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  • Last update: 25th April 2020

Diam 24 One-Design's main features

  • 2017: Sailing World - Boat of the Year: Overall Winner
  • 2017: Sailing World - Boat of the Year: Best Multihull

Diam 24 One-Design's main dimensions

Diam 24 one-design's rig and sails, diam 24 one-design's performances, diam 24 one-design's auxiliary engine, diam 24 one-design's accommodations and layout.

ADH Inotec Diam 24 One-Design  Picture extracted from the commercial documentation © ADH Inotec

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Yachting World cover

A multihull for the French classic the Tour Voile? Meet the Diam 24, a VPLP-designed 24ft trimaran

Yachting World

  • April 15, 2015

Organisers of the Tour de France à la Voile hope to revitalise the team event by revamping the format and choosing a 24ft trimaran. James Boyd takes a close look at the boat

trimaran diam 24

The Diam 24 should have a better performance than the M34. Photos: Jean Marie Liot/ASO

Boat is trailable

The boat is trailable and at the inaugural Marseille One Design event the two Diam 24s competing turned up neatly stowed on one trailer – something that will no doubt please the Tour Voile’s organisers.

While the three hulls are built using resin infusion in glass with a foam core, the rest of the boat is glassfibre, but with uni-directional carbon fibre reinforcement. This includes the two crossbeams, which should improve the trimaran’s longitudinal and diagonal rigidity. The foils have been upgraded over the Multi 23 and gone is the kick-up centreboard, to be replaced by a longer daggerboard and the single rudder in the main hull has been replaced by twin rudders – one in each float.

Lauriot Prévost explains: “Having two rudders, you can fly a hull [the main hull] and maintain good balance on the helm. The swinging daggerboard made sense in terms of grounding, but having one big daggerboard allows a more efficient blade.”

The tri can fit into a container for trailing

The tri can fit into a container for trailing

The boat certainly looks the part. With its heavily raked rig, low freeboard and its reverse dreadnought bows, it resembles a mini Banque Populaire or MOD70.

A significant element to trimaran design is to prevent pitchpoling and before foils were introduced to the floats to alleviate this, trimaran bows typically had maximum volume to keep them buoyant. However, according to Lauriot Prévost, the philosophy has now changed and the wave-piercing ability of the Diam 24’s sharp bows, combined with a V-section deck, means the boat doesn’t decelerate as much when encountering waves.

Low profile

To reduce weight, the main hull is low-profile, providing just enough freeboard for adequate clearance between the crossbeams and the sea. Its underwater shape is flat, terminating in a transom wide enough to mount an electric engine.

The floats have reasonably high volume, making them quite powerful, but Laurent Prévost explains this is necessary because, unlike most of the larger racing trimarans his company has designed over the past 20 years or so, there are no foils in the floats to provide vertical lift (these were deemed too expensive).

An exhilarating ride for a crew of three for a reasonable budget

An exhilarating ride for a crew of three for a reasonable budget

In addition, to give the boat a ‘racy look’, the severe 7-8° of mast rake has significant seakeeping functions, helping to lift the bows out of the water and improving the balance of the boat and its longitudinal stability when sailing, says Lauriot Prévost. As with most racing multihulls, the sail plan is simple, comprising just three sails: a square-topped main, small blade jib and a furling gennaker.

Exhilarating ride

The Diam 24 is not a state-of-the-art foiling multihull like the GC32, but, like the J/80, can provide an exhilarating ride for a crew of just three for a reasonable budget. The boat is capable of speeds into the mid-20s and, at around 500kg, is light enough to fly the main hull in just over ten knots of wind (with the crew on the centre hull rather than up to windward).

Apart from the Tour Voile, the Diam 24 already has a six-event circuit and its own class at events such as the Grand Prix Guyader. Diam 24-only events were held last year in La Trinité- sur-Mer, Lorient and, of course, Port la Fôret.

Clearly the boat has struck a chord. Since the first Diam 24 was launched in the spring of 2013 examples have been acquired by leading sailors, including Vendée Globe skippers Bernard Stamm, François Gabart and Vincent Riou, as well as Loic Féquet, skipper of the Multi 50 trimaran Maitre Jacques , and Commodores’ Cup winner Géry Trentesaux.

At the time of writing 31 teams had signed up for the 2015 Tour, which takes place on 3-26 July and starts in Dunkirk.

LOA 7.25m/23ft 9in

Beam 5.62m/18ft 4in

Mast height 12.20m/40ft 0in

Draught 1.50m/4ft 11in

Displacement 450kg/992lb

Sail areas:

Mainsail 22m 2 /237ft 2

Solent 10m 2 /108ft 2

Gennaker 32m 2 /344ft 2

Designed by VPLP

This is an extract from a feature in the February 2015 issue of Yachting World

  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Dimensions

trimaran diam 24

Diam 24 One Design

An international class of one-design sailing boats which allows you to experience multihull racing for €50,000. VPLP gave the Diam 24 an extremely competitive hull design , eliminating the unnecessary wherever possible.

This trimaran has all the characteristics of a machine designed for speed and absolute pleasure , with high beams, aggressive floats as long as the main hull, a glass and carbon fibre core construction using the infusion method, a very rigid structure and rudders on the floats.

trimaran diam 24

Easy to dismantle and transport, the Diam 24 OD has been the chosen class of the Tour de France à la voile since 2015, attracting famous ocean-racing skippers and inshore specialists to this race linking the English Channel to the French Riviera.

Our latest racing projects

trimaran diam 24

Sun Fast 30 One Design

trimaran diam 24

Paris +33 1 42 77 24 00 Vannes +33 2 97 44 74 19 Nantes +33 9 85 11 79 77

[email protected]

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Diam 24 is a 23 ′ 9 ″ / 7.2 m trimaran sailboat designed by Van Peteghem/Lauriot-Prevost and built by ADH Inotec, starting in 2014.

Drawing of Diam 24

Rig and Sails

Auxilary power, accomodations, calculations.

The theoretical maximum speed that a displacement hull can move efficiently through the water is determined by it's waterline length and displacement. It may be unable to reach this speed if the boat is underpowered or heavily loaded, though it may exceed this speed given enough power. Read more.

Classic hull speed formula:

Hull Speed = 1.34 x √LWL

Max Speed/Length ratio = 8.26 ÷ Displacement/Length ratio .311 Hull Speed = Max Speed/Length ratio x √LWL

Sail Area / Displacement Ratio

A measure of the power of the sails relative to the weight of the boat. The higher the number, the higher the performance, but the harder the boat will be to handle. This ratio is a "non-dimensional" value that facilitates comparisons between boats of different types and sizes. Read more.

SA/D = SA ÷ (D ÷ 64) 2/3

  • SA : Sail area in square feet, derived by adding the mainsail area to 100% of the foretriangle area (the lateral area above the deck between the mast and the forestay).
  • D : Displacement in pounds.

Ballast / Displacement Ratio

A measure of the stability of a boat's hull that suggests how well a monohull will stand up to its sails. The ballast displacement ratio indicates how much of the weight of a boat is placed for maximum stability against capsizing and is an indicator of stiffness and resistance to capsize.

Ballast / Displacement * 100

Displacement / Length Ratio

A measure of the weight of the boat relative to it's length at the waterline. The higher a boat’s D/L ratio, the more easily it will carry a load and the more comfortable its motion will be. The lower a boat's ratio is, the less power it takes to drive the boat to its nominal hull speed or beyond. Read more.

D/L = (D ÷ 2240) ÷ (0.01 x LWL)³

  • D: Displacement of the boat in pounds.
  • LWL: Waterline length in feet

Comfort Ratio

This ratio assess how quickly and abruptly a boat’s hull reacts to waves in a significant seaway, these being the elements of a boat’s motion most likely to cause seasickness. Read more.

Comfort ratio = D ÷ (.65 x (.7 LWL + .3 LOA) x Beam 1.33 )

  • D: Displacement of the boat in pounds
  • LOA: Length overall in feet
  • Beam: Width of boat at the widest point in feet

Capsize Screening Formula

This formula attempts to indicate whether a given boat might be too wide and light to readily right itself after being overturned in extreme conditions. Read more.

