windows
  • Reverse bow emphasizes virtual water lenght keeping boat dry
  • Concave sheerline for beam effect
  • Composite stanchions and pulpits maintain outline clean and light
  • A deck plan designed by people who know what racing means
  • A wide cockpit comfortable while cruising, ergonomic while racing
  • On deck mast, on deck manouvers, make Neo 400+ safe and dry
  • Waterproof bulkheads give Neo serious offshore sailing attitude

carbon fiber racing yacht


carbon fiber racing yacht


Full carbon construction.

carbon fiber racing yacht


  • Direct female mould
  • Prepreg Technology from Gurit
  • Epoxi resin cured at 70°
  • Multiaxial and unidirectional carbon fibers
  • A light and strong structure allows a light displacement yacht with 52% of the weight in the keel
  • Category A yacht engineered by "Ceccarelli yacht design and engineering"

carbon fiber racing yacht

March 19, 2024

Max Stratum

Carbon fiber in marine applications: benefits for boat hulls and racing yachts.

boat hulls , carbon fiber , innovation , lightweight materials , marine engineering , material science , naval design , performance enhancement , racing yachts , watercraft

Carbon fiber in marine applications: benefits for boat hulls and racing yachts.

What You Will Learn

Why Carbon Fiber is Ideal for Boat Hulls

Ever pondered the enigma of why carbon fiber reigns supreme for boat hulls among seasoned seafarers and boat enthusiasts alike? Delve into the mesmerizing realm of this airy yet robust material that has completely transformed the marine industry.

Imagine yourself amidst the vast expanse of the open sea, with the wind tousling your hair and waves frolicking below. You crave a hull that effortlessly glides through the water, cutting through waves with elegance and nimbleness. This is where carbon fiber swoops in like a caped crusader of boat building materials, offering unparalleled strength without cumbersome heft. As Sir Ben Ainslie eloquently put it, “Carbon fiber enables us to push beyond limits on water.” Who wouldn’t want to experience pushing boundaries while sailing across high seas?

The Impact of Carbon Fiber on Speed and Performance

Carbon fiber, the undisputed champion in boat hull speed and performance. It’s as if your boat sprouted wings while others are left paddling aimlessly. The mind-boggling strength-to-weight ratio of carbon fiber results in a lighter hull, leading to lightning-fast acceleration and jaw-dropping top speeds. Picture it – a sports car on water, effortlessly overtaking the competition.

I can still vividly recall that one time I was aboard a carbon fiber vessel; the wind was just perfect, and I could feel the boat slicing through the water like butter under a hot knife. The sensation was electrifying! As Paul Elvstrøm famously said, “The more you know, the more you realize you don’t know.” And let me tell you, once you’ve tasted the thrill of speed and agility on a carbon fiber boat, there’s no turning back. It becomes an addiction of sorts – but in all the right ways.

Durability: How Carbon Fiber Enhances Longevity

What mysterious power does carbon fiber possess that elevates it to the status of a superhero among boat hull materials in terms of durability and longevity ? Picture this – while traditional materials struggle with the strength of a toddler attempting to lift a bag of marbles, carbon fiber confidently flexes its muscles like a seasoned bodybuilder. Its high tensile strength and resistance to corrosion enable it to scoff at wear and tear.

Envision your boat navigating through treacherous waters, waves crashing against it relentlessly like an unruly toddler throwing a tantrum. With carbon fiber as its armor, your boat’s hull stands firm like an ancient castle, defiantly enduring the test of time. As the wise Bruce Lee once proclaimed, “Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.” In the realm of boat hulls, choosing carbon fiber isn’t just about knowing what’s best it’s about taking action for unparalleled durability and longevity.

Weight Reduction: The Key Advantage of Carbon Fiber

Weight reduction, a crucial element in the world of maritime adventures, is a concept that never fails to bewilder boat enthusiasts. Among various hull materials, carbon fiber stands out as the undisputed lightweight champion, leaving all other contenders in its wake. Picture yourself gliding through the waves with the grace and agility of a dolphin, propelled by the sheer magic of this futuristic material. It’s as if your vessel is performing an elegant ballet on water, effortlessly captivating onlookers at every turn.

When grizzled old Captain Salty made the switch from his trusty fiberglass hull to one crafted from carbon fiber, he was overcome with awe at the transformation it brought about. “Arr mateys,” he exclaimed excitedly, “me ship feels lighter than air with this newfangled carbon fiber hull! It’s like sailing on a dream.” And indeed, his words held true – the weight reduction offered by carbon fiber has revolutionized boat racing and leisure cruising alike. Why settle for a cumbersome hull when you can embrace the feather-light marvel that is carbon fiber? Choose wisely, my fellow seafarers, for innovation beckons those who dare to sail into uncharted waters.

Resilience to Harsh Marine Environments

Sailing the vast oceans is an enigma, a journey filled with twists and turns much like weaving through a bustling bazaar on a crowded Saturday. The marine world presents a plethora of obstacles to challenge any vessel – from the biting sting of saltwater to the unforgiving scrape of sand and rocks. It’s akin to a never-ending dance of evasion, where you face off against Mother Nature herself without respite. Enter carbon fiber, swooping in like a superhero in its cape, poised to confront whatever challenges the ocean hurls its way.

Picture a boat hull crafted from carbon fiber as a valiant knight in shining armor, bravely standing tall against the salty waves and fierce winds. As esteemed engineer Jules Verne once mused, “The sea is everything. It covers seven-tenths of the terrestrial globe.” And if indeed the sea embodies all things, then carbon fiber emerges as the ultimate protector for boats seeking to conquer it all. Its innate ability to resist corrosion and withstand harsh conditions makes it the ideal ally for any vessel venturing forth with unwavering confidence. So as you navigate through waterways like an intrepid explorer of modern times, rest assured that your faithful carbon fiber hull has your back – or should I say, your bottom.

Customization Options with Carbon Fiber

When delving into the realm of customization options with carbon fiber, one is met with a whirlwind of possibilities that rival the boundless expanse of a sailor’s affection for the vast sea. From avant-garde, cutting-edge designs to traditional, ageless finishes, carbon fiber empowers boat owners to create vessels that truly command attention. As famously quoted by Toyoo Toyoda himself, “In the universe of boats and beyond, customization reigns supreme.”

