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Life time | from eur€ 15,000/wk.

Sailing Yacht LIFETIME

COLIBRI | From US$ 57,900/wk

Sailing Catamaran COLIBRI

DUCHESS | From EUR€ 35,000/wk

Motor Yacht DUCHESS

VALIUM 67 | From EUR€ 35,000/wk

Motor Yacht VALIUM 67

PANGEA | Enquire for Pricing

Luxury Yacht PANGEA

STEPHANIE | From EUR€ 35,500/wk

Superyacht STEPHANIE

Celtic Spirit of Fastnet ex Lazy Jacques

lazy jacques

dARTAGNAN | From EUR€ 23,000/wk


Lady Godiva Swan 60 | From AUS$ 24,150/wk

Godiva home

EVENIA | Enquire for Pricing

Motor Yacht EVENIA

Sunseeker 62 | From EUR€ 13,000/wk

sunseek home

BREIZILE ONE | From EUR€ 34,000/wk

Sailing Yacht BREIZILE ONE (sistership)

MY LIFE FIVE III | From EUR€ 27,000/wk


Gullet Anatolie | From EUR€ 11,550/wk


Princess 65


TRUE STORY | From US$ 29,000/wk

Sailing Catamaran TRUE STORY

Gemini 70 | From EUR€ 18,000/wk


CHILOE | From EUR€ 44,800/wk

Sailing Catamaran CHILOE (sistership)

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Sunreef 80 Sail

23.99m | Sunreef | 2022

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18.9m | Lagoon | 2015

yacht 20 meters

19.5m | Lagoon | 2017

yacht 20 meters

20.15m | Azimut | 2022

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20.2m | Azimut | 2017

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20.36m | Fountaine Pajot | 2021

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20.46m | Sunseeker | 2022

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20.5m | Aicon | 2022

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20.5m | Prestige | 2018

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20.73m | Sunreef | 2017

yacht 20 meters

20.8m | Riva | 2005

yacht 20 meters

21.16m | Ferretti | 2001

yacht 20 meters

21.25m | Princess | 2016

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21.32m | Princess | 2021

yacht 20 meters

21.34m | Sunreef Yachts | 2021

yacht 20 meters

21.34m | Sunreef Yachts | 2012

yacht 20 meters

21.37m | Azimut | 2019

yacht 20 meters

21.46m | Prestige | 2018

yacht 20 meters

21.7m | Princess | 2007

yacht 20 meters

22.26m | Pershing | 2008

yacht 20 meters

22.31m | Princess | 2022

yacht 20 meters

22.56m | Sunreef | 2017

yacht 20 meters

22.64m | Azimut | 2018

yacht 20 meters

22.7m | Sunreef Yachts | 2022

yacht 20 meters

22.8m | Canados | 2004

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23m | Pearl Yachts | 2014

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23.28m | Lagoon | 2019

yacht 20 meters

23.28m | Lagoon | 2018

yacht 20 meters

23.60m | Sunseeker | 2021

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23.6m | Baltic Yachts | 2008

yacht 20 meters

23.6m | Azimut | 2017

yacht 20 meters

23.64m | Azimut | 2021

yacht 20 meters

23.7m | Lazzara | 2010

yacht 20 meters

23.75m | Sanlorenzo | 2021

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23.77m | Lagoon | 2020

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23.77m | Privilege Marine | 2016

23.78m | Azimut | 2020

yacht 20 meters

23.8m | Lagoon | 2018

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23.84m | Lagoon | 2021

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23.96m | Sunreef Yachts | 2022


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50m | Perini Navi | 2010

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34m | Benetti | 2003

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83m | Feadship | 2015

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TOP 5 Best Yachts from 15 to 20 Meters (50-65 ft) in 2024

For this list the topRik team has selected the five most comfortable yachts in terms of life on board and ease of management, ranging in length from 15 to 20 meters and worth up to 3 million euros.

Since we have different tastes and preferences, the top list included both sailing and motor boats, as well as a racing sailing cruiser. We tell in detail about our choice with illustrations and videos. Let’s go!

