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autism creature waterwraith

art's going great

the waterwraith waiting for your ass to drop your guard

something tells me that was personal


Lil Waterwraith animation I made 💧

Some Pikmin sketches I did for an art prompt list this month 🌼 Creation, Friendship, Misfortune and Sunflower

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The Waterwraith is a supernatural creature that has a humanoid shape and a translucent green-gray body. It is extremely dangerous, as it can instantly kill Pikmin by merely rolling over them, and can not be deterred or defeated until Purple Pikmin are used against it, as only they can stop it in its tracks and make it vulnerable to attack. Once it suffers enough damage, its rollers crumble and it runs about the area on foot, now harmless.

Appearance in Pikmin 2 ().

  • 1.1 In Pikmin 2... Again?
  • 1.2.1 Notes
  • 1.3 In Pikmin 3 (Flish version)
  • 1.4 In Pikmin 4 (BallsAngus version)
  • 1.5 In Pikmin Galaxy Adventure
  • 1.6 In Pikmin: The After Years
  • 1.7.1 Notes
  • 1.8 In Pikmin: Redemption
  • 1.9.1 Notes
  • 1.10 In Pikmin: The Winds of Light

In fanon games

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In Pikmin 2... Again?

P4 Waterwraith.png

The Waterwraith returns in Pikmin 2... Again? . It is unchanged from its previous appearances and appears in the Flooded Castle . During the fight against it, boulders constantly fall from the cave ceiling. Attacking it enough will cause its stone rollers to shatter apart, causing it to look around frantically for more before realizing there are no more and it starts to flee.

In Pikmin 251

In Pikmin 251 , the Waterwraith is first seen in the Palace of the Wraith . Its behavior has been altered from Pikmin 2 , as the creature moves faster and has more health.

Olimar's observations

Cookin' with Louie

In Pikmin 3 (Flish version)

The Waterwraith appears in Pikmin 3 (Flish version) , and with a new ability: it can teleport to fall directly on top of Pikmin to crush them. Black Pikmin are able to harm the Waterwraith, although the process is much slower than if Purple Pikmin are used.

In Pikmin 4 (BallsAngus version)

In Pikmin 4 (BallsAngus version) , the Waterwraith appears in only two places: Ghost Den , and Paradise Forest during nighttime. At Paradise Forest, two normal-sized Waterwraiths appear initially and a larger one appears later on.

In Pikmin Galaxy Adventure

The Waterwraith , in Pikmin Galaxy Adventure , appears alongside the Firewraith , Electrowraith , Magnetwraith , Acidwraith , and Clambering Wraith . It is weaker than its Pikmin 2 incarnation.

In Pikmin: The After Years

In Pikmin: The After Years , the Waterwraith is much stronger and appears alongside the Firewraith , Electrowraith , and Magneticwraith , and the newly-discovered Acidwraith and Clambering Wraith .

In Pikmin: Dimensional Breach

The Waterwraith appears in Pikmin: Dimensional Breach , mostly unchanged from its Pikmin 2 incarnation, encountered in various later dungeons , alongside other wraiths appearing in Pikmin: Redemption . Waterwraiths make up the bulk of Derrick 's army.

Sagittarius' notes

Libra's notes

Charlie's notes

Derrick's notes

In Pikmin: Redemption

The Waterwraith appears in Pikmin: Redemption alongside the Firewraith , Electrowraith , Magneticwraith , and the Phantom , and is encountered only in the Haunted Village , Crystal Palace , Tower of Babil , and Pit of Redemption . Waterwraiths are extremely powerful and terrifying but yield great rewards upon defeat.

In Pikmin: Wide World

The Water Wraith is a supernatura appearing in Pikmin: Wide World . Encountered only underground in specific caves , the Water Wraith does not appear until five real-time minutes have elapsed since entering a sublevel, although it can appear sooner depending on the cave. Until it appears, the Water Wraith's periodic growls and roars reverberate faintly through the current sublevel and steadily become louder, clearer, and more frequent with time, with a distinct, eerie silence up to 30 seconds before it appears. As well, ghostly silhouettes of it will occasionally appear in the leaders ' peripheral vision, disappearing when they turn to see more of it. When the time comes, a pair of stone rollers will suddenly fall side-by-side from above in a random location, the Water Wraith itself landing on and mounting them shortly thereafter. The Water Wraith will then lift up its front roller while roaring furiously, then forcefully slam it down before briefly looking around and grumbling. Notably, neither the Water Wraith nor its apparitions can be seen through the Hocopad 's camera, and while the Dolphin Lander can sense the Water Wraith on her radar, she can not visually perceive it.

