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Best Sailboats Under 100k

Best Sailboats Under 100k

There is a variety of sailboat types available for purchase all over the world today. If you are looking to buy a sailboat, be that a weekend sailing trip or a liveaboard, and you have a budget of 100k, this article is most definitely worth your time. We have realized many boats and sailing enthusiasts would like to go on boat cruises but do not have the means to afford extremely expensive sailboats. In this article, we are taking a look at the 10+1 of the best bluewater cruising sailboats with prices ranging from 50,000 to 100,000 dollars. For this article, we looked at both list prices for new sailboats plus asking prices for used sailboats on various websites.

Here are Some of the Best Liveaboard Sailboats Under 100k: 

Hallberg-Rassy 352 

Price: Used From $65,000 to $100,000

The overall length of the Hallberg-Rassy is about 35 feet. This boat possesses a relatively tall rig. Although the design and building for this ship began in 1978, it has been upgraded and changed multiple times. However, there has not been an upgrade since the 2018 version. 

The hull length of this top-grade sailboat is 10.54m/34’9″. The weight of its keel is 3 tons, and its headroom salon is about six feet. Its keel is made up o At rest, the waterline of this sailboat is 8.70m/28’7″. The fuel tank and water tank of this vessel can hold 240 liters (about 63 US gallons)of diesel and 300 liters (about 86 US gallons)of water, respectively. With a 3.38m/11’1″-long beam, the Hallberg Rassy uses a Volvo MD 21, 2003 Turbo, MD 22 engine.

Hallberg-Rassy 352 - Best Cruising Sailboat Under 100k

Beneteau Oceanis 30.1 – Best New Sailboat Under 100k

Price: New From $83,000

The Oceanis 30.1 simply takes on the appearance of a small yacht. Thin bow, optimized weight, bolina lining, and horn mainsail allow you to quickly move on to all gaits. Starting or sailing in a small crew, self-veering bows and unique winches provide the necessary simplicity.

Thanks to the precious inches in strategic points of the boat that can make a difference, the Oceanis 30.1 manages to reach 1.98m (6 feet 6 inches) interior height in all areas of the boat where it is comfortable to stand. The two square divas become two additional berths. The large bathroom is divided between a toilet on one side and a shower on the other. At the foot of the descent with a gentle slope, the L-kitchen has high and low cabinets, a 75-liter refrigerator, and a real oven under the gas stove.

Oceanis 30.1 - Best New Sailboat Under 100k

Beneteau First 24

Price: New From $85,000, Used From 50k

As stylish in regatta as in fast cruising, the Beneteau First 24 offers an unbeatable compromise in the category of efficient, transportable, and habitable sailboats. Ideal for sailing with a crew of four, it accommodates up to six people on a coastal cruise and can embark up to eight for day trips. At only 14 feet long, I wouldn’t recommend this sailboat as a liveaboard, but it is great for sailing trips a few days long.

Beneteau First 24

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Beneteau First 42

Price: User From 25,000 to 85,000 (Depending On Age and Condition)

This vessel was designed by German Frers in 1981. It doubles as a cruiser and a racer. This boat was undoubtedly designed by one of the best boat designers for one of the best brands in the industry. And, just as expected, it is of great quality. The Beneteau First 42 has a fiberglass hull and holds four berths. Its fuel tank can hold about 40 gallons of diesel, while its water tank holds 100 gallons of water. 

With a durable Perkins engine, this boat qualifies to be described as “old but gold.” It has a fin keel, a draft max of 1.8 meters (5 feet 11 inches), three cabins, and an overall length of 12.8m (42ft). One special feature of the Beneteau First 42 is that its cockpit is big enough to house eight people. It is a great boat if you are going to be at sea for a while.

Beneteau First 42 - A Great Liveaboard Sailboat

Nautor’s Swan 43

Price: Used Around $90,000

Designed by Olin Stephen and built by Nautor’s Swan, the Nautor’s Swan 43 weighs 10,220 kg (22,530 lb). The boat was produced constructed between 1969 and 1972, with 67 boats constructed. It has a 7.2 feet draft. With a hull length of 42.8 feet and a waterline length of 31.0 ft, the Nautot’s Swan is a perfect cruiser. This sailboat possesses the Volvo MD2B 25 hp engine – it can double as an offshore cruiser and a racer. Also, this sailboat can boast of a masthead rig with a foretriangle height adjustable from 15.24m to 15.71m, a mainsail luff adjustable from 13.81m to 14.03m, and a mainsail foot adjustable between 5.2m and 4.94m.

1986 Swan 43 For Sale For $92,500 - Liveaboard Sailboat

Catalina 42

Price: New From 150,000 But Used From 60,000

Designed chiefly by Gerry Douglas and the rest of the Catalina company design team, the Catalina 42 is quite popular among cruisers and “sailors.” The deck of this boat is made chiefly of fiberglass and balsa wood. 

The Catalina 42 is about 41 feet, and its draft is 4m to 10m long. Its cockpit has seats that are quite easy to relax on. This boat actually has two versions now, the Mk I and Mk II. At manufacture, about 700 Catalina 42s were produced. Hence, it is still very much available for sale today.

Catalina 42

Price: Used For Around 100k

The Hunter 410 was first designed and built in 1990. It was designed by the Hunter Design Team and built by the Hunter Marine. This monohull, fiberglass boat weighs about 20,200 lb (9,163 kg). It uses the Japanese Yanmar 50 hp diesel engine, and its hull draft is just about 5 feet long. This hull draft possesses a standard winged keel and an optional fin keel that is about 6.33 feet long. 