  • Brand: Dufour Yachts
  • Hull type: Sailing yacht
  • Overall length, m: 19.22
  • Width, m: 5.48
  • Draft, m: 2.8
  • Displacement, t: 24.150
  • Water tanks, l: 880
  • Exterior design (Architect): Felci Yacht Design
  • Interior Design: Felci Yacht Design
  • Mainsail type: Fully battened
  • Jib type: Self-tacking
  • Mainsail area, m²: 104
  • Jib area, m²: 66
  • Engine, hp: 180
  • Fuel tanks, l: 780

Each member of our team has some experience with sailing regattas. Paying tribute to this experience and given the high expectations of high comfort on board for this list, we gave the 5th place to the Dufour 61 monohull sailing yacht in our list.

Dufour 61

No one argues that it is difficult to provide comfort comparable to the capabilities of catamarans or trimarans on a monohull yacht. But, in our opinion, Dufour Yachts did what it could to achieve maximum possible comfort for the crew and passengers on their new racing cruiser.

Luxury that strives for simplicity - that’s what Dufour 61 is about. First off, you get a luxurious transom with a platform and a capacious locker where a dinghy fits perfectly, and look at this ladder with wide steps! And we haven't even climbed into the cockpit yet. Remember - we are talking about a single-hull sailboat with a hull length of just over 18 m.

Dufour 61

Two control stations with helms with dashboards behind them, on which, in addition to the usual displays, the screens of 12-inch Raymarine chartplotters are placed. Such a double post and folding wings that transform into seats are already becoming an integral part of Dufour's DNA, just like the awning over the entire cockpit protecting from rain or sun. Although, this is still an optional feature.

There is enough space in the cockpit to move freely and relax or dine at a fold-out table or at a second table located along the transom, using the facilities of a small deck galley. You can put mattresses with backs on the seat. Pay attention to how conveniently the winches are located. There is a hydraulic backstay tensioner next to the helm.

Dufour 61

Another control post is located in the cabin. Sitting at the skipper's table, you can work and at the same time watch the sails through these ceiling (deck?) portholes. The saloon is furnished with comfortable upholstered furniture and an incredible table that, with the help of a person, can perform miracles of transformation. From a coffee table, it can turn into an extra bed or grow into a large dining table.

Dufour 61

More than 10 people can easily fit around the table in the saloon, and although the yacht is designed for a maximum of 9 beds, according to the layouts, don’t forget about the possibility of extra beds in the cabin.

The official cabin options offer options for:

  • 3 cabins with three bathrooms for 8 people;
  • 4 cabins with 4 bathrooms for 9 people with longitudinal galley;
  • 4 cabins with 4 bathrooms for 9 people with a U-shaped galley.

Dufour 61

In all variations, the master cabin of Dufour 61 remains unchanged, with comfort approaching the luxury inherent in cabins on catamarans.

Dufour 61

The rest of the cabins are more modest, depending on the purpose, the same island double beds as in the master cabin can be installed there, or two separate berths can be equipped.

Dufour 61

The forepeak accommodates a crew cabin with berths, a separate shower, washbasin and toilet.

Dufour 61

The rig area is 170 m² (mainsail – 104 m², genoa – 66 m²) and engine power is 180 hp – these are the proofs that the developers from Felci Yacht Design did not sacrifice the seaworthiness of a sailing racer when creating comfortable living conditions on board the Dufour 61.

Neel 65 Trimaran

We could not fail to mention almost the only trimaran that meets the requirements of the list. Sailing trimaran Neel 65 from Neel Trimarans takes the 5th place. The shipyard presented its take on a cruising yacht in "Sport-Chic" mode. Why, in this case, the flagship of the line and the only trimaran in the ranking took second place... from the end? The general opinion of the team was: a lot of chic, but not enough sport.

Neel 65 Trimaran

Sure, the choice of sailing equipment is impressive: a mainsail of 374 m², furling genoa of 305 m², self-locking twisting staysail - 130 m², and gennaker of 525 m². How else can you budge a hulk whose displacement at half load is 22.5 tons?

Neel 65 Trimaran

The original solution of combining the saloon and cockpit deserves attention. For this huge space, the developers have come up with a new term - cockloon.

The descent into the technical compartment in the central float is carried out directly from the saloon, pardon, directly from that part of the cockloon that can be considered saloon. You enter huge engine room with Volvo engines Penta 40 hp. There is also a boiler, watermaker , generator, air conditioner, 600-liter tanks for water and fuel, as well as shelves for various equipment, spare parts, tools and materials. Judging by the volume of tanks and the presence of a watermaker, the autonomy of the trimaran is excellent. The same section is also used as a bicycle garage.

