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The Best Boat Shoes to Set Sail in Style

Best Boat Shoes

Step into style and conquer the seas with boating shoes. These classic sailors’ footwear not only exude versatility but also provide unparalleled comfort, making them an essential addition to your wardrobe. For sailors and water sports enthusiasts alike, the significance of a reliable boat shoe cannot be overstated. Not only do they elevate your look, but they also offer superior traction, keeping you steady on wet surfaces while aboard your vessel. Dockers stands out as a frontrunner in crafting the best boat shoes, combining quality craftsmanship with nautical style. With countless options flooding the market, choosing the perfect pair can be daunting. That's why we've curated a selection of popular boat shoes to simplify your decision-making process.

Our Top Picks

  • Best Overall: Dockers Men’s Boat Shoe Shop Now ➔
  • Most Lightweight: JAMONWU Men's Boat Shoe Shop Now ➔
  • Most Comfortable: Sperry Men's Boat Shoe Shop Now ➔
  • Most Stylish: Timberland Men's Boat Shoe Shop Now ➔
  • Most Unique: Columbia Men's Boat Shoe Shop Now ➔
  • Most Durable: Margaritaville Men's Boat Shoe Shop Now ➔
  • Most User-Friendly: Skechers Men's Boat Shoe Shop Now ➔
  • 1 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Boat Shoe
  • 3 Durability
  • 4 Water resistance
  • 5 Grip and traction

Is wearing socks with boat shoes a good combination?

How do i clean my shoes, what can i wear my boat shoes with, related content, the best boat shoes, best overall.

Dockers Men’s Boat Shoe

Dockers Men’s Boat Shoe

The Dockers men’s boat shoe is the best boat shoe when you are looking for great attention to detail, elegance, and style. Crafted from 100 percent high-quality leather, these boat shoes are the perfect shoes to go with anything, making them the best choice on our list.

  • They come with excellent stitching
  • They are water-resistant
  • They are very durable
  • Not leather-lined
  • Lacing may fray

Key Features

  • Full leather construction with a natural appearance
  • Durable rubber outsoles for maximum comfort and also enhance traction
  • Flexible construction is suitable for all-day wear
  • Made of soft and flexible leather combined with an EVA footbed for great comfort and heel cups that ensure proper walking posture
  • Classic two-eyelet design with an additional 360-degree lacing system for tightening the shoe

Most Lightweight

JAMONWU Men's Boat Shoe

JAMONWU Men’s Boat Shoe

Looking for the best boat shoes that you’ll never get tired of? Then Jamonwu’s canvas sneakers are just the thing for you. These boat shoes are soft and lightweight and can be worn for extended periods without creating pressure on your feet.

  • They are washable
  • They are quick to dry
  • They are very comfy
  • Material can be a bit itchy
  • High-quality lining that gives your foot a comfortable sense and never makes you feel tired even after a long day of wearing
  • Soft and lightweight with no pressure on the feet and makes it easier for you to walk
  • Round toe cap that fits the feet and is spacious enough not to squeeze
  • Wear-resistant soles that can withstand bending and stretching and provides you with enough security to let you go further
  • The elastic band gives you an easy on and off feel

Most Comfortable

Sperry Men's Boat Shoe

Sperry Men’s Boat Shoe

Experience unparalleled comfort and durability with the handsewn Tru-Moc construction and padded tongue of these boat shoes. Crafted from stain- and water-resistant leather, these boat shoes offer superior protection against the elements. Designed with breathable air-mesh panels and a molded EVA cushion midsole, these boat shoes keep your feet cool and supported. Whether sailing or strolling, these shoes blend style, comfort, and performance for every maritime adventure.

  • Available in different colors
  • They are exceptionally breathable
  • Can be worn for extended periods
  • The stitching may stretch
  • Wears down quicker than other brands
  • 100 percent leather and air mesh construction that gives you the perfect combination of support and breathability
  • Molded EVA cushion midsole and heel for premium comfort and also helps to absorb shock while walking on hard surfaces
  • 360 degrees lacing system for adjusting fit and three rust-proof eyelets that would stay in their best condition
  • Perforated side panels help add to breathability and allow for a substantial amount of airflow to keep your feet cool even on the hottest of days
  • Wave-sipping rubber outsole for stability on wet and dry surfaces that leave no marks and are designed to give you the best traction

Most Stylish

Timberland Men's Boat Shoe

Timberland Men’s Boat Shoe

Don’t miss out on getting stylish while relaxing at sea with this boat shoe, Timberland’s Classic 2-Eye. Fully sealed seams prevent any leaks and rubber soles maximize grip, which allows you to be sure-footed even in slippery conditions.

  • They are waterproof
  • Durable leather outsoles leave no marks
  • They are very stylish
  • Inside sole cuts off
  • Premium full-grain and nubuck leather uppers 
  • Hand sewn uppers are stitched to the midsole and cemented to the outsole 
  • The 360-degree rawhide lacing system provides a custom fit 
  • 3/4-length leather-lined EVA footbeds 
  • Sipped rubber outsoles for maximum traction and slip resistance 
  • The classic two-eyelet design as well as moccasin stitching along the front really adds to the great impression.

Most Unique

Columbia Men's Boat Shoe

Columbia Men’s Boat Shoe

Built for the water with a plush design, the Columbia men’s boat shoe gives you a super-clean look. It boasts advanced water and stain repellency, which makes it the ultimate companion for active days out on the water.

  • They are the perfect shoe for going fishing
  • They are waterproof and stain resistant
  • They ensure a maximum grip
  • May not be wide enough for some
  • It features an open mesh and synthetic rubber composite construction
  • Lower durometer EVA for ultimate comfort
  • It comes with a lace-up closure for an adjustable and secure fit
  • Signature technology that ensures high-quality protection and prevention
  • Advanced traction outsole that prevents slipping

Most Durable

Margaritaville Men's Boat Shoe

Margaritaville Men’s Boat Shoe

Stay grounded in this anchor lace boat shoe, which features a classically nautical silhouette and luxurious leather construction for pure comfort.

With an impressive amount of structure, the Margaritaville anchor lace shoes are the ideal boat shoe for the outdoors.

  • Perfect breathability for summer
  • Doesn’t leave any marks
  • Comfortable and reliable
  • Available in two colors only
  • Some may not like the heel stitching
  • Comfortable foam insole for perfect feel as opposed to the traditional soles that offer little to no comfort
  • The integrated foam insole gives you added support
  • Soft padded collar and tongue that is ideal for summertime wearing
  • Breathable leather mesh upper to prevent your feet from getting trapped in a hot pair of shoes, with textile panels on the uppers, there’s a guaranteed high level of airflow.
  • Leather and textile construction that offers a great appeal with the option to last for a while
  • Contrast stitching that breaks up the color of shoes and adds a little bit of depth and dimension in all the right areas

Most User-Friendly

Skechers Men's Boat Shoe

Skechers Men’s Boat Shoe

Get some groove in your yacht with the comfortable Skechers relaxed-fit boat shoe. With a soft woven canvas fabric, this boat shoe is the ideal slip-on and also comes with an air-cooled memory foam insole.

  • Attractive and stylish design
  • High-quality materials
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Not fit for every foot shape
  • Limited color choices
  • Soft woven canvas fabric upper and slip-on stretch laced casual comfort boat shoe design
  • Padded tongue and collar with shock-absorbing midsole
  • Flexible rubber traction that prevents slipping
  • Stitched seam toe front
  • Soft suede textured synthetic overlay at heel panel

The Best Boat Shoes Buying Guide

Boat shoes are perfect for both looking good and being functional when you want to go out for a day on the water, as they provide traction on any slippery surface.

Boat shoes are mostly made of leather or canvas, which are known to repel water and are great for a day out on the sea.

Earlier on, we gave an outline of the best boat shoes that stand out from the bunch, but you may still be in a fix as to which to choose. In the rest of this buying guide, we take a look at some of the important factors we considered, and you should too so that you can zero in on the ideal boat shoes to take along on your next water adventure.

F actors to Consider When Choosing a Boat Shoe

It takes a while to break into boat shoes.

Fitting into a boat shoe is very important since you will likely be wearing them without socks and a great fit is essential for traction and grip. You should go for a snug fit because the longer you wear them, the more they stretch and get loose.

Go for a half size down from your normal size and if you are in between sizes, go with the smaller of the two. The heel should not move around too much to prevent boat shoe-induced blisters. If your feet get sore quickly, look out for additional features such as padding underfoot and a shoe collar.

Make sure to walk around in the shoes while trying them on so there aren’t any spots that would gap open or chafe your feet. To let your boat shoes break in, try wearing them for shorter periods before wearing them for a full day.

Having a shoe that does not fit is bound to ruin your day and that is one thing you would want to avoid when you are out there on a boat.

Boat shoes need to be well made because of the conditions they are subjected to. When you are on a boat, your shoes are always exposed to the harsh conditions of the water.

The best boat shoes should be durable enough for walking and everyday use.

Boat shoes are mostly made of leather, which is a super-strong material. If you take good care of your shoes, they’re bound to last you a very long time.

An important aspect to look for is water- and stain-proof boat shoes.

Also, look out for eyelets; make sure they are rust-proof because of the saltwater; if not, you will end up with a good boat shoe but with rusting eyelets. The durability of a good boat shoe is in the stitching.  Ensure that the stitching is excellent to prevent it from falling apart.

Water resistance

You need to look out for a shoe that is waterproof.

The best boat shoes are meant to have uppers that resist moisture from seeping in or allowing water to enter but also dry quickly.

This can be achieved with boat shoes that have water-resistant leather and mesh sides. Leather resists water and it’s hard for any moisture to come through it. Good boat shoes have leather that is specially treated with an oil coating to enhance its water resistance. For mesh uppers, water comes in easily but dries quickly.

Grip and traction

Boat shoes should offer enough traction and grip so you won’t slip on wet surfaces. To get the best boat shoes with good traction, go for the ones that do not come off. Make sure the heels of your shoes are tight to your ankle and do not slip off. Ideally, boat shoes should have rubber soles so you can have a better grip on wet surfaces.

For the outsole, softer rubber is recommended so they can give the sides of your feet an additional grip. Go for soles that do not leave marks on your boat.

Yes, style is important when getting the best boat shoes but traction and grip should always come first because no one wants to get caught slipping, right?

People Also Asked

Boat shoes should not be worn with socks. There is a good chance that your feet will get wet when you are out in the water and wet socks are a no-no because they make your feet damp and prone to soreness and blisters. Socks also make it easy for your feet to slip in and out of your shoes, so not wearing socks is the safest option.

It depends on the material. Some boat shoes are machine-washable and you can just wash them in the washing machine. For other non-machine-washable shoes, a toothbrush and some warm, soapy water would do the trick. Make sure you dry them properly too so they don’t smell. Also, air out your shoes after every outing.

Boat shoes are the best fit for casual clothes. A polo shirt or button-down shirt with some nice jeans or shorts is the perfect combo.

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Best Boat Shoes collage

The Best Boat Shoes of 2024

Stay comfortable and stylish while keeping your footing at sea

We may earn revenue from the products available on this page and participate in affiliate programs. Learn more ›

Boat shoes have been around since the 1930s but only recently underwent a major overhaul. With modern materials, companies have begun to stray away from traditional style “boat shoes” and offer innovative and stylish alternatives. Regardless of what they look like, a good boat shoe—like a good fishing shoe —should keep you from slipping on a wet deck and be breathable enough to wear even on the hottest days. These are the best boat shoes I’ve ever tested, including some of the most comfortable pairs from Columbia, Huk, and Grundens.

  • Best Overall: Grundens Seaknit Boat Shoe
  • Best for Men: Columbia Dorado CVO PFG Shoe
  • Best for Women: Columbia PFG Tamiami Shoe
  • Best for Fishing: Huk Rogue Waves
  • Best Budget: Hey Dude Men’s Wally

How We Picked the Best Boat Shoes

As a fisheries biologist and avid angler, it sometimes seems I’m on boats more than I’m on dry land. Between electrofishing surveys and fishing whenever I can, I’ve come to appreciate a good pair of boat shoes. The best pairs of shoes I’ve tried have all been comfortable to wear with amazing grip. This is especially important on aluminum boats, where any bit of water on the deck can make it super slick. Regardless of what brand of shoe you go with, make sure the soles are designed with traction in mind, and you’ll be much happier with your purchase. I also make sure I know what purpose I plan to use my boat shoes for. If I know they will be underwater at times, I look for shoes designed to dry fast. If I’m fishing through colder days, I prefer a shoe that is fully waterproof to keep me dry and warm. Here are some of the criteria I used to evaluate my selections for the best boat shoes.

  • Durability: What materials go into the shoe and how durable is it?
  • Waterproofness: Is the shoe waterproof or quick-drying?
  • Flexibility: How much flex in the sole is there and how comfortable is it?
  • Support: How much support is in the insole for long days on the water?
  • Available Sizes: Are there a variety of different sizes and options?
  • Sole Design: How does the sole improve traction on wet surfaces?

The Best Boat Shoes: Reviews & Recommendations

Grundens Seaknit Boat Shoe are the best boat shoes overall.

  • Sizes: 8-14
  • Colors: Metal, Anchor, Coastal Blue, Fog, Red Orange
  • Sole Design: Gum Rubber Soles with razor cut siping
  • The most comfortable shoe we tested
  • Offered in a wide range of sizes
  • Soles have great traction
  • Laces aren’t designed for a tight fit

The Grundens Seaknit boat show combines an athletic style sneaker with all the benefits of a boat shoe. The shoe is lightweight and comfortable out of the box, and unlike other boat shoes, they fit true to size. These are offered in a wide range of sizes—up to size 14—which is rare for boat shoes. It is slightly water-resistant in case a rain shower pops up or spray comes over the gunwales. If you do soak your shoes, don’t worry, they dry fast with their light and breathable design. Grundens opted to go for gum rubber soles that are non-marking and beefed them up with razor cut siping. Whether on the water or around town, these are my go-to for just about anything.