Whether your heart desires a burst of vibrant hues, intricate patterns that mesmerize the eye, or even innovative features such as concealed storage compartments seamlessly integrated into the design – carbon fiber offers unparalleled versatility to bring your wildest dreams to fruition. By skillfully manipulating this adaptable material into any shape imaginable, you have free rein to infuse your boat with elements that mirror your individuality and flair. Echoing wisdom dictates that “A boat serves as an empty canvas awaiting transformation; carbon fiber stands poised as the artist’s tool.”

Cost Considerations: Is Carbon Fiber Worth the Investment?

Behold, the eternal quandary that perplexes boat lovers and experts alike – is carbon fiber truly a worthy investment for hull construction? Brace yourself, dear reader, as we embark on a journey through the turbulent waters of cost considerations surrounding this sleek and cutting-edge material.

Let’s dissect this like waves crashing against a sturdy vessel. Indeed, carbon fiber may have a reputation for residing on the pricier end of the boat-building spectrum. However, as the legendary sailor Larry Ellison once mused, “I am convinced more and more that the way to keep young is to keep your faith with the materials of which the world is made.” And my goodness, does carbon fiber embody one of those materials that uphold such faith. Its featherlight quality not only boosts fuel efficiency but also elevates speed and performance on vast oceans, rendering every spent penny akin to its weight in gold – or should I say its weight in carbon fiber? Therefore, when contemplating investing in your boating future, heed the insightful words of sea-loving pt Sarah Kay: “There are so many fragile things after all. People break so easily; dreams and hearts do too.” Yet fret not; with carbon fiber by your side, your dreams of serene sailing can remain unshakable amidst tumultuous waves.

Comparing Carbon Fiber to Traditional Hull Materials

In the realm of boat hull materials, longstanding options like fiberglass and aluminum have reigned supreme. However, in recent times, carbon fiber has emerged as a disruptive force in the marine industry – and with good cause! Its remarkable strength-to-weight ratio sets it apart from the rest, offering a level of performance that is truly unparalleled. As the esteemed naval architect Nat Herreshoff once mused, “Life’s most tumultuous storms reveal the fortitude of our anchors.” In this scenario, carbon fiber stands as that steadfast anchor, delivering unmatched durability and stability on the vast expanse of the open seas.

Contrary to conventional hull materials susceptible to corrosion and wear over time, carbon fiber boasts an impressive resilience that knows no bounds. Boat designer Bill Prince captured this sentiment aptly when he remarked, “The ocean bows only to God.” With carbon fiber hulls at their disposal, seafarers can traverse waters with unwavering confidence in knowing their vessels are engineered to endure even the harshest marine conditions. So next time you find yourself adrift at sea with wind tousling your hair, take a moment to marvel at the innovation and robustness that carbon fiber bestows upon the world of boating.

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By SuperyachtNews 11 Sep 2019

Carbon fibre: the bittersweet wonder material

There is no denying that carbon fibre is a revolutionary material, but there are also challenges to consider….

Image for article Carbon fibre: the bittersweet wonder material

The use of carbon fibre has been pivotal in the development of many industries, from aeronautics to motorsport, enabling pioneering feats such as the Maclaren MP4/1 and Boeings’ 787 Dreamliner. In the superyacht industry, the composite material has facilitated a wealth of innovative developments including the DynaRig, high-performance race yachts and even furniture. But what are the real benefits of this so-called ‘wonder material’?

Notable initial applications of the material include the McLaren MP4/1 in the 1980s – the first car to feature a monocoque design wholly constructed in carbon fibre composite. Its application revolutionised Formula One car design offering unprecedented levels of rigidity, weight reduction and driver protection. In the superyacht industry, a number of shipyards and tender manufacturers have used the material in the name of performance, with notable projects including S/Y Pink Gin VI, S/Y Comanche and 49m Khalilah.

There is no denying that carbon fibre has been a revolutionary material for the superyacht industry, but there are also challenges to consider.

Having created the largest carbon fibre sloop in the world, 54m S/Y Pink Gin VI , Finnish shipyard Baltic Yachts is one builder focused on superyacht construction through the use of advanced composites. “Weight is the enemy of performance, so from the outset we knew lightweight, versatile carbon composites were ideal for yacht building,” is the builder’s ethos. “Advanced composites have become the materials of choice for construction, making our yachts lighter, stiffer and faster. We not only seek performance from our yachts, but also want them to be innovative, making them easier, safer and more exciting to sail.”

Magma Structures specialises in the development, design, manufacture and testing of innovative free-standing yacht masts and Dyna-Rig systems. Referring to its application and development of the Maltese Falcon’s DynaRig, Magma Structures states that, “The high strength, lightweight and fatigue-resistant nature of modern advanced materials (carbon fibre) has been the key enabler”. The free-standing carbon spars stand 200ft tall and support nearly the same bending moment as the wings on a 767.

According to the Composites Market Report 2018, the global demand for carbon fibre is on the rise, with an 11 per cent annual growth year on year.

There is no denying that carbon fibre has been a revolutionary material for the superyacht industry, but there are also challenges to consider. Carbon fibre is costly, intensive to produce and very difficult to recycle. A report conducted by the Green Alliance in 2017 suggested that carbon fibre is among the “novel materials [that] risk disrupting the [circular economy] system and creating a new generation of products destined for landfill”.

According to the Composites Market Report 2018, the global demand for carbon fibre is on the rise, with an 11 per cent annual growth year on year, a figure that is predicted to grow exponentially between now and 2022. With this in mind, recycling options for carbon fibre has never been so important as the circular economy concept continues to gain momentum and become a core focus of the superyacht industry.

Thankfully, end of life options for composite materials are becoming an increasingly viable option, aiming to elevate the inevitability of carbon fibre ending up in landfill sites. British company ELG Carbon Fibre is the largest carbon fibre recovery plant, optimising a reclaiming process for carbon fibre, while aiming to industrialise the conversion technologies to manufacture recycled carbon fibre products that can be reintroduced to the composites and compounding industries.

For the superyacht industry, this is an important option as the use of carbon fibre continues to rise. The benefits of the material, of course, offer reductions in weight, thus reducing energy consumption on yachts as a result. But, every construction and engineering industry needs to be aware of the repercussions of carbon fibre if there are to be pivotal developments in recycling the material.  

The benefits of the material, of course, offer reductions in weight, thus reducing energy consumption on yachts as a result. But, every construction and engineering industry needs to be aware of the repercussions of carbon fibre if there are to be pivotal developments in recycling the material.

An example of the circular economy in action, Land Rover BAR (Ben Ainslie Racing) is working to significantly increase the application of recycled composite materials. Through a partnership with ELG Carbon Fibre, Land Rover BAR aims to ensure that the carbon fibre process waste and end-of-use components from the team are recycled as far as possible to promote the most economic and environmentally efficient use of the material.

