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Profile menu, 25 spooky appetizers for your next halloween party.


Throw a Halloween appetizer party that will make you the most popular house in the neighborhood. Easy Halloween appetizers are the perfect way to start the spookiest night of the year. Set out a fiendish spread of finger foods when you host the annual Halloween costume party, and let the fun begin! Transform deviled eggs into pumpkins, pigs in a blanket into witches' fingers, and cheeseballs into spooky bats. 

Chorizo and Caramelized Onion Stuffed Intestines

Chorizo and Caramelized Onion Stuffed Intestines image

Take your Halloween party to the next level with Mexican sausage and onion stuffed "intestines". Store-bought pastry dough makes this masterpiece simple to make and contributes to the rich taste and flaky texture. A cranberry sauce adds sweetness to this salty, savory dish while contributing to the realness of its presentation. This appetizer is sure to be a memorable one!

Halloween Hummus

Halloween Hummus

Halloween Hummus Recipe

For a truly spooky treat, this hummus is a great way to create a fun and festive Halloween effect. Simply fill a carved skull prop with this ghoulishly delicious hummus for a great appetizer to serve to guests. This hummus is red pepper based and features cayenne pepper, cumin, and plenty of garlic cloves for some great flavor. This dip is great to serve with crackers, chips, or veggie sticks. Dig right in, if you dare! 

Spicy Orange Bat Wings

Spicy Orange Bat Wings

The trio of orange marmalade, lime juice, and hot sauce make for tangy and unique wings. 

Roasted Red Pepper Deviled Eggs

Roasted Red Pepper Deviled Eggs

Serve these devilishly tasty treats as part of a Halloween feast. Roasted red peppers and paprika give the filling an orange hue reminiscent of jack-o-lanterns, while snipped chives resemble their stems.

Bat Bites

These bite-sized bats have an adult-friendly flavor from the goat cheese, cream cheese, and pesto mixture. The kids will love to shape the bats' bodies, decorate their faces, and give them wings.

Eat-It-Up Snack Mix

Eat-It-Up Snack Mix

Family, friends and coworkers will love "goblin" up this yummy snack mix!

Witches' Fingers in Bandages

Witches' Fingers in Bandages

Take pigs-in-a-blanket to a new level with these scary puff pastry-wrapped witch's fingers. The cocktail-size franks are the perfect size for an easy pick-up appetizer and you won't even need to serve with dip since each "finger" has red nail polish (ie. ketchup).

Monster Eyes

Monster Eyes

Give sausage balls a spooky look by placing a pimiento-stuffed olive in the center of each one. These "eyes" are a fun breakfast treat on Halloween morning.

Mummy Dogs

These make-ahead hot dogs use refrigerated breadstick dough, perfect for goblins, pretty princesses, superheroes, and even their parents.

Cheddar Witch's Fingers

Cheddar Witch's Fingers

Use cheesy cornmeal breadstick dough to make scary witch fingers. They're great for snacks or to serve with soup and chili.

Deviled Green Goblin Eggs

Deviled Green Goblin Eggs

Create artful patterns on hard-cooked egg whites by cracking the shells of the cooked eggs and letting them stand in a food-coloring mixture.

Weiner Worms

Weiner Worms

Hard-core haunted house fans will love this "Halloweenie" dish made by grilling strips of hot dogs. Buns are optional.

Goblin Dip with Bone Crackers

Goblin Dip with Bone Crackers

Turn Tex-Mex bean dip into a Halloween specialty by serving it with bone-shaped crackers.

Cornbread Ghosts

Cornbread Ghosts

Serve these Cornbread Ghosts with a piping hot bowl of hearty homemade chili for an easy Halloween party entree.

Fried Goo with Dracula Dip

Fried Goo with Dracula Dip

Just about everyone loves fried cheese sticks. Our version gets a punch of heat from cayenne pepper and cheese spiced with jalapeños. To tame the heat, use plan Monterey Jack (without the peppers), mozzarella or Swiss cheese and either leave out the cayenne pepper or use less of it.

Skulls on Sticks

Skulls on Sticks

These fun rice treats on a stick offer a fun and delicious take on Halloween treats that are perfect to serve to guests at your next spooky bash! Turn up the "Monster Mash" and let everyone enjoy these ghoulish treats!

The Great White Pumpkin Cheese Ball

The Great White Pumpkin Cheese Ball

Give a subtle nod to the Halloween classic "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" and serve this sharp-cheddar cheese ball with a pepper kick.

Cauldron Full of Devilish Dip

Cauldron Full of Devilish Dip

Fill a bread bowl with a chunky Devilish Dip to create the look of a creepy bubbling cauldron.

Olive Spiders

Olive Spiders

Dress up your spooky Halloween table (or your drink) with this fun garnish.

Ghostly Munch

Ghostly Munch

Serve this Ghostly Munch at your Halloween party and watch as all your ghosts and ghouls gobble it right up.

Jack-o'-Lantern Cheese Ball

Jack-o'-Lantern Cheese Ball

This Jack-o'-Lantern Cheese Ball is a scary-good appetizer to serve to hungry Halloween guests.

Jack-o-Lantern Bread

Jack-o-Lantern Bread

These pumpkin shaped loaves are an eerie way to bring some Halloween spunk to the dinner plate.

Olive Snake

Olive Snake

Whoever said not to play with your food really missed out. Create a ghastly appetizer featuring an olive snake over your favorite dip and paired with fresh veggies.

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Get your fix for Roasted Pumpkin Seeds with this classic Halloween recipe.

Spider Bagel Pizza Bites

Spider Bagel Pizza Bites

Looking for a great decorative dish that isn't a sweet? Mini bagel pizza bites garnished with olives, red pepper and cheese creates the perfect savory dish that won't cause a toothache.

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Chorizo and Caramelized Onion Stuffed Intestines

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30 Halloween appetizers for a spooky start to the night

The best way to start any spooky soiree is with a selection of scary snacks that are as tantalizing to the taste buds as they are eye-catching. Halloween is the time for costume and culinary creativity to run wild. Everyday recipes can be turned into festive dishes for the holiday: Think ghastly guacamole, haunted hummus, devilish deviled eggs, yummy mummy dogs, a party-perfect pumpkin-shaped cheese ball, vampire-repelling garlic fries, post-jack-o'-lantern-carving pepitas, fiery, flame-fanning dips and more. Let the spooky spirit inspire party snacks and finger foods that are spicy, savory, sinister and, of course, frighteningly full of flavor.

Aside from the aforementioned flavor, color is key when it comes to Halloween-themed eats and treats . Incorporating classic black and orange ingredients will add a festive touch to the table. But don't forget blood-red foods and ghoulish-green eats, too. You want all eyes on the eyeball-shaped food on the table.

This holiday is known for its overabundance of sweets, so a savory spread will be a welcome change from the bounty of sugary treats. Including kid-friendly fare is a must, but keep in mind that Halloween isn't just for the kiddos — or the faint of heart! Visually chilling dishes and terrorizing tastes that push the palate to its limit will give grown-up guests plenty of amusement.

No matter their age, your party guests won't be able to resist sinking their teeth into these bewitching bites — then gobbling down Halloween dinner , drinks , snacks and desserts (including cookies ) — especially after an exhausting night of trick-or-treating.

Roasted Buffalo Cauliflower Bites with Black Buffalo Sauce

Get The Recipe

Roasted buffalo cauliflower bites with black buffalo sauce.

Roasting cauliflower with a crispy breadcrumb topping creates fabulous texture without having to be fried. For the dip, black sesame tahini is used instead of a traditional tahini paste, which adds some spooky flair to this recipe if you want to make it for Halloween (though we must say, it's a winner year-round).

Mozzarella Eyeballs

Mozzarella Eyeballs

Easy to make and even easier to eat, these one-bite mozzarella eyeballs come together in a snap. Have fun and display these in a head of cauliflower to resemble a brain. Drizzle with a little balsamic glaze for some sweetness and a creepy drip effect!

Guacamole Graveyard Dip

Guacamole Graveyard Dip

Nobody will be able to resist this ghoulish guacamole dip with several devilishly delicious layers. Use different color pitas to add variety to the scene. Make the chips extra festive by cutting the pitas with oval, cat, ghost or tombstone cookie cutters.

Gluten-Free Witch's Fingers

Gluten-Free Witch's Fingers

These knobby garlic bread-stick fingers may just put a spell on you! Dip them in your favorite marinara sauce for a spooky snack. Because they're gluten free party guests with dietary restrictions don't have to be afraid to dig in.

Yummy Mummy Dogs for Halloween

Yummy Mummy Dogs for Halloween

The scariest thing about these frightful franks is that they're terrifyingly delicious! Three ingredients — puff pastry, hot dogs and beaten egg come together in just a few simple steps: roll, cut, twirl, brush, bake and eat! Either type of puff pastry (all-butter or shortening) will work here.

Zombie Cheese and Prosciutto Halloween Party Skull

Zombie Cheese and Prosciutto Halloween Party Skull

Your guests will be head-over-heels for this creepy centerpiece. It's a great way to present a meat and cheese platter for any Halloween party. This snack platter is a real scream!

Black Sauce and Lingonberry Sauce Wings

Black Sauce and Lingonberry Sauce Wings

Chicken wings take fright with this spooky sauce makeover. The wings get fried and smothered in two diabolically delicious sauces. One is a tangy red lingonberry barbecue sauce and the other a jet-black spicy bean sauce — perfect for some frightening fun!

Creepy Crudités Platter with Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

Creepy Crudités Platter with Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

This recipe is great because it gives guests a break from the sugary candy. It keeps the spooky theme of a Halloween party while providing a healthy snack at the same time. Use any veggies and ghoulish shapes to design the platter.

Spider Eggs

Spider Eggs

These irresistible bites have all the flavors of classic deviled eggs but with the spooky, salty bite of an olive "spider" on top. Make extra for a party because these will literally be eaten by the dozen.

Pastry Puff Wrapped Mummy Brie

Pastry Puff Wrapped Mummy Brie

This recipe has just two main ingredients, so it could not be any simpler to assemble, yet the final presentation is totally centerpiece-worthy. The gooey melted cheese and flaky puff pastry make this a completely craveable appetizer. Serve with fresh cut vegetables and crackers so guests can choose different dippers.

Spooky Avocado Dip With Tortilla Chips

Spooky Avocado Dip With Tortilla Chips

With a carved pumpkin, this popular party dish becomes a spectacular centerpiece to wow guests at a Halloween party. Make the dip dairy-free by taking out the mayonnaise. A little lemon juice will also help prevent the dip from turning brown.