Columbia Dorado CVO PFG Shoe are the best boat shoes for men.

  • Sizes: 7-15
  • Colors: Oxford Tan, Black
  • Sole Design: Omni grip sole with razor siping
  • Stylish shoes
  • Water and stain-resistant
  • EVA lower foam for extra cushion
  • Not waterproof

Columbia offers a wide variety of boat shoes, but the Dorado CVO PFG shoe stands out among the others. As part of Columbia’s Performance Fishing Gear line, it is designed with fishing in mind. The soles feature Blood’n Guts technology which repels blood, water, and dirt from staining your shoes. The shoe itself has a stylish design similar to street shoes but built of quick-drying material. In a pinch, you can even wet wade in them, and they’ll be dry by the time you’re back to the car. Like other shoes, we tested the outsole, which has a razor siping design, allowing more surface area contact to improve grip. For a flat shoe, I was very impressed with the insole support. Even after poling a skiff for several days, my feet and back felt surprisingly strong. 

Columbia PFG Tamiami Shoe are the best boat shoes for women.

  • Sizes: 5-12
  • Colors: Titanium, Grey Ice, White
  • Great ventilation
  • Stain-resistant
  • Comfortable insoles
  • Not Waterproof

When it comes to finding women-specific shoes, there aren’t many options out there. Luckily, Columbia has introduced several options including the Tamiami shoe designed specifically for women. The shoe features all the options common in Columbia boat shoes including the Omni grip sole, Blood’n Guts stain resistance, and plenty of ventilation. It is offered in several color options tailored towards women anglers and offered in sizes 5-12 with half sizes available. These shoes are designed to get wet and dry fast. The drain ports in the sole help get rid of water quickly and circulate air to dry them in no time. Even barefoot, these shoes are incredibly comfortable and ready for anything on or around the water.

Best for Fishing: Huk Rogue Wave

Huk Rogue Waves are the best boat shoes for fishing.

  • Sizes: 7-14
  • Colors: Grey, Blue, White, Mossy Oak Bottomland
  • Sole Design: GripX Wet Traction 
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Several color options
  • Can be hot in summer

These are my go-to pair of boat shoes for long days on the water. One of the best and most popular pairs of fishing boots out there, the Huk Rogue Wave boots handle everything I throw at them. This slip-on style deck boot is easy to take on and off while still providing plenty of support. The inside of the boot is lined with a thin neoprene coating that keeps your feet dry and warm when it’s cold. The Rogue Waves keep my feet completely dry on my boat and have great traction even if the deck is wet. They can be submerged without allowing a single drop through. I’ve even used them turkey hunting in a pinch, and they work surprisingly well. The only downside is on hot summer days, they can be a little too warm.

Hey Dude Men’s Wally are the best boat shoes on a budget.

  • Sizes: 8-15
  • Colors: Natural Blue, Steel, Ice grey, Natural white, Slate, and many more
  • Sole Design: Manmade Sole
  • Affordable for boat shoes
  • Plenty of sizes and colors
  • Flexible sole and toe box
  • Soles lose some traction when wet

Traditional style boat shoes have been around for a long time but are notoriously not kind to the wallet. Hey Dude has solved this with the introduction of the Wally boat shoe. They are similar in design to traditional boat shoes; however, they utilize modern materials to make an affordable and comfortable shoe. Traditional boat shoes are made entirely of leather which can be sticky and uncomfortable. To solve this, the shoe features a cloth-lined inside to help keep your feet dry and comfortable in combination with a memory foam insole. The only downside to this shoe is the lack of traction on wet surfaces. It is more designed as a comfort shoe than a working boat shoe and are best for pleasure boaters or casual sailors. 

What to Consider When Choosing Boat Shoes

While any shoe can technically be a “boat shoe,” the best boat shoes are made specifically for boating with key features that address water activities. Make sure to consider these factors in order to make the best decision for the open water.


Perhaps the most important part of any shoe is it’s comfortability. This is exceptionally important for boat shoes. They must offer support for your feet all day, especially in rough conditions. But just as important, they need to be breathable to keep your feet dry and comfortable, especially if you wear them without socks. Breathability and comfortablility should be a the forefront of any boat shoe purchase. 


Spend enough time on the water and you will get wet. Boat shoes solve this problem one of two ways: They either are completely waterproof, or they are built to dry fast. Several companies make a fully waterproof shoe and offer hardworking designs that are built to withstand rough seas. These can be worn year-round but sometimes lack breathability during the hottest months. The quick-dry approach has gained popularity with modern fabrics making shoes that look like everyday wear. If they get wet, a series of mesh openings and breathable fabrics typically allow air to pass through and dry shoes within minutes in some cases.

The most important aspect of any boat shoe is sole type. The best soles keep you from slipping around a wet boat. Look for soles that are sticky with good tread or razor cut siping for added stability. In addition, many boat shoes offer models with non-marking soles. People can be quite protective of their white boat so nonmarking soles are always helpful to have.

Q: How much do boat shoes cost?

Boat shoes can vary widely in price depending on design and features. Bigger deck boots that are fully waterproof can run you upwards of $100, while simpler deck shoes are typically much less. If you are looking for a good budget option, Hey Dude makes affordable and comfortable boating shoes. However, for those uncompromising anglers that want performance, the Huk Rogue Wave shoe is my go-to.

Q: Can you wear socks with boat shoes?

Nowadays, you can wear socks with pretty much any boat shoe. Socks can make certain shoes much more comfortable, but several boat shoes may perform best without them. Shoes that are designed to get wet and dry fast work best without socks. Cotton socks will hold moisture for longer and can actually slow down the drying process. Keep this in mind when you choose what kind of boat shoe to go with.

Q: Are boat shoes waterproof?

Depending on the kind of boat shoe you choose it may or may not be waterproof. A good boat shoe is designed to be comfortable, and depending on the style of fishing it’s made for, it can be waterproof or water-resistant. For cold weather anglers that need dry feet, boat shoes are designed to keep water completely out. But if you are a summertime angler or live somewhere warm, boat shoes are designed to be water-resistant and dry fast. This is perfect for when you take a break from fishing and decide to hop in the water by the sand bar.

Q: How do I clean boat shoes?

Cleaning boat shoes depends on the shoe you have. Fabric-based shoes can be put through the washer if they are really dirty, but most shoes can simply be hosed down. Boat shoes designed to be breathable usually are best kept clean with a handwash and air drying. For other rubber-style shoes, some soap, water, and a sponge can go a long way when cleaning.

Best Boat Shoes: Final Thoughts

Boat shoes can make a big difference when you’re on the water. The right shoes are comfortable and supportive, so you can focus on fishing all day. Like any pair of shoes, each will fit differently, so trying them on is a must. Once you find a pair that fit comfortably, take time to look at the features in the shoe. Look for breathability, support, and above all, traction. Any shoe with all three is worthy of time on the water. No matter what shoe you end up going with, remember to buy what feels right to you.

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The 13 Most Comfortable Boat Shoes With Arch Support That Are Perfect for Summer Travel

Prices start at $31 for comfy picks from Sperry, Columbia, Crocs, and more.

air yacht shoes

Travel + Leisure / Tyler Roeland

Don’t be fooled. Boat shoes aren’t just for the aquatically inclined. And no, they weren’t designed solely for the country club crowds either. Sure, their trademark grip made them famous for keeping sailors stable on boat decks and their tailored look has inspired entire dress codes (i.e., never wear them with socks, make sure your shorts or pants are lighter than them, etc.). But, it didn’t take long before people realized stability and style matters more than just on a boat. These preppy shoes have comfort and versatility built into every nautical stitch, and that’s only part of why they’re becoming the most beloved travel shoe of summer . 

A well-broken-in pair of boat shoes can stand up to the highs, lows, and in-betweens of travel better than most other models. For instance, their low tongues and minimal lacing eyelets make them easy to slip off in a TSA security line, but their 360-degree lacing systems keep them in place while wandering the side streets of major cities. They even have a classic-yet-subtle look that allows them to be paired with jeans, chinos, shorts, and skirts, which means you can pack one pair of shoes to go with your entire vacation wardrobe. In fact, this travel writer once made it through a week in the South of France with just a single pair of leather Sperry’s, which actually worked better than sandals on the pebbled beaches there. You can call them deck shoes, topsiders, or whatever you will, but these travel-friendly shoes are, without a doubt, a summer staple. 

Ready to hop on the trend? Keep scrolling to explore the best boat shoes for men and women. Including top-rated picks from Sperry, Columbia, Crocs, and more, these comfortable shoes are starting at $31 and ready for any adventure.

Florsheim Men's Atlantic Boat Shoes

These slip-ons have moccasin-style toes and mirror the look of traditional loafers, but with the lacing and comfort — thanks to their cushiony OrthoLite high-rebound foam footbeds — that you’d expect from boat shoes. They are available in three colors, but it’s hard to pass up the heritage leather look of the cognac brown versions. 

One Zappos customer wrote, "It's very comfortable, easy for everyday walking, traveling, and walking. It's also very stylish and secure on my feet." 

Crocs Men’s Walu Slip-On Loafers

Although this grippy pair may be missing the top lacing of traditional boat shoes, the 360-degree elastic and moccasin-style toes have earned them a well-deserved spot in the topsider club. What's more, they come with removable microfiber inserts and arch ventilation so your feet will be comfy and dry all day long.

"They came with me to my vacation and they are the most comfortable shoes out there," one Amazon reviewer shared . "Some waiters in European restaurants were wearing them! And they travel light and take no room in the luggage, which saves on weight charges."

Columbia Women's Slackwater Boat PFG Shoes

It would take real effort to stain these canvas boat shoes. They are protected with a water- and stain-resistant guard that repels liquids and keeps these stylish slip-ons looking sharp. Also, in pure Columbia fashion, they’re ridiculously comfortable with their shock-absorbent cushioning and grippy traction. 

Skechers Women's Performance On-The-Go Flex Linen Boat Shoes

The linen design of these performance boat shoes completes any casual look. You’ll love the air-cooled insoles that will keep your feet comfy in the summer heat. They also offer impressive cushioning and support with their responsive memory foam footbeds, which absorb shock and hug your arches to prevent pain and fatigue on big walking days. 

"These shoes can be walked in for miles," according to a Zappos reviewer. "They are lightweight, and you don't need to wear socks. It's a great alternative to sandals. They give you more support and keep your feet comfortable. I wear them all the time." 

Mephisto Men's Trevis Boat Shoes

These French icons look great on a bâteau-mouche ( river boat) cruising along the Seine, but they'll also feel great literally anywhere you wear them. Comfort and style are equal with Mephisto, where shock-absorbing technology meets sleek, buttery leather exteriors.  

"These are the best-fitting shoes out of the box," one Zappos shopper exclaimed. "They felt like a pair of very comfortable broken-in shoes. Fit, style, and quality get high marks."

Hey Dude Women’s Wendy Chambray Loafers

These best-selling “loafers” are just boat shoes in disguise. After all, they have all of the makings of a quality part: two eyelets, flexible rubber soles, moccasin toes, and soft liners. Bonus: they fold in half for easy packing. Shoppers have their choice of 15 versatile colors, each providing the perfect match for your favorite jeans, shorts, dresses, skirts, and more. 

"I love these shoes," an Amazon customer raved . "They're very comfortable, lightweight, and easy to get on and off. I walked miles to the gates at Denver and Chicago without hurting my feet at all." 

Sperry Authentic Original Men’s Boat Shoes

It doesn’t get more classic than these O.G. boat shoes. Sperry invented the boat shoe back in 1934 and perfected it with details like handsewn accents, genuine leather construction, rawhide laces, and non-marking rubber soles. Whether you're spending the day on the water, walking around a new city, or running errands, these comfy and reliable shoes are ready for whatever you've got planned. 

"I purchased these for my husband for a trip to the Caribbean, and he absolutely loves the fit and the comfort," one Zappos customer shared in their review. "You cannot go wrong with Sperry, or this one in particular. They're a perfect summer color for his linen pants." 

Reef Men’s Swellsole Pier Boat Shoes

Reef took everything shoppers love about boat shoes and then added springy, contoured memory foam cushioning with arch support. The result is a ridiculously comfy shoe that you can wear straight from the box to the jet bridge. The lightweight shoes also feature sturdy anti-slip rubber soles that provide stabilization and ensure a confident stride on any surface. 

"To start, the shoes fit as expected and feel great with the insole that comes with the shoes," according to one Amazon reviewer . "Second, they are incredibly lightweight, making them easy to wear all day. Finally, I have gotten plenty of compliments." 

Rockport Men's Ports of Call Perth Boat Shoes

The most versatile boat shoes are leather ones, and this brown leather version can be dressed up or dressed down easily. Not much has changed in Rockport’s classic deck shoes over the last 30 years; they still boast the same comfortable slip-on construction that's enhanced sweat-wicking liners, padded collars and tongues, and steel shank arch reinforcements for superior midfoot support. 

"I am wearing my third pair of these shoes that I have owned over the last 10 years for six months now, and can tell you with confidence, these are the best boat shoes made," one Zappos shopper declared. "They have the most comfort, the best materials, and are very consistent… These shoes handle what you throw at them and come up smiling." 

Sperry Men’s Gold Cup Authentic Original 2-Eye Boat Shoes

These Gold Cup Sperrys take the brand's classic shoe design and step it up to even greater heights. This version features luxe lambskin linings and premium grain leather, along with everything you already know and love about Sperry boat shoes — like their deep cushioned heel cups, shock-absorbing foam midsoles, grippy rubber soles, and customizable 360-degree lacing system. 

"I Iove these shoes as they are stylish getting through airport security," an Amazon buyer commented . "They fit to size and they are actually comfy with soft foamy insoles."  