Awareness is on the rise, and thankfully industries are responding with recycling options arriving around the world, including ELG Carbon Fibre in the UK, CFK Valley Stade Recycling in Germany and Carbon Conversions in the US. There is no denying that carbon fibre is a wonder material, but its bittersweet nature is one that hasn’t gone unnoticed and thankfully is being managed and worked on accordingly.

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carbon fiber racing yacht

The Cat is Back

Pantera was a part of the legendary thunderboat row….

On Northeast 188th Street in Miami, Pantera was one of a handful of companies all pushing for racing victory. This fierce competition between the eras most famous pioneers drove some of the most dramatic evolution in offshore boating design in history and ultimately created a new standard of world championship race boats.

World Champion Race Heritage

Pantera is dedicated to ensuring the legacy of their world championship performance will live on for generations to come.

carbon fiber racing yacht

Starting at $249,850

carbon fiber racing yacht

Starting at $399,850

carbon fiber racing yacht

Starting at $599,850

carbon fiber racing yacht



carbon fiber racing yacht

By utilizing the most advanced composite materials and aerospace construction techniques, Pantera boats are lighter, stronger, faster and more efficient, leading to superior ride quality and performance. Our boats are all based on tried and tested race-proven offshore performance hulls.

The material of choice for the world’s finest super cars, F1 racing and aerospace is carbon fiber. We have taken their lead and applied the advanced processes and materials to performance boating.

carbon fiber racing yacht

With an unmatched power to weight ratio, Pantera Boats perform top in their class with faster cruising speeds with improved gas mileage due to enhance power to weight ratios.

In combination with the world’s most powerful and efficient power options, Pantera Boats create unmatched efficiency in their class.

carbon fiber racing yacht

Full pre-preg carbon fiber construction options of the world’s top super-cars every Pantera Boat is a one of a kind.

Pantera Boats are the first to offer offer fully exposed carbon fiber powerboats.

carbon fiber racing yacht


Pantera Boats utilize cutting edge materials and full customer selected interiors to achieve the best possible combination to meet the customer’s specifc needs. Race-proven and full customized with advanced composites mean guaranteed satisfaction.

Contact us for a private consultation.

Phone: 1-833-972-6837

September 22, 2020 | Contact – [email protected]

The Cat Is Back.

New company formed to build updated & new models of legendary pantera powerboats.

HIGH POINT, NORTH CAROLINA (USA), SEPTEMBER 22, 2020 –  Pantera Boats Inc. announced today that as a result of a series of business transactions and agreements endorsed and sanctioned by the Miami-Dade County Circuit Court, the company, as successor-in-title, has acquired all molds, and related intellectual property including trademarks, designs, and copyrights, clearing the way for the rebirth and relaunch of these world-class powerboats and iconic brand.

Pantera Boats Inc. is headed by Cam Heaps, founder of Carbon Marine, Inc., which introduced the world’s first 100% carbon fiber exposed powerboat hull at the Miami International Boat Show in 2016. “It is an honor to be a part of preserving the Pantera brand and heritage built by the Nunez family. Today’s announcement is the beginning of a new chapter that will see Pantera Boats available again to customers around the world,” he added.

Pantera Boats Inc. has established a manufacturing partnership with Jaguar Powerboats, which will provide decades of race-proven production experience. “Jaguar’s incredible history of world championship victories and indestructible hull construction makes them the perfect manufacturing partner for our new company,” said Pantera Boats President Jeff Howat.

Coupled with the advanced laminate production expertise provided by Carbon Marine, Pantera Boats Inc. will have manufacturing capabilities in both the United States and Canada. Pantera will build models from 24 to 38 ft, including the classic 28 and 36’s in both regular and twin stepped hulls. New additions to the lineup include outboard center console options, as well as day yacht versions, with walk through integrated transoms and luxury cabins. “We look forward to utilizing the race-proven Pantera hulls and adding new and exciting models while harnessing the most advanced composite building processes available today. With high-end fit and finish and refined interiors, a new era of Pantera is born,” said Cam Heaps.


Pantera factory demo 260cc pulling out of Pantera HQ in High Point, NC.  Florida bound!  #panteraboats #panteraracing #jaguarpowerboats #obxboatworks #mercurymarine #painlessyachts #davidweiss #creativedesign #prepregcarbon #carbonfiber #fullyexposedcarbon #lifestyle #gofasterboats #centerconsole #mercuryracing #marineunlimited #unriehlperformance #luxurylifestyle #luxuryboating

carbon fiber racing yacht

VENOM Australia’s 1st Carbon Fibre Trimaran

Lurking in the shadows of The Boat Works refit sheds is the latest Tony Grainger custom-designed performance sailing multihull, Australia’s first fully carbon fibre trimaran and destined to be the fastest, built with the aim of smashing offshore race records.

Jamie Morris, Tony Grainger, Dan deisgn and construction team PLS USE

The 12.8m Grainger R42, named “Venom” will be an exceptional bluewater racer, as well as comfortable cruising yacht and is being built by Jamie Morris from Australian Custom Multihull Yachts, who said the brief for Venom was clear: “Build Australia’s fastest trimaran and win races”.

“The owner, Bob Dunn, wants a line honours boat for offshore racing – Brisbane to Gladstone, Hamilton Island series and the new Brisbane to Hamo race planned for next year. He approached me because of my history of multihull racing.”

Morris is a seasoned boat builder and champion multihull racer, including 7-times winner of the Brisbane to Gladstone aboard his boats Flatchat and Simply the Best.

“The owner is an experienced multihull owner and has had a Grainger design previously. His plan is to compete at all major events around the Eastern seaboard from her home base in Adelaide.

“Venom is built using carbon fabrics and epoxy resin systems supplied by ATL composites. The carbon fibre makes the boat light and stiff. She’ll weigh 3,300kg and her wide beam – 35 and a half feet – means she’ll be stable. We’ll give the Kiwis a run for their money!” he said referring to dominating NZ tris such as Frank Racing.


“They have great sheds, the facilities are excellent. Everything’s here. Marine Trade has a huge range, most of my stuff comes from John. Nothing’s ever a problem. When we need to use the forklift for 20 minutes or a few hours, it’s not a hassle. We use different sheds for different jobs and the hydraulic Sealift is the first one of its kind in Australia. I would only rely on that for lifting out one of my boats.”

