Croatia Yacht Marinas: Your Guide to Luxury Waterfront Experiences & Island Hopping

Are you ready to embark on a navigational journey among a thousand Croatian islands that will thrill every sailor? You may not visit a thousand of them, but there is an ideal starting point for each of them, often coinciding with the concept of a charter base, or a marina where the charter vessel is moored, or from which you can simply start your voyage with your own yacht

Set Sail for Paradise: Find Your Ideal Yacht Marina in Croatia

Yacht marinas in Croatia, neatly lined along the Adriatic coast, symbolize the beginning and end of such a navigational experience, and to help you make the most of your journey, we bring you a list of those that we consider ideal points to begin your journey in Dalmatia.

All the Croatian marinas on our list are located in the most attractive part of the Adriatic coast, between Zadar and Dubrovnik , and they are within 50 kilometres (or less) from the nearest airport. Furthermore, they are nestled in the heart of coastal towns or in their immediate vicinity.

Zmajevo oko lake, Marina Frapa

Beyond Berths: Exploring Charming Towns & Unveiling Marina Amenities

Most Dalmatian coast marinas offer a high level of service, including secure parking, free Wi-Fi, ATMs, restaurants, cafes, and more. They all offer boat rental and servicing, as well as essential water and electricity connections, sanitary facilities, 24-hour surveillance, and assistance during departure or arrival. Near or within each marina, there are grocery stores so you can comfortably do that most demanding first provisioning.

In case of unfavourable weather conditions or a mismatch between your arrival and the start of your voyage, exploring these coastal destinations, especially Dubrovnik and Split, is an excellent alternative for your first (or last) evening.

Navigating the Peak Season: Tips for Securing Your Prime Dalmatian Marina Spot

Recommended Dalmatian coast marinas are open 365 days a year. During July and August, finding a free berth is most challenging on Fridays and Saturdays when charter guests change in their home ports. We suggest planning your arrival during the week. At that time, there are noticeably fewer crowds in all coastal marinas and on the roads, making your journey and stay more comfortable.

D Marin Dalmacija berths

Besides luxury yachts , other vessels have also started offering charter arrangements that are not tied to Saturdays. All listed marinas in Croatia, except Marina Slano, have a gas station within the marina or at the entrance. Marina Slano is 14 nautical miles away from the nearest gas station in Dubrovnik.

So, it’s up to you to choose the aquatory you want to explore and the marina that suits your itinerary and preference. After that, all that’s left is to immerse yourself in the enchanting beauty of sailing the Adriatic .

Marinas in Dubrovnik region

Discover paradise on earth: cruising the dubrovnik islands.

Dubrovnik old city walls

Choose your favorite marina and set sail through the meditative waters of Dubrovnik, where you can have many coves all to yourself. The Elaphiti Islands , once a refuge for Dubrovnik’s nobility, entice with their green-blue hues. Explore the vineyards of Pelješac and the unique beauty of Mljet National Park . Find peace on Lastovo or surrender to the charm of Korčula . Finish your journey in Cavtat , a haven for megayachts near Dubrovnik.

ACI Marina Dubrovnik

ACI marina Dubrovnik berths

ACI Marina Dubrovnik is one of the safest and most beautiful Adriatic coast marinas, located only 6 km from the city walls of Dubrovnik. Situated in an exclusive location, at the mouth of the Ombla River, the world’s shortest river, beneath the baroque steps of the impressive Sorkočević summer residence.

In addition to the magnificent castle, this marina has golf courses, restaurants, a pool, playgrounds, ecological courtyards, and is a true paradise for sailors. The marina’s offerings are complemented by two Tesla Only electric charging stations and one Tesla Universal charging station.

ACI Marina Dubrovnik has 380 sea berths and around a hundred dry berths, accommodating yachts up to 45 meters in length. During strong northeast winds, sailors are advised to exercise caution when entering the marina.

Marina Frapa Dubrovnik

Yacht Marina Frapa Dubrovnik, Croatia

Marina Frapa Dubrovnik is located opposite the bustling Gruž ferry port and in close proximity to the historic core of Dubrovnik. Frapa Dubrovnik is also the world’s first marina with fully covered piers adorned with LED lights that change color at night, creating a special and pleasant atmosphere.

Furthermore, this is the first Croatian marina to offer tank emptying service at every berth, which is a significant advantage for sailors, and the marina also provides free charging for Tesla vehicles. Within the marina complex, there is a service facility with a large terrace where guests can relax by the pool and loungers.

Nautical visitors have access to 220 fully equipped berths for yachts ranging from 10 to 50 meters, and there is also one berth for yachts up to 100 meters.

ACI Marina Slano

ACI marina Slano

ACI Marina Slano is situated in the northeastern part of a spacious bay that has always been a safe haven for all vessels. It is surrounded by high mountain slopes, and at its heart lies the picturesque and tranquil village of Slano. It is only 37 kilometers away from Dubrovnik and is named after Veljko Barbieri, the founder of the idea of establishing the ACI marina chain.