Marc Joseph New York Men's Bay Ave Boat Shoes

These Brazilian boat shoes are designed for function. They slip on and off with ease and can handle themselves in any sort of weather thanks to their rubber outsoles and washed leather exteriors. What's more, their lace-up closure provides a supportive fit that's easily customizable, and they come in three sleek colors that will elevate your go-to travel outfits. 

Columbia Men’s Bahama Vent Loco Relax Boat Shoes

For a more casual spin on the trendy travel shoes, the Columbia Bahama Vent Loco Relax Boat Shoes have the soles of running shoes with the durable makeup of a water shoe. They're lightweight and incredibly breathable for all-day wear, and you don't have to worry about changing your footwear from the beach to lunch (and whatever else is on your itinerary). 

"I spend a lot of time standing on the deck of my bass boat fishing," one Amazon reviewer explained . "These shoes are great because they have a decent cushioned insole. They also have great water drainage." 

Skechers Performance On-The-Go Flex Canvas Boat Shoes

Somehow Skechers managed to outdo the boat shoe with this navy and brown topsider. There’s even an anchor on the back to solidify the nautical theme, adding to the weatherproof canvas and leather construction. As their name suggests, the On-The-Go Flex boat shoes boast lightweight, flexible silhouettes that move with your unique foot gait for all-day comfort. Their lace-up design also guarantees an optimal fit. 

"I purchased these to use as legitimate boat shoes for sailing," a Zappos customer began their review. "They are comfortable, non-skid, and stylish. The toe box is wide enough to be comfortable and not squish my toes." 

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Cruising Sea

Best Boat Shoes For Sailing-The Perfect Blend of Fit!

Best Boat Shoes For Sailing 2023

Who doesn’t like to go barefoot on a boat? After all, it’s relaxing and comfortable. But the problem when going barefoot is that your feet are more exposed to injuries and burns, which you don’t want. So to keep your feet in good shape,  it would be better to wear shoes but not just any. You need a good pair of boating footwear that is comfortable, stable, grippy, waterproof, and dries quickly.

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to choosing a pair of shoes, I always look for the best quality, even though I have to pay a higher price. At least, I am sure that I don’t just throw money out the window, and I get what I paid for.

However, there are several things to consider when choosing a good pair of boating footwear, and it’s not always easy to find the ones that correspond to your needs. Here is a list of the 12 best boat shoes for sailing in 2023 to help you make the best decision!

Post Updated: 15 January 2023

This post contains affiliate links. If you use these links to buy something, we may earn a commission. Thanks.”

  • TOP PICK: KEEN Men’s Newport H2
  • BEST RATED: Sperry Mens Bahama Ii
  • ALSO GREAT: Columbia Men’s Bahama Vent PFG Boat Shoe

Table of Contents

1. Keen Newport Boating Sandals

There is no doubt that you’ll feel great the moment you’ll put these sandals on your feet! They are so comfy that you could find yourself still wearing them in the winter.

Whether it is for sailing, hiking, biking, fishing, walking, or working, the Keen men’s H2 sandal will always make your feet happy!

These shoes provide comfort and are designed to protect feet against injuries. There are many sorts of boating sandals out there, but Keen did an excellent job by including all the characteristics sailors would have ever dreamed of.

Average Rank: 4.7 out of 5

KEEN Men's Newport H2 Closed Toe Water Sandals

  • Excellent for sailing trips, water sports, and all kinds of outdoor activities
  • The sole provides exceptional traction on wet surfaces.
  • Easy to slip on and off
  • Easy to go from land to water and vice-versa
  • The closed-toe design helps prevents feet injuries
  • Pebble and sand can get in the sandals easily.
  • They are more pricey than regular sandals, but they are worth every penny!
  • The nylon dries quicker than the ladder version.

Final word!

The Newport H2 is so strong that you can look forward to wearing them many years from the moment you open the box!

2. Sperry Men’s Bahama Ii Boat Shoe

The Sperry men’s Bahama II is a comfortable pair of boat shoes made of undyed canvas material, making them comfortable to wear all day.

These high-end boat shoes have a nice hand-sewn construction with Rawhide lace. It’s a strong leather made from dairy cows, making them very souple and durable.

The eyelets on these shoes are rustproof, so even if they get in contact with salt water, they won’t get any corrosion stains. They are also machine washable, which simplifies life—no need to clean them by hand, although they are very easy to clean and dry fast. 

These have a non-marking rubber outsole with molded wave-sipping technology. So you can be sure these will keep your feet stable on the deck or other surfaces. Plus, they don’t leave any marks. 

Average Rank: 4.6 out of 5

Sperry Men's Bahama II Boat Shoe, SW White, 7 M US

  • Grip exceptionally well
  • Machine washable
  • Some users said that they rubbed against the heel.
  • Several reviewers reported that they fit a half size too big.

Final Words

The Sperry Bahama Ii fits great. It’s lightweight and breathable.  

As you can see by the rating, people love these boat shoes. They felt like walking around on bare feet so much that they were comfortable.

On top of that, they are stylish and durable, and if you take care of them well, they will last for years.

3. Columbia Men’s Bahama Boat Shoe

If you often go fishing, kayaking, boating, or hiking, having a great pair of water shoes designed for both function and comfort is what you may be looking for.

The Columbia Bahamas shoes are waterproof, stain-resistant, and have a full-grain leather and canvas construction, making them breathable, lightweight, and comfortable to wear all day. The insole is mesh and cushiony, providing excellent support for walking around towns, islands, and on the beach.

Plus, the insole is removable, which is practical if you need to replace it with orthotics or wash it separately. Not to mention, the mesh has tiny ventilated holes that allow exceptional ventilation. No doubt that these shoes will keep your feet cool all day in the summer—the sole features holes on the sides to enable the water to escape. According to many reviewers, they drain water sand, and pebbles nicely.

The Columbia Bahama is a slip-on shoe; thanks to the strap at the back, you can put them on and off quickly without effort. Another great feature is the Omni-Grip outsole; it’s a multi-terrain traction system built into the rubber outsole to maximize grip on wet surfaces. These come in multiple colors and sizes, giving you lots of choices.

Columbia PFG Men's Bahama Vent PFG Boat Shoe, Waterproof & Breathable Shoe, ti Titanium/Pool, 8.5 Regular US

  • Comfortable
  • Drain water, sand, and pebbles nicely
  • Lightweight
  • A few customers reported that they run a little large.
  • Several buyers said the seams came apart after a few days of wearing them.
  • Some users wished the shoes were more ventilated.

The Columbia Bahamas is a stylish slip-on shoe that is comfortable and keeps feet aerated all day. Plus, they dry super fast and are very easy to wash. In short, the perfect pair of water shoes for boating or enjoying watersports in the summer.

4. Sperry Top-Sider Escape Bungee

There are so many good things to say about the Sperry Top-Sider Escape Bungee.

Light, airy, comfortable, and stylish are the primary qualities that this fantastic pair of boat shoes provide!

Not only you’ll be able to use them for boating but also for many other activities without feeling you have shoes on.

Average Rank: 3.9 out of 5

Sperry Women's H2O Escape Grey Size 9.5

  • The footbed is removable.
  • They provide great traction on a wet fiberglass deck.
  • These boat shoes absorb shock, preventing back and foot pain thanks to their anti-shock and vibration technology.
  • Ultra quick drying
  • Ultra Lightweight
  • The soles deteriorate quickly if wearing them often.

They look good. They are comfortable and ultra-lightweight. In other words, these are perfect for boating and outdoor activities. What more can you ask for?

5. Sperry Sea Kite Sports Boat Shoe

Whether to spend time on the water, look great on any occasion, or practice any sports activities, the Sperry Sea Kite Sports Boat Shoe will always astonish you!

It is a mix of sailing and walking shoes that are extremely comfortable to wear with or without socks!

Average Rank: 4.5 out of 5

Sperry Mens Sea Kite Sport Moc Boat Shoe, Grey, 7

  • Provide more support than any other regular Sperry shoes
  • The extra support help maximize protection against irritations to the ankles
  • Excellent traction
  • Extremely durable
  • The removable insole is made of synthetic fabric and not leather
  • They are a bit narrow compared to other regular shoes, but after wearing them for a few days, they stretch out.

Final world!

The Sea Kite is an all-in-one and exceptional shoe at a great price!

6. Adidas Climacool Boat Lace

I am sure you’ve already heard of Adidas…who hasn’t:)

This Brand has never really disappointed anyone as far as I know, including me, and continues to surprise me with the new pair of sailing footwear, Adidas Climacool Boat Lace!

These shoes are mainly designed for boating as well as for all kinds of watersports, as they have all the features that sailors need. They drain and dry fast; they grip fantastically, and they are ultra-lightweight!

adidas outdoor Men's Climacool Boat Lace-M, Core Black/Chalk, 6.5 M US

  • They dry fast
  • Nice looking shoes
  • The mesh inner sole makes the shoes very comfortable
  • The holes in the bottom of the shoes allow the water out easily
  • Easy to slip them on and off
  • Provide great traction
  • Wearing them without socks may irritate the feet.
  • Pebbles and sand can get under the insole, which may make them uncomfortable to wear.
  • They are not designed to walk on land for extended periods

Overall, it’s a good pair of shoes. These are designed for boating and all sorts of watersports, but I wouldn’t suggest using them for any outdoor activities!

7. Columbia Powerdrain

If you want to spoil your feet, then look no further than the Columbia Powerdrain. These shoes will exceed all your expectations regarding comfort, lightness, and traction! These are excellent for water sports use, but I’ve heard from various people that they use them as well for many onshore activities, and they are very happy with the product.

One of them even said that she wouldn’t have to pack different pairs of shoes as she finds all she needs in the Columbia Powerdrain. She must have saved lots of space in her baggage!

  Average Rank: 4.5 out of 5

Columbia Women's Powerdrain Water Shoe,Black/Hanalei,5 M US

  • The Omni-Freeze ZERO technology allows drains water
  • Dry quickly, thanks to the external TPU frame support
  • Provide excellent support
  • Ultra lightweight
  • The insole may come out when wearing them for a while without socks.
  • Pebbles and sand may get inside the shoes
  • Not designed for walking long distances

The Columbia Powerdrain is an excellent pair of shoes for water sports activities

8. Sperry Top-Sider Men’s ASV Shock Boat Shoe

This is Sperry’s first performance boat shoe with new innovations perfect for days in the water. Athletic-designed footwear with a super lightweight feature that will keep your feet comfortable all day. They have an Adaptive Wave-Siping™, providing awesome traction on wet surfaces. The ASV Technology reduces vibration and shock while walking. The Removable full-length Molded Footbed provides the ultimate comfort for the feet.

Average Rank: 4.2 out of 5

Sperry Men's ASV Shock Lite Bungee Boat Shoe,Grey,11.5 M US

  • Its ultra-lightweight design makes it easy to walk with.
  • The mesh upper fits snuggly to the feet.
  • Perfect for any surface because of the rubber sole
  • Easy to wear for its adjustable bungee.
  • The heel cushion gives the perfect arch support to your feet.
  • Due to its nylon and mesh upper design, the frays go off easily.
  • Not the type of shoes that last for years

If you are looking for a boat shoe that is easy to wear, comfortable, and looks stylishly athletic at the same time, Sperry Top-Sider Men’s ASV Shock Light Bungee is for you. However, the nylon/mesh design does not last long as it wears and tears in a few months of continuous use. Thus, not a long-term investment.

9. Irish Setter Lakeside

These are rugged boat shoes that are meant to keep your feet dry and bring you comfort. They feature a Dynamic Spine System intended to reduce fatigue, absorbing the shock on the sole and non-marking rubber sole to keep your balance on any surface. These are rugged distressed shoes that do not only provide support but flexibility too.

Irish Setter Men's Lakeside Slip-On Boat Shoe size 11 Brown

  • More than a boat shoe, it can be worn for business casual attire, with or without socks.
  • It has a superior grip on most surfaces.
  • Easy to wear as it is a slip-on.
  • Durability. It can stand the test of time.
  • Sturdy and well-constructed
  • Not available in another color.
  • Not suitable for long walking or running

Finale Words!

This is a versatile boat shoe that is not limited to fishing and sailing, a perfect investment for any man in their wardrobe. The design, although limited in color, gives off an overall rugged look without the discomfort as the shoe keeps you safe, dry, and comfortable at the same time.

10. Skechers Performance Women’s Go Step-Seashore Boating Shoe

Made of 100% Textile with Rubber Soles to keep your balance and grip on any surface. The Skechers GoImpulse Sensor Technology provides flexibility to the sole. It has Goga Max insole. A lightweight shoe with cushion memory for maximum comfort.

Skechers Go Performance Women Size 7.5

  • The design is classically stylish and comfortable. You can wear them anywhere.
  • The slip-on feature makes it easy to wear.
  • Durable, as seen on the stitches on the shoes.
  • Super lightweight
  • You can choose from leather to canvas style.
  • No built arch support
  • Not advisable for people who use orthotics

Final Words!

The Skechers Performance Boat Shoes are perfect for the adventurous office worker who wants to use them in the office and the great outdoors. However, they might not suit people with foot problems who require the use of orthotics.

11. Skechers Performance Women’s On-The-Go Flagship Slip-On Boat Shoe

The On-The-Go Flagship Slip-On is made of perforated synthetic upper material with a slip-on lace-up design. Moc toe. The Goga Mat™ technology and Resalyte™ Midsole provide comfort on the sole due to its lightweight features. Flexible outsole. It has a soft fabric lining and lightweight and responsive cushioning.

Skechers Performance Womens On-The-Go Unwind Walking Shoe,Natural Plaid,5.5 M US

  • It has Arch support better than other shoes.
  • Lightweight and feels like you are walking on clouds.
  • Memory foam that gives ultimate comfort
  • Perfect for outdoor adventures like mud fishing, trails, and pavement walking
  • Cost cheaper than the regular Skechers
  • Some shoes were reported to have odor problems
  • Run a bit wide on the heel

Skechers Performance Women’s On-The-Go Flagship Slip-On Boat Shoe is perfect for stylish women who want to keep using the same shoe indoors and outdoors. Odor problems can be easily fixed with footpowder, so overall, this is a staple in every woman’s wardrobe. Be classy and chic while sailing.