Bob Dunn’s new Venom will be a vision in white and black, with a massive redback spider encircling its hull. The 19m rotating carbon masts are by French specialists, Lorima, the preference of superyachts and round the world racing yachts.

“The rest of the boat is pretty much all made in Australia,” said Morris, referring to Quantum Sails from Brisbane and the other components sourced from The Boat Works and surrounding Coomera Marine precinct.

“ Grainger Design ed boats are characterized by their brilliant engineering and style, from Tony Grainger’s many years of expertise,” said Morris.

Tony Grainger was responsible for the design of Indian Chief, the former Boat Works’ boat which took out line honours at the 2015 Hamilton Is Race Week, along with many other titles in her time.

Based in Indonesia, Grainger said of his designs: “I’m always aiming to resolve all the elements of the design for a cohesive and pleasing outcome”.

“Ideally the outcome should look natural, not forced or contrived, but hopefully also expressing a unique style rather something that is generic in nature.

“I work with elements of performance, seakeeping, the functionality of the boat from the perspective of the crew, the accommodations, the engineering, the styling and also the practicalities of the construction.

“If the final design expresses these attributes and the boat performs accordingly then I think you have a successful design.”

Grainger identified two outstanding features of the new Venom “no compromise between cruising and racing and the formidable team of experienced sailors working on the project”.

“Venom been designed for an experienced trimaran owner who had a clear vision of the type of boat he wanted to sail. He was able to articulate clearly the compromises he was willing to make and the compromises he preferred not to make.

“His philosophy on the design was very much in keeping with my own vision of the ideal cruiser racer trimaran and so the design work came together very fluidly. And thanks to Dan Bradford and Claude Petit who both worked with me and made valuable contributions throughout the design process.”

The experienced team collaborating on the project comprises builder Jamie Morris, Joel Berg for the rig, Ben Kelly for sails and the engineering is in the hands of Warren “Skip” Miller.

“Jamie, Joel, and Ben have a heap of experience in the multihull racing circuit and have sailed together on various multihulls,” said Grainger. “I have worked with Skip Miller on a number of projects going back to 2011 and especially enjoy working with him for the way we are able to trade ideas back and forth. And Skip is not backward in letting me know when I come up with an idea that is not a good idea, or simply won’t work!”

Photo 16-9-18, 4 44 25 pm

“The boat is engineered to Category A Offshore so it’s not a lightweight racer such as you might design primarily for racing around the buoys or short coastal bursts. It’s designed to be able to handle the kind of sea conditions you might expect in the Southern Ocean, however, it does incorporate the features I consider essential to good performance in an offshore trimaran: good beam clearance, high buoyancy floats, and a relatively fine main hull. It will have three rudders for good control in rough seas and to provide some redundancy.”

Known as the master of multihulls, Grainger has a history of designing champion racing yachts. When pushed, he singled out a few of his designs for special mention.

“Among my own designs the first three that come to mind are Born to Run (my first design), Trilogy, and Ullman Sails which has just won the Airlie Beach Race Week series and is the current holder of the Australian Multihull Championships.

“Ullman sails also had a very long run of race wins including Airlie Beach Race Week and the Australian Multihull Championships under her previous owner Tony Considine, then known as Mad Max. In the case of Mad Max and Trilogy, it is really the effort put in by the owners and the crews that has made these designs so noteworthy. I should also mention the little trimaran currently known as Dux Nuts, certainly one of my favourites and dating back to the late 1980s.

“As for other designers, I really admire designers who seem to be able to repeatedly produce design work in a range of genres, not just sailing multihulls, that appears both elegant and effortless. Nigel Irens and Gary Lidgard are two whose work impresses me. Is their work really that effortless? I’m not sure, but it certainly appears that way and it is something I would love to achieve.”



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Sailboat Review: Italia Yachts 14.98

  • By Herb McCormick
  • May 22, 2024

Woman sailing the Italia Yachts 14.98

In fashion, cuisine, culture, cinema and luxury brands—in other words, in just about every facet of upscale society—the Italians bring an advanced approach to the fine art of living well. La dolce vita , right? Lamborghini, Louis Vuitton, Gucci. Rome, Venice, Milan. Sophia Loren, Marcello Mastroianni, Gina Lollobrigida. When you hear these names, no further explanation is required. They epitomize grace and style. 

This is a rather highfalutin way to launch a boat review, but I’m devoid of apology. Because in the nautical world, there’s another brand that deserves high praise.

Drone shot of the Italia Yachts 14.98

I’ve been aware of the Italia line of ­performance cruisers for several years now, but as a judge in the 2024 Boat of the Year contest in Annapolis, Maryland, as I stepped aboard to inspect the 51-footer, I wasn’t really prepared for the experience. There was but one word to describe the 14.98 model’s attention to detail, long list of options, approach, and execution: magnifico. 

There’s a lot to unpack here, and I’ll get to the truly important features: clean aesthetics, robust construction and sparkling sailing characteristics, as well as myriad customization options. But first, allow me to unload a few lines that I jotted down because they really speak to the deep level of detail ingrained in every 14.98:

“Cellphone holder/charger on the steering pod.” “Very sweet, ample life-raft stowage in cockpit.” “Stainless-steel stanchions and pulpits painted black: sexy.” “Really nice adjustable sheet-lead arrangement and excellent belowdecks install keep lines tidy and clean.” “Huge sail locker forward, always a bonus, with room for inflatable dinghy and outboard.” “Drains around hatches a great idea.” “Giant lazarettes with access to steering quadrant, very cool.” “Interior LED lights with floor-level lighting really adds to ambience.” “Engine-room manifold system with everything led to single through-hull is brilliant.” “Love the Oceanaire blinds and screens on all hatches.” “That single rudder will make backing down easier.”

Deck of the Italia Yachts 14.98

Why all the attention to these ­relatively minor items? Simple: If you sweat the small stuff, it usually means you’re laser-­focused on the major matters. Which is certainly the case with this yacht.

The design of the 14.98 is a collaborative effort between naval architect Maurizio Cossutti, who drew the exterior platform, and interior designer Mirko Arbore, who handled the belowdecks layout and furnishings. Cossutti has delivered a stunning hull form—a tapered, curved dish that rises at the bow and descends toward the stern with a subtle sheerline that accentuates the minimalist coachroof and keeps wetted surface to a minimum. There’s a sleek, extended sprit forward—it’s available in two lengths, standard and racing, and sort of serves as an exclamation point for this contemporary structure—and a drop-down swim platform aft, centered by a ­spacious cockpit for lounging or ­maneuvers, depending on the task at hand.

