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Ghostbusters Walkthrough

Bust some ghosts with our complete walkthrough to Ghostbusters, including hidden artifact locations.

By Andre Segers on July 2, 2009 at 3:23PM PDT

The Ghostbusters are no strangers to videogames, but never before have they been brought to life as convincingly as in their latest game. As the newest member of the name, aptly known as The Rookie, you'll be fighting alongside the team to bust those pesky ghosts. Thankfully, we've prepared a field guide to help you with every situation the game has to offer. So who you gonna call? GameSpot Guides! (yeah…maybe it doesn't quite have the same ring).

Here's what you'll find in GameSpot's Ghostbuster's Game Guide:

  • Training: Get the scoop on busting ghosts.
  • Walkthrough: Don't get spooked with our complete walkthrough, including hidden artifact locations.
  • Xbox 360 Achievements: Check out Ghostbuster's Achievements.
  • PlayStation 3 Trophies: See how to grab all the trophies.


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With the ghost weakened, it's time to wrangle him with your capture stream. Basically, your Proton Pack will automatically switch to "Capture Stream" mode once you've damaged the ghost enough, though you can also attempt to activate early by pressing the left-bumper or L1. Once you've caught the ghost in your capture stream, your goal is to wrangle or slam the ghost to wear it down even more, to the point that you can easily capture it. You may have noticed a "slam" meter in the bottom-right corner; this automatically refills whenever you've got a ghost in your capture stream. However, you can also fill the meter even faster by wrangling with the ghost--that is, tilting the right-control stick in the opposite direction the ghost is heading (it's just like Luigi's Mansion). Once you've built up some "Slam," tap the left-trigger while tilting the control stick toward the ground or a wall to slam the ghost into it. After a few hits, the ghost will become stunned, giving you a chance to capture him.

Deploy the Ghost Trap and position the ghost just above it to begin the capturing process. Now, the ghost won't take this lying down, so continue to wrangle the ghost into the trap by tilting the control-stick away from the direction the ghost is trying to escape to in order to force him into the trap. Or, if you've purchased the proper upgrade, you can also attempt to simply slam the ghost into the trap for an instant capture.

By trapping ghosts and finding hidden artifacts, you'll earn money which can be used to upgrade your equipment. You can purchase said upgrades at any time from the pause screen. However, not all upgrades are created equal, with some being borderline useless. Here are the upgrades we recommend getting as soon as they become available: Shock Blast Rate Increase, Shock Blasty Head Reduction, Slam Dunk Trapping, Fast Trap, and Blast Stream Focusing.

Work as a Team

Thankfully, you won't have to bust ghosts alone, as your teammates will be by your side for most of the journey. Not only will they help you wrangle and capture ghosts, but they'll also revive you if you get knocked-out. It's important you return the favor whenever they fall to the ground--listen for their cries for help, or look for the icon that appears on the screen whenever they're knocked out to locate them. To revive a teammate, simply walk up to their body and press the button shown on-screen. Easy, huh?

Try to keep your team alive as much as possible, because you'll fail the mission if you all go down.

Alright rookie, it's time to get moving. Follow your fellow Ghostbusters down the fire pole ahead and then down the stairs to the right, leading to the basement. There you'll find Slimer--fire a blast from your Proton Pack at him, causing him and another ghost to hightail it into the next room.

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Head after Slimer by following Ray through the door. He'll give you a quick crash-course on the basics of your Proton Pack, such as where your health and temperature gauges are displayed. The health gauge is pretty self-explanatory, but there are some subtleties to the temperature gauge. In short, the longer you fire your Proton Pack, the hotter it's gonna get. If it overheats, you'll be a sitting duck while it automatically cools down. However, you can also dissipate the heat at any time by tapping the Right-Bumper (360) or R1 (PS3)--we suggest doing so whenever there's a lull in the action.

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Alright, so Slimer's still running amok. Target him and open fire. As you do, you'll notice a meter will appear around your targeting reticule; this displays how much energy the ghost has remaining. You're going to have to wear him down before you can capture him. Unfortunately, Slimer will soon take off, and the Sloth Ghost will appear. Wear him down like you did with Slimer and strafe around the room to avoid the goop he sends your way.

Once you've reduced his health, Ray will tell you more about the "cap 'em" stage. Basically, your Proton Pack will automatically switch to "Capture Stream" mode once you've damaged the ghost enough. When this happens, your goal is to wrangle or slam the ghost to wear it down even more, to the point that you can easily capture it. You may have noticed a "slam" meter in the bottom-right corner; this automatically refills whenever you've got a ghost in your capture stream. However, you can also fill the meter even faster by wrangling with the ghost--that is, tilting the right-control stick in the opposite direction the ghost is heading (it's just like Luigi's Mansion). Once you've built up some "Slam," tap the left-trigger while tilting the control stick toward the ground or a wall to slam the ghost into it. After a few hits, the ghost will become weak, giving you a chance to capture him. Deploy the Ghost Trap and position the ghost just above it to begin the capturing process. Now, the ghost won't take this lying down, so continue to wrangle the ghost into the trap by tilting the control-stick away from the direction the ghost is trying to escape to in order to force him into the trap.

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With the ghost captured, collect the trap and hop into the Ecto-1 to head toward your next mission.

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Hotel Sedgewick (part 1)

The Hotel can be confusing to get around, so it's best to stick with your teammates whenever possible, as they'll often lead the way. To get things started, follow them to the elevators and catch a ride with Peter and Ray to the 12th floor. Trail them down the hall and blast Slimer when you see him. Although he'll escape by jetting through the wall, you can use your PKE meter to scan the ectoplasm he left behind.

Lost? If you get separated from your team, click the right-stick to make icons for each of your teammates appear in the upper-right corner, revealing their exact location.

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After doing so, follow Ray through the door on the right and scan the vase at the far end, along the right side, to reveal Slimer's hiding spot. He'll take off again, so follow Ray down right hall, to a mess by the vending machines. Use the PKE meter to scan the Room Service Tray on the ground, giving you your first cursed artifact. You'll find similar artifacts scattered around each of the levels; collecting them nets you extra cash, which can be used to purchase upgrades, so it's well worth your while tracking them down.

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With the artifact collected, Peter will radio in for help. Follow Ray through the nearby door and down the hall to his location, where you can revive him. With the team regrouped, call the elevator and ride it down to the lobby.

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Back in the lobby, you'll find Slimer and a couple of bellhop ghosts--they put up more of a fight than the other ghosts you've seen, tossing furniture your way. Stay on the move to avoid it and then target ghosts, slam them, and capture them like those before. It's best to focus on a single ghost at a time, to reduce their numbers more efficiently. Once you've cleared the area, look for the Antique Service Bell on the desk of the first room of the lobby--just opposite of the elevators you came off of. Now follow Peter down the hallway to the ballroom, then to the kitchen after being turned away.

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Trek through the kitchen until your path is obstructed by a large cabinet. Now get ready to blast some ghost fish coming your way--thankfully, they're weak and don't need to be captured. Once clear, use your Capture Beam--by tapping the left-trigger while using the Proton Pack--to move the cabinet out of the way, allowing you to continue on. Follow Peter down the hall to the left, through the kitchen, to the ballroom.

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You'll find Slimer inside the ballroom, and now you'll finally be able to capture him. However, he'll occassionally hide inside some of the hotel's furniture--use the PKE to track him down then blast the furniture with your Proton Pack to expose him.

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With Slimer captured, follow Peter back to the lobby where several bellhop ghosts are now waiting. Again, make sure to focus on one at a time, so you can reduce their numbers quickly. These guys are also quite throw-happy, so be ready to dodge or blast the stuff they're tossing around. If you take damage and need to recover, the hallway you came from is a good place to retreat to. Oh, and although your teammates will toss down a few traps, don't forget you can throw your own down too, which should make capturing the ghosts a breeze. Once you've captured the ghosts, follow Egon down the hall to the next room.

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Hotel Sedgewick (part 2)

Track down the fisherman ghost.

You're on your own for this next portion. Try heading up the staircase first and scanning the Old Painting with the PKE meter for a cursed artifact, before heading down the hall, where you'll experience a flash flood!

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After coming to, follow the hall again and turn left at the first junction to find the fisherman ghost. Turn around and chase him down the hall, to the left. Although he'll vanish, take a moment to scan the candelabrum along the wall (the fixture with candles, in other words) with your PKE meter--this will cause it to spring to life. Blast it quickly (it doesn't take much), then step into the previous hall to take down a few more coming your way--be careful, as they can also crawl along the ceiling.

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With the hall cleared, turn right at the next junction, where you'll soon spot another candelabrum tear across the ceiling. Head in its direction, to the left, and use your Capture Beam to clear some of the junk obstructing the path, allowing you to continue on. Turn right at the next intersection to find the Fisherman ghost hanging out inside a vending machine, though he'll take off down a blocked path--we'll get to him in a moment. For now, get ready to blast a couple more candelabrums heading your way.

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Once they're down, venture back up the hall, turn left, and stick to this main corridor to spot the Fisherman ghost once again. Use your beam to move the obstructions, then head after him by turning left, continuing past the elevators into the dining room.

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Okay, it's time to take on the fisherman, mano a mano. Strafe around the room to avoid his attacks while blasting him with your beam. If he vanishes, turn around as he'll likely reappear behind you. Once you've inflicted enough damage, the other Ghostbusters will join you, but the ghost will mysteriously vanish. Sniff him out with your PKE meter and approach the door in the corner, just past the bar--but get ready to back up the moment you see the Kitchen Golem blast through it.

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The Kitchen Golem has some brutal close-range attacks…but that's all he's got. As such, your best bet is to stay as far away from him as you can at all times, as your beam can span the length of the room. Whenever the monster gets close, run away to the other side and tackle him from there--make sure to use the entire room, including the upstairs section. After you've inflicted enough damage, wrangle its exposed energy ball and slam it loose, revealing the Fisherman. He should be relatively weak by now, so deal with him like any other ghost for the capture,

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Times Square

Oh no, the Stay Puft marshmallow man is running amok and you're going to have to stop him…eventually. For now, escort the Ecto-1 through Times Square, up to the barricade. Stay back, as some mini-marshmallow enemies are about to come your way, though a few quick zaps should take care of them. Hold your position, as ghosts will be coming your way as soon as the taxi ahead explodes, clearing the path.

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Now the Ecto-1 is outfitted with something called a "Super Slammer" on its roof, which is essentially a really large version of your normal Ghost Trap--except its far more effective as ghosts cannot escape its grasp. As such, we suggest following behind the Ecto-1 at all times, allowing you to easily grab the ghosts and slam them into the trap, resulting in an instant capture. This position also allows you to easily revive any fallen teammates, as well as allowing them to do the same for you. Just make sure to watch out for a few more mini-marshmallow enemies who'll sometimes appear.

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Just as the Ecto-1 begins to turn into an ally, several gargoyles will swoop in from a nearby building. Luckily, these guys are pieces of cake--just grab them with your capture beam (by pressing L2 or Left-Bumper while blasting them), then slam them into the ground to break 'em into pieces. After destroying the first few, more will swoop in, and they'll be joined by several construction-worker ghosts. We found a good place to tackle them from was the alley the Ecto-1 is trying to turn into--this provides a good vantage point, while shielding you from most attacks. Focus on the gargoyles first, then target the ghosts and throw them into the slammer.

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With the Ecto-1's path blocked, follow Winston through the adjacent laundromat. The ghosts will rearrange the machines, eventually revealing a path between them, leading to the other side of the blockage. There, you'll spot a leaking fuel truck--fire some Boson Darts at it with L1/Left-Bumper to blow it up, clearing a path for the Ghostbusters mobile. Follow the car up the street, and be sure to collect the 3-Toed Jenkin's bottle artifact on the right side, when the car comes to a stop. Now approach the fence to trigger its destruction, allowing you to push forward to the theater.

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The theater is home to numerous ghosts who'll put up quite the fight. In addition, they're able to teleport around with ease via the red portals in the walls. It's generally best to stick close to one of your teammates so he can revive you if you go down--which you probably will several times. But make sure to repay the favor and revive them too, as they won't be able to help you if they're incapacitated. A short ways into the battle, some more gargoyles will attack--focus on taking them down before returning your attention to the ghosts.

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Times Square (part 2)

It's time to start teaching that marshmallow a lesson! While you wait for him to get close, turn around and hightail it as far back as you can, putting some distance between you and the enemies he'll soon spawn. When he starts coming your way, get ready to blast him with four darts the moment he comes to a rest. Now turn around and follow your teammate further up the street, to the next blockage, turn around and fire some more darts at him--just watch out for a few attacking marshmallow-mini baddies. Do the same once more: follow your buddy up the street, blast more darts at Marshmallow-dude, then turn around and duck into the store on the right.

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Inside, get ready to blow away the enemies who'll crash through the window. Afterward, scan the Desk Phone for a cursed artifact then board the elevator.

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Times Square (part 3)

After riding the elevator, follow your teammate to a double-door that you can open. Toward the back of the large room, look up at the skylight dripping liquid-marshmallow to cause numerous marshmallow baddies to drop in. Quickly hightail it behind a pillar closest to the back windows, and open fire on the copious marshmallow-minis. However, regardless of how good your aim is, you'll soon be quickly surrounded; when this happens, hightail it to the other side of the room to put some distance between you and the enemies and open fire again. Remember to use darts on groups of enemies for some quick kills.

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With the room cleared, open the door along the back wall, ready to blast several more Marshmallow Minis who'll storm through. Push forward to find a damsel in distress--fire a dart at Stay Puft's arm when he reaches for her to send him reeling, then take down the attacking minis after. You may want to back up into the hallway you just came from to funnel them to you for easy pickings. Afterward, follow Ray through the door to meet up with Peter and the girl.

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Follow them through the door and up the stairs to the roof, where you'll battle a few Ghosts. They shouldn't pose much challenge--just keep your distance, giving you time to side-step their projectiles. Oh, and be ready for a couple more to spring out of one of the skylights. With the area clear, approach the ledge to find Stay Puft as climbed his way up to you! Knock him off with a dart!

