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Following the successful launch of their 50 footer in 2021, Windelo are launching their second model, the Windelo 54 , which builds on all of the innovations of the smaller boat.

Naval architects Christophe Barreau and Fréderic Neuman have nearly 1.2 meters more to play with in this bigger boat. Half of this is in the nacelle, which has given them the freedom to increase the comfort and 40cm have gone into the bow.

There is more performance to enjoy, more configurations to choose from,  and higher levels of comfort , all achieved with the impressive eco credentials and modest carbon footprint of her smaller sister. We enjoyed a pretty extensive test sail on Zig Zag, a Windelo 54 that you can watch on the Katamarans Youtube channel (or watch the embedded video below).

The 54 sticks to the Windelo design DNA with its sleek, yet muscly look and fine bows. The French performance catamaran manufacturer is once again offering this model in Adventure, Yachting and Sport configurations.

Windelo 54 Test Sail near Hyères – Katamarans


The Windelo 54 is a fast, easy to handle eco cruising catamaran, built for blue water sailing in safety and comfort. This is a step up from the 50 and other competitors such as the Nautitech 48 and Outremer 45.

To achieve that, Barreau and Neuman have designed slim, flared hulls to hit the performance/comfort sweet spot and developed a long list of innovations that make this yacht stand out of the crowd. It’s a real “disruptor” in the market, something of a game changer in the industry.

With a bridgedeck clearance of 90 cm, the Windelo 54 looks the part with its long bows, nacelle further aft and centralised weight which all helps the  yacht’s passage through the sea.

This is a boat that surfs easily and safely with a tendency to dampen pitching that delivers performance and comfort.

With her daggerboards, she also moves well upwind. Fully retracted, you will maximise the downwind speed and make the boat safer in heavy weather.

The extra length enables the 54 to safely carry a more generous sail plan. All the sailing takes place at the forward helms with a full view of the sea forward. It’s a sheltered position that gives you good sailing feel. To reef the main, you pop up to the mast from the cockpit and all of the lines lead back to the helms including Code 0 and gennaker sheets and furling lines.

The Windelo 54 will approach True Wind Speed in lighter conditions with the wind on the beam or abaft the beam and sails well upwind thanks to those sculpted hulls and daggerboards. On our test sail we hit 9 kts of boat speed in 10kts of wind with the Code 0 up.

The aim? To continue sailing in the lightest of breezes, and to sail safely when the wind freshens.

A Bigger Space

The longer hulls allow for bigger aft cabins down below: the owner’s cabin and starboard aft cabin each have 60 cm more storage space along with space for island berths in generous sizes and facing either forwards or athwartships depending on the owner’s choices. The 54 has a 160 berth as standard in the owners suite.

They have enlarged the popular corner window for a true panoramic view.

Up top, the saloon and galley are also bigger and there is an option for an L-Shaped or a U-Shaped galley in the saloon. The L-Shaped galley allows for more seating space on the starboard side. Keen cooks will enjoy the larger U-shaped galley configuration.

Vertical windows help to keep the sun out of the covered areas and the windows have been designed to be opened wide to maximise the breeze at anchor.

Forward Helms

One of the big innovations in these Windelo Yachts is the dual forward helms. Visibility between the saloon and forward cockpit has been improved and the whole idea is one big interconnected convivial space where the crew can interact. Sail in the breeze or switch to the windward helm for more shelter.

The location of the helm makes it easy and safe to manage all of the sailing lines as you are right by the mast. Another thing we appreciated on our test sail was the visibility when dropping and taking in the anchor. Whoever is on the helm can see the chain and anchor coming up through the nets and if you have crew helping, they are 10 metres away on the nets.

windelo 54 cockpit

Up Top – the Saloon

The galley spills onto the forward cockpit, so whether you are cooking or sailing you are all part of one team. If you are supporting the Middle Watch halfway across the Atlantic from midnight to 04.00 , there’s a 115×200 pilot berth, in the main saloon that will be handily close to the coffee machine.

There are 2 options aft. The standard is sliding doors that open all the way up and tuck in behind the day bed. There is also an option for a “garage door” that swing up into the roof, opening the entire width up onto the terrace. This is managed with a 2 speed electric Harken winch on the port side.

windelo 54 yachting

There’s a decent chart table at the foot of the forward cockpit, and to give you an idea of the space available, the dining table is good for 6 to 10 people once extended. When you are at anchor, there is an extra table, again for 6 to 12 people.