Italia Yachts 14.98 twin wheels

Down below, there are three layouts from which to choose. In the United States, the 14.98 is represented by David Walters Yachts, a brokerage house that, having previously repped Hylas Yachts, has deep experience with luxurious brands that cover both bases between a dedicated bluewater cruising boat and an honest racer-cruiser capable of Grand Prix inshore competition and offshore events such as the Newport Bermuda Race. Erik Haaland, sales director for the Italia line, presented the boat to us; when we asked about options, he smiled. “Just ask us,” he said. “We’ll do it.”

David Walters has imported 12 Italias into the States in the past five years, and, as of this past fall, had another quartet on order. We sailed Hull No. 7, whose owners are a couple of former college racing sailors who still wish to compete at a high level. They did last year’s Annapolis to Newport Race with a 10-person crew, notching 17 knots flying down Chesapeake Bay.

They also enjoy using the boat as a weekend condo and taking extended cruises with their family, including a Chesapeake trip this past summer and a season in New England coming up. It’s a true dual-purpose boat. And it’s been fitted out accordingly.

Overhead of the Italia Yachts 14.98 hatch

The nearly beam-width traveler in the cockpit forward of the twin wheels is a clear sign that this is a race boat; the standard setup calls for a single, centrally located mainsheet. All lines are led aft to a suite of clutches. There are several winch packages from which to choose, including the set of electric winches on our craft. The standard draft is 8 feet, 2 inches, though a nearly 10-foot performance keel is an option, as are a pair of L-shaped shoal-draft alternatives. Likewise, the rig on our test boat was carbon fiber, though the standard spar is aluminum. There’s also a choice of mainsails: traditional, square-topped and battened, or furling. 

Regarding power and systems, there was no generator on this boat, but rather a Victron lithium-ion battery bank with 800-amp capacity linked to a pair of 250-amp fast-charging alternators that will permit 12 hours of uninterrupted air conditioning without running the engine. (There is space for a generator, but on this boat, it was occupied by the air-conditioning compressor.) This boat was also equipped with a Spectra watermaker. A pair of 200-watt removable solar panels were installed on the dodger for additional juice.

Italia Yachts 14.98 stateroom and saloon

The resin-infused construction is robust but light, utilizing various densities of foam core depending on its placement within the laminate. For example, it’s reinforced in the bow, where slamming can occur, but lowered in less-stressed areas to keep weight at a minimum. Bulkheads are tabbed and glassed into the boat (plywood is standard, but foam-cored bulkheads are available). Carbon-fiber reinforcements are used throughout, including the transverse stringers and a grid system that’s bonded in place and then relaminated to the hull, bulkheads, and stringers. There is no traditional chainplate; instead, the rigging attaches to a stainless-steel padeye that is bolted through the top of the hull toe rail into the carbon-fiber grid system. 

“These boats are known as stiff, upwind missiles,” Haaland said. We confirmed it when we had a chance to sail the boat. 

And quite the sail it was. In ideal 10 to 14 knots of Chesapeake Bay pressure, the 14.98 tracked like a freight train, easily notching speeds in the mid-7-knot range hard on the breeze, and then topping out at more than 9 knots when cracked off to a reach. At the helm, raised and leveled with a fold-up chock like the round-the-world racers, the deep, single rudder provided plenty of bite. The wheel was light to the touch, and visibility was outstanding. It would be a real treat to get into the open ocean on the 14.98 and let it spread its wings.

Italia Yachts 14.98 navigation station

There has to be a drawback to all this somewhere, correct? Yes. The boat ain’t cheap. In fact, with a million-plus-dollar price tag, give or take, the 14.98 is, for most of us, an aspirational brand, a vessel aimed at sailing’s 1 percent club. 

Still. It’s heartening to know that in a world of mass production, with goods and services often aimed at the cheapest common denominator, there are things being made with care and skill that elevates a category or genre. When it comes to production sailboats, such results should be recognized and applauded. We’re looking at you, Italia 14.98. Grazie .

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Base Price: $998,800 italiayachtsinternational.com Full specs and photos

A Satisfied Crew of Italia Owners

You can learn a lot about a brand by looking at actual owners and how they use their boats, and it’s clear from this list of US Italia sailors that they enjoy competing aboard their yachts. Chuck Stormes from Detroit, a past commodore of the Bayview Yacht Club, placed first overall in the 2022 Bayview to Mackinac Race aboard his 9.98, DeTour . New Yorkers Andrew and Linda Weiss have owned several yachts called Christopher Dragon , and on their 11.98 of the same name, they’ve won the Block Island Race, the Northern Ocean Racing Trophy and other prizes. Jeff and Sarah Kennedy sail the 14.98 Artemis , our test boat for this review. Frank and Nancy McGowan, aboard their new 12.98, Querencia , are looking forward to the next Newport Bermuda Race, as well as the ORC World Championship in Rhode Island later this year. Bostonian John Sapirstein, who previously sailed a 12.98 Classic, has moved up to Aquilone , a 16.98. He expects to take delivery in the Adriatic Sea this spring before a summer in the Mediterranean and a trans-Atlantic trip in the ARC rally in 2025.

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Oyster 53 aerial

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carbon fiber racing yacht

  • Oracle Racing Team

Oracle Team USA's Sailing Yacht

Oracle Team USA teamed with Carbon Conversions to integrate reclaimed carbon fiber from composites in the manufacture of their world-renowned racing vessels. Oracle Team USA recycled two of their racing yachts, recovering carbon from the boats and repurposing that recycled material into a mold for the next-generation watercraft. The carbon was recovered using a closed loop process in a geothermal plant and was then shipped to Team Oracle USA’s supplier, Core Composites, for repurposing. The reclaimed material is more economically efficient and is becoming a standardized raw material used to make the molds for composites. The unused recycled carbon fiber was sent to Carbon Conversions in Lake City, South Carolina.

“We hope that in the very near future we will see many more carbon fiber consuming organizations reuse or reclaim their excess and scrap carbon,” said Mark Housley, Executive Vice President of Carbon Conversions. “We are delighted to partner with Oracle Team USA and we congratulate them on their innovative reuse of carbon-fiber advanced materials. We look forward to continued partnerships with companies leading the way in sustainable composite technology. Collaborating with leading aerospace companies, carbon fiber producers and the Department of Energy, we have helped accelerate the process of carbon composites recycling and hope to continue to get these recycled products into the commercial marketplace.”