12. ALEADER Men’s Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes

Aleader has drainage ports to drain water. These shoes are super light and dry in no time. They have rubber pods for additional traction offering foot performance for water sports or water aerobics activities. FluidFlow Technology. The upper mesh material provides excellent drainage through the small holes and insole, allowing quick drying. These boat shoes allow exceptional airflow, keeping your feet cool in the summer. Great rubber outsole and Solyte midsole, enhancing comfort and traction.

Average Rank: 4.4 out of 5

ALEADER Men's Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes

  • The holes in the bottom drain out water thoroughly
  • They dried out quickly.
  • Comfortable due to the ComforDry sock liner and arch support.
  • Provides excellent traction.
  • Lightweight and easy to pack.
  • The soles collect rocks and debris.
  • Getting it wet and sandy provides a scratchy feeling on the feet

Acqua shoes are perfect for any water activities as they drain water and dry easily. However, it does not bring the same comfort as other boat shoes with a thick soles. Recommended for those quick trips at the beach and for water sports such as sailing, but not to be used in pebbly or sandy terrain.

Guide to Choosing the Right Pair of Boat Shoes 

Boat shoes or also known as deck shoes and topsiders, are usually made with canvas and leather. But, if you are getting leather boat shoes, get a half-size smaller than the average size. You want your shoes to be snug to your fit, especially if you choose to be sockless. Also, add some allowance for your toes to wiggle in.

The boat shoes are a classic piece in any man’s wardrobe that can be worn day and night. It comes in canvas and leather. However, leather gives you the vintage preppy vibe that is a unique feature of boat shoes. Leathers are also known to be durable and dressier than canvas. As this is worn for sailing, waterproof materials are preferred.

The “classic pull-up leather” called Horween Chromexcel, or CXL, is the preferred leather type known for its elasticity and softness. Compared to other types of leather, Chromexcel breaks in faster, thus, more comfortable for the feet.

Non-slip sole

The sole non-slip feature of boat shoes is what led to its inception when Paul Sperry, a former Navy Sailor, tried to find a way to avoid skidding in his boat. He experimented with several materials, such as black rubber soles. It was until he noticed his dog Prince running over icy water without sliding that he had his a-ha moment. This led to the conception of the herringbone pattern of sipes (slits) in 1923. This siping pattern, initially created by cutting slits on the rubber sole, provides better traction on wet surfaces.

From the black rubber soles come the white sole with herringbone pattern and brown color that gave the classic boat shoe look.

Leather is treated with oil to become water-repellant and stainproof. The shoe is handsewn and has 360-degree lacing running through 2-3 eyelets to tighten the shoes. The 360-degree profile allows you to cinch the laces to tighten the shoe.

Once broken in, boat shoes are very comfortable on the feet, which is why it is often worn sockless. To break in your boat shoe, allow a week to a month for the shoe to stretch out a bit to widen. The temporary discomfort will pay off with a shoe that will snuggle to your feet perfectly.

Tip: Do not use the shoe for long-distance travel during the 1st few days, as this will hurt your feet. Best to use it in the afternoon, walking around your house, or for short walks. Remember, it only loosens the width but not the length.

Non-marking sole

As for how it was invented initially, the white rubber sole does not leave any mark on boat decks. This feature is very important for sailors. After all, no one would want to leave marks on a beautiful teak deck or fiberglass boat.

From a white-colored sole, it has evolved into different colors, mostly representative of the summer colors. Despite the change of color, the non-marking feature is still kept for boat sailing purposes.

Where to Buy Boat Shoes for Sailing?

The boat shoes being a staple in men’s and even women’s wardrobe has broken in the international fashion world. Here are some of the shops in America where you can buy boat shoes. Quoddy MTO, Stockists, Rancourt Shop, Russell Moccasin Co, Oak Street Shop, Sperry Made in Maine, Orvis, Redwing Germany, Skechers, and of course, Amazon.

With the increasing popularity of online shopping, boat shoes are available on different e-commerce sites. Be aware, though, of imitations that could leave a bad experience. Make sure to make use of the guides listed earlier for the authentic boat shoe purchase.

Can I Wear Socks With Boat Shoes?

Going sockless is how boat shoes are traditionally worn. Once originally for sailing, wearing socks with boat shoes paired with shorts and a polo shirt will give you a fashion run. For those people with sweaty feet, you can use cotton inserts for comfort.

There is no absolute rule in using socks. Just because it was a tradition, it doesn’t mean there is no way around it. For those who find discomfort in being sockless, there are what you call no-show or foot socks that can be worn with the shoes. A dark hose is ideal for such an occasion. But for the majority, going sockless is still the trend for that classic preppy look.

Who Are Boat Shoes for?

Originally, boat shoes are designed for the gentlemen sailors out there ready to conquer the wave on their yachts. Through the years, these slip-on had swept over the fashion world, taking over the coastal areas of the United Kingdom, Spain, Netherlands, Canada, United States, Australia, Argentina, China, Italy, France, and Portugal. From then, it became a fashion trend from outside the decks to the walking streets in everyday fashion ensembles.

Why Wear Boat Shoes?

Today, women and men of all ages are rocking the boat shoes both on and off the deck. It has a classic preppy look that you can wear from morning to night. For that 80s look, you can pair them French tolled jeans for men and a V-neck sweater for women.

For the modern preppy look, pair it up with shorter-length pants and a polo for the men. For the best pair, go for boat shoes and chinos. That is for the smart casual look. Looking for a challenge? Pair it with a semi-formal look by choosing a complementary shoe with your suit.

For that natural look, jeans and boat shoes are the perfect pairs as long as worn in a similar tone. For women, it is more versatile as you can pair them with your dress or trousers with a blouse. You can never go wrong with such an ensemble.

More than fashion, it is very functional and a must-have staple in your wardrobe.

Boat shoes are still in trend these days as long as you stick to the classic look. Or, if you can pull it off with the pastel colors, then that’s great news! Wear it every day or even when traveling. Great for the summer days and even in the cooler weather. You can hop on and off the yacht and still look fantastic in this quintessential classic pair.

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What are your favorite boating shoes? Please, feel free to share your experience in the comment below.

Picture of Daniella

Daniella has been passionate about travel, the sea, and nature for many years. As a child, she frequently traveled throughout the Mediterranean and continued with her journeys throughout her adult life.

Her experiences have created the desire within her to share her love for traveling with other passionate and adventurers who want to discover beautiful horizons and new cultures.

56 thoughts on “Best Boat Shoes For Sailing-The Perfect Blend of Fit!”

These are really nice options. I’m normally are barefooted kind of guy myself but I’m kind of leaning towards the Columbia Powerdrain. From the info, i get how strong the shoe material is but what about the shoe lace, do they become brittle or affected in anyway after coming into contact with water so frequently?

The Climacool are water shoes and were made especially for boating and water sport. These are extremely comfortable in the water, but not on land. Both Climacool and Columbia Powerdrain are suitable for watersports and last a long time. I am sure you will enjoy both of them. To answer your question, any shoes you’ll use frequently will deteriorate quicker. Also, it depends on what you’ll do with them, but overall, both are fabulous shoes.

I hope it helped and, please don’t hesitate to contact me if you wish to know more info:) I’ll be glad to help! Thank you for the comment and wish you a great day!

This may be a really bad question but how do you feel Crocs stack up against these sailing shoes? I wore these extensively during a voyage to Antarctica and really enjoyed them. I can see that having more support would be handy sailing as Crocs can easily come off if the band comes lose behind the ankles. Personally I really like the look of the Adidas shoe here but it is unfortunate they do not offer as much as some of the other shoes here. Is the Keen Newport Boating Sandal comfortable on land?

Hi Francis,

I love Crocs, and I own a few pairs myself. I wouldn’t suggest wearing Crocs on any wet surfaces. These are slippy and can be extremely dangerous! I’ve slipped several times and I’ve almost killed myself. I am not the only one. It happened to all my friends as well as to my husband and my children. I still wear them but only on dry surfaces.

The Keen Sandals are absolutely fantastic and comfortable to wear all day and everywhere. These are non-slip shoes and are made of very strong material. I have a pair of Keen sandals since four years, and they are still comfortable and look awesome, and I have worn them on rough areas.

I hope it helped and if you need more info, don’t hesitate to leave a message in the comment below. I’ll be back to as soon as possible!

Thank you for the comment and wish you a lovely day!

Hey, Danielle, I’m so happy I came across your site! I’m looking to go on a Sailing Journey around South East Asia and I’m looking for the best footwear for myself.

I actually need orthotics which require me to have a deep and wider shoe. Which of these shoes do you recommend that is deeper and wider fitting?

How nice, I wish you a fantastic sailing trip!

If you need orthotic shoes, I would definitely suggest you check the Keen Sandals, most of them feature removable insoles, which is ideal for your feet.

I hope it helped and if you need more information, don’t hesitate to contact me, I’ll be glad to assist!

Thank you for the comment and wish you a wonderful day!

These shoes sound really useful. Sometimes I like to walk on the beach or go boating or other water-related activities that require shoes. Regular shoes aren’t obviously good enough. Crocs are good but they don’t have a good grip on your feet. These shoes seem like they have the best of both qualities – they are waterproof and they are durable in water areas. Great review!

Crocs are great to wear in certain areas, but I wouldn’t suggest to wear them on wet surfaces especially after wearing them for a while as the outsole deteriorates with the time and they get really slippy. I never wear Crocs on any wet surface!

Yes, the shoes listed in the article have excellent support and hold well the feet.

The Sperry sea kite shoes look amazing! Great looks as well as what seems like great quality. Definitely my first choice! It’s good that they provide good arch support, because I have big arches.

Would this shoe also be good for everyday use? I tend to not have too many pairs of shoes, and use the same pair for many different things. Is this a good all around walking shoe as well? Would be good to use on rainy days.

Indeed, the Sperry Sea Kite are amazing shoes!  Since they provide excellent arch support, you can wear them for walking. Also, they are slip resistant, thus grip wet surfaces. These are water resistant. So yes,  you can wear them in the rain, but I wouldn’t suggest using them for swimming or kayaking since they are not waterproof. 

I hope it helped:) Let me know if you need more info. I am always happy to help!  Thank you for the comment and wish you all the best!

I had no idea that Adidas made boat shoes. I grew up wearing Sperry’s. They were great on the boat and just a good everyday shoe. As the years went by, I needed more arch support so I got away from Sperry. I’m definitely going to check out Sea Kite. Sperry has always made a quality shoe. It will be good to wear one with a bit of an arch. 🙂

Yes, Adidas make boat shoes too and great ones!  The Sea Kite offers excellent arch support, and they are cute! I am sure you will love them:)

Thank you for the comment and wish you a fantastic day!

Hi Daniella,

I’m wondering if these shoes are made for males or females, or are they unisex? I was also wondering if these shoes would be good on a cruise or would they not be the kind of shoes I need!?

Hi Diane, Thank you for passing by:) Most of the shoes that are listed in the article are designed for women except the Sperry Sea Kite Sports Boat Shoe and the Keen Newport Boating Sandals, which are available on Amazon in women version. These shoes feature non-marking soles and are slip resistant. Meaning they grip well on wet surfaces and they don’t leave any marks on boats.But that may not be a concern for you if the trip is on a cruise:). If you plan to do excursions on land, then you’ll need versatile shoes like the Keen sandals or the Sperry Top-Sider or Colombia Powerdrain. Here is another article about the best water shoes for women , you may take a look.

I hope it helped and, please, don’t hesitate to contact me with any question. I’ll be more than happy to assist!

Thank you for the comment and wish you a fantastic cruising experience:)

Hi Daniella. This is really useful. I have been invited out sailing on a cabin cruiser and although I love the sea, I am a rank amateur . I have high arches to my feet and usually use a bit of arch support. which would you recommend for that. We are not planning to do much on dry land, just sailing and swimming. (Somewhere warm I understand.) Thanks for the review.

I am glad you found this article useful! All the shoes listed in the article are designed for sailing and water sports. If you plan on doing loads of water sports, I would suggest you the  Columbia Powerdrain and they provide great support.

I hope it helped. Let me know if you need to know further info. I am always happy to help!

Thank you for the comment t and wish you all the best!

I found your article very informative. I have only been on a boat a couple of times in my life. Don’t remember what kind of shoes I was wearing. I do know that most people wear shoes about one-third of their life, and if they’re not comfortable or don’t fit right it can be a very miserable experience. You explained quite a variety of shoes, why they are the best and the good they do for your feet. I will have to check them out for the future and will direct others to your wonderful Website, thanks again for the info.

I am glad you found the article useful! Indeed, if the shoes don’t fit the foot, it can be painful. That’s why it’s important to choose the right size:) Thank you for sharing the site with others, and for the comment!

I wish you a fantastic day!

I really like the Sperry Top-Sider Escape Bungee. I was wondering why you only gave it a 3.5 out of 5 stars? That makes me question if I should pick a different one, LOL. Also do you know if this shoe comes in a wide fit? I have kind of a wide foot and too narrow of a shoe is just not comfortable to me. The price is not too bad though.

The Sperry Top-Sider Escape Bungee is a fantastic pair of shoes. You have an excellent taste:)  The rate is 3.9 out 5 which is great because only a dozen of reviewers has given their opinion on these shoes. The more the amount of reviewers arises, the higher the rate will be unless the product is not good at all. Then it would be the opposite. You can do a lot of things with the Bungee, these are incredibly comfortable, and they are true to size. If you have wide feet and not sure about the size, you should try them out in an offline store before you order them online. This way you’ll be reassured:) As for the price, they are well worth it!

I hope it helped. Don’t hesitate to contact me with any question. I’ll be more than happy to assist!

