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dinghygo,sailing inflatables Nestaway Boats

£ 1,000.00 – £ 4,500.00

3,750.00 Original price was: £3,750.00. 3,500.00Current price is: £3,500.00.

In stock

4,350.00 Original price was: £4,350.00. 3,950.00Current price is: £3,950.00.

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4,950.00 Original price was: £4,950.00. 4,500.00Current price is: £4,500.00.

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In stock (can be backordered)

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DinghyGo make innovative inflatable dinghies that can be motored, rowed, AND SAILED. Unlike some previous sailing inflatables, the deep central daggerboard (keel) means they make good progress to windward, and they have all been designed to be quick and easy to assemble.

dinghygo,sailing inflatables Nestaway Boats

Place deposit now to receive your exciting new inflatable sailing boat in May 2024. The latest (2024) Orca models all have tough high-pressure dropstitch fabric floors with V-shaped underwater sections at the bow, for even better sailing performance than previous models. The tubes are built from German-made Valmex material, put together by one of the largest inflatable boat manufacturers in the world.

When used without the rig, DinghyGo boats also work well as great quality inflatables for everyday use, with excellent stability, huge carrying capacity and the ability to plane under power, using motors up to 6hp. They have proven popular in both the yacht tender market, and as ultra-portable sailing craft for the motorhome and camping markets.

DinghyGo inflatables are available in three sizes:

  • the Orca 280 , at 2.8m (9ft 2″) long
  • the Orca 325 , at 3.25m (10ft 7″) long
  • the Orca 375 , at 3.75m (12ft 3″) long

See SPECIFICATION for size comparisons and features.

Nestaway Boats Ltd is the exclusive UK distributor for DinghyGo products.

dinghygo,sailing inflatables Nestaway Boats

Storage and Transport

The sailing rigs have sectional aluminium spars, such that the packed length is only 125cm (4ft 2″). The hull bag is shorter still, so it shouldn’t be difficult to find somewhere to store your DinghyGo, whether it’s on a yacht (in a locker, down a quarter berth); in a motor home (on a spare bunk, or in rear “garage” if available); or at home (shed, garage, perhaps even an under-stair cupboard!). As for transport, here you can see the two packed bags for a DinghyGo Nomad 275 (very similar to the current Orca 280), together with an outboard, in the back of a VW Golf hatchback. NB These were “real world” packed sizes, not vacuum-packed from the factory! The compression straps on the hull bag aid greatly with expelling the air from the hull.

This ability to fit in two compact bags makes them “the world’s most portable sailing craft“ . The heaviest package (which is the 9ft hull) is only 26kg: most adults can lift that on their own, and it’s easy for two.


The DinghyGo is a high quality, well-built general-purpose inflatable dinghy that can be rowed, motored and sails remarkably well. Many UK customers will be reminded of the popular Tinker Tramp & Traveller range – DinghyGo is their spiritual successor. But the sailing rig is much quicker and easier to set up, as it doesn’t require any supporting wires. Design/materials move on: we actually think it’s a better general purpose dinghy/tender, too – and it’s significantly lighter (275/9ft compared with Tinker Tramp). The centre thwart and mast support can be left out on days you don’t want or need the sailing rig, leaving more internal space. (The daggerboard case rolls down and seals, like a drybag.)

DinghyGo sailing dinghies are rated Category D, ie: Wind Conditions up to force 4 on the Beaufort scale (max 28kmph); and significant Wave Heights up to 0.3m with occasional waves of up to 0.5m (eg from passing vessels). A self-bailer is fitted in the transom, to empty out any spray etc you may take on board while motoring at speed.

“Not since the renowned Tinker range of sailing inflatables disappeared some years ago has there been such a multi-functional dinghy available for use as a tender.”


dinghygo,sailing inflatables Nestaway Boats

How can we help?

We understand there is a lot of information to digest when trying to decide which product is for you. We have a lot of knowledge in this space and would love to help you make an impartial, informed decision.

Email: [email protected] or Phone: 0800 999 2535

Additional Info & Advice

dinghygo,sailing inflatables Nestaway Boats

Customer Photos of DinghyGo – from the Caribbean!

dinghygo,sailing inflatables Nestaway Boats

The Nestaway Boats Electric Outboard Guide

dinghygo,sailing inflatables Nestaway Boats

Nestaway Exhibitions 2024

Dinghygo specifications.

dinghygo,sailing inflatables Nestaway Boats

What size do I need?

  • the Orca 280, at 2.8m (9ft 2″) long
  • the Orca 325, at 3.25m (10ft 7″) long
  • the Orca 375, at 3.75m (12ft 3″) long

All sail surprisingly well for sailing inflatables but the sailing performance improves as you go up the size range:

  • The Orca 280 is an updated version of the popular (earlier model) Nomad 275, a good all-rounder and often chosen by yacht crews seeking a practical tender (capable of carrying four adults in motoring mode) with an added element of fun. For 2021 this comes with a new 4.8m sail (reefable down to 3.9m), enhancing light airs performance.
  • The Orca 325 steps things up a bit, with a taller rig, 5.6m sail, and a proportionately more slender hull.
  • And lastly the Orca 375, with the same beam (width) but nearly another 2ft longer, is more streamlined still, and the only model to feature a jib (front sail), total sail area 5.9m.

What is included?

DinghyGo prices include: Sailing rig (mast, boom, sail, daggerboard, rudder etc), oars, seat, pump, repair kit.

UK Mainland delivery £65

dinghygo,sailing inflatables Nestaway Boats

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dinghygo,sailing inflatables Nestaway Boats

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Yachting Monthly

  • Digital edition

Yachting Monthly cover

Best portable sailing dinghies for under £5k

  • Katy Stickland
  • July 29, 2020

We put six portable sailing dinghies under £5,000 to the test to see which one is the best all-rounder and really deserves a place on your boat

Testing inflatable sailing dinghies at Lymington

Six inflatable sailing dinghies were tested by the team

Dinghy Go Nomad3 & Dinghy Go Orca

Dinghy Go Orca

Slightly more length makes the Dinghy Go Orca a better tender with a greater load-carrying capacity

Dinghy Go has become something of a market leader in the inflatable sailing tender field.

The Nomad was its first boat to come to market, now on its third iteration with tweaks to the design over the years.

The Orca is a newer offering from the company and is larger than the Nomad with a more pronounced vee in the hull and a larger sail.

Dinghy Go Nomad 3 under sail

The sail of the Dinghy Go Nomad 3 is just the right size to be easy to handle for children but lacks power upwind

Both sailing dinghies came with oars that attach to either side tube via a robust plastic attachment and which stow along the side tubes.