This modern marina offers a wide range of services and facilities. Guests have access to a pool located next to the restaurant, and near the marina, in the Admiral Hotel, there is a wellness center, a hair salon, and two small grocery stores.

ACI Marina Slano also has two Tesla Only and one Tesla Universal charging station. The marina has 193 sea berths, and yachts up to 50 meters in length can be moored there.

Embark on a Dubrovnik Yacht Charter & Explore Hidden Gems

This is photo of a catamaran Bali 5.4 aerial side view

Bali 5.4 the new flagship of the brand brings an abundance of innovative solutions.

Luxury yacht Tamara II on anchor

TAMARA II invites 8 guests to unwind in 4 deluxe cabins, and she can carry up to 2 crew onboard, reaching speed beyond 30 knots and cruising at a swift 22 knots for flawless enjoyment.

Marinas in Split region

The magic of adriatic yachting.

Zlatni rat beach, aerial view

The marinas in Split offer a unique prelude to a spectacular cruise! Explore the treasures of the Split archipelago : the beauty of Šolta , the legendary Zlatni Rat beach on Brač , the ‘Croatian Saint Tropez’ – Hvar , and the UNESCO-protected Vis archipelago with the enchanting Biševo and Blue Cave . Discover your Adriatic fairy tale.

ACI Marina Split

ACI marina Split

Protected by a long stone breakwater from all southern winds, ACI Marina Split is one of the most popular medium-sized marinas in Croatia. Nestled in the heart of the city of Split , across from the lively Split ferry port. ACI Marina Split is also the starting point for a beautiful seaside walk that leads to Diocletian’s Palace and other city landmarks.

In addition to an electric vehicle charging station, this modernly equipped marina boasts restaurants, bars, a small grocery store, and many other services to ensure the safety and comfort of all guests. With an impressive capacity of 318 sea berths and 30 dry berths, ACI Marina Split provides a perfect shelter for vessels of all sizes, up to 90 meters in length.

During the summer months, the marina transforms into a true fashion runway for yachts, attracting the attention of nautical and luxury enthusiasts.

Marina Kaštela

Yacht Marina Kastela berths, Croatia

Marina Kaštela is one of the most visited Croatian marinas because, in addition to a wide range of services, it enjoys an exceptional geographical location. It is nestled at the bottom of the spacious Kaštela Bay, protected from wind and waves by the green slopes of the hills of Kozjak and Marjan, as well as the Čiovo peninsula.

In addition to standard services, guests can enjoy a pool during hot summer days, and a small beach with a cocktail bar is located right next to the marina. In Marina Kaštela, sailors will have everything they desire, including the option to charge electric vehicles.

The marina has 420 sea berths and 200 land berths, and along its 500-meter breakwater, it can accommodate mega-yachts, adding to its charm.

Trogir Marinas

Yacht Marina Baotic berths, Adriatic

In the area of the town of Trogir , just a few kilometers away, three attractive marinas are located – ACI Marina Trogir, Marina Trogir, and Marina Baotić. While the first two, situated on the Čiovo peninsula, offer a view of the impressive Trogir towers and walls, Marina Baotić is located on the mainland side of Trogir, only two kilometers away from this UNESCO-protected city.

ACI Marina Trogir is the oldest Trogir marina, with 174 sea berths and 35 dry berths, and right next to it is Marina Trogir with 232 sea berths and 114 dry berths. Both marinas can accommodate vessels up to 30 meters in length and provide all standard services.

Marina Baotić is the largest marina with 480 berths and over two hundred dry berths. In addition to standard services, this marina features an open-air pool and a private beach with direct access from the marina. A Tesla electric charging station completes the overall ecological concept of this modern Adriatic coastal marina.

Find Your Perfect Yacht & Charter from Split

Luxury catamaran Lagoon 55 main

Lagoon 55 PRINCESS S, is a 2023. model catamaran that provides accommodation for up to 8 guests in 1 Master’s cabin and 3 double cabins, all with ensuite bathrooms.

Luxury yacht Maiora Hope I running

Born to be at the top of its class, Hope I set a fashion with her refined lines, the perfect combination of classic and modern, the best of both styles.

Marinas in Šibenik region

Discover the beauty of the adriatic from šibenik marinas.

National park Kornati crusing, Croatia

Marina Frapa and Marina Kremik are the ideal starting points for exploring the Kornati Islands and Vis! Located approximately 30 nautical miles from both destinations, they offer the perfect balance for exploring the central and southern Adriatic. Marina Mandalina, situated in the picturesque city of Šibenik , rich in history and culture, opens doors to the spectacular National Parks of Kornati and Krka .

Marina Frapa

Yacht marinas Croatia, Marina Frapa Rognoznica berths

In the heart of Dalmatia, in the beautiful and protected bay of Soline, lies Marina Frapa. This attractive marina is environmentally conscious and meets all the highest global standards, which is why it has been awarded the Blue Flag for 11 consecutive years.