CSV = Beam ÷ ³√(D / 64)

Sail area: Mainsail: 22m²/237 sq.ft. Solent 10m²/108 sq.ft. Gennaker: 32m²/344 sq.ft. Selected for “Tour de France à la Voile’ - 2015.

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trimaran diam 24

New Boat: Diam 24 One Design

trimaran diam 24

The Diam 24 One Design trimaran debuted in the U.S. market in Annapolis in October. Tucked away between larger, somewhat stoic sailboats, the Diam 24od seemed giddy, almost dancing as it tugged at the docklines. The layout is inviting and the boat seems to beckon passersby to step aboard.

Three hulls can mean three times the fun, or triple the work. In the case of the Diam 24od, it put all the emphasis on fun, because getting the boat out on the water is a quick maneuver. The idea is for the boat to go from strapped to the trailer to blasting along with sails up in less than an hour. With a sleeved carbon rig and straightforward toggles for attaching the floats to the hull and clean rigging, this should be a reasonable goal for two people with a little experience with the process. 

One-design racing on this platform is certain to be a lot of fun. The one-design rules combined with the sheer adrenaline that comes from racing a modern multihull sportboat should make this an attractive option for novice and experienced racers alike. The cockpit is large, which provides a feeling of security and size, while the speed and excitement come from the nimble responsiveness of the hulls. 

While monohulls are experimenting with foils and canting keels, the proven trimaran concept is reconfigured for today’s sailors. The Diam 24od is also quick to launch and easy to store, in part due to the transport and storage box that can be added to a trailer or truck. The pieces all disassemble for storage, while keeping moving parts to a minimum. 

The main hull and floats are produced by infusion, using glass sandwiched with carbon reinforcements, PVC foam and polyester resin. The beams and other appendages also incorporate carbon for strength and weight savings. The main and headsail are black aramid fiber and the gennaker is laminate. The standard package includes one-design sails, launching dolly, lines and other required gear. 

The square-top main is controlled by well-conceived efficient control lines. All systems appear to be intuitive and uncluttered. 

Included is a three-horsepower electric Torqeedo engine, perfect for pushing the boat in and out of the mooring, or up onto a beach for a break from the action. While marketed as a one-design racer, this boat is large enough and stable enough to make a comfortable daysailer for three or four people, looking to race to the beach or a picnic spot. 

The Diam 24od team also has an innovative sales and support strategy for this cutting-edge boat. Sales are made directly from the factory for streamlined service and pricing. There is a network of service agents located in key geographic areas. Owners can rely on this support team for everything from repairs and maintenance to coaching and even turnkey regatta management.

Whether racing around the buoys, or sprinting in distance races, the Diam 24 One Design will keep sailors challenged and exhilarated with speed and responsiveness.    

LOA 24’; Beam 18’6”; Draft 4’11”; Displ. 1,146 lbs.; Sail area 355 sq. ft.; Auxiliary electric Torqeedo 3-hp. 

Estimated sailaway price  $50,000

Port La Forêt

29940 La Forêt Fouesnant, France

+33 (0) 298 60 62 17


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trimaran diam 24

The Multihull Centre

Multihull Centre Brokerage

The multihull specialists.

Mill Road, Millbrook, Cornwall PL10 1EN, UK.

++44 (0)1752 823900

trimaran diam 24

Raygun (7.25m)

Viewings by arrangement at the 

Multihull Centre, Cornwall.

£19,995 UK VAT Paid

A great ‘race-ready’ Diam 24 from the esteemed VPLP naval architects. This is a superb boat to get into some excellent competitive class racing or to join local MOCRA events. ‘Raygun’ was built in March 2017 and comes complete with original French build certificate and receipt, VAT paid.

This stunning example has been professionally maintained and prepared throughout her life and is now seeking new owners.                        

Raygun, GBR732, Diam 24 for sale

UK Registered

Contact Details

trimaran diam 24

[email protected]

Multihull Centre,

Cornwall PL10 1EN


  • A stiff and rigid platform : The non folding beams guarantee an uncompromised rigidity across the beam.
  • A highly effective coupling mechanism (cones and sockets) keeping it ultra simple during assembly/disassembly
  • Autonomous handling – the overall size of the boat and it’s components permits 100% manual handling. No mechanical assistance is required.
  • A balance of forces. A perfectly balanced helm makes the boat lively and seaworthy.
  • 2 rudders – on each floater allow you to sail with the central hull out of the water – with a single central daggerboard for performance and safety.
  • Simplicity. A clean deck plan, a minimised sail inventory.
  • The Diam24od inspires confidence to allow you to stick your neck out a bit  – to maximize your enjoyment of the speed, slide and glide.
  • Functional and well spec’d Hardware Package


Design brief : ADH Inotec  |  Naval Architect : VPLP  |  Calculations : VPLP et ADH Inotec

Length: 7.25 m Width: 5.62 m Air draught: 12.20 m Weight: 520 kg Draught: 1.60 m Mast: Length 11.5 m x rope 210 mm x thickness 100 mm Boom: long 3.1m diam 60 mm Daggerboard: 2m x corde 350 mm Main Sail:  24m² Jib: 9m² Gennaker: 37 m2 Max crew weight: 280 kg Design Category: C

Designer VPLP

Builder ADH

Sails & Rigging

Simplicity rules and Raygun carries t he essential 3 sails to keep her light and fast, all Diam One Design Sails, 2017: 1 x main, 2 x jib & 2 x gennaker

  • Hooking mechanisms for the jib and mainsail
  • 16 :1 Cunningham
  • Fast and fine tune on the mainsheet
  • Self-tacking jib
  • Rotating Carbon Mast with spreaders, simple adjustable diamond wires, and side stays.
  • Dyneema shrouds with stainless steel diamonds

Other Equipment

  • 2 x Diam mega cushions (poufs)
  • All deck gear including Harken winches, tracks and systems (recently serviced)
  • Karver Gennaker furler plus spare swivel
  • Torqeedo 2017 3hp electric outboard with battery and bracket (intermittent working, needs attention)
  • Spare outboard bracket to accommodate small petrol outboard
  • Launching trolley
  • Float trolleys
  • Mast racks for transport
  • Anchor and chain (class legal) in padded bag
  • 2 x Paddleboard paddles (Class requirement)
  • All running rigging lots of which is new and spares
  • Fenders and warps

Raygun, GBR732, Diam 24, Round The Island Race 2023

Raygun, GBR732, Diam 24, Round The Island Race 2023, FOR SALE

trimaran diam 24

Raygun, GBR732, Diam 24

trimaran diam 24

WhatsApp Image 2023-11-06 at 16.53.15

trimaran diam 24

WhatsApp Image 2023-11-06 at 16.53.15-17

trimaran diam 24

WhatsApp Image 2023-11-06 at 16.53.15-16

trimaran diam 24

WhatsApp Image 2023-11-06 at 16.53.15-15

trimaran diam 24

WhatsApp Image 2023-11-06 at 16.53.15-14

trimaran diam 24

WhatsApp Image 2023-11-06 at 16.53.15-13



Raygun, GBR732, Diam 24 for sale

Raygun, GBR732, Diam 24 for sale

Raygun, GBR732, Diam 24 for sale - sailing

WhatsApp Image 2023-11-06 at 16.53.15-9

trimaran diam 24

WhatsApp Image 2023-11-06 at 16.53.15-8

trimaran diam 24

WhatsApp Image 2023-11-06 at 16.53.15-7

trimaran diam 24

WhatsApp Image 2023-11-06 at 16.53.15-6

trimaran diam 24

WhatsApp Image 2023-11-06 at 16.53.15-5

trimaran diam 24

WhatsApp Image 2023-11-06 at 16.53.15-4

trimaran diam 24

WhatsApp Image 2023-11-06 at 16.53.15-3

trimaran diam 24

WhatsApp Image 2023-11-06 at 16.53.15-2

Viewing by appointment with the Multihull Centre, Foss Quay, Millbrook, Torpoint,

Cornwall, PL10 1EN, Tel. 01752 823900, Option 2    

These details are believed to be correct but cannot be guaranteed and do not constitute any form of contract.   All statements made therein are made without responsibility and the intending purchaser must satisfy himself as to their correctness.   Survey by a qualified marine surveyor is also strongly recommended.

trimaran diam 24


This boat was used as a lab for the study of the “L shaped” Foils of the Ultimate MaCIF and the reliability of the new calculator for the new generation auto pilot for the big MACIF trimaran. This DIAM 24 is currently a foulée but can also be transformed into a monotype DIAM 24 OD thanks to two new floats


Contact the seller.

trimaran diam 24

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Diam24od wish you a happy new year 2023 !  