Batty Cream Cheese and Pecan Rolled Grapes

Batty Cream Cheese and Pecan Rolled Grapes

Nothing beats the expression on peoples' faces after biting into one of these and realizing there's a grape inside! The juicy, sweet surprise gives the creamy, crunchy treats a burst of freshness. If any guests have a nut allergy, try rolling the cream cheese-covered grapes in fresh herbs like basil and chives.

Mummy Hot Dogs

Mummy Hot Dogs

Pigs-in-a-blanket get a spooky makeover! This recipe requires very little time and effort yet is a savory showstopper for an otherwise sweet-filled holiday. For vegetarians, swap out hot dogs for jalapeño peppers that have been halved and stuffed with a mixture of shredded cheese and cream cheese.

Vampire Garlic Fries

Vampire Garlic Fries

It's Halloween and what could be spookier than the threat of a ghastly vampire bite? These garlic fries will keep your immune system strong — and chase all the vampires away! Just be sure to keep some breath mints handy.

Deviled Egg Eyeballs

Deviled Egg Eyeballs

These savory bites are the ideal way to balance out your candy-induced sugar shock. That's because each edible "eyeball" is packed with blood-sugar-stabilizing stuff: protein-rich egg whites plus fiber-filled hummus and guacamole, which also contribute heart-healthy fat. Kick things up a notch in the decoration (and heat) department by making the eyeballs look extra eerie with bloodshot streaks using a drizzle of Sriracha.

Queso Fundido (Melted Cheese) in a Pumpkin

Queso Fundido (Melted Cheese) in a Pumpkin

What could be better than a gooey dip with three kinds of melted cheese? That dip served in a hollowed-out pumpkin! Marcella Valladolid fills the seasonal squash with gooey queso fundido for a decorative and delicious Halloween treat.

Indian-Spiced Pepitas

Indian-Spiced Pepitas

This recipe turns something that could become food waste and turns it into something delicious. After carving jack-o'-lanterns, save the seeds to make this tasty snack. The texture of the pepitas along with the flavors of the spices make a wonderful combination.

Sausage-and-Pepper-Stuffed Mushrooms

Sausage-and-Pepper-Stuffed Mushrooms

Cream cheese and sausage is an unbeatable combo for dips. This recipe takes it to a whole new level by stuffing it into bite-sized mushrooms. It's a portable pick-up your Halloween guests will love.

3-Ingredient Chorizo Pigs in a Blanket

3-Ingredient Chorizo Pigs in a Blanket

These sweet and spicy pastries are a unique twist on the classic pigs in a blanket. The corn syrup glaze adds a sweet touch that contrasts with the spicy sausage. Serve on their own or along with your favorite mustard for dipping. When purchasing the chorizo be sure to buy fully cooked (not fresh) sausage.

Black Forbidden Rice Arancini

Black Forbidden Rice Arancini

The color of the black rice with the digestive charcoal is surprising but the flavor is deep and rich. It's fun to see the initial skepticism on people's faces before they bite it and then react to the delicious taste. They're the perfect spooky snack for Halloween!

Slow-Cooker Barbecue Cocktail Wieners

Slow-Cooker Barbecue Cocktail Wieners

Your guests would never know this deliciously addictive appetizer was made in mere minutes and with just two ingredients. The sticky sauce and plum mini dogs are the perfect easy-to-eat party bite. They're delicious and couldn't be easier to prepare.

Party Pumpkin Cheese Ball

Party Pumpkin Cheese Ball

This cheesy and savory party pumpkin is the perfect edible showstopper for any festive autumn party. It adds instant fall flair to the table and gives guests a fun and interactive appetizer. Serve with a selection of chips or colorful crudites.

Deviled Crab Dip

Deviled Crab Dip

This recipe takes the fresh flavor of crab and ups the ante with spicy jalapeños, a creamy cheese and zesty spices. It comes together very quickly, too. Just mix it, bake it and serve. Change up the flavors by substituting crab for diced cooked lobster or shrimp.

Spicy Black Bean and Corn Dip

Spicy Black Bean and Corn Dip

Smoky chipotle peppers bring the heat to this Southwestern-inspired dip whose dark color is perfect for Halloween. Use just one pepper if you want a mild dose of spiciness, or add more adobo sauce or pepper if you want to amp up the burn. If possible, use fresh, in-season corn — the raw kernels’ juicy sweetness will offset the heat.

Bacon Bites

Bacon Bites

This appetizer is a surprising mix of subtly sweet and salty, savor flavors. They have the look of spooky tree branches and crowd-pleasing bacon. Remove bread sticks from the baking sheet while warm or they will stick like glue, which would be a major party fail.

Popcorn Shrimp with Gochujang Mayo Dipping Sauce

Popcorn Shrimp with Gochujang Mayo Dipping Sauce

Popcorn shrimp wouldn't be exciting without a sauce. This is one that packs in complex flavors. The gochujang in the sauce adds an intensely sweet and spicy taste (and gives it its bloody appearance), and the shrimp is slightly spicy and tangy from the buttermilk-chili marinade.

Parmesan Kale Chips

Parmesan Kale Chips

Ina Garten turns leafy kale into crispy chips. Flat kale — sometimes labeled cavalo nero, Dinosaur kale or lacinato — it can be roasted for the perfect light bite to serve with drinks. It's simply kale, olive oil and salt, and it roasts in 15 minutes. Of course, freshly grated Parmesan cheese makes everything taste better, and its dark-green hue is perfect for the spookiest autumn night.

Scott Family Party Snack Mix

Scott Family Party Snack Mix

The spiced cereal, candied nuts and dried fruit are a great mix to serve at gatherings. Don't skip browning the butter! Making brown butter for this recipe takes it over the top from usual cereal party mix. It just adds that extra layer of caramelized flavor and nuttiness. And don't skip the blueberries: The fruity sweetness adds the best foil to the spicy, savory saltiness of the rest of the mix.

Avocado Hummus

Avocado Hummus

This hummus recipe is a real crowd-pleaser. It owes its ghoulish green color to fresh avocados. It pairs nicely with chips to enjoy as a dip, or it can be used as a spread on wraps and sandwiches.

Spicy Barbecue Sweet Potato Chips

Spicy Barbecue Sweet Potato Chips

What's not to love about barbecue-flavored sweet potato chips? These are the perfect snack for a party, or the perfect thing to serve alongside a bunch of sandwiches or sliders. The orange chips and smoky spices make them perfect for a haunted Halloween gathering.

spooky food for halloween party

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spooky food for halloween party

32 Easy Halloween Recipes Guaranteed to Freak Out Your Guests

spooky food for halloween party

You've already sent out your haunting party invites, completed your DIY Halloween costume , and planned those spooky table settings, but what about the scary Halloween recipes ? Bloody meringue bones and witch fingers and dip will get your guests hungrier than a zombie in a morgue. There are a lot of sweets on the menu, but you won't be stuck with just leftover trick-or-treating candy. Get ready for some seriously startling recipes and ideas that'll have you and your guests doing a double-take. Keep your defibrillator handy, because these terrifying treats are not for the faint of heart.

Image via Brit + Co

Mummy Pizzas

Trick your kids into eating their veggies by turning zucchini ribbons into tasty mummy bandages atop French bread pizzas. Take advantage of the Halloween holiday to get extra playful and silly with your food. To start this dish, grab ciabatta rolls or similar rectangular rolls, sun-dried tomato pesto or pizza sauce, grated mozzarella cheese, small zucchinis, and black olives. Halve the bread rolls, add your sauce of choice, sprinkle with cheese and use a vegetable peeler to cut the zucchini into thin ribbons that can be haphazardly placed on the roll at different angles. Use the sliced olives for eyes, and bake for about 20 minutes at 375 degrees Fahrenheit. Then you can mummy out!

Ghoulish Red Velvet Cake

Bloody bones, crumbled red velvet, lots of sugar — this dessert is everything a Halloween treat should be. You'll need a few hours to make the cake, frosting and bones from scratch in the DIY masterpiece. Check your pantry and refrigerator for butter, sugar, eggs, flour, cocoa powder, buttermilk, vanilla extract, white vinegar, baking soda and cake release spray for the cake; egg whites, sugar and cream of tartar for the bones; and mascarpone, icing sugar, heavy cream and blackberry syrup for the for the frosting. As far as supplies goes, it'll also be helpful to have a mixer, piping bags, cake stand, a few mixing bowls and a measuring jug.

Image via Brilliant Bites by Maegan Brown

Mummy Meatballs

These meatballs take on the flavors of your favorite pasta dish. The eyeballs, crafted from ricotta cheese and black olive bits, add in the spooky factor!

Spooky Halloween Popsicles

Autumn weather is notoriously unpredictable. Make a batch of spooky frozen pops in case you find yourself sweating through your monster mask. Your ingredient list for these includes a bar of dark chocolate, heavy whipping cream, a can of coconut milk, condensed milk, a pack of candy googly eyes, and popsicle molds. Also, be sure to set aside about four hours to complete this Halloween party food idea.

Bug Tuxedo Cake

This bug-covered cake is gorgeous, but it will absolutely creep out your friends and loved ones. We imagine this is what they served when Beetlejuice tried to marry Lydia. For this Halloween menu item, grab a chocolate cake mix, white chocolate, butter, powdered sugar, cream, and vanilla. This recipe will yield a four layer cake with thick frosting and thick chocolate ganache poured over the top. Mm, yum!

Spider Halloween Cookies

These creepy crawlies actually carry everything that's great about dessert – peanut butter and chocolate! They're easy to make after you bake the cookie base. Simply press a PB cup into the dough and decorate accordingly.

Raw Avocado Zombie Bars

Unlike zombies, vegans don't eat brains, or any other food that comes from an animal for that matter. Instead, serve them up some raw, vegan avocado zombie bars for a healthy treat. You'll get about 16 servings with this recipe, which requires Medjool dates, raw almonds, cocoa powder, coconut oil, avocados, agave nectar, coconut oil, a blender or food processor and an 8x8 inch brownie pan.

Petri Dish Jello Shots

Usually we *avoid* putting germs in our body, but these Jell-O shot petri dishes look so good, we just can't resist having one for dessert. Oh, and they're make-ahead, leaving you more time to work on your costume.

