Phantom (I) (2013)

Full cast & crew.

phantom movie cast 2013

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Phantom - Full Cast & Crew

  • 40   Metascore
  • 1 hr 37 mins
  • Suspense, Action & Adventure
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In this gripping, nail-biting drama, a haunted Soviet officer must prevent his submarine from launching a nuclear attack on the United States.

Executive Producer

Cinematographer, production company, set decorator, costumes supervisor, sound mixer, sound effects, makeup special effects, special effects coordinator, special effects, visual effects, first assistant director, production manager, production coordinator, production supervisor, second assistant director, first assistant editor, department head hair, department head makeup.

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phantom movie cast 2013

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2013, Mystery & thriller, 1h 38m

What to know

Critics Consensus

A cast of solid actors do what they can to elevate the material, but Phantom 's script is too clunky and devoid of tension to bear comparison to its thematic predecessors. Read critic reviews

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Phantom   photos.

Long-troubled by a catastrophic event for which he shares some of the blame, Soviet submarine Capt. Demi (Ed Harris), nevertheless, agrees to lead one final mission aboard the B-67, a vessel which is soon to be sold to the Chinese navy. Demi's compromised mental state leaves him ill-prepared to deal with the situation posed by a technician (David Duchovny) who -- acting on top-secret orders -- seizes control of the sub. His orders: Start World War III and shift the blame to the Chinese.

Rating: R (Violence)

Genre: Mystery & thriller

Original Language: English

Director: Todd Robinson

Producer: John Watson , Pen Densham , Julian Adams

Writer: Todd Robinson

Release Date (Theaters): Mar 1, 2013  wide

Release Date (Streaming): Jun 25, 2013

Box Office (Gross USA): $460.0K

Runtime: 1h 38m

Distributor: RCR Media Group

Production Co: Trilogy Entertainment Group

Cast & Crew

David Duchovny

William Fichtner

Lance Henriksen

Johnathon Schaech

Jason Beghe

Sean Patrick Flanery

Jason Gray-Stanford

Julian Adams

Todd Robinson


John Watson

Pen Densham

Rui Costa Reis

Executive Producer

Ricardo Costa Reis

Eliad Josephson

Byron Werner


Terel Gibson

Film Editing

Original Music

Jonathan A. Carlson

Production Design

Charlie Brownell

Set Decoration

Sherrie Jordan

Costume Design

Iris Hampton

News & Interviews for Phantom

Critics Consensus: Jack the Giant Slayer is Fee-Fie-Fokay

Video Interviews with Phantom Cast: Ed Harris & David Duchovny

Critic Reviews for Phantom

Audience reviews for phantom.

In "Phantom," Demi(Ed Harris) is about to retire from the Soviet navy. His last command from Admiral Markov(Lance Henriksen) is to pilot an old diesel submarine to China in order for it to be sold to their navy. While recognizing few new faces amongst his crew now, especially those of the KGB agents assigned, at least Demi will have Kozlov(William Fichtner) back as his executive officer. But just as they are leaving, Markov shoots himself. Even with the neat setting of an ancient, claustrophobic submarine, "Phantom" still does not manage to be anything more than just the idlest bit of speculation, Cold War division. That's fueled by gigantic leaps in logic that only serve to keep the plot moving before an ending that truly beggars belief. At least, William Fichtner does his usual very fine work while Ed Harris does some subtle acting here. On the other hand, we get even more proof that David Duchovny cannot act.

phantom movie cast 2013

A taunt, tense and terrific white-knuckle thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat with suspense and excitement. A classy old-school thrill-ride that returns us to the days of thrilling submarine drama's of the 50's and 60's. A great blend of straightforward storytelling and great character development to fuel an engaging movie. It's an awesome film that just explodes with power and drama. Ed Harris, David Duchovny and William Fichtner are sensational. It also had a great cast of character actors that just add to the films appeal, with actors like Lance Henriksen Sean Patrick Flannery and Jason Beghe you definitely cant go wrong. A rip-roaring entertainment.

Inspired by the mysterious sinking of the K-129, Phantom is an intense Cold War thriller. A power struggle aboard a Soviet submarine threatens to erupt in war when a radical element of the KGB attempts to use a first strike device against the US. Starring Ed Harris, David Duchovny, and William Fichtner, the cast is fairly strong. But the directing is rather poor, and does move the plot along very well or add any suspense to the film. Still, the set designs and special effects are pretty good and create a tense atmosphere aboard the sub. Phantom has an interesting story, but it's rather lackluster for a thriller.

I just couldn't get past the American actors playing the Russians...with no Russian accents. At all. Completely American in every way..except they were supposed to be Russian. What were they thinking?

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  • Movie - Phantom - 2013

phantom movie cast 2013

Cast: Movie - Phantom - 2013

phantom movie cast 2013

  • David Duchovny
  •   (Bruni)

phantom movie cast 2013

  • William Fichtner

phantom movie cast 2013

  • Lance Henriksen

phantom movie cast 2013

  • Johnathon Schaech

phantom movie cast 2013

  • Jason Beghe

phantom movie cast 2013

  • Dagmara Dominczyk

phantom movie cast 2013

  • Derek Magyar

phantom movie cast 2013

  • Sean Patrick Flanery

phantom movie cast 2013

  • Jason Gray-Stanford
  • Julian Adams

phantom movie cast 2013

  • Jordan Bridges
  • Jacob Witkin

phantom movie cast 2013

  • Matt Bushell

Director (1)

phantom movie cast 2013

  • Todd Robinson
  •   (Director)
  •   (Writer)

Producer (1)

  •   (Producer)

Art Director (1)

phantom movie cast 2013

  • Charlie Brownell
  •   (Art Director)

Cinematographer (1)

  • Byron Werner
  •   (Photographer)

Music Composer (1)

  •   (Music)

phantom movie cast 2013

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phantom movie cast 2013

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Phantom (2013 Film)

Phantom is a Hollywood thriller and war movie directed by Todd Robinson. The main roles of this movie are done by Ed Harris and David Duchovny. The movie is initially released on 01 March 2013. Phantom is released in English language from United States to the world.

Media Info.

Phantom (2013 film)'s box office, phantom (2013 film)'s cast.

Ed Harris

as Captain Dmitri 'Demi' Zubov

David Duchovny

David Duchovny

William Fichtner

William Fichtner

as Alex Kozlov

Lance Henriksen

Lance Henriksen

as Admiral Vladimir Markov

Johnathon Schaech

Johnathon Schaech

Sean Patrick Flanery

Sean Patrick Flanery

Jason Gray-Stanford

Jason Gray-Stanford

Julian Adams

Julian Adams

Derek Magyar

Derek Magyar

Dagmara Domińczyk

Dagmara Domińczyk

as Sophi Zubov

Crew members of Phantom (2013 Film)

Pen Densham

Pen Densham

Todd Robinson

Todd Robinson

Director, Writer

Jeff Rona

Byron Werner


Terel Gibson

Terel Gibson

Reviews and Ratings for Phantom (2013 Film)

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