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Arman ahmad

How to recover free fire suspended account?

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4 Answers

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  2. Hello Garena,
    Hello Sir, my name is Ramesh. I’m using free fire have been last 10 months, my account has been suspended.
    3days ago I’m playing a rank match… in that match I’m killed by a hacker(wall hack).
    But I can’t control my angry… I’m tried to download a mod apk… at last its working… I got a wall hack apk…I’m using wall hack in 2 days… I knew it is illegal… then I’m uninstall the wall hack apk… and download original from google play store… next day I’m opening free fire but it’s not responding. It will show my account is suspended.
    Please help me GARENA, I love Free Fire so much… I can’t live without GARENA FREE FIRE, Please give me my account I’m never misuse the chance… trust me… Facebook     my account nickname is     ꧁༺x Baba꧂
    Please give me my last chance… I Love Free Fire…
    Please give me a last chance sir,
    Game name=꧁༺PAGAl M10༻꧂,
    user ID= 970353948
    Complaint comments
    Please sir  mare I’d  time Anaya chaya
    Mana video share kar day