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  • The Ghost Whisperer Baby Daddy Update: Who Knocked Up Melinda?

Matt richenthal

Melinda Gordon is knocked up. This is one Ghost Whisperer spoiler that was leaked as soon as we all saw shots of Jennifer Love Hewitt on set with a baby bump . So, who is the child's father? Jim or Sam? According to an interview the series creator gave E! Online, all signs points to... Jim. "Do the math: less time has passed for our characters than has passed in the broadcast calendar," said P.K. Simonds. "Basically, time slowed down in the aftermath of the big events at the beginning of the season. [The 12 episodes] since Jim died have taken less than 12 weeks in terms of Jim and Melinda's lives."

Are You Okay?!?

Wait... so So might Melinda have been pregnant this entire time without realizing it? "Sometimes you don't notice something like that," Simonds said. "Especially going through what she's gone through - the cycles [can be] interrupted by traumatic events." Wow. TMI, dude.

Matt Richenthal is the Editor in Chief of TV Fanatic. Follow him on Twitter and on Google+ .

Delia: Did you just offer to give a ride to a ghost? Melinda: Only because she doesn't know she's dead. Permalink: Did you just offer to give a ride to a ghost? Only because she... Added: December 20, 2008
Eli: I know you're gonna say I got ahead of myself reaching out to the brother who probably killed his little sister; manslaughtered, murdered, take your pick. Melinda: How about you start a phone call with can you talk or this a bad time? Eli: No, I want you to pick one, seriously. Permalink: I know you're gonna say I got ahead of myself reaching out to th... Added: December 12, 2008

22 Cancellations That Cut Deep. So, So Deep.

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Season Five Finale Scene

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'Ghost Whisperer': Okay, who cried?

Staff Writer

SPOILER ALERT! Just when I thought I’d made it through an episode of Ghost Whisperer without welling up, Melinda (Jennifer Love Hewitt) and Jim/Sam (David Conrad) found out that she was pregnant. The baby was conceived eight weeks ago, which in Ghost Whisperer time was before Jim died and stepped into Sam’s body. Melinda’s pregnancy was perhaps the worst-kept secret in TV land, since photos of Hewitt carrying a faux baby bump on set leaked, but the timing was still a pleasant surprise — at least to me. I hadn’t seen a promo. I hadn’t been thinking about the show or its direction since it was off the air for much of March and April. I thought we were just getting a fun episode about Delia, Eli, and Jim outing themselves as superfans of the soap opera filming in town.

What was your reaction to the baby news? Do you finally feel like this Jim/Sam storyline is paying off? I’ve felt like it was worth it since the episode that Jim remembered that he was Jim (and not just because that particular moment found Conrad wearing a wet T-shirt and using his soft Jim-voice again…well, maybe). But if you’ve been holding out, might the sight of Jim/Sam kneeling and proposing to Melinda next Friday break you?

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  • Ghost Whisperer
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Melinda Gordon

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The series follows the life of Melinda Irene Gordon, who can see and communicate with the dead. Trying to live as normal a life as possible, she is married and owns an antique store with her best friend, Andrea. Melinda helps earthbound spirits resolve their problems and cross over into the light, or the spirit world. Her tasks are difficult and at times she struggles with people who push her away and do not believe in her gift. In addition, the ghosts are mysterious and sometimes menacing at first, and Melinda must use the clues available to her to understand the spirits' needs and help them.

Early Life [ ]

Melinda was born to Beth Gordon and Paul Eastman both of whom were mediums, like her. Melinda has been able to see ghosts since she was a little girl. Her grandmother told her about their abilities, and that Melinda's mother doesn't like their gifts because it scares her. Later on, Melinda met her husband, Jim, when her apartment building was on fire and had to be evacuated from the building. Melinda sees the ghost of an elderly woman whose husband is still inside. Melinda tells Jim that there is still a man inside, and even though he doesn't fully believe her, he goes inside and double-checks. He finds the man still breathing, and the man's wife. The wife is relieved that her husband is safe, and can cross over. Jim sees Melinda walking, and he gets off his fire truck to walk with her. After they met, they eventually got married and moved to Grandview, New York where Melinda opened a small antique shop, named "The Same As It Never Was" Antiques. She met and became friends with Andrea Marino, who came to share management responsibilities of the store with Melinda. Eventually, Melinda gained enough trust in Andrea to tell her about her ability.