The other innovation is the davit system. While under way, this is in the “up position” with the dingy securely tucked into the davits. At anchor, the platform swings down and becomes an open terrace from which you can easily step onto the tender.

Semi-Custom Build

One of the advantages of this yacht is the amount of customisation that is offered on the floor plan, especially with the extra length.

Choose different trims, navigation instruments , fitting and layout of the interior space. Options include a portside cabin with two bunk beds, a desk on the starboard, customized showers with a separate toilet, U-shaped or L-shaped galley. It is down to you to work with the team to build your perfect catamaran.

The Windelo 54 is built from recycled and biosourced materials.

The companies philosophy around sustainability and ecology are one of the key things that sets this company apart from the competition and they are market leaders in this area.

They use sustainable volcanic basalt and PET – (made from recycled bottle plastic) in the hull construction. This reduces carbon emissions by nearly 50% compared with traditional GRP composite manufacturing methods.

Powered by Wind, Sun and Water

The Windelo 54 is happiest when the wind blows of course, but even when under electric propulsion you are still sailing a green machine powered by hydrogeneration, solar and wind turbines all charging 53.8kWh lithium battery bank that drives the engines.

Solar panels The Windelo 54 offers a big platform for solar power generation: from 600 to 5053 W located on the coach roof and forward on the hull decks.

With 4500 W of solar panels you will completely recharge your battery bank in 12 hours and 40 minutes.

windelo 54 yachting

Electric Power

The Windelo 54 is powered by two 20kW electric engines from Bellemarine, supported by a 1120Ah 48V lithium battery bank (53,8kWh).

These brushless engines have less wear and tear than a comparable diesel engine (no belts for example) and need close to zero maintenance.

The lithium battery bank recharges from renewable energy sources first: solar power, hydrogenation, and wind power. When that isn’t possible, there is a back up 18kW 500L diesel generator (with an option for an additional unit). These are positioned to centralise the weight in the yacht.

  • • At 6 knots, the Windelo 54 has a fully electric range of nearly 3 hours and 45 minutes (allowing 22.7nm per day) which is intended to leave port, manoeuvre or motorsail along a lee-shore for example.
  • • At 7 knots, the Windelo 50 has a range of nearly 2 hours and 17 minutes and roughly 15.47nm per day with an 1120Ah battery bank.
  • • Also at 6 knots, the Windelo 54 has total usable range of 1100nm with use of the generator(s) which, though seldom used, will provide all the reassurance that you could even go a third of the way across the Atlantic if needed.

Prop Shafts On the Windelo 54 the electric motors drive the folding propellers through prop shafts, which should increase robustness and reduce maintenance costs for owners.

Launched Boats

Zig Zag: Windelo 54 Yachting B Cube: Windelo 54 Adventure

The Windelo 54 builds on the success of her smaller sister and delivers more performance, space and comfort with all of the ECO credentials that this French manufacturer has become famous for: a true market leader. She should prove a popular choice for sailors looking for a blue water performance cruiser that delivers on comfort.

For more information on the Windelo 54 head to windelo-catamaran.com .

How much is a Windelo 54? What is the price of one of these catamarans? At the time of writing, the price was as follows: Adventure: from €995k Ex VAT, Yachting: from €1075 ex VAT Sport: from €1125 ex VAT

Who is the Team Behind Windelo? The founders are Olivier Kaufmann (Ex -Chairman of the Executive Board of Decathlon, Orange Marine, Cabesto) and his son Gautier Kaufmann. Christophe Barreau and Frederic Neuman head up the naval architect team. Jean-Pierre Prade, one of the founders of Catana, is also involved. Didier Perrin (Syltec Consulting) brings his skills in composites and Jean-Paul Siaudeau (JPS Concept, Imoca and Ultimate) heads up the electrical systems and propulsion unit. The École des Mines d’Alès, an engineering school in the South of France is a partner on material resistance.

Technical Specification


16.46 m / 54'


7.98m / 26.2'

Draft Board Down

2.35m / 7.7'

Draft Boards Up

1.05m / 3.4'


12.8T / 28219 lbs



Upwind sail area

193 m² / 2077 sq ft

Downwind sail area

267 m² / 2874 sq ft


98 m² / 1055 sq ft


45 m² / 484 sq ft




169 m² / 1819 sq ft

Electric Power

2 x 20kW


400L / 106 US gal

Black Water

200L / 52.8 US gal


18 kW

Generator Option

2 x 18 kW




1120 Ah 48V


500L / 132 US gal


Architect 2

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windelo 54 yachting

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Multihull of the year

Windelo 54 Yachting

A year after the launch of their first catamaran, the young builder Windelo, who are heavily implicated in eco-responsible construction and sailing, have launched their second model, the Windelo 54. With 4 feet (1.22 m) more hull length compared to the 50, this 54 keeps the same characteristics as her little sistership... with even more comfort and performance!