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Ha, as if a single dart was all it would take to defeat Stay Puft! Thankfully, he's still just full of hot air mostly. Don't bother shooting Stay Puft himself until he gets near the top of the tower, as your shots won't have any impact. Instead, focus on taking down the marshmallow-minis he spawns when he blows horizontally across the building. His only other attack is to try spitting marshmallows directly at you, which can also be easily shot down. Now when Stay Puft gets close to the roof, he'll grow visibly tired--shoot him now with a dart to knock him back down to ground-level. Repeat this twice more to do him in for good.

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Public Library (part 1)

That's quite a crowd; too bad you've got work to do. Approach the lion statue, causing two ghosts to fly out and into the library. Follow them inside and up the stairs. After some antics go down, your teammates will inform you of a new weapon you can now test: the Dark Matter generator. It has two firing modes:

  • Stasis Stream: Firing this at a ghost will slow it down, making it easier to target and then trap! However, make sure it doesn't overheat!
  • Shock Blast: This is the shotgun of Ghostbusters. It packs a wallup, but only at close-range.

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Now that you know how to use the new weapon, head downstairs and approach the display case by the right staircase to expose the ghost. Chase after him down the hall and into the large room on the right.

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After stepping a short ways into the room, a Book Golem will appear. Although the other Ghostbusters suggest to "slow" him down, ignore their advice and instead use the Shock Blast repeatedly while circling around him from a few feet away. Because his attacks are slow, they should all miss so long as you continually circle around him. Once you've just about depleted his health, back away before delivering the final blast, as he'll explode exposing his energy ball--grap it with your Capture Beam and slam it loose, taking down the Golem once and for all.

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With the Golem defeated, you'll find two doors ahead. Head through the left first to find the Portrait of Eleanor Twitty artifact, then approach the door on the right, which Ray will open for you. Follow him down the staircase and approach the bookshelf that Egon draws your attention to, causing the librarian ghost to appear. Follow her into the next room, then through another door on the left.

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Alright, so you're going to have to work your way through a maze of moving bookshelves--they may slam you around a bit, but not enough to kill you. If you ever have trouble finding the route, just follow one of the walls--a path will eventually be revealed. Eventually, you'll wind through a small room where you'll encounter a bi-pedal enemy--shock blast him for a quick victory. Continue into the hall and make a left toward the next room.

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As you explore the room, a stream of book-bats will storm in. Step to the side and Shock Blast 'em. Soon after, two ghosts will roll in, we also suggest Shock Blasting them at close-range, then going in for the capture. This portion can be difficult, so make sure to stay near your fellow ghost buster so you can keep him alive, allowing him to do the same.

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With the room clear, proceed through the door in the corner toward the next room. There you'll face several more of those bi-pedal ghosts--shock blast 'em all then continue through the doorway. Proceed to the small area at the end of the room and use the PKE meter to scan the glowing spot, revealing the Librarian. Follow her back to the previous room and Shock Blast the book-bats that appear when you try to exit through the open door. Stay on the move to avoid being hit. Once clear, follow Ray through the door he opens.

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Public Library (part 2)

Push forward through the hall to a door that slams shut. Quickly turn around and prepare to take down some more bi-pedal enemies who'll charge from the door near Ray--Shock Blast 'em. Now go through the door they came from, then open another on the right into a dark room.

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Inside the dark room, you'll find a small children's room on the left, but the door won't fully open because of an obstruction on the other side--fire a dart into it to force the door open. Now use the PKE to checkout the bear on the chair in the corner, then exit back into the main room. Use the PKE to follow the footprints on the ground to the kid's area in the corner, resulting in some spooky happenings. Afterward, proceed through the door on the left, down the stairs.

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Once at the base of the stairs, first enter the room on the right (after blasting the chair blocking it aside) and scan the Wall Calendar inside for another artifact. Now head into the heading into the Special Collections on the other side to find the librarian. After she jets out of there (again…*sigh*), a couple of book-creatures will attack. Although Egon suggests using the capture beam, we suggest sticking with the Shock Blast to take them down quickly (what's Egan know anyway?).

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With the creatures down, interact with the bookshelf your teammates are staring at to reveal a secret passage. Head down the stairs within and blast the bi-pedal paper dude at the base, before continuing into the next room. Approach the book on the stand toward the back and watch as it levitates into the air, spawning enemies as it goes--great. Stick with your Shock Blast and use it to take down the book-bats and other creatures it spawns. Eventually, a single ghost will appear--slow it down with your Stasis beam, then blast it a few times with Shock, repeating as necessary until you can capture it.

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After capturing the ghost, approach the librarian again, then follow your teammates into the adjacent room once she departs. Once there, look for a Chair artifact behind the bookshelf in the back of the room. Now use the Capture Beam + slam to remove the beams and wooden planks blocking the doorway, allowing you to continue onward, down a staircase.

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Hmm, it seems the basement's flooded. Well, whatever--climb up the short staircase and interact with the electrical generator. Unfortunately, the power won't remain on for long, instead causing another book Golem to appear. Just like before, circle around him while pummeling him with Shock Blasts, then wrangle and slam the energy ball of his when it appears.

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With the Golem defeated, follow your team through the door and down the stairs into the boiler room…where two fire Golems appear. Keep your Shock Blast equipped and target the right-one first as you back away (but stay close enough so you weapon inflicts damage)--he should go down before you reach the back wall. Now you can tackle the remaining one like like the other Golems: circle around him and blast.

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With the room cleared, approached the damaged wall in the corner and give it a blast, revealing a black slime-covered entrance. Egon will now inform you of a new ability he wants you to try out: the Plasm Distribution System. It has two abilities:

  • Slime Blower: This slime-spitting ability is useful for getting rid of black slime-covered things, as well as unpossessing people.
  • Slime Tether: This allows you to move heavy objects by tethering them to something else.

Try out the Slime Blower to get rid of the black slime, allowing you to proceed down the tunnel to complete the level.

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Public Library (part 3)

Grab the book the ghost is reading by approaching her and interacting with it. She''ll vanish in a hissy fit, Now pull out your PKE meter to spot her again…and she's not happy. This time, she'll be protected by a force-field, generated by the book stands hovering around the room. Stick to the room's perimeter and quickly take down the stands using Shock Blast. Once you've destroyed them all, she'll be exposed--Shock Blast her too, then capture her like you would any other ghost.

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The librarian leaves behind an energy ball--interact with it to warp to the ghost dimension. Proceed through the gate that opens then clean the black-slime covered door with with Slime Blower and continue through the revealed entranceway.

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Inside, Egon and Ray will head through another portal, which shatters right after, revealing a book Golem in its place. Like before, circle around it and Shock Blast it repeatedly. Once he's down, head up the stairs dead-ahead and continue through the portal to the right.

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Look, another Book Golem! Unfourtantely, there's not much to maneuver around, because of the thin walkway. The small circular section halfway up the walkway does provide some room, though you're best off blasting him as you back up into the portal you just came from. He'll teleport somewhere nearby, but at least that area provides more room in which to battle him. Once he's defeated, warp back to the walkway and continue forward to meet up with Ray, near the raised bridge. Ray will inform you the bridge can be lowered with your hand Slime Tether; he'll demonstrate by pulling down the first half, and attaching one to the second. Follow suit by attaching a couple of tethers, one end to the bridge, the other to the ground, to pull it down.

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Follow Ray across the bridge and into the rotating room. Now you're going to have to spin that central wall to reach a portal on the other side--attach one tether to the far side of the central wall, then attach the other end to the perimeter wall on the opposite side, causing the central wall to rotate, allowing you to reach the portal it obstructs.

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Once through, follow Ray down the hall to a second portal, which will vanish before you have a chance to get through yourself. As you turn back into the hall, you'll find a ghost has appeared. The only difference with this one is that it likes to hide inside the mirrors, so explore the hall and shoot down the mirrors to make it appear, then wear it down and capture it like the ghosts before. Afterward, head through the portal that appears at the end of the hall, then cross the walkway (skipping the book bats if you like) to a second portal, then along the red carpet at up the stairs to a third.

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You'll emerge along a walkway with several bi-pedal page-enemies. You can either take them on from a distance with your Blast Stream or get in close with the Shock Blast--easy stuff either way. Head up to the portal at the top, then through another at the end of a walkway.

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Take on a few more bipedal-page dudes, then follow the walkway to an opening on the left, leading into a hall with furniture scattered along the ceiling. Look for a Chair artifact in the corner, then continue through a short passage in the back of the room, leading to a tall staircase.

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Alright, climbing the tall staircase is easier said than done, as swarms of book-bats will fly around specific portions in set patterns. Don't bother killing them now; instead it's easier to simply run past them as soon as a gap opens up. As you approach the stairs, the first group will begin circling around--wait for the break between the bats then dash through. Stop just before you reach the platform ahead, as another swarm will fly through the archway up the stairs--as soon as you spot the gap, trail after them up to a second platform. You'll now be surrounded by a ton of circling bats--now's a good time to pick them off with your Blast Stream--once you've cleared most of them out, run up to a third platform, which will drop down a few feet. Raise it back to the staircase using the Slime Tether; attach one end to the platform, the other to the stairs above.

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With the platform raised, continue up the stairs to another platform that dislodges--tether it to the stairs on the left to put it back in place. At the top of the stairs, you'll find the portal, but you're going to have to reassemble the path to get there. Start off by bringing the closest platform back to you with a Slime Tether, then pull that platform up to the one on the left with another. Now ride this as it hovers around until it gets close enough to the portal's platform, allowing you to pull yourself in with a final tether.

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After warping at the top of the staircase, you'll have a huge boss to take on. Now there's a few steps to this one. First, you need to remove the black slime from its mask, so whip out your Slime Blower and fire it at its mask. The boss will raise its hands just before it slams the ground, sending a shockwave your way--perform a quick hop in either direction to avoid it. Once you've cleared the slime off its mask (as indicated when it starts glowing, or when your teammates say something), wrangle it loose with your Capture Stream.

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With the boss's mask removed, he'll whip into overtime, giving you all its got. Back away and use your Blast Stream to target its now exposed eye. Although the Blast Stream is weak compared to your other weapons, its also the most accurate, so stick with it. Now evading the boss's attacks is going to be crucial if you want to make it though this life. Thankfully, that little hop of yours is enough to evade virtually every attack--just keep your distance and hop whenever he does his shockwave thing. When he gets close, back away if you can, and hop to either side if you see him start twirling around. If he attack does hit, immediately hop once you come you get back on your feet to avoid his subsequent attacks, otherwise he may just kill you out-right. As long as you blast him whenever you get a chance, it shouldn't take too long to destroy him.

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History Museum (part 1)

Your teammates will lead you to a locked door on the far side of the loading dock. Turn around and blast the wooden crates on the opposite wall to find a power box you can interact with, which will unlock the door.

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Follow your teammates through into a room with a shipping crate hopping around--break it open with a few blasts of your Proton Stream to reveal the museum's curator, who'll summon a nearby elevator. Unfortunately, a ghost seems to have caught a ride on it and will possess Ray! Blast him with your Slime Blower to free him of the ghost, then capture the ghost like you have so many times before.

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After the cutscene, you'll wind up in a large room where many of the guests have been possessed! Like before, hose them down with your Slime Blower to expel the spirit. Because the ghosts can repossess someone after being freed, it's best to free only one at a time, capturing them before moving on. As for the capturing process, it seems most effective to wear them down using the Shock Blast from close-range. Oh, and beware that your fellow Ghostbusters can also become possessed--be sure to free them so you have an ally to heal you if you go down.

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With the room cleared, follow your team through the hall. You'll face numerous mannequins who've come to life, but they're weak and will go down after a few Shock Blasts. Because the hall has several turns, you can use the walls before each for cover if you need to recover some health.

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Eventually, you'll wind up in a long room with a temple in the back. Blast the mannequins along the way, holding back if you need cover. As you approach the temple, target the enemies from the ramp leading up to it, allowing you to easily retreat back down. Once you've cleared the main enemies, use your Blast Stream to take down the flying skulls. When finished, exit through the doors on either side of the temple and follow your team through some more hallways. Of course, you'll face more mannequins, but it's nothing you can't handle.

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Before long, you'll arrive at a closed gate. Hang tight while Ray gets it open. Up ahead is a large exhibit dedicated to the Civil War--can you guess what kind of ghosts you'll soon be facing? As you try to exit the room, said ghosts will materialize--and they have guns too. Luckily, the short hall leading you're in now is perfect to battle them from, as it provides perfect cover from their attacks. Like usual, use the Shock Blast for any nearby ghosts, but switch to your Blast Stream for the far away ones--just remain in the short hall until you've captured most of the ghosts. With the room cleared, exit via the door you originally tried going through.

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Museum (part 2)

As you pass through the Egyptian exhibit, some flying skulls will fly out via some black slime on the floor. Take a quick moment to get rid of the slime with your Slime Blower before turning your attention to the flying skulls. Once clear, exit through the door and follow your team into a large room.

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As you enter the large room, several ghosts and mannequins will appear. We suggest taking the stairs down to their level and blasting the mannequins at close-range first with the Shock Blast, then use the pillars for cover as you target the ghosts. After clearing the room, approach the west wall, where you'll spot the outline of a door using the PKE goggles--spray that spot with your Slime Blower to make a door materialize, through which you can enter.

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Push forward through the hall with the flickering lights, but be sure to scan the Bagged Stone Head artifact just before the door. In the room just after, you'll be attacked by more mannequins and flying skulls. Focus on the mannequins first, with the Shock Blast, then use the Blast Stream to clean up the skulls. When done, exit through the door into an exhibit hall.

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Inside the exhibit hall, turn left first to scan the Red Clay Vase artifact in the first display case on the left, then turn around and head the opposite way. As you do, more mannequins will appear--Shock Blast 'em. Once clear, scan the Large Painting of Gathered Businessmen artifact at the first corner, then continue on through the door, battling the mannequins as you go, until you reach a closed gate that Ray will soon open. Follow him into the next room where you'll find the captured girl.