Hi Daniella, Despite the fact that I have never actually been sailing, I do have to say that there were two pairs of shoes here that you have reviewed that I most certainly have no problem wearing them.

The shoes looked really good and if you didn’t know they were sailing shoes, I would say that you would never guess either.

Thanks for showing me these and I will keep this post in mind for future use. I know that you said that some of these shoes are more expensive, I always believe though that you only get what you pay for.

Indeed, some of the shoes that are listed in the article can be wear for everyday use. For example, the Sperry Sea Kite, the Keen and the Sperry Top-Sider are extremely comfortable to wear for walking. All of them have non-sliping and non-marking outsole which is extremely important when sailing as the deck’s boats are often wet and susceptible to scratch. Indeed, prices vary depending on the shoes, and yes, you get what you pay for:).

Thanks Daniella, thank you for this article. I myself am a keen sailor however since breaking a toe I have been far more sensitive on boats as it just needs time to heal but I’m also not prepared to not sail for 8 or more weeks!

This article I found very helpful and am keen to try your recommendation of Adidas Climacool Boat Lace as although practical it was the most fun in terms of design, being a gal and all, aesthetics are also important.

Thanks for sharing!

You are very welcome, there! Contrary to what many sailors think, feet injuries happen quite often on boats. Going barefoot is fun and agreeable, but not safe! The Climacool Boat Lace is the perfect pair of shoes to go sailing. They grip incredibly well, they are lightweight and they drain water out very quickly.With these on your feet, you’ll feel like you are going barefoot! Great choice!

Thak you for the comment and wish you a quick recovery and wonderful sailing trip!

I’m planning on spending a lot of time in our small boat fishing and crabbing. Doing these activities you get wet…obviously. 🙂

I get tired of wearing my rubber boats all the time. Especially during the summer and fall when it can get hot. I want me feet to breath, so I started looking for alternatives and came across this post.

I really like the Keen. It’s the only one you reviewed that looks like it could handle a “working” boat. Any idea how these would do in salt water? Also, love that I can pop off the boat and walk a few miles on the beach in these!

Thanks for the review. Very helpful!!!

The Keen sandals are excellent to go boating. These are extremely versatile. You can use them for many purposes. To answer your question, salt is the number one enemy. It destroys many things. So don’t expect from even the best quality shoes to last for a long time after using them in salt water. If you want to keep the Keen sandals in good shape, you need to rinse them with clear water after having exposed them to seawater.

I hope it helps! Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any question, I’ll be more than happy to assist!

Great review! These shoes are really awesome though I like to walk about on the beach or boat in shoes ever since I kicked my barefoot on the the rock. You have listed great boots up here. Though Crocs are good too but I don’t like them because they lack grip on feet. I like the shoes up here for the qualities and especially because of their durability and most importantly, waterproof. Thanks

You are very welcome! Let me know if you need help. I’ll be more than happy to assist.

Thank you for the comment and wish a lovely day

Wow, this is a really good list of the best boat shoes. I had a hard time choosing which shoes I should pick out. Everything there is just awesome but I had to pick the Columbia Powerdrain  because it looks like my favourite crocs home ware and seeing that it works well on the socks is good and it also has very good soles. I’ll be going yatching this weekend and I’m sure this shoes will be the best for my adventure. Thank you for the review.

Hi Henderson,

Great choice! The Columbia Powerdrain will meet your expectation!

Thank you for the comment and wish you a fantastic sailing trip!

Awesome article, I think I got my eyes on the Columbia Powerdrain. Already ordered it. Hopefully it doesn’t disappoint me. I will come back and tell you how it is in real life.

I really love the colour, the sea like colour just makes me feel like I should be wearing that whenever I go to the beach or sailing.

Excellent, I am sure you’ll love the Columbia Powerdrain. They are comfortable and provide great support.

Thank you for passing by, and I hope you enjoy the rest of your day.

The Columbia Powerdrain definitely seems like the way to go, as there are many pros and all the cons can be easily adjusted. I’m one of those people that likes to simply have one overall pair of shoes for the day, so would the Columbia brand be good for other activities as well, so long as there’s not too much distance involved?

Definitely, the Columbia Powerdrain can suit for water sports as well as for light hiking and boating. They are incredibly comfortable and lighweight too.

I hope it helped!

Thanks for this article. My two brother-in-laws live in Florida and both of them recently purchased boats. I was thinking of a good gift idea for them because I am sure they will need all the boating essentials. I figured the right boat shoes would be something they would want and need, without even realizing it. Based on these reviews, I now have a good idea as to which kind would suit them best (Sperry Sea Kite). Really glad I came across your post, saved me a lot of time!! Thanks again!

The Sperry Sea Kite is a versatile shoe; you can wear them for various outdoor activities apart from sailing. I am sure your brother-in-law will love this gift!

Thank you for the comment and wish you a great day!

Hello Daniella, this post comes as a savior to me. I love sailing alot and I’ve also been wounded alot by different stuffs in the boat. Why? I love when my feet’s are free during sailing. As much as I like these legs to be free I don’t like being in pain from wounds. Seeing these cool suggestions makes me really happy and a big thanks to you for that. I’ve however decided to go for the Keen H2 sandal because I can still have that freedom in my feet while sailing. Thanks for this beautiful suggestions. 

You are very welcome!

Great choice, the Keen sandals are fantastic for sailing as well as for outdoor trip!

I used to do a lot of boating mostly on lakes ( waterskiing and fishing ) I was always one to wear something in the way of a running shoe rather than going barefoot. You show an amazing selection of boat shoes on your site. I recently have been asked to go sailing with a friend I met recently at a 55+ apartment building and wonder if you could recommend something for a beginner sailor. I am diabetic and realize the importance of looking after my feet

All of the shoes listed in the article are great for beginners. You can choose whatever you like. If you have diabetes, I would recommend a shoe that is breathable with excellent support. The Sperry Top-Sider ASV Shock, Columbia Powerdrain and the Sperry Top-Sider Escape will be perfect for you. I hope it helped. Let me know if you need help. I’ll be more than happy to assist. Thank you for the comment and wish you all the best!

Best Boat Shoes for Sailing-The perfect blend of it is a piece of good educational information on which one to use in the boat. Primarily, I do not believe in wearing anything as it would have more steadiness ain engaging my movement in this kind of dumpy, wet and slippery condition. Among the shoes mentioned from big companies like Sketcher, Columbia even Adidas, I would choose Keen Newport Boating Sandals. The first thing is the general safety and protection of using shoes or sandals and though pricey it makes the wetness easily go dry, and easy to slip in and slip on and the design is good to my taste. Way to go. Something to think about when I go sailing.

Keen Newport is one of the most popular sandals used for sailing as they provide excellent features. Sailors love Keen sandals!

I am sure you will too:)

Let me know if you need help. I’ll be more than happy to assist.

Thank you for the comment and wish you a nice day.

Great post you have here, and I really find it difficult to make a selection here from this list you have shared here. Thank you so much for sharing this excellent review. Well! I think the next possible thing that is judicious to do is to choose a pair of boating shoes for my sailing trips. I would love to buy Keen Newport Boating Sandals. Do they leave marks on the deck?

It looks rather awesome. Thank you

Hi Rodarrick,

Thank you for stopping by!

Keen Newport features nonmarking soles, mines doesn’t leave any marks on the deck. I am very happy with them!

Thank you for the comment and I wish you a lovely day!

So many shoes and I love shoes but even better, sailing shoes, as I’m on boats all the time. You are so correct in that you really need something that is lightweight, drys quickly, and looks great. Girls especially like to look cool onboard and you offer great advice on some really lovely water shoes. My pick is a pair of Skechers as they are really classy.

I enjoyed reviewing all the shoes and would buy them when mine wear out. I even liked some of the men’s shoes too.

As a matter of fact, I do sometimes wear men’s shoes when I don’t find the model I want for women:) But who cares as long as we are comfortable wearing them. 

Skechers provide excellent support and comfort to the feet. So I highly recommend them.

Thanks for the comment, and I wish you a lovely day!

Hey Daniella. Very interesting article. To be fair I’m just starting ma adventure with sailing and posts like this are extremely useful. Proper clothes and shoes not only provided comfort on boat but first of all guarantee safety of everyone. Thank you for you detailed review, looking forward to test some of your recommendations in practice.

That’s great; I am sure you’ll enjoy your adventure very much!

Yes, it’s important to wear good shoes when sailing if you want to protect your feet and be comfortable – although many sailors sail barefoot:). So it really depends on your preferences. Thank you for the comment and wish you a great day!

Hi, thank you for sharing this article. Looking and reading through your post I find a pair of mine the Skechers which I am in love with them, wow, so super. But my partner has the Keen sandals. Although we are not sailing he just loves these sandals and just can wait for the summer to come to wear them. Love this topic. Just one question: do you think that Keen has also sandals for women or should I buy my size from men as I really like them?

I am glad you enjoyed the reading:)

Sure, you can find the same model for women as well. And yes, you’ll have to choose your size from women.

Great choice. Keen is the most popular one on the list. 

Let me know if you have questions; I’ll be more than happy to assist.

Thank you for the comment, and I wish you a lovely day.

Very informative article on boat shoes, I’d be certainly checking it out later, as I’m about to get a speed boat license soon. 

Are these shoes all have protection against slippery floors? I’ve seen a few of them have this as a pro, but not all of them and the ones I kinda liked and like to wear didn’t have that highlighted.

I would just assume they all have that feature.

Thanks for the detailed information,

All the best,

That’s awesome! I’m sure you’ll have lots of fun on the water!

All of these shoes listed have an excellent grip, but not all have non-marking soles. So when choosing a pair, make sure it suits your needs:)

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I am always happy to assist.

I used to rock the Columbia powerdrains but I got sick of them for pretty much the same reasons you mention in the cons list, they are terrible for long-distance traveling and one of my favorite things to do on the beach is take nature walks.

I might take a closer look at those Sperry Sea Kite Sports Boat Shoe, they might serve my exploration needs. If they don’t, do you have any recommendations on boat shoes that are good for land/sand prevention?

The Keen sandals are absolutely fantastic for walking long distances. You can wear them from water to land and vice versa. It is highly recommended.

If you need more help, please let me know. I’ll be more than happy to assist.

Thank you for the comment, and I wish you a great day.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when we think of boat shoes? For many of us, it’s the idea of summer, relaxing on a lazy afternoon with friends, or the freedom of not having to wear our ordinary shoes or boots. However, that is a mistake. And I have learned it in a funny and a bit unpleasant way. After making up my mind I need boat shoes I landed on your post. I think I will choose the Columbia Men’s Bahama boat shoe. I love their design. And being comfortable is all-important.

I may need to buy another pair for more work-driven activities in the sea. Which of these would be the best pair for work (safety reasons)?

Thank you for passing by and the comment.  I would definitely choose the Keen or Irish Setter or Sperry Sea Kite; these shoes are very sturdy and will hold hard use at sea.

I hope it helped and if you have more questions, I’ll be happy to assist.

I wish you a lovely day.

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Yachting Monthly

  • Digital edition

Yachting Monthly cover

Best boat shoes: From leather deck shoes to deck trainers

  • Laura Hodgetts
  • April 10, 2024

When picking the best boat shoes, it's often a choice between traditional moccasins that look the part but lack support and cushioning, or modern deck trainers that cover the sporty angle but are not understated. Is there a happy medium?


The nautical look never fails to triumph on the fashion circuit, which is why the best boat shoes – or deck shoes, as they are more commonly known in the boating world – are now as popular on the high street as they are on the water.

Given the fact the classic leather deck shoe was originally intended for use on the deck of a yacht, the design of the shoe included all the important elements such as good grip/non-marking soles, non-corrosive metal eyelets, and premium quality soft leather.

Nothing has changed in that respect and the classic leather boat shoe continues to dominate, particularly in the cruising world. For the more active sailor; those who spend a lot of time on deck while racing, there is also a huge choice of lightweight, technical deck trainers on the market.

With more and more specialist sailing clothing companies not only understanding the needs of those involved in high octane sailing, but also investing in huge amounts of research and development, these super-light sailing trainers are becoming more and more popular.

Here’s a selection of some of the best boat shoes on the market.

Jump to modern deck shoes

Jump to women’s boat shoes

Traditional boat shoes

Note: we may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site, at no extra cost to you. this doesn’t affect our editorial independence..

Dubarry XLT deck shoes

1  Dubarry Commodore XLT

Best lightweight boat shoes

Specifications : Sizes: 6 up | Colors: Chestnut, Navy, Navy / Brown, Old Rum, Mahogany | Material: Leather

Reasons to buy : Extra-light | Good cushioning | Three-hole lacing Reasons to avoid : Expensive | May prefer a stronger shoe for more support

YM editor Theo Stocker has been putting Dubarry’s Commodore XLT moccasin boat shoes through their paces for a few months now.

He believes they represent a happy medium between traditional moccasins and their sporty competitors.

Theo says: ‘Their key selling point is that they are, as the name suggests, extra light. In fact, they are roughly half the weight of my previous boat shoes.

‘Despite this, they still have a good degree of cushioning in the sole and are firm enough to give my foot some support, with the three-hole lacing keeping them secure on my foot.’

Chatham Sperrin winter boat shoe

Hardy but breathable boat shoes

2  Chatham Sperrin boat shoes

Best winter boat shoes

Specifications : Sizes: 6 up | Colors: Dark Brown, Dark Tan | Material: Leather

Reasons to buy : Good all-round support | Sole spring poron insole – offers cushion | Breathability and anti-bacterial | Robust eyelets | Available in UK sizes 6-15 Reasons to avoid : Thick leather takes a while to wear in

The Sperrin Winter Boat Shoe is Chatham’s twist on its classic boat shoe, featuring three eyelet laces, contrast stitching detail, side laces and a heavy cleated sole for additional traction on slippery pontoons.