Test location: La Grande-Motte, South of France Conditions: 5 knots of wind, calm sea

Practical info


Video youtube

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We were able to discover the Windelo 54 Yachting at this year’s International Multihull Show at La Grande-Motte in the South of France back in April. In her gray livery, the catamaran looks great: she picks up on the design of the 50 with narrow but tall hulls, bows noticeably reversed and imposing nacelle windows that are all vertical. That briefly explains the outline of this design by Christophe Barreau, and then the construction is very innovative with the use of basalt fiber and PET foam (from recycled plastic bottles/PVC). The shipyard estimates their carbon impact to be reduced by 47% thanks to the use of this material, but also to internal manufacturing and local supply.

windelo 54 yachting

Hybrid electric propulsion

The builder has obviously opted for electric motors: on this example, 2 x 20 kW and various means of charging. To start with, an imposing array of solar panels totaling 4,500 Wp. The manufacturer claims a recharge of the 1,120 Ah / 48 V battery bank from 20 to 80% in 22 hours, so 1.8 days’ worth. At a good speed (11 knots) under sail,...

To read in full, Buy the boat test

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MW #196 - July / Aug 2024

windelo 54 yachting

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windelo 54 yachting

Sail Universe

Windelo Doubles And Unveils The New Windelo 54 Yachting

windelo 54 yachting

Following on from the first sale of the Windelo 50 Adventure last April the Windelo team announces that the second Windelo to hit the water will be the Windelo 54 Yachting, due for launch in spring 2021.

What makes the new Windelo 54 Yachting remarkable is that the owner stated that this autonomy came from electric power. French yard Windelo has utilised the roof space on the 54 to equip the boat with 4.5kw of solar panels. This provides sufficient power to allow all the onboard equipment to run plus the diving compressor without the need to use the backup diesel generator. 

The two 24kw electric motors aboard the Windelo 54 Yachting are also able to switch to hydrogeneration mode when the yacht is under sail, topping up the batteries and further increasing the autonomy of the yacht. In normal circumstances, the combination of solar panels and hydrogeneration mean that it won’t be necessary to run the diesel generators. If the winds fail and you are obliged to motor for long distances, the combination of generators and solar power will give the boat an autonomy of 1,100 miles. 

windelo 54 yachting

The 54 Yachting is the result of a collaboration between the design team of Christophe Barreau and Frederic Neuman. The Yachting version of the 54 is the more luxurious option, fitted out with top end deck hardware and instruments, all with the aim of providing a yacht that is fast, comfortable, luxurious and easily handled by a small crew.

The team behind the 54 has drawn up a living space open to the sea with complete 360 degree vision and easy access to the cockpit.

lagoon seventy 7

The forward cockpit is placed at the foot of the mast assembling all maneuvers. This cockpit has  a 100% clear view of the head and is an excellent position for adjusting the sails. It is possible to close this area so it’s protected from external elements.

windelo 54 yachting

Self-tacking solent to be able to facilitate maneuvers in navigation with limited crew.

Lifting daggerboards are placed at the center of the hull to optimize their hydrodynamic performance which enables sailors to have a way to precisly ajust their boats in all ways.

Christophe Barreau explains: “ We felt the team very open to really innovative solutions in terms of optimising space and this allowed us to work on a really original concept which makes the most of the catamaran’s strengths. The result is a vast, single, seamless space combining a saloon, a cockpit and a galley, with a 360 ° view of the sea, and with tilt-up door and sliding doors and windows opening fully to the outside. ”

The construction of the new Windelo 54 Yachting has already started, while the commissioning of the first Windelo 50 Adventure is almost complete and the boat is set to hit the water in November.

windelo 54 yachting

Windelo 54 Yachting Specs

Lenght: 16,46m Beam: 7,98m Lifting daggerboards draft: 1,22m / 2,35m Fixed keels draft: 1,60m Light displacement: 12,8t Engine: Hybrid electric 2x20kW (24kW) Fuel capacity: 550l Fresh water capacity: 400l www.windelo-catamaran.com

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Mishi 88, the bluewater composite carbon superyacht from turkey, ice yachts unveils the advanced and sleek ice62, the new crossover clubswan 43 has been launched, live your passion, subscribe to our mailing list.