With a fuel tank that can hold 51 gallons, a full Hunter 410 tank can last for more than 1000 miles. The Hunter 410 has three cabins, and that is pretty impressive for the price tag.

Hunter 410

Oyster 39 

Price: Used From $50,000 to $80,000

The Oyster 39 was first specially designed for cruising. The 1981 boat possesses a ketch rig. Its beam is about 12.47 feet long. Overall, this boat is 39.33 feet long. The Oyster 39’s beam is 3.8m long, and its hull is made of fiberglass. Possessing a strong Perkins engine, the Oyster 39 is sure to meet your demands as a compact water vessel. This boat also possesses a fin keel, two cabins, and three berths.

Oyster 39 - Blue Water Sailboats Under 100k

Bavaria 38 

Price Used: 70,000

The Bavaria 38 Sailboat is perfect if you are looking to go on a boat cruise with your spouse. Its overall length is about 38 feet. Built-in 1997, the Bavaria 38 is relatively well known by yacht and sailboat enthusiasts. Its fuel tank and water tank can hold about 150 gallons and 300 liters, respectively. 

The Bavaria 38’s beam is s standard 4.0 m long. The overall length of this sailboat is a good 12 meters. Along with a strong Volvo engine, the Bavaria 38 sailboat possesses three cabins, six berths, and an engine horsepower of 40 hp.

This sailboat has been around for a while, so finding a new one is not very likely. However, it is a very sturdy, durable boat; hence there is a wide availability of fairly used ones.

Bavaria 38

Sparkman & Stephens S&S 34

Price: Used 50-100k

This boat was originally designed sometime in 1968 by Olin Stephens of the renowned boat manufacturers Sparkman and Stephens. It possesses a Bermuda rig and skeg-hung rudder. The draft of this boat is 1.78 meters long, its overall length is 34 feet long, and its beam is 3.08 meters. The waterline length of the vessel ranges from 7.45 to 7.7 meters. 

The S&S 34 has been involved in many racing competitions since its production, and it has won a good number of them. Examples of these competitions are Lord Howe Island Race and the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race. This is a testament to the efficiency of this boat. 

There are new productions of the S&S 34 that possess more modern features. They are lighter and are made up of materials like vinyl ester resins and multiaxial glass. Depending on the specific model, S&S 34 sailboats can go for 25,000 to 100,000 dollars. However, most of the more recent S&S 34 models cost between 50,000 and 100,000 dollars. 

Price: New From 95k

You might think that nowadays, Hanse is focusing on selling large yachts; and for a good reason. Hanse sells many 45 and 60-foot boats. However, the Hanse 315 is a very impressive sailboat. It is great to sail and very easy to maneuver. It is also a very fun sailboat that will never let you down. The interior is beautiful with a lot of headroom considering the length of the boat; the saloon, galley, and cabins are also excellent and very comfortable. This boat is proof that size doesn’t matter, at least when it comes to having fun and practicality when sailing.

Hanse 315

Peter is the editor of Better Sailing. He has sailed for countless hours and has maintained his own boats and sailboats for years. After years of trial and error, he decided to start this website to share the knowledge.

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Home » Blog » Bluewater sailboats » The best bluewater sailboats (we analyzed 2,000 boats to find out)

The best bluewater sailboats (we analyzed 2,000 boats to find out)

By Author Fiona McGlynn

Posted on Last updated: May 16, 2023

We analyzed two-thousand bluewater sailboats to bring you a list of proven offshore designs


What are the best bluewater sailboats?

This was a question we asked a lot of experienced cruisers when we decided to sail across the Pacific. We needed a boat after all, and we wanted to buy the best bluewater sailboat we could afford.

We heard a lot of strong opinions.

Some sailors thought it was reckless to go offshore in any boat that didn’t have a full keel.

Others prioritized performance, and wouldn’t dream of going anywhere in a slow boat like the Westsail 32 (a.k.a. a “Wet Snail 32”).

Opinions like these left us feeling confused like we had to choose between safety and performance.  

If we learned anything from these conversations, it’s that what makes a bluewater boat is a hotly debated topic!

However, there’s a way to cut through all the opinions and get to the bottom of it. The solution is….

We analyzed just under 2,000 boats embarking on ocean crossings (over a 12 year time period) and came up with a list of the ten best bluewater sailboats.

Where did we get our data?

The data for our best bluewater sailboats list comes from 12 years of entries in the Pacific Puddle Jump (PPJ), an annual cross-Pacific rally. We took part in 2017 and had a ball!

You can read about the methodology we used to analyze this data at the bottom of the post.

What do we mean by “best”?

We know, that word is overused on the internet!

Simply, based on our data set, these were the most common makes and models entered in the PPJ cross-Pacific rally. There were at least 10 PPJ rally entries for every make of boat on our top 10 list.

So, these boats are 100% good to go?

No! A bluewater boat isn’t necessarily a seaworthy boat. Almost every cruiser we know made substantial repairs and additions to get their offshore boat ready, adding watermakers , life rafts, solar panels, and more.

Also, you should always have a boat inspected by a professional and accredited marine surveyor before buying it or taking it offshore.

But my bluewater baby boat isn’t on this list!?

There are hundreds of excellent bluewater yachts that are not on this list. For instance, we sailed across the Pacific in a Dufour 35, which didn’t even come close to making our top 10 list.

Choosing the right boat is very much an individual journey.

Where can I find these bluewater boats for sale?

We recognize that a top 10 list won’t get you very far if you’re shopping for a bluewater boat (especially if you’re looking in the used market).

So, to help you find your perfect boat, we’re going to create a big list of bluewater boats that you can use to refine your search on Yachtworld, Craigslist, or any other places to buy a used boat .