Blood Bones Cocktail

Spike your punch bowl with bones made from Jell-O shot ingredients, including whipped cream vodka.

Halloween Avocado Toast

What's more terrifying than millennials spending all their hard-earned cash on avocados and destroying the real estate industry? Turning those avos into totally freaky breakfast toasts, of course.

White Chocolate Strawberry Lab Mice

October 31 is the only time of year when seeing mice in the kitchen is actually a good thing. After all, they're made from strawberries and white chocolate! This make-ahead treat is easy to put together and ideal for a mad scientist themed spooky party.

For this Halloween recipe, all you need are strawberries, white chocolate melting wafers, and red food coloring. Set a few of the wafers aside to be used as mouse ears, and melt the rest in the microwave-safe dish for about 30 seconds. Then dip your strawberries into the melty chocolate and place on a flat plate or surface to help them keep their shape. As the chocolate starts to set, place two wafer on top of each strawberry for the ears. To achieve the spooky red eyes, mix red food dye into the remaining melted chocolate and use a fork or toothpick to pick up the color and complete the look. For more mad scientist Halloween food ideas, check out this lime green petri dish jello shot recipe .

Black Martinis

This cocktail is sweeter than it seems. It gets its dark color from blackberries, Chambord, and a drop of food coloring.

Midnight Galaxy Donut Holes

Howl at the full moon while snacking on glorious galaxy swirl donut holes. Just make sure you bring enough to share with the werewolves.

Halloween Monster Sushi Bites

Get the kids to help decorate these monstrous sushi bites, and they might actually forget about candy for a while.

Eyeball and Mummy Cake Balls

Nothing like popping an eyeball in your mouth for a sweet snack, right?

Blood-Splattered Petit Fours

Pound cake squares and sugar glass sounds totally scrumptious to us. Those who faint at the sight of blood might want to skip this one, though.

Bloody Meringue Bones

You don't need any special ingredients to make realistic edible blood. Frozen blackberries, sugar, and lemon juice do the trick nicely.

Black + Orange Rum Punch

It's the one time of year that a black and orange cocktail won't freak out your guests too badly.

(Gummy) Worm Ice Cubes

For a Halloween cocktail trick and treat, add gummy worms to your guests' ice.

Monster Eye-Scream Cookies

If you like cute more than creepy, these adorable ice cream cookies have your name written all over them. Grab your favorite sugar cookie recipe, royal icing in a variety of colors, and fondant for homemade candy eyes if you can't find the store-bought kind. You can DIY candy eyes by rolling out fondant and using straws to cut out uniform small circles. Once the fondant dries, you can add on black dots with an edible market to finish the eyes and set aside. Then, before you bake your cookie dough of choice, use cookie cutters to create fun and cute shapes in the dough like hearts, triangles, stars, and more. Think about the colors you want to use for your designs (we opted for a pastel palette with pink, yellow, peach, and blue), and dye the royal icing as needed to match your desired hues. Then get to work on decorating your cute scary monster cookies!

Image via Domestic Gothess

Witches' Finger Cookies and Red Velvet Hot Chocolate

Name a more iconic duo than witch finger cookies and red velvet hot chocolate — we'll wait. This Halloween recipe uses a buttery shortbread dough for knobby fingers, blanched almonds for fingernails, cinnamon for dirt and red food coloring to get the gory bleeding look. The coolest and creepiest part of this dish is the red velvet hot chocolate dipping sauce that looks like a goblet of blood.

Some quick tips: Once your cookie dough is ready to go, you'll want to measure out 1/2 tablespoon quantities of the dough, roll them into a ball, and then into a log shape. Be sure to make them quite thin as they were spread in the oven while baking. For the knuckle indentations, use a knife to make the ridges. Get the full spooktacular treat at Domestic Gothess.

Image via A Spicy Perspective

Halloween Monster Donuts

Kids can make their own frightful Halloween Monster Donuts over pre-made glazed donuts in this yummy no-bake dessert or breakfast.

Image via Half Baked Harvest

Voldemort's Dark Serum

Harry Potter fans will delight in this spooky Halloween cocktail made with a mix of pomegranate juice, tequila, Chambord (raspberry liquor), lemon, and warming sage.

Image via Boulder Locavore

Slow-Cooker Vampire Punch

Have chills running up and down your spine? Ghouls of all ages can sip on this non-alcoholic crimson punch. For a more potent potion, add rum. To master this recipe and round out your Halloween menu, you'll need a slow cooker , five minutes to mix all the ingredients, and three hours of patience to let it brew. Hawaiian Punch, ginger ale, and Red Hot Candies are the hero ingredients here. To take this to the next level on the spook-scale, use dry ice for a smoky vibe.

Image via Salty Canary

Jack-o-Lantern Pumpkin Ice Cream

Halloween heatwaves don't stand a chance against cones of grinning, grimacing pumpkin ice cream.

Haunted Orchard Cocktail

After tip-toeing through a haunted orchard, who wouldn't crave a cocktail to calm the nerves?

Jack-o-Lantern Personal Pies

Carve pie crust jack-o-lanterns to top these personal pies.

Image via Jelly Toast

Spider Web Cereal Treats

Jazz up your usual cereal treats with a thick layer of chocolate ganache and a web of icing on top. Simple, spooky, and superb.

Halloween Monster Popcorn

When stocking your Halloween pantry, you'd better buy edible googly eyes in bulk. Add them to everything from popcorn to oatmeal to instantly make your meal mortifying.

Image via Texanerin Baking

Whole Wheat Witch Fingers + Dip

Healthy and Halloween don't have to be mutually exclusive. Serve this on days when you're not feeling the sweet stuff.

Image via Curbly

Halloween Bark Recipe

Dark chocolate and bloody red candy melts combine to make this popcorn bark a spooky treat.

Image via Give it Some Thyme

Spooky Chocolate Glazed Cannoli Dip

When faced with a vat of chocolate glazed cannoli dip, the only thing we have to fear is our appetite.

Image via Cilantro Parsley

Graveyard Dessert

This ghostly dessert will haunt your guests taste buds with how yummy it tastes.

Forbidden Forest Chocolate Butterbeer Cake

No matter how many times we've been told not to venture into it, the Forbidden Forest stills beckons us. Since we know you can't enough of it either, be sure to make this tasty butterbeer cake for your Harry Potter -themed party.

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This post has been updated from a previous post.

Lead image via Half Baked Harvest.

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spooky food for halloween party

24 Spooky Halloween Finger Food Recipes

Brittany Barber


Add a little spook to your Halloween party experience with these unsettlingly delicious Halloween finger food recipes. What could possibly be more appetizing than witch fingers, lychee eyeballs, and ghost cookies? If you’re hoping for more than your typical mini chocolate bars and bite-size candies, concoct something creative, creepy, and captivating this Halloween. We've got 24 sweet and savory Halloween finger food recipes to inspire your party menu.

Pro tip: If you’re planning a Halloween party and would prefer to take some stress off of yourself, you could always hire a caterer and ask them to use some of these recipes as inspiration instead! 


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  • A Simple Halloween Party Checklist
  • 20 Ways to Have the Best Halloween Party Ever

Here are 24 Halloween finger food ideas to make your Halloween party even spookier! 

Poison candy apples.

Halloween Finger Food Recipes - Poison Candy Apples

 Photo by Simply Delicious Food

These sinister candy apples are a Halloween finger food idea that everyone needs to get on board with ASAP. One look at their glistening black gloss will be enough to intrigue anyone you celebrate Halloween with this year. This recipe from Simply Delicious Food is easy to follow and amusing to prepare as well. Don't be scared to get a little sticky!  

Seven Layer Spider Web Dip

Halloween Finger Food Recipes - 7 layer spider web dip

 Photo by  Chelseasmessyapron.com

This  dip recipe from Chelsea’s Messy Apron is a Halloween party favorite that requires minimal effort to make. With olive spiders and a sourcream spider web, this seven-layer dip is guaranteed to look great among your other spooky Halloween food and drinks. 

Witch Hat Calzones

Halloween Finger Food Recipes - Witch Hat Calzones

 Photo by  Jeanniestriedandtruerecipes.com

Who doesn’t love a festive calzone? These  witch hat-shaped calzones are fun to make and easy to serve as Halloween finger food appetizers. You can get creative and make some other Halloween-themed shapes with this recipe too, like ghosts or monster faces.

Jalapeno Mummy Poppers

Halloween Finger Food Recipes - Jalapeno Mummy Poppers

 Photo by  Ahopelesshousewife.com

If you’re looking for cute finger food ideas for your Halloween party, look no further. Spice up your Halloween dining experience with these adorable jalape ñ o mummy poppers . The Hopeless House Wife’s recipe calls for candy eyeballs, but you could also replace them with dollops of sour cream or even bits of cheese. This will help to cut the spice and save you the trouble of outsourcing for eyeballs. 

Pumpkin Pie Cheesecake Dip

Halloween Finger Food Recipes - Pumpkin Pie Cheesecake Dip

 Photo by  Anightowlblog.com

Salivating at the thought of this rich Halloween treat? Same. A Night Owl Blog’s  pumpkin pie cheesecake dip recipe is truly next-level. Choose your favorite cookie to dip into this creamy pumpkin dream, or slice up some apples instead to balance out the buttery goodness. 

Witch Fingers

Halloween Finger Food Recipes - witch fingers

 Photo by  Cooklikeachampion.com

These cheesy, savoury, breaded cheese sticks are just as delicious as they are creepy—and literally, a Halloween finger food idea. The secret to their spook-factor is to use almonds as fingernails! All you have to do is dip the almonds in black food coloring for a menacing black nail. Just bake until golden and voila! You’ve got yourself a bundle of scrumptious severed fingers . 

Cheesy Breadstick Bones with Bloody Marinara Sauce

Halloween Finger Food Recipes - Breadstick Bones

 Photo by  Just A Taste

Just a Taste’s  cheesy breadstick bones are super cheap and easy finger food for a Halloween party. With only a few ingredients, this straightforward recipe can be used to make more than bone-shaped breadsticks. You can try whatever Halloween-themed shape comes to mind, like broomsticks or ghosts too. 

Silly Monster Apple Bites

Halloween Finger Food Recipes - Sill Monster Apple Bites

 Photo by  Fork and Beans

These silly monster apple bites are terribly cute treats to make for Halloween. Healthy snacks on Halloween may be far and few, so making a nutritious dish that isn’t candied or smothered in chocolate might help balance things out a bit. Check out this awesome and hilarious  recipe from Fork and Beans for help on how to construct them!