At the center of Marina Frapa is an artificially created island where a 396-meter-long transit pier for mega-yachts extends. The coastal marine complex includes 10 docks with 462 fully equipped berths and a guarded area for around a hundred dry berths.

To provide guests with comprehensive service, the marina offers everything needed for a pleasant stay, from accommodation in a luxury 5-star hotel and electric vehicle charging facilities to nautical services, business amenities, and service facilities.

Marina Kremik

Marina Kremik is located in the picturesque Kremik Bay, deeply nestled into the mainland. Thanks to its location, it offers a high level of safety and protection throughout the year.

The marina is ideal for sailors looking to escape the noise and overcrowded city marinas and is only a few minutes’ drive from the picturesque town of Primošten. This sheltered Croatian marina has 393 sea berths and 150 land berths, capable of accommodating vessels up to 26 meters in length.

D-Marin Mandalina

Yacht marinas Croatia, D-Marin Mandalina berths

Marina Mandalina is located in Šibenik, a city rich in history and culture, and serves as an ideal starting point for exploring the National Parks of Kornati and Krka.

It is the only marina in Croatia specially designed to accommodate megayachts and offers a high level of safety and comfort. Guests have access to numerous facilities, including D-Resort Šibenik, a spa center, Yacht Club, conference rooms, an open-air pool with a bar, and a Tesla electric charging station.

The marina has 452 sea berths and around thirty dry berths, providing mooring for yachts up to 70 meters in length.

Embark on an Epic Šibenik Yacht Adventure

This is photo of a catamaran Sunreef 60 at anchor

Sunreef 60 is the brand new catamaran built in 2019, offering the superior level of comfort onboard and cruising experience.

Luxury yacht Azimut 78 Fly from the front

Azimut 78 Flybridge

Azimut 78 Flybridge combines the stylistic features of the nautical and automotive industries, without limiting functionality and spaciousness, which is the greatest art in nautical design.

Marinas in Zadar region

Zadar’s elixir: telašćica & kornati.

telascica nature park

Zadar marinas are ideal for exploring a range of natural attractions. Discover Telašćica , a deep bay with proud cliffs and a lake as a true natural wonder! Explore the many harmoniously arranged Kornati Islands. For the perfect conclusion to your adventure, visit Krka National Park and surrender to the magnificence of its stunning waterfalls.

Marina Kornati

Marina Kornati proudly holds the title of the nautical and regatta center of Northern Dalmatia and is primarily recognized among sailors as the organizer of the Biograd Boat Show in the fall. In addition to its own service area and a restaurant with a tavern, the marina is home to around thirty external companies that provide top-notch service to all guests.

With a capacity of 705 berths, including 70 on land and 15 docks for vessels up to 23 meters, Marina Kornati is one of the three most popular Dalmatian coast marinas.

D-Marin Dalmacija

Yacht marinas Croatia, D Marin Dalmacija berths

D-Marin Dalmacija is the largest marina in Croatia, located right in the heart of the Croatian coast, with only 5 kilometers separating it from Zadar Airport. Portus Beach Club with a restaurant, lounge bar, children’s playground, and a beach enriches the diverse offerings of the marina and make your stay there particularly enjoyable.

The marina has 1,360 sea berths and 300 land berths, including 160 on docks used for crane-pass. Berths for superyachts up to 70 meters in length are also available.

Start Your Zadar Yachting Adventure Today

Luxury catamaran Lagoon 51 sailing

Brand new luxury catamaran Lagoon 51 features elegant lines and a smart layout. Moreover, it’s more sustainable than its predecessors. This modern Lagoon catamaran promises magnificent cruising for 10 guests discovering Adriatic beauties.

Luxury yacht Bazinga bathing platform

Brand-new luxury yacht Bazinga is a 21-meter-long Prestige yacht that guarantees the ultimate cruising holiday for 8 guests. Designed by Garroni Design Cabinet, this refined and chic flybridge cruiser is made to pamper guests with comfort and luxury.

Text Josipa Vlahović Cikatić

Photos ACI, D-Marin, Marina Frapa, Marina Baotić, Marina Kaštela, Petar Fabijan, Davor Žunić, Foto Adria & Zvonimir Barišin

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The hanse 510 special offer at the dalmatia boat show 2024, the new flagship model - hanse 590.

With the arrival of spring, the world of sailing is gearing up for the launch of the new flagship model, the Hanse 590. This elegant yacht combines sophisticated design with...

Hanse models on Dalmatia Boat Show

Marina Baotić in Seget Donji will be the epicenter of the nautical industry from April 18th to 21st as it hosts the first Dalmatia Boat Show. Visitors will have the...


Hanse yachts is an innovative boatyard, setting high standards for “comfort at sea” and development of fast yachts with an excellent price/performance ratio..