Catamaran Show.com

windelo 54 yachting

Windelo 54 Yacting

Sail performance.

windelo 54 yachting


Do you dream of high-performance, ecological, sustainable sailing? Generous yet demanding you would like to feel at home on your catamaran, enjoying the comfort of each space in good company? Experience simple luxury on our Yachting version. Sail on a boat you can really identify with. Take the time to admire the beauty of the sea and fully enjoy the moment in enveloping comfort and silence. The Yachting version is the deluxe version that offers owners the widest range of customizations. Top-quality materials are used with detailed trims. We have paid special attention to the comfort of the accommodations (thickness of cushions, feel of fabrics, etc.)

windelo 54 yachting

Explore in 3D


Performance Indicators


Bruce Number

(higher is faster)

Sail Area to Displacement

Displacement to Length

(lower is faster)


Length (LOA)

Length (LWL)

Displacement ​ (light)

Payload capacity

Sail Area (main+jib)

Draft (min)

Draft (max)

Mast clearance

Bridgedeck clearance

Manufactured Since

Engine (hp) ​

Hull Material

Christophe Barreau and Frederic Neuman

Daggerboards, Centerboards, Fixed keels


Basalt and PET/PVC foam sandwich

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If you need anything else, be it more details , an introduction to the manufacturer , a shipyard visit , a  test sail , or help with  customatization,  let us know on the Help  M e page after clicking below and we’ll help you take the next step.

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windelo 54 yachting

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windelo 54 yachting

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Windelo 54

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windelo 54 yachting

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Windelo Celebrates the Launch of its 2nd Model, a Windelo 54, in Yachting version!

On Friday, 25 March 2022, the Windelo team successfully set the expansion of its line in motion with the launch of the 1st WINDELO 54 YACHTING !

Following the success of the Windelo 50 and its many nominations, the Windelo has marked another milestone with the launch of its second model, a Windelo 54 Yachting! Imagined and designed in partnership with the French architect duo Christophe Barreau and Frédéric Neuman, both well known for the performance of their catamarans, the Windelo 54 is the brand’s second model. Like the Windelo 50, the Windelo 54 comes in three versions ( Adventure , Yachting , Sport ), which means that we now offer six models in two different sizes.

The Windelo 54 Yachting , a new eco-friendly catamaran model, will be WORLD PREMIERED at the 2022 La Grande Motte International Multihull Show . The first Windelo 54 Yachting, called Zig Zag, will be based in Hyères for the 2022 season and will have a skippered charter program .

windelo 54 yachting

Experience the Windelo 54 launching!

Friday, 25 March 2022, the first Windelo 54 Yachting was launched, and we are so glad to share with you this important day!

windelo 54 yachting

Want to learn more?

Book your private tour of the WINDELO 54 Yachting

at the International Multihull Show in La Grande Motte

from 20 to 24 April 2022.


Windelo is a new conception brand of innovative catamarans. Ecology is at the heart of the company with the ambition to significantly reduce the environmental impact of our boats. A range of 44 to 60 foot catamarans offering sailors the opportunity to sail with pleasure and safety on eco-friendly boats.

In full development, we are hiring a sales manager:

JOB AND MISSIONS: Managed by the director of the company, and in connection with our various services and partners, you are a key player in the launch of this new brand.

Real project manager: 1. You co-build the Windelo sales and services office, 2. You recruit, train, and drive progressively a team of passionate experts, 3. You develop and innovate in the strategy of selling Windelo boats in Europe, 4. You recruit and lead a global network of sales partners, 5. You co-build and animate the company’s service strategy: port mapping places; insurance and financing; training; owner’s manual etc.

YOUR PROFIL 1. Passionate about sailing, you practice regularly, 2. Your sense of service and customer leads you to satisfy your customers every day, 3. You are enthusiastic and motivated to work in a start-up, 4. You have 2 to 5 years’ experience in the sale of boats, 5. Bilingual French – English, you also speak a third language: German, Italian, or Spanish.

EVOLUTIVE JOB Director of sales

AVAILABILITY / PLACE OF WORK 1st Quarter 2019 / Occitanie Region, Canet en Roussillon FRANCE

TYPE OF CONTRACT AND REMUNERATION Permanent contract / fixed to be defined according to experience + variable.