Black Velvet Ghost Cupcakes

Halloween Finger Food Recipes - Black Velvet Ghost Cupcakes

 Photo by  Olive Magazine

If you love Halloween and everything that comes along with it, these ghoulish,  adorable cupcakes are just for you. They are sure to be an impressive treat to serve at your Halloween party!

Graveyard Parfaits

Halloween Finger Food Recipes - Graveyard Parfaits

 Photo by  Neighbor Food Blog

When it comes to single-serving desserts this Halloween, these delightfully  spooky parfaits are perfect. Neighbor Food Blog’s recipe has a few steps to follow, so if you intend to make a big batch, you may want to plan their creation as a fun Halloween group activity!

Ouija Board Cake

Halloween Finger Food Recipes - Ouiji Board Cake

 Photo by Lorraine Elliott/ Notquitenigella.com

If you’re up for the challenge, put your baking skills to the test with this impressive ouija board cake recipe ! Creative and eerie, there is no doubt this devilish cake will awe your guests as a ghastly centerpiece.

Spooky Ghost Cookies

Halloween Finger Food Recipes - Ghost Cookies

 Photo by Parker Feierbach/ Delish

These cute sugar cookies are a delightful sweet Halloween finger food to try this year. I mean, who wouldn't bake this on Halloween? This recipe from Delish suggests using cold cookie dough for a flawless turnout. 

Skeleton Veggie Tray

Halloween Finger Food Recipes - Skeleton Veggie Tray

 Photo by  Cookingwithjanica.com

All you need for this dish is a selection of your favorite veggies and a touch of creativity. Follow along with  this recipe from Cooking with Janica, or use it as inspiration to concoct your own spooky platter!

Halloween Gingerbread Skeletons

Halloween Finger Food Recipes - Halloween Gingerbread Skeletons

 Photo by  Olive Magazine 

As a spooky spin on your typical gingerbread-person cookies, these  gingerbread skeletons from Olive Magazine serve as great Halloween baking inspiration. All you need to do is make regular gingerbread shaped people, and use icing to turn them into sinister skeleton treats! 

Peanut Butter Spider Cookies

Halloween Finger Food Recipes - Spider Cookies

 Photo by  All Recipes

Afraid of spiders? Despite their creepy title, these  peanut butter spider cookies from All Recipes are far from being creepy. Adorably Halloween-themed, try your hand at these decorative and delicious treats!

Eerie Eyeball Pops

Halloween Finger Food Recipes - Eyeball Cake Pops

 Photo by  BBC Good Food

These menacing cake pops are the perfect Halloween finger food idea. Unnerving yet tasty, check out BBC Good Food for the full recipe . 

Jack O’ Lantern Chips and Dip

Halloween Finger Food Recipes - Jack O' Lantern Chip and Dip

 Photo by  Tasty  

Everyone’s seen the hilarious carved pumpkin literally puking its guts out, right? Well,  Tasty’s chips and dip recipe takes it to a whole new level. This unsettling display of spewed guacamole may not seem particularly appetizing, but it is certainly an excellent Halloween dish.

Halloween Bat Truffles

Halloween Finger Food Recipes - Bat Truffles

 Photo by Naomi Robinson/ Delish

How cute are these mini bat chocolate truffles ? If you’re trying to astonish your guests with your culinary creativity, this treat from Delish will certainly do the trick.  

Monster Mash Cookies

Halloween Finger Food Recipes - Monster Mash Cookies

 Photo by  Half Baked Harvest

If you enjoy the art of decorating cookies,  these monstrous Halloween cookies are a great choice for you. Feel free to be as funky as you’d like with your monster face decor - the more absurd they look, the better they are! 

Eyeball Panna Cotta

Halloween Finger Food Recipes - Eyeball Panna Cotta

Photo by  Nerdy Mamma

This  bloody eyeball dessert is great for anyone seeking out a vegan Halloween treat. With kiwi and dairy-free chocolate covered coffee beans, you really can’t go wrong with this panna cotta recipe. 

Pumpkin Cheesecake Truffle Mummies

Halloween Finger Food Recipes - Truffle Mummies

Photo by  Le Creme de la Crumb

Delicious, creepy, and best of all, no-bake. Le Creme de la Crumb’s  pumpkin cheesecake truffle mummies are a cute Halloween finger food idea that are just as enjoyable to make as they are to eat. You can use red food coloring for the eyes, or stick on some candy eyeballs for a sillier aesthetic.

Golden Snitch Cake Pops

Halloween Finger Food Recipes - Golden Snitch Cake Pops

 Photo by  With Sprinkles on Top

All of the Harry Potter fans are going to want to try these golden snitch cake pops ! This recipe shows you how to turn simple cake pops into a bouquet of sparkling golden snitch balls. It will take some time to craft the wings out of fondant - but it’s worth it! 

Jack Skellington Sugar Cookies

Halloween Finger Food Recipes - Jack Skellington Sugar Cookies

 Photo by  Sugar Spice and Glitter

Tim Burton and Halloween go together like sugar and cookies. If you’re a fan of A Nightmare Before Christmas, you’ll want to make  these spooky sugar cookies this year. If you have a steady hand and a knack for decorating with icing, this recipe from Sugar Spice and Glitter is just for you! 

Lychee Eyeballs

Halloween Finger Food Recipes - Lychee Eyeballs

 Photo by Jenn Fujikawa/ nerdist.com

Lychee eyeballs? They are as creepy, slimy, and tasty as they sound. As far as spooky Halloween finger foods go, these are by far the most uncanny. But also the healthiest! If you’re on the hunt for a real gross-out dish that is also delicious, look no further. Check out All Recipes on how to make them!

Find more  Halloween entertainment and party ideas  on The Bash.

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About Brittany Barber Brittany Barber, lover of books, dogs, and romance, graduated from Bishop’s University with a Communications and Theatre degree. After spending some time working abroad in the theatre world, she is now a freelance writer covering a range of lifestyle topics including event planning for The Bash, WeddingWire, 2life and Fluttr, and shopping for BuzzFeed and Narcity.

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39 Spooky Foods For The Scariest Halloween Party Ever

26 th Sep 16 2:35 am by admin

Creepy, but delicious. That is the theme you want for your Halloween party. One of the most funny and interesting holidays is just around the corner, and any day now, we will start preparing for it. That being said, I would like to give you a head start with some delicious recipes for creepy food.

And don’t worry — they are much better than what Raj used for his Halloween party in “The Big Bang Theory.” I will not bore you with just some creative names for simple dishes — these recipes are truly spooky hit. I am sure your guests will love it, no matter their age.

1. Spooky Spinach Dip In Bread Bowl Cauldron

You want your food to be healthy, right? Well, there aren’t many options healthier than spinach. And with that colorful green texture, spinach makes your table that much more visually appealing.

2. Jalapeno Popper Mummies

Your guests will be hot after trying this. My advice for you: Do not tell them they are jalapeno peppers until they try it. That is, unless you know some of your friends are not into hot and spicy food. You will love their face expression after being burnt by the hotness of the jalapeno.

3. Zombie Dip

This dip was inspired by “The Walking Dead” show. And while the show might be gross at times, this dip is actually very good, tasty and for everyone’s surprise, sweet. Yes, you read that right — the dip is basically a different take on the red velvet cake. Who thought one of the best cakes could be zombie food?

4. Mashed Potato Monsters

One of the secrets to a good Halloween party is creative take on simple dishes like mashed potatoes. We have all made mashed potatoes at least once in our life. But when you some olives on a stick, the mashed potato becomes something else.

5. Bloody Bones

As I said, simple dishes make great zombie and Halloween food. Take these cheese-filled breadsticks for example. Serve them without the “blood,” and you have nothing special. See how easy it is to transform them?

6. Skull Meathead Centerpiece

The mere thought of serving a skull to your friends is probably hard to swallow. But hey, look at how funny the skull looks. I have seen much creepier skulls in my life, and we all love zombie appetizers.

7. Witch Finger Bread Sticks

Finger bread sticks are one of my favorite foods at a Halloween party. Most people avoid them because they are too scared to pull the finger, but I love them. And once you throw some nice sauce in there, you have an absolute winner.

8. Guacamole Barfing Jack-o-Lantern

No Halloween party is fully completed and ready without some jack-o’-lanterns. This one, for example, barfs guacamole sauce. You can even combine it with some of the breadsticks recipes on the list — two in one, just like Nescafe.

9. Poisoned Apples

Don’t worry — you will not die or go into a deep sleep just like Snow White did in the popular Disney movie. There is nothing poisonous in these apples. Just try them. Do you believe me? I know you do!

10. Graveyard Taco Dip

As you’ve noticed by now, most of the Halloween party food is appetizer related or something similar. There are not many main dishes. This taco dip is another appetizer that will go great with any chips, crackers or even breadsticks you can find.

11. Spider Deviled Eggs

Eggs are probably one of the most versatile ingredients. You can literally turn them into anything and everything you want. For Halloween parties, I love the spider eggs. You have probably heard of devil eggs, but the spider guacamole is a better option.

12. Jack-O-Lantern Pepperoni Pizza Pockets

Simple, elegant and hot one-bite crackers you can serve with almost anything else. But be careful when you are throwing a Halloween party. You don’t want too many breadstick or cracker dishes.

13. Chicken Zucchini Skull Patties

I know what you are thinking — Finally some meat! Heh, no worries — there will be some meat down the road as well. For now, enjoy these chicken and zucchini skulls.

14. Hotdog Worms

Imagine this scenario: You go to a Halloween party, and you see this dish. Are you brave enough to put your hand inside? I know I am, and I know many people will be intrigued to try as well. That is the essence of Halloween food — something that looks scary and creepy, but inviting enough to try.

15. Spider Sandwiches

You cannot go wrong with bread, cream cheese and some veggies. Those three ingredients can be turned into basically everything. And I love the mixture of carrots and raisins, giving the recipe a bit of a sweet and salty mixture.

16. Puffy Mummy Pockets 

Just look at those eyes staring at you. They are basically calling you to try them. I promise your mouth will explode from the delightful taste.

17. Frankenstein Appetizer

For this recipe, I hope your coloring skills are good. But when your friends ask you what is the base of the recipe, just tell them “green cheese.” You won’t be far from the truth.