A galley with an almost circular layout is also located in the saloon. There is enough space for 2-3 people, especially since the work surfaces are divided into zones - with a hob, a sink, zone for cutting food, zone for serving it. The galley is fully equipped with all the necessary equipment, including a dishwasher, refrigerators and freezers, which again brings us back to the well-solved problem of the autonomy of the vessel.

Neel 65 Trimaran

Neel 65 is designed for a maximum of a master cabin placed on the upper deck, and 4 cabins in floats for 8 berths.

Neel 65 Trimaran

The master cabin with a large island bed is equipped with plenty of storage space. Natural light enters through a large porthole. The cabin has a full bathroom with all amenities.

Neel 65 Trimaran

The aft and bow cabins are also quite roomy and filled with natural light through the side and ceiling windows. The latter are also used for natural ventilation.

Neel 65 Trimaran

By the way, all the cabins, even the bow cabins, are of surprisingly decent height, when compared with the bow cabins of catamarans, and even more so of monohulls. The bow cabins have a round opening porthole, a lavatory with guest access and a large closet.

The forepeak can also accommodate crew if all cabins are occupied by passengers.

On the stairs from the cabins leading to the skipper's station, there is a panel of electrical equipment and electronics. The post is equipped with communication facilities, a table for working with maps, a chartplotter , etc. A magnificent view opens through the panoramic glazing of the entire cockloon.

The bow is equipped with nets. It seemed to us that it was not safe enough for people to stay here, or was not originally intended for this.

We found another weak point of this trimaran, which is often observed in some models of catamarans. If you are less than two meters tall, you will not see the left float from the helm station. But if you lean low enough, then you will have an overview of it.

In other respects, the electronics of the control post are thought out to the smallest detail. Behind the helm there is a panel with navigational instruments, and nearby, at arm's length – winches and throttle. Standing at its helm, you can feel like a space pilot, because it is able to provide a cruising speed of up to 20 knots. Nevertheless, Neel 65 feels more like a luxury yacht than a sporty vessel - you feel like nothing can go wrong with your voyage, so it’s not exactly an option for thrill-seekers.

Fountain Pajot Samana 59

This is one of Fountaine Pajot’s flagship models - the heir of the Ipanema 58 and the natural development of the brand’s lineup., which includes models such as Alegria 67 , Astrea 42 , Elba 45 , Saona 47, Isla 40 .

It is not surprising, that the Samana 59 cruising sailing catamaran, with a width of 9.5 m, is similar in silhouette to the Alegria 67. Both yachts were designed by the same team of naval architects Berret-Racoupeau Yacht Design.

Fountain Pajot Samana 59

They succeeded in their task of providing the same comfort on a 59-foot yacht as on her predecessor worth more than two million, but not at the expense of seaworthiness.

TopRik experts believe that Berret-Racoupeau Yacht Design has coped with the task so well that it deserves to be right in the middle of our list.

First, when you look at the wide ladder steps and a powerful platform with a hydraulic drive, capable of holding a weight of almost half a ton, you begin to doubt that this 18-meter boat can show cruising properties. But familiarity with its sailing rig and engines removes this prejudice.

This boat with the vibes of a superyacht is equipped by default with two engines with a capacity of 110 hp, optionally - 150 hp. The sail area, which includes the mainsail and genoa, is 117 + 87 m². Fuel tanks of 1200 liters make it possible to navigate autonomously over long distances.

You can tailor this cat to suit your needs using the Samana 59's versatility and its many areas for relaxing, sunbathing, swimming and eating:

  • 4 cabin layout options;
  • flybridge with an area of 30 m²;
  • cockpit area of 27.5 m²;
  • foredeck with an area of 10 m²;
  • dining areas in the cockpit, saloon and flybridge;
  • relaxation areas, solariums on the flybridge, foredeck, saloon and cockpit;
  • modular deck chairs and trampolines, deck chairs and mattresses in the cockpit and on the bow deck;
  • fully equipped galley in 2 versions in the saloon or in the float, galley and refrigeration equipment on the flybridge and plancha in the cockpit;
  • 2 options for the bar area.