Sign up for our newsletter to get our big list of bluewater boats list as soon as it comes out.

We’re also working on a series of posts by size class. For example, if you’re looking for a smaller boat, you can narrow it down to the best bluewater sailboats under 40 feet .

Takeaways from our analysis

There were no big surprises on an individual boat level. All of these makes are considered good cruisers, some of them are even best-selling designs! However, there were a few things that caught our eye.

“Go simple, go small, go now” still holds water

We were thrilled to see the smallest boat in our roundup at the very top of the list! Westsail 32 owners can take pride in their small but mighty yachts (and ignore all those snail-sayers).

While undoubtedly there’s been a trend towards bigger bluewater cruisers in recent years, small cruising sailboats seem to be holding their own. 60% of the monohulls on this list were under 40 feet (if you count the Valiant 40 which sneaks just under at 39.92 feet).

Cat got our tongue

So, we knew catamarans were a thing, but we didn’t fully appreciate HOW popular they’d become!

50% of our top 10 bluewater boat list consists of catamarans—a good fact to toss out the next time you’re trying to garner a happy hour invite on the party boat next door (which will undoubtedly be a catamaran).

Still got it!

We’ve got good news for all you good old boat lovers! 60% of the boats on our list were first built before 2000.

While these older models are less performance-oriented than modern designs, cruisers value these boats for their ability to stand up to rough seas and heavy weather. It just goes to show that solid bones and classic looks never go out of style.

Alright, without further ado, let’s dive into our list of the 10 best bluewater boats!

The 10 best bluewater boats

best bluewater sailboats

1. Westsail 32

The Westsail 32 is an iconic bluewater sailboat

The Westsail 32 is one of the most iconic bluewater cruisers and 19 have set out to cross the Pacific in the PPJ rally since 2009.

In 1973, this small cruising sailboat garnered a 4-page spread in Time magazine. The article inspired many Americans to set sail and the Westsail 32, with its double-ender design, set the standard for what a real bluewater cruiser should look like.

There were approximately 830 built between 1971 and 1980.

This small boat has taken sailors on ocean crossings and circumnavigations. Though considered “slow” by some, the heavily-built Westsail 32 has developed a loyal following for her other excellent offshore cruising characteristics.

If you’re interested in small bluewater sailboats, check out our post on the best small sailboats for sailing around the world .

2. Lagoon 380

Lagoon 380

The Lagoon 380 is a reliable, solidly built catamaran and considered roomy for its size. We counted 18 of them in our data set. With over 800 boats built , it may be one of the best-selling catamarans in the world. Like the other boats on this list, the Lagoon 380 has proven itself on long passages and ocean crossings, winning it many loyal fans.

3. Lagoon 440

Lagoon 440 is a bluewater catamaran

18 Lagoon 440s have set out to cross the Pacific in the PPJ rally since 2009.

Why leave the comforts of home, when you can take them with you? The Lagoon 440 is a luxurious long-range cruiser, offering beautiful wood joinery, spacious accommodations, and a deluxe galley. Oh, and you have the option of an electric boat motor !

SAIL and Sailing Magazine have both done in-depth reviews of the Lagoon 440 if you want to learn more.

4. Amel Super Maramu (incl. SM 2000)

Amel Super Maramu is a popular bluewater sailboat

If you follow the adventures of SV Delos on YouTube, you probably know that the star of the show (SV Delos— in case the title didn’t give it away ) is an Amel Super Maramu. These classic bluewater sailboats can be found all over the world, proof they can go the distance.

We counted 16 Amel Super Maramus and Super Maramu 2000s in our list of PPJ entries.

Ready to join the cult of Amel? Read more about the iconic brand in Yachting World.

5. Valiant 40

The Valiant 40 is an iconic bluewater cruiser

When I interviewed legendary yacht designer, Bob Perry, for Good Old Boat in 2019, he told me that the Valiant 40 was one of the boats that most defined him and marked the real start of his career.

At the time, heavy displacement cruisers were considered sluggish and slow, especially in light winds.

Perry’s innovation with the Valiant 40 was to combine a classic double ender above the waterline, with an IOR racing hull shape below the waterline. The result was the first “performance cruiser”, a blockbuster hit, with over 200 boats built in the 1970s.

It’s no surprise we counted 16 Valiant 40s in our data set.

Cruising World magazine dubbed it “a fast, comfortable, and safe cruising yacht,” and there’s no doubt it’s covered some serious nautical miles.

It’s worth noting that there were blistering problems with hull numbers 120-249 (boats built between 1976 and 1981). Later models did not have this problem. Despite the blistering issues, the Valiant 40 remains one of the most highly thought of bluewater designs.

6. TAYANA 37

The Tayana 37 is a top bluewater boat

The Tayana 37 is another hugely popular Perry design. The first boat rolled off the production line in 1976 and since then, nearly 600 boats have been built. Beautiful classic lines and a proven track record have won the Tayana 37 a devoted following of offshore enthusiasts.

12 Tayana 37s have set out to cross the Pacific in the PPJ rally since 2009. Read more about the Tayana 37 in this Practical Sailor review .

7. Lagoon 450

The Lagoon 450 is one of the best bluewater sailboats

If this list is starting to sound like a paid advertisement, I swear we’re not on Lagoon’s payroll! This is the third Lagoon on our list, but the data doesn’t lie. Lagoon is making some of the best cruising sailboats.

The 450 has been a hot seller for Lagoon, with over 800 built since its launch in 2014. While not a performance cat, the Lagoon 450 travels at a reasonable speed and is brimming with luxury amenities.