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We will be presenting the WDT France 2023 on December 9th, 2022 at 11h30 at the Paris Boat Show 2022. Please find your invitation below. 

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Correct rules make good regattas 

Since the creation of the Diam 24 od class in 2015 everything has been done so that the one design is used to its full capacity and that the class rules allow the material equity preservation between all, it’s up to the crew to stand out !Thus, whenever it’s necessary, specificities are added to the…

2020 racing Season, had already started…

The 2020 season has begun since January with the 10th edition of the EFG- Sailing Arabia The Tour. This very first Diam 24 event has ended with the merciless victory of the EFG team leader Sofian Bouvet, together with his french crew Germain Gaulthier and the Oman crew Ali Al Balushi. This impressive trio imposed…

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Italy : Dolce vita Family Stefano Beltrando is a keen Diam 24 od sailor in Italy. This summer, he took part in a series of regattas with his wife and children and even bivouacked on the trampoline. “Everyone was surprised to see this family capable of racing at such a level,” he explains. A story of a…

Has experienced 60 knots on a Diam24 od

The last edition of the Bol d’Or Mirabaud was epic with winds blowing at over 60 knots and 212 boats forced to give in. Only one Diam 24 od carried on and the skipper states « we were never frightened! » Testimony.   Clément PERRETTE describes himself more as a passionate than a leisure sailor . Since…

A first year  rich in valuable experiences for « Easy Regatta »

Launched in the fall 2018, the concept «Easy Regatta » is a revolutionary way to practice. Much more than a rent offer, this concept meets the expectations evolution in the practice of leisure sports. It is based on the facts that professional and family lives leave barely enough time for leisure practices, and « Easy regatta » coordinates…

CAMMAS : « Try the Diam ! You will be overjoyed »

Franck Cammas has renewed with the Diam 24 od at the beginning of the year. This great regatta specialist speaks of an « easy access » multihull . Video interview to be watched.

The show must go on for the Diam 24 od in Hamble !

For the second time, this year, a”Sail Demo” will take place in Hamble. Organized by the Royal Southern Yacht Club in partnership with Diam 24 od and the Uk Diam 24 od Class. This free event will take place over the weekend of October 19 and 20. The objective : give British sailors the opportunity to discover…

News : The Diam 24 od of the World

Cowes Week 2019 : Among a multitude of monohulls, Diam 24od, 1st series  multihull sportboat ! One of the most prestigious events of the sailing world, the Cowes Week will take place from the 10th to the 17th August and is getting ready to welcome the Diam 24 od class. Only guest status last year at the…

Easy Regatta in 10 questions : Part 1

Launched in the spring, the Easy Regatta concept is already a great success with six training sessions, 5 regattas and convinced participants. You don’t know this formula yet ?  Easy Regatta. What is it ?   The Easy Regatta concept is aimed at those who want to sail in regattas free of all  logistical constraints. The…


We are proud to see the Diam 24 od class wearing its colours during Cowes week regattas, from August 10 to 13 in the waters of Solent. The fleet of boats will race the regattas and has obtained to take advantage of an official ranking for the series. Although there has already been a series…

Tour Voile SERIES 2019 : General ranking

The “SERIES” circuit consisted of 5 acts: Grand Prix de la Grande Motte (34) Grand Prix de l’Atlantique, Pornichet (44) Grand Prix Guyader, Douarnenez (29) Grand Prix de l’école Navale, Lanvéoc (29) Normandy cup, Le Havre (72) The events took place from 15 March to 6 June, a period of almost 3 months, allowing sailors…

Italy : Stefano BELTRANDO wins out in the 80 Miglia di Caorle

  More than 80 boats took part in the 80 miglia di Caorle at the beginning of April to the north of Venice and it was the Diam 24 od of Stefano BELTRANDO which came through first in multi-hull for the second year running. Stefano explained : «  The conditions were very light in the north…

Francois Huguier. « I have total confidence in my multi-hull sportboat »

  At the age of 48, Francois chose the Diam 24 od for high-speed racing as well as family outings in the Golfe de Morbihan. He’s just finished 20th in the Spi Ouest France and first in the class «  owner racer »     What was your first contact with the Diam 24 od ? My…

The Diam 24 od seduces the carribean

      It was firstly in Martinique that the first boat of the fleet appeared and it is developing in Guadeloupe under the enthusiasm of its fans.         Based in Pointe à Pitre, Pascal MARCHAIS is a fanatical promoter who has even built a small pier by his Uship shop to…

Xavier DUBOS : «  I would recommend Easy Regatta 1000 times »

  After fifteen years of regattas in J80, Xavier DUBOS and his crew ( Maël TANNOU and Benoit TOULET) have decided to try out new series. Attracted by the Diam 24 od and the system « Easy Regatta », they have just broken new ground by participating in the Eurocat.     What criteria were you…

Welcome to Marine Pro UK, new agreed UK shipyard-agent

To allow the one design concept to remain true to its rules, we are pleased to announce the arrival of the Marine pro UK shipyard as an approved shipyard for England. Bryan Davies, CEO, is keen about the concept and the boat: Diam 24 one design is a great, easy , secure and fast boat…

Call for proposals regarding the supply of the Diam 24od Sails, for the seasons 2020 and 2021

  To all sails makers,   We launch a call for proposals regarding the supply contract of the Diam 24od Sails, for the seasons 2020 and 2021.         Enquirer ADH inotec Company – Port La Forêt – 29940 LA FORET FOUESNANT- France Subject Renewing of the supply contracts for Sails, season 2020/2021…

UK 1st RACE  - HRSC spring championships

On 27th and 28th of April, Diam24od UK fleet had its first regata of the season. Report of the event has been published on Yacht and Yachting magazine: https://www.yachtsandyachting.com/news/216916/Diam-24od-UK-Spring-Championship Results :  https://www.hrsc.org.uk/hrsc-results/open-results    

Discovery weekend at Hamble

  « Sail Demo » Hamble 2019 took place in the Solent river mouth, on the 23rd and 24th March. More than 20 people had the opportunity to test the multihull in the best conditions ever with the Diam 24 od.   For this first event, the organisation team was well-honed with 1h30 « sets » by the team…

More and more  intense on the  Grand Prix Pacifique des Jeux

A 90 miles outstanding rallying raid , 5 events, 5 islands, 2 days 100 % Stadium, the second edition of the  Grand Prix Pacifique des Jeux will show high standards ////. Meeting from the 7th to  21st November in Tahiti. After a first successful edition, the « GP Pacifique des Jeux » comes back in 2019. The last…

Discover Croatia with the Diam 24 od

New decor. After Sweden, it’s in Croatia that the next raid dedicated to the Diam 24 od will be held. The event, bearing the seal of friendliness and discovery, will take place from the 16th to the 19th June. The organiser is letting five multihulls for rent  for long distance runs at full speed in…

The Portugal Regata switches to Diam 24 od

  Lisbon will welcome from the 30th May to the 2nd June the Portugal Regata  edition and the event will be carried out on Diams 24 od. It will be on the « Straw sea », at the very heart of the Portuguese city that the races will take place.   The organiser, Sea and Sport Management,…

Here we go for the  Tour Voile Series !