After its eventful entrance, the Water Wraith will begin aimlessly roaming the area by rotating its rollers akin to wheels on an automobile. It is completely ignorant of anything around it, not even going out of its way to target Pikmin or leaders, but will brutally crush or otherwise destroy almost anything it happens to slam its rollers on or roll over. Therefore, buried Pikmin, Rock Pikmin on soft surfaces, and airborne or completely buried enemies are exempt from the Water Wraith's reign of terror. However, it will simply pass through static objects, be they corpses, treasures, or even obstacles , in its path as if they didn't exist. Alert enemies in the Water Wraith's path will rapidly flee from it as it approaches. The Water Wraith will refuse to venture into passages that are too narrow for it to enter, as well as dead ends, instead preferring to always travel in a single direction unless it has sufficient room to turn around.

The Water Wraith is a medium-sized humanoid figure made entirely of what appears to be vaguely iridescent water , giving the creature its name. It has a round, featureless head and a plump midsection, and each of its four limbs has a rounded tip. Its arms are remarkably long, and its legs are comparatively short. The most signature component of its appearance, however, is the two large, cylindrical, stone rollers it rides on. These stone rollers typically herald the Water Wraith's imminent arrival, in both presence and sound.

Only one strategy is viable against the Water Wraith initially, and it is to flee. The Water Wraith is unique from every other enemy in that no attack will deter its advance, let alone harm it, until exposed to its sole weakness: Purple Pikmin , which are often unavailable to use against it at first, or at all in some cases. A Purple Pikmin pound directed anywhere near or even on the Water Wraith itself will cause it to turn purple and assume a fetal position while it begins quivering. In this state, it will be vulnerable to all Pikmin attacks as well as bomb rocks , rocks , and so on, which would otherwise bounce harmlessly off the creature with a distinct otherworldly drip sound, though it will regularly flail to keep Pikmin off of itself. No matter how many Purple Pikmin pounds the Water Wraith is subjected to, it will eventually break free with time and as it is hurt, necessitating pinning it down again. It shakes its attackers off immediately upon freeing itself, following up by performing a quick acceleration before returning to normal speed. Pikmin that are swarmed at it while it is vulnerable will instinctively climb or jump up on it to attack it rather than its rollers, and its rollers can not be damaged even by explosions . Despite its name, any Pikmin type can touch the Water Wraith without any danger of them drowning.

Once half of its health is depleted, the Water Wraith will cry out as its rollers abruptly crumble to dust, forcing the creature to travel on foot. Following this, the Water Wraith will scramble wildly to escape the leaders and Pikmin, waddling as fast as it can away from them. However, since its body is not made for this type of activity, it often trips, stumbles, or falls, and must stop to catch its breath after running for more than a few moments. Keep it pinned with Purple Pikmin pounds, but this time without fear of it being able to crush Pikmin. At this rate, the only harm it can do is harmlessly scattering them aside upon running into them. Upon death, the Water Wraith makes a scene as brief and grandiose as its entrance; still in a fetal position, it begins bubbling and foaming, groaning and murmuring all the while, for a few moments before it seems to shed its purple coating, its translucent body evaporating into nothingness in an upward direction while the bubbling purple skin seeps into the ground with a harsh gurgle, leaving behind nothing except any treasure it may have had.

In ultra-spicy difficulty, the sheer presence of the Water Wraith will make nearby Pikmin and leaders panic . As always, Purple Pikmin are not affected, and other Pikmin will not panic so long as the Water Wraith is in its vulnerable state. Additionally, the Water Wraith will produce several bubbles from its back whenever it shakes Pikmin off in its vulnerable state.

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In Pikmin: The Winds of Light

In Pikmin: The Winds of Light , the Waterwraith appears twice, both times in the Royal Wraith's Palace ; one appears in the lower-right arena on sublevel two, and two of them appear in the fifth wave of sublevel three's arena challenge. Also, in the Architect's Playground , hitting the wall on sublevel five produces the sound of three Waterwraiths, yet none will appear.

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