At least 12 owners in the PPJ rally chose the Lagoon 450 to take them across the Pacific. It’s no wonder SAIL had so many good things to say about it.

8. Fountaine Pajot Bahia 46

Fountaine Pajot Bahia 46 Bluewater Sailboat

There were 11 Fountaine Pajot Bahia 46s in our data set.

Fountaine Pajot released the Bahia 46 in 1997, a sleek design for traveling long distances. Its generously-sized water and fuel tanks along with ample storage for cruising gear are a real plus for the self-sufficient sailor.

According to Cruising World , “Cruising-cat aficionados should put the Bahia 46 on their “must-see” list.”

9. Catalina 42 (MKI, MKII)

Catalina 42 bluewater boat

10 Catalina 42s (MKI and MKII) have set out to cross the Pacific in the PPJ rally since 2009.

The Catalina 42 was designed under the guidance of the legendary yacht designer and Catalina’s chief engineer, Gerry Douglas.

One of Catalina’s philosophies is to offer “as much boat for the money as possible,” and the Catalina 42 is no exception. According to Practical Sailor , Catalina aims to price its boats 15% to 20% below major production boats like Hunter and Beneteau.

Practical Sailor has a great in-depth review of the Catalina 42 .

10. Leopard 46

Leopard 46 bluewater sailboat

Since 2009, 10 Leopard 46s have embarked on Pacific crossings in the PPJ rally.

Leopards have won legions of fans for their high build quality, robust engineering, and excellent performance.

The Leopard 46 also boasts something of a racing pedigree. It was built in South Africa by Robertson and Caine and designed by Gino Morelli and Pete Melvin, who came up with the record-breaking catamaran Playstation / Cheyenne 125 .

Read more about the Leopard 46 in this Cruising World review .


What the data is and isn’t.

The PPJ data was a real boon because it reflects a wide range of cruising boats: small, big, old, new, expensive, and affordable. We think this may be because the PPJ is a very financially accessible rally—the standard entry cost is $125 or $100 if you’re under 35 (age or boat length!).

We did look at data from other (pricier) rallies but found that the results skewed towards more expensive boats.

Needless to say, the data we used is just a sample of the bluewater boats that crossed the Pacific over the last 10+ years. Many cruisers cross oceans without participating in a rally!

Entries vs. completions

The data we used is a list of the PPJ entries, not necessarily the boats that completed the rally. In instances where we saw the same boat entered multiple years in a row, we assumed they’d postponed their crossing and deleted all but the latest entry to avoid double counting.

Boat make variations

The world of boat building and naming can get pretty complicated. Sometimes a manufacturer changes a boat’s name a year or two into production, other times the name remains the same but the boat undergoes a dramatic update.

For the most part, we’ve used’s classification system (if they list the boats separately, then we have also), except where there are two separately listed models that have the same LOA, beam, and displacement.

Fiona McGlynn

Fiona McGlynn is an award-winning boating writer who created Waterborne as a place to learn about living aboard and traveling the world by sailboat. She has written for boating magazines including BoatUS, SAIL, Cruising World, and Good Old Boat. She’s also a contributing editor at Good Old Boat and BoatUS Magazine. In 2017, Fiona and her husband completed a 3-year, 13,000-mile voyage from Vancouver to Mexico to Australia on their 35-foot sailboat.

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Boats under $100K

10 Best Boats Under 100K

new sailboats under 100k

Table of Contents

You don’t need the budget for a superyacht to enjoy boating. In fact, there are many great boats under $100,000 that are perfect for fishing , cruising, partying, sailing , or sporting. 

  • Heyday WT Surf 
  • Ski Nautique Surf 200 
  • Chaparral 21 SSI OB Ski & Fish 
  • Boston Wahler Dauntless 220 Center Console  
  • Scout 215 SXF Luxury Center Console 
  • Four Winns H2 Bow Rider (Electric outboard) 
  • Sea Ray SPX 210 OB
  • Bennington 22 LXSB Tritoon
  • Catalina 275 Sport Sailboat
  • SeaDoo Explorer Pro 170 PWC 

Read all the way through to catch all Pro Tips .

List your boat & start earning an avg. of $20K yearly with Boatsetter

1. Heyday WT Surf

wt surf

When you want to surf as well as have room for a large crowd, check out Heyday’s spacious 23-foot surf boat that uses water ballast to create perfect ridable waves and carries 17 people at the same time. 

Learn more at Heyday Wake Boats .

2. Ski Nautique 200

new sailboats under 100k

Whether you’re skiing a slalom course or enjoying wakeboarding, there’s nothing like a Nautique tow boat to help you build skills and enjoy all that a sport boat has to offer. With a towing arch/tower and a smooth inboard engine that delivers an even and consistent pull, Nautique serves up everything that skiers and boarders love. 

Learn more at Nautique Boats . 

3. Chaparral 21 SSI OB Ski & Fish

ssi outboard

It’s right there in the name – this boat is for fishing and towing, but it’s a great family runabout as well. Put a trolling motor on the bow and a large single Yamaha outboard on the stern , and you can go anywhere and do just about anything. 

Learn more at Chaparral Boats . 

READ MORE: 7 Most Affordable Jet Skis, WaveRunners, and PWCs

4. Boston Whaler Dauntless 220 Center Console


For the angler, there’s nothing better than a center console with a T-top, an open bow, a baitwell, and a 250-hp Mercury outboard on the back. The Dauntless 220 is a compact package with tons of fishing features. 

Learn more at Boston Whaler . 

5. Scout 215 XSF Luxury Center Console

Scout 215 SXF Luxury Center Console

With its NuV3 fuel-saving hull and a 150-hp Yamaha outboard, this small boat delivers great economy, impressive performance, and luxury touches which include premium upholstery, upmarket finishes, and a walkthrough transom . 