The Dinghy Go products both felt 
well thought-out and clearly have benefitted from plenty of time in development to create a product that attempts to be as versatile as possible.

Dinghy Go Nomad 3 specifications

Price: £2,750 Length: 2.75m Beam: 1.5m Total weight: 48kg Biggest bag dimensions: 120cm x 43cm x 22cm Assembly time: 21 min

Dinghy Go Orca specifications – Best on test all round tender

Price: £3,250 Length: 3.25m Beam: 1.5m Total weight: 51kg Biggest bag dimensions: 120cm x 41cm x 26cm Assembly time: 21 min Website: www.dinghygo.com

Dinghy Go Nomad3 & Dinghy Go Orca set-up

The set-up process for both boats is almost identical.

The hulls are inflated and there is a thwart that slides along two rubber mounting points via a groove in the side of the fibreglass seat.

Both sailing dinghies have an in-built mast slot at the bow and both have a mast foot, which 
is added during the setup process.

Although the Orca is bigger than the Nomad and can carry an extra person – optimistically quoted as five by the manufacturer to the Nomad’s four – the additional size is all in her length with both featuring the same beam.

It does also carry a significantly larger sail – 5.2m2 compared to 3.7m2.

All this means that the Orca is sold as a sportier version but we suspect most will be purchasing her for the increased space, either for people or luggage.

Dinghy Go Orca

The centreboard is held by the thwart and exits through a soft gaiter, which can be rolled away like a dry bag when not in use

Crucially, however, both sailing dinghies require the same process 
for setting up and both came in at 
21 minutes.

Again there was a representative on site, so their 21-minute setup time is an accurate reflection of time to set up on the second or third go, once you have learned the tricks.

There are a few details that need to 
be done in a specific order.

Like the Seal, the thwart needs to be installed at mid inflation, as does the mast foot.

Though the thwart can theoretically be installed while the boat is deflated, the mast foot really needs doing at the mid-point.

It seems there is scope to fully inflate forgetting about this and therefore a need to deflate again to get her ready.

Dinghy Go Nomad3 & Dinghy Go Orca test

The Nomad 3 sails relatively well but feels rather more like a rowing-and-motoring tender with a sail.

As such, her upwind performance leaves a bit to be desired and she generates 
a significant amount of leeway.

This isn’t a major issue and she sails along well but making significant headway to weather is a slightly slow process.

For sailing around in a harbour or off the beach she works well enough.

Dinghy Go Orca under sail

The sail on the Dinghy Go Orca is probably a touch far forward relative to the daggerboard, giving lee helm

With a bigger sail area and more aggressively veed hull, we were keen to see if the Orca could deliver more performance and make her a more viable option for ship-to-shore under sail alone.

Results were mixed. The Orca does make better headway to weather, but carries a lot of lee helm.

She is 50cm longer than the Nomad, and it seems much of this additional length has been added forward of the thwart and daggerboard.

With the increased sail area and the mast still 
at the bow, the Orca has become a little unbalanced with too much sail in front of the daggerboard.

It takes some getting used to, 
but she does go to windward better than her smaller counterpart.

Under motor

Both sailing dinghies performed well under engine.

Though neither reached the speeds achieved by the Seal or the Seahopper they felt like reliable tenders.

The increased vee in the Orca gave her a touch more directional stability than the Nomad.

A Dinghy Go Nomad 3 operated under engine

The Nomad3 performs predictably and is comfortable under engine

You could happily motor across an anchorage or up a river on either boat.

The Orca’s increased length will certainly make her a touch drier in more wavy conditions and with extra space for luggage and passengers she comes out on top.

Both Dinghy Go options rowed very well.

As relatively lightweight inflatables they obviously suffered from headwinds and crosswinds more than a traditional tender might.

We thought the oars might feel a little lightweight when in use, but both they and the retaining clips were sturdy enough to get the job done without any fuss.

The Dinghy Go’s setup of aluminium boom and mast means it is not really possible to row with the rig still in the boat, so these need to be dropped before you start rowing in earnest.

As a tender to row and motor with an option 
to sail both models work well.

There are some frustrations in sailing these sailing dinghies, but these are relatively minor issues that you will get used 
to over time.

However, their principal role is 
as a tender, and they perform well in 
this department.

Given the very minor difference in weight (3kg) and size when packed (rig bags are the same size and the boat bag for the Orca is a couple of cm larger in length, width and depth) beyond the price we would say there is little reason to go for the Nomad over the Orca.

  • 1. How we tested the portable sailing dinghies
  • 3. Seal (prototype)
  • 4. Seahopper Kondor
  • 5. MiniCat Guppy
  • 6. Dinghy Go Nomad3 & Dinghy Go Orca
  • 7. Also on the market

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  • DinghyGo shop


  • Pricelist/Brochure
  • DinghyGo FAQ
  • Instruction videos
  • Testsailing

orca inflatable sailboat

DinghyGo Orca 280

dinghygo inflaitable dinghy

The Orca 280 is the smallest version within our DinghyGo programme with a sail area of 4.8 m². The hull is completely welded at all seams. The high-pressure floor is integrated in the hull.

DinghyGo Orca 325

dinghygo inflaitable dinghy

The new Orca 325 meets the demand for a larger boat than the Orca 280. With its 3.25 m, the Orca 325 is rightfully a BIG boat with lots of space and sporty sailing characteristics.

DinghyGo Orca 375

dinghygo inflaitable dinghy

The Orca 375 is a large family boat equipped with a jib, so fun for the whole family. Like all Orca models, the 375 also comes with you in two handy bags and is completely assembled in 20 minutes.

DinghyGo, the inflatable sailing dinghy

The Friesland Watersport DinghyGo inflatable sailing boat offers maximum sailing pleasure and freedom.

Because of its flexibility you can take it anywhere, to sail, row or use it with an outboard engine.

The DinghyGo’s can be easily and quickly packed small and can be taken along in your car, caravan, camper or boat without any problems.

So that arriving at your destination is only a matter of minutes before you are ready to sail. Unpack, inflate and put up the rig ! Whether you are a beginner or an accomplished water sports enthusiast, every DinghyGo inflatable sailboat sails like a real sailboat, and is easy to handle.

Whether you are a beginner or an accomplished water sports enthusiast, every DinghyGo inflatable sailboat sails like a real sailboat, and is easy to handle.

Maximum sailing pleasure

The advantage of DinghyGo, the inflatable sailboat, is that you can use it as both a sailing boat or a dinghy and that you can easily take it anywhere.

DinghyGo offers sailing pleasure for 1 to 6 people, depending on the model and use under sail or with an outboard.