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History Museum (part 3)

Open fire on the large obelisk and descend down the revealed staircase. After your teammates do some yammering, follow Ray through the gate he kicks open and trail him through the tunnel.

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Upon emerging onto a walkway, head left first to find a Toy Car artifact, along the wall, then head the opposite direction. Look for a cracked circular covering along the wall, just before the gap. Spray it with your Slime Blower to reveal a tunnel you can now enter. Head on through and follow your teammates to avoid getting lost.

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You'll soon wind up in a circular room, where Ray will fill you in on the new Composite Particle System you've been equipped with:

  • Meson Collider: This fires a short, but powerful blast at your target. Even better, after hitting your first target, the gun's secondary function (overload pulse) will home in toward that target--nifty!
  • Overload Pulse: This is the machine gun of the Ghostbuster's arsenal. It fires a rapid blast stream in a straight line--unless you've already targeted a ghost using the weapon's primary function (Meson Collider), in which case the blasts will home in on that target. Combine both weapons to pack a powerful punch.

Exit the circular room through the gate and continue across the bridge, where you'll find the level's boss. The battle itself is pretty basic, cycling between two portions: the boss-fighting portion, and the minion portion. The first is where you battle the large boss himself. The large, glowing spot on his chest is his weakpoint--you're best off targeting it first with the Meson Collider to lock-on, then lay into him with the Overload Pulse which will now hone-in on his chest. He won't really attack you directly until he's almost out of health, at which point his attacks can be dodged by moving side-to-side; however, it is in your best interest to revive your teammates whenever they go down for the second portion of the battle. Oh, and you may want to shoot the cannisters surrounding the arena, preventing the boss from using them for cover.

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Unfortuantely, you won't have much time to attack before he disappears, leaving behind four black-goo portals on the floor, one in each corner. Whip out your Slime Blower and use it on each of the enemy-spawning portals to close them quickly, then take down the enemies they created. The Slime Blower works on the enemies too, though the Shock Blast is most effective, at close range, of course. Once you've cleared out the enemies, the boss will return giving you another chance to attack. Repeat ad nauseam until he goes down.

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Return to Hotel Sedgewick

Follow the Ghostbusters to the elevators, then into the staircase room beyond, where you heard a girl scream. After meeting with the hotel manager, climb the staircase to find a Broccoli Queen Autobiography artifact at the top, before following the Ghostbusters back to the previous room. After talking with the manager some more, equip your Shock Blast as you follow your team toward the kitchen, ready to blast several skeleton enemies that'll soon surround you.

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With the enemies down, follow your team onward into the kitchen (Ray will open the door for you). Once inside, follow the right wall to find the door leading into the generator room--it's marked by a sign. Proceed through the hall within, kick your way through the gate, then interact with the panel on the backside of the generator to get that baby started.

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Uh-oh, starting the generator has electrified the flooded basement! It seems a fallen lamp near the entrance is the cause; use the Slime Tether to pull the lamp from the water up to the ceiling, allowing you to rejoin your team and follow them back to the kitchen. Great, looks like there are several ghosts running amok in the kitchen. Because they like to slip through the walls so much, you're best off sticking to your standard Blast Stream, as its the easiest to target them with. Try to stick close to your teammates during this battle, and be sure to revive them whenever they go down so they can return the favor.

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With the kitchen cleared, the Ghostbusters will lead you back to the elevators. Before hopping aboard though, you may want to follow your PKE to a small room within the main lobby (where the fountain is) to find a Swiss Death Clock artifact.

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After riding the elevator, follow Egon down the hall to a door he kicks open. Before heading through, you may want to explore the nearest hall to find a room which has a Phantom Flush Toilet artifact in the bathroom.

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Now continue past the staircase to find a web-covered hall. Get your Shock Blast ready, as many spiders will attack as you explore the hall. Turn left at the first intersection, then continue on until you automatically pause to listen to some ghostly happenings. Afterward, turn right to find the The Unruly Beard of V. Belascu artifact, before heading the opposite direction. Follow Egon to a web-covered door that you can uncover using the Slime Blower, allowing you to push through. Exit through the door on the right, then another on the left.

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Proceed through the web-infested halls, and make a right through the short hotel-hallway section. Continue onward a ways until the next major split-path and turn left. Now whip out your PKE to close in on the ghostly signals until the spider-witch appears.

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The Spider-Witch is a pretty easy boss. When she attacks, circle around her while shooting her with Shock Blasts. Occassionally, after a direct attack, she'll vanish in a poof, reappearing somewhere else. However, she'll also occassionally attach herself to one of the egg sacs scattered around the arena--use your PKE meter to quickly track her down and dislodge her with a quick blast before she "powers up," enabling her to unleash a powerful attack (which you should turn and run away from).

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Lost Island (part 1)

You guys need to cross over to the nearby staircase, but a giant hole in the ground is making things difficult. Thankfully, the platform suspended by the nearby crane is just what you need to make it cross. Swing it over to the gap by attaching slime tethers to the crane and the ground, causing the platform to make its way toward the hole--once it's close, it'll automatically fall into place, allowing you to cross over and climb the stairs. As you climb the ramp, a mine cart will come careening your way--step to the side to avoid being turned into a pancake.

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At the top, look for a Strange Book artifact behind the boxes just past the statue. Now climb the staircase nearby and get ready for some gargoyles to appear as you attempt to cross the bridge. Like before, wrangle them with the Capture Beam and slam them into any object to destroy them. Just ahead, you'll face another, as well as several spiders, as you head through a short hallway--back up to target the gargoyle first, then use the Overload Pulse on the spiders. Make sure to cleap up any remaining black sludge with the Slime Blower. You'll face an identical group of enemies just after, followed by one more gargoyle in the second hall.

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When at the third bridge, a door on the right will slam shut as you try to go through it. No worries--you can open it via a crank in the hedge maze just below, by taking the staircase on the left, just ahead. There are two main routes: head left first to find the Stuffed Animal artifact, then proceed the opposite way to find the crank in the back corner. Turn it clockwise using the Slime Tether by attaching one end to crank and the other to the ground. Once the door opens, work your way back to it by using the Shock Blast to take down the attacking black-slime enemies--proceed slowly to prevent them from getting behind you.

No Caption Provided

Once through the door, head right and follow the walkway around the large room. Bust through a wooden barricade at the end first to find a Large Painting artifact, then head down the hallway just before to a door…which slams shut as you approach. Several ghosts will now appear behind you--use either the Blast Stream or the Composite Particle System (right on control-pad) to take them on. Unlike other ghosts, these guys do not need to be captured. Once they're down, equip the Shock Blast to tackle a few black-slime creatures who'll attack immediately after. With the room cleared, continue through the now open door.

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Lost Island (part 2)

Great, you've fallen through a trap door and are now separated from your team. Oh well--proceed through the corridor, being careful of the black slime, and duck into a tunnel on the right. It'll soon lead you to a second tunnel--equip your Overload Pulse as you'll be facing some spider baddies as you venture through.

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Inside the second tunnel, head right first to find the Old Captain's Wheel artifact, then proceed the opposite way. You'll soon reach an expansive room with the entire center floor blanketed in black slime. Follow the walkway left, to a gate on the opposite side. Once there, use the Slime Tether to pull both weights on either of the gate to the floor, causing the gate to raise and draining the room.

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With the room cleared, two large Black-Slime monsters will appear, in addition to several small spiders. While you can attack the Slime Creatures from a distance, it's actually easier to get close and take them down with the Shock Blast. If one attempts to charge you while on the walkway, simply run past him to evade his attack. Afterward, clean up the remaining spiders using the Overload Pulse, then look for a tunnel you can enter on the lower level.

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Keep your Overload Pulse equipped as you venture through the tunnel, as you'll come across several spiders. When you reach the split path, head right for a Ghostbusters DVD artifact, then continue down the other direction. Before long, you'll emerge in a bright room, with Winston radioing in for help. Look for him inside the vertical coffin-looking thing, just a few feet left of where you entered from--interact with it to free him. Now follow him up the stairs and through a door he kicks open.

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Through the door, head dead-ahead to find a Weird Color Jars artifact on the left, then climb the stairs and head to the far right corner. There you'll battle a couple of ghosts and more black-slime creatures--use the Shock Blast on the creatures, then use either the Plasma Beam or Overload Pulse on the ghosts. Afterward, follow Winston down the stairs and through the door a ghost blows open.

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Inside the next room, open the coffin-thing on the right to free Egon, then get ready to take on a whole mess of enemies, including more ghosts, black-slime creatures, and one large black-slime monster. Because of the enemies will be in your face, stick to the Shock Blast--you should even be able to get close enough to the ghosts to make effective use of this weapon. Oh, and when the Slime Monster shows up, circle around him while blasting him. Just remember to keep an eye on your teammates and revive them when necessary so you've got backup.

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After clearing the room, ride the lift (opposite the entrance) to the floor above and follow your squad to the next room, where you'll find an odd-looking machine in the center. Climb the stairs to the second floor, then use your grapple beam on the three balls floating around the machine and slam them downward, setting them in place. Unfortunately, this has the side-effect of summoning the level's boss--but thankfully, he's a push-over.

No Caption Provided

The boss begins the battle with several eyeballs floating around him, near your level--they're weak, so almost anything will take them down. With the eyes defeated, a glowing weak-point will appear on the boss's head. Its most vulnerable to slime, so equip the Slime Blower! Because the boss attacks frequently, keep on the move at all times, by strafing back and forth along the length of the walkway--as long as you keep moving, he'll always miss. While doing so, continually spray slime toward his weak-point to inflict damage. After dealing enough pain, he'll lower his head to your level briefly, making it even easier to target! Keep it up--he'll call it quits soon.

No Caption Provided

Central Park Cemetery

Proceed dead-ahead (get it?), but stick to the outside wall at first the Whistling Bust of Mausch artifact by a gate before heading deeper into the graveyard. Before long, your path will be obstructed by some gravestones that pop out of the ground--blast 'em. After passing through a gate bordered by two lamps posts leading toward a large building, turn right and go around the fence toward the mausoleum. As you approach, some flying skulls will fly out--ignore them and head on in.

No Caption Provided

Continue down the stairs to a cracked wall obstructed by tree roots--clear them out of the way with a few blasts, and continue onward to a second set, then up some stairs leading back outside. Approach the "Gate Control" on the right (as marked by the sign) and slam it downward with the capture beam to open the gate for your fellow Ghostbusters. Afterward, Ray will team-up with you--follow him through the door he kicks open.

No Caption Provided

Follow the path through the graveyard until you come across some black-slime creatures, a couple of ghosts and attacking tombstone enemies. Equip your Shock Blast to tackle them all. For the most part, we suggest ignoring the tombstone enemies unless they're directly in your way, and instead charge right up to the ghosts for a few easy blasts. Once captured, take down any remaining enemies, then escape the area by destroying the tombstones blocking the exit (where you originally came through).

No Caption Provided

After exiting through the gate, check behind the wall just ahead for a Stone Angel Head artifact, before returning to the path, leading to another battle. Here you'll face three more ghosts and several tombstone enemies. Like before, rush right up to the ghosts with the Shock Black to easily take them down. Afterward, follow Ray through another mausoleum and out the other side, leading into the Crypt Maze.

No Caption Provided

Once at the Crypt Maze, take the first right, followed by a left, to find the exit…which will become locked. Head back the way you came, with the Shock Blast equipped to kill the enemies along the way, and turn right at the end to locate the key. Use your Grapple Beam to carry it back to the door.

No Caption Provided

As you attempt to take the key back, a large Golem thing will come to life. Get close, but duck into a nearby alley and use your Shock Blast to quickly take him down at close-range. Once he's defeated, grapple beam the key and position it inside the glowing lock to open the way.

No Caption Provided

Central Park Cemetery (part 2)

After climbing the stairs, head right and look for the Black-Fruited Tree artifact behind the building, by the wall. Continue past the bell tower toward a large tree, where you'll face several Black-Slime creatures, a ghost, and another large Golem. Equip the Shock Blast and get close to the ghost for easy pickings, then circle around the Golem when he appears, jumping to the side if he charges.

No Caption Provided

Once clear, head for the graveyard in the direction as the large tower in the background. Along the way, a few more Golems will appear--like before, circle around them if you can and Shock Blast 'em. If you get stuck with one in a thin corridor though, simply backup while blasting. Once you make it to the graveyard, use the PKE meter to scan a weak section of the wall, then get ready to take down a Golem and several ghosts who'll bust through immediately after. Focus on the Golem first, then get up-close and personal with the Ghosts--you know the drill.

No Caption Provided

Continue through the hole in the wall to meet up with the rest of your team. Now approach the closed gate (where Ray's standing) and blast the skull pile on the right, dropping a weight, opening the way. Proceed through and into an underground tunnel, using the Shock Blast to blow your way through the roots obstructing the path.

No Caption Provided

You'll soon reach a cavern with a ton of water pouring through the ceiling. Equip the Shock Blast and get ready for some Black-Slime fiends and tombstone enemies to attach. When finished, look for two paths on the left, each blocked by roots. Blow through the ones on the right first to find the A Leering Skull artifact, before heading down the other path.

No Caption Provided

Work your way through the tunnel, blasting the enemies as you go with the Shock Blast. Once you're outside, take a moment to look for the A Jar Containing Something artifact along the wall, opposite the Ecto 1, then prepare to take on some stone angels--just in time too! You see,you can bust open the gate blocking the Ecto-1 by using the Capture Beam to slam them into the stone portion just above. It should only take a few hits. Once the Ecto-1 makes it through, a second gate will impede its progress--attach some Slime Tethers to both sides of the gate, then to the car's bumper to rip it free, allowing you to proceed onward.