Learn more at Scout Boats . 

6. Four Winns H2 Bow Rider (Electric outboard)

Four Winns H2 Bow Rider

When you have a crowd, a bowrider provides seats for everyone. The Four Winns H2 is perfect for afternoons at the sandbar or shuttling to a waterfront restaurant. This model is also available with Vision Marine’s 180-hp electric outboard , but that’s an option that adds significantly to the base price. 

Learn more at Four Winns . 

Pro Tip : You will encounter boat maintenance costs; it’s important to remember this when budgeting and preparing to buy your first boat. When budgeting, consider boat sharing! It is one sure way that your boat can pay you back. Renting out your boat on your non-boating days has brought many boat owners a solid second income and means to offset boating expenses. 

7. Sea Ray SPX 210 OB

SPX 210 Outboard

For a fun family runabout, you can’t beat Sea Ray’s SPX Series, specifically the 210 with a 150-hp Mercury outboard engine. From the swim platform and sunbed aft to the sophisticated helm and open seating in the bow, this compact model has all you’ll need to play, pull, and party. 

Learn more at Sea Ray . 

8. Bennington 22 LXSB Tritoon

Bennington 22 LXSB Tritoon

Pontoon boats have changed since your dad’s version and now they’re multi-purpose platforms that can do just about anything from fishing to towing to cruising. Bennington’s mid-level L Series has models 22-26 feet with plush seating and walk-through bows. Versatile, comfortable, and fast (with a 200-hp outboard), these sophisticated tritoons are excellent for lakes and bays.

Learn more at Bennington . 

9. Catalina 275 Sport Sailboat

Catalina 275 Sport Sailboat

If you prefer to hoist sails and enjoy the free power of the wind, check out a sporty sailboat like the Catalina 275. With a 14-hp Yanmar inboard engine, an enclosed head , a compact galley , and a convertible berth , you can take this boat on coastal jaunts for a weekend or longer. 

Learn more at Catalina Yachts . 

10. SeaDoo Explorer Pro 170 PWC

SeaDoo Explorer Pro 170 PWC

Don’t be fooled, this personal watercraft is a full-blown boat when you load it up with accessories to carry extra fuel, a cooler, and tons of storage bins. You can go adventuring in waterways not accessible by car and spend under $20,000. 

Learn more at Sea-Doo . 

So much to choose from

Prices vary as you load up a basic boat with options. You also need to consider taxes, insurance, financing, and moorage when creating a budget, but whatever kind of boating you want to do, there’s a new model that will fit your lifestyle and your wallet. 

If you want to dabble in different kinds of boats at different destinations, consider chartering a boat from a peer-to-peer boat rental company like Boatsetter to enjoy a greater variety or to learn about a particular type of boat that you may want to purchase in the future. 

Check out the hottest boats in the market at Boat Types , and make sure to scroll through Boat Guides to find your next boating destination . 

About us 

Boatsetter is a unique boat-sharing platform that gives everyone — whether you own a boat or you’re just renting — the chance to experience life on the water. You can list a boat , book a boat , or make money as a captain . 

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boatsetter loco

Boatsetter empowers people to explore with confidence by showing them a world of possibility on the water. Rent  a boat,  list  your boat, or become a  Boatsetter captain  today.

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new sailboats under 100k

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Yacht Cruising Lifestyle

Yacht Cruising Lifestyle

Everything fun you can do from your yacht

20 Blue Water Cruising Catamarans Under $100k

October 13, 2021 by Martin Parker 1 Comment

roberto nickson OgS5t0IuoSQ unsplash 1 1024x683 - 20 Blue Water Cruising Catamarans Under $100k

The debate between single-hull sailboats and blue water catamarans has raged since the beginning of time, and it’s unlikely ever to end! Both types of yachts have dedicated followers who are unlikely to ever be swayed by the benefits of the other. A lot of this is based on misconceptions and the influences of the people around them, though. We recommend that if you’re considering a blue water catamaran, get in a few good hours of sailing through varied conditions before making a decision. 

What Makes Blue Water Catamarans Great for Cruising?

Stable platform s.

Bluewater catamarans offer fantastic stability, despite what you may hear from single-hull yacht owners. There’s no high lean angle when sailing into the wind and no need to strap everything down to prevent it from moving. Add to this little or no rolling when moored, and a catamaran is a lovely place to be.

Additional Space 

An excellent beam to length ratio is essential on bluewater catamarans, and a 40-foot yacht will usually have a 20-foot beam. That gives you a 20-foot bridge deck, plenty of space on the hulls, and even more space forward on the netting.

Cruising Speed

The amount of wet surface area on a catamaran is significantly reduced compared to a monohull yacht. Without the need for a prominent, heavy keel for ballast, the catamaran can easily outperform a single hull yacht.

Shallow Draft s

Shallow draft boats allow easy navigation through shallow waters and exceptional stability for maximum comfort. You are far less likely to make mistakes with tide height predictions when sailing on a cat. 

Enclosed Cockpit s

Bluewater catamarans virtually always have an enclosed cockpit. Not only does this shield you from the sun in winter, but the elements in winter making cruising far more comfortable.


The enclosed cockpit makes sailing safer, plus of course, when you need to get out on the deck, the stable catamaran is not pitching and rolling.

Our Top Choices For Blue Water Catamarans Under $100,000

Screen Shot 2021 10 12 at 11.34.29 PM 1024x521 - 20 Blue Water Cruising Catamarans Under $100k

Designed and built by Rajen Naidu, the Rayvin 30 is a 29.5-foot cruising catamaran built for comfort. With a draft of just one meter, there are few places you can’t go on the Rayvin. The hull is constructed of epoxy glass fiber, but carbon-kevlar has been used for added strength below the waterline.