As one of the largest builders of production yachts in Europe, Hanse combines the tradition of superb craftsmanship with modern techniques and materials. Vinyl ester resin in production boat building is one of Hanse’s most outstanding innovations.

Hanse, with models in various sizes, from the practical Hanse 315 up to the very elegant Hanse 675 offers some of the fastest designs.

All Hanse yachts are designed by the world´s leading naval architects, including Judel/vrolijk & co, who are responsible for defending the America's Cup title with Alinghi. Their innovative design approach has resulted in yachts that bring unique performance advantages in beating upwind, reaching and gliding downwind.

Hanse Fast Cruising

For years now, Hanse has been a trendsetter in simplifying sailing and making it faster. Hanse always stands for innovative design and continuous development of cruising sail boats. The hull shapes are developed with focus on performance and comfort. Hanse yachts hulls are further optimised by taking the latest research results in the field of hydrodynamics into account.

This reflects in the vertically designed bow and stern of all Hanse yachts, a feature that allows them to achieve a very long waterline and consequently a significantly increased hull speed. The sail-plan is also optimised. The mast is positioned further to aft, resulting in a larger surface of the self-tacking jib, which benefits performance in light winds. The surface areas of the main sail and jib are very well balanced and that translates into a balanced sailing performance.

Hanse Easy Sailing

Sailing Hanse yachts is incredibly easy thanks to the self-tacking jib and the fact that all the halyards, extensors and sheets are led to the helmsman position. We are not talking only about sheeting in and slackening of sails, but also setting or reducing sails. All this can be done easily from the wheel. Hanse models can be sailed easily with a small crew or even singlehandedly.

In addition to great sailing performance, Hanse places great importance on simplified handling of their yachts. They call this concept Easy Sailing and Hanse is way ahead of the competition regarding this aspect of sailing. The easy handling is not reserved only for sailing. With a combination of bow thruster, stern thruster and deep rudder, docking and casting off turns into child’s play, even in the smallest of harbours.

Hanse Individual customization

A vast selection of options, layouts, colours, fabrics, wood and floorings makes every Hanse yacht a unique creation. The Hanse Individual Cabin Concept is unique in serial yacht production! Hanse offers you a selection of colours for the hull’s gelcoat and water line. For those who choose to have a lacquered hull surface instead of gelcoat, the range of colour design is almost limitless.

With Hanse it is a bit like with an interior design studio, you can design your very own yacht that suits your individual needs. Choose from multiple cabin layout combinations, optional equipment, a multitude of types of wood for furniture and flooring and a broad range of fabrics and colours. The choices can be combined in more than 2,000 ways.

Hanse Innovative Design

As it has been confirmed by numerous awards, the Hanse brand is known for innovative design of the exterior and interior of its yachts. Modern shapes, colours and fittings make every Hanse yacht really attractive while the innovative design solutions also make it very practical. Hanse stands for innovative design as a guideline in developing each new Hanse yacht. It features modern design and innovative technical solutions that are usually associated with custom luxury yachts.

The key is combining modern looks and practicality with the aim of achieving customer satisfaction which is always a priority. All is elegantly designed and low maintenance. The deck and the coach roof are clear, with all the ropes hidden away and all the hatches flush with the deck, so there is nothing to trip over. A roomy cockpit is well organized for sailing and relaxing while the passage between two steering wheels gives you easy access to a large foldable bathing platform.

Fast sailing in all conditions

Ideal for small crews or singlehanded sailing

Individual approach to yacht design

Breaking rules, setting trends

Explore the Hanse Concept that brings the most innovative and well-conceived yachts on the market.


Hanse covers a wide range of models, from the practical and innovative Hanse 315 to the luxurious Hanse 675. All Hanse models share the same Fast cruising, Easy sailing, Innovative design and Individual customization concepts that make Hanse yachts so special.

Hanse 315

Charter management

The easiest way to your own yacht

Boat Service

For you to truly enjoy your yacht, it should be regularly maintained and always be in top condition. This will also reflect on the resale value of your yacht.

Choose from the world’s largest charter fleet of Hanse Yachts and discover the stunning Dalmatian coastline.

With the arrival of spring, the world of sailing is gearing up for the launch of the new flagship model, the Hanse 590. This elegant yacht combines sophisticated design with exceptional functionality, providing an unforgettable experience at sea.

Try and Buy

Clear all doubts and experience your potentially new yacht firsthand before committing and final purchase.

Try and Buy

If you are interested in buying yacht or need help planning your perfect vacation, contact us and our experts will gladly answer to all of your questions.

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Feel free to ask us anything – our team is on your side!

For any yacht sales questions during the office hours please call our booking team in our Split headquarters on +385 21 332 348 or send us an e-mail on the address .