18. Spooky Pretzel Bones

Pretzels make our list, and with the right argument. When it comes to bread for party food, pretzels are definitely high calorie and filling. The sauce is up to you, as you can go creamy or spicy and hot.

19. Halloween Baked Potato Skin Pizzas

The only thing that you need to be careful here is to find big size potatoes. Otherwise, the recipe won’t work. But once you find a good sized potato, you can throw anything on top of it. Olives, some salami, tomatoes, basically everything that can be used for pizza topping.

20. Witches Broomstick Treats

Your witches from the beginning need some broom sticks. Now, that is a pairing I would definitely love to see at a party.

21. Skeleton Jam Bread

We all need some sweet food for dessert, and Halloween desserts are actually some of the best. The reason is simple— jams can be used for blood at all times. Who wouldn’t love to try some blood?

22. Meringue Bones

We had a couple of bones recipes by now. But I would love to give you several different options for one of the most recognizable symbols of Halloween. Bones and zombies go hand in hand with Halloween, and you need options.

23. Matcha Pumpkin Shortbread Shots

This shot is not only yummy on the outside, but it is yummy on the inside. It is a creepy food that is extremely healthy. Now, who wouldn’t love that? Thanks to matcha powder, this shot is packed with antioxidants. So, have a shot with your friends! Cheers!

24. Mummy Skewers

Do you see how easy it is to make some Halloween food? Bread, cheese and some eyes, and there you go — you have some fun and visually appealing appetizers.

25. Halloween Pretzel Kisses

The best part is that you can prepare these “kisses” from leftover candies. I have said before that your party needs some sweet desserts, and you can never go wrong with candy. Plus, they are totally kid-friendly, and I am sure your little ones will love them.

26. Halloween Sushi Balls

I am sure you haven’t thought that Japanese food can be used for an American holiday. Truth be told, Japan has nothing with Halloween. But a good and experienced chef in the kitchen will find a way to mix one culture with another.

27. Carrot Rice Ball Mini Jack-O’-Lanterns

We said that you cannot have a Halloween party without some jack-o’-lanterns. There are two ways to go with jack-o’-lanterns. One is with a big carved pumpkin. The second is to create your own lantern from any other ingredients you can find. For these mini lanterns, we used carrots and rice.

28. Brain Cookies

I was never a fan of brains as a food source. I know people that love the brain meat. But for me, it has always been disgusting, and that will not change. However, I must say that it hits that perfect spot Halloween creepiness.

29. Spooky Mozzarella Fried Eyeballs

You can try with other cheeses as well, but mozzarella is the best due to its texture. Again, these are kid-friendly, as they are not as spooky as some of the recipes you will see at an adult party.

30. Salty Black Licorice 

There is not a kid alive who does not love licorice candies. But adults love them as well, so you can be safe to prepare them for any party.

31. Taco-Spiced Cornbread Pumpkins

The best part about these taco pumpkins is that you can use them as a side dish for stews and soups. In other words, they are much more than Halloween party food. When October hits the calendar, you know you want more and more pumpkins, so try something different.

32. Mexican Mummy Dogs

Unlike many other mummy dogs, these can be made totally fat-free. The original recipe is low in fat, but if you like to take things to the next level, you can reduce the fat to zero. Talk about a healthy and stunning looking Halloween food.

33. Cheesy Broccoli And Chicken Stuffed Skulls

If you noticed by now, every time I give you something spooky as a skull, I make sure that the ingredients for it are extremely healthy. Such is the case here as well, with broccoli serving as the main ingredient.

34. Intestine Bread

Everything I said about brain and brain food applies for intestines as well. For me, it looks disgusting. But that is the purpose of Halloween food, isn’t it? If you can stomach it, the taste is delicious.

35. Healthy Halloween Bat Energy Bites

How about a cute dessert for Halloween? How does that sound? You thought it is not possible, right? Well, these chocolate protein bars will make you regret it. Bats are also part of the Halloween lore, but they are usually spooky and creepy. These ones are cute and sweet.

36. Tombstone Sandwiches

Serving tombstones might be morbidly to some, but this is Halloween we are talking about. And they come filled with some chicken, which is always a bonus.

37. Pumpkin Jack-O’-Lantern Cookies

Chocolate, chocolate and then some more chocolate — that is the recipe for some fans of sweet candies, but I love to give you something more in the range of healthy desserts. Like these pumpkin cookies, for example.

38. Green Witch Finger Cookies

What is surprising for me is that kids love these gross looking cookies. I have seen adults repulsed by the visual, but kids love to have fun. And they love chocolate and sweet stuff, so that is settled.

39. Deathly Hallows Cheese Board

It is only logical and convenient that we finish off with a table full with appetizers. There are so many stuff in here, that I cannot name them all. But most of all, you will find cheese, and then some more cheese.

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spooky food for halloween party

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spooky food for halloween party

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Pumpkin Cheese Ball

pumpkin cheese ball

Part retro , part cult classic, it’s hard to go wrong with a cheese ball . This festive pumpkin rendition may not contain any actual pumpkin , but it’s full of fresh herbs, minced jalapeño, and of course, plenty of cheese. Make a cheeseboard featuring one for the easiest, low-key healthy weeknight meal that'll still feel a little festive this Halloween season. Get the Pumpkin Cheese Ball recipe .

Halloween Sangria

a bowl of red wine based punch with ice cubes, blackberries, pomegranate seeds, and green apple slices cut to resemble ghosts

This recipe is spookier than your average sangria : Blood oranges, pomegranate seeds , and blackberries all work together to make this Halloween-approved punch . And as if it weren’t festive enough, we added some adorable ghost-shaped apple slices. 😜

Get the Halloween Sangria recipe .

Thanks to puff pastry, your basic baked brie becomes a totally spooky Halloween appetizer. Perfect for a Halloween party spread or to bring to snack on during a scary movie marathon. Get the Mummy Brie recipe .

Bloody Mary Syringes

These shooters are the PERFECT spooky Halloween cocktail . No Halloween party is complete without a little blood, right? Bonus: These go great with eyeball pasta ! Get the Bloody Mary Syringes recipe .

Pumpkin Deviled Eggs

These adorable pumpkin deviled eggs are way easier to make than Jack-o'-lanterns! Paprika gives a wash of bold color, while a fresh chive (or snip of scallion) makes for the perfect stems. Get the Pumpkin Deviled Eggs recipe .

Spider Taco Ring

If you love crescent rolls and are as obsessed with tacos as we are, this Halloween-inspired appetizer is calling your name. Created to playfully represent a spider with crescent roll legs and a crescent roll ring body stuffed with a beefy taco-spiced filling, it’s equal parts cute, creepy, and downright tasty.

Get the Spider Taco Ring recipe .

Candy Apples

While you’ve likely had them at orchards, state fairs , and the like, candy apples are a treat you can easily make at home. You only need a handful of ingredients, 30 minutes, and a candy thermometer to make these festive fall treats for every fall party or Halloween bash.

Get the Candy Apples recipe .

Black Magic Margaritas

Looking for a creepy Halloween cocktail ? Our classic margarita gets an eerie upgrade for the spooky holiday! Your guests won't know what hit them. Get the Black Magic Margaritas recipe .

Zombie Brain Cupcakes

Don’t just make plain old cupcakes for your next Halloween bash, make zombie brain cupcakes! They’re nothing more than a moist, chocolate cupcake with rich vanilla frosting , but some neon green food coloring and clever piping turn these into a super-festive, spooky treat. (Oh, and some blood red decorating gel—we're really getting into it.) Get the Zombie Brain Cupcakes recipe .

Cheesy Mini Meatball Skillet Dip

Part cheese dip , part meatballs, this skillet dip is not only delicious but a fun activity for the whole family on Halloween. Gather up your little helpers, wash those hands clean and get to shaping the mini-meatballs (or feel free to use store-bought if you can find 'em). Get the Cheesy Mini Meatball Skillet Dip recipe .

Vampire Poke Cake

This soft, rich, buttermilk almond cake is infused with a tart cherry sauce (“blood”!) and topped off with a light, fluffy whipped cream for a dessert that’s equally tasty and scary. Trust us when we say this is one time you’ll be craving blood too. 😉

Get the Vampire Poke Cake recipe .

Ghost Purse Ravioli

Looking for something delicious that's only a little bit spooky this Halloween? Try these adorable raviolis filled with ricotta , Parmesan, and finely chopped pear . We made these from wonton wrappers, rather than pasta dough, to make them scary easy on you too. You're welcOoOme.Get the Ghost Purse Ravioli recipe .

It's The Great Bundt-kin, Charlie Brown

Whether you’re throwing a Halloween bash and need a show-stopping centerpiece dessert , or just really love the Peanuts gang and want your pumpkin patch to be the most sincere, this is the cake for you—it’s the Great Pumpkin , er, Bundt-kin , Charlie Brown! Get the It's The Great Bundt-kin, Charlie Brown recipe .

Boozy Butterbeer Punch

The famous Harry Potter-themed drink, Butterbeer , gets a boozy upgrade thanks to vodka . We solemnly swear we are up to no good when we have one of these. Get the Boozy Butterbeer Punch recipe .

Halloween Chex Mix

This Chex Mix recipe is perfect for Halloween parties , for pre-trick or treat snacking , or for using up your leftover candy . In honor of the holiday, this blend veers more toward the sweet side by using some more dessert-friendly components: chocolate-covered pretzels , cinnamon Teddy Grahams, and candy corn (naturally).

Get the Halloween Chex Mix recipe .

Candied Pepitas

These candied pepitas are crispy, crunchy perfection with a dash of warm spice to make them ideal for fall snacking. If you can avoid eating all of these directly off the pan with your hands, you can use them to top pretty much anything.

Get the Candied Pepitas recipe .

Drunken Peanut Butter Cups

These martinis use Reese's Pieces to infuse the vodka so that they taste just like your favorite peanut butter cup. This takes a chocolate martini to a whole new level. Get the Drunken Peanut Butter Cups recipe .

Ube Crinkle Cookies

With its striking color and a unique nutty vanilla flavor profile, ube has taken over the world. Upgrade your Halloween dessert spread with these purple beauties, made with ube extract and ube halaya (a popular Filipino pudding made with ube and condensed milk). Your guests won't know what hit 'em!

Get the Ube Crinkle Cookies recipe .

Apple Cider Spritz

Waltzing right into fall with spiced cider and a kiss of pumpkin spice, Aperol’s orange-herbal aspects bring out the best in the cider flavors. To make a big batch, make a pitcher of the cider, Aperol, and pumpkin spice mix , then just add to glasses with ice, a garnish, and Prosecco for a cocktail as crisp and bright as the best fall day. Get the Apple Cider Spritz recipe .

