1. Five Great Live-Aboard Yachts

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  2. The Best Liveaboard Yachts

    best yacht for liveaboard

  3. The Best Liveaboard Yachts

    best yacht for liveaboard

  4. Best Liveaboard Boats Under 600K

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  5. The Best Liveaboard Yachts

    best yacht for liveaboard

  6. 7 Unique Liveaboard Boats For On-Water Living

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  1. The Live-Aboard Life: Best Liveaboard Yachts - YachtWorld

    The boat brands may be the best place to start your search on YachtWorld. You can set up your search alerts criteria and be alerted anytime someone listed a live-aboard style boat that matches your criteria. Best Live Aboard Sailboats Brands. Catalina Yachts (the Cataline 30 is the most popular) Beneteau Boats; Pearson Sailboats

  2. The 80 Best Liveaboard Boats - The Wayward Home

    Draft: 3’5”. Beam: 15’4”. The Carver 4207 is one of the best-selling motor yachts in her class from the 80s. It has a 350 hp gas engine with a cruising speed of 13-14 knots and a 22-knot top speed. The Carver 4207 has two staterooms, a decent-sized head, a dinette, a linear galley and a large cockpit with a hardtop.

  3. Home Sweet Boat: The Best Liveaboard Boats to Fit Your ...

    Atlantic Ocean. From Kennebunkport to Key West, the Atlantic Ocean offers a wide array of liveaboard locations - Bar Harbor, Maine; Norfolk, Virginia; Charleston, South Carolina; and the Outer Banks of North Carolina - to name just a few. The main downside is winter time in the northern regions.

  4. 5 Best Liveaboard Boats: Compare Boats - Boatsetter

    Best of all, boats under 40 feet may save you a million dollars (literally) over large motor yachts and provide many of the same amenities. 2. Trawlers. Trawlers are a great option because they are built with the liveaboard lifestyle in mind.

  5. 17 Best Sailboats to Live On + What You Should Know First

    The second bunk may be in its own stateroom. The main suite will have an island-style berth that can be accessed from both sides—a huge upgrade for most couples. The head will likely have a separate, enclosed shower. This size sailing yacht makes a good liveaboard sailboat for most boaters. Boats bigger than 45 feet are best for bigger families.

  6. 13 Best Liveaboard Sailboats (under 30 & 50 ft ...

    Choosing a boat to live on is a big deal — something you definitely want to get right. There are plenty of options to pick from, which can make the choosing process a bit daunting. So to help you navigate those deep waters (no pun intended), here is an article summarizing the 13 best liveaboard sailboats under 30 and 50 feet.

  7. Best Liveaboard Boats to Live On Full-Time - BoatingSphere

    Read also this: Best Catamaran Fishing Boat Brands. The Best Catamarans to Live on. The catamaran market, encompassing motor and sail models, thrives, particularly among Boats that Live On Full-Time liveaboards. Notable models include: Privilege 435 Privilege 435: Elegance and luxury combined in a comfortable, technologically advanced catamaran.

  8. Liveaboard Boat Buying Guide 2023 | YATCO

    While the price for a marina slip depends on location, season, and length of the boat, liveaboard slips cost significantly more due to the greater demand for facilities, and the limited amount of liveaboard slips available. A slip in the US costs anywhere between $12/ft per year to $240/ft per year, with an average of roughly $50/ft per year.