No Caption Provided

Follow the Ecto-1 to the large building ahead. Oh look, the door's locked too--what a surprised. Fling a couple of Slime Tethers between the door and the Ecto-1's bumper to try and pull it open. Of course, something goes wrong and a whole bunch of ghosts attack. As you should know by know, get below them and take 'em down with the Shock Blast, then go in for the capture. After a short while, a ton of fiends will attack from the gate, but they don't post much threat. Instead, you need to watch out for the two large statues that soon come to life. Try and get behind them at close-range and Shock Blast them quickly. Once destroyed, they'll each leave behind a key you can then place into the slots on either side of the door, using the grapple beam, to open the way.

No Caption Provided

Okay, only two battles more and you've got this game in the bag! For this first battle, the boss is protected by a force shield, generated by the four crystals around the room. However, the crystals are also protected by a shell, that only opens to recharge his shield. Thankfully, you can force the shells open by using the Slime tether--attach one end to to the shell and the other to the ground, then fire a Bozon dart through the opening to destroy the crystal. Repeat the same for the remaining three. With the shield removed, it's a simple matter of wrangling him into the portal that opens, which leads to the second boss encounter.

No Caption Provided

Alright, so this guy means business. In short, you can attack him with any weapon at virtually anytime, though we found the Bozon Dart to be the most effective. We also suggest keeping your distance as much as possible, while staying on the move, to avoid most of his attacks. After inflicting some pain, the boss will move to the arena's center throughout the battle and recharge his health with the help of four statues. Quickly destroy these from a distance by firing a couple of darts at each--you should be able to easily target three from wherever you're at, then make a mad dash for the fourth. The sooner you take them down, the less health the boss will restore.

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Xbox 360 Achievements

Note that there are Spoilers on this list.

PlayStation 3 Trophies

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Ghostbusters: The Complete Video Game Playlist

Ghostbusters [1984]

  • Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered Achievements
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  • Walkthrough *

3. Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered Story walkthrough

First playthrough:, goal: do as much property damage as possible as you need over #3 million in damage. example cars, chandeliers, anything else of value..

Video guides will be provided at the beginning of each chapter if you prefer visual guides to missable achievements and collectibles.

Credit for the video guides goes to NTAGameGuides.

Start up a new game on Casual. After the cutscenes, you'll be asked to follow Ray and Egon to the basement. Interact with one of the brass poles on this top floor for:

Slide down the fire pole.

You Gotta Try This Pole!

At the top of the basement stairs take a drink from the fountain for Drink 1/8 . Follow them to the basement and fire a shot at Slimer for some...Poor results. Continue following along, Ray will teach you how to attack, capture, and trap ghosts. Capture the fat Sloth ghost for:

Trap a ghost.

I Ain't 'Fraid of No Ghost!

Note: Make it a point to pick up your trap after you capture a ghost in it, this will be necessary for an achievement later.

A short scene will play, then just interact with the car to get:

Complete the Firehouse training level.

We Have the Talent!

Sedgewick Hotel

Enter the hotel and go right, interacting with the fountain across from the vending machines for Drink 2/8 . Follow the team and enter the elevator. Go around the corridor until you're told to pull out your PKE meter, do so and scan the slime on the wall. Keep your meter out and follow it, you'll come to a hallway and the meter will detect Slimer in hiding. Scan it, then wait for him to pop out. When the inner green circle is lit, scan Slimer again for Scan 1/48 and:

Obtain a 100% PKE scan on a paranormal creature.

I'm Picking Up A Signal…

Follow Slimer, the hallway will turn right and you'll see some vending machines. Approach them to find Artifact 1/42 on the ground. when Ray will start to explain the point of the collectibles.

Collect a Cursed Artifact.

...And You Want to Keep It?

Peter will eventually call for help, so sprint down the hallway and rescue him. After picking him up return to the elevator and watch a quick cutscene. Upon exiting the elevator scan the Bellhop Ghosts for Scan 2/48 . Capture the 2 ghosts in here, then whip out your PKE meter again and check the service bell on the desk for Artifact 2/42 . Take care of the ghosts in the next room and follow the path. After being turned away from the ballroom you'll make your way to the kitchen, go through the double doors next to the slime and keep your PKE meter trained on the open counter on the right. Quickly get Scan 3/48 on the ghost here, then immediately scan the fish for Scan 4/48 . Attack the spawning enemies to get:

Eliminate a creature.

Aim for the Flat Top!

Clear the room and move the cabinet in your way, then go all the way to the right. Around the corner on a table is Artifact 3/42 . Return to where you moved the fridge and follow the path left, where you'll get a scene of Slimer eating from the table. Approach the table and shoot at the food on it, aiming for the ham. Once you destroy the ham you will unlock:

Remedy a dubious food choice to make the bar mitzvah as orthodox as it can be.


Destroy the shelves full of wine to the left of the table to reveal a secret passageway, enter it and scan Artifact 4/42 from within, then defeat Slimer. Slimer charged and knocked me down during this fight and got me:

Get slimed by a charging ghost.

I Feel So Funky

Follow the team back into the lobby to capture a few more ghosts, then the Fisherman appears. Follow Egon to the stairs to get a cutscene. After the scene go upstairs and scan the painting on the wall for Artifact 5/42 . Follow the hall until it floods, then keep making left turns. You'll have to destroy some furniture in your way, and at the end of that hall you'll find a toaster to scan for Artifact 6/42 . Turn around and go back past the furniture you moved, then follow your PKE meter to a candlestick on the wall. Scan it once to activate it, then scan it again for Scan 5/48 . Follow your PKE meter until the fisherman breaks a vending machine and flees, turn around to follow him and destroy the candles in your way. When the elevator doors open and the water drains, look to your right for Drink 3/8 . Follow the hall into the restaurant and fight the Fisherman. When his health dips low enough he will spawn a Golem, scan it for Scan 6/48 before defeating it. Exit through the hole to finish this level.

Complete the 'Welcome to the Hotel Sedgewick' level.

The Flowers Are Still Standing!

Times Square

I had $18,000 which I used to purchase the Slam Dunk trap upgrade at this point. Scan the small minions for Scan 7/48 . After clearing the minions Stay Puft will toss a car that clears your path, go through and scan the ghosts flying in for Scan 8/48 . The trap on top of the Ecto-1 will open, so use that to capture the ghosts. Put down your own trap and slam a ghost into it for an instant capture and:

Slam dunk a ghost into a trap

Slam Dunk!

Soon the Gargoyles will spawn, and they serve as Scan 9/48 . After destroying the first wave of Gargoyles a construction worker ghost will pop out, which is Scan 10/48 . After dealing with the ghosts and Gargoyles you can proceed through the laundromat. Move around the haunted washing machines, looking right after stepping by the last one to find Drink 4/8 . Stand next to a wall and use the dart again, knocking you down for:

Knock yourself down with your own weapon.

Total Protonic Reversal

The tidy architectural office could use some Proton-based humbling.

I Love You When You Rough-House!

Follow the hallway to the end and look left to find Artifact 12/42 on the wall. Go through the door and fight off Stay Puft, killing minions in the process. Rescue the woman and head downstairs until the path is blocked. Head upstairs to the roof and take out the ghosts up here. Stay Puft will attack, knock him off the building for a scene. You'll be dragged over the side as well, so use your boson darts to knock back Stay Puft and your regular beam to knock back the minions. After a few cycles of this, Stay Puft falls off the building and you can move on.

Complete the 'Panic in Times Square' level.

Once S'more into the Breach

Approach the group in the HQ to get a cutscene, then interact with the car to start the next mission.

New York Public Library

Walk up to the lion statue to make the ghosts emerge, then follow them into the library. You will learn how to equip and use Stasis, which is very useful. Use your PKE meter to find the ghost hiding in the board downstairs, then follow it down the hallway and into the reading room. The golem that forms here is Scan 13/48 , once you have that use your Stasis shotgun to take it down. Go to the far end of this room and open the doors on the left side, scanning Artifact 13/42 directly in front of you. Go to the other set of doors and make your way downstairs, stopping in the room with the levitating furniture. When someone says "Check this out" walk over to the bookshelf on the right with your PKE meter out and quickly grab Scan 14/48 when the librarian pops out. Follow the path until you get to the library itself, where the shelves will rearrange themselves and turn into a maze. Navigate the path until you walk into a room where a blue book creature runs past the door, turn left and collect Artifact 14/42 from the table. Facing the artifact turn right and go down the last row of books to the end, where a creature will jump at you for Scan 15/48 . Dispose of it and continue on to the door at the other end of this room. Ray will pop out of the sorting conveyor belt in this room, alongside some flying books you can scan for Scan 16/48 . After dealing with the books, 2 new ghosts will spawn in which count as Scans 17-18/48 . Capture them, get some dialogue and leave this room. The shelves will rearrange themselves in the next area again, keep following the trail of the ghost until she unleashes the book hordes upon you. Deal with them and continue until you get a cutscene. Proceed down the hallway and turn right to find Drink 6/8 in front of the door that slams shut. You'll be ambushed by book monsters, kill them and proceed into the children's room. Scan the hopscotch outline on the floor, then walk over to the puppet show in the back right corner. Turn and follow the wall to the left and scan the handprints, then enter the door at the end of the room and scan the slime. Follow the right wall to a door, open it and then destroy the furniture blocking it. Enter this room and go to the chair in the back to make the bear fall, then go to leave for:

The children's reading room has a story to tell, but it will take more than your eyes to see it.

But the Kids Love Us!

Leave this room and go down the stairs. Destroy the chair in front of the door and open it, finding Artifact 15/42 on the wall. Go through the door behind you and follow the ghost to a fight with 2 Centurions, scan them for Scan 19/48 . In the next room you'll have to scan the bookshelf and interact with it to proceed into the basement area. The tome will spawn flying books and clawed monsters, kill them all before forcing out the blue ghost. After capturing it the librarian will open a path, follow it to the next room. In the very back against the wall is Artifact 16/42 . Destroy the boards and proceed down the stairs. In the flooded room go up the small stairs and turn on the power, then kill the book golem. Leave through the now unlocked door to see the librarian in the boiler room. When she disappears 2 coal golems will spawn, which are Scan 20/48 . Destroy them and approach the back wall, scanning the slime. Use your capture stream to open the wall and be introduced to the slime. I had enough money to upgrade all the slime components here, so do so and unlock:

Purchase all upgrades for the Slime Gun.

Mother Pus Bucket!

Descend into the cavern for another cutscene. Pick up the book from the desk and prepare for a fight. The book stands will circle around the room projecting a shield onto the librarian, get in close with the stasis shotgun and blast all the stands. This will make the ghost vulnerable, capture it like any other. After some dialogue interact with the circle, then once you've switched dimensions go behind you and up the stairs. When you attempt to enter the next portal you'll be attacked by a golem, kill it and proceed up the stairs and through the portal on the left. Collect Artifact 17/42 from the ground here and return to the previous room. Cut across and go up the stairs to another portal, then proceed along the path. Defeat the golem and meet up with Ray, who will teach you how to slime tether. Do so to move the bridge and the wall in the next room, then follow him to another portal that locks you out. Continue down the hall and turn around at the dead end, where another ghost will spawn. Scan it for Scan 21/48 . I laid down a trap, weakened the ghost, and slime tethered it into the trap for:

Trap a ghost using the Slime Tether.

Slime Dunk!

Go back to the dead end and enter the portal. Go through the next few portals you see, fighting off book monsters as you do. When Egon says he got through, go down a hallway on your left. You'll see desks attached to the ceiling. Look left and up to find a chair which serves as Artifact 18/42 . Make a right at the end of this room and start ascending the stairs. Don't bother trying to destroy every book, just time your movements so you can avoid the dangerous swarms. When you get up high you'll need to use your slime tether to pull your platform closer to the stairs, repeat a few more times and exit through the portal. In the next room you'll get a cutscene, quickly get Scan 22/48 off the boss before switching to slime and pouring it onto the head area. When it becomes vulnerable switch to your proton pack and attack it until the head can be taken off like with a regular golem. After defeating the boss exit the level.

Complete the 'Checking Out the Library' level.

Get Her!

Approach the table with everyone around it for a cutscene, then head downstairs and interact with the car to leave.

Museum of Natural History

Proceed around the crates until you reach a locked door. Turn around and destroy the crates behind you to reveal a power switch, pull it to open the door. Proceed down the hall until a ghost flies past the open door, make a left into this room and check on the shelves behind some boxes for Artifact 19/42 . Continue into the next room and watch the scene. The possessed human is Scan 23/48 so grab that before using your slime for an exorcism. Scan the ghost that emerged from Ray for Scan 24/48 . After the cutscenes exorcise a human and scan the new ghost for Scan 25/48 . Go into the back room and weaken a ghost with Stasis, then throw trap underneath it and use your stream to freeze it on top of the trap for:

Trap a ghost using the Stasis Stream.

Stasis Dunk!

Slime tether the remaining ghosts into traps. Once this room is clear move on as the team kicks in a door. Equip your PKE meter as you enter, as soon as you turn inside you can scan the fat flying ghost and the statues for Scans 26-27/48 . Follow the hallway, fighting off statues until you reach a shutter. Some dialogue will happen and the shutter will open. When it does, go up to the exhibit on the right and interact with the speaker. From here go over to the large horse statue and interact with another speaker. Directly across from that one is speaker number 3, with the fourth one being on the wall behind you. Interacting with all 4 will unlock:

Keep your ears open to learn everything you can about the Civil War.

You Never Studied

From here, look to the right and walk all the way over to that wall and scan Artifact 20/42 in the exhibit there. I also upgraded my Proton beam for:

Purchase all upgrades for the Proton Gun.

Heat 'Em Up

At the end of the room you'll see ghosts spawn in. Both the Union and Confederate soldiers count as Scans 28-29/48 so scan and capture them. Use slime tethers as much as possible. This is also where I unlocked:

Recover 20 of your own full ghost traps.

I Looked at the Trap, Ray!