Powers and Abilities [ ]

Mediumship: A hereditary gift, Melinda was born with the ability to see and communicate with earthbound spirits and uses this ability to help them crossover into the Light, however, there are a few that remain earthbound for many reasons. Spirits can give her visions of the past and future to give her information on what is keeping them earthbound, some scarier than others, due to some spirits forgetting various things from their name, families, and even their identity to the point that this and other things can reflect on how a spirit presents itself to her. She must give loved ones closure while the spirits find their peace and can move on. Her abilities have even been able to interact with technology, as she was able to pull a ghost out of a computer that was existing inside of an online chat game and was even able to enter the game world to confront them. Meredith is also possibly able to see ghosts in photographs as when she saw the glare on her wedding pictures she knew it was Dan, whether she saw him or had common sense is unknown. Her powers also might be unique amongst ghost whisperers as when the 1800s bloody ghost from Grandview said powerful, he could’ve been saying that he's finally strong enough to have caused the cave-in, although he might’ve caused others as well, or he might’ve been calling her powerful, something that supports this was when her ancestor Tessa said that other ghost whisperers have come to help but have died as well, and her stepfather backed this up as well.

Psychometry: It is revealed that Melinda is capable of a form of Extrasensory Perception, where she receives visions about the history of an object by touching said object.


Intense Energy: If a spirit(s) pushes too much of its energy onto Melinda it can overwhelm her to the point of passing out.

  • Melinda loves anchovies on her pizza.
  • Melinda didn't know how to cook when she met Jim.
  • Melinda bought her first car with the babysitting money she made in high school.
  • Melinda graduated from Hillridge High School and went to college in Washington State.
  • Melinda played field hockey in high school and wore braces when she was seventeen.
  • Melinda likes chick flicks and horror movies (though the latter scare her a lot).
  • Melinda had a red umbrella turn inside out on her first date with Jim. He replaced it on the fifth anniversary of that encounter.
  • Melinda knows nothing about sports except for field hockey having played it in high school.
  • Melinda is allergic to Ho-Hos.
  • Melinda doesn't like her birthday or Halloween, but loves Christmas.
  • Melinda's biggest fear is being studied for her gift.
  • 1 Jim Clancy
  • 2 Sam Lucas
  • 3 Andrea Marino

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Ghost Whisperer – Season 2, Episode 13

Where to watch, ghost whisperer - season 2, episode 13.

Watch Ghost Whisperer - Season 2, Episode 13 with a subscription on Hulu, or buy it on Vudu, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV.

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Cast & crew.

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Melinda Gordon

David Conrad

Camryn Manheim

Delia Banks

Prof. Rick Payne

Monica Keena

Niklaus Lange

Episode Info

  • Cast & crew
  • User reviews
  • Episode aired Oct 31, 2008

Jennifer Love Hewitt and Barbara Eve Harris in Ghost Whisperer (2005)

A teenage girl dies suddenly, and her ghost begins acting rather strangely. A teenage girl dies suddenly, and her ghost begins acting rather strangely. A teenage girl dies suddenly, and her ghost begins acting rather strangely.

  • Melissa Blake
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt
  • David Conrad
  • Christoph Sanders
  • 1 User review
  • 2 Critic reviews

Mika Boorem in Ghost Whisperer (2005)

  • Melinda Gordon

David Conrad

  • Professor Eli James

Camryn Manheim

  • Delia Banks

Amy Pietz

  • Lisa Keller

Jenny Robertson

  • Cynthia Morrison

Mika Boorem

  • Olivia Keller

Camryn Grimes

  • Diana Morrison

Barbara Eve Harris

  • Nurse Dorothy Perry

Jason Beghe

  • Kevin Keller

Jamison Yang

  • Charge Nurse

Lauren Gottlieb

  • Diana's Friend
  • All cast & crew
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Did you know

  • Soundtracks Winter (uncredited) Performed by Holly Conlan

User reviews 1

  • October 31, 2008 (United States)
  • United States
  • Stage 19, Universal Studios - 100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City, California, USA
  • Sander/Moses Productions
  • CBS Paramount Network Television
  • ABC Signature
  • See more company credits at IMDbPro

Technical specs

  • Runtime 1 hour

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Jennifer Love Hewitt and Barbara Eve Harris in Ghost Whisperer (2005)

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