One of the key selling features is the sole spring poron insole, which promises to be cushioning, supportive, breathable and anti-bacterial.

Our tester wore them over several months and can vouch that they give their feet good all-round support, and the leather lacing kept them securely in place.

‘The eyelets are robust, which I have been impressed with as often this has been the first thing to go on previous pairs of boat shoes,’ they add.

air yacht shoes

3 Sebago Portland Lea Oiled boat shoes

Best summer boat shoes

Specifications : Sizes: 5.5 up | Colors: Brown / Dark Brown | Material: Leather

Reasons to buy : Hard wearing | Comfortable fit | Available in UK sizes 5.5-11.5 Reasons to avoid : Expensive

Made from oiled leather, which promises to make them strong, these boat shoes are available in a two-tone tan brown and black with contrast stitching, writes John Stickland . After wearing them regularly, they barely show any signs of distress or cracking, and the stitching is all still intact.

The oiled treatment means even after wearing them in the rain, and while sailing, where they got regularly drenched in spray, the leather cleaned up really well, with no marks or stains and was still soft.

The leather sock lining makes the shoes comfortable enough to wear with or without socks, even when new, and I experienced no rubbing. There is extra cushioning to protect your instep arch, giving good support. A full-grain leather collar also helps keep your foot firmly in the shoe when barefoot.

air yacht shoes

Sebago Portland Tumbled Deck shoe

4 Sebago Dockside Portland Tumbled boat shoes

Best classic boat shoes

Specifications : Sizes: 6 up | Colors: Brown | Material: Leather

Reasons to buy : Long-lasting | Variety of colour and material options | Hand-stitched | Non-marking anti-slip soles Reasons to avoid : Expensive | The insole only covers 2/3rds of the foot (leaving toes and ball of foot on leather)

This classic-style boat shoe from US shoe brand Sebago is probably of greatest interest to the active sailor.

It’s constructed to be long-lasting and made from unique hot-stuff buffed leather conditioned with oils and waxes.

There are a variety of colour and material options too, making it easier to pick the best boat shoe for your needs.

Each pair is hand-stitched and features non-marking anti-slip soles, designed to offer stable grip in all conditions.


5 Orca Bay Fowey

Best boat shoes for wide feet

Specifications : Sizes: 7.5 up | Colors: Saddle | Material: Leather

Reasons to buy : Classic-looking | Wide fit | Premium hand stitched leather Reasons to avoid : If Saddle brown is not your colour

For a good, solid leather, classic style, canoe-cut, moccasin deck shoe you can’t go far wrong with the Orca Bay. This company prides itself on producing the finest leather footwear for outdoor pursuits and its sailing range has always been popular.

Orca Bay is also a company that recognises the demand for wider-fit deck shoe options, which is why it has developed the Fowey as its wide-fit men’s option.

The Fowey, which is handmade in premium Saddle-coloured leather, retains all the fine qualities expected from this high-end brand including two-eyelet, leather rawhide continuous lacing system, full leather cushioned insole, and non-slip, non-marking rubber sole. We’re testing these right now and will report back next month.

Modern deck shoes


1  Helly Hansen Ahiga V4 HP

Best summer deck shoes

Specifications : UK sizes: 6.5-12.5 | Colors: Choice of four | Material: Synthetic textile and mesh upper / EVA midsole / HellyGrip rubber outsole

Reasons to buy : Optimised for summer; Lightweight, extremely quick-drying, highly breathable; Maximum grip Reasons to avoid : Not suitable for all-day wear due to tight fit

Helly Hansen is a giant in the outdoor clothing world and has heaps of experience producing marine gear.

They are optimised for summer use and are very lightweight, extremely quick drying and highly breathable.

The siped HellyGrip rubber outsole is designed to maximise grip, while the high-grade EVA midsole promotes maximum comfort.

Our reviewer praised their versatility, reporting that they are just as suitable for paddleboarding as sailing onboard a foiling yacht.

air yacht shoes

2  Zhik Fuze boat shoes

Best deck shoe for comfort

Specifications : Sizes: 6 up | Colors: Grey | Material: Fabric / Rubber

Reasons to buy : Lightweight | Flexible and comfortable | One-way drainage system Reasons to avoid : Premium price

This Australian company’s kit tends to be at the top end of the price range, but that hasn’t stopped it from drawing plenty of advocates.

They argue that, if your time off work and on the water is limited, a little extra investment to ensure you’re as comfortable as possible, even when the weather turns nasty, is easily justified.

The Fuze deck shoes are very lightweight, flexible and comfortable, with excellent support. A one-way drainage system is incorporated in the sole.

3 Sperry Authentic Original Float Boat Shoes

Best deck shoe for water protection

Specifications : Sizes: 7 up | Colors: Black, Grey, Navy, White | Material: Rubber

Reasons to buy : Super-lightweight; Floatable; Speed drying Reasons to avoid : Can get very slippery; Some consumers report sizing issues

The Sperry Authentic Original Float Boat shoe is guaranteed to *ahem* float your boat. And even if the water does manage to get in, these shoes are more than up to the job as they are made from super-lightweight injected EVA, which floats.

In fact, Sperry Authentics have been designed to be water-ready and all about protecting you and your feet whenever you get wet.

To do this, they have strategically placed drainage ports on the waterline to help speed drying, vent holes in the uppers to ensure breathable comfort, and moulded wave-siping incorporated into the outsoles to provide sure-footed traction in all conditions.

air yacht shoes

4 Crocs Classic Boat Shoes

A n appealing alternative boat shoe option

Specifications : Sizes: 5.5 up | Colors: Slate Grey, Khaki, Espresso, Navy | Material: Rubber

Reasons to buy : Waterproof and lightweight | Good breathability sheds moisture | Rubberised sole provides increased traction | flexibility and comfort Reasons to avoid : Long break-in time

Crocs men’s Classic Boat Shoe is designed to be waterproof and lightweight thanks to the Croslite foam construction.

Other features include a soft fabric tongue, faux lacing, ventilation ports in the heel and forefoot to add breathability and help shed moisture.

The rubberised sole is promised to provide increased traction, flexibility and ‘360-degree comfort’.

air yacht shoes

5 Gill Race Trainer

Best race deck shoe

Specifications : Sizes: 4 up | Colors: Grey, Graphite | Material: Fabric / Mesh

Reasons to buy : Secure fit; Breathable material; Mesh-lining Reasons to avoid : Lacks arch support

This British company has long offered top-quality kit at competitive prices.

The 2020 Race Trainer is designed for a secure fit and is made of breathable materials, including a mesh lining with minimal water absorbency.

The moulded insole and outsole both have fast drainage and there’s extra toe protection to reduce risk of injury.

air yacht shoes

6 Musto Dynamic Pro II boat shoes

Best dynamic deck shoe

Specifications : Sizes: 7 up | Colors: Grey, Black | Material: Fabric / Mesh

Reasons to buy : Designed for both yachting and dinghy sailing | Grippy sole | Enhanced for comfort and protection Reasons to avoid : Premium price

This technical boat shoe from Musto is designed for both yachting and dinghy sailing.

The sole uses sticky rubber for maximum grip, while the TPU welded overlay along the sides gives excellent lateral support.

EVA is used for the mid-sole to enhance comfort and protection.

The mesh construction dries quickly and provides plenty of ventilation, making these trainers ideal for summer use when the anti-microbial protection will also be beneficial.

air yacht shoes

7 Lizard Regatta boat shoes

Best technical deck shoe

Specifications : Sizes: 4 up | Colors: Blue, Grey, Dark Grey | Material: Synthetic Leather  / Mesh

Reasons to buy : Non-slip rubber outsole | Breathable mesh | Anatomical footbed and secure lacing Reasons to avoid : Premium price

This innovative Italian brand produces a range of excellent technical sailing shoes and sea boots.

The Regatta Shoe has a non-slip rubber outsole that provides excellent grip and is shaped to improve side protection.

The outer material is of a breathable mesh that promotes very quick drying and allows water to drain fast.

There’s also a removable anatomical footbed for extra comfort. The lacing system is designed for secure fastening.

air yacht shoes

8 Tribord Unisex Yacht Race boat shoes

Best value deck shoes

Specifications : Sizes: 5.5 up | Colors: Dark Petrol Blue, Lunar Grey | Material: Synthetic Leather  / Mesh

Reasons to buy : Great value | Lightweight | Non marking rubber with deep drainage Reasons to avoid : Some consumers complain too narrow | Not as long-lasting or durable as competitors

These may have a bargain-basement price, but they don’t skimp on quality.

Decathlon’s technical shoes are lightweight, with a mesh upper that benefits from a plasma coating that reduces water absorption by 40 per cent.

The sole is made of non-marking rubber, with deep drainage channels and an effective non-slip pattern.


9 Gill Pursuit Trainers

Best boat shoes for protection

Reasons to buy : Lightweight | Good grip | Quick drainage | Impact absorbing sole | Racing friendly Reasons to avoid : Feet will get wet underfoot in rain

Gill is a name that’s synonymous with quality when it comes to sailing kit, and its new Pursuit Trainer is a fine example. This shoe has been created not only for active use in, on or around water but also to offer exceptional comfort and good grip.

Like most technical sailing trainer-style shoes on the market, the Pursuit Trainer is lightweight and has a quick-lace adjustment for a secure fit.

It is constructed using breathable and quick drying fabric and, the air-cell impact absorbing insole has a drainage system to help speed up the flow of water through the shoe in wet conditions.

To help avoid the inevitable stubbing of toes during activity on deck, Gill has designed the shoe with reinforced protectors moulded around toe area.

Best women’s boat shoes


1 Chatham Java Lady G2

Best boat shoes for sustainability

Reasons to buy : Two-year manufacturer’s guarantee, Sustainable credentials, Classic style, Not bulky Reasons to avoid : If brown is not your colour

Chatham has taken its bestselling G2 and developed a new, sustainable deck shoe. The Java Lady G2 essentially looks the same as previous shoes in the G2 range and retains all its fine qualities, but is made using eco-conscious materials and craftmanship.

According to Chatham, this hand-stitched moccasin-style shoe, is crafted from premium walnut nubuck leather sourced from a Leather Working Group gold-rated tannery. The aim is to reduce water consumption, harmful chemicals and energy throughout the manufacturing process.

The natural latex rubber sole is also sustainably sourced, and its new sole spring poron performance cushioning is manufactured using natural latex rather than polyurethane foam, is anti-bacterial and offers maximum comfort and shock absorption.


2 Decathlon Tribord Sailing Boat Trainers Race

Best deck trainers on a budget

Reasons to buy : Light weight | Good grip | Quick drainage | Low budget option Reasons to avoid : Water ingress from side wall of sole

Although it is understandable to believe that Decathlon’s value for money Tribord sailing kit is ‘too good to be true’, it’s worth knowing that this company prides itself on its thorough testing regime with sailing professionals. This means that the products you buy have been approved and are fit for purpose.

The Women’s Sailing Boat Trainer Race 500 is a fine example of the company’s low-cost version of a lightweight, technical shoe. Other than its good looks and light weight, this shoe offers good grip thanks to Decathlon’s specially developed, diamond patterned, non-marking sole.

To help dispel water from inside, the shoe has a quick-drainage system with channels located on the heel and front of the foot, on the side wall of the sole.


3 Helly Hansen HP Foil V2 Sailing Shoes

Best boat shoes for summer racing

Reasons to buy : Superlight, Good grip, Quick dry, Non-marking soles, Extreme comfort Reasons to avoid : White will show the dirt quickly

Helly Hansen is always at the top of the game when it comes to innovation, which is why it’s not surprising that the company’s latest sailing shoe – the Women’s version of the HP Foil V2 – hits the mark in many ways.

Its low-cut design allows for plenty of movement around the ankle area, and the open-mesh construction enhances breathability. This shoe also features engineered structural overlays in high-stress areas, which not only helps protect the foot, but also increases longevity.

Inside the shoe, you’ll find a comfortable, removable, EVA footbed made from quick-drying and anti-microbial fabric.

The non-marking rubber outsole offers good grip for sailing, and the fully-adjustable, shock cord lace system, and decent-sized loop tab at the heel, makes them easy to get in and out of.

air yacht shoes

4 Decathlon Tribord 500 Leather Sailing Boat Shoes

Best value boat shoes

Reasons to buy : Non-marking with a non-slip micro-grooved natural rubber outsole | Coated with a water-repellent treatment to resist saltwater | Great price Reasons to avoid : Developed for dry weather conditions, may not be suitable for more intense conditions

The Tribord range at Decathlon has impressed the Yachting Monthly team in other tests – notably their coastal waterproofs . These leather boat shoes are developed for inshore sailing in dry weather conditions.

Non-marking with a non-slip micro-grooved natural rubber outsole, these boat shoes are made in Portugal. The leather and accessories have been coated with a water-repellent treatment to resist saltwater.

Available in men’s and women’s versions and foggy blue or navy colours.


5 Chatham Pippa II G2 leather boat shoes

Best premium women’s deck shoe

Reasons to buy : Wide range of colours and sizes | Premium washable leather | Antibacterial sole cushioning Reasons to avoid : Premium price

Chatham has more than 30 years of shoemaking under its belt and so confident is the company of its Pippa II G2 women’s leather boat shoes that each pair comes with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Offered in half sizes from 3 to 7, with sizes 8 and 9 also available, the shoe comes in a choice of three distinctive upper/sole colourways to match your sails and your mood!

Crafted from premium washable leather with non-slip rubber soles, rust-proof eyelets and rot-proof laces, the Pippa II G2 also features Chatham’s new anti-bacterial Sole Spring Poron performance cushioning for maximum comfort and shock absorption. 


6 Decathlon Cruise 100 Boat Shoes

Best women’s deck shoe for wearing barefoot

Reasons to buy : Thin lightweight mesh for increased breathability; Can be worn without socks; Good snug fit Reasons to avoid : May struggle on a very wet deck

While billed as leather boat shoes, the uppers of Decathlon’s moccasin-style Tribord Cruise 100s also incorporate a thin lightweight mesh for increased breathability. As such, they are ideal for wearing without socks.