If you are a passionate of sailing and this challenge to participate in the development of a company in full creation arouses your enthusiasm, welcome to send your application by e-mail to:  contact@windelo-catamaran.com


Windelo consiste en la création d’une nouvelle marque de catamarans innovants. L’écologie est au coeur de l’entreprise avec pour ambition de réduire fortement l’impact environnemental de nos bateaux. Une gamme de catamarans de 44 à 60 pieds offrant aux marins la possibilité de naviguer avec plaisir et sécurité sur des bateaux éco responsables.

En plein développement, nous recrutons un(e) responsable des ventes


Managé(e) par le directeur de l’entreprise, et en lien avec nos différents services et partenaires, vous êtes un acteur clefs du lancement de cette nouvelle marque. Véritable chef de projet :

1. Vous co-construisez le bureau des ventes et des services de Windelo, 2. Vous recrutez, formez, et animez progressivement une équipe d’experts passionnés, 3. Vous développez et innovez dans la stratégie de vente des bateaux Windelo en Europe, 4. Vous recrutez et animez un réseau mondial de partenaires de vente, 5. Vous co-construisez et animez la stratégie de service de l’entreprise : mapping des places de port ; assurance et financement ; formation ; entretien ; manuel du propriétaire etc.

VOTRE PROFIL 1. Passionné(e) de nautisme, vous naviguez régulièrement, 2. Votre sens du service et du client vous anime pour satisfaire vos clients au quotidien, 3. Vous êtes enthousiaste et motivé(e) à l’idée de travailler en équipe dans une « start-up », 4. Vous disposez de 2 à 5 ans d’expérience dans la vente de bateaux de plaisance, 5. Bilingue français – anglais, vous maitrisez également une troisième langue : allemand, italien, ou espagnol.

POSTE EVOLUTIF Directeur des ventes

DISPONIBILITÉ / LIEU DE TRAVAIL 1ier Trimestre 2019 / Région Occitanie, Canet en Roussillon FRANCE

TYPE DE CONTRAT ET REMUNERATION CDI Cadre / Fixe à définir selon expérience + variable.

Si vous êtes un(e) passionné(e) de l’univers du nautisme et que ce challenge de participer au développement d’une entreprise en pleine création suscite votre enthousiasme, merci d’adresser votre candidature par e-mail à : contact@windelo-catamaran.com

As part of the creation of new types of catamaran made in Occitanie, an audacious choice of ecological innovation has been selected in partnership with the Materials Center of « Mines d’Alès » (C2MA – IMT MINES ALES) (Gard, France). It’s a question of combining ecological performance in terms of minimizing the environmental footprint and structural resistance, and this, in a global approach of circular economy on all parts of the boat. To do this, and in connection with the IMT MINES ALES, Windelo has relied on the use of secondary raw materials, competitive  virgin petroleum-based materials, that fully comply with the specifications in terms of mechanical performance. This is a real first step to the development of a 2.0 fleet ships fully integrated into the challenges and ecological challenges of the 21st century.

Associated with an ecological approach of circular economy integrating a not insignificant part of competitive secondary raw materials from virgin materials, the architectural design and the resistance of materials on the new Windelo catamarans are mechanically tested in the Materials Center of « Mines d’Alès » (C2MA – IMT MINES ALES) (Gard, France) in connection with the architects and designers of the project. The design of the ship, and in particular the hulls and bows, go through a search for efficient structuring and arranging of materials composing it, combined with a mechanically optimized geometrical assembly. To this end, specific test developments, such as the study of distortion of the structure and of the panels constituating the hull of the ship, are studied by digital image correlation techniques coupled with standardized strength tests.

Founder of Catana

“The cruising program for this new boat raises the question of the antagonism between the search for performance under sail and the pleasure of navigation, and the development of pleasant living spaces. The originality of the answer is provided here in the arrangement of the cockpit bringing together the helm and maneuvers to the center of the boat and in the arrangement of living space that occupies the rear of the nacelle.

Just behind the mast the outer cockpit offers two helm stations protected from the wind and spray, a beautiful view of the sails and bows, and allows to have all the maneuvers on hand while limiting the needs to circulate on the bridge. Out of navigation, the cockpit can be more widely protected from the outside and open to the rear space.