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  • Hexcel Invests in Carbon Fiber Recycling Leader
  • Carbon Conversions to be Featured by Discovery’s Science Channel
  • Recycling Trek Bike Frames
  • UAV Airframe
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Carbon sailing yachts

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  • Balance Catamarans  (3)
  • Black Pepper Yachts  (4)
  • C-CATAMARANS S.R.L.  (1)
  • Catamaris  (3)
  • Lloyd Stevenson Boat Builders  (3)
  • Lyman Morse  (1)
  • McConaghy  (5)
  • Mylius Yachts  (3)
  • Ocean Renegade  (1)
  • Rapido Trimarans Limited  (2)
  • Slyder Catamarans  (2)
  • Wally  (1)
  • YYachts  (1)

Number of hulls

  • multihull (18) catamaran trimaran
  • monohull (15)

Intended use

  • cruising (22) fast cruising ocean cruising charter
  • racing (15) ocean racing one-design
  • cruising-racing (11) cruiser-racer
  • classic (1)
  • motorsailer (1)

Overall length

Displacement, motor power, fuel capacity, fresh water capacity, number of cabins.

  • 4-cabin (14)
  • 3-cabin (13)
  • 5-cabin (6)
  • 6-cabin (3)
  • 2-cabin (1)

Number of beds

  • 8-berth (6)
  • 11-berth (2)
  • 6-berth (2)
  • 9-berth (2)
  • 10-berth (1)
  • 7-berth (1)

Deck layout

  • with open transom (24)
  • with deck saloon (7)
  • flybridge (4)
  • with center cockpit (3)
  • with enclosed cockpit (1)
  • carbon (33)
  • fiberglass (4)
  • aluminum (2)
  • lifting keel (7)
  • twin rudders (6)
  • twin keels (4)
  • fixed keel (3)
  • pivoting keel (2)
  • foiling (1)
  • canting keel (1)
  • with bowsprit (27)
  • carbon mast (5)
  • ISAF class (1) Open 60 Monohull

Other characteristics

  • twin steering wheels (25)
  • semi-custom (6)
  • electric drive (3)
  • sail-drive (2)

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competition sailing yacht

competition sailing yacht rocket51

Overall length : 15.5 m Width : 4.32 m Draft : 3.5 m

... performance water ballast, lightweight carbon foam sandwich lay-up and refined handling reduces the crew requirement to 11 people – significantly less that any other boat. High modulus carbon spars, AeroSix ...

catamaran sailing yacht

catamaran sailing yacht BLUE COAST 75

Overall length : 23.4 m Width : 10.1 m Draft : 1.8 m

Blue Coast 75' is a new, elegant and fast performance luxury sailing catamaran designed by our naval architect Jean-Jacques Coste. One of the most elegant sailing yachts on the water. ...

catamaran sailing yacht

catamaran sailing yacht BLUE COAST 82

Overall length : 24.6 m Width : 11.2 m Draft : 1.8 m

... bespoke design for an ocean-going performance luxury sailing catamaran, created by the design studio Jean-Jacques Coste. The 82 features sporty and elegant styling, perfectly adapted to its good sailing ...

catamaran sailing yacht

catamaran sailing yacht BLUE COAST 95 - 2

Overall length : 28.9 m Width : 12.1 m Draft : 2 m

... . With a length of 28.80 m and a beam of over 12 m, the Blue Coast 95-2 is an elegant high-tech sailing catamaran, made of infusion with fibreglass, carbon and epoxy. DESCRIPTION In addition to its ...

catamaran sailing yacht

catamaran sailing yacht Slyder 80

Overall length : 25.4 m Width : 10.8 m Draft : 1.5 m

The new Slyder 80 introduces a new era of catamaran design at Slyder Catamarans. In collaboration with yacht designer Matthias Krenz, the Slyder DNA "see the difference & feel the difference" is particularly emphasized ...

catamaran sailing yacht

catamaran sailing yacht Slyder 55

Overall length : 17.6 m Width : 8.2 m Draft : 1.4 m

... the award-winning design and equipped with the genes of our Slyder 80 (winner ePDA2022), our new Slyder 55 brings the super- yacht feeling to this class. Tender lift, hybrid propulsion and easy operation, spacious interior ...

cruiser-racer sailing yacht

cruiser-racer sailing yacht M60

Overall length : 60'08" Width : 20'00" Draft : 9'01"

... to the full carbon construction, the Mylius M60 has a displacement of only 17 tons (approx), much lower if compared to boats of the same category and therefore represents a perfect example of Mylius fast cruiser-racer: ...

racing sailing yacht

racing sailing yacht M60 CK

Overall length : 61'00" Width : 17'10" Draft : 11'10"

... an offshore-racer & performance cruiser. A yacht designed to take part as a protagonist in the most important offshore regattas, but also equipped with spaces and comforts such as to be an excellent yacht ...

cruising sailing yacht

cruising sailing yacht M80 DS

Overall length : 78'09" Width : 20'04" Draft : 12'07"

... downwind, values that place the Mylius M80 DS, a full carbon construction with a displacement (light ship) of 33.0 tons, of which 35% of ballast, at the top of the category of this type of boats with its sailing ...

cruising-racing sailing yacht

cruising-racing sailing yacht RP56

Overall length : 17.09 m Width : 5.15 m Draft : 4, 2.4 m

... offshore Category 1 of the World Sailing Offshore Special Regulations. Reichel/Pugh teamed with Pure Design and Engineering to develop the structural engineering for the design. The design includes many aspects that ...

catamaran sailing yacht

catamaran sailing yacht 65

Overall length : 21 m Width : 9.2 m Draft : 1.62, 3.2 m

... of the big Cat signed by C-Catamarans. As a result of careful studies, C-Cat 65 has a reduced displacement thanks to the carbon infusion of bulkheads, hull and deck, to obtain an ideal strength and structural rigidity, ...

catamaran sailing yacht

catamaran sailing yacht 750

Overall length : 23.19 m Width : 11.34 m Draft : 3.35, 2.17 m

... crave her quality and comfort. Her owners will simply applaud her balance. Carbon Cross+ Performance Hull We use E-glass (a Silica -based fiber) with significant carbon -fiber reinforcement in the ...

catamaran sailing yacht

catamaran sailing yacht Code C.69

Overall length : 69'00" Width : 31'06" Draft : 3'10", 5'10"

... the luxury multihull market with its new Code C.69, a carbon catamaran designed by François Pérus & Romain Scolari. The Code C.69 is the first cruising racing catamaran built by Black Pepper Yachts . ...