Inside, you’ll find three cabins, plenty of space, and even a bath! These are great value blue water catamarans with excellent performance.

Prout Snowgoose 37

Photo Provided by: Gideon Fielding (

Probably one of the most well-known blue water catamarans available, the Snowgoose 37 was designed and built by Prout and Sons in the United Kingdom. With a displacement of 6 tons, this is not a light boat, but the 600 square feet sail area gives a healthy hull speed of up to 10 knots. Many people have completed a circumnavigation in a Snowgoose.

It has a cutter design, but the overhang is substantial, leaving it susceptible to bridge slam, particularly on a close reach.

Over 500 examples were built, with plenty available under the $100,000 mark.

Prout Quasar 50

Sticking with Prout, the Quasar 50 was the largest catamaran designed and built by the company. The company was still making the Quasar until its closure in 2020, so you can find plenty of examples.

Constructed with fiberglass, the cutter design has a displacement of 10 tons and a sail area of almost 1185 square feet, giving a maximum hull speed of around 14 knots.

It has to be said the Quasar is not a pretty boat, but it makes a perfect large cruiser.

Catalac 12M

Screen Shot 2021 10 12 at 11.38.10 PM 1 1024x523 - 20 Blue Water Cruising Catamarans Under $100k

Catalac was a British boat building company owned by Tom Lack, hence the Catalac name. Over 600 examples of Catalac’s (9M, 10M, 11M, and 12M) were built. All around, they’re known as solid boats that handle well.

Designed as a sloop, the 12M displaces almost 9.3 tons. With a sail area of just 700 square feet, this cat offers a relatively slow hull speed of 9.5 knots.

An interesting point is the double thickness hulls, designed to withstand the North Sea weather.

Maldives 32

Screen Shot 2021 10 12 at 11.39.17 PM 1024x507 - 20 Blue Water Cruising Catamarans Under $100k

The Maldives 32 is a more modern design by Joubert-Nivelt. It features a short overhang with a netting deck to avoid bridge slam, initially built by Fountaine Pajot in 1988. The Maldives has a light displacement of 3.3 tons thanks to the fiberglass and foam sandwich construction. Add in a sail area of 592 square feet, and the Maldives can cruise at up to 11 knots.

The Maldives 32 is an excellent basic boat readily available well under our $100,000 price point.

Edel Cat 33

Screen Shot 2021 10 12 at 11.43.11 PM 1024x517 - 20 Blue Water Cruising Catamarans Under $100k

Thanks to the fiberglass construction, the Edel Cat 33 is another light boat, at just 3.6 tons and with a shallow draft of just 2.6 feet.

The Edel was designed by Yvonne Faulconnier and built by the Edel company in France, with the first bots being produced in 1985.

The 635 square feet of sail is enough for a good turn of speed for such a light boat without over-powering the hull.

A notable feature is the very short bridge hull, avoiding almost any bridge slam problems.

Endeavourcat 30

Screen Shot 2021 10 12 at 11.45.28 PM 1024x688 - 20 Blue Water Cruising Catamarans Under $100k

Designed by Cortland Steck and built in America by the Endeavour Catamaran Corp, the Endeavourcat 30 is a lightweight 30-foot catamaran constructed using fiberglass with a foam core.

It has to be said; the Endeavourcat is not pretty, but you get a lot of space for your money. Another issue is the enclosed bridge deck, making this suitable for gentle cruising only.

The sloop-rigged catamaran is a good, reasonably priced starter boat for taking the first dip into blue water catamarans.

Island Packet Packet Cat 35

Screen Shot 2021 10 12 at 11.47.30 PM 1024x515 - 20 Blue Water Cruising Catamarans Under $100k

If you are looking for comfort with a bit of style, then the Island Packet Cat 35 could be it. Designed by Robert K. Johnson and built in the USA by Island Packet, the Cat 35 makes the perfect boat for cruising the Keys.

The displacement of 6.25 tons gives the boat a solid, dependable feel, while the 2.6-foot draft allows you to explore water-restricted areas.

Inside there’re acres of room, but the fully enclosed bridge deck will cause issues in heavy weather.

Gemini 105MC

Screen Shot 2021 10 12 at 11.49.47 PM 1024x768 - 20 Blue Water Cruising Catamarans Under $100k

The Gemini 105MC is a sloop-rigged boat designed by Tony Smith and built by Performance Cruising in the United States. It was in production for over 27 years, and they delivered over 1000 boats, so there are plenty available to suit most budgets.

An interesting design feature is a lifting centerboard, giving excellent stability when down but a draft of just 1.65 feet when lifted.

A displacement of 4 tons combined with 690 square feet of sail area gives the 105MC outstanding performance characteristics.

lagoon 380

With 760 examples of the Lagoon 380 produced, there are plenty on the market at reasonable prices. Built by Jeanneau, it is one of the most popular bluewater catamarans ever made.

The distinctive vertical windows offer maximum internal space, and it has a spacious interior, but the tradeoff is a displacement of 8 tons, so performance suffers a little. You can cruise comfortably at 7 knots, and with the short bridge deck, you won’t suffer too much bridge slam.

Screen Shot 2021 10 12 at 11.54.41 PM 1024x617 - 20 Blue Water Cruising Catamarans Under $100k

If you can track down a Dean 365, it’s well worth a look. You can find these solidly built boats for $50,000 upwards. Designed by Peter Dean and built by his company, Dean Catamarans, they have an excellent reputation.