For urgent inquiries after working hours, you can contact our sales advisors individually on their mobile phones or send an e-mail and you will get a response as soon as possible:


Mr. Domagoj Milisic - Sales manager

Mobile: +385 91 332 3320

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Ultra Sailing Yacht Charter Croatia

Find Your Yacht

Croatia stay safe

Sailing yacht and catamaran charter in Croatia

Yacht rental croatia - the quality you deserve.

Become a boat owner

Ultra Sailing Croatia - bareboat or skippered charter boats

Since 1995 we have been working in yacht charter business and offer sailing boat rental in Croatia . We mostly work with high-quality sailing boats provided by our sister company Beneteau Croatia . In addition to yacht charter in Croatia , we also operate one of the oldest and best sailing school in Croatia where we provide sailing courses to “new” as well as to experienced sailors.

Our company philosophy is to provide our clients with the best possible service  when they charter a yacht for a sailing holiday in Croatia . Our team consists mainly of very experienced sailors, securing the highest possible standard in the whole process with arranging/planning, booking, arrival at one of our charter bases in Croatia and final departure from the Marina for an unforgettable sailing adventure in Croatia.

As already mentioned, our yacht charter fleet consists mainly of sailing boats from Beneteau. In our fleet we have boats from 30 feet to about   64 feet and in terms of berths our boats offer space for 6-12 persons. All boats are carefully maintained by our technical team and the colleagues from Beneteau Croatia . As a charter client you can expect to board a charter boat in super condition.

Well, what is the wording – no rule without an exception ! Actually, we at Ultra Sailing also have Catamarans for charter ; the catamarans are of the brand Fountaine Pajot . If you rather want to rent a motorboat , mega yacht or other types of vessel our experienced booking team can of course assist you in finding vessels of those types.

From which charter bases in Croatia can the Ultra Sailing boats be rented?  Ultra has branch offices and staff in ACI Marina Split , ACI Marina Dubrovnik , Marina Baotic (Trogir) ,    ACI Marina Pomer in Pula and Marina Kastela . Charter boats have to be returned in the same Marina they were rented in. Upon request and payment of additional fee it is possible to arrange one way charter from Trogir/Split to Dubrovnik or vice versa . 

Charter price  depends on a number of factors, size and type of charter boat, duration of rental and date of the charter . At Ultra we offer various discount programs like early booking Yachtcharter   or last minute sailing if you are flexible it is possible to enjoy a week sailing holiday in Croatia at a bargain price.

If you are looking to charter a sailing boat in Croatia for the first time, you of course need to be aware of the formal requirements for chartering a yacht in Croatia , no need to say that a license for operating the vessel is required. Additionally, sailing and navigation skills should be on an adequate level. Detailed information about the exact requirements for chartering a yacht from Ultra Sailing in Croatia can be found on our page. If you don't have the necessary licenses, we can arrange a skipper or we can recommend considering the Ultra sailing school program where the necessary theoretical and practical sailing skills can be acquired to do a bareboat sailing .

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What to say about Dubrovnik that you haven't already heard. Dubrovnik is one of the most unique towns in the world which you have to see at least once in your lifetime. Dubrovnik old town is easily reachable from the Marina by bus...


On the southern edge of the Istrian peninsula, at the very end of the new highway you will find the quiet and relaxing Marina Puntica, Medulin. Right upon arrival, you will already feel you are on holiday...


A large Bay of Veruda is spreading out towards the south from the town, and this Bay has always been an ideal fishing port. Surrounded by the rich and still untouched Mediterranean vegetation, the Bay represented an ideal place for more and more demanding needs in tourism, that is why the new Marina was built up just here at this place: the door that opens for the whole Adriatic...



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If you’ve already chartered sailing yacht with us, you know that nothing is more important to us than your cruising safety and comfort.

If this is your first charter, let’s get acquainted! Depending on your level of experience, we can recommend a suitable itinerary which is fun but still relaxing.

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All AYC yachts are equipped with Free WiFi onboard - up to 5 wireless connections. Now you can check the weather forecast, your e-mail and you favorite web-pages free of charge on your sailing holidays. Also all yachts are with mobile phone - you can contact base-support FREE of charge.

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Book your fantastic experience, world yachting family tour croatia, sailing school and skipper training, make an inquiry, reason for choose us, yacht rental, boats for sale, popular destinations in croatia.


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Story about wyc, world yachting charter are family oriented sailing holiday’s specialist in croatia..

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Adriana 44 BT

Year: 2022
Length: 13.50 m
Berths: 7 (6+1)
Cabins: 3 +salon
From: 2340 €

Jeanneau 54 BT

Jeanneau 54 BT

Year: 2017
Length: 16.16 m
Berths: 12 (10+2)
Cabins: 5+1+salon
From: 2,990 €

Adriana 36 BT

Adriana 36 BT

Year: 2021
Length: 11.82 m
Berths: 7 (6+1)
Cabins: 3 +salon
From: 2,000 €

Bavaria Cruiser 34

Bavaria Cruiser 34

Year: 2019
Length: 09.99 m
Berths: 7 (6+1)
Cabins: 3 +salon
From: 1,090 €

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Corina & Walter Pühringer, Germany

We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank Asta Yachting for excellent care in recent years. Special THANKS to the office team, which was and is always helpful to find a solution for all small and big problems.