The Tour Voile Series circuit has just started with the Grand Prix de la Grande Motte, won by Cheminées Poujoulat. This new circuit, which aims at increasing promosiotnal visibility for the teams is made up of the 5 preparatory races of the Tour Voile. Emeric Dary, skipper of Sables d’Olonne Agglo and board member of…

Thierry Verneuil : « Easy Regatta, a pure bliss »

  At 63, the CEO of Bic Sport has been under the spell of the Easy Regatta offer which now enables him to participate in the coming Spi Ouest France in the best conditions ever.  The industrialist ponders on the reasons for the success of this multihull sportboat.   Successful industrialist, eclectic sailor, Thierry Verneuil…

D-Rules, the Diam 24 od one design passport

From the bare batten to the central hull, from the daggerboard to the mast head, each item of a Diam 24 od is referenced and controled all along its life span. For each boat, it is more than 20 items which are verified with precision for conformity, and referenced to guarantee perfect sport equity. Moreover,…

defaut image

The Nastro Rosa – 3rd event of the World Diam Tour – will take place in Italy from the 22nd September to 12th October. For this first edition, Ricardo Simoneschi, the organiser, announces the arrival of a choice partner, six dream rounds and cheaper subscription fees. A new border crossed for the World Diam Tour.…

The Diam 24 od makes the show at Hamble

Hamble, near Southampton, will welcome the « Sail Demo » on the 23rd and 24th March. This free event is sponsored by the British Olympic champion Stevie Morri- son and enables the British regatiers to discover the sensations which the Diam 24 od gives. During two days, the amateurs can try the multihull sportboat during…

Dave Thomas : « We are in a virtuous circle »

At 67, Dave Thomas is a happy owner, which shows that the Diam 24 od is suitable for all types of sailors. Between regattas in compensated time and monotype-boats races, this British native, settled in Antibes, carries out races 25 days per year. What is your regatier history ? I have been navigating on multihulls…

Beijaflore, the big boss of the l’EFG Sailing Arabia – The Tour

The second edition of the EFG Sailing Arabia – The Tour vient has just ended at Salalah. Beijaflore won, one year after it’s first victory. The young sailors from Cheminées Poujoulat came second, in front of Stevie Morrison (Oman Shipping Company). We had to wait until the very last minutes of the EFG Sailing Arabia…

After the success of the 2018 edition, the World Diam Tour is launched again this year and starts as early as the 2nd February at Oman with the Sailing Arabia The Tour. Last year’s winner team – Oman Sail – will be present to defend its title and to show its Gold World champion sail-headpiece.…

Happy New Year 2019 !

Michel Desjoyeaux is known for his exceptional achievements  but few knows that this passionate sailor has participated in the first Diam 24odconception. Godfather of the boat and high-flown tester, he has pushed to their limits the prototypes and brought in some of his ideas. Five years after his first tests, he follows with attention the…

International acknowledgement for the Diam 24 od class.

The international sailing federation – World Sailing – has just given the Diam 24 od the international class status. This acknowledgement from the highest world sailing instance confirms the internationalism of the Diam 24.«It’s a necessary step for the internationalisation of the class» says Vianney Ancelin, owner of the ADHshipyard. The Diam 24 od joins…

Vivacar.fr - Cefim winner of the Diam Racing ranking.

The 2019Diam Racing season has ended with the last event, Novembre à Hyères. It’s the team Vivacar.fr – Cefim, directed by Matthieu Souben, who won thanks to two beautiful victories during the Eurocat and the Quiberonraid. The podium is completed by Lorina Limonade Golfe du Morbihan andTeam Réseau Ixio. On the youth side, it’s the…

End of season : Coupe de France Diam 24od at Hyères 2018

The 2019 Diam Racingseason ended with the last event, Novembre à Hyères. If the conditions were difficult in 2017, the water sailing site and the weather conditions of this end of year season were just superb. Only bone, like in all other series, not enough competitors ! This did not hamper Hugo LOTTIN and his crew (Tristan Compain et…

For Oman Sail : the  Diamant d’OR for 2019 !

For the first time this year, a World Diam Tour ranking has been established from the ranking obtained with the three main international meetings. It’s the team Oman Sail, directed by Stevie Morisson, who won at the end of a dense season. Stevie and his team came third on the l’EFG Sailing Arabia The Tour, in February, before…

A taylor-cut season for the amateurs regatiers

The class is attentive to the practitioners and would like to offer a precise  calendar as close as possible to the expectations of individual participants, expert regatiers, amateurs and passionate ones. Following the request of its president, theDiam Racing season proposes Training-Coachingsessions early February, every weekend shared between La Trinité and Port La Forêt. The…

Tour Voile Series : More visibility for sponsors !

All the preparatory events of the Tour Voile are now regrouped under the label « Tour Voile Series » (ex Diam Series) and are subject to a ranking and permanent communication which gives more visibility to sponsors on a longer period. This initiative from the  classe aims at offering a greater sporting coherence to the teams to enable…

Trésors de Tahiti won the home race

It’s on the last race that the ranking of the Grand Prix Pacifique des Jeux was played. On the clear waters of Bora Bora, it’s Trésors de Tahiti who won on the very last leg. The fight was rude with Oman Sail (Stevie Morisson) as the two boats accumulated exactly the same amount of points.…

Sponsoring : The Tour Voile bargain !

ASO, the Tour Voile organiser will make available for all the teams the key figures for the 2018 edition. Thanks to the Diam 24 od which allows sailing close to the public, the events gather 10000 visitors each day. On the media side, the advertising income cumulates nearly to 4 millions euros. ASO moreover publishers…

Nastro Rosa, First try in Italy

The Diam 24od carries on its internationalisation with the creation of the Nastro Rosa. The first Italy Tour, created under the impulsion of Ricardo Simoneschi, will take place in September and will form part of the events referenced World Diam Tour. You would love to be part of it ? Information available on  : Anglais : https://www.yumpu.com/en/document/view/62155231/nastro-rosa-2019-uk

Grand Prix Pacifique des Jeux : Boats delivered to Papeete

It’s on the 9th November that the Grand Prix Pacifique des Jeux will start. All the boats have been delivered to Polynesia. They will be removed from the containers in the coming days. The Grand Prix Pacifique des Jeux is the last event of the  Word Diam Tour. A Little more patience to know the…

Registrations are open on the Sailing Arabia The Tour

The registration is open for the next edition of the EFG Sailing Arabia– The Tour. For the second year, the event will be with Diam 24 ods. The organisers have recently published the event schedule, and the registration sheet is equally available on the event site. It is the French man Gilles CHIORRI who will…


The 30th Catagolfe edition ended last week with a Diam 24 od victory, Christian DULOT (Royal Nautisme). The enlightened amateur was the first to be surprised by this result which he attributes to the professionalism of Fred Moreau, who has already won last year. Christian is also the president of the Diam 24 od class…

Novembre à Hyères

The Diam 24 od Coupe de France will take place at Hyères from the 9th to 11th November. It’s the last event of the season and counts for the ranking « Diam Regatta etRacing ». It’s therefore at the end of this Coupe de France event that the general season ranking will be known. Good luck to all…

The British Crown Diam

Every year, theDiam 24 od drives new supporters. The trimaranfleet, based on the Solent is quite visibleamidst the keel boats. Phil Cotton, British pioneeron the other side of the Channel, is also the president of the British Diam Class. On an islandstill strongly attached to the monohull practice,he has already converted some to the Diam…

Catagolfe 30 years with Olympic Champions

7 Diam 24od already registered when you will be reading these very lines. A number of teams will embark a pair of Olympic champions,  others will make the most of the Easy Regata concept. If you want to meet us to learn about the Easy Regatta, we will be present on Friday, Saturday and sunday.

Easy Regatta : Only sensations, only pleasure !