Spacious, comfortable and safe

You can comfortably sail, row or use an outboard motor.

The sailing rig has a divisible mast and boom and is equipped with the most important control lines: a vang, outhaul and a mainsheet.

With the generously dimensioned centerboard, the boat sails well to windward (points well) and the great buoyancy of the tubes gives you unprecedented stability, comfort and safety.

The seat is removable, after which the flexible daggerboard box can be rolled up (watertight), creating maximum space when using an outboard motor.

Simple to use

In less than 20 minutes you can unpack, inflate and rig your DinghyGo:

  • .Unpack bags.
  • Inflate boat and install mast foot panel, seat and paddles.
  • Slide the mast and boom parts together, pull the sail over the mast and place it in the boat.
  • Put the boom on the mast and attach the sail to the back of the boom.
  • Attach the rudder, put the daggerboard in the daggerboard box…. and you are ready for the DinghyGo experience!

Easy to transport

In just two carrying bags of 120 and 100 cm long, your DinghyGo can easily be carried in the car, camper, caravan or on board your yacht.

In short, DinghyGo is the ideal inflatable, portable, durable (sailing) dinghy and tender.

accessories pump

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  • White Water Raft 12′
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Inflatable Sport Boats

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Killer Whale 10.8′

Shark 9.8 sport boat aluminum floor dinghy sport boat

Product Information

$ 1,899.99 Original price was: $1,899.99. $ 1,699.99 Current price is: $1,699.99.

USA Delivered Price | Free Shipping

Inflatable Sport Boat Killer Whale 10.8′ aluminum floor model is our “Flag Ship” Sport Boat. Handles 5 people or 1260 lbs and up to a 15 HP motor. This boat has all the bells and whistles. Everything you could ask for in a dinghy.

Have Questions? Call us  (530) 268-4757


Dinghy features.

[checklist style=”bullet”]

  • The sleek white contoured design was created by nautical engineers for rear buoyancy and faster planing at takeoff. The thick .9 mm, 1100 denier reinforced PVC material is UV, oil stain, and puncture resistant.
  • “Easy Planing” extended rear pontoons and transom area allows for more maximum weight and larger motors with balanced stability.
  • The 24 mm easy slide solid aluminum floor and seats are stronger, lighter, easier to clean and environmentally friendly in comparison to marine plywood.
  • All seams are WELDED and guaranteed to last in fresh and salt water; eliminating the use of problematic glued seams and nose cones.
  • Product ships COMPLETE . Includes: removable seat cushion and bag ($80 value) / 1 aluminum bench seat / 2 aluminum oars with lock-in holders / carry & storage bag / foot pump / and repair kit.
  • USCG approved. Manufacturer Certification of Origin for boat registration is included in manual and 3 year manufacturer limited warranty. Designed in California, U.S.A based company.


Inflatable Boat Aluminum Floor Dimensions

[checklist style=”arrow”]

Model: SB-330 – Killer Whale 10.8′

Length: 10 ft 8 in, tube diameter: 18 in, inflated width: 5 ft 3 in, chambers: 3, max power : 15 hp, load: 1268 lbs, max persons: 5, boat deflated in carry bag for storage: 80 lbs; 44 x 24 x 11 inches., aluminum floor: 35 lbs. (5 floor pieces and 4 side rails), aluminum accessories: 2 oars – 6 lbs; one bench seat – 4 lbs., box dimensions: 146 lbs; 47 x 25 x 16 inches., inflatable sport boats mission.

Inflatable Sport boats have a multifaceted purpose in both fresh and saltwater environments around the world. These inflatable dinghy tender sport boats are built tough for rough ocean water, emergency situations, tendering, fishing, or even on a calm pond. Regardless of how you use your dinghy, you can rely on the quality and durability of your Inflatable Sport Boat. We stand behind the quality of our Sport Boats and guarantee our 3 year warranty.

Inflatable Dinghy – Industry Leading Specs

Inflatable Sport Boat’s are your “All Sport Dinghy” designed by nautical experts for optimal performance and durability. Providing the industry’s best specs for all inflatable tender dinghy sport boats. Industry leading: Larger diameter tubes, “Easy Planing” extended 30″ rear pontoons, reinforced transom, entirely welded seams and 9 mm 1100 denier thick PVC material with no problematic nose cones. The intention is to eliminate the problematic areas on dinghies; glued material, transom, and nose cones. Your Inflatable Sport Boat will provide you with multiple years of use.

Inflatable Sport Boats can be propelled manually or motorized. Compatible with either 2 or 4 stroke motors; 15″ short shaft outboards (recommended) and 20″ long shaft. All Inflatable Sport Boats have been USCG rated and approved. In addition, all boats are registered and include the proper paperwork for boat registration in owners manual. Each boat has it’s own unique HIN number for registration and warranty purposes.

Tags: inflatable sport boat, inflatable boat, inflatable dinghy, inflatable zodiac boat, portable boat, yacht tender, inflatable tender, sail boat tender, yacht dinghy, dinghy boat, inflatable fishing boat, fishing boat, fishing dinghy

inflatable sport boats spec sheet per model dinghy

Additional information

Weight 146 lbs
Dimensions 47 × 24 × 17 in

9 reviews for Killer Whale 10.8′

' src=

john bardeau (verified owner) – July 26, 2017

I recently purchased the Killer Whale and matched it up with a Mercury 9.9 hp engine. This boat is very nicely built and the standard equipment is impressive. At full throttle it hits 20 mph which is quite fast on a small boat. I had some issues getting the trim and weight distribution correct in order to plane with two people and the customer support was absolutely awsome. I love this boat and, if you have had other boats with trailers and storage fees, you will save lots of money over time. I also want to mention that you will feel safer compared to a similar size aluminum boat because are can’t swamp this boat in large waves. When taking longer jonts, we don’t worry about the weather getting bad, we just take it slow. You won’t be dissapointed!!!

' src=

Jerry Reilly (verified owner) – August 12, 2018

Got the Killer Whale in early July and have used it 6 times. We live on the South Shore of Long Island NY. Added a 9.8 Tohatsu and this makes a perfect combination for fishing, crabbing or just plain cruising. Boat is very stable, planes easily and quite roomy not to mention standout good looking. I highly recommend the boat to all sightseers that stop over to look at it. PS: I put the Newport 11 foot cover on it and fits like a glove.

' src=

Dan Sitarz – August 14, 2018

We have owned many dinghys over the years [Avon, Zodiac, Walkers Bay, etc.]. We own an Inflatable Sports Killer Whale 10’8″ and are very impressed with the quality and design. The designers obviously put a lot of thought into this boat-from the placement of the carrying handles to the quality of the aluminum floor to the heat-welded seams. It was easy to assemble and easy to put away. It planed very easily with a 9.8 Tohatsu with an additional load of 450#. So far, this is the best dinghy we have owned. Customer service has also been very helpful. Very nice.