multihull sailing yacht

multihull sailing yacht R5 MKII REGATTA

Overall length : 16.6 m Width : 8.2 m Draft : 1.5, 3 m

... catamarans and the relaxed in-race and après entertaining possibilities they offer. So we decided to put them together. The full carbon R5R features a large open racing cockpit with dual helms, a pedestal and an adaptive ...

cruising sailing yacht

cruising sailing yacht Equilibrium

Overall length : 16.8 m

... foot custom carbon cruising yacht is from the drawing board of Botin Carkeek Yacht Design, and was Project Managed by Steve Marten, formerly of Marten Yachts . The ...

cruising sailing yacht

cruising sailing yacht BARAKA

Overall length : 62'00"

... router in Seattle and shipped to us in Maine. Her construction of a carbon fiber composite using Corecell infused with epoxy resin made this an exciting project. Infusing the carbon and Corecell composite ...

cruising sailing yacht

cruising sailing yacht Y8

Overall length : 24 m Width : 6 m Draft : 3.5 m

... Y8. With this luxury carbon yacht , the choice is yours. The Y8 is available in a DC version with a longer aft section and a safe center cockpit or with a raised saloon in the SRD or SRD+ versions. Compared ...

trimaran sailing yacht

trimaran sailing yacht 50

Overall length : 15.2 m Width : 10.38 m Displacement : 8.2 t

Every exceptional product needs a source of inspiration. For the all-new Rapido 50, that source has been the Rapido 60 which has proven herself to be an exceptional trimaran for: Podium performances Fast passage-making Classic cruising Couples; ...

carbon sailing yacht

carbon sailing yacht 66

Overall length : 20.1 m Width : 8.7 m Draft : 1.96, 4 m

After carefully considering what the ultimate sailing machine should be, HH Catamarans set about designing a fast, sleek, luxurious and spacious catamaran that struck the ideal balance between performance, comfort and ...

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T50 CARBON FIBER Radio Controlled Racing Sloop

With its lightweight carbon fiber hull and beautiful varnished deck, the Carbon Fiber T50 is the perfect fusion of modern sailing performance coupled with the timeless appearance of wood.The T50 Carbon Fiber Racing Sloop combines the latest in lightweight strength of carbon fiber with a classic design that is as fast as it is beautiful. At 50 inches long and over six feet tall, the T50 Carbon Fiber is the ultimate in RC sailing. The black carbon fiber hull is complemented by a beautiful okume mahogany deck that stretches unbroken from the bow to the stern and adds elegance and sophistication to make the T50 Carbon Fiber Racing Sloop an outstanding boat both in the water and on display.  

Unlike the T50 Racing Sloop, which has a cedar-strip planked deck, the T50 Carbon Fiber Racing Sloop arrives with a pre-formed Carbon Fiber hull. The Carbon Fiber hull is a great option if creating a planking hull does not appeal to you. However, if the project of planking a hull, which is actually quite easy and fun appeals to you, the T50 Racing Sloop may be a better boat for you.

While the assembly of the T50 Carbon Fiber Racing Sloop is more involved than the process for the T27 and T37 Racing Sloops, the T50 Carbon Fiber Racing Sloop kit’s detailed instructions guide the builder through the entire process smoothly and easily. No detail is left out!

The T50 Carbon Fiber Racing Sloop Kit comes with everything you will need to build the boat, including the marine epoxy and all of the RC gear  (except for batteries)  for sailing the boat. In fact, all you need is paint or varnish and AA batteries. The kit includes:

  • A pre-formed, lightweight, and strong Carbon Fiber hull
  • Pre-cut Okume mahogany three-ply deck and mahogany transom
  • High-quality brass and stainless steel hardware
  • Stainless steel rigging wire and Spectra rigging lines
  • Carbon fiber mast and booms
  • 3/4 oz. nylon spinnaker cloth pre-sewn sails: includes three jibs for light, medium, and heavy air conditions (the kit may also be purchased with a set of mylar sails as another option)
  • Marine-grade epoxy, including epoxy brushes, gloves, and syringes
  • Full Radio Control gear, including the transmitter, receiver, battery box, and sail and rudder servos (including the strong 785 drum winch servo)
  • Detailed instructions to guide you through the entire building process
  •  … and more!

The T50 includes a mainsail plus three different jib sails so that you can choose your rig to suit the day’s wind. The largest sail area is 1200 square inches and the smallest is 625 square inches. The Hi-tec drum winch RC servo also included has enough servo power to haul in any of the sails in any wind. There is an option to substitute mylar sails (shown in the sailing pictures) in place of the standard nylon spinnaker cloth sails for an additional cost.

Please call 1-360-966-7245 or email [email protected] to inquire about the availability and cost of finished boats.  The finished boat comes fully completed and ready to sail. 

T50 CARBON FIBER Accessories : Follow each link for more detailed information and to purchase each accessory. 

      Lakeside Stand                                  Wall Stand                                        

carbon fiber racing yacht

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    carbon fiber racing yacht

  2. A88 Gransport, a carbon fibre yacht inspired by hypercars

    carbon fiber racing yacht

  3. Comanche

    carbon fiber racing yacht

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    carbon fiber racing yacht

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    carbon fiber racing yacht


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  2. The Shocking Truth Behind OceanGate's Carbon Fiber Hull

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  6. Wally designed the angel’s Luxury Yacht


  1. Columbia Carbon 32

    All Carbon Construction. The Columbia 32 is a sophisticated, highly engineered light displacement carbon fiber racing yacht designed for a wide variety of uses from day sailing to trans-oceanic races. The hull is Vacuum Resin Infused Carbon Fiber with PVC foam core and is finished with a DuPont Marine urethane product which provides high gloss.

  2. SAY 42 Carbon Fiber Boat Brings Lightweight Racing to the Ocean

    Cutting the waves and speeding to the ocean's farthest reaches - the silhouette of such a speedboat has become an iconic figure in the minds of many ocean enthusiasts. Recently, the German watercraft manufacturer SAY has introduced its second generation of carbon fiber yacht called SAY 42, sparking the possibility of lightweight ocean racing.

  3. Columbia Yachts

    Today's Columbia Yachts is very different from the original company founded by Dick Valdes more than five decades ago, but they share one thing in common; pushing the limits of current yacht-building technology with state-of-the-art design and precision construction. • New deck design for off-shore racing • Fixed carbon bow sprit ...

  4. mayla's all carbon-fiber superboat GT torpedoes in the sea with an

    Yacht company Mayla unveils its all-carbon-fiber superboat GT, a sea cruiser featuring a sharply pointed V monohull. The design emerges as a modern tribute to the speed boats of the '70s and ...