Fully opened behind this cockpit, we have not developed two living spaces duplicating one inside the other but a single large space which is ajustable. We have focused our efforts on the geometry of the material and visual limits of this space and on the opening kinematics of the bays. Once opened, they “disappear” to transform the interior into an exterior. The generosity of these openings also allows to modulate the ventilation of this space by playing on a wide range of opening on its four sides

This work on the modularity and the disappearance of limits is found at the extreme rear of the nacelle, with an articulated platform to the davits transforming it into a floor when anchored, and in the rear cabins, whose wide turning porthole eliminates the angle between side plating and back side. The cabin space is therefore generous despite the relative narrowness of the hulls.

All these choices allow us to combine a contained hold of the nacelle, pledge control of the weight estimate, to a generous living space, with a central part given to navigation and maneuvering. The slenderness of the forward spikes, the significant free height under the platform, and the attention paid to the centering of the masses, complete the marine qualities expected for an offshore navigation program.

The other originality of the project brought by this new construction site is in the approach of “eco-design” on materials and construction. Strongly limiting the use of molds, the latter brings a greater margin of freedom in the variations and evolutions of the boats thus conceived. ”

Christophe Barreau et Frédéric Neuman

Architects and Naval Engineers

Who could know if it is the father or the son who is the most  passionate? It doesn’t matter. The important thing  is to write an innovative project within a family culture, for today and for generations to come. Hand over the guiding light, this is Olivier Kauffmann’s will. “At first I wanted to make my own boat, for me and my family; go on trip around the world living on a  efficient and pleasant catamaran. I dreamed of a new quality of space. Today, the dream has matured, and I want to share it with the great family of sailors. »

Windelo is the desire to expose us to something new, innovative, powerful, bigger than oneself. To seek innovations on materials, techniques of industrialization and uses to impulse a new economic reality. “We want to be part of this transformation related to the respect of our environment, it is for us, essential to work in this respect of men and nature. Men are at the heart of the project with the desire to recruit and form a passionate team, surrounded by experts recognized as the best in their field.

And the innovation doesn’t stop here, because the constructive process makes it possible to envisage fast evolutions from one boat to another while remaining well priced. An ambitious and respectful project ; Welcome to the Windelo adventure.

Dans le cadre de la confection de nouveaux types de catamaran made in Occitanie, un choix audacieux d’innovation écologique a été retenu en partenariat avec le Centre des Matériaux des Mines d’Alès (C2MA – IMT MINES ALES) (Gard). Il s’agit à la fois d’allier performance écologique en termes de minimisation de l’empreinte environnementale et résistance des structures, et ce, dans une démarche globale d’économie circulaire sur l’ensemble des parties du bateau. Pour ce faire, et en lien avec l’IMT MINES ALES, Windelo a misé sur l’utilisation de matières premières secondaires, compétitives des matériaux pétrosourcés vierges, et parfaitement conformes au cahier des charges sur le plan des performances mécaniques. C’est un réel premier pas vers l’élaboration d’une flotte de navires 2.0 s’intégrant complètement dans les enjeux et défis écologiques du XXIème siècle.

Associées à une démarche écologique d’économie circulaire intégrant une part non négligeable de matières premières secondaires concurrentielles des matières vierges, l’architecture de conception et la résistance des matériaux des nouveaux catamarans de Windelo sont éprouvées par des tests mécaniques réalisés au Centre des Matériaux des Mines d’Alès (C2MA – IMT MINES ALES) (Gard) en lien avec les architectes et designers du projet. La conception du navire, et en particulier les bordées et étraves, passe par une recherche de structuration performante de l’agencement des matériaux le composant, combinée à une géométrie d’assemblage optimisée sur le plan mécanique. Pour ce faire, des développements d’essais spécifiques, comme l’étude de la déformation de la structure des panneaux constituant la coque du navire, sont étudiés par des techniques de corrélation d’image numériques couplés à des essais de résistance mécanique normalisés.

La rencontre avec Olivier et Gautier a été une agréable surprise pour moi, dès l’exposé de leur projet, j’ai vu réunis tous les ingrédients d’une réussite, l’expérience de gestion d’entreprises mais avec une modestie rassurante, le souci de former une équipe des meilleurs experts (sourire) et une réelle écoute de leurs avis. Au fil des rencontres, les discussions ont ravivé mes souvenirs de la création puis du développement de Catana. Les mêmes motivations, la même recherche de perfection, la même audace teintée de modestie que nous avions au départ du projet. Windelo est centrée sur le produit ; une ligne de catamarans performants construits avec les techniques les plus modernes. Je n’en avais pas conscience à l’époque mais je crois que le succès d’un bon bateau vient de cette passion pour la mer avec la volonté de marier confort sécurité et performance. Je retrouve ici cette passion, et aujourd’hui ce qui a fini de me conquérir c’est le souci de préservation de la nature, tant dans les matériaux choisis que dans les méthodes de production.