After cleaning up the ghosts, exit and watch the cutscene. Enter the Egypt exhibit and use slime to close up the portal spawning skulls, then proceed into the next room. Destroy the statues and tether trap the ghosts, then wait for the door to open. Proceed down the hallway, and after the..."jumpscare" look to the right for Artifact 21/42 with Drink 7/8 directly next to it. Enter the next room and destroy the statues and skulls before leaving, moving left to find Artifact 22/42 in the display case. Turn around and go to the end of the hall, destroying the statues and finding Artifact 23/42 on the left wall. Keep pushing ahead until the gate is opened for you, proceed back to the starting room and get a cutscene. Afterwards, follow the path down and move through the tunnels until you get to a large open room. Go left and check the ground a few feet into the tunnel to find the toy car, Artifact 24/42 . Turn around and go all the way down this passage until you reach a dead end. Use your slime on the wall to the right to knock it down, where you'll be introduced to the Meson Collider. I fully upgraded my Stasis at this point and earned:

Purchase all upgrades for the Dark Matter Generator.

We be fast! They be slow!

Leave this room and move over the bridge to start the boss fight. Attack the Chairman until he leaves and causes black spiders to spawn, these guys are Scan 30/48 . Attack the Chairman once more, causing him to flee and spawn black humanoid slime monsters which are Scan 31/48 . After one more assault against the Chairman he will start to spawn blue and black ghosts, and these are Scan 32/48 . Now just continue attacking the Chairman until he dissipates.

Complete the 'Museum of (Super)Natural History' level.

Ghost Fever Grips New York

Go behind the desk to initiate the cutscene.

Return to Sedgewick

Once inside the building, take a hallway to the left and walk to the end to find Artifact 25 /42 . Continue into the stairwell here, then go up the stairs to the next landing to find Artifact 26/42. Go back the way you came to trigger a cutscene and dialogue. Follow the manager to find a group of enemies spawn in, scan one for Scan 33/48 . After defeating these enemies I had a surplus of money, so I purchased all the remaining upgrades and earned:

Purchase all upgrades for the Meson Collider.

I Don't Want My Face Burned Off

Purchase all available equipment upgrades.

We Have the Tools!

Once all enemies are defeated, continue through the door and enter the kitchen area. Use your capture stream to move the large fridge to the right of where you enter to reveal Artifact 27/42 . Proceed through the kitchen, neutralizing ground slime and moving right as you go along. open the door that says "Generator Room" and take Drink 8/8 from the fountain for:

Quench your thirst wherever possible to avoid being scared spitless.

Ghostbusters Drinking Game

Go down the hall and into the generator room, going around the machine and pulling the switch. Slime tether the cable out of the water, then return to the kitchen. The cook, flying pans, and the chef will all spawn simultaneously here which count as Scans 34-36/48 so make sure to get them all before capturing them. I used the slime tether to get a few cooks and unlocked:

Use the Slime Tether on 15 ghosts.

It's Slime Time

Return to the lobby of the hotel, walking all the way back to the entrance. Off to the side you'll find a door, inside here will be Artifact 28/42 . Pull out your slime and hose down the walls and ceiling to remove all the black slime, this will unlock:

Some ghosts had a real blowout in the Coat Room. Clean it up?

I've Quit Better Jobs Than This.

Return to the elevators and watch the cutscenes. Follow the corridors around until you see a spider run in front of some doors. Once it does, turn around and take a right at the junction. Go down to the last door on the right and enter it. Find the bathroom and collect the toilet, which is Artifact 29/42 . Return to the doors and go through this hall until some spiders spawn, these are Scan 37/48 . Continue through these halls until you get a cutscene, then continue straight and make a right at the web. Halfway down this hall you'll find Artifact 30/42 . Return to the other end of the hall and use your PKE meter to find the webs covering the door to 1221 which you can dissolve with slime. Enter the large area and confront the Spider Witch, who counts as Scan 38/48 . Use the alt fire on your Meson Collider to force it to run, then use your PKE meter to find where it went to regain health. Blast it once you do and repeat the cycle twice more to end this level.

Complete the 'Return to the Sedgewick' level.

Somebody Saw A Cockroach on 12

Lost Island

Use slime tether to pull the crane over to the gap in the dock, then ascend the mineshaft. Destroy the minecart headed for you and continue until you find an open area. Destroy the debris through the crevice on the right and collect Artifact 31/42 from the machine here. Go up the stairs and make your way across the bridges, fighting off spiders and gargoyles. At the other end of the bridge go down some stairs into the hedge maze. Use your proton beam to blast every hedge until it's aflame, and make your way through the whole maze doing so. At the back left corner you will find Artifact 32/42 . After destroying all the hedges you'll get:

The hedge maze is a real eyesore; do some Protonic pruning.


Go over to the crank in the far right corner and use the slime tether to twist it until it activates. Fight the slime monsters and go back up the stairs to enter the double doors. You'll get a short cutscene once you reach the center of the room. Follow the balcony around until your path is blocked by debris, destroy it and collect Artifact 33/42 from the wall in here before returning to the other passage on the balcony. The door will slam, use slime on the blue ghosts here to reopen the door and proceed through. With that done you'll get a cutscene and find yourself in a sewer. Make your way around and go through a hard to see passage on the right. Go through another passage in the next room, when you see the spider run left go in the opposite direction. When the room opens up again there will be Artifact 34/42 on the ground in front of you. Go back the way you came and take the other path this time, leading to a room full of slime. Go around the left side of the room and use your capture stream to pull down 2 rods next to the scannable gate. This will drain the slime and spawn a black golem, which is Scan 39/48 . Destroy all the enemies here before taking the path that was covered by slime earlier.

Move through the linear path set by the closing and opening gates. When one opens and reveals spiders, eliminate them all. Take the first right at the junction, checking the ground for Artifact 35/42 . Follow the path and destroy the spiders until you come to a large room with containers. Go to the yellow one on the left and release Winston from it. Follow him up the stairs and into the next room. Go straight past the slime container and take a left to see Artifact 36/42 on the ground. Go upstairs and follow the catwalk until a huge number of ghosts spawn, kill them all and follow Winston to the next room. Release Egon, then fight through the ghosts and golems until you reach the elevator. Go through the door at the top and follow the passage to the orrery. Slime tether the 3 moving balls to the ground, then run up the stairs and prepare for the boss fight. When he spawns in make sure to grab Scan 40/48 from him. Fire slime at his head and floating eyes until he reveals his green weak spot, then move around so the team can get a better shot at him from the side. Pour slime on him when he slams his head, this fight will end very quickly.

Complete the 'Lost Island Rising' level.

Let Me Guess, Gozer Worshippers

Walk up to the car to leave and begin the final mission!

Immediately after the cutscene run all the way to the end of this area and turn right. In the right-hand corner you'll find Artifact 37/42 . Proceed through the hole in the fence down the path, when you see an enemy run from left to right in front of you follow it. Hug the right gate and turn when it curves up to a mausoleum, destroy the hedges to the right of it and look to the wall on the left for Artifact 38/42 .

Note: This artifact might be buggy. If it doesn't appear for you, go and collect the next artifact and then return to this one.

Make your way into the larger courtyard from here, ignoring the open doors on the right and instead going to the back left corner of another mausoleum for Artifact 39/42 . Proceed through the open crypt doors and into the tunnels, destroying roots blocking your path. After emerging, use a capture stream to open the gate controls and let the team through. Ray will kick down the gate and headstones will attempt to block your path. Destroy them and go through the crevice next to the crypt and the wall. A short scene will play, introducing 3 new enemies. The ghost, crawling headstone, and zombie all count as new scans, so make sure to register Scans 41-43/48 before eliminating them and moving on. Destroy the headstones blocking the path and continue on. The next area will feature a few ghosts and crawlers along with a fat skull throwing ghost. He's Scan 44/48 so be sure to grab him before clearing the area. Follow Ray through the tunnels and the crypts, a ghost will abscond with the key to the door. Track it down and use your capture stream to carry the key back, which will agitate the Grave Monster. Scan it for Scan 45/48 before destroying it. Take the key back to the door for a cutscene.

After the scene ascend the stairs and go back into the cemetery. Go to the right, making a left to go behind a crypt and walk until you find a tree which is Artifact 40/42 . Continue down the path until you get to a large gnarled tree. A summoner will spawn, but you should focus on the coffins flying through the air. Fire at it with your proton beam and try to destroy one. Once you knock one out of the air you'll get:

Airborne coffins are an affront to gravity; use your Proton Pack to avenge Mother Nature!

One down, on the Ground!

Take out all the enemies here, including the Grave Monster that spawns on top of the stairs. A few more will spawn as you progress, use Stasis shotguns to decimate them easily. Once you reach a dead end, use your PKE meter to detect a weakness in the wall to spawn a few more enemies. Kill them and proceed, using the capture stream to open the gate. Follow this path, destroying roots to get into the tunnels. Go left, holding out your PKE until you see it go blue. When it does, destroy the roots on the right and go down this path to find Artifact 41/42 . Follow the path around now, killing the zombies as you go. Leave the tunnels and scan Artifact 42/42 directly in front of you for:

Collect all Cursed Artifacts.

Spores, Molds, and Fungus

Some enemies will spawn here, cherubs mostly. These are Scan 46/48 so grab them before eliminating them all. When the Ecto-1 comes through the gate, slime tether the other gate to the front of the car so it can rip it open. Head down the path and slime tether the large gate to the car for a nasty shock. Kill the ghosts that spawn, along with the crawlers. When the large creatures come to life, scan them for Scan 47/48 . After defeating everything in this courtyard, pick up the heads of the stone monsters and use the capture stream to place them into the locks next to the gate. Once they're opened you'll get a cutscene. After the scene, scan the boss for Scan 48/48 and:

Obtain 100% PKE scans for every paranormal creature.

Back Off Man. I'm A Scientist

Use your boson darts on the pillars to split them open and then destroy them. Run around the arena avoiding the green skulls until you can use the capture stream to pull the Architect into the portal. You'll get pulled in with him, initiating the 2nd stage of the fight. Use your Meson for this, attacking the creature and hitting its back when it pops up in the center. When the pillars spawn around it destroy them quickly so it can't regain too much health. After a few cycles of this, you defeat the final boss and earn:

Complete the 'Central Park Cemetery' level.

Disaster of Biblical Proportions

Complete the game on 'Casual' or 'Experienced' difficulty.

We Came, We Saw…

At this point I had approximately $2.7 million worth of damage. If you're in a similar position, load up the first checkpoint of the game on Professional difficulty. Play until you get off the elevator in the Sedgewick before returning to the main menu. Now load up the last checkpoint of that chapter, defeat the boss and play until you meet the gargoyles. I played longer just to accumulate more damage done. Quit out and load up the last checkpoint, kill Stay Puft and play past the firehouse and quit when you get inside the library. Quit and load the last Library checkpoint for a trash boss. When he gets close jump into a portal, then pop out and take potshots at him after ripping off his head. During this fight I got:

Revive your teammates 20 times.

I'm a Ghostbuster, Not a Doctor!

Complete the game on 'Professional' difficulty.

Are You A God?

Complete the game with more than $3,000,000 in property damage.

The Destructor

Second Playthrough:

Goal: do very little damage during this playthrough as you need less than $100,000 in property damage..

Start up a new game on Casual difficulty. You can skip picking up any of the collectables and if you want you can try to rush through the campaign to get it done quickly. Just remember to keep the damage to a minimum. Once you complete the Central Park Cemetery level again you will achieve the last achievement in the game.

Complete the game with less than $100,000 in property damage.

Nice Shootin', Tex!

Congratulations on your completion of Ghostbusters!

Ghostbusters World Hub

One of my favorite features in Ghostbusters World is the missions. Available in three categories, you can build get a variety of items to help you progress in the game. The categories are daily missions, weekly missions and challenges.

Daily Missions

Daily Missions reset every 24 hours, at midnight. If you get through all 8 daily missions within a single day, you’ll earn a reward that can contain everything from coins and PKE Crystals, to the rare Ecto-Sphere.

To collect your reward, tap on the reward box, once it is available, then go to the menu, and tap on “Mail” and then “Receive” on whatever you find there. 

Capturing three ghosts in a battle is pretty straightforward. Find ghosts on the map and catch them in traps.

To destabilize three ghosts, you also find ghosts on the map, but instead of catching the ghosts, you’ll use one of your weapons to destabilize them, during the battle. Destabilizing the ghosts after a catch will not count toward this mission.

To participate in three ghost team battles in Story Mode, head on in to Story Mode and complete three battles. These can be any three battles, and do not have to be new ones. Repeating the same battle three times counts as well, and you don’t have to win the battle for it to count.

So that you can complete the mission to participate in Gozer’s Tower, first go to the Ghost Dimension and then Gozer’s Tower. Pick out whatever floor you want to fight, it really doesn’t matter, and play it once. Like the one above, you only need to try, you don’t need to win, to get this reward.

In the Ghost Dimension, by doing the Daily Haunt each day, you’ll have a chance to earn different Element Shards depending on the day. I don’t think you have to win, but I haven’t verified that.

For the PVP Arena battles, within the Ghost Dimension, you’ll need to play three times. For this one, you’ll need to have at least 3 out of your 5 battles available. It’s not very likely that there would be a scenario in which you won’t have enough. You also need at least 100 Coins for each battle. I say “at least” because you can search for another opponent, if the one you get seems impossible. You may find yourself cycling through a bunch.

To visit two Dimensional Doors , you can use your own Remote Gate, or any other that you find around you. You can visit two gates, or one gate twice, to reach this goal. There’s not a limit to the total number of gates (dimensional doors) that you can visit, that I know of, but as long as you visit one twice, you’ll achieve this mission.

Finally, you must win one battle in the PVP Arena. For this, you’ll need to have a battle attempt available, and at least 100 Coins to enter. I tend to cycle through until I find one that I am likely to win.

Weekly Missions

This resets every week. I am not sure when, but I think it is Saturday at midnight. If you complete 10 of these, you can collect a reward.

There are no extra rewards for challenges, just the prizes you get for completing each challenge. There are challenges that seem to go on indefinitely (I’ve not maxed out some of them). There are also challenges that you can complete, such as “Install Remote Gate 1 time.”