Corina & Walter Pühringer, Germany

Hans-Peter Trost, Königswinter, Germany

I have been chartering boats at Asta Yachting since 2001. My satisfaction is evidenced by my loyalty to this charter company. Boats are well equipped, excellently maintained and offered under correct conditions.

Hans-Peter Trost, Königswinter, Germany

Ario Cesaroni, Italy

My name is Ario Cesaroni and I live in Desenzano del Garda (BS) with my family. 10 years ago, my friend chartered a boat at Asta Yachting and came back with very positive feedback, so I decided to charter a boat for my first 2 weeks sailing vacation at Asta Yachting as well. I haven't missed my summer boat vacation in Asta since then.

Ario Cesaroni, Italy

Jürgen Breuer (54), Northern Germany

Since 2006 I charter boats always and only at Asta Yachting, guarantee for reliability and correctness.

Jürgen Breuer (54), Northern Germany

Helmut Walter, Skipper, Germany

From 20. June we will be sailing with boat Elan 431 (1998) "Mjesec" in beautiful Adriatic again. I've been chartering boats at Asta Yachting for more than 15 years in a row because I am always satisfied with maintenance of the boats and the ratio between prices and quality of service.

Helmut Walter, Skipper, Germany

Malte Klassen, München, Germany

Regarding the sailing area I have nothing additional to write, because the area is so legendary that everything has already been said in the WWW. Since 2009 I regularly rent boats at Asta Yachting

Malte Klassen, München, Germany

Jiri F.- Czech republic

I have known the Asta company since 2005 and I have only the best experiences. Access of workers to the customer is on professional level. I've rented a lot of boats, and I've never had any problems.

Jiri F.- Czech republic

Cathleen und Rainer Sommer, Germany

We have been sailing with Asta Yachting since 1997 (Andis Charter). Sailing area is gorgeous. Boats are always very well maintained and in very good condition. Asta team was, and is always friendly and helpful in all occassions.

Cathleen und Rainer Sommer, Germany

Martin Kostevc, Slovenia

I've been using Asta Yachting service for several years. I have to say they are really professional, willing to provide high quality service, any kind of help and always make me feel welcomed.

Martin Kostevc, Slovenia

Your skipper Ivana Slezacek, Austria

I love Croatia and its beautiful islands which I visit with my crew every year. Our charter company Asta Yachting always takes best care for us in a friendly way.

Your skipper Ivana Slezacek, Austria

Gabi and Manfred Wolf, Germany

Our family and our friends have been chartering Asta Yachting boats for years and we are very satisfied with friendly service and good prices. Asta is our first and favourite choice.

Gabi and Manfred Wolf, Germany

Find out more about our sailing destinations and suggested itineraries., 25.04.2016..

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Cinematic paradise: Movies filmed in Croatia (and series, too)

Cinematic paradise: Movies filmed in Croatia (and series, too)

Winter is on its way. And with it, the want to curl up under a blanket and watch a movie or two. Maybe a series? As a sailor who adores the Croatian shore, you may be interested in knowing which films and television shows were made there.

Stargazing - the beauty of night-time sailing

Stargazing - the beauty of night-time sailing

Sailing in Croatia offers a unique stargazing experience, and the Adriatic Sea's calm waters reflect a sky full of constellations. A moonless night is ideal for the darkest skies. This adventure is not just awe-inspiring but profoundly enriching. And don't forget to visit Lastovo Island, a place with minimal light pollution, a stargazer's paradise.

Off the beaten path: Most beautiful places in Croatian Adriatic

Off the beaten path: Most beautiful places in Croatian Adriatic

Discover the most beautiful places in Croatian Adriatic. Find out which undiscovered places off the beaten path you have to put in your itinerary. Summary: Croatia's Adriatic coast, often celebrated for its magnificent sites and beaches, offers much more beyond popular spots like Dubrovnik and Split. Hidden gems, artist's havens and places brimming with creativity and history, await discovery. Exploring Croatia means uncovering timeless stories, embracing journeys, and creating unforgettable memories.

How to read and navigate the Adriatic winds

How to read and navigate the Adriatic winds

Key Adriatic winds like the Bora, Sirocco, and Mistral, each with distinct characteristics, profoundly influence sailing conditions. Learning their traits and their corresponding sailing strategies is essential. These winds also have a strong influence on local people and are deeply important in Croatian seafaring culture.

Catch of the Day: Fishing in the Adriatic Sea

Catch of the Day: Fishing in the Adriatic Sea

Fishing in the Adriatic Sea is a special experience due to the diverse marine ecosystem, calm waters and good sea conditions. There are numerous fishing spots in the Adriatic that offer unique opportunities for anglers of all experience levels. However, proper preparation, including the right equipment and knowledge of weather conditions, is essential.