The « key-in-hand regata » changes name and becomes« Easy Regatta » : This concept renders easy the general eveolution of our life styles, it meets the need of many regatiers who don’t have time to prepare their regata week-end, their boats. You are in a 3, 4 or 5 regata team, you choose 2 or 3 dates for the…

EFG Sailing Arabia The Tour opens the second World Diam Tour

The next edition of the EFG – Sailing Arabia The Tour will take place as from the 2nd to the 16th February 2019 betweenMascate, the capital city of the Sultanate and Salalah, in the south. For the opening event of this World Diam Tour second season, seven runs are scheduled. For the organising team, it’s Gilles Chiorri…

The first edition of the Grand Prix Pacifique des Jeux will be starting on the 9th november, in French Polynesias. Eight teams have already confirmed their participation for this last run of the World Diam Tour. EFG – SailingArabia and Cheminées Poujoulat will be fighting for the series World Champion title . The confirmed teams :…

Acted : The Vice Admiral’s Cup with Diam 24od

A key event in the South of England,theVice Admiral’s Cup gathers every yearhundreds of boats for a regata week–end. For the first time, the venerable RORC has opened its doors to the multihulls and it was the Diam 24 od which lead the way.Matthew Mulhenkamp was one of them and shares his experience in the…

The Diam 24 with English colours

This summer, the Diam 24 od have crossed the channel for the Cowes regatta, the sanctuay of regattas. It was first with the “Tour de l’île de Wight » that the multihulls boats shone amidst an armada of 1200 participants. In the light breeze of the Solent, Benoit Champanhac is the first Diam 24 to finish…

More pleasure and less constraints with the  « Easy Regatta»

September, is also the resuming period for the Diam 24od class with a new but regatta constraints-reduced time-table. Done with overloaded lorries, logistical headaches  and last minutes stress thanks to the «Easy Regatta» regattas created by ADH Inotec shipyard. This new offer, due for Autumn 2018, will allow the teams to focus 100%  on the…

Pierre-Loïc Berthet, back on the Tour

With 16 participants for the Tour Voile including 4 victories, Pierre-Loïc Berthet (Pierre Lo) is a landmark for this event. Since 2 years he has been involved in other projects. This year, this regatta purist did the circuit as an amateur obtaining good results, and plans to join the Tour again next year. How did…

The Diams invited on the Cowes Week

The Diam 24 od seduces the prestigious Royal Ocean Racing Club and makes its entry in the holy sanctuary of the great ones: the Cowes Week. The multihulls sportboats will be on the Isle of Wight on show as from thecoming 4th to 11th August 2018. After the official regattas, they will run for stadiums in…

The first edition of the Grand prix Pacifique des Jeux will take place as from the 9th November in French Polynesia. Seven teams have already confirmed their participation for the last event of the World Diam Tour. « It is still possible to sign in until end of August» says Emmanuel Versace, the organiser. The…

National Diam Series, a revealing classification !

For the first time this year, a National classification of  Diam Series has been made, based on the different events precursors of the racing season. In both cases, it’s Lorina Limonade which comes first in the tightest of angles beforeBeijaflore. For the Top 5, 4 boats figure in the ranking.   National Diam Series Ranking…

Beijaflore steady leader of the World Diam Tour

The Tour Voile constitutes the second event of the new World Diam Tour after the EFG Sailing Arabia The Tour. The team Beijaflore, winner at Oman, reinforces its position as leader with its second place finish. The boat coming up as World champion will bear a golden star on its Main sail next year.

The Diam 24 od in pole position on the  Tour Voile until (at least) 2021

The 41st edition of the Tour Voile has just ended in Nice crowning Lorina Limonade Golfe du Morbihan team as the great winner. The organiser, ASO wants to keep the Diam 24 od as the official boat at least for the three coming years. The explanations of Jean-Baptiste Durier, the event director. Why have you…

The Diams fast on the Tour de l’Ile de Wight

For the first time 7 Diam 24od have participated in the mythical Tour de l’ile de Wight, and they were not there merely to fill the blanks. In the Solent light breeze, Benoit Champanhac and his team came up 11th against more than 1200 competing boats !. The Diam 24od is ranked second multihulls after…

New record on the Léman

The Diams 24 od appeared on the Léman for the occasion of the  Bol d’Or Mirabeau. Inspite of the new lacustre rig the 123 km seemed to have been endless  with an average wind of 2 knots. Congratulations to the brave contestants and special mention to  Hugo Lottin and his team bringing up the rear after…

Lorina Limonade

The last edition of the National Diam Series classification has been edited. It’s the team Lorina Limonade Golfe du Morbihan which leads with 94 pts. Beijaflore and Team Oman Sail complete this podium. For the amateur ranking it’s Dunkerque Voile which dominates thanks to a magnificent  Normandie Cup. Regattas counting for the ranking are : Grand Prix…

The BALTICS… just amazing !

This current month of June saw the Stockholm Archipelago raids when the sun almost no longer sets in our high-latitudes. Both these three days raids, at the heart of the Scandinavian islands, have enabled the Diam 24od to be seen under its best assets : an accessible boat which allows everyone, professionals and amateurs, to taste…

A regatta without pestering…

Enjoying the boat without constraints, this is the offer’s promise  « key in hand regatta » . This offer is destined both to owners and renters, enables one to be releived from the logistic contraints as the shipyard ADH takes care of the storage, transport, setting up, dismantling the parts, maintenance and assistance. This offer runs as…

Catagolfe : The champions back to business….

Olympic champions Jean-Yves Le Deroff and Nicolas Hénard put on their gears again… on a  Diam 24 od ! 30 years after their olympic title, the two men will participate in the Catagolfe on the coming 20th and 21st October. The race is open to all the previous champions who want to taste again multi-hulls sensations.…

Subscritions procedures and Certification for the Diam 24 od class

At the beginning of each season, it is time to join the D24od class, then to generate your new D24od certificate of conformity (mandatory to participate in competitions) For membership, it’s here, thank you for taking the to fill in the form so that we can update the D-rules database. For Diam24od certificates, please send…

Discover the national ranking Diam 24 od 2017!

  More and more people are racing on D24od, would you believe it? Without further delay here are the Diam 24 od 2017 National ranking  ! The Diam 24od is not only the « Tour de France à la Voile » ! Let’s not forget that this sport boat has been thought and conceived for demanding regatta…

Diam 24 one design, simple, accessible, speed in complete freedom!

To innovate and adapt to the evolution of sailing. To maximize your time for sailing and leisure by removing as many of the constraints as possible.  Since the inception, our concept of the Diam24od offers an environment conceived to optimize your leisure time and dedicate it exclusively to the pleasure of sailing ! A formula…

October and November in Mediterranean sea !

  October : Grand Prix du Lavandou ( 13 to 15 Oct.)  « Diam Reggatta »  For the second year, the seaside town of Lavandou hosts the Diam 24 one design in one of the most beautiful sailing waters in the Mediterranean. Nestled between the « Massif  de Maures » and the Isle of Levant  offshore, the « grande Plage » accomodates…

Catagolfe 2017, the D24od back to its roots !

  Catagolfe 2017, the D24od back to its roots : One of the great classics for amateur multihull afficonados. No less than 8 crews were challenging for glory in the final results:   1 st : SEGUIN Damien, SOUBEN  Matthieu, MOREAU Frederic ; 2 nd: PERRON Riwan, FLAMENT Louis, DORANGE Charles ; 3 rd: BERGOT Vianney, FEYDIT Hugo, SOUPEY Sebastien ; 4 th : RENAULT Eric, TANGUY Gwenael, LALANNE Herve ; 5 th:…

Like Team Garner, Valentin and Galle on « Blade Runner » – Become an Ambassador !

  You love the boat and concept, you want to sail one, your crew is asking for a newer,faster, more fun boat to sail  or You already own one and are regularly being asked to give information about your boat and the concept .. Get rewarded  – Join the D24od community  – Join the network…

September :  Thailand here we come ! The international D24od family is growing !

  In July « Bladerunner » left Port La Foret on a cargo ship headed for Thailand.  In September she was turning heads and making waves in the Gulf  of Thailand ! Bob Garner, Thomas Valentin and Scott Galle are the new pioneers of South East Asia. It is safe bet,  that in this exotic land with a…

Would you like to discover sailing over 20 knots ?

The Grand Prix Event of Port la Forêt gives you the opportunity. Make use of our special discovery offer, come and play at home and try out the Diam 24 od on her original sailing area. Our offer includes: The D24od rental for 4 days, (from August 24th up to 27th): boat checking with a…

What a line up for 2017! The Diam24od Racing Schedule premiers in the UK!