Le programme de grande croisière auquel se destine ce nouveau bateau pose la question de l’antagonisme entre d’une part la recherche de performances sous voiles et du plaisir de navigation, et d’autre part l’aménagement d’espaces de vie agréables et généreux. L’originalité de la réponse apportée ici réside dans la disposition du cockpit rassemblant poste de barre et manœuvres au centre du bateau et dans le traitement de l’espace de vie qui occupe l’arrière de la nacelle. Juste en arrière du mât le cockpit extérieur offre deux postes de barre protégés du vent et des embruns, une belle vue sur les voiles et sur les étraves, et permet d’avoir l’ensemble des manœuvres à portée de main tout en limitant les besoins de circuler sur le pont. Hors navigation, le cockpit peut être plus largement protégé de l’extérieur et s’ouvrir sur l’espace arrière. De plein pied en arrière de ce cockpit, nous n’avons pas aménagé deux espaces de vie dupliqués l’un à l’intérieur et l’autre à l’extérieur mais un seul grand espace dont le degré d’ouverture est très largement modulable. Nous avons porté notre effort sur la géométrie des limites matérielles et visuelles de cet espace et sur les cinématiques d’ouverture des baies. Une fois ouvertes elles « disparaissent » pour transformer l’intérieur en extérieur. La générosité des ouvrants permet également de moduler la ventilation de cet espace en jouant sur une large gamme d’ouverture sur ses quatre côtés Ce travail sur la modularité et sur la disparition des limites se retrouve à l’extrême arrière de la nacelle, avec une plateforme articulée aux bossoirs se transformant en plancher au mouillage, et dans les cabines arrières dont le large hublot tournant fait « sauter » l’angle entre bordé latéral et face arrière. L’espace de cabine est donc généreux malgré la relative étroitesse des coques. L’ensemble de ces choix nous permet de conjuguer une emprise contenue de la nacelle, gage de maîtrise du devis de poids, à un espace à vivre généreux, avec une place centrale accordée à la navigation et aux manœuvres. L’élancement des pointes avant, l’importante hauteur libre sous nacelle, et l’attention portée au centrage des masses, complètent les qualités marines attendues pour un programme de navigation hauturière. L’autre originalité du projet apportée par ce nouveau chantier se trouve dans l’approche d’« éco-conception » portant sur les matériaux et le mode constructif. Limitant fortement le recours aux moules ce dernier apporte une plus grande marge de liberté dans les déclinaisons et évolutions des bateaux ainsi conçus.

Qui sait lequel du père ou du fils est le plus passionné ? Peu importe. L’important ici est d’écrire un projet innovant au sein d’une culture familiale, pour aujourd’hui et les générations à venir. Passer le flambeau, le relais ; c’est la volonté d’Olivier Kauffmann. « Au début je voulais me faire mon propre bateau, pour ma famille et moi ; partir faire un tour du monde sur un catamaran performant et plaisant à vivre. Je rêvais à une qualité d’espace inédite. Aujourd’hui, l’envie a mûrit, et je tiens à le partager avec la grande famille des marins ».

Windelo c’est l’envie de s’exposer à quelque chose de nouveau, d’innovant, de performant, de plus grand que soi. Aller chercher des innovations sur des matériaux, des techniques d’industrialisation, des usages et impulser une nouvelle réalité économique. « Nous voulons faire partie de cette transformation liée au respect de notre environnement, c’est pour nous indispensable d’œuvrer dans ce respect des hommes et de la nature. Les hommes sont au cœur du projet avec la volonté de recruter et former une équipe de passionnés, entourés d’experts reconnus comme les meilleurs dans leur domaine ».

Et l’innovation ne s’arrête pas là, car le process constructif permet d’envisager des évolutions rapides d’un bateau à un autre tout en restant bien placé en prix. Projet ambitieux et respectueux, bienvenu(e) dans l’aventure Windelo.




    windelo 54 yachting


    windelo 54 yachting


    windelo 54 yachting


    windelo 54 yachting


    windelo 54 yachting

  6. 2023 Windelo 54 Adventure Catamaranes y trimaranes en venta

    windelo 54 yachting


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    WINDELO 54 - discover our new owner interview! Bigger sister of the Windelo 50, the Windelo 54 is a blue water cruising catamaran designed by architect duo Christophe Barreau and Fréderic Neuman. Our Windelo 54 catamarans are environmentally-friendly, seaworthy, and designed for long-distance cruising. One of the significant differences with ...