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ELAN E LINE E6 For Sale: Brand New 2023 Elan E6! Experience luxury..

Elan impression 43 for sale: elan impression 43, 2023 stock boat, ready.., elan impression 43 for sale: elan impression 43, 2023 stock boat, delivery.., a guide to the elan impression 43 the elan impression 43 is your perfect family cruiser.., elan yacht management yacht charter management in croatia turns your elan purchase.., a guide to the elan impression 43, elan yacht management.

Built on Elan’s legacy of performance-oriented boat building, the E Line guarantees high-performance sailing and impeccable cruising, both on deck and below. With a broad stern, chined hull, and twin rudders, experience control and stability even at high heel angles and speeds. These VOR70-inspired yachts, crafted in collaboration with Humphreys Yacht Design, now feature the most enhanced standard package on the market. Balancing high-performance sailing solutions with comfort-centric features, the E Line utilizes innovative VAIL technology for a tight, strong, and stable construction, ensuring safety at sea. The E Line seamlessly combines performance and comfort, delivering an exceptional sailing experience.


Elan yachts are built with a passion for design, sailing and technology. The vessels are built in Elans shipyard in Slovenia with attention to detail. The Impression range is dedicated to cruising, supporting comfort and designed for ultimate relaxation.

The Elan’s Grand Tourer yachts are luxurious performers. This line seamlessly blends luxury, quality, and comfort with speed and delight. Adaptable to various cruising styles, these yachts offer versatility for solo, couple, family, or group sailing. Fast and stable, GT sailboats deliver a thrilling but at the same time comfortable sailing experience. Precise control and impeccable handling combine to elevate your adventure on board. Enjoy the perfect fusion of luxury and performance—welcome to the Elan GT Line.


Your Gateway to the Adriatic Sea

Nava is the premier provider of Elan sailboat charters in the Adriatic Sea. We offer a diverse selection of Elan sailboats, allowing you to find the ideal boat for your upcoming sailing vacation. Our experienced team will assist you in planning your charter and ensure that you have an unforgettable experience.

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Cantieri di pisa, if - international folkboat, nordic folkboat, rasker sloop 7.1, doerak 850 ok, beneteau 25 platu, sail in croatia this summer we make the boat rental process quick, easy and safe so you can make the most out of your vacation..

To sail in Croatia is a dream and an unforgettable experience, at , we want to make that dream a reality. From small to big, with or without a skipper, we have an amazing selection of boats throughout the Croatian coast. We want to help you find the best boat, at the best price for you and your family to enjoy. Our main concern is the safety and happiness of our clients-you will always come first.

We have gathered a wide database of information and specialized  Croatian services throughout the years, we have you covered from the best skippers to transportation agencies. 

Luka Nautika turisticka agencija d.o.o. Put vodotica 38, 23206 Sukošan, Croatia

Tel: +385 23 394 465 Fax: +385 23 393 301 GSM: +385 98 574 232 E-mail: [email protected]

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    Yachts Croatia is a leading yachting specialist for Adriatic with in-depth reviews, charter, beautiful places, gastronomy and luxury lifestyle. EN | HR Charter


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    Yachts Croatia donosi najnovije teme iz jahting svijeta, lifestyle trendove, putovanja i elitna događanja s naglaskom na hedonizam.

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    CRN M/Y 139, a steel and aluminium pleasure vessel entirely designed, engineered and built by CRN, was delivered to her owners. The 72-metre yacht is an expression of the superior design and... Superyacht announcements, concepts, test and superyacht news, including new designs and new yachts. Stay informed with Yachts Croatia team.

  5., Split, Croatia. 1,493 likes · 40 were here. Nautička oprema - . Web shop nautičke opreme.

  6. Luxury Yacht Charter in Croatia

    Million-Star Holiday Experience. Luxury yacht charter Croatia is one of the most precious experiences one can look for. Discover one of the world's most popular cruising grounds hiring a luxury yacht with professional crew offering with five-star service combined with great gastronomic experiences. The stunning natural beauties of Croatia will ...


    Yachts Croatia is more than just yachting; we bring the high-quality content based on the interest of our readers. Subscribe to Yachts Croatia Newsletter. EN | HR. ... HR-21000 Split CROATIA Tel. +385 (0)21 771 517 / Fax +385 (0)21 584 303 EDITOR IN CHIEF Darko Šupuk / [email protected]

  8. Croatia Yacht Marinas: Your Guide to Luxury Waterfront Experiences

    Guests have access to numerous facilities, including D-Resort Šibenik, a spa center, Yacht Club, conference rooms, an open-air pool with a bar, and a Tesla electric charging station. The marina has 452 sea berths and around thirty dry berths, providing mooring for yachts up to 70 meters in length. Embark on an Epic Šibenik Yacht Adventure

  9. Brodogradilišta

    CRN slavi 60 godina izvrsnosti. Tri slova CRN tijekom godina postala su simbol prestiža, luksuza i elegancije, a plovila toga brodogradilišta iz Ancone osvojila su cijeli svijet Brodogradilište CRN, odnosno Costruzioni ... Yachts Croatia showcases the best of what's next in yachting, future trends and the latest news from shipyards around ...