To acquire 300 items from Dimensional Doors, you need to actually visit dimensional doors to collect the items. Your own remote gate doesn’t count toward this total.

Each of the Capture missions seemed to start with 100, if I recall correctly. The Capture 400 ghosts in battle mission resets every time you hit another level.

I recommend installing your remote gate where you live. If there’s ever a snow-day or you can’t get out of the house for any reason, you can still collect from your own dimensional door.

The Mission Clear ones go from Chapter 1 and max out at Chapter 5, for easy, normal and hard. The Weapon Upgrades do the same thing for level 1 to 5. The same applies to the ghost upgrades, but in that case, it is only every 10 levels. I believe the visit dimensional doors mission acts the same as the ghost upgrades.

I believe that “Win 10 boss battles” has something to do with the group battles against Stay Puft, Koza-Rai, and Ring Leader Ghost. I’ve taken down Vigo and others like him myself, but haven’t had the opportunity to do any group battles, so I’m not sure. I’ve gotten 0 out of 10 of these.

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Ghostbusters: The Video Game – Tobin's Spirit Guide

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Tobin's Spirit Guide (PC) by spookcentral

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 10/07/2022

View in: Text Mode

Ghostbusters Wiki

Sewers (Mission)

  • View history

Sewers is the fifth Main Mission in the Ghostbusters: The Video Game (Stylized Portable Versions).

  • 1 Mission List Details
  • 2 Equipment Tips
  • 3.1 First Sewer
  • 3.2 Second Sewer
  • 3.3 Above in a park

Mission List Details [ ]

Write up: The ugly ghost who slipped through the Museum portal escaped to the sewers. The hunt is on!

Worth: $2000

Equipment Tips [ ]

Walk-through [ ], first sewer [ ], second sewer [ ].

When dealing with the Alligator Ghosts remember you want them stunned, signified by green spikes pointing out of their backs. The best advice is to turn off the follow option on two of the Ghostbusters (click green lights next to player profiles so they become red). Disperse the first few Alligator Ghosts as you go south into more standard sewer sections and head to the right side (there will be a quick narration speaking of defeating the Chairman). Next, take those two Ghostbusters that you are playing as and take them to that room. Turn off follow on both of them. Next, pick one of the two in the top area of the level and then turn follow on for both them. Next, stun the two Alligator Ghosts attacking you (the bar for them at less than a 5th and barely alive). The Alligator Ghosts will have green spikes on their backs. Lead them in. They still use bone attacks and such. The other two Ghostbusters in that chamber may be more useful at leading the Alligator Ghosts to the Chairman at this point (After that, there will be more narration). Focus on getting the two stunned Alligator Ghosts out of the no fire area and take them out. Next, chase around the Chairman which has possessed one of the Ghostbusters. Set all four Ghostbusters to follow (green) and then set one of them to have a Slime Blower. Drive out the Chairman from the possessed Ghostbuster, then blast him with Proton Streams. After a while you will be told he escaped. Go straight south from the middle door area.

Above in a park [ ]

To defeat the Chairman, who has possessed a balloon, turn on all the propane canisters littered around the level. After that an event happens and the Chairman is loose again. Do the same as before with the Chairman and this time you will defeat him.


  • Ghostbusters
  • 2 Ecto Cooler


Table of Contents

  • Cars and equipment

The following information pertains primarily to the home computer versions of Ghostbusters, although various aspects of these details pertain to the console versions as well.

  • 1 Game flow
  • 2 The city map
  • 3 Capturing ghosts
  • 4 Entering Zuul

Game flow [ edit ]

The general flow of the game occurs as follows:

  • Purchase your car and equipment .
  • Pick a destination on the city map. (Tag ghosts along the way to stall them.)
  • Drive to your chosen destination. (Vacuum any of the ghosts you tagged to reset their position.)
  • Capture ghosts in a ghost trap
  • You are out of empty traps,
  • Two men have been slimed, or
  • Your proton packs are low on energy
  • Once the keymaster and the gatekeeper have entered Zuul (automatic when PKE reaches 9999), you may enter if your current balance exceeds your starting balance.
  • Sneak at least two men through the doors past the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man to win the game.

The city map [ edit ]

Ghostbusters City Map.png

The city map screen is where you will spend a majority of your time planning your efforts to capture ghosts and defeat Gozer. On this map, you will see the city laid out in a grid. Two building are marked; the GBHQ which is where you must return to empty traps, clean up slimed men, and recharge your proton packs, and the Zuul building which is where the ghosts are driven to assemble. Throughout the game, up to four ghosts will be visible on the map, traveling towards Zuul from every corner. While the Psycho-Kinetic Energy rises automatically (it starts out rising at 1 point per second but periodically speeds up until it climbs 4 points per second), every time a ghost reach Zuul, it will jump 100 points. For every 1000 points of PKE that build up, the PKE rises faster and the ghosts' speed increases.

Your current location is indicated by the position that the Ghostbusters logo can be found in when the map appears. Moving the cursor in any direction indicates the path that you would like to drive along on the way to your next destination. The more you move your cursor before selecting a location, the further you will drive, and the longer it will take to reach your destination. Any ghosts that you tag with the cursor will become frozen. As you drive along to your destination, the ghosts that you tag will appear on the street. If your vehicle is equipped with a ghost vacuum, you can suck up the ghost as you drive past it, thereby resetting it's position. In order to select a destination, you must not only press the button, but you must also push the joystick towards one block or the other to indicate which side of the street you wish to arrive at.

As the game progresses, some blocks will begin to flash red. This indicates that a call has come in from a customer that a ghost is in the vicinity and needs to be captured. Assuming you arrive in time, the ghost will be floating outside the building and you will initiate a ghost capture. If you are in possession of the P-K Energy Detector, you will also see certain blocks flash pink when your cursor is situated next to them. A pink flash indicates that this block is about to be visited by a ghost, giving you some advanced warning to plan ahead. Failing to catch a ghost will cause the PKE meter to advance 300 points.

Likewise, if you are in possession of a Marshmallow Detector, certain blocks may flash white while the cursor is alongside them. This indicates that at any moment, the ghosts are going to swarm together on that block and form the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man in an effort to flatten the city block. If the ghosts succeed in this, the mayor will subtract $4000 from your bank account to pay for the damage to the city. The only way to thwart such a tragedy is to be in possession of Ghost Bait. The moment that you observe the ghosts swarming to a block other than Zuul, press the B key on the keyboard to activate the Ghost Bait. If you are successful, the ghosts will be drawn toward you instead, and the mayor will award you $2000 for averting disaster. For this reason, Ghost Bait should never be neglected.

Throughout the game, a key symbol and a gate symbol will wander around the streets. These represent the Keymaster and the Gatekeeper. They will move quite randomly, and they may wander past the Zuul block. If they happen to approach it from the proper side, there is a chance that they will settle into place in the block. Once both the Keymaster and the Gatekeeper are locked in place, Gozer will appear whether you are ready or not. The Keymaster and the Gatekeeper will move directly to Zuul once the PKE reaches 9500, and it's possible for them to arrive once PKE reaches 5000. Before then, you can reset their position to the left of the city by driving to any building.

Capturing ghosts [ edit ]

Ghostbusters Capture.png

Once you identify a city block that is under attack by a ghost and drive to it, you will see the ghost floating around over the sidewalk. The ghost, which usually resembles a Slimer, will dart back and forth in the air quite randomly. Your first step is to position the trap on the sidewalk. Anywhere is fine as long as it's someplace that you believe you can contain the ghost over. The center of the screen is usually a safe bet. When you are satisfied with the trap position, press the button to place it on the ground.

Now you must position two Ghostbusters. You will be in control of the man who placed the trap. Move him to the left or to the right. Before you press the button to station him, make sure that he is facing the direction that you wish for him to face. After you press the button once, the second Ghostbuster will arrive. You must do the same and position him as well, once again making sure that he is facing the proper direction before pressing the button. Once both men are situated, and you press the button, they will fire their proton packs. The reason direction is important is because there are two different strategies for capturing ghosts. On the one hand, you can have both ghostbusters face each other, while on the other hand, they can face the same direction. They each have different pros and cons. (Under no circumstances should you try facing the ghostbusters away from one another, as that is the least effective way to attempt a capture).

If the Ghostbusters face the same way, there is no way that you could accidentally cross the streams of the guns. Crossing the streams is an instant failure and not only allows the ghost to escape but the discharge drains your proton packs, meaning you must return to GBHQ to recharge. If the streams are pointed in the same direction, you create a very narrow space for the ghost to move in, and it becomes easier to hold the ghost in position before triggering the trap. However, this method leaves the top wide open for the ghost to slip out of and fly around again, spoiling your efforts.

If the Ghostbusters face one another, you will certainly risk crossing streams if you're not careful about how close you move each man toward the other. As long as you are careful, this method can offer the benefit of creating an inescapable cone in which the ghost will be trapped. While it is free to roam in whatever space you provide it, it will be less likely to escape through the top, making your efforts more likely to succeed.

Once the beams are active, you will press left and right on the joystick to squeeze the ghost in over the trap. Pressing left will move the right man to the left, while pressing right will move the left man to the right. As a result, the two Ghostbusters can only get closer to one another, never farther away. The idea is to squeeze the beams close enough together so that the ghost remains primarily over the trap. Once you feel that the ghost is positioned properly, you will press the button one final time.

As soon as you press the button, the beams will turn off and the trap beam will extend into the air. Once the beams disappear, the ghost is free to roam through the air again, so there is no guarantee that it will remain where you positioned it and that the trap will successfully catch the ghost. You are only increasing the likelihood that it will work. The trap sends a round lasso of energy which climbs up to the sky and then shrinks back down towards the trap. If the ghost touches the lasso at any time, it will become stuck inside, pulled into the trap, and captured. Capture the ghost and you get paid an amount from $300 to $1,000 (mostly depending on your promptness at responding to the scene).

If you take too long, or the trap misses, the ghost will slime one of your men before getting away. It will also get away if you cross streams but you won't get slimed. Its departure will also cause the PKE to jump up 300 points. Since three men ride in the vehicle, and two men are required to trap a ghost, you can only be slimed twice before you are forced to return to GBHQ and get cleaned up. You are also forced to return to GBHQ if your proton packs are drained. This always happens if you cross streams but can also happen if you take too long trying to corral ghosts with your beams. If a ghost manages to slip away from your beams and you can no longer correct the situation, hope is not lost. At the very least, you may simply be able to time the release of the trap so that you capture the ghost in spite of failing to pin him in.

Entering Zuul [ edit ]

Ghostbusters Marshmallow.png

Entering Zuul is only possible when the Keymaster and the Gatekeeper arrive at Zuul. This becomes possible once the PKE reaches 5000, though they won't make a direct effort to reach Zuul until the PKE reaches at least 9500. If the PKE reaches 9999, the ending is forced. Once this occurs, the game will check to see if you have raised more money than you started with. If your current balance does not exceed the balance you had when you started the game, you will fail and the game will be over. If you have accumulated more money than you started out with, you will be granted an opportunity to enter the building.

Unfortunately, entering the building is no simple matter. Positioned in front of the building is one very large Stay Puff Marshmallow Man. He will be bouncing back and forth in front of the entrance in a constant rhythmic pattern. In order to succeed in the game, you must slip at least two out of three men between the Marshmallow Man's legs and into the door of the building. If a Ghostbuster touches any part of the Marshmallow Man (and the collision is very sensitive, based on direct sprite contact), he will go flying away from the door. If this happens twice, you will once again fail to win the game, and it will end.

To sneak past the Marshmallow man, hug the wall, and wait for him to jump away from you. Once he has landed, quickly walk towards the building's doorway.

If you do succeed in slipping two men in behind Marshmallow Man, you will see the ending sequence where the portal is shut by crossing the streams. You will then be awarded a bonus for finishing the game, and given an account number for you to write down so that you can start a new game with all of the funds that you managed to accumulate.

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Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed Story Trailer recaps the game so far

It's been a wild ride since Spirits Unleashed brought us into its asymmetrical ghostbusting romp in October 2022.

TJ Denzer

If you haven’t been playing or following Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed since it came out in 2022, you may have missed some of the fun content and story that have come out of the game since. IllFonic has you covered, though. The developer just released a cinematic Story Trailer that covers all of the narrative beats so far in the game. As much of a journey as we’ve been on, it still seems like Spirits Unleashed has plenty of fun ahead as well.

IllFonic released the Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed Story Trailer on the studio’s YouTube channel this week. With it, we got a good look back at everything that has happened since Spirits Unleashed launched back in 2022. From Ray Stantz and Winston Zeddemore (reprised by their actors Dan Aykroyd and Ernie Hudson respectively) making us Ghostbsters, to Zeddemore getting possessed, to the team taking on the Spirit King of Halloween, Samhain, we've had quite the journey since the game’s launch.

Narrative content isn’t the only thing that’s made Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed continually worth playing. IllFonic has also improved the game with a wealth of additional gameplay content and features. New ghosts and equipment have made playing one side or the other all the more fun, but Spirits Unleashed also made its way to Nintendo Switch in 2023, and with crossplay support, it doesn’t matter what platform you play on if you want to join up with your friends.

The Spirit King of Halloween, Samhain, in Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed

We loved the Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed when it came out in 2022 , and it’s only gotten better since, grabbing our award for Shacknews Most Improved Game of 2023 . Stay tuned as we watch for what’s next in Spirits Unleashed, right here at Shacknews.

Senior News Editor

TJ Denzer is a player and writer with a passion for games that has dominated a lifetime. He found his way to the Shacknews roster in late 2019 and has worked his way to Senior News Editor since. Between news coverage, he also aides notably in livestream projects like the indie game-focused Indie-licious, the Shacknews Stimulus Games, and the Shacknews Dump. You can reach him at [email protected] and also find him on Twitter @JohnnyChugs .