' src=

Robert Hansen – November 3, 2018

I bought the Killer Whale and added a 9.9 HP Mercury as my dinghy on a 53′ Hatteras. Due to river flooding, I had to use it right away to ferry provisions and was very pleased. It can carry quite a bit. One note to make is that it only comes with one seat, even though most of the pictures show two. I will buy the additional seat, but wish it had been more explicitly stated so that I could have bought it when I ordered the boat. Overall though, I am very happy with the purchase. Packaging and delivery was great. Installation wasn’t too bad, make sure you don’t inflate it too much prior to installing the floor.

' src=

Ronald Kutrieb – April 29, 2019

Excellent boat and customer service

My Killer Whale 10.8′ – Model 330 has been an excellent tender for my sailboat. The aluminum floor is a great feature offering stability and a solid feel to to the boat. Their customer service is very responsive. They produce a Bill of Sale and a Certificate of Origin a year after I bought it which was needed to register the boat in my state.”

' src=

Richard C Pond – June 3, 2019

Fantastic inflatable! Bought it last summer for use in Maine running between Islands. Incredibly stable, not afraid to take it anywhere. Customer service was or has been awesome. Putting floor in is much easier with two people.

' src=

Pam S. (verified owner) – June 10, 2019

We purchased the Killer Whale to replace our 12 year old Achilles. We took it on our maiden voyage on a windy day along the south end of the Detroit River/ western Lake Erie. The boat handled the rough water beautifully and with two adults it easily got on plane with a modified 9.9 Mercury. We were originally really impressed with the boats specs, and made our final decision to purchase this vs others that were similar due to the thickness of the floor boards and seat. The specs list the thickness as 24mm, which is false, the thickness is the same as other brands & only 12mm. The boat is actually 11’2″ not 10’8″. We ordered the additional storage bag which was not in the box when delivered. Eric at SB contacted us immediately to let us know it was being mailed. The company was awesome as far as answering questions and knowing their product. The transaction was an easy purchase and to register in Michigan. All in all we are very pleased with the boat, I would highly recommend and would purchase again.

' src=

Steve – October 14, 2022

Awesome boat! Rugged, stable and easy to put together! Light enough Kel and I can load/unload it. The floor makes all the difference with our dog. Wife and lab approved! Don’t hesitate, order today! And ask for Eric!

' src=

Michael N – July 2, 2023

The killer whale 10.8ft boat is very reliable and well constructed. it out preforms other brands with construction and quality. I’m on the water for weeks to months at a time. You can depend on this boat when it really counts.

Add a review Cancel reply

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The Power Egg Inflator is designed to inflate your Inflatable Sport Boat.

Power Egg Inflator 110V

The Power Egg Inflator is designed to inflate your Inflatable Sport Boat.

Bow triangle bag for inflatable boat bow storage

Bow Triangle Storage Bag

Bow storage bag for your inflatable boat. Great anchors, belongings, pumps, and documents. Bag hovers above the aluminum floorboard keeping everything dry inside.

aluminum floor bag

Aluminum Carry Storage Floor Bag

Carry and storage bag for your inflatable boat aluminum flooring.

inflatable sport boat bench seat

Aluminum Slide on Bench Seat

Aluminum bench seat with slide on attachments for inflatable sport boats. two different sizes to choose from 85cm and 95cm., related products.

Manta Ray 8.8 sport boat dinghy sport boat

Manta Ray 8.8′

Inflatable sport boat manta ray 8.8' aluminum floor model is the perfect dinghy for getting from place to place. perfect size for a family of 4. as steady as a bigger dinghy because of the durable aluminum floor, large 16 inch tubes, and extended rear pontoons. quality, convenient, loaded with accessories..

inflatable sport boats white water raft 12 foot

12ft White Water Raft

Inflatable sport boat's white water raft 12 foot boat..

White Marlin 9.8 sport boat EVA style dinghy sport boat

White Marlin 9.8′ Air Floor

The white marlin 9.8' air floor model dinghy is your sailboat's best friend. this air floor yacht tender inflates in 8 mins and is on the water. deflates in minutes down to a manageable 70 lbs, 4ft by 2ft carry bag.  handles 5 people and up to a 15 hp motor. enjoy the ease of the ridged air floor and smooth ride., new for 2022: 2 styles of air floor, style 1:  pvc air floor only.  blow out sale $1499 , style 2: eva teak foam decking 2-n-1: teak foam side reversible to the pvc side..

inflatable sport boat dinghy aluminum floor

Aluminum FLOOR for 270, 300, 330

Same aluminum floor that is used in the manta ray 8.8', shark 9.8', and killer whale 10.8' models. this aluminum floor will fit all inflatable sport boat models depending on the length. this gives inflatable sport boat owners the option to have both style floors for their boat or replace an old floor..


ISUP Kayak Seat Attachment

Turn your ISUP Sport Board AIRBO 10.6' into a kayak in minutes. Easily attach your seat, shorten your paddle, & your now sitting high in the water kayaking.

Shark 9.8 sport boat dinghy sport boat

Shark 9.8′

Inflatable sport boat shark 9.8' aluminum floor model dinghy is loaded and comes with 2 bench seats. handles 5 people and up to a 15 hp motor. great size yacht tender or recreational inflatable boat for all your needs..

Swordfish 10.8 sport boat EVA style dinghy sport boat

Swordfish 10.8′ Air Floor 2-n-1 EVA Floor

Inflatable sport boat's swordfish 10.8' air floor model dinghy is the first inflatable sport boat model to have eva foam teak decking installed on the air floor. the foam teak floor gives you added protection, stability, grip, and comfort. the swordfish dinghy is our largest air floor dinghy. handles 5 people and up to a 15 hp motor..

Dolphin 8.8 sport boat EVA style

Dolphin “Air Floor” 8.8′

USA Delivered Price | Free Shipping 

The Inflatable Sport Boat Dolphin 8.8' air floor EVA model is i ncredibly portable and easy to assemble in minutes. Unfold, blow up, and go within 8 minutes! Designed for boaters that need portability and want to assemble regularly. The inflatable air floor is very rigid, steady, and can handle 4 people or 1070 lbs. Handles up to a 10 HP motor.

dinghy seat bag

Sport Boat Seat Cushion and Bag

The most convenient detachable bag and comfortable seat cushion . One included with each  Inflatable Sport Boat .