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    Yachts Croatia jedinstveno je tiskano izdanje u regiji, dvomjesečnik koji objedinjuje tri osnovne tematske cjeline Yachting, Lifestyle i Duh Mediterana, kojima je zajednička poveznica hedonizam. Interes čitatelja nam uz aktualne i zanimljive teme osiguravaju i prepoznatljivi vizualni identitet i najkvalitetniji elementi grafičke tehnologije u regiji, praćenje trendova i elitnih događanja ...

  11. Hrvatska

    12. Yachts Croatia brings you the guide to: best destinations, cruising itineraries, hotels, restaurants and get impartial advice you can trust.

  12. Hanse Yachts

    Hanse yachts hulls are further optimised by taking the latest research results in the field of hydrodynamics into account. ... call our booking team in our Split headquarters on +385 21 332 348 or send us an e-mail on the address

  13. Luxury sailing Yachts Croatia, Gulet & Crewed luxury yacht charter Croatia

    Luxury sailing Yachts by Mastercharter Croatia offers luxury charter services including Gulet Charter and luxury crewed charter in Croatia +385 (21) 275 268 Marasoviceva 67 (office), 21000 Split, Croatia ... HR-AB-21-080573768 OIB: 27750254102 / VAT ID: HR27750254102 Account number at: Raiffeisenbank Austria d.o.o. Petrinjska 59, Zagreb 10000

  14. More 55

    More 55 opens a door to a new age in performance cruising. Designed by famous Maurizio Cossutti, More 55 is an uncompromised beauty and luxurious elegance combined with the best features of a sporty yacht. Classic mast and gennaker specially reinforced and equipped for active sailing, makes this boat ideal not only for those seeking adrenaline ...

  15. Yacht charter Croatia

    Ultra Sailing Croatia - bareboat or skippered charter boats. Since 1995 we have been working in yacht charter businessand offer sailing boat rental in Croatia. We mostly work with high-quality sailing boats provided by our sister company Beneteau Croatia. In addition to yacht charter in Croatia, we also operate one of the oldest and best ...

  16. More 40

    More 40 is a sporty yacht, elegant with excellent cruising performances based on ORC & IRC, designed by our partner Maurizio Cossutti. Just like with More 55 our shipbuilding concept is based on light and strong construction. We have used all the same technologies, insuring that our More 40 is light and fast but still very safe.

  17. AYC Croatia

    If this is your first charter, let's get acquainted! Depending on your level of experience, we can recommend a suitable itinerary which is fun but still relaxing. Order your groceries ONLINE at Yacht Provisioning Shop. Rent a yacht for an unforgettable experience of the Adriatic coast. Select and book your yacht online today!

  18. Family sailing holidays

    World Yachting Charter are family oriented sailing holiday's specialist in Croatia. We have fleet of more than +20 sailboats. World Yachting is based in marina D-Marin Mandolina - near Šibenik. Our exclusive sailing boats charters make every trip more luxurious. Book your luxury yacht rental in Croatia with World Yachting Charter to ...

  19. My Yacht Charter

    Choose from our large fleet of sailboats and motor boats for rent, which are situated in marina Dalmacija, the biggest nautical centre in Croatia. My Yacht Charter. CALL US: +385 23 316 902 ... [email protected]. Asta Yachting base office +385 99 530 4900. [email protected] . About us. ASTA YACHTING Ltd. Put Murata 1a/P.P. 255

  20. Elan sailboats

    E Line. Built on Elan's legacy of performance-oriented boat building, the E Line guarantees high-performance sailing and impeccable cruising, both on deck and below. With a broad stern, chined hull, and twin rudders, experience control and stability even at high heel angles and speeds. These VOR70-inspired yachts, crafted in collaboration ...

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    Yachts. Too close to perfection. Shipyard. Made with passion for sailing. News&Events. Follow us on our journey. Services. Dedication. Attention. Continuity. Dealers. Official international dealerships. Yacht as investment. Invest and sail on a More yacht.

  22. Sail in Croatia

    Price: 790.00 €. Discount: - 5.00 %. 751.00 €. Sail in Croatia this summer! We make the boat rental process quick, easy and safe so you can make the most out of your vacation. To sail in Croatia is a dream and an unforgettable experience, at, we want to make that dream a reality. From small to big, with or without a skipper ...

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    Search and compare 1000's of boats. Secure instant 24/7 online Yacht Charter reservations in a few easy steps. Best rates for sailing boats, yachts, catamarans, power catamarans and motor boats in Croatia.