For a 36 foot boat, the 6-ton displacement is not light, but it does benefit from twin engines, and with the sloop rigging, it can sail downwind at up to 11 or 12 knots. With the genoa providing the main sailing power, sailing into the wind is not great.

Screen Shot 2021 10 12 at 11.55.35 PM 1024x510 - 20 Blue Water Cruising Catamarans Under $100k

Sold as a self-build design, the Tiki 38 is a solid cruising catamaran designed by James Wharram. There are plenty available, but all will be different depending on the builder. With a displacement of around 6 tons, it’s not the lightest, and the cruising speed is about 5 or 6 knots.

With a ketch rig, using two 30-foot masts, the sail area is around 730 square feet, but you can also use a 530 spinnaker. The draft is shallow at 2.5 feet.

The Tiki makes an interesting – perhaps quirky choice.

Crowther Spindrift 40

Screen Shot 2021 10 12 at 11.56.41 PM 1024x883 - 20 Blue Water Cruising Catamarans Under $100k

If you are more interested in performance than interior space, the Crowther Spindrift 40 could be an excellent choice. Designed by Lock Crowther, the Spindrift features narrow hulls, reducing the wet surface area and increasing your sailing speeds. The downside is a lack of space.

The sloop rigging gives you a total sail area of 791 square feet combined with a light 4-ton displacement, making the Spindrift excellent in light winds.

MacGregor 36

Screen Shot 2021 10 12 at 11.57.32 PM 1024x543 - 20 Blue Water Cruising Catamarans Under $100k

Three hundred of the Roger Macgregor designed 36-foot boats were built, so there are plenty available. It’s built as a racing catamaran, so space is at a premium. There is only a trampoline between the two hulls, but the weight saving makes the displacement just 1.4 tons, and with the 534 square feet of sail, you can achieve speeds touching 28 knots.

Accommodation is restricted to the two hulls, but there are bunks for four people and a galley in the starboard hull.

Screen Shot 2021 10 12 at 11.58.45 PM 1024x523 - 20 Blue Water Cruising Catamarans Under $100k

The Flica 36 was designed by Richard Wood is a proven design capable of crossing oceans. A displacement of 5 tons gives a good balance between speed and stability, and the cutter rigging allows for a main and two foresails.

The hulls have been made from ply and fiberglass, which accounts for the slightly heavier weight and strength. The bridge deck offers plenty of space with a small overhang but will suffer from bridge slam in heavier weather.

Mirage Yachts 37

Only a few of the open deck Mirage 37’s were produced, but consider them in your search. Designed by David Feltham and built by Thames Marine, the ketch-rigged boats are sturdy and safe.

At 7.3 tons, it’s heavy for a 36-foot cat, and the small sail area of just 548 square feet makes it slow, with a hull speed of only 7.4 knots. As a coastal cruiser, it certainly makes sense to give you a comfortable base for exploring.

Simpson 35 Wildside

The Simpson 35 Wildside is an excellent cruiser, with three double cabins, two of which are across the bridge deck. Roger Simpson is the designer, and he’s well known for his sturdy, reliable boats.

The Bermuda rigged sloop design features a fully covered bridge deck, so expect bridge slam if you sail in anything more than slight to moderate conditions. With a displacement of 5

tons, and a small sail area, the performance will never be exciting, but it’s okay for coastal cruising.

Gemini 3400

Screen Shot 2021 10 13 at 12.01.46 AM 1024x517 - 20 Blue Water Cruising Catamarans Under $100k

The Gemini 3400 is the predecessor to the Gemini 105 mentioned earlier. If you can’t find a 105 at your price, then a 3400 is a good alternative. Although weighing the same as the 105, at four tons, the sail area is smaller at just 490 square feet, giving a reduced performance.

As with all Geminis, the 3400 features retractable centerboards for better tracking when on a close reach, without increasing the draft.

The 3400 was designed by Tony Smith and built by Performance Cruising in the US, who still produce catamarans now.

Seawind 850

Screen Shot 2021 10 13 at 12.03.31 AM 1024x517 - 20 Blue Water Cruising Catamarans Under $100k

Originally built in Australia by Seawind Catamarans and designed by Scott Jutson, the 850 is a 28-foot cat featuring fractional sloop rigging. At a relatively light displacement of 2.4 tons, the 350 square feet of sail gives good performance and comfortable cruising.

The short bridge deck overhang is filled with a trampoline, allowing the 850 to sail in rougher weather without too much bridge slam. The Seawind makes an excellent cruiser despite its 28-foot LOA.

Aventura 23.5

Our last catamaran is the smallest in the review. The Aventura 235 is just 23 feet long, has a light displacement of only 0.77 tons, and a sail area of 312 square feet. Two cabins offer four berths despite its diminutive size, making it a comfortable cruiser for a small family.

There are, of course, compromises, with just a single outboard engine on the centerline, and internal space is limited. But with its lightweight design, easy handling, and shallow draft of 1.8 feet, it is a perfect first step into catamaran ownership.

Blue Water Catamarans Are a Fantastic Budget Option

Remember: When buying a bluewater cruising yacht for less than $100,000, compromise is inevitable. 

The best advice for buying a boat is to be truly honest with yourself by defining your needs and separating them from your desires. 

Need more advice on buying great blue water catamarans? Get a conversation started on our community forum by leaving a question or comment!

If you found this article helpful, please leave a comment below, share it on social media, and subscribe to our email list., for direct questions and comments, shoot me an email at [email protected].