  • Ghostbusters Series
  • Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed

legacy 10 years

TJ Denzer posted a new article, Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed Story Trailer recaps the game so far

Hello, Meet Lola

Live updates: Michigan leads Washington 20-13 in the College Football Playoff National Championship

2024 CFP National Championship - Michigan v Washington

What to know about the College Football Playoff championship game

  • The Rose Bowl-winning Michigan Wolverines jumped to an early lead against the Sugar Bowl champs Washington Huskies in Houston tonight.
  • The score stands at 20-13, with Michigan early late in the third quarter.
  • Regardless of who wins tonight, it will mark the team's first national title in the playoff era.

Regardless of outcome, the winning QB will be a 'Florida Man'

Both quarterbacks are representing Florida today in one way or other — Michael Penix Jr. grew up in Tampa and attended Tampa Bay Tech, while J.J. McCarthy transferred to IMG Academy near Sarasota in high school.

ghostbusters game mission list

David K. Li

Penix had an easy third-down-converting throw to Will Nixon — who dropped it.

How many more possessions can the Huskies get with hopes to tie?

ghostbusters game mission list

Jason Abbruzzese

Washington just hasn't found those big plays. Everything on offense has felt like a grind.

It hasn't helped that Penix has missed a few big throws.

Three quarters in the books: Michigan 20, Washington 13

The Huskies are trailing in so many statistical categories, but it's still just a one -score game — and Washington has the ball.

Michigan has out-gained Washington 360-220, and Washington has given up the game's only turnover.

Yet, Michael Penix Jr. and company are just one big play from trying it up.

Asher Feldman

The end of the third quarter has arrived. With just 15 minutes to go, Michigan and Washington have had the ball almost the same amount of time so far: 22:37 for Washington and 22:23 for Michigan.

Michigan doesn’t score but does its D a solid.

The Wolverines were forced to punt but at least it's close to midfield and not from their own 9, thanks to that J.J. McCarthy scramble.

Washington takes over at its own 11 with 39 seconds left in the third quarter.

Big third-down conversion. QB J.J. McCarthy scrambles for 22 yards and avoids a punt from the shadows of Michigan's goal posts.

Even if Michigan has to punt on this drive, that's a huge play.

Washington's defense has been coming together, but there are only so many times the Huskies can give the ball back to front-running Michigan.

The Wolverines take possession, leading 20-13, with 5:10 left in the third quarter. A good punt pins them inside their own 10-yard line.

As we approach the end of the third quarter, Washington has committed just two penalties, a sharp departure from the Huskies' regular season, which ranked them among the worst in the nation for both penalty yards (999) and penalties assessed (107).

Classic jinx, as Washington commits a false start.

A healthy dose of ZZ Top coming from the ESPN broadcast is making this native Houstonian happy.

Michigan still without a conversion on third down

Despite rolling up 319 yards in 2 1/2 quarters, the Wolverines are not getting it down on third down.

They're 0-for-6 in that key metric.

Washington has the ball with a chance to tie.

It's the kind of thing that makes every sports fan nervous: Your team is playing well, but they're not winning by much.

Michigan is playing well, but up by only a touchdown.

Washington cuts Michigan lead to 7

Huskies kicker Grady Gross connected from 45 yards out, and Washington cut Michigan's lead to 20-13.

On third-and-8, Michigan's big pass rush forced Michael Penix Jr. into 4-yard throw when he appeared to have a receiver open deep.

He's back. Washington QB Penix is on the field after limping off following an interception on the last drive.

Washington dodges a bullet, surrenders FG: Michigan 20, Washington 10

Michigan cashes in the first turnover of the game with a James Turner field goal from 38 yards out as the Wolverines extend their lead to 10.

But the Huskies are saying "phew," after giving up the ball at their own 32.

A momentum-stalling interception from Michael Penix might have also included a worrying injury to the star Washington quarterback. Penix clutched his right ankle immediately after the play and limped off the field.

Penix is being attended to by Washington staff on the sideline. Replays showed one of his offensive linemen accidentally stepping on his leg as he threw the ball.

Turnover! Will Johnson's juggling pick of a Michael Penix Jr. pass sets up Michigan at the Washington 32 yard line.

That's the first tunover of the game, and it's a big one.

ghostbusters game mission list

Jamie Knodel

What was someone saying about momentum?

Game on. Michigan's kickoff goes through the back of the end zone.

Michigan-Washington rematch already on the calendar

The frenzy of college football conference realignment over the last 18 months also makes this rare title game matchup a future more regular and in-conference showdown.

Washington and Michigan are slated to meet again in less than 10 months at Husky Stadium in Seattle as part of the expanded Big Ten conference on Oct. 5 .

Oregon, UCLA and USC will be joining the Huskies in the move to Big Ten next August. All four of these schools will, of course, also have to figure out how to contend with teams like Penn State, Iowa and The Ohio State University. 

Heisman winner Tim Tebow shared his thoughts on the first half of the college football championship game via X.

Will this be Harbaugh’s final game at Michigan?

Another Harbaugh storyline, for good measure: There’s a non-zero chance that Monday is his final game as Wolverines head coach , NBC Sports reports . Rumors of a potential second NFL stint have swirled around Harbaugh and the Michigan program for weeks.  He recently hired a new agent, Don Yee, with strong NFL ties  and has  tactically navigated around questions about his future.

If tonight is indeed Harbaugh’s final game at Michigan, a national championship would be quite the way to go out. Washington has other plans.

Surprised to see college athletes in tonight's ads? Welcome to the NIL era

If you're surprised to see some of tonight's stars in ads, that's understandable: Until just a few years ago, college athletes weren't allowed to make money through endorsements.

Now, thanks to what's known as NIL (name-image-likeness) deals, players can sign lucrative endorsement deals. Some are already making millions .

College athletics are still figuring it all out. NCAA President Charlie Baker has called for the federal government to step in to normalize rules and even proposed a new system that would allow schools to pay players in order to address resource disparities between schools.

Michigan looked ready for the spotlight from the coin flip, while Washington needed time to adjust to Michigan's fast start. As has often been the case, however, things change quickly in title games, and Michael Penix and the Huskies quieted the nerves, closed the gap to just a touchdown and have the ball coming their way to start the second half.

Washington has been in tight games all season, going to the wire with a bevy of Pac-12 opponents and winning each of its last five games by a single score or less.

Michigan has the edge in nearly every statistical category and will look to take advantage of its Big Ten pedigree for hard-won matchups when it matters the most.

The Huskies have to be happy, down just 17-10 on the scoreboard with a stat sheet dominated by Michigan.

The Wolverines have the edge in total yards, 290-160, having run all over the Huskies with 209 yards on the ground.

But with the Huskies and star QB Michael Penix Jt. getting the ball to start the third quarter, it feels like Washington has the momentum.

Washington trailing at half for just the third time this season

For the third time in its thus-far undefeated season, Washington heads to the locker room losing at the half.

As you might expect, the Huskies were able to make up its previous deficits against Arizona State (down 7-3 at half) and Utah (down 28-24). But the 7-point halftime deficit is its largest of the season.

Michigan's running attack dominated early, but credit to Washington for hanging in.

It was 17-3 at one point with Michigan driving late in the second quarter. Washington has to feel OK about going into the half at 17-10 and getting the ball first.

Touchdown Huskies! Michigan 17, Washington 10

And it's a game again: Washington punches it into the end zone as Michael Penix Jr. calmly found Jalen McMillian on fourth-and-goal from the 3.

The Huskies get the ball back to start the third quarter; has momentum swung to Washington?

Here comes Washington. After the stop, they're stringing together positive plays as they look to close the gap before the end of the half.

And a big flag on third-and-long gives Washington a first down inside the 20. First penalty on Michigan tonight.

Michigan looked to be punting on fourth-and-3, changed its mind and failed to convert.

J.K. McCarthy's pass, intended for Roman Wilson, was broken up by Edefuan Ulofoshio.

Michigan was 2-2 on fourth downs against Alabama.

Alex Orji's 13-yard burst put Michigan's rushing total to 201 yards — and we're just 10 minutes into the second quarter.

Harbaugh family reunion in real time

Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh got a visit from a familiar face in the second quarter — his brother and Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh.

John has the week off after his Ravens clinched a first-round bye in the NFL playoffs, so had more than enough time to come watch his brother attempt to win a college football national championship.

The two Harbaugh brothers had previously been on opposite sidelines of a title game — Super Bowl XLVII, where John's Ravens topped the then Jim-coached 49ers, 34-31.

Tackle Time

The Huskies have struggled to move the ball downfield tonight — Michigan's defense has held them to just a field goal so far in the first half.

2024 CFP National Championship - Michigan v Washington

I'm not saying Michigan should just run the ball every play ... but I'm saying they could.

Negative plays — penalties and sacks — are making it tough for Washington to find any offensive rhythm.

Washington forces its first three-and-out.

And after the Huskies turned the ball over on downs near midfield, this could be big. Another Michigan touchdown would have been crushing.

Michigan offensive line making its case as best in the country

Michigan has made moving Washington's defensive line out of the way for its rushing attack look easy so far tonight — Wolverine running backs are averaging 16.4 yards per carry so far. That's four times more efficient than the Wolverines were against Alabama during the Rose Bowl.

Perhaps the increase in offensive line oomph can be attributed to some end-of-season hardware that was handed out before the college football playoff even began. Washington was awarded 2023's Joe Moore Award , given to the nation's top offensive line — an award the Michigan offensive line had claimed each of the prior two seasons.

Proving the voters wrong in real time might be among the many points Michigan is trying to make here in the first half of the title game.

Washington gambles and loses. The Huskies fail on fourth-and-7 as Michael Penix Jr. misses a wide open Rome Odunza deep down field.

Penix is definitely not in his rhythm yet — looked like he wanted more out of the play before it was even completed.

If Washington comes up one score short, this will be the painful memory.

From the Dept. of Stating the Obvious: Big drive for Washington here. Even a field goal would help and give its defense a breather.

Wolverines add field goal, take 17-3 lead

Michigan's James Turner connected on a 31-yard field goal, but the Huskies must feel good about keeping the Wolverines out of the end zone.

Washington cornerback Jabbar Muhammad came through with the key pass breakup on third-and-4.

Penix, McCarthy vying for NFL draft stock boost

With the eyes of the football world turned toward NRG Stadium this evening and the NFL playoff picture (and draft lottery positions) confirmed yesterday, many NFL front offices might be eyeing the quarterbacks at the helm of the Huskies' and Wolverines' offensive attacks.

Here are some notable mock drafts and their respective feelings on where the two quarterbacks might be drafted:

USA Today : McCarthy No. 13 to Las Vegas Raiders / Penix not in first round

CBS Sports : McCarthy not in first round / Penix No. 8 to Atlanta Falcons

Sports Illustrated : McCarthy not in first round / Penix No. 8 to Atlanta Falcons

Pro Football Focus : McCarthy not in first round / Penix No. 8 to Atlanta Falcons

Pro Football Network : McCarthy No. 20 to Tampa Bay Buccaneers / Penix No. 11 to Minnesota Vikings

Michigan dominates first quarter

The numbers are stark: Michigan has out gained Washington 229-72, mostly on the ground.

It's Michigan 14, Washington 3. Plenty of game left.

Michigan running and not stopping: 59 yards for Blake Corum. The Wolverines are running wild.

This game feels like it could get out of hand... and quickly.

Michigan gets a stop. The momentum is entirely behind Big Blue right now.

Donovan Edwards does it again, this time sprinting to the house from 46 yards out.

It doesn't get any more efficient or explosive than two carries for 87 yards and two TDs.

100% untouched, plus decisive cuts

Michigan committed only two penalties in its Rose Bowl victory over Alabama on New Year's Day. Competing against the more open offensive attack of Washington under the bright lights of the national title game might've shaken some other teams. But Michigan has yet to commit a penalty here tonight.

Michigan 7, Washington 3

Washington responds with a 25-yard chip shot from Brady Gross, who just sneaked it inside the right post.

While Washington inches closer, Michigan has to be pleased to keep the Huskies out of the end zone.

Washington running back Dillon Johnson, who promised to play in the title game despite battling lower body injuries sustained in Washington's semifinal victory over Texas, has already been in and out of this game in the first quarter.

Johnson was pulled out of the game after his first rushing attempt and attended to by the Washington staff only to return to the game and take attempts during the Huskies first red zone possession.

Washington has already spent two timeouts, the latest on a third-and-goal play.

Commercial break before a big opportunity for the Huskies.

Left is right for Penix

In his already unusual sixth season of college football, Washington quarterback Michael Penix Jr. finished second in the Heisman Trophy voting, threw for more than 4,600 yards for a second consecutive season and led his Huskies to a berth in the national title game.

But another, more unusual and notable mark is within Penix's sights during tonight's title game: a spot among the top three lefty passers in FBS college football history.

Penix enters tonight's game with 13,486 career passing yards, good enough for 18th all-time among quarterbacks, but fourth all-time among lefty quarterbacks.

With 442 or more yards, Penix would move into sole possession of the third spot on that list past former Eastern Carolina quarterback Holton Ahlers. The top two, all but out of reach for Penix, are current Oklahoma quarterback Dillon Gabriel (14,865 yards) and former Boise State quarterback Kellen Moore (14,667 yards), who the current offensive coordinator for the Los Angeles Chargers.

Twice in 2023, Penix crossed the mark needed to move up on the list and had 430 yards passing against Texas in Washington's 37-30 Sugar Bowl victory on New Year's Day.

Freshman Tybo Rogers looked to be caught short on a third down reception before breaking free to make the line to gain.

If the Huskies answer with a score on this drive, this will have been a key play.

Missed tackles!

Washington's path to the title game

Rebecca Cohen

The Huskies' season was filled with big moments and even bigger wins, as they defeated Pac-12 rivals Oregon twice in the regular season. They also ended the season undefeated.

Their quarterback, Michael Penix Jr., is poised to be a first-round pick in this year's NFL draft and was the runner-up for the Heisman Trophy, which ultimately went to LSU's quarterback, Jayden Daniels.

Washington quarterback Michael Penix Jr

Penix threw for 4,648 yards this season.