Fountain Pajot Samana 59

The yacht provides plenty of storage space for a motorized inflatable dinghy , folding bikes, diving and spearfishing equipment, clothes, books and other things that you may need on board for a long cruise. It also increases the comfort of sailing, as you can take everything that you are used to using on land, except for a car and your own office. Well, actually... The owner's cabin has enough space, a desk and the necessary connection to organize a makeshift office. But we hope that you will use your master cabin for relaxation - it has all it takes for that.

Fountain Pajot Samana 59

In different configuration options, the developers have provided for the possibility of placing from 4 to 6 cabins:

  • Lounge Maestro (galley downstairs): owner's cabin with bathroom (photo above), 2 double cabins with bathrooms each, bunk bed cabin with bathroom (children love this option).
  • Maestro (galley above): 1 owner's cabin with bathroom, 4 double cabins with bathrooms each.
  • 5 cabin charter version (downstairs galley): 4 double cabins and 6 bathrooms, bunk bed cabin and bathroom.
  • 6 cabin charter version (galley above): 6 double cabins with ensuite bathrooms each.

Fountain Pajot Samana 59

The engine room is a fairly roomy compartment, where you can go down through the hatch in the cockpit, with good access to the Volvo Penta engines.

A spiral ladder leads to the flybridge, where the helm station is located. It looks quite organic in this huge space filled with sun loungers, sofas, sun loungers and a small galley.

Fountain Pajot Samana 59

Particularly impressive is the 22-inch marine display on the control console, which is located just behind the helm. Here you can take full control of: the anchor winch with windlass, thruster, throttles, radio station and electric winches on both sides of the helm. Everything is so conveniently located that an experienced skipper can handle the Samana 59 alone.

Fountain Pajot Samana 59

Another working area is located in the cabin - this is the navigator's table, where the readings of the operation of all equipment are displayed, as well as the chartplotter screen.

Fountain Pajot Samana 59

Well, by handing over the reins to the autopilot or assistant, the skipper can always relax in a good company and in a good place, for example, on the foredeck.

Fountain Pajot Samana 59

Lagoon Sixty 7 (Lagoon 67)

Let's not hide the fact that the team has some Lagoon boats fans, including both sailing and motorized options. Thanks to their “lobbying”, the motor catamaran Lagoon Sixty 7, or Lagoon 67 came to the second place in the list at high cruising speed.

Lagoon 67

As you can see, the continuity in this model is preserved by the efforts of the same team of VPLP naval architects and interior designers from Nauta Design. The task they had was not an easy one: to retain the comfort of Lagoon Seventy 8. Keep in mind, the difference in the length of the yachts is close to 5 meters.

And yet the developers have managed to strike the perfect balance between luxury and performance, packing it all into a 20 m boat that provides almost the same comfort as on the Seventy 8.

Lagoon 67

As a result of their creative and engineering thought, you can become the owner of a 5-star hotel suite of three levels, with the following elements of luxury and comfort:

  • the ability to choose interior decoration - natural walnut, mahogany or white oak veneer;
  • high-quality textiles made from natural materials for upholstery, curtains, bedspreads, bedding and tableware, etc.;
  • comfortable spacious cabins (16 m² master cabin) with private bathrooms, the configuration of which is determined by the buyer;
  • a full galley of 12 m² in the saloon, fully equipped with everything you need, as well as additional mini galleys in the cockpit and on the flybridge;
  • king island beds size, chic sofas, deck chairs on all decks;
  • standard and optional complete set of equipment to ensure a comfortable life in long autonomous navigation.

Lagoon 67

From the cockpit you can go to a private beach spot, which is provided by a platform with wide steps of the transom. Here you can also attach a boat, jet ski, surfboards or kites.

A very wide sliding door connects the cockpit with the saloon, and the resulting huge space allows you to move freely throughout the resulting lounge area.

Lagoon 67

In the cabin, the space is divided into recreation areas and workers. The first group includes sofas around a coffee table and the second group of sofas around a full dining table.

Lagoon 67

The working area includes a navigational control post with a table, a chartplotter and other equipment and communication devices.

Lagoon 67

The saloon has circular glazing, so there is sufficient natural light and a 360-degree panoramic view.

Using the configuration options for cabins, the future owner can create the configuration of his Lagoon Sixty 7 himself – it is available with 3, 4, 5 and 6 cabins. In the left float there is a full-fledged galley with all the necessary equipment. For the 6-cabin option, the 12 m² galley will be moved to the saloon.