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Best sailing tender: get a buzz from your boat or boot

  • Toby Hodges
  • July 13, 2022

Want some easy, fun sailing this summer? launched from your yacht or car, the latest sailing tender ideas give that instant sailing buzz. Toby Hodges and Sam Fortescue report

orca inflatable sailboat

While we all crave as much helming pleasure as possible from our cruising yachts, the reality is that after making realistic space, volume and budget compromises, they may not always be that exhilarating on the helm. But once you reach a destination or anchorage, what’s to stop you, your friends or kids getting your hands-on tiller-sailing fix if you can stow the right sailing tender aboard?

You could argue that the development of lightweight, modular or inflatable dinghies in recent years has solved a headache for some yacht owners – now they can go for extra volume, or switch to a multihull perhaps, safe in the knowledge they can get the spray-in-the-face dinghy experience from a tender or toy once anchored.

Stowage space, whether on deck, on davits or in a locker, governs what options are available. In the past the choice has fallen into three categories: a rowing dinghy you can sail, a nesting dinghy, or a sailing inflatable (such as the Tinker Tramp). And while these categories haven’t necessarily changed, the design and technology lately has made the products immeasurably more appealing!

The ability to stow a quick-to-rig toy in the boot or on the roof of the car, has also unlocked the potential to explore a multitude of different sailing waters easily. These designs have brought to sailing what inflatable paddleboards have brought to watersports.

Best sailing tender

orca inflatable sailboat

For cruising sailors, this could be an ideal solution: a stable, lightweight tender that will sail well too

OC Sailing Tender

This has been at the top of my wishlist for tenders for some time, but now the family-run New Zealand company has come out with a rig for this lightweight composite boat that has just doubled the appeal.

OC Tenders was developed by experienced cruising sailors who were after a dry, stable, maintenance-free tender which is light enough to pull up a beach. A wide hull shape with plumb bow and flat run provides stability and volume and early planing ability, while foam sandwich construction makes it solid (puncture free) and light enough to carry. These also happen to be key elements for many modern performance sailing dinghy designs.

OC Tenders is unveiling a new Sailing Tender version this year, a kit which transforms two of its existing tenders into sailing dinghies. The main difference is a centreboard case which attaches to the thwart with a mast step below, neither of which can be removed, but only add 6kg weight. The rest of the sailing components are stored in bags which fit inside the tender, including a 6m mast in two sections, boom (both in 30% carbon), centreboard, rudder, hiking straps and 7.5m2 sail.

OC has a video of the tender surfing along and another of how easy it is to right it if you capsize. The boats weighs 68kg for the 3.3m or 74kg for the 3.5m, while the sailing components add just 15kg. Both are also available in carbon versions (a NZ$4,000 upgrade). The slight catch may be the cost, and that it’s a small company with low production run and high demand.

Price: OC330 from NZ$23,500 (circa £12,000).

Buy it now from octenders

orca inflatable sailboat

Reverso Air is quick to get on the plane. Photo: Armand Dayde

Reverso Air

It may be a nesting dinghy, but there’s nothing clinker-built about the Reverso Air. From the outset, the team behind this pocket beast of a boat were focused on performance, and that is what you get in spades. It has been clocked at 16 knots and readily takes to the plane, surfing down anything from harbour chop to long swell.

Reverso is built in Brittany using advanced composite construction. The 3.40m hull is infused in honeycomb sandwich, for stiffness and light weight, and carbon reinforcing is added where the loads are greatest, such as the mast step. The mast itself is a tube of high-modulus carbon fibre weighing just under 3kg, and the sail is 7m2 of high-tech membrane from Incidence.

Part of the stellar performance comes from the hull shape, designed by Charles Bertrand. A broad beam, flat bottom and deep chines provide stability for sailing with kids and a great platform for planing when a gust blows. “It is the lightness of the boat which makes it fast and efficient, allowing it to accelerate quickly,” says founder Antoine Simon. “Also, the quality of the materials, which give a dynamic response and transmit the forces, especially with the rigid hull.”

The boat is designed to take two grown-ups or an adult and two kids, so you can refine your technique in company if you like. Simon says this makes the boat ideal for teaching kids or going out for a solo burn.

Assembly is pretty simple and can take less than two minutes. The hull is composed of four parts, the heaviest of which weighs 16.8kg. The sections clip together along the coaming using stainless-steel levers. Then you add tension along the bottom of the boat using two Dyneema lines with a 1:14 cascade that puts on 600kg of compression.

When disassembled, the parts nest inside each other, fitting readily into the boot of a family car or an SUV. Measuring 1.45m x 0.92m x 0.72m, the folded boat is also designed for easy fixing to a trailer or towing-ball platform behind a car.

Accessories that improve the storage and use of the boat include a bag, (€490); smaller padded bags for the four mast sections, centreboard, tiller and rudder; a mounting mat to protect the boat on rough surfaces (€170); and a folding beach trolley (€490). And there’s a GPS speedometer (€499), specially designed for mounting at the base of the mast.

Price: Reverso Air €8,913 plus €1,090 shipping.

Buy it now from Sailreverso

orca inflatable sailboat

You don’t have to be a pro to get the AST Foiler skimming the waves. Photo: Sören Hese

Foiling is no longer limited to pros and daredevils. AST’s beautifully designed foiling dinghy makes it possible for almost anyone to experience the exhilaration of flying on water. With a top speed of 25 knots-plus and a really simple control system, it is easy to get airborne.

The key is the mechanical foiling system, which requires no trimming. A foil on each side of the 3.85m hull resembles nothing more than a giant spider’s leg, or a wonky ‘7’. The foils are loose-mounted in such a way that they can cant slightly according to the tack you’re on. When the boat goes about, the leeward foil rises and the new windward foil drops. It requires no electronics or hydraulics – just a bit of elementary physics.

You control the boat using a T-shaped rudder whose foil supports the boat aft and helps keep you balanced while foiling. With foils deployed, the effective beam jumps from 1.58m to 2.10m and the draught from 15cm to 1.10m, giving the boat excellent stability.

AST says the hull will fly from 8 knots of true wind, thanks in part to the lightweight layup, with an overall weight of 55kg. The foils, rudder and mast are all in carbon fibre, while the hull is in a lightweight foam-epoxy sandwich.

With a cool reverse bow, open transom and hiking wings, this boat looks the business. It can support up to 95kg of crew weight, so could in theory take two children. But this is really a solo sailer, designed for thrills and spills. AST offers two different sails, 7.5m2 or 9.5m2.

The foils can be folded flush to the hull for transport., there’s a custom-made aluminium trolley for launching and towing; padded covers for the foils and rudder (€269); and a Velocitek SpeedPuck to measure your speed (€399).