With a growing fleet of boats based in the Hamble – the Solent will see several prestigious and fun events in its waters this summer. The Vice Admirals Cup, the Taitinger regatta and the legendary dash Round the Isle of Wight – to mention but a few. At the end of the season during Falmouth…

A good year 2017, that of the Diam24od starts strongly…

The first steps of the Diam24od on the American continent enabled her to be elected « Boat of the year 2017 » overall winner and best multihull*. This new recognition on the American market strengthens the Diam24od image: a boat, safe, seaworthy and gives speed for everyone. The Diam24od is continuing her international development: The…

We are in the era of multihull sailing

The America’s Cup started the fashion followed by the Volvo Ocean Race and soon sports clubs and sailing schools were decidedly turning more and more toward the fastest and most fun boats of the market : sailing is passing into the era of multihulls and the Diam 24 is at the heart of this evolution. The…

Profit of our Trial offer!

You are 3 or 4 sailors’ friends, you would like to discover multihulls regattas, and love new challenges… Profit of our Trial offer! On the occasion of the Port la Forêt Grand Prix on August, the 26th, 27th & 28th, we invite you to discover the D24od concept around The Glénan Islands and the environment…

After the summer it will still be summer on Diam 24 !

The Tour de France à la Voile will commence in a fews days time. Highlight of the racing season for some crews, this fine and lengthy event is not the sole objective for all owners of Diam 24od. Indeed, before and after « the Tour », the racing calendar of this one design trimaran offers…

Laid back performance

Bertrand Le Gallic and Bertrand Bonneville, co-owners of a Diam24 od since last year, approach their first sailing season with large smiles. Formula 18 sailors to date, they were seeking another boat on which to sail with a crew. « The more we discover the Diam24, the more pleasantly surprised we are » Their objective : performance on…

Diam24 od’s cross the Channel !

On may 21st, 22nd and 23rd, 2 Diam24 od’s wll be available in Weymouth on the south coast of England for three days of trials open to all public. The main beach of this famous coastal town is a particularly good spot to discover this family dayboat. The following weekend and 15 miles to the…

« It was exactly what we were looking for »

Its a story about racers of forty or more. They are all members of the same sailing club, the CVCEP of Saclay near Paris. A band of 5 to 7 friends who have been sailing together for years on Finn, on Laser, on cruisers, on sports cats and also on Open 5,7 for the last…

Grand Prix Guyader : speed in perspective for Douarnenez !

In already six weeks time the Diam 24 od’s will meet in Douarnenez for their second participation in the Grand Prix Guyader. Around twenty teams are expected for this great sailing event. These sportsboats will be sailing alongside the Ultimates, Multi 50s and also the IMOCA60S and the Class 40’s ! So we can look forward…

Guyader winner of the Grand Prix de la Grande Motte

– Nine races in two days and heavy competion on the sea between the 6 crews participating. – The podium : Guyader, Cheminées Poujoulat and Faraman This Grand Prix organized by the Yacht Club of La Grande Motte, was the very first time the Diam 24 od class raced under the pyramids. Depite the weather conditions…

Les Diam24 od en force à la Grande Motte

There will be sports show in La Grande Motte this weekend ! 6 to 8 Diam 24 od crews are expected to meet at the foot of the pyramids during a 3 day regatta that promises to be mighty, for the occasion of the 1st Grand Prix de la Grande Motte. The second event of the…

Two headlines to start the year !

The ADH Inotec team wishes all leisure and pleasure sailors , racers, amateurs of speed and fun, and multihull lovers, a Diamolical year full of pure, shared pleasure on water as well as on the hard ! This three hulled season will be starting as early as 12th february with the Primo Cup : a prestigeous « first »…

A Diam 24od under the Christmas tree ?

Nothing is overlooked at Christmas : Speed, and the shared pleasure of leisure sailing and friendly regattas ! Ok …. According to Father Christmas, a Diam 24od is a bit too big to arrive through the chimney. No problem, you just need to confirm your order and it will be delivered next spring, just in time for…

27 Events programmed for 2016

60 Diam 24od’s have been sold since the launch of this one design vessel in 2014. 45 have been built, 55 will be sailing by next spring and just as many crews are eager to sail and race ! The Diam 24od class has managed to structure a 2016 calendar in 4 distinct areas comprising 3…

Servane Moreau: Could you present yourself in a few words? Jean Coadou: My name is Jean Coadou, I was born in 1948 at l’Aber Ildut, and now live in Brest. I retired from the Navy 15 years ago. I was in the Navy for 32 years. I started as Crew Officer and finished my career…

Mediterranean circuit for the Diam 24 od

The Adh Inotec team is about to launch a big tour in the Mediterranean ! Four to six Diam 24od crews will participate for the first time this year in Novembre à Hyères. To follow up, test sessions have been programmed in Monaco, Cannes and La Grande Motte. In 2016, the Diam 24od’s can already…

Switzerland also !

Switzerland has also succumbed to the charms of the Diam 24od …. Last weekend, two boats were delivered to Geneva giving a great opportunity to organize test sail on this one design trimaran over a two day period. Future owners , professional sailors and general public assisted with interest. A new Diam 24od class has thus been…

This Grand Prix, the eighth event of 2015 Diam 24od season, in the wake of Grand Prix de l’Atlantique, the Grand Prix Guyader and the GPEN, was the fourth stage of the « Diam Series » calendar. The majority of competitors were amateur sailors who were able to perform against professionnal crews. This Grand Prix…

The Tour de France à la Voile has been the ultimate test to date for the Diam 24od. Having been hardily, efficiently and successfully tested by professionnal skippers during this first year of tuning, ADH Inotec’s one design trimaran has proved that simplicity, sturdiness and speed were compatible. The Diam 24od has been able to…

ADH Inotec passes into phase 2 of its development

In one week, Diam 24od number 34 will leave the ADH Inotec boatyard : the complete fleet of the coming edition of Tour de France à la Voile will have been delivered and ready to race. This boatyard from Port la Forêt will be able to pass on to a new phase in its development : the…

The beginnings of the Diam 24od adventure were a simple and efficient concept, followed by a market study. From this study a boat was designed for the general public, a boat to be produced on a large scale. Its very first fans were, however, professionnal skippers ….. Montotype sailing is rare enough and before the Diam…

The feat of ADH Inotec

Today, the Diam 24 OD is making its reputation in the sailing world. What we ignore, is the origine of this boat and how a boatyard employing 13 people, is in the process of perfecting and producing 30 strictly monotype trimarans within only eighteen months : a technical and human feat. Since january 2015, the ADH…

Very quickly and always at 200%, come and join us in 2015...

One year ago at the « Nautic », you discovered the first born of our series of Diam 24 one design. This year, we are creating a buzz through our absence …… The series has been launched, the boat is a success. Our meeting with ASO, the organizers of Tour de France à la Voile,…

Grand Prix de La Trinité : The winner is Benjamin AMIOT et Gurvan BONTEMPS

After 3 days of racing and 8 races completed, Benjamin Amiot was proclaimed winner in the Diam 24 one design series on his D24OD “Vaincre la Mucoviscidose”. Just behind him, in second place is Bernad STAM and his Diam 24 od “Cheminées POUJOULAT” 3/RAMOUNA Charles HAINNEVILLE 4/COURRIER CHOC Anoine CARPENTIER 5/MAITRE JACQUES Pierre HINGANT 6/RUNO.FR…

The last racing event of the season will be the “Grand Prix de la Trinité” from 10th to 12th october

This last regatta of the racing season welcomes the arrival of new competitors to the Diam 24 OD circuit : Aurelien DUCROZ, Bertrand BONNEVILLE. Crews running in this Grand Prix event : POUJOULAT : Bernard STAMM, Philippe LEGROS et Matthieu VANDAME MAITRE JACQUES : Loïc FEQUET RAMOUNA : Charles HAINNEVILLE, Maxime HAINNEVILLE COURRIER CHOC :…

Bernard STAMM wins the Atlantique Télégramme event on the Diam 24 One Design series

After 3 days of racing and 5 races completed, Bernard STAMM was proclaimed winner in the Diam 24 one design series on his D24OD “Cheminée POUJOULAT. Just behind him, in second place is Aymeric CHAPPELLIER, a newcomer to this series. 3/ RUN’O : Renaud MARY 4/ MAITRE JACQUES : Loïc FEQUET 5/ VAINCRE LA MUCOVISCIDOSE…

The Diam 24 one design will be at l’Atlantique Télégramme de Lorient this weekend.