Witch Finger Cookies

Ghouls, goblins, and witches to the front, please! Spooky season is here, and we’re celebrating in style with these scary delicious witch finger cookies. A witch finger cookie is exactly what it sounds like: a shortbread cookie shaped into a severed finger and adorned with an almond nail and a bit of blood-red jam . Get the Witch Finger Cookies recipe .

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22 Spooky Halloween Dinner Ideas

Whip Up a Ghoulishly Good Meal

spooky food for halloween party

Plan a frightfully fun Halloween dinner with these recipes. From ghoulishly delightful appetizers and entrees to devilishly sweet desserts and wicked good cocktails , you'll find ideas here to help you create the ultimate Halloween menu. Whether you're hosting an adult Halloween get together or a costume party for kids, these Halloween recipes will keep everyone monster mashing on a full stomach all night long.

Jalapeno Peach Halloween Cheese Ball

Add this dark and creepy cheese ball to your Halloween party. Its appropriately forbidding outer crust of black sesame seeds hides a deliciously cheesy interior flavored with spicy jalapeños , sweet peaches, and zesty chives. Arrange it on a platter with rye crisps, black Kalamata olives, and dark cured meats for a frightfully grown-up spread.

Eyeball Deviled Eggs

Give Halloween dinner guests the evil eye—literally—with these startling deviled egg appetizers . Adding food coloring to the yolks-and-mayo filling turns the "eyeballs" a spooky green, while a sprinkle of paprika creates a bloodshot effect for olive pupils.

Garlic Miso Soup

​The Spruce/Emily Hawkes

Want to know if you're hosting vampires at dinner? Serve this garlickly miso soup . It's a fang-tastically tasty vegetarian and vegan first course, with extra flavor from tofu and shiitake mushrooms . Prepare it in 15 minutes for a last-minute appetizer that will keep blood-suckers at bay.

Mummy Hot Dogs

If your Halloween dinner table includes kids, you can't go wrong with these mischievous mummy hot dog . Even grown-ups will smile at this spookier version of pigs-in-a-blanket, with cute little hot dogs wrapped in crescent roll dough strips to look like mummies risen from the tomb. Serve with "haunted" honey-mustard for dipping.

Blood Red Halloween Sangria

The Spruce/Julia Hartbeck

Create a spooktacular impression with this "bloody" red sangria Halloween punch . Mix it up in a pitcher, using grenadine if you like to deepen the color of the red wine base. Chill overnight if possible, reserving soda and creepy candy decorations—such as gummy worms or edible candy spiders—to add just before the party starts.

Broiled Bat Wings With Barbecue Sauce

Add a few drops of black food coloring to the barbecue sauce for broiled chicken wings to turn them into Halloween-worthy "bat wings." They make a supernaturally sticky, sweet and savory Halloween appetizer for grown-up costume parties.

Bloody Rat Sliders

Diana Rattray

Kids and adults who enjoy meatloaf will love these wretchedly flavorful "ratburgers" made out of meatloaf. Form the meatloaf mixture into miniature burgers for baking and serving on slider buns slathered with "rat's blood" (aka barbecue sauce or ketchup). Use lean ground beef, versus extra-lean, for juicier sliders that don't dry out in the oven.

Vegetarian Witches Stew

Get your cauldron bubbling with this witchy green stew with an eerily enchanting aroma. A vegetarian coconut stew inspired by Thai cuisine , its ultra-flavorful green curry sauce looks right at home on your Halloween table. Feel free to add a few "witches fingers" (steamed asparagus tips) to bowls, for a fun and innovative presentation.

Ghostbuster Cocktail

Who you gonna call when you throw a grown-up Halloween party? Dial up the glowing green Ghostbuster cocktail . It's a boo-tiful blend of fruity flavors, with peach and melon liqueurs creating an eerie green backdrop for a floating Irish cream "ghost."

Goblin Chops With Garlic and Herbs

What better way to prove you aren't afraid of goblins than serving them for dinner? Garlicky goblin chops (aka lamb loin chops) are tenderized with an easy overnight marinade, then grilled or broiled to perfection in minutes. Scatter the meat with fresh chopped herbs , and invite guests to pick up and gnaw on the bones.

Meaty Bloody Guts Pasta

This family-favorite pasta dish is a scary plate of "blood and guts." The easy tomato and ground beef sauce is nice and chunky and the perfect bloody-red color for Halloween feasts. Feel free to make it spicier, if you like, with red pepper flakes.

Mummy Pot Pies

Kids love food that's sized just for them. These individual chicken pot pies are monstrously cute and tasty to boot. Use any combination of fresh or frozen chopped vegetables in the savory pies, which include chicken chunks, hash brown potatoes , and a creamy Alfredo sauce. Topped with puffed pastry "bandages" and olive eyeballs, they're a surefire kid-pleaser.

Roast Loin of Werewolf

The Spruce/Nita West

Roasted werewolf (beef tenderloin) never tasted so delectable. Mustard , dried herbs, and spices give the tender, roasted meat extra savory flavor that carnivorous guests will love. Cook it to the perfect medium-rare, and let it rest for 10 minutes before slicing and serving.

Meatball Monster Sandwiches

Want to serve a scary-fun Halloween dinner for kids? Look no further than these terrifyingly tasty "monster" sandwiches that need only five ingredients and are easy to make with frozen pre-cooked meatballs, jarred spaghetti sauce, burger buns, and pimiento-stuffed olives for eyeballs.

Gremlin Chicken Enchiladas

The Spruce/Diana Chistruga

Gremlin green enchiladas loaded up with tender chicken , melty cheese, chewy corn tortillas, and a tangy chile verde sauce are just the thing to warm up guests on a chilly All Hallow's Eve. Make this dish ahead for your fridge, refrigerating up to two days before reheating and serving.

Skeleton Key Cocktail

Fun, spicy, and unique, the skeleton key is a perfect cocktail for adult Halloween parties. Build this scary-good sipper with fine Kentucky bourbon , spicy ginger beer, elderflower liqueur, and lemon juice, topping it with bitters for an extraordinary finish.

Non-Alcoholic Sherbet Punch

Rita Maas/StockFood Creative/Getty Images

Sickly green, and deliciously sweet, this non-alcoholic sherbet party punch is a family favorite. Kids and adults will scream for this bubbly brew that includes lime sherbet, frozen citrus juice concentrates, and ginger ale . Add a few drops of green food coloring, if you like, to intensify the radioactive color.

Brain Jello Mold

BluIz60/Getty Images

Made of molded Jell-O, this jiggly brain makes a great, Halloween centerpiece. Make it with your choice of gelatin flavor, for a versatile dessert that is equal parts horrifying and delightful.

Sugar Skull Dessert Pizza

Transform a basic sugar cookie dough into a wickedly cool sugar skull dessert pizza . It is startlingly simple to create this Instagram-worthy Day of the Dead inspired dessert, by layering fruit and cream cheese frosting atop a giant cookie formed into a skull shape.

Chocolate Pumpkin Cake

Rich and sweet chocolate pumpkin cake is a frightfully tasty ending to any Halloween dinner. Cocoa and cinnamon combine with canned pumpkin puree for an ultra-moist, nicely-spiced cake. Bake it in a Bundt pan, decorating it with a ghostly dusting of powdered sugar, or orange-tinted frosting.

Halloween Graveyard Cake

serts/Getty Images

Impress your family and friends with this Halloween graveyard cake that features spirits rising from the grave. Get kids involved in helping you decorate the chocolate pudding -topped sheet cake with all sorts of festively creepy candies and edible decorations.

Halloween Ghost Strawberries

Spooky-cute ghost strawberries are so simple to assemble, it's scary! All you need to do is dip fresh berries into melted white chocolate, then dab on dark chocolate "eyes" and "noses". Leave strawberry leaves intact, to serve as "hair."

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Food and Recipes • Parties

16 Spooky Halloween Party Food Ideas for a Scary Feast

spooky food for halloween party

Kellie Kearney

October 1, 2021

Halloween party food - dracula dentures Delish

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We love a good scare at Halloween, and making your Halloween party food a little eerie is a fun way to entertain your guests! Take a look at these 16 spooky Halloween party food ideas for a scary feast , which include everything from Silly Apple Bites to delicious Witch Brownies.

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Hosting a Halloween party means you are going to want to be creative with everything from the costumes to the decorations and, of course, the food. Kids and adults will love these spooktacular snack ideas to shake up your Halloween party!

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Frighteningly Good Halloween Party Food

#1. floating eyeball jello shots.

Halloween party food ideas

Image: Sugarhero

Well, aren’t these eye-catching…(get it?)

Using white grape juice and ginger ale they are alcohol-free of course, it is a kids’ party after all. This little floating eyeball jello dessert from Sugar Hero will go down an absolute treat and you can be guaranteed they will be begging for them at next year’s Halloween party.

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#2. Silly Apple Bites

Halloween party food ideas

Image: Fork and Beans

These little apple bites are silly, extremely easy and a little less guilt-inducing than many of the other Halloween party food options.

This simple snack idea from Fork and Beans will take minutes to prepare, but will be one of those Halloween party foods they talk about again and again.

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#3. Sausage Mummies

creative lunchbox ideas sausage roll mummies

These sizzling sausage mummies are a great savoury choice to counteract all the sweet treats the kids will be hounding you for. Pastry, sausage and some creepy eyes to mummify them – job done!

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#4. Witches’ Broomsticks

Halloween party food ideas

Image: Mommyevolution

These witch broomsticks from Mommyevolution need just three ingredients, and are not only delicious, but a healthier alternative to many other snacks this Halloween.

The kids will love getting hands-on in the kitchen with this one as the Halloween party prep gets under wraps.

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#5. Marshmallow Spiders

Halloween party food ideas

Image: Delish

Apologies in advance if these tasty eight-legged friends creep you out!

These marshmallow spiders from Delish are a must-have for your Halloween menu – the key is just not to eat them while you make them. A hard task, I know!

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#6. Skeleton Gingerbread Men

Not only are these fun to eat, but they would be a great Halloween activity to do during the day. Just bake and cut out your favourite cookie, then let your creativity run wild with skeleton decorating.

Cupcake Jemma shows you how to create these yummy little skeletons!