The shoes are fully laced all round to ensure a good, snug fit, and feature anti-rubbing protective strips and non-slip and micro-grooved natural rubber outsoles.

The outsole is also thicker at the heel for cushioning and comfort. Resistant to salt water, Tribord 100 boat shoes have detachable cotton insoles for easy cleaning and a small leather tab at the back helps make them easy to get on and off.

air yacht shoes

7 Keen Women’s Solr Closed Toe Water Shoe

Best open foot deck shoe 

Reasons to buy : Water-resistant upper; Recycled plastic webbing; Quick-drying lining Reasons to avoid : Premium price

Although many technical boat shoes are great at shedding water and are quick drying, there are times that a closed shoe just simply isn’t what you want.

However, flip-flops and open-toe sandals are a big injury risk thanks to the number of deck fittings on most yachts – stubbing your toes in a properly serious fashion is all too easy.

Keen is one of the very few manufacturers with a product that addresses this problem.

It has a water-resistant upper with recycled plastic used for the webbing, plus a comfortable quick-drying lining.

The non-marking rubber sole has deep drainage channels, plus siped zones to improve grip.

Looking for more protection? Check out our guide to the best waterproof boat shoes on the market right now.

Need a wider fit? Check out our guide to the best boat shoes for wide feet .

Still can’t find what you’re looking for? Head to Amazon’s dedicated sailing page for more marine products.


The Best Sailing Shoes For The 2024 Season

The Best Sailing Shoes | Life of Sailing

Last Updated by

Daniel Wade

January 2, 2024

The best sailing shoes are both waterproof and slip-resistant. Outdoor boots are popular, but specialty sailing shoes are available.

Traditional sailing shoes are typically made of suede or similar material and feature a low-profile design and relatively flat soles. Modern sailing shoes are designed for offshore use and made of waterproof synthetic material.

Table of contents

Types of Sailing Shoes

Sailing shoes come in two primary types. These are stylish traditional sailing shoes (which are made of natural materials) and modern waterproof offshore sailing shoes. Both are practical and useful aboard sailboats.

Traditional Sailing Shoes

Traditional sailing shoes have been around for almost a century. These shoes, also known as "yacht shoes," are made from suede leather and are soft and flexible. They're not usually waterproof, but they can be made more water-resistant using chemical treatments.

Traditional sailing shoes are primarily used as a style statement, but they can be quite practical for some sailors. After all, they were designed to be used on boats. They utilize a flat sole that features a unique non-slip texture, which was designed to give sailors traction on a wet deck.

Modern Waterproof Sailing Shoes

Modern waterproof sailing shoes are made from synthetic materials and engineered for traction on wet surfaces. These shoes are preferred by offshore sailing crews who need to stay warm and dry in rough weather conditions.

Sailing Boots

Sailing boots are often used in conjunction with full-body foul weather gear. These boots resemble snow or rain boots, and they're made of a waterproof material such as rubber.

Sailing boots are often reserved for foul weather, as they're heavier and more clumsy than modern lightweight sailing shoes. That said, every offshore sailor should have a set of waterproof boots onboard.

Best Traditional Sailing Shoes

Traditional sailing shoes are practical, stylish, and still widely available. High-quality examples can last for years, and they're a staple of yacht clubs and sailing organizations across the country. Here are four of the best traditional sailboat shoes.

1. Sperry Leeward Boat Shoe 

Sperry practically invented the 20th-century boat shoe, and they're still the go-to shoe company for sailors across the world. The Sperry Leeward Boat Shoe  is an excellent introduction to traditional boat shoes.

Sperry's traditional Leeward shoe is a tan leather slip-on deck shoe made of a water-resistant hide. It features a rubber sole, which incorporates the Sperry anti-slip design that's popular across the line.

The design of the shoe is simple, and it's stitched together using thick and sturdy thread for long service life. Its water-resistant treatment makes it easy to clean and quick to dry should it become waterlogged.

This traditional marine shoe is both comfortable and stylish, making it ideal for regattas and dockside events. Despite its looks, the Sperry Leeward shoe is also practical. The Sperry Top-Deck line is popular with sailors and boat owners, as it stands up well to spray and slippery conditions.

2. L.L. Bean Casco Bay Boat Mocs

L.L. Bean is another household name in traditional boat shoes. While not as ubiquitous as Sperry, L.L. Bean shoes are an excellent choice for traditional sailing footwear.

L.L. Bean Casco Bay Boat Mocs  are made in the traditional boat shoe style. They're slip-on by design and feature a low-profile sole with a very slight heel. L.L. Bean uses a different sole design philosophy, opting for a non-textured material.

Counterintuitively, the L.L. Bean flat non-textured sole actually has excellent anti-slip characteristics. It's made of sturdy leather that resists sliding on wet decks, and it features slight outsole siphons to increase grip on wet surfaces.

The L.L. Bean Casco Bay Boat shoe is constructed with durable yet flexible leather that is comfortable and easy to clean. It features a leather liner inside, which works well with short socks and wears evenly over time.

That said, the leather liner is designed to work with or without socks. This is a plus, as it makes taking the shoe on and off easy after a day on the beach or walking around the deck barefoot.

These shoes feature a lace-up top with leather laces. They can be tied and left in place, as this is a slip-on shoe. The L.L. Bean Casco Bay shoe can be worn with or without socks, just like the Sperry mentioned above.

3. J. Crew Classic Leather Boat Shoes

J. Crew produces an affordable and classic-looking set of boat shoes that are ideal for a first set. These shoes are made of suede-like leather, and they feature a non-slip rubber sole with a traditional profile.

J. Crew Classic Leather sailing shoes  follow the stylistic trends of early boat shoes, yet they incorporate some modern materials that make them more practical for use on a sailboat. These include a non-marking rubber sole that's specifically designed to improve traction on wet and dry surfaces.

These J. Crew boat shoes feature leather laces in a way similar to the L.L. Bean Casco Bay shoe. Like the L.L. Bean variants, these shoes can be worn with or without socks.

The leather is treated for easy cleaning, and they're hand-stitched for strength and longevity. The laces come through the sides of the shoe through grommets, which helps prevent the leather from wearing or breaking around the entry and exit points.

These classic boat shoes are a perfect first pair, and they're affordable enough to wear frequently. They also function as sailboat shoes, which is a plus as many new "boat shoes" are designed for looks only.

4. Sperry Gold Cup Original Boat Shoe

Sperry Gold Cup boat shoes  are a classic and premium boat shoe. It features the standard Sperry anti-slip sole and durable leather construction for long life and easy cleaning.

Like most standard Sperry shoes, the Gold Cup Original series is designed to be used on a sailboat or yacht. The shoe's design is based on the original Sperry, which was worn by sailors and yacht owners for decades.

Sperry shoe soles are lightly scored and made with a coarse rubber material that resists slip on wet decks. They're excellent for teak and fiberglass decks and add a layer of security to existing non-slip surfaces.

The shoes themselves follow the classic Sperry design philosophy. They're made from a non-suede leather that's water-resistant and dries out quickly, and they feature leather laces fed through 18k gold plated eyelets.

These shoes feature durable stitching that's used to extend their service life. Inside the shoe, a lambskin lining makes it comfortable to wear with or without socks. The Sperry Gold Cup shoe is a high-quality sailing shoe that's ideal for warm conditions.

Best Modern Sailing Shoes

Although modern sailing shoes lack the aesthetic appeal of traditional sailing shoes, they offer the added convenience of modern design and the functionality of synthetic materials. Here are four of the best modern shoes for sailing.

1. Atlantic Heritage Comfort Boat Shoe

The Atlantic Heritage Comfort Boat Shoe  combines traditional styling with modern functionality. It features a suede and stitched appearance and the design of a modern running shoe, and it offers superior support and anti-slip characteristics.

The primary drawback of flat-soled shoes is that they can be uncomfortable, especially if you have foot, back, or knee problems. The Atlantic Heritage shoe eliminates these issues, as it offers the support of a modern shoe.

The primary selling point of the Atlantic Heritage shoe is comfort. It's designed specifically to offer all-day comfort when standing on the deck or walking alongshore. They work just as well on sand and gravel, and they offer elevation in all the right places.

The Atlantic Heritage shoe features a proprietary anti-slip sole, which is designed to provide traction without leaving marks. They stand up to water well, despite the fact that they're not technically waterproof.

2. DLGJPA Lightweight Aqua Water Shoes

The DLGJPA Lightweight Aqua Water shoe  series is a radical departure from what most people would consider a traditional boat shoe. These woven shoes are designed for grip and use in wet conditions.

The Aqua Water shoe series takes a different approach to water resistance. Instead of keeping water out, they're designed to let it flow around and inside of the shoe. The woven body of the shoe dries almost as quickly as it gets wet.

The Aqua Water shoe is a warm-weather shoe designed for wet tropical environments and water sports. They're especially useful for launching boats if you need to get in the water to guide the vessel.

The bottom of the Aqua Water shoe is perforated for quick draining. These shoes are highly breathable and ultralight, making them a comfortable and non-slip option for warm weather sailing. 

3. Riomar Deck Driver Stingray Boat Shoe

Are you looking for traditional styling with a modern non-slip grip? The Riomar Deck Driver Stingray  is the perfect combination of style and modern materials for use in wet and dry sailing conditions .

A unique feature of the Riomar Deck Driver is the sole. It features a series of protruding rubber buttons that conform to the shape of the ground for optimal grip.

These shoes are non-marking, which is especially important for boats with polished white fiberglass deck spaces. The shoes are flexible and comfortable and designed to be worn with or without socks.

Riomar is a well-known producer of marine shoes, and the Deck Driver Stingray is the culmination of years of experience making high-quality sailboat shoes. These shoes are ideal if you're looking for an attractive and practical modern sailing shoe.

4. Swims Waterproof Penny Loafer

Here's a unique and modern machine-washable sailing shoe designed for comfort and good looks. The Swims Penny Loafer  is a well-executed take on an old design and an excellent choice for warm-weather sailing.

The Swims Penny Loafer is completely waterproof and designed for use in wet conditions. It's washable and contains antimicrobial materials to stay sanitary even in the worst conditions.

The shoe features a proven traction sole design with scoring and anti-slip compounds. It's ideal for walking around fiberglass or wooden deck and maintains traction when the deck is wet. 

These shoes are designed to look like penny loafers, which means they're both stylish and comfortable. They can be worn with or without socks, but they're designed primarily for sockless use.

Swims Waterproof Penny Loafer sailboat shoes are currently available in light blue, gray, brown, black, and dark blue. Two-tone gray and neon green are available, and the rest of the colors feature a close-to-matching sole.

Best Sailboat Boots for Rough Weather

Warm weather and calm conditions aren't the only things that sailors encounter. Thus, it's a good idea to have a set of waterproof sailing boots to accompany your foul weather gear. Here are the three best sailboat boots for less-than-ideal sailing conditions.

1. Xtratuf 6 in Ankle Deck Boots

These modern deck boots are the perfect way to prepare for rough weather onboard a sailboat. They're comfortable and waterproof and slip on easily without any laces.

The lack of laces on these boots is more than just convenience. Laces pose a hazard on a sailboat, as it's easy to get them snagged on a cleat or trip while walking around the deck. The Xtratuf 6 Ankle Deck Boots eliminate this hazard.

Aesthetically, these are attractive boots that go well with foul-weather gear. They're not noticeably larger than standard fishing boots. In fact, they're lower-profile than most foul weather boots. That makes them an excellent choice for fair and inclement weather

These are low boots, as they only reach about halfway up the ankle. They're made of a waterproof rubber material that's comfortable, durable, and easy to clean. Xtratuf sailing boots also feature a flat non-slip sole for traction when moving about the deck.

2. Gill Short Cruising Boots

Here's a traditional sailboat boot that's designed for comfort, safety, and water resistance. These "short" boots are fairly tall and ideal for pairing with the waterproof pants from your foul weather gear.

Gill Short Cruising Boots  are designed specifically for marine use, which makes them ideal for keeping aboard a sailboat. The soles feature a proprietary design that offers durability and superior anti-slip properties.

These boots resemble traditional fishing boots or barn muck boots, but they're designed for waterproof use on slippery surfaces such as the deck of a sailboat.

They're comfortable and easy to clean, and they're a highly affordable option if you don't already have a pair of foul weather waterproof sailing boots.

3. Rugged Shark Great White Deck Boots

Rugged Shark is a household name in sailboat boots, and they produce a line of premium deck boots for foul weather use. These full-size boots are perfect for all sailing weather conditions.

The Rugged Shark Great White deck boot  is a serious heavy-duty deck boot. It's the "real deal," as they say, and this boot offers numerous advantages when the weather gets hazardous (or simply damp and uncomfortable).

These boots are roomy and waterproof, allowing sailors to wear warm insulated socks inside without fear of waterlogging. They work well with standard foul weather gear, and they're high enough to keep water out if the cockpit fills up.

These boots feature an anti-slip sole with corrugated scoring. This anti-slip surface is comparable to traditional deck shoes that date back almost a century. These are proven premium boots with the right combination of durability and flexibility.

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Boat Shoes Are Back—Here Are 15 Ways to Wear Them Now

The unlikely yacht club staple is taking the runways by storm.

a woman in a dress

Every item on this page was chosen by an ELLE editor. We may earn commission on some of the items you choose to buy.

Faded Unlined Suede Loafers

The High Fashion Trendsetter

Miu miu faded unlined suede loafers.

Authentic Original Boat Shoe

The School Uniform Staple

Sperry authentic original boat shoe.

Oprah Beige Nubuck

Light As Air

Scarosso oprah beige nubuck.

If you want to get in on the trend, here are 11 options to try, from the runway pair themselves to the classic Sperrys that inspired them. Shop them all below.