  5. This Carbon Fiber Day Boat Brings Racing Spirit To The Ocean

    The original SAY 29 was designed as a lake boat and over time more and more people began asking the team for boats for the sea, so they developed the 42, reveals Falk. "The 29 and 42 are so ...

  6. 85' McConaghy 2024 Carbon Fiber Luxury

    The Makara 85 sailing superyacht series features subtle intricacies and perfectly proportioned style, that's benefitted from the full scope of McConaghy's experience in the build of high-performance carbon fiber race boats.

  7. Carbon Fiber Yachts

    Next generation carbon fiber yachts & boats. The definitive guide to carbon marine products. Next generation carbon fiber yachts & boats. Sign Up Login. Mon - Fri 8 AM - 6 PM; 1314 East Las Olas Blvd, #933, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, 33301 +1 617-416-5640; Home; Inventory. New Yachts. High-Performance; Sail Yachts; Sport Yachts;

  8. Dual-purpose, full-foiling yacht concept incorporates carbon fiber

    The Persico F70 is an ultra-fast, lightweight, foil-assisted carbon fiber composite day sailor and racer designed to deliver unprecedented performance with style and comfort. Said to incorporate the latest research and development (R&D) and state-of-the-art technology, the F70 Series is Carkeek's response for a dual-purpose full-foiling yacht ...

  9. Neo 400+ Full Carbon Offshore Fast Light Cruiser Racer

    Neo Yachts & Composites built fast carbon yachts from 35 to 60 feets, full light fast yachts easy to handling also with low crew, our neo 400 won lots o x2 regatta and a rolex middle sea race on its debut. Fully customizable and high tecnolgy enhanced, our yacht wait only to suits its owner soul.

  10. Carbon fiber in marine applications: benefits for boat hulls and racing

    The Impact of Carbon Fiber on Speed and Performance. Carbon fiber, the undisputed champion in boat hull speed and performance. It's as if your boat sprouted wings while others are left paddling aimlessly. The mind-boggling strength-to-weight ratio of carbon fiber results in a lighter hull, leading to lightning-fast acceleration and jaw ...

  11. Carbon fibre: the bittersweet wonder material

    There is no denying that carbon fibre has been a revolutionary material for the superyacht industry, but there are also challenges to consider. Having created the largest carbon fibre sloop in the world, 54m S/Y Pink Gin VI, Finnish shipyard Baltic Yachts is one builder focused on superyacht construction through the use of advanced composites.

  12. Pantera Boats

    Pantera Boats Inc. is headed by Cam Heaps, founder of Carbon Marine, Inc., which introduced the world's first 100% carbon fiber exposed powerboat hull at the Miami International Boat Show in 2016. "It is an honor to be a part of preserving the Pantera brand and heritage built by the Nunez family. Today's announcement is the beginning of a ...

  13. VENOM Australia's 1st Carbon Fibre Trimaran

    Lurking in the shadows of The Boat Works refit sheds is the latest Tony Grainger custom-designed performance sailing multihull, Australia's first fully carbon fibre trimaran and destined to be the fastest, built with the aim of smashing offshore race records. The 12.8m Grainger R42, named "Venom" will be an exceptional bluewater racer, as ...

  14. Racing & Cruising Yachts

    Rapid Transit is a canting keel 49-foot carbon fiber racing yacht designed by Jim Antrim and built at Berkeley Marine Center. The boat was designed for both speed and ease of handling. It is capable of speeds in excess of 25 knots! The yacht features the latest construction techniques and materials, including extensive use of carbon fiber ...

  15. Carbon Fiber: The New Black

    Launched in 2012, the power trimaran is a combination of carbon fiber, Nomex, E-glass and Kevlar. Powered by a single 1,000-horsepower Caterpillar engine, she burns just 26 gallons of fuel an hour at 17 knots, for a range of 4,000 nautical miles. At 10.5 knots, her range racks up to 10,000 nautical miles.

  16. Sailboat Review: Italia Yachts 14.98

    Whether cruising or racing, the graceful Italia Yachts 14.98 performance cruiser sailboat will get sailors there with dispatch and panache. ... Likewise, the rig on our test boat was carbon fiber, though the standard spar is aluminum. There's also a choice of mainsails: traditional, square-topped and battened, or furling. ...

  17. Oracle Racing Team

    Oracle Racing Team. Oracle Team USA teamed with Carbon Conversions to integrate reclaimed carbon fiber from composites in the manufacture of their world-renowned racing vessels. Oracle Team USA recycled two of their racing yachts, recovering carbon from the boats and repurposing that recycled material into a mold for the next-generation ...

  18. Sail Racer boats for sale

    A racing yacht is a high-end vessel that is built for performance, generally costing far more than average racing vessels. Read more on Racer boats. Save Search. ... 2007 Andrews Custom Carbon 40. US$435,000. US $3,436/mo. Infinity Yacht Sales | San Diego, California. Request Info; 1999 Sabre 402. US$195,000. Galati Yacht Sales | Ventura ...

  19. Carbon sailing yacht

    catamaran sailing yacht BLUE COAST 95 - 2. ocean cruising fast cruising one design. Overall length: 28.9 m. Width: 12.1 m. Draft: 2 m. ... . With a length of 28.80 m and a beam of over 12 m, the Blue Coast 95-2 is an elegant high-tech sailing catamaran, made of infusion with fibreglass, carbon and epoxy.

  20. Carbon Fiber Racing

    2022 Ducati Streetfighter V2 Side Panels. $405.00. Make and Model: Ducati Streetfighter V2. Fitment Years: 2022. Finish: Twill Weave - Gloss. Limited Lifetime Warranty. Highly advanced vacuum bagging and autoclave processes. 100% prepreg carbon fiber, also known as dry carbon. No fiberglass is used in our products.

  21. T50 CARBON FIBER Radio Controlled Racing Sloop

    The Carbon Fiber hull is a great option if creating a planking hull does not appeal to you. However, if the project of planking a hull, which is actually quite easy and fun appeals to you, the T50 Racing Sloop may be a better boat for you. While the assembly of the T50 Carbon Fiber Racing Sloop is more involved than the process for the T27 and ...

  22. X-Drive Carbon

    An X-Drive jib with grey taffeta. The leech of any sail benefits from having extra taffeta protection. Adding taffeta to the leech of an X-Drive mainsail reduces the destructive effects of leech flutter, luffing and flogging. Mainsails can flog in heavy air as the boat is de-powered and when the sail is being hoisted or lowered.