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#7. Caramel Corn Snack Mix

Halloween party food ideas

Image: Glorious Treats

Why not add this homemade caramel popcorn from Glorious Treats to your Halloween party food plan? Caramel corn is an all-time favourite so you can never go wrong adding this to any party menu.

Truth be told though, once you’ve tasted this very more-ish popcorn, I’m pretty sure this treat will be enjoyed all year round!

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#8. Along Came   A Spider

Halloween party food ideas

Image: Pizzazzerie

If black liquorice doesn’t scream Halloween, I don’t know what will!

This super quick Halloween party food idea from Pizzazzerie is one that even toddlers can help out with – although we can’t guarantee if any will actually make it to the serving tray.

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#9. Dracula Dentures

Halloween party food ideas

Spook up your hallow’s eve party with these little Dracula Denture masterpieces from Delish.

All you need to make these spooky spiders are cookies, marshmallows and some red frosting to create these tasty little dentures. I bet they will be snapped up!

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#10. Strawberry Ghosts

Halloween party food ideas

Image: Candiquik

Strawberries and chocolate, there’s nothing scary about that, right? But Candiquik shows you just how you can transform any simple treat with a few easy steps. Use mini chocolate chips for the eyes and the mouth and you’ll be winning.

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#11. Witch’s Brew Brownies

Halloween party food ideas

Image: Homemade Interest

Too much Halloween candy for the trick or treaters? Here’s a really cool idea from Homemade Interest to get rid of some of those sweets – while at the same time creating the centrepiece of your spooktacular Halloween party.

Add some edible eyes once out of the oven to add some extra spook, and both adults and kids will definitely dig right in!

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#12. Monster Cakes

Halloween party food ideas

Image: The Happier Homemaker

These super adorable little Rice Krispie monster treats from The Happier Homemaker will be ready in no time at all. Just mix marshmallows and melted butter with some Rice Krispies to create your own little monsters. A great idea if you’re planning a monster-themed birthday party too.

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#13. Scary-Simple Meringue Bones

Halloween party food ideas

Image: Good Housekeeping

There are no bones about it, these scary-simple meringue bones we found in Good Housekeeping are a fantastic addition to your Halloween party. A quick, easy and light snack that will take minutes to create.

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#14. Meatball Mummies

Halloween party food ideas

Image: High Heels and Grills

Be afraid. Be very afraid… of how your guests will eat an entire plate of meatball mummies in one small sitting! High Heels and Grills shows you how to create these monster meatballs that might just become a regular dinnertime treat!

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#15. Worm Ice-Cubes

Halloween party food ideas

Image: Brit.co

They are gross, they are gooey, they are creeping me out just looking at them – which means they are PERFECT! Add these creepy gummy worm ice cubes from Brit to juice or a cauldron of punch for a really spooky way to add some fun to your Halloween party.

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#16. Zombie Boogers

Halloween party food ideas

Image: Paper and Parcel

We left the grossest to last. How yucky does this green-coated candy popcorn aka zombie boogers by Paper and Parcel look? Pretty sure the ‘ick’ factor will mean that the kids will love them!

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So there you have it – 16 delicious Halloween party food ideas to help you on your way to an awesome spooktacular Halloween bash! Happy Haunting…

16 Spooky Halloween Party Food Ideas for a Scary Feast

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51 Easy Halloween Appetizers for a Frightful and Delicious Dinner Party

Everyone will love these creepy bites that are oh-so easy to make!

brie cheese and puff pastry decorated to appear as a mummy

We've been independently researching and testing products for over 120 years. If you buy through our links, we may earn a commission. Learn more about our review process.

There are plenty of yummy appetizers you can make that are perfect for Halloween. We are sharing plenty of ideas for appetizers that incorporate fun Halloween themes, like spooky recipes (Halloween appetizers shaped like fingers, anyone?), along with some classic appetizers like chicken wing recipes , flavorful dips and more. For recipes that don't have an obvious Halloween theme, you can always add some Halloween toothpicks or frightful plating decorations if you want your apps to be as festive as the rest of the party.

Looking to upgrade your Halloween menu? We have more recipes for you. From Halloween cookies and Halloween cupcakes to Halloween dinner recipes , we have tons of ideas for Halloween foods you can serve. But before all of that, of course, are the Halloween appetizer recipes.

Luckily, many of these Halloween appetizers can be prepped ahead of time, leaving you plenty of time to whip up some frightful Halloween cocktails to kick off the party!

brie cheese and puff pastry decorated to appear as a mummy

Don't serve any kind of cheese for your Halloween party — bring out the mummy brie! Use crescent roll dough to make crisscross patterns over the wheel of brie and add olives for the eyes.

Get the Mummy Brie recipe .

Halloween Deviled Eggs

blue spider webbed deviled eggs on a black board

Make these finger food appetizers that are spooky and delicious. With just a little food coloring, these creepy-cool apps will be a hit.

Get the Halloween Deviled Eggs recipe .

RELATED: 30+ Delicious Ways to Make Deviled Eggs

Mummy Jalapeño Poppers

mummy jalapeno poppers on a black plate for halloween

Break out the crescent roll dough to make these cheesy and spicy apps for your Halloween party. Get the Mummy Jalapeño Poppers recipe .

Cacio e Pepe Pumpkin Seeds

pumpkin seeds

Hosting a pumpkin carving party? Put all those seeds to good use with this easy appetizer, complete with a dusting of cheese and cracked black pepper.

Get the Cacio e Pepe Pumpkin Seeds recipe .

Skull Pizzadillas

skull pizzadillas

Try these three-ingredient quesadillas for the most bone-chilling day of the year: They're slightly creepy, oh-so-cheesy and absolutely delicious.

Get the Skull Pizzadillas recipe .

Candied Clementines

candied clementines dipped in chocolate

For a sweet and seasonal appetizer (that can double as decor!), dip some dried clementines in creamy chocolate ganache.

Get the Candied Clementines recipe .

RELATED: 90 Easy DIY Halloween Decorations to Spookify Your Home for Less

Roasted Pepper Dip

roasted pepper dip with raw vegetables to dip in

Roasted almonds and marinated peppers come together in this flavorful dip that pairs perfectly with vegetables or crackers.

Get the Roasted Pepper Dip recipe .

Graveyard Dip

black bean dip with colorful tortilla chips and toy rats on the side

Cut tortilla into the shape of gravestones, bake until crispy and serve with salsa, guac and black bean dip.

Air Fryer Jalapeño Poppers

air fryer jalapeno poppers

No party is complete without a popper, and these are a cinch to make.

Get the Air Fryer Jalapeño Poppers recipe .

RELATED: 72 Easy Air Fryer Recipes for a Quick Weeknight Dinner

Zesty Beet Dip

zesty beet dip

Slightly spicy, a little earthy and oh-so-vibrant, this dip will stand out on your Halloween spread.

Get the Zesty Beet Dip recipe .

Onion Flatbread

someone grabbing a slice of onion flatbread

This easy appetizer can feed a whole crowd. It has yellow onion, red onion and fennel for tons of flavor.

Get the Onion Flatbread recipe .

RELATED: 50+ Easy Appetizers and Snacks to Get the Party Started

Charred-Tomatillo Salsa

charredtomatillo salsa

Give your Halloween table a little bit of ghoulish flair with this smoky green dip.

Get the Charred-Tomatillo Salsa recipe .

Pumpkin Popovers

pumpkin popovers

These airy sweet and savory baked treats are seasoned with pumpkin spice, an ideal fall flavor.

Get the Pumpkin Popovers recipe .

Sriracha Mixed Nuts

sriracha mixed nuts

A drizzle of sriracha takes this classic app from tame to devilish. The perfect snack for your Halloween party!

Get the Sriracha Mixed Nuts recipe .

I See You Halloween Snack Mix

white puppy chow with candied eyeballs and chocolate chips

Always feel like somebody's watching you? This gluten-free puppy chow mix might be the reason (it's a great snack, too!).

Get the I See You Halloween Snack Mix recipe .

Double Pumpkin Cornbread with Red Onion

double pumpkin cornbread with red onion

Serve up small wedges of this fall-friendly bread as an easy app.

Get the Double Pumpkin Cornbread with Red Onion recipe .

Cheddar Crackers

halloween appetizer recipes   cheddar crackers

Bake crispy, cheesy crackers to snack on while carving pumpkins .

Get the Cheddar Crackers recipe .

Herbed White Bean Dip

herby white bean dip

This creamy, herb-filled dip takes just 15 minutes to make. You can add a Halloween twist by calling it a goblin dip or a Frankenstein dip.

Get the Herbed White Bean Dip recipe .

Jack-o-lantern Snack Board

halloween snack board

Gather your favorite gourd-colored goods — candies, cheese and carrots are all favorites! — and arrange them in a pumpkin shape using darker treats for the eyes, nose and mouth. Don’t forget the jalapeño “stem”!

corn pups

These l'il cuties are kid- and adult-friendly, so they'll disappear in seconds — no spells required.

Get the Corn Pups recipe .

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beef empanadas on a blue baking tray

Count Down to 2024 With These New Year's Eve Apps

baked brie with cranberry syrup on top in a mini cast iron pan

Delicious Appetizers

charcuterie board

The Most Delicious Charcuterie Board Ideas

a plate of food

Easy and Festive Christmas Appetizers

everything flatbread with smoked salmon

Everything Flatbread with Smoked Salmon

cola glazed chicken wings with sauce on a white platter

29 Super Bowl-Ready Chicken Wing Recipes

fondue, cheese, bread, potato, sausage, apples

These St. Paddy's Appetizers Have Us Feeling Lucky

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10 Lucky Chinese New Year Foods

herbed white bean dip on wood cutting board with bread

80 Best Party Dip Recipes

buffalo cauliflower bites on a blue tile background

Buffalo Cauliflower Bites

air fryer tostones with cilantro dip

Air Fryer Tostones with Cilantro Dip

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13 Halloween Finger Foods to Make for Your Costume Party

Melanie Fincher is a Birmingham, Alabama–based food writer who covers everything from cooking techniques to gadget reviews. She has nearly 7 years experience writing news and lifestyle content.

spooky food for halloween party

Hosting a Halloween party this year? These spooky finger foods are the perfect way for your guests to partake in the fun and food all night, no utensils necessary. Whether you're looking for recipes that are seriously scary, autumn-themed, kid-friendly, or flat-out gross — we've got you covered with grab-and-go snacks and appetizers. And of course the party isn't complete without some boozy punch for the grown-ups. Make your next ghostly get together a frightful affair with these Halloween finger foods.