Lagoon 67

A luxurious master cabin is an owner's privilege. Here, in addition to the king island bed size there is a large set of furniture - cabinets, shelves, a sofa, a work table and a dressing table. It is so large that it does not even fit completely in one panoramic photo.

Lagoon 67

The owner also has a large bathroom with all the elements for hygiene and care.

Lagoon 67

Guest cabins are also quite comfortable, spacious and equipped with storage space. Each guest cabin has its own bathroom with all the necessary amenities for taking water treatments, as well as a separate toilet.

Lagoon 67

Lagoon Sixty 7 continues the shipyard's trend of offering superyacht standards to an even wider range of yachtsmen.

Fountain Pajot Power 67

Motorized version of the Fountaine Pajot’s sailing catamaran Alegria 67 is the leader in the ranking of the most comfortable yachts up to 3 million euro.

Fountain Pajot Power 67

Hey, what’s this?! Is that a Jacuzzi over there on the foredeck? Well, yes. Yet having it on Fountaine Pajot’s Power 67 is not required - it is an optional option. After you have breathed a sigh of relief (it’s additional 3 tons of water off your shoulders!) we will continue to talk about this incredible motor catamaran with a length of almost 20 m, a width of almost 10 m and a displacement of 31 tons.

For many, this is a dream come true for maximum comfort on a cruise trip without a dress code and other conventions of a superyacht, but with its feel: spacious rooms and recreation areas with a luxurious interior and ease of operation, which can always (well, almost) be delegated to an autopilot or crew.

Fountain Pajot Power 67

Another addition to the mix is the maximum safety for passengers and crew, which is typical for most catamarans that are not intended for racing. Please note that there are no nets in the bow, like on a sailing catamaran. For them, the absence of a hard overlap serves to ensure that the boat does not bounce with the wave. This is not necessary on a powerboat, since the weight is redistributed differently, in particular due to the lack of a mast with sails and due to large fuel reserves. It is clear that the floats provide high stability of the cat due to the thoughtful distribution of the entire mass of equipment, furniture and equipment that they carry.

The Power 67 is ideal for both personal and commercial use. Whether you want to get lost in the ocean for half a year in the most comfortable conditions, or regularly provide your family or friends with an amazing sea trip in luxurious conditions, this is your model.

If you are a business owner, this yacht can accommodate up to 16 passengers and provide them with maximum comfort and a superyacht feel throughout a long autonomous voyage.

Fountain Pajot Power 67

There are 2 fillers on each side, with standard tanks allowing for 4 kiloliters of fuel (same as the sailing version), and another 2000 liters are added on top, which ensures a decent autonomy of the cat.

And if outside the vessel is completely identical to Alegria 67, then the underwater part of the transom, invisible to us, has been upgraded for the sake of speed, specifically for the motor version of the yacht.

The very roomy engine compartment accommodates two 480 hp Volvo Penta engines. When fully loaded (excluding jacuzzi!) with these engines, the cat can reach a maximum speed of 18 knots, and cruising speed will be 10-12 knots. A planing boat at this speed will bounce on the wave, scour and dive with its bow. But the catamaran will move like it’s on rails.

In the same compartment there are filters, two washing machines, as well as a batch switch with a voltage output of 220 and 12 V.

There are two synchronized diesel generators, the second one is connected only when necessary, which saves electricity consumption.

In the photo above, you could see a great bathing area that the platform and wide lower steps of the ladder provide. If these steps are used as a beach, the platform can carry a 4.5 m motor dinghy, a jet ski or kites - the platform can withstand a weight of 450 kg. The height of the platform can be adjusted too.

But let's finally go up to the cockpit.

Fountain Pajot Power 67

Plenty of comfortable seating and loungers with lockers underneath, a fold out table and a galley with plancha or grill, sink and fridge.

On the transom there is a wonderful device from Volvo - a joystick that helps with mooring by interacting with the thruster, propellers and feathers of the rudders. The same joystick is also on the flybridge, at the steering station. Considering the dimensions of the cat, this mooring system is very useful, especially for those who prefer to be alone in the ocean.

On both sides of the cockpit, doors rising up lead to the cabins - the guest cabin and the owner's cabin. The master cabin is comparable to a hotel room and has all the amenities, including a private bathroom.