Lorient will be welcoming a series of Diam 24 one designs for “l’Atlantique Télégramme” event this weekend. 8 Diam 24 one designs will be competing in this regatta. COURRIER CHOC : Géry TRENTESAUX – François LAMIOT – Antoine CARPENTIER RAMOUNA: Eric HAINNEVILLE – Christophe LATASTE – Phil SHARP SPIRIT OF GARGALOU : Guillame SEMBLAT – Antoine…

Match Racing in Marseille

This weekend the Diam 24 One design’s were in the Mediterranean for the « Marseille One Deign » races organised by Sirius Evènement. Press release extracts : « The conditions were as idyllic as ever for this first ever match racing encounter of 8 Diam 24 crews in the Mediterranean. This form of racing, that…

© Copyright Jean-Pierre FEQUET

“The Grand prix of Port la Foret ended last night. The Diams 24 OD in competition in this event finished 5 races around the Glenans islands from friday to sunday. The races on friday and saturday were sailed under similar weather conditions of 10-15 knot north westerly winds. On sunday, only one race was run…

Next meeting of Diam 24 OD : Grand Prix de Port La Foret

Where the Diam 24 OD’s will be gathered at the end of the month in Port la Foret and organized by the Club de la Vallee des Fous. An event not to miss on 29, 30 and 31st august in the Bay of La Foret. Avis de course GP PLF

For the past few weeks, rumours have been circulating in the marine world. This morning, Jean Baptiste Durier, director of the Tour de France à La Voile, announced that the Diam 24 One design has been chosen as the official boat for the 2015 edition of Tour de France à La Voile. The arrival of…

Third time lucky for Vincent RIOU

Following his victory at the Grand Prix Guyader and the GPEN, Vincent RIOU once again heads the ranking this weekend in Saint Lunaire on his Diam 24 one design after two races. Friday, a long distance race was sailed under light winds with an easy first place given to Bruno JOURDREN on Diam 24 Guyader…


Thank you to our partner ZULUPACK who offered its waterproof bags to all our concurrents. For more models www.zulupack.com

Raid Emeraude : in the starting block

COURRIER CHOC – BEL 009 Helmsman : TRENTESAUX Géry Crew: LAMIOT François et GEWHY Pierre DIAM 24 One Design – FRA 224 Helmsman : BONNEVILLE Bertrand Crew: LE GALLIC Bertrand – JOSSELIN Michel GUYADER GASTRONOMIE – FRA 124 Helmsman : JOURDREN Bruno Crew: LE FLOCH Jimmy et JARLEGAN Arnaud MAITRE JACQUES – FRA 8 Helmsman…

First sailing experience on board the Diam 24 OD for Camille Lecointre, Sophie de Turckheim and Alice Ponsar...

The Grand Prix de l’Ecole Navale was the opportunity for a feminine crew to discover the Diam 24 OD. The girls were dissapointed by their performance, but seduced by the speed and sensations of the boat…. An experience to renew…..

The first multihulls ever to participate in the Grand Prix de l’Ecole Navale...

7 Diam 24 one design competed in this 13th edition of the GPEN. On the programme : sun, light winds, prestigious skippers and a long distance racing on the Iroise Sea. After 3 days of regattas and a total of 5 races run, suspense was at its highest until the end. Our Grand Prix ended with…

First official race for the Diam 24 OD

The PRB (12) first ever racing runs on Diam 24 One design were sailed during The Grand Prix Guyader . Six teams competed in the Bay of Douarnenez to the general satisfaction of the crews, the organizers and the boat yard. After 3 days of racing, Vincent RIOU triumphed on his PRB sponsored Diam 24…

The list of the subscribers of Grand Prix GUYADER

The composition of crews on Grand Prix GUYADER  6 crews of any horizons… Ramouna – FRA33 Barreur : HAINNEVILLE Eric Equipier : HAINNEVILLE Charles et HAINNEVILLE Maxime No Limit Marine – FRA 177 Barreur : Jean Pierre NICOL Equipier : Julien VILLION et Armand DE JACQUELOT Courrier Pop. – BEL 009 Barreur : Lionel LEMONCHOIS Equipier : Pierre Gewy (Punch pour…

(Français) La presse concernant le GPEN

Géry TRENTESEAUX receptioned his D24OD on the second weekend of april in La Trinité sur Mer. It was the second Diam 24 OD delivered within several days. The 2 owners had already raced together at speeds of 18 knots and  with fuming bows in the Bay of La Forêt before confirming their order. François LAMIOT, …

Diam 24 trial : The bows will be fuming in the bay of Douarnenez !

For those of you that have not lived the incredible experience at the helm of the D24OD, the first one design multihull sportsboat ,  reserve for week 19 ! From monday 5th to friday 9th may, you can race at high speed on a free trial run on this boat during the Grand Prix of Guyader in…

You want to rent D24 od

We own several boats that we can rent : they are available for  a week of cruising or to participate in D24OD regattas or any other races open to multihulls. D24OD Regattas : Grand Prix de Guyader, Douarnenez : From 2nd to 4th may 2014 GPEN, Lanvéoc : From 28th may to 01 june 2014 Raid Emeraude, Saint Lunaire : From…

We unwind the list of the happy owners

The two first D24-OD that are speed crossing in Port- la- Forêt Bay for the last few months are not alone anymore. Here is the newcomer! Her name code is “Ramouna”, racing number 33  and she is based in Le Havre. She is Eric Haineville and Christophe Lataste new sailing rocket. We’ll keep you updated…

Le Télégramme March 2014 - Les Diam 24 au Grand Prix

Delivery of boat N° 3 ordered by the HAINNEVILLE family enabled us to test sail the first Diam 24 One Design in its final configuration with its carbon mast, its new rudders, and sails … all positive. The next delivery will be in three weeks with the first two boats of the pole of La…

The first teams of the 2014 season!

The production has worked twice as hard to meet the orders. They’ve just started the eighth Diam24. For the opening of the first season of this multihull sport-boat, we’ll be at least 8 boats. The teams already registered are:  Eric HAINNEVILLE and Christophe LATASTE, fans of speed boats and well known in Formula 18. Gery…

They’ve tried it despite the dreadful weather conditions

Since the Paris Boat show, we have welcomed a lot of sailors, some renowned ones have chosen a favourable weather window to experience a few hours of pure pleasure. This winter, the Breton days pass by with the magic of having the four seasons in one day. On a gloomy day, when the sun comes…

For your holidays, for a race, try the Diam 24 One design

The series of depressions during January were no good for the tests of our Diam 24 one design. That’s why we’d like to offer you a new and more adapted option to appreciate all the aspects of our new concept. As soon as the weather permits, you’ll be able to take a good insight of…

The Nautic is behind the Diam 24 one design, we now head into 2014

The 2013 Nautic was a success for the Diam 24 One Design : a large number of visitors on the stand and very positive contacts. At times we had problems dealing with the intensity of interest. This first presentation to the public was therefore a truly positive achievement and we warmly thank all our visitors. The…

Come and discover me

Come and discover me, I invite you to my chistening I am a new concept of sports boat :   My crew, ADH Inotec and my godfather Michel DESJOYEUX invite you to their stand at the Paris Boatshow, Porte de Versailles, Hall 1, stand K21, on Friday 6th december at 18h30

Program of regatta 2014

If you like novelty, speed and racing, head to our stand K21 in Hall 1. The Diam 24 One Design team will present you our new multihull which has been elected « coup de coeur » of the year 2013 by Voiles et Voiliers magazine. The concept is that of an easy to handle, fast and very…

The Diam 24 One Design at the Paris boatshow

The  Nautic 2013 – Paris boatshow – will  open its doors on Friday 6th december for professionals , Saturday 7th december for all public, and will continue untill 15th december. As in previous years, this show will be situated at Porte de Versailles in Paris. The Diam 24 One Design team welcomes you to their…

Route to the D24 OD pole of La Trinité

Our third weekend of  trials on 2nd and 3rd november in La Trinité, should have allowed around thirty people to try out this new concept of sportsboat. Numerous future members of this new class had booked for this trial sail. Unfortunately, the weather conditions were unfavourable to try out this lightweight and fast trimaran (20…

Heading for La Trinité sur Mer

The complete Diam 24 One design team, along with the Société Nautique of La Trinité sur Mer, invites you to come and try out their One design sportsboat multihull. From 1st to 3rd November, the first two of the series will be at your disposal on site in La Trinité sur Mer – from 11h…

The Diam 24 One Design discovers the renowned water grounds of the Bay of Brest…

From 15th to 17th October, le Diam 24 One Design sailed the water grounds of the naval school of Lanvéoc Poulmic in the south of the Bay of Brest. Weather conditions were variable, from almost no wind with rain, to medium winds and calm seas. The trimaran seduced the seven participating pupils from the Naval…

Saint-Malo, Diam 24 One Design, creation of a pole

On the weekend of 5th and 6th October in Saint Malo, we welcomed around thirty sailors all interested in the Diam 24 concept. The sun was shining for this first weekend of October, but the wind was missing and only picked up on Sunday early afternoon. Our Diam 24 One Designs were skippered by Eric…

After Saint-Malo, we’re heading to Lanvéoc!