This is not a cheap option… but it is a fun one.

AST also does a non-foiling L12 Lowrider – a 3.82m planing performance dinghy, which weighs just 30kg.

Prices: AST Folier €15,631 inc VAT, L12 Lowrider €8,824 ex VAT.

Buy it now from Ast-yachts

orca inflatable sailboat

IZIBoat is easy to transport and can be assembled in 15 minutes

IZIBoat germinated from a desire to make sailing easy, fun and accessible to all, by creating a catamaran that is ultra fast to assemble (less than 15 minutes). No tools are needed thanks to a neat plug, lock and tension system. While speeds of 14+ knots are reportedly achievable, it is more aimed at accessible sailing, regardless of age or ability. So it can seat four and is intuitive for new sailors thanks to joystick steering – just tilt the stick the way you want to turn.

The brainchild of François Tissier, who dreamed of a dinghy with ease and stability while living in the South Pacific, it took many years of R&D and 11 prototypes. The beach cat measures 500x62cm, so can easily be stored in a garage and its five components weigh 152kg, so it can be transported on the roof of a car or even towed by a bike or e-bike.

Price: from €8,990.

Buy it now from Iziboat

orca inflatable sailboat

LiteboatXP 16 can be rowed or sailed – fast

LiteboatXP 16

This is a fun sailing boat that you can row properly for recreation too. The first Liteboat XP was a 20ft model which we tested four years ago and were so impressed with the sailing ability, we jointly gave it a European Yacht of the Year award. It’s also excellent for rowing enthusiasts. For those still sceptical, consider that it’s drawn by in-demand IMOCA designer Sam Manuard.

The new 5m/16ft model is more compact and lighter still (100kg). There’s no cuddy, but it still sports a sliding rowing seat, carbon oars and outriggers and a catboat-style rig with two part carbon mast and a 7.5m2 boom-less sail. But it’s when reaching with the 6m2 gennaker that you’ll really get the buzz. It converts from sailing to rowing mode in under a minute. It’s an efficient explorer that’s blast to sail, will keep you fit and avoids the need for a smelly, noisy outboard.

Price: from €14,500.

Buy it now from Liteboat

Best inflatable sailing tender

orca inflatable sailboat

The black and yellow Tiwal rocket is designed in Brittany. Photo: Christiane le Port

The original Tiwal 3 is already marking its 10th anniversary, the design having been at the forefront of using drop stitch technology to create a really stiff inflatable. Now the boat has been turbo-charged, tweaked and improved. The result is the Tiwal 3R, with a top speed of 14 knots and a helming position just millimetres off the water.

It comes deflated in two bags weighing around 30kg each (plus a smaller sail bag), and comprises a concave inflatable hull and anodised aluminium ‘exoskeleton’, which transmits the forces from the mast, rudder and daggerboard. It also provides two raised hiking ‘wings’ which allow you to balance the 6m2 or 7m2 sail, tailor-made by North Sails in Xi V2 racing laminate.

The 3R’s performance boost stems from a number of small steps. For instance, the hiking bars have been extended aft so that you can shift weight back when the wind picks up. The aluminium frame is stronger and stiffer for better power transfer, and the hull is a more efficient shape, courtesy of the rail on the stern. The mast and boom are now 90% carbon for lighter weight.

Assembly takes 25 minutes – a little longer than the original Tiwals, because of the additional elements of the frame and control lines, according to founder Emmanuel Bertrand. Experience says there is a bit of fiddly slotting of aluminium tubes together, which can be trickier if sand gets into the joint. The boat is rated for crew up to 200kg, which allows for two adults or one grown-up and two children. Really, though, you want to be sailing this alone at top speed. And with a choice of two sails, you can go out in pretty much any conditions.

Price: from £8,140.

Buy it now from Tiwal

Dutch brand DinghyGo has built a reputation for the reliability of its growing range of sailing inflatables.

They are not performance oriented, but are easy to assemble, have bags of buoyancy and can be stored in two mid-sized bags. The range starts at 2.30m LOA, but the flagship Orca 375 is the latest release, with a 4.8m2 mainsail and a 1.1m2 jib.

The four-piece mast requires three soft stays to keep it aloft, while the foot is anchored through a thwart. With 650kg of payload capacity, you can bring three adults and a heap of camping gear with you.

Price: £4,000.

Buy it now from Dinghygo

Minicat Guppy

The Czech sailor behind the MiniCat brand teamed up with round-the-world sailor Laura Dekker to launch the Guppy.

At 3.00m LOA, it is the smallest boat in the Minicat range, with a capacity for two, but weighs a staggeringly small 26kg itself.

Perched on two big 33cm floats, just a small aluminium frame does the job of supporting the mast and the trampoline. The mast and its 3.9m2 sail is stayed to a short bowsprit, and the whole takes just 15 minutes to put together. Stub keel fins help reduce leeway.

Its light weight makes it eminently portable and easy to stow.

Price: €2,665 ex-VAT.

Buy it now from Minicatamaran

Inflatable Wingfoil

Granted, it can look a bit daft watching middle-aged folk pumping and flapping away while trying to get a giant inflatable wing to lift their mass onto a skinny foil. But once you’ve experienced that feeling of pure flight, silently skimming over the surface, there’s no going back.

Whether for surfing, windsurfing, or even kiting, any solid boards take up valuable locker space. All of which arguably makes an inflatable foil board and an inflatable wing the ultimate in compact sailing fun.

The foils typically disconnect from their masts and pack in protective bags. The inflatable boards can also be used to wingsurf or paddle on in displacement mode. Or try towing one behind a tender – with a foil you only need very small speeds (around 6 knots) and, with practice, you can be surfing a wee wake.

The smaller volume boards better suit surf and wingfoil use and the larger boards are for wing and SUP enthusiasts.

F-One’s Rocket Air is designed around its rigid boards, and range from 75lt (4ft 11in) to 185lt (7ft 11in) and prices from £625-£825.

Buy it now from f-one.world

Naish, meanwhile, has models of its new Hover board from 80-170lt, which have composite carbon plates on the bottom for the foil join for a stiff ride.

Buy it now from Naishfoils

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Whether you're seeking a roll-up dinghy for going ship-to-shore, a luxury tender for your yacht, a sporty center console for fishing trips and watersports,  or a high-performance RIB to navigate the waterways - you can be assured that you are getting the best inflatable boat at the most competitive prices. Our showroom features a wide selection of  top brands with hard to get models like the highly sought after AB Jet , and the new generation of Zodiac flagship boats like the 29 foot Medline 9 .