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    Zig Zag: Windelo 54 Yachting B Cube: Windelo 54 Adventure. Summary. The Windelo 54 builds on the success of her smaller sister and delivers more performance, space and comfort with all of the ECO credentials that this French manufacturer has become famous for: a true market leader. She should prove a popular choice for sailors looking for a ...

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  6. Windelo 54 Yachting

    We were able to discover the Windelo 54 Yachting at this year's International Multihull Show at La Grande-Motte in the South of France back in April. In her gray livery, the catamaran looks great: she picks up on the design of the 50 with narrow but tall hulls, bows noticeably reversed and imposing nacelle windows that are all vertical.

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    The Windelo 54 is produced by the brand Windelo Catamaran since 2022. Windelo 54 is a 16.24 meters sailing cruising multihull with 3 guest cabins and a draft of 1.05 meters. The yacht has a fiberglass / grp hull with a CE certification class (A) and can navigate in the open ocean. The base price of a new Windelo 54 is €1.3 million.

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    The Windelo 54 Yachting is 16.24 m long (54 ft) and weighs 12.8 metric tonnes offering exceptional comfort to performance ratio. It has very slim hulls, pronounced inverted bows, and a nacelle positioned further aft, helping it cut through the sea and improving performance by 10% in relation to the Windelo 50.

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    Available in three versions: Yachting; Sport (lighter); Adventure (Upgraded hull protections, optional centerboards or fixed fin keels). Displacement above is Lightship Sail area: -Main: 99 m² / 1.066.3 ft² -Foresail: 45 m² / 484.4 ft² -Gennaker: 190 m² / 2,045 ft²

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    Today, Windelo, a yacht brand has 3 yachts available for purchase on YachtWorld. This collection encompasses 2 newly built vessels as well as 1 pre-owned yachts, with all listings, handled by yacht brokers, primarily concentrated in United States and Spain. Models currently listed on YachtWorld differ in size and length from 50 feet to 54 feet.

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    Windelo 54 Yacting. 78. ... The Yachting version is the deluxe version that offers owners the widest range of customizations. Top-quality materials are used with detailed trims. We have paid special attention to the comfort of the accommodations (thickness of cushions, feel of fabrics, etc.) ...

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    2025 Windelo 54. ***JUST CATAMARANS IS THE EXCLUSIVE WINDELO US DEALER***. Big sister of the Windelo 50, the Windelo 54 is a blue water cruising catamaran designed by architect duo Christophe Barreau and Fréderic Neuman. Our Windelo 54 catamarans are environmentally friendly, seaworthy, and designed for long-distance cruising.

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    Join us on a test sail on Zig Zag, a Windelo 54 Yachting! This is a detailed look at this Eco performance catamaran that we filmed near Hyères in the South o...


    Our Windelo 54 catamarans are environmentally-friendly, seaworthy, and designed for long-distance cruising. One of the significant differences with the Windelo 50 is the length of the floats, which are nearly 120 cm longer than those of the Windelo 50; 60 cm of this extra space is around the nacelle, making life on board much more pleasant and ...

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    Euro €1,397,247 Available to order; base price. Introducing the Windelo 54 Eco-Friendly Sailing Catamaran... 38 South Yacht Sales is proud to be the exclusive Australian & New Zealand agent for the new and environmentally friendly Windelo eco-catamarans made in the south of France. Bigger sister of the Windelo 50, the Windelo 54 is a blue ...

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    New 2022 Windelo 54 Yachting for sale is located in Canet-en-Roussillon (Occitania, France). This vessel was designed and built by the Windelo shipyard in 2022. Key features 2022 Windelo 54 Yachting: length 16.46 meters, beam 7.98 meters and max boat draft 2.35 meters. Hull key features 2022 Windelo 54 Yachting: hull material - other material.

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    We have a treat for you! Embark aboard Zig Zag (our Windelo 54 Yachting) for a short but sweet sailing trip! Watch her breaking through the splashing waves! ...

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    The Windelo 54 Yachting, a new eco-friendly catamaran model, will be WORLD PREMIERED at the 2022 La Grande Motte International Multihull Show. The first Windelo 54 Yachting, called Zig Zag, will be based in Hyères for the 2022 season and will have a skippered charter program.