The D24od team, in collaboration with Lanvéoc’s Naval School, organiser of the Grand Prix de l’Ecole Navale (Naval School Grand Prix) is delighted to invite you to test its one-design multihull sportsboat. Between the 12th and the 20th October, the first two units will be available for boat tests in Lanvéoc (across the Bay of…

In 2014, treat yourself to some D24od sailing!

You would like to sail onboard a Diam 24 One Design during the 2014 season, then we’ll be delighted to welcome you in Saint-Malo on Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th October to test our streamlined and comfortable sportboat, the first one-design multihull! Both days will start at 10am for the first sailing tests on our…

D24od, Voiles & Voiliers talks about us

Loic Madeline, editor in chief of Voile Magazine, has had the privilege to sail onboard the DIAM24od. Click here to watch his video and pictures and read his blog (in French only)

Les 2 DIAM24od en speed test à Douarnenez ©Marie Cossé

It’s all happening here! The first D24od has been sailing since June and is now confronting its sibling. Sailing tests turn into match racing. This new multihull one design is ready to welcome on board potential owners and journalists for sailing tests. Come and join us to test our wind machine! Over the summer, the…

Small and reliable!

The ADH Inotec team is enjoying the discovery of the boat’s potential by sailing everyday to test her. The knowledge of the DIAM24OD is developing and after tacking in the Glenan Archipelago, the yacht proves to be a proper wind machine!  The sail back from the Glenan from Pierres Noires to Linuen (entrance of the…

Meet the brand new Diam24 OD in Douarnenez, France !

The DIAM24 OD will make her first official appearance during the Dragon Gold Cup organised by the Société des Régates de Douarnenez from the 18th to the 24th August.   The first DIAM24 OD, one-design multihull sportsboat, leisure and racing trimaran has been launched in July and has been sailing since off the coasts of…

Our first day out sailing

Friday 28th June was an important day for us. The whole team from the build yard enjoyed a sunny day made even better with the launch of our new toy. Great satisfaction exceeded our expectations   and with just a few more adjustments, we are now able to invite you to join us on board to…

The first stage

After almost two years of work, a great deal of thinking and many questions which needed answers, we are now about to reach our first milestone… We have just tacked and finally our first upwind tack leads us to our first sail.

ADH Inotec is embarking on a new venture. After building the Formule 18 Diam over the past 12 years, creating a reputation for innovation, delivering a sensitive, robust, performance boat that has achieved podium positions, we have conceived, developed and built a one-design racing multihull. In collaboration with naval architects VPLP design office, we are…

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    Sail area: Mainsail: 22m²/237 sq.ft. Solent 10m²/108 sq.ft. Gennaker: 32m²/344 sq.ft. Selected for "Tour de France à la Voile' - 2015.

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    The Diam 24 One-Design is a 23'10" (7.25m) sport/beach trimaran designed by VPLP Design (France). She is built since 2013 by ADH Inotec (France). She has been awarded " 2017 - Sailing World - Boat of the Year: Overall Winner " and " 2017 - Sailing World - Boat of the Year: Best Multihull ". Diam 24 One-Design's main features Model

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    Diam 24 One Design 2013 • Racing An international class of one-design sailing boats which allows you to experience multihull racing for €50,000. VPLP gave the Diam 24 an extremely competitive hull design, eliminating the unnecessary wherever possible.

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    Diam 24 is a 7.2 m trimaran sailboat designed by Van Peteghem/Lauriot-Prevost and built by ADH Inotec, starting in 2014. Designer Van Peteghem/Lauriot-Prevost Builder ADH Inotec, Associations DIAM 24 One-Design TOUR DE FRANCE A LA VOILE # Built ? Hull Trimaran Keel Daggerboard Rudder ? Construction FG sandwich UD carbon reinforcement, PVC foam

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    Diam 24 leading Round The Island 2022 luke butler 12 subscribers Subscribe Subscribed 2.5K views 1 year ago leading boat to the needles in 20-25 knots of breeze, full send. Held on to the lead...

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    Centre nautique alpin de Serre Ponçon, un Diam 24 one design pour l'initiation : une 1ére navigation pleine d'émotion, la découverte de la Vitesse à la voile en toute sécurité et facilité. Suite du témoignage Témoignage Eric Renault

  12. New Boat: Diam 24 One Design

    The Diam 24 One Design trimaran debuted in the U.S. market in Annapolis in October. Tucked away between larger, somewhat stoic sailboats, the Diam 24od seemed giddy, almost dancing as it tugged at the docklines. The layout is inviting and the boat seems to beckon passersby to step aboard. Three hulls can mean three times the fun, or triple the ...

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    First on a hull with an Open 5.70 with which we won the North America championship, then a 'small' Pacific Cup (San Francisco - Hawaii) last summer, double-handed with Erwan. We finished 3rd before setting off again 3 days later for the return trip from Hawaii to San Francisco... Now the three of us are on three hulls with a Diam 24.

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    How is the Diam 24, the new trimaran for the French sailing "Tour de France"? Create a notification for "Catamaran" Votre e-mail doit être valide. In just one year, the Diam 24 has succeeded in its wager: it has become a real racing one-design and has even won over the organizers of the Tour de France à la Voile, who have decided to make it ...

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    The first of the Diam 24 od 2022 edition will be out of the gates of our shipyard in Port-la-Forêt by the end of February. "We don't get to make changes to the Diam 24 od every year, it's a monotype and has to stay that way.

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    Diam 24 'Raygun' for Sale - The Multihull Centre Multihull Centre Brokerage The multihull specialists Mill Road, Millbrook, Cornwall PL10 1EN, UK. ++44 (0)1752 823900 Diam 24od for Sale Raygun (7.25m) Viewings by arrangement at the Multihull Centre, Cornwall. Built 2017 £19,995 UK VAT Paid

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    VRsport.tv DIAM 24 Race Team skipper, Piers Hugh Smith, takes you around his extreme multihull. Wet and Fast are the main themes with the DIAM 24 and a huge ...

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    The DIam 24 is a new boat for the famous Tour de France for boats. - Video : sail on board the trimaran Diam 24 - Catamaran. 0. No item in your cart devise € $ langue. Home; SUBSCRIPTION; Classified Ads; BOAT TESTS; ... Video : sail on board the trimaran Diam 24

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    Diam 24 Description This boat was used as a lab for the study of the "L shaped" Foils of the Ultimate MaCIF and the reliability of the new calculator for the new generation auto pilot for the big MACIF trimaran. This DIAM 24 is currently a foulée but can also be transformed into a monotype DIAM 24 OD thanks to two new floats Information

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    The class rules are intended to ensure fairness between racers by boats with similar performance. The whole boat must remain as built and delivered by the shipyard. Even the sails are one-design. The difference must be made on the water, by the racers and not by the boats.The Diam 24od must comply with the class rules of the series and renew its certificate of conformity.

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    Regattas in trimaran. Home; Diam 24 od. Concept; Environment; Diam 24 one design; Specifications; Values; Distribution; Rules and Program. Rules; Classes by Country; Race Schedule; ... This Diam 24 od finished 2d in the World Diam Tour France 2023, this recent boat is complete and ready to sail, launched in August 2021 for the Tour of Italy ...

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