Washington's head coach, Kalen DeBoer, was named coach of the year by The Associated Press, which credited him with leading his team to an undefeated season that will culminate in the Championship Game.

The season came to a head in the Sugar Bowl against the Texas Longhorns , in which the Huskies never trailed, leading them on a straight path to Houston.

Coming into the CFP title game, Michigan had outscored opponents 123-33 in the first quarter this season.

The Wolverine's 84-yard opening touchdown drive capped by a 41-yard rush from junior Donovan Edwards only continues a trend of quick starts that has helped Blue stay undefeated this season.

Wolverines touchdown!

Michigan took at 7-0 lead on a dominating opening drive capped by Donovan Edwards' 41-yard dash.

2024 CFP National Championship - Michigan v Washington

The Wolverines rolled up five first downs in their 84-yard march.

How Michigan got here

The Wolverines went undefeated in the regular season, peaking on the Saturday after Thanksgiving Day in their annual matchup against Ohio State, which they won 30-24.

But their season was marred with controversy with coach Jim Harbaugh missing six games, three for a coaching violation and three for the organization's involvement in an apparent sign-stealing scandal .

The first violation was for breaking recruiting rules during the NCAA pandemic pause. While the NCAA did not impose a penalty on Harbaugh, the school proactively had him sit out from coaching duties for the first three weeks of the season.

He was also absent for the regular season's final three games after an investigation revealed a staffer allegedly participated in sign-stealing. While Harbaugh maintained he was not involved, the Big Ten imposed the penalty — which some say was issued prematurely, as the NCAA has yet to wrap up its investigation.

Washington wins the toss and defers.

That means Michigan will start with the ball this half, and Washington will have the ball to start the second half.

The picks are in: ESPN's crew likes Michigan, mostly

ESPN's "College Gameday" crew has made their picks.

Joey Galloway: Michigan

Pat McAfee: Washington

Desmond Howard: Michigan

Lee Corso: Michigan

Michigan is the favorite, according to sportsbooks

Michigan is favored by 5 points over the Huskies, according to most sportsbooks.

Sports betting has boomed in recent years , with 38 states and Washington, D.C. , having legalized some form of it.

On the call tonight, Chris Fowler and Kirk Herbstreit

ESPN's broadcast of tonight's game will have Chris Fowler and Kirk Herbstreit teaming up to call their 10th straight championship game.

Holly Rowe will be on the Michigan sideline, and Molly McGrath on Washington's. Former Big Ten referee Bill Lemonnier will serves as the rules analyst.

Huskies, Wolverines, wolves, oh my!

At first glance it might appear that Michigan and Washington share similarly branded mascots. However, not only do wolverines share more of their heritage with weasels than wolves and dogs, but some, including the Washington Department of Natural Resources, would like to call out another potential misconception:

Indeed, the state of Washington is home to a wolverine population in its Cascade Mountain Range that is also a candidate for listing as an endangered species.

Michigan has in the past tried to bring wolverines to Ann Arbor, bringing two from the Detroit Zoo to Michigan Stadium on game days in 1927 , only to find that the ferocious and surprisingly large wolverines weren't exactly friendly.

Other wolverines have called Michigan and the university home since then, but the last documented wolverine sighting in the "Wolverine State" was in 2004 .

Fantasia to perform the national anthem; marching bands will entertain at the half

Before the title games kicks off, Grammy winner Fantasia, who starred in "The Color Purple," will perform "The Star-Spangled Banner."

Her performance will follow that of members of the Theatre Under the Stars Musical Theatre Academy Ensemble, who will sing "America the Beautiful."

After both, William Stokes, a 12th grader from Deer Park, Texas, will perform both "The Star-Spangled Banner" and "America the Beautiful" in American Sign Language.

The Washington band performs before the national championship NCAA College Football Playoff game tonight.

At halftime, in keeping with college football tradition, both the Michigan and Washington marching bands will perform.

Michigan's Benny officially out for game

While the lengthy gap between the end of college football's regular season and title games has been kind to injury reports throughout the sport's history, Michigan is feeling the impact of having to play a semifinal game before tonight's game.

Michigan defensive tackle Rayshaun Benny, a junior who had been named Michigan's co-defensive player of the week three times in 2023 , is officially out . Benny was injured in the first quarter of Michigan's 27-20 semifinal win over Alabama and was seen on the sidelines before kickoff in crutches and a cast.

Jim Harbaugh is first coach to lead team in the Super Bowl and CFP title game

With the Wolverines finally making it to a championship game, Jim Harbaugh becomes the first coach to make appearances at both a Super Bowl and a CFP championship game since it was created the game in 2014.

Harbaugh coached the San Francisco 49ers against the Baltimore Ravens in the 2013 Super Bowl. The Ravens, coached by his brother, John Harbaugh, won.

2024 CFP National Championship - Michigan v Washington

Pete Carroll accomplished a similar feat before Harbaugh. Carroll led the Seattle Seahawks to the Super Bowl in 2014 and the USC Trojans to a national championship after the 2004 season. The Trojans later vacated the title.

The BCS era began in 1998 when the NCAA officially included a college football championship game in each season. Before 2014's championship game, the six New Year's Day bowl games would rotate to serve as the championship game for that year.

Little doubt who Gov. Whitmer's rooting for

The huskies flag is flying over the washington state capitol.

The Washington Huskies' purple and gold flag has been flying over the state's Capitol building in Olympia since 9 a.m.

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee helps raise the University of Washington flag

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee issued a proclamation Friday that the flag would be raised over the city first thing this morning.

Michigan, Washington not entirely unfamiliar Championship Game foes

Despite being first-time CFP Championship combatants, the Wolverines and Huskies do have some shared recent history — encounters that span two very different games.

Washington and Michigan squared off early in the 2021 season during non-conference play. Michigan star running back Blake Corum paced the Wolverines to a lopsided 31-10 victory in Ann Arbor, running for three touchdowns and 171 yards against a Washington team that barely resembles the 2023 squad.

Perhaps more interestingly, in the midst of the late-starting, pandemic-shortened 2020 college football season, current Washington quarterback Michael Penix faced off against this same Michigan team — as the leader of Indiana's resurgent Big Ten campaign. Penix, Jr. showed the penchant for game-changing plays he'd come to be known for by passing for three touchdowns and 342 yards in the Hoosiers' 38-21 victory. Penix later transferred to Washington after 17 starts at Indiana and finished second in this season's Heisman Trophy balloting.

Tornado watch in effect as fans file into NRG Stadium

The National Weather Service has issued a tornado watch for Houston and Harris counties in Texas for tonight, and less than two hours before kickoff, that weather is beginning to complicate things a bit for fans at the CFP title game.

Users on X have shared video of fans rushing to get into NRG Stadium, tonight's venue for the CFP title game, as skies darkened around the stadium.

This game hasn't gone to the dogs, but Dubs would like it to

Big blue feeling the love on way to the big game, 1 team will eat like a champion tonight.

Michigan running back Blake Corum leaned hard into food metaphors to explain his team's appetite for victory.

"We're ready to eat our last meal," he told reporters recently. "We're all hungry. We're not full at all. We're staving."

Corum added that the Wolverines will not rest on the glory of their thrilling OT win over Alabama.

"Last week's game was cool, last week's game was fun and we can talk about that," he said. "But we have to stick at the task at hand right now and focus on the job that we have to finish."

Michigan running back Blake Corum

Title game in Houston features two teams from the North

Tonight's title game — featuring teams from Ann Arbor, Michigan, and Seattle —breaks up what's been a decidedly Southern affair for years .

After the first CFP title game in 2015, when Ohio State beat Oregon, the only schools to participate in the next five championship contests were Alabama, Clemson, Georgia and LSU.

Alabama downed Ohio State in 2021 before Georgia beat the Crimson Tide and TCU in, 2022 and 2023, before tonight's Michigan-Washington matchup.

Elite units: Washington's offense vs. Michigan's defense

Michigan comes into tonight's game with the nation's best defense and will face a similarly elite unit on the other side of the ball.

The Wolverines have surrendered just 243.1 yards per game, tops in the F B S . Michigan's stout defensive line played a key role in the team's Rose Bowl win over Alabama.

Led by Heisman Trophy finalist Michael Penix Jr ., Washington rolls into Houston with the nation's No. 10 offense, averaging 473.6 yards a game .

A first CFP final appearance for both teams

Both Michigan and Washington are making debut appearances in the championship game in the playoff era. Michigan has made it to the semifinals the last two seasons.

The two teams have each earned national championships in years past but not since the Bowl Championship Series was formed in 1998, ushering in the era of an NCAA top-division football championship game.

It would also be the Pac-12's first — and only — national championship win in the CFP era if the Huskies prevail. Either way, next season, the Big Ten will claim this season's reigning champ, as Washington is set to switch conferences with the Pac-12's collapse.

How to watch the College Football Playoff National Championship

The No. 1 Michigan Wolverines will face off against the No. 2 Washington Huskies in tonight's College Football Playoff National Championship, a first appearance in the title game for both teams.

The game starts at 7:30 p.m. ET at NRG Stadium in Houston. You can watch on ESPN or the ESPN app.

2024 CFP National Championship - Michigan v Washington


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    PKE Signals are divided into three types, each identified by its own PKE Meter screen color: Red - Hidden ghosts and other entities Green - Environmental Phenomena Blue - Cursed Artifacts Your...

  9. Ghostbusters: The Video Game [Walkthroughs]

    Summary. The real Ghostbusters return in this videogame sequel to the Ghostbusters movies. Stars Harold Ramis, Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson and Bill Murray reprise their roles as the proton-pack ...

  10. Museum (Mission)

    Museum is the fourth Main Mission in the Ghostbusters: The Video Game (Stylized Portable Versions). Contents. 1 Mission List Details; 2 Equipment Tips; 3 Walk-Through; 4 Images; Mission List Details [] Write up: Worth: Time to Complete: Equipment Tips [] Walk-Through [] Images [] thumb. Categories

  11. Ghostbusters: The Complete Video Game Playlist

    The Real Ghostbusters: Electronic Challenge [LCD Game] Remco. Ghostbusters II [PC] Dynamix. Ghostbusters II. Foursfield. Ghostbusters II [LCD] Pack-in-Video. The Real Ghostbusters: Ghost Blaster Game.

  12. Ghostbusters: The Video Game/Walkthrough

    1 Sidebars 1.1 Teammates 1.2 Cursed Artifacts 1.3 Achievements and trophies Sidebars Throughout this guide, the following sidebars are used to bring your attention to certain aspects of the game. Teammates Teammates Peter, Ray This sidebar is used to show you any Ghostbusters that will be accompanying you for a particular segment.

  13. Guide for Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered

    1 guide. Go into the room on the right and scan Artifact 7/42 on the ground. In the alleyway use your new blast ability to destroy the tanker, then walk to the end of the alley. Next to a car on ...

  14. Missions

    Missions One of my favorite features in Ghostbusters World is the missions. Available in three categories, you can build get a variety of items to help you progress in the game. The categories are daily missions, weekly missions and challenges. Daily Missions Daily Missions reset every 24 hours, at midnight.

  15. Ghostbusters: The Video Game

    I have played just about every Ghostbusters game ever made. I am beyond thrilled that Ghostbusters: The Video Game had been made to finally do justice to the franchise. All of the descriptions for the various creatures, items, and equipment is what officially appears in Tobin's Spirit Guide in the game.

  16. Sewers (Mission)

    Sewers is the fifth Main Mission in the Ghostbusters: The Video Game (Stylized Portable Versions). Write up:The ugly ghost who slipped through the Museum portal escaped to the sewers. The hunt is on! Worth:$2000 When dealing with the Alligator Ghosts remember you want them stunned, signified by green spikes pointing out of their backs. The best advice is to turn off the follow option on two of ...

  17. The Ghostbusters Game Walkthrough

    Ghostbusters: The Video Game 2009 Browse game Gaming Browse all gaming Over 1.25 million app downloads! is a video walkthrough of Mission 7: Central Park...

  18. Ghostbusters/Walkthrough

    Capturing ghosts. Once you identify a city block that is under attack by a ghost and drive to it, you will see the ghost floating around over the sidewalk. The ghost, which usually resembles a Slimer, will dart back and forth in the air quite randomly. Your first step is to position the trap on the sidewalk.

  19. The Ghostbusters Game Walkthrough

    Check out Bas Rutten's Liver Shot on MMA Surge: This is a video walkthrough of Mission 6: Lost Island (PT. 1/6) in the paranormal and supernatural game, The...

  20. Ghostbusters: The Video Game Walkthrough Part 12

    Ghostbusters: The Video Game Walkthrough Part 12 (No Commentary). Don't forget to like and comment, and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE.-----...

  21. Ghostbusters Walkthrough

    Ghostbusters Walkthrough. Ghostbusters is an action simulation game from Beeline Interactive and Capcom, wherein you will be given the opportunity to create and manage your own ghostbusting team ...

  22. Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed Story Trailer recaps the game so far

    1. If you haven't been playing or following Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed since it came out in 2022, you may have missed some of the fun content and story that have come out of the game since ...

  23. The Ghostbusters Game Walkthrough

    Check out Bas Rutten's Liver Shot on MMA Surge: is a video walkthrough of Mission 1: Hotel Sedgewick (PT. 2/7) in the paranorma...

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    Christopher Nolan's three-hour biography about J. Robert Oppenheimer, the physicist behind the Manhattan Project, picked up a number of big awards, including best motion picture drama, best ...

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    Michigan comes into tonight's game with the nation's best defense and will face a similarly elite unit on the other side of the ball. The Wolverines have surrendered just 243.1 yards per game, ...

  26. Guide :: Ghostbusters: the Video Game

    Whatcha gonna play? GHOSTBUSTERS: THE VIDEO GAME If you, like me, happen to be born in the early 80's, you'll know who Egon, Ray, Winston, Peter and Slimer are without a doubt. Chances are you got to know them through the popular 90's cartoon series, The Real Ghostbusters.