Fountain Pajot Power 67

The aft and bow guest cabins also have large beds, storage space, portholes for natural light and private bathrooms.

Fountain Pajot Power 67

If the cat is purchased for charter flights, the crew can be accommodated in the forepeak - there is enough space for a bed and a bathroom.

Fountain Pajot Power 67

The Samana 67 catamaran can accommodate 14 people in 7 cabins, and all cabins will be provided with a full bathroom with some differences in volumes.

Fountain Pajot Power 67

As you can see, manipulations with the partitions allow you to choose the option of completing the cabins in strict accordance with the wishes of the buyer.

It remains to climb the flybridge, but on the way there we will look into the saloon. This huge space is divided into three zones: recreation, dining and work.

Fountain Pajot Power 67

Unusual freedom of movement and spaciousness even for cat, the feeling of which is enhanced by wide sliding doors to the cockpit. The window above one of the galley tables is also sliding, through which you can serve food and drinks from the galley to the cockpit.

A large and comfortable control station of Power 67 includes a chart table with a panel displaying the screen of the chartplotter and other tools.

The second helm station is located on the flybridge - we get there by climbing a comfortable staircase from the cockpit, which it can be clearly seen in the first photo above behind the door. Like the saloon, the flybridge has a clear division into zones.

The seating area has sofas and loungers, a convertible table, a small galley and a refrigerator, which allows you to organize an outdoor dining experience.

The control post is moved forward on the starboard side. Behind the navigator's seat, designed for two people, there is a lounger from where you can observe the controls.

Fountain Pajot Power 67

The helm is similar to the steering wheel of a car. Immediately behind it is a panel with multifunctional marine displays and other instruments. To the right of the navigator there is a joystick - a double of the one in the cockpit, to facilitate mooring.

That was the summary of all the features of this luxurious and comfortable cottage on the water for a family cruise or a trip with close friends. Even though it’s full of amenities, it is also extremely efficient in terms of fuel consumption, and also does not require a large crew, which makes it profitable for those who organize charters.

Thanks for reading till the end! We hope that this list was informative and put some things into perspective for you when it comes to some of the most expensive yachts in the world.

Top 5 Lithium Battery 12.8V (LiFePO4)

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yacht 20 meters

20-meters custom made sailing cat

  • Make: Custom
  • Model: Catamaran D-666
  • Length: 20.117 m
  • Max Draft: 2.7 meters
  • Condition: New
  • Location: Italy
  • Hull Material: Aluminium
  • Number of Engines: 2
  • Fuel Type: Diesel

Introducing the “Diabolo D-666”

The catamaran D-666 is a 66ft. long sailing cat completely built of aluminum. Originated by the intuition of an Italian designer and his father as the shipyard and ship owner of the prototype which is still under construction. D-666 has taken shape thanks to the genius of the architect of his son, manager of a well known design office.

The innovation used by the designes is represented by the materials utilized and by all the relative technical and functional applications. These guarantee maximum handling and sea keeping with dynamic characteristics and top acceleration. Moreover, thanks to the dual engine (2x Yanmar 110hp SD) and the two centreboards, the craft proves to be of excellent performance.

An extremely important detail for sea lovers is security. It is indeed a factor of great importance and covers two different fundamental aspects. First of all, the so called passive security, D-666’s structure which renders it practically “unsinkable” complete with 4 watertight compartments for each hull as well as the use of two lifeboats with crew access even in the case of an overturned boat and in case of emergency with the aid of 2 skegs which reach shallow water in complete security. The second aspect is the active security, guaranteed be the simplicity of manouvering the boat assured by a well protected bridge and by cockpit counter manouvers on 5 winches.

This project yacht is still open for your very personal touch and interior design wishes. Just tell us you dreams and we make them happen…


  • Length Overall: 20.3 m
  • Beam: 9.26 m
  • Max Draft: 2.7 m
  • Min. Draft: 1.2 meter
  • Dry Weight: 22.000 kg
  • Convertible Saloon: no
  • Fuel Tanks Capacity: 800 Liter
  • Fresh Water Tanks Capacity: 900 Liter
  • Engine Make: Yanmar
  • Engine Model: 110HP
  • Engine Year: 2010
  • Trim Tabs: No
  • Includes Bowsprit: No
  • Fuel Tanks #: 1
  • Fresh Water Tanks #: 1
  • Rope Cutter: No


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