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AB Oceanus 28 VST Bowrider RIB | Twin Yamaha Outboards | 28VST

AB Oceanus 28 VST Bowrider RIB | Twin Yamaha Outboards | 28VST

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Zodiac Medline Series | Medline 9  Grey | Twin Yamaha 300hp

Zodiac Medline 9 | Twin Yamaha 300hp Outboards

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AB Oceanus 28 VST Bowrider RIB | Yamaha Outboard | 28VST

AB Oceanus 28 VST Bowrider RIB | Yamaha Outboard | 28VST

or $1,356/month

Highfield Patrol 860 w/ Yamaha Outboard

Highfield Patrol 860 | Twin 250hp Outboards | PA860

or $1,197/month

Zodiac Medline 7.5 Black/Tango

Zodiac Medline 7.5 | Yamaha Outboard

or $871/month

Estimated monthly payment based on 240-month loan at 9% APR and 15% down. Additional options and salestax not included. Actual rates and terms are based on indv credit.

AB Oceanus 24 VST Bowrider RIB | Yamaha Outboard | 24VST BR

AB Oceanus 24 VST Bowrider RIB | Yamaha Outboard | 24VST BR

or $874/month

Flex 680 Cabin Explorer

Flex 680 Cabin Explorer | Twin Yamaha 150hp Outboards 2023 | 6013

or $956/month

Highfield Sport 760 with a 250hp Outboard. White hull, Artic Tubes, Dark Grey & Diamante Carbon Upholstery, Black & Grey EVA.

Highfield Sport 760 | 250hp Outboard | SP760

or $879/month

Flex 680 Cabin Explorer with Twin Yamaha 150hp Outboards

Flex 680 Cabin Explorer | Twin 150hp Digital Outboards 2023 | 6012

AB Oceanus 24 VST Bowrider RIB | Twin Yamaha 115hp | 24VST BR

AB Oceanus 24 VST Bowrider RIB | Twin Yamaha 115hp | 24VST BR

or $834/month

Zodiac Medline 6.8 2022 with Yamaha Outboard, black tubes, and orange upholstery w/Bimini Top

Zodiac Medline 6.8 | Yamaha Outboard

or $748/month

Estimated monthly payment based on 240-month loan at 9% APR and 10% down. Additional options and salestax not included. Actual rates and terms are based on indv credit.

Highfield Patrol 760 with 300hp Outboard | Red.

Highfield Patrol 760 | 300hp Outboard | PA760

or $826/month

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orca inflatable sailboat

Inflatable Boats

orca inflatable sailboat



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Fabrics for internal baffles and seam tapes These fabrics has been developed for internal baffles and seam tapes. They provide very strong airtightness and the right mechanical resistance at lightest weight.


Fabrics for inflatable floors Drop-stitch fabric designed for foldable boats

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  • Safe for Pennel Orca®, Hypalon®, PVC and urethane boat materials.
  • It's easy to use; simply wet the surface with water and spray on Boat Cleaner. Let it set for a minute or two, then scrub off the dirt, oxidation, grunge, frame marks, etc that have accumulated.
  • After cleaning, rinse with water. Then apply 303 Protectant, Item # 38751.01, to help repel future staining and to give great protection from harmful UV rays.

video: How To: Clean and Store Your Inflatable Boat

How To: Clean and Store Your Inflatable Boat (6:02)

More Information

Product Instructions

  • Inflatable Boat Cleaner MSDS

Work in a well ventilated area (e.g.: a garage or shady area).

  • Wet surface with water before cleaning.
  • Spray inflatable boat cleaner on inflatable and allow it to sit for up one minute. Note: Do not let stand on painted or varnished surfaces.
  • Scrub the inflatable with a brush, sponge, or cloth.
  • Rinse with water.

Recommended Materials

  • Scrub Brush, Sponge or Dry Cloth
  • Latex Gloves

Year round use of 303 Protectant is recommended between uses and when storing your inflatable.

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orca inflatable sailboat



  1. DinghyGo Sailing Inflatables For Sale, UK

    orca inflatable sailboat

  2. DinghyGo Orca 375, the inflatable sailboat with jib. Sailing with 3 persons

    orca inflatable sailboat

  3. DinghyGo, the inflatable sailboat website

    orca inflatable sailboat

  4. DinghyGo Orca, the sportive inflatable sailboat

    orca inflatable sailboat

  5. DinghyGo, the inflatable sailboat website

    orca inflatable sailboat

  6. DinghyGo Inflatable Boat

    orca inflatable sailboat


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  1. DinghyGo, the inflatable sailboat website

    Hi, I'm DinghyGo®, The 3-in-1 Inflatable Sailboat! With me, you'll enjoy the maximum amount of sailing fun and the ultimate feeling of freedom. I am flexible, can be taken with you to any place and do whatever you want to do: sailing, rowing or using an outboard engine. I only require some air, water and care. I fold into a compact and ...

  2. DinghyGo product

    DinghyGo will provide sailing fun to 1 up to 6 people. You can sail, row or use DinghyGo comfortably as a motorboat. The shroud supported sectional Orca sailing rig and the 4.8 m2 main sail adjustable boom height reefing function can be used conveniently singlehanded. You can sail as close-hauled as you would like with the unique daggerboard ...

  3. DinghyGo webshop

    DinghyGo Orca 375 extra large sportive inflatable sailboat including kick-up rudder, sail-kit 4.8 m2 main sail, shrouds, reef & 1.1 m2 jib, owners manual and instruction video.

  4. DinghyGo Orca 375, the inflatable sailboat with jib. Sailing with 3

    This is a DinghyGo Orca 375, the inflatable sailboat with jib, sailing with 3 persons video.

  5. DinghyGo Inflatable Boat

    Lightweight, portable, functional, and fun, the DinghyGo Orca is available in 3 sizes. All have generous load capacity from 4 inflation chambers, including a high-pressure drop-stitch floor. It's perfect as a yacht tender or just for fun on the water under sail, motor, or paddle. It's transported or stored in 2 bags weighing under 110 lbs ...

  6. DinghyGo Orca 375, the inflatable sailboat with jib. Sailing ...

    This video demonstrates 3 persons sailing the DinghyGo Orca 375 inflatable sailboat with jib. Video. Home. Live. Reels. Shows. Explore. More. Home. Live. Reels. Shows. Explore. DinghyGo Orca 375, the inflatable sailboat with jib. Sailing with three. Like. Comment. Share. 36 · 11 comments · 1.7K views. DinghyGo · January 12, 2021 · Follow ...

  7. DinghyGo Orca, the sportive inflatable sailboat

    Introduction video DinghyGo Orca, the sportive inflatable sailboat. A film from Aquacrafts recorded August, 2017 Côtes Bleue, France.