Pumpkin Dip

Reviewer YOULIKADASPICE says, "Everybody was crowding around this dip, I served it with gingersnaps and oatmeal cookies. I also scooped out the inside of a small pumpkin and lined it with plastic wrap and filled the pumpkin with the dip. It made a great display and it was quite the popular one!"

Halloween Eye of Newt

"Bubble, bubble toil and trouble. This appetizer is commonly known and used but, I have put my own little twist on this recipe," says recipe creator ANGELA O. "It is deviled eggs made to look like the eyeballs of a lizard. It a hit with the kids at my Halloween party. Watch them get eaten up at your party!"

Bloody Fingers

A peanut butter dough is molded around a pretzel stick to resemble a severed finger, and dipped in plum jam for a bloody effect. Recipe creator CanAm says, "These Halloween treats are scary enough and tasty enough for kids to love. They are also fairly healthy and the kids may want to get involved in the preparations."

  • 10 Boozy Halloween Drinks for the Grown-Ups

Pumpkin Hummus

"This is delicious! Will definitely make again. Took to a gathering with kids/adults and everyone loved it...Served with fresh pita bread," says reviewer luv2bmom1. The flavors of fall come together in this sweet and savory hummus made with chickpeas, pumpkin puree, tahini, garlic, cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice.

Mummy Stuffed Peppers

This kid-friendly finger food will be enjoyed by all the adults at the party too. Quartered bell peppers are filled with cream cheese, wrapped with crescent dough strips, and topped with caper eyeballs.

Creepy Halloween Eyeballs

Recipe creator JuliettevanSon says, "If you are looking for creepy Halloween food ideas, try these scary-looking eyeballs that actually taste delicious. You can use them as a cocktail garnish or serve in a bowl as a creepy snack for your kids."

Mandarin Pumpkins

It doesn't get easier than this simple snack. Mandarin oranges are topped with a celery stem for a festive pumpkin treat. Recipe creator muschel says, "If you are looking for a fun, healthy Halloween snack for your kids, try these mandarin pumpkins. I've brought them to my kids' kindergarten Halloween party as a treat and everyone thought they were super cute."

Apple Smiles

Try this teeth-chattering treat made with apple slices, peanut butter, and mini marshmallows. Reviewer Lela says, "My grandkids loved making this recipe. There was a lot of snacking on the ingredients and boisterous laughter! For the little ones, I had to cut the apple into eighths."

  • 10 Fun Halloween Cookie Ideas

Caramelized Spicy Pumpkin Seeds

Save the seeds from your pumpkin carving for a snack that will keep people coming back for another handful. Reviewer Joyce says, "These are the best pumpkin seeds I've ever had (and I've been making the seeds for many years). They're sweet with just a little bite from the cayenne. A great combo of flavors. My new favorite!"

The Fires of Hades - Hellish Relish

This relish is not for the faint of heart. Reviewer bd.weld says, "This is a sure 'fire' fix for anything bland. As a lover of spicy heat I left the seeds and membranes in the habanero peppers for that extra punch. For those that don't care for the heat just mix up a batch and toss it on a couple of logs in your fireplace, no matches required." Serve it on crackers for a utensil-free party snack.

Stuffed Roaches

For those who can stomach it, this creepy-crawly Halloween appetizer is made with cream cheese, walnuts, and dates. Reviewer Scooby Snacks says, "I made it but I used full fat cream cheese since I had it on hand and added fresh ground nutmeg and cinnamon for flavor. They tasted great! We could not stay out of them."

Ghoulishly Good Halloween Snack Mix

This sweet and salty Halloween snack mix is made with corn snacks, cheese crackers, popcorn, pretzels, candy corn, peanut butter candies, and a gooey candy coating. Your guests will return to the bowl again and again for this festive treat.

  • 15 Easy Halloween Appetizers That Always Wow

Halloween Fruit Snacks

It's a healthy snack that always watching...and it's ready in 30 minutes! Recipe creator Lola says, "If you are concerned that your kids eat too many sweets during Halloween, try these non-candy snacks. Dried and fresh fruit like apricots, mangoes, and grapes are so much more appealing when they look at you!"

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50 Easy Halloween Appetizers for a Spooky Dinner Party

These finger foods are scary good.

halloween appetizers

From creepy-crawly finger foods to devilish party dips , these bites are the perfect way to kick off a night of fright. To really show off your creativity, we've included recipes that are both fun and seasonal, like the candy corn-filled Chex mix, mummy hot dogs, and a spooky spin on a charcuterie board. But if you prefer to keep the spookiness to your own costume, don't worry. We've also included creative fall appetizers that are on the more elegant side than eerie. Think: pumpkin mac and cheese, a restaurant-worthy blooming onion, and a dozen deviled eggs made to look just like a web of spiders.

True, some of these sweet appetizers might double as Halloween treats : a pumpkin-flavored cheesecake dip or homemade Dunkaroos just like the ones you remember from the '90s. But what is October 31 if not a night to relive your childhood? Whether you're hosting a group of grownup ghouls or excited little trick or treaters, these Halloween appetizers will get everyone in the spooky spirit.

Pumpkin Dip

halloween appetizers pumpkin dip

It's October and that means all things pumpkin! This party dip is the perfect addition to a grazing board—just pair it with sliced fruit, graham crackers, and pretzels.

Get the Pumpkin Dip recipe .

Pumpkin Mac and Cheese

halloween appetizers pumpkin mac and cheese

Everyone likes mac and cheese, right? To serve a crowd, heat up a batch and scoop into small, individual cups with a fried sage leaf and a sprinkling of panko breadcrumbs.

Get the Pumpkin Mac and Cheese recipe .

Potato Rolls

halloween appetizers potato rolls

Pair these pillowy soft potato rolls with a stick of butter and no one will go hungry waiting for dinner. (Alternatively, whip up a bowl of pumpkin butter if you're in the Halloween spirit.)

Get the Potato Rolls recipe .

Air Fryer Onion Rings

halloween appetizers air fryer onion rings

If you're a busy host whipping up the main dish, drinks, and desserts, let the air fryer handle appetizers. These buttermilk onion rings come out hot and crispy.

Get Ree's Air Fryer Onion Rings recipe .

Halloween Deviled Eggs

halloween appetizers deviled eggs

Before you scream, take a closer look at these spiders—they're deviled eggs in disguise! It's easy to whip up a dozen for your Halloween party.

Get the Halloween Deviled Eggs recipe .


Pepper Jack Queso

halloween appetizers pepper jack queso

Witchy ingredients like bright green jalapeño and hot bubbling cheese make this party dip a perfectly spooky Halloween appetizer. Tip: the slow cooker method allows you to keep it covered up to two hours ahead of party time.

Get the Pepper Jack Queso recipe .

Popcorn Chicken

halloween appetizers popcorn chicken

These tender bites of chicken are good enough on their own, but serve 'em skewered alongside your favorite dipping sauce and it's a devilishly delicious combo.

Get the Popcorn Chicken recipe .

Prank Cinnamon Rolls

halloween appetizers prank cinnamon rolls

Halloween is prime time for food pranks. Serve these "cinnamon rolls" and watch partygoers enjoy a savory surprise.

Get the Prank Cinnamon Rolls recipe .

Homemade Dunkaroos

halloween appetizers homemade dunkaroos

If Halloween is all about nostalgic sweets, this one is fair game. Anyone who grew up in the '90s will remember these animal crackers and fluffy confetti frosting. Serve each guest their own box and it doubles as a cute take-home favor.

Get the Homemade Dunkaroos recipe .

Pull-Apart Pesto Turkey Sliders

halloween appetizers pull apart turkey pesto sliders

It's Halloween now, but Thanksgiving is around the corner. Whet everyone's appetites for turkey with these easy, pull-apart sandwiches.

Get the Pull-Apart Pesto Turkey Sliders .


Halloween Chex Mix

halloween chex mix with candy corn

Salty and sweet? This party snack is both. This Chex mix is the ultimate crowd-pleaser and it's great for just about any Halloween party.

Get the Halloween Chex Mix recipe .

Halloween Charcuterie Board

halloween charcuterie board with grapes and spiders

Dare your guests to graze this charcuterie board with decorative touches like candy eyes, mini pumpkins, and a "bloody" coffin of soft cheese.

Get the Halloween Charcuterie Board recipe .

Blooming Onion

halloween appetizers blooming onion

Golden brown and crunchy, this blooming onion is one restaurant staple you can make right at home. Don't skip the dipping sauce—it's as iconic as the onion itself.

Get the Blooming Onion recipe .

Sausage Rolls

halloween appetizers sausage rolls

It's impossible to eat just one of these additive sausage rolls. Think of them as pigs in a blanket but even better. You can even prepare the rolls, freeze them, and bake them from frozen come party time.

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Pepperoni Pizza Rolls

halloween appetizers pepperoni pizza rolls

These pull-apart pizza rolls and loaded with melty mozzarella and pepperoni slices. Thanks to store-bought pizza dough and jarred marinara sauce, they come together so fast that it's almost scary.

Get the Pepperoni Pizza Rolls recipe .


Avocado Dip

halloween appetizers creamy avocado dip

Among loads of candy, a vibrant, refreshing dip is a must-have on the Halloween food table. This one is delicious served with pita chips or fresh cut veggies, and it's spooky green color certainly fits the theme.

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halloween appetizers pizza dip

It's all the flavors of your favorite pizza, piled into one scoop-worthy dip. Folks of all ages will love this one. You could even arrange the toppings into a jack-o-lantern face—how cute would that be?

Get the Pizza Dip recipe .

Ham and Cheese Sliders

easy appetizers ham and cheese sliders

Baked ham and cheese sliders are a nostalgic party snack that we can't get enough of. This recipe may just be the best version you've ever tasted.

Get the Ham and Cheese Sliders recipe .

Fried Pickles

halloween appetizers fried pickles recipe

Who doesn't love dunking a fresh fried pickle in cool, creamy ranch? This snack is one your guests will gobble up in seconds, so be sure to make plenty.

Get the Fried Pickles recipe .

Prosciutto-Wrapped Asparagus

halloween appetizers prosciutto wrapped asparagus

If you're searching for a Halloween app on the fancier side, meet this recipe. It feels sophisticated, but couldn't be easier to make.

Get the Prosciutto-Wrapped Asparagus recipe .


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