This ugly-chic pair from Miu Miu defined the trend for spring/summer 2024 and comes pre-worn, so you don’t have to break them in.

Sizes: EU 34-42

Materials: Leather, rubber

Colors: Tan, White

The classic. Nothing gets more preppy-chic than Sperry’s original.

Sizes: US 5-11

Colors: Tan

This light tan pair from Scarosso has a white sole destined to stand out against a great pair of denim.

Sizes: EU 35-42

Colors: Beige

G.H. Bass Hampton Shearling Boat Shoe

Hampton Shearling Boat Shoe

If you want to stay cozy, go for this shearling-lined option that is functional as a slipper-shoe hybrid.

Materials: Shearling, rubber

Colors: Black, Tan

Sebago Portland Fisher Boat Shoe

Portland Fisher Boat Shoe

This rich cognac color harkens back to classic prep school uniforms, in the best way possible.

Colors: Brown Cognac

Bally Plume Moccasin

Plume Moccasin

Bally’s high-fashion pair comes with a slight heel—and in our favorite color of the bunch.

Sizes: US 4.5-11.5

Materials: Leather

Colors: Dark Brown

Mango Leather boat shoes

Leather boat shoes

Mango’s offering takes the best of the driving moccasin and boat shoes to create a more affordable take on the trend.

Sizes: US 6-9.5

 Authentic Original Boat Shoe

The OG is an OG for a reason—which is why we have this option on here twice. Sperry has been making boat shoes for decades now, inspiring this trend to trickle back up to the runway.

Sizes: US 5-12

Colors: 11 options

Zara Shoes with Laces

Shoes with Laces

Zara’s take has a lug sole that will stand higher above the rest.

Materials: Polyurethane

Colors: Brown

Prada Suede Driving Shoes

Suede Driving Shoes

Prada, the older sister of Miu Miu, gives its prim take with a blue suede pair.

Sizes: EU 34.5-41.5

Colors: Navy, Pumice Stone

Jacquemus Les Sculptures Les Bateau Pavane Boat Shoes

Les Sculptures Les Bateau Pavane Boat Shoes

Why constrict your search by gender? These Jacquemus platform boat shoes come in a large enough size range for the girls with larger feet to get away with.

Sizes: IT Mens 39-46

Colors: Yellow, Dark Green

Eastland Yarmouth Slip-On Loafer

Yarmouth Slip-On Loafer

This pair from Eastland has a slight lift in the heel, giving you that extra height all day long.

Sizes: US 6-11

Colors: Tan, Bomber Brown

Sperry Rosefish Boat Shoe

Rosefish Boat Shoe

Sperry’s Rosefish silhouette has a patterned fabric contrasting patch to ensure you stand out on the street this spring.

Materials: Leather, wool, rubber

Colors: Linen, Tan, Bone, Grey, Sparkle Linen

Timberland Classic Leather Boat Shoe

Classic Leather Boat Shoe

Timberland gives its spin on boat shoes with this plain white pair, contrasted by a tan heel and shoelace.

Sizes: US 5.5-11

Colors: White, Blue, Brown

Max Mara Leather Moccasins

Leather Moccasins

These lug-sole options from Max Mara are sure to provide comfort for long city walks and be the ultimate spring accessory.

Colors: Ivory, Tobacco

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air yacht shoes

The Halyard - Waterman

air yacht shoes

The Stingray - Deck Driver

air yacht shoes

The Tan - Waterman

air yacht shoes

The Navy - Waterman

air yacht shoes

The Fathom Blue - Waterman

air yacht shoes

The Tan - Deck Driver

air yacht shoes

The Halyard - Deck Driver

air yacht shoes

The Fathom Brown - Waterman


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  • Gender Inclusive
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Father's Day

Don't forget is June 16th!

  • Todd Snyder
  • Authentic Original™
  • Gold Cup™ Luxury
  • Striper II Sneakers
  • Father’s Day Gift Guide

Authentic Original™ Boat Shoe

Color cream, size size chart, product details.

  • Material Upper: Leather
  • Lining Material: OrthoLite®
  • Rawhide laces with 360° Lacing System™ technology for customized fit


  • Heel Height: 0.5''

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Kane Revive Adult Shoes

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air yacht shoes

Ready to dive into well-cushioned and supportive footwear? Our slip-resistant Kane Revive gives you all the breathability you need and the comfort you deserve for your day at the dock, on the boat, or simply around town. Superior to any run-of-the-mill rubber sole, our athletic shoe is made with a specialty EVA RestoreFoam. Constructed from sustainable Brazilian sugarcane, the Kane Revive experience takes your feet to new heights.   

Looking for the perfect merger of ease and functionality? Look no further. Once you step into our athletic shoe, you’ll never turn back. Our boosted flexibility and major cushioning provide the proper support needed for long hours upright and moving around. Whether you’re tying up your boat, spending time on the dock, or out on the water, you’ll want a robust shoe that keeps you comfortable all day long.  

Available in multiple colors and patterns, consider these your go-to shoes for everyday wear. With foot fatigue now a thing of the past, you can simply bask in your day of sailing, fishing or just relaxing.

Wearing shoes that will fade, stain, wear or tear near water isn’t worth the price or worry. If you need a sturdy pair of quick-drying shoes near open waters, we’ve got you covered. Get ready to sail away in the best footwear for boating out there, equipped with all the grip you need for your day ahead on the water. Plus, should any liquid get in or around your shoe (and it will!) our Kane Revive is a total cinch to wipe down and dry. Sea water, lake water and river water should never be an inconvenience, but an experience. Just kick back in our shoe and fully enjoy nature. 

Women’s and men’s boat shoes may have felt like the right call before, but once you test the waters in these, you’ll be reveling in your footwear options. Our EVA RestoreFoam is a leveled up contender to many of the alternatives out there, providing durability, grip and comfort like you’ve never felt. 

When you’re on your feet all day, you need nothing but top-tier comfort. Swap out that rigid footwear and support your feet with the most comfortable shoes on the market. There’s no need to tread carefully in these—our Kane Revive can handle being tossed around on a boat or dock without a second thought. Our oversized channels and siped soles provide the perfect flexibility and traction you’ve been looking for in this setting.

air yacht shoes

Kick off the old boat shoe and get anchored in these

Fortunately, boat shoes are no longer your only option. Consider the Kane Revive your perfect solution for those glorious dock days ahead. By evenly distributing your body weight across both feet, you’ll find these are the most comfortable and supportive shoes on the block—and on the dock.

Our quick-drying, washable shoe has many air holes, delivering the utmost freshness for your boating experience. Exterior perforations and interior channels allow for boosted air circulation during each and every wear, making each day a breeze. Enhanced airflow, here you come!

Don’t let foot strain or heel pain get in your way when boating and sailing are on your radar. We’ve got your back with our finely-tuned arch support and smooth transferability from the front of your foot to the back. Our padded heel to toe cushioning relieves aching instantly, so you can navigate those waters with confidence and ease. Anchor yourself in active recovery. 

 “Kanes are my go to boat shoes!”

“I love my Kanes for boat days. Easy to clean and dry off!”

 “Kanes are the perfect boat shoe!”

air yacht shoes

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Best mens boat shoes 2024 Barbour to Brunello Cucinelli

The best boat shoes for laid-back summer style

By Harvey James

Full steam ahead on your nautical-themed style, the men’s boat shoe is a must-have in the summer months. From Sperry to Ralph Lauren, here’s our pick of the best you can buy

It might seem obvious, but the “boat” part of “boat shoes” isn’t prescriptive: you don’t have to wear them solely in international waters or on little motorised islands. Despite them making a nice aesthetic pairing to a teak deck, they are just as well suited to terra firma fashion.

The men’s boat shoe is essentially a loafer shoe style, borne of Connecticut man Paul S Sperry, who got the idea for siping (thin slits cut into the rubber sole) his shoes after seeing how his dog’s paws were gripping on the ice. The two unique features are the laces traverse the heel for a 360-degree lace-up, ensuring they don’t fly off the deck in high winds, plus the siped, soft sole, so you don’t fly off the deck in high winds.

Boat shoes are traditionally ideal for relaxed summer styling – a more paired down alternative to more formal summer shoe styles such as the leather loafer, Oxford or Derby – but in this list there are a few unconventional pieces, proving they have more year-round versatility than just sun, sea, and slippy surfaces.

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Propelled by tradition, as well as its own centuries-long history, Church's ought to be your first port of call when it comes to impeccable leather footwear. These Marske boat shoes take a minimalistic approach to the classic silhouette, with a jet black leather upper contrasted only by the sloping white sole. Rest assured, this is a pair that looks just as good on land as on sea.


Stitched like a sneaker but worn like a boat shoe, this pair from Timberland combines the best of both silhouettes to create a unique summer shoe with just a hint of maritime-esque appeal. With supple blue suede panelling and a breathable mesh upper, this pair might have a casual, trainer-like feel in profile, but from the front, there's nothing but that signature boat shoe energy. Climb aboard.

Polo Ralph Lauren

Polo Ralph Lauren

On these otherwise delightfully true-to-form Ralph Lauren deck shoes (suede upper, oversize stitching, rawhide laces, rubber sole), there are a pair of metallic grilled breathing holes which are designed to give your foot that extra chance of staying comfortable in the heat. Which is exactly where these summertime pals should be worn: in the heat. 


Wallflowers, avert your gaze. Big, bold, and sunflower yellow, these boat shoes from Kickers are not for the faint of heart. Boasting the brand's signature chunky, treaded sole and round toe combo, this pair quite literally elevates your 'fits for the summer season ahead.


When the boat shoe met the Derby. In a hybridised silhouette cut from the label's all-new water-conserving eco suede, the Sheldon boat shoes from Grenson are soft in both shade and construction, bringing a laidback tilt to your seasonal wardrobe.


At the intersection of form and function sits these uber-breathable and rather-chic boat shoes from Dune. Boasting a breezy knit upper, this pair has been designed with ease of wear at its core, and is finished with a sneaker-style striped rubber sole for laidback, everyday styling. Simply slip on and stroll off. 

Jones Bootmaker


Renowned for our comfort technology,  AEROSOLES continues to provide engineered comfort and elevated style for every step of the way.


aerosoles women's shoes curated shops modern workwear


aerosoles women's shoes comfortable flats



Our lightweight shoes include an ergonomically molded footbed that supports and cushions your entire foot. They're like a vacation for your feet.

aerosoles comfortable women's shoes cody slip on loafer

Comfortable Women's Thong Mini Wedge Sandal in Cork Cork

air yacht shoes


Our shoes are crafted in a unique way - by joining the upper directly to the outsole, then turning the shoe right side out and inserting a cushioned footbed. The result: an ultra-flexible shoe, with no need for breaking in.

air yacht shoes

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  • Church of Vladimir
  • Likino Dulevo Museum of Local Lore
  • Orekhovo Zuevsky City Exhibition Hall
  • Noginsk Museum and Exhibition Center
  • Fairy Tale Children's Model Puppet Theater
  • Fifth House Gallery
  • Malakhovka Museum of History and Culture


  • Bahasa Indonesia
  • Eastern Europe
  • Moscow Oblast


Elektrostal Localisation : Country Russia , Oblast Moscow Oblast . Available Information : Geographical coordinates , Population, Area, Altitude, Weather and Hotel . Nearby cities and villages : Noginsk , Pavlovsky Posad and Staraya Kupavna .


Find all the information of Elektrostal or click on the section of your choice in the left menu.

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Elektrostal Demography

Information on the people and the population of Elektrostal.

Elektrostal Geography

Geographic Information regarding City of Elektrostal .

Elektrostal Distance

Distance (in kilometers) between Elektrostal and the biggest cities of Russia.

Elektrostal Map

Locate simply the city of Elektrostal through the card, map and satellite image of the city.

Elektrostal Nearby cities and villages

Elektrostal weather.

Weather forecast for the next coming days and current time of Elektrostal.

Elektrostal Sunrise and sunset

Find below the times of sunrise and sunset calculated 7 days to Elektrostal.

Elektrostal Hotel

Our team has selected for you a list of hotel in Elektrostal classified by value for money. Book your hotel room at the best price.

Elektrostal Nearby

Below is a list of activities and point of interest in Elektrostal and its surroundings.

Elektrostal Page

Russia Flag

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  • Geography /Russian-Federation--Moscow-Oblast--Elektrostal#geo
  • Distance /Russian-Federation--Moscow-Oblast--Elektrostal#dist1
  • Map /Russian-Federation--Moscow-Oblast--Elektrostal#map
  • Nearby cities and villages /Russian-Federation--Moscow-Oblast--Elektrostal#dist2
  • Weather /Russian-Federation--Moscow-Oblast--Elektrostal#weather
  • Sunrise and sunset /Russian-Federation--Moscow-Oblast--Elektrostal#sun
  • Hotel /Russian-Federation--Moscow-Oblast--Elektrostal#hotel
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  23. Elektrostal

    In 1938, it was granted town status. [citation needed]Administrative and municipal status. Within the framework of administrative divisions, it is incorporated as Elektrostal City Under Oblast Jurisdiction—an administrative unit with the status equal to that of the districts. As a municipal division, Elektrostal City Under Oblast Jurisdiction is incorporated as Elektrostal Urban Okrug.

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  25. Visit Elektrostal: 2024 Travel Guide for Elektrostal, Moscow Oblast

    Cities near Elektrostal. Places of interest. Pavlovskiy Posad Noginsk. Travel guide resource for your visit to Elektrostal. Discover the best of Elektrostal so you can plan your trip right.

  26. Elektrostal, Moscow Oblast, Russia

    Elektrostal Geography. Geographic Information regarding City of Elektrostal. Elektrostal Geographical coordinates. Latitude: 55.8, Longitude: 38.45. 55° 48′ 0″ North, 38° 27′ 0″ East. Elektrostal Area. 4,951 hectares. 49.51 km² (19.12 sq mi) Elektrostal Altitude.

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