  8. PDF the inflatable sailboat

    the inflatable sailboat Maximum sailing fun 3 in 1: sail, row or use outboard engine Convenient to take along 2 compact bags in car, caravan, camper or yacht Spacious, comfortable and safe ... Orca 375 even provides room for 6 persons and is equipped with a jib for active participation. The Orca sailing rigs include shrouds and

  9. DinghyGo Sailing Inflatables

    They have proven popular in both the yacht tender market, and as ultra-portable sailing craft for the motorhome and camping markets. DinghyGo inflatables are available in three sizes: the Orca 280, at 2.8m (9ft 2″) long. the Orca 325, at 3.25m (10ft 7″) long. the Orca 375, at 3.75m (12ft 3″) long. See SPECIFICATION for size comparisons ...

  10. Best portable sailing dinghies for under £5k

    Dinghy Go has become something of a market leader in the inflatable sailing tender field. The Nomad was its first boat to come to market, now on its third iteration with tweaks to the design over the years. The Orca is a newer offering from the company and is larger than the Nomad with a more pronounced vee in the hull and a larger sail.

  11. DinghyGo, the inflatable sailing dinghy

    The new Orca 325 meets the demand for a larger boat than the Orca 280. With its 3.25 m, the Orca 325 is rightfully a BIG boat with lots of space and sporty sailing characteristics. ... Whether you are a beginner or an accomplished water sports enthusiast, every DinghyGo inflatable sailboat sails like a real sailboat, and is easy to handle.

  12. Shop MiniCat & Tiwal Inflatable Portable Sailboats

    Own your very own MiniCat or Tiwal portable inflatable sailboat or shop for accessories and parts. Can't find what you are looking for? Just contact us for help. ... Dinghygo Orca 280. $4,600.00 Dinghygo Orca 325. $5,300.00 DinghyGo Orca 375. $6,000.00 View Details Ducky. Ducky 14s. Sale Price: $7,000.00 Original Price: $7,600.00 .

  13. Sailing Awaits

    About Sailing Awaits. Distributor of MiniCat, Tiwal, DinghyGo, and Ducky purpose-built portable inflatable sailboats on the west coast. Travel with your sailboat anywhere without the need for moorage, storage, truck, or trailer. Fits in your car, yacht, RV, or plane. After all, the best sailboat is the one that you have with you.

  14. Inflatable Sport Boat Killer Whale 10.8' Aluminum Floor Dinghy

    Product code: SB-330 Categories: Aluminum Floor Sport Boats, Sport Boats. $ 1,899.99 $ 1,699.99. USA Delivered Price | Free Shipping. Inflatable Sport Boat Killer Whale 10.8′ aluminum floor model is our "Flag Ship" Sport Boat. Handles 5 people or 1260 lbs and up to a 15 HP motor. This boat has all the bells and whistles.

  15. Best sailing tender: get a buzz from your boat or boot

    The boats weighs 68kg for the 3.3m or 74kg for the 3.5m, while the sailing components add just 15kg. Both are also available in carbon versions (a NZ$4,000 upgrade). The slight catch may be the ...

  16. Pennel Orca Boat Material

    Pennel Orca Boat Material. ArticleJune 20, 2011. Since 1994, NRS has used Pennel's "Orca" material in manufacturing our Expedition and Otter rafts, River Cat and Kodiak cataraft tubes, and MaverIK inflatable kayaks. Pennel originally used DuPont® Hypalon® as a coating on their Orca material. Because of the Hypalon coating, inflatables ...

  17. Rigid Inflatable Boats, Dinghies, and Tenders

    The Best Inflatable Boats at the Most Competitive Prices. Whether you're seeking a roll-up dinghy for going ship-to-shore, a luxury tender for your yacht, a sporty center console for fishing trips and watersports, or a high-performance RIB to navigate the waterways - you can be assured that you are getting the best inflatable boat at the most competitive prices.

  18. DinghyGo webshop

    DinghyGo Orca 325 large sportive inflatable sailboat including kick-up rudder, sail-kit 5.6 m2 sail, shrouds, owners manual and instruction video. SPECIFICATIONS. Dimensions and weight boat Length (ft/cm): 10'7"/325 Beam (ft/cm): 4'9"/150 Draft (in/cm): 2'8"/85 Tube diameter (ft/cm): 16"/40 Weight (lbs/kg): 64/29. Capacity boat (maximum ...

  19. NRS Pennel Orca Repair Kit

    The NRS Pennel Orca® raft and inflatable kayak repair kit contains the essentials to fix minor material damage and Leafield valve issues. Included with any new NRS Hypalon raft, cataraft or IK. Provides the basic necessities for in-field repairs. See the parts list in the Specs tab for the included items. Other items, such as Toluene, Hypalon ...

  20. Inflatable boats We innovate, you progress

    Inflatable Boats. ORCA® engineered fabrics for RIBs offer a large range of colors and finishing, along with high performances and ageing. HERE ARE SOME LINKED APPLICATIONS. Check our ranges of CSM or TPU fabrics designed for RIBs to see which product best fits your requirements. These fabrics has been developed for internal baffles and seam tapes.

  21. Inflatable Boat Cleaner

    To keep your raft, cataraft, inflatable kayak and SUP board looking new, use Inflatable Boat Cleaner. Easily removes ugly dirt, stains and frame marks. Safe for Pennel Orca®, Hypalon®, PVC and urethane boat materials. It's easy to use; simply wet the surface with water and spray on Boat Cleaner. Let it set for a minute or two, then scrub off ...

  22. DinghyGo webshop

    DinghyGo Orca 280 sportive inflatable sailboat including kick-up rudder, sail-kit 4.8 m2 sail, shrouds, reef, owners manual and instruction video. SPECIFICATIONS. Dimensions and weight boat Length (ft/cm): 9'2"/280 Beam (ft/cm): 4'9"/150 Draft (in/cm): 2'8"/85 Tube diameter (ft/cm): 16"/40 Weight (lbs/kg): 60/27. Capacity boat (maximum) Persons ...

  23. Orca Rams Into Yacht Near Scotland, Suggesting the Behavior May Be

    Rutten, 72, was using a single line off the back of the boat to fish for mackerel, when seemingly out of nowhere, the orca rammed into the stern of his seven-ton, aluminum hull yacht.

  24. DinghyGo webshop

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  25. Marcos struggles with message as Beijing ramps up the pressure

    In last Monday's incident, eight Chinese speed boats swarmed two Philippine inflatable vessels, video published online showed. ... As the Chinese hammered the Philippine boats with what appeared ...