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10 New Cruising Sailboats Under 35 Feet

  • By Cruising World Staff
  • Updated: November 3, 2020

It wasn’t so long ago that 30- to 35-foot cruising sailboats were likely to be the largest yachts found in many a harbor. And while 40-something and even 50-something footers are all the rage at boat shows today, there’s a lot to be said for setting sail on a boat big enough to carry family and friends, but still small enough to be easily maintained and handled alone from time to time. Small cruising sailboats are simple to dock or tie up to a mooring, and finding long-term marina space is easier as well.

Choosing a cruising sailboat, no matter the size, is a big decision. And it helps to have a trusted list of boats to get started. Here, then, is a look at 10 of the best daysailers , weekenders and coastal cruising sailboats under 35 feet that are all in production and can be purchased new.

Alerion Sport 30

A quarter-century ago, Garry Hoyt launched what would come to be known as the daysailer genre with the introduction of the Alerion Express 28, a boat designed by the late Carl Schumacher that featured a minimal interior and a large cockpit where an owner and guests could enjoy the simple joy of sailing. Traditional and lovely looking—but with a quite modern underbody and a powerful sail plan—Hoyt, ever the marketer, proclaimed the boat to be “the prettiest girl at the dance.”

Since then, a number of siblings ranging from 20 to 41 feet have been added to the Alerion family, including the Alerion Sport 30, which retains the graceful sheer line, oval ports and stylish overhangs of the original Schumacher design. Yet with input from naval architect Langan Design Partners, it also embraces a solid measure of performance-oriented DNA.

Read more about the Alerion Sport 30 »

Bavaria Cruiser 34

In every Boat of the Year contest, it seems, a boat rises up after sea trials to make a lasting impression on the judges. For 2018, that boat was the Bavaria Cruiser 34.

Says Boat of the Year Judge Tim Murphy, “The Bavaria was a lovely boat to sail. It has a single rudder, and she answered her helm just beautifully in the conditions we had today. We started off with around 10 knots of breeze that built to 13 to 15 knots. As a sailboat, it was just a pleasurable sailing experience, among the best we had during our judging. It was among the boats that felt like a really happy sailing experience.

Read more about the Bavaria Cruiser 34 »

Beneteau Oceanis 30.1

Sailed as part of the 2020 Boat of the Year sea trials, the 31-foot-3-inch Beneteau Oceanis 30.1 was the compact yacht best-equipped and spec’d out as a dedicated cruising boat, and not coincidentally, it was also awarded the title of Best Performance Cruiser for 2020. But don’t let her cozy interior accommodations fool you; this is also one peppy little vessel.

Read more about the Beneteau Oceanis 30.1 »

The 2017 Boat of the Year (BOTY) contest featured a stellar crop of crossover cruiser/racers; however, when all the testing was said and done, our independent panel of judges was sold on the Dehler 34, naming it the year’s Best Performance Cruiser. Designed by the highly regarded Judel/Vrolijk naval-architecture consortium, whose reputation was fostered by longtime success in international yacht-racing circles, the 34-footer combined contemporary good looks and a sweet turn of speed with better-than-average comfort and accommodations below. It didn’t hurt that the boat, nicely equipped at $215,000, was the least-expensive entry in the entire 2017 fleet. All in all, it proved to be a winning formula.

Read more about the Dehler 34 »

Dufour Grand Large 360

Dufour Yachts introduced its new 360 Grand Large model to CW’s Boat of the Year team in 2018 as a coastal cruiser intended for a couple or perhaps a small family. With that in mind, judge Alvah Simon found numerous clever elements to praise within the boat’s 35-foot-2-inch hull—a relatively modest LOA compared to the many 40-, 50- and 60-footers on display at the U.S. Sailboat show in Annapolis, Maryland.

Read more about the Dufour Grand Large 360 »

After a roughly 10-year hiatus from the U.S. marketplace, the Slovenian builder Elan is back in a big way. For the 2017 Boat of the Year contest, the company launched a pair of new boats in the States, including the Elan E4, a 34-foot-9-inch performance cruiser with an emphasis on performing, designed by renowned British naval architect Rob Humphreys. The brand has been in business for seven decades and lately is perhaps even better known in America for its skis. Not surprisingly, given its complementary product lines—lots of sailors are fine skiers—its boats are as sleek and sporty as its boards.

Read more about the Elan E4 »

Grand Soleil 34

Way back in the 1970s, when the well-known Italian boatyard Grand Soleil was just getting started, its first model was a Finot-designed 34-footer. With over 300 units sold, it was an instant success, and launched the company on an upward trajectory that spanned the intervening decades, mostly with an ongoing series of much larger, more complex racer/cruisers. For 2020, the builder decided to return to its roots with a completely revamped Grand Soleil 34, and it’s a terrific boat.

Read more about the Grand Soleil 34 »

Value. How does one determine it? Price is most certainly a factor. In the case of new boats, and our Boat of the Year competition, it means something more. As sailors, we wish to recognize good boats that not only are affordable but offer other, tangible rewards. The ability to get couples and families out on the water, to have a weekend escape, to take them on coastal vacations and even maybe a sabbatical to the islands, all without breaking the bank. For 2019, the judging panel determined that one boat had the potential to do these things better than the rest, which is why they awarded the Best Value prize to the Hanse 348.

With a price tag under $200,000, during sea trials the Hanse 348 wowed the judging team from the get-go. “In only about 8 knots of breeze, we were seeing 5.7 knots upwind and pointing very nicely, and even registered 6.5 knots once we cracked off,” said Tim Murphy. “It’s a pretty sweet little boat.”

Read more about the Hanse 348 »

Italia 9.98

Of the performance cruisers that made their North American debut in 2020, in terms of sheer appearance, the futuristic 34-foot Italia 9.98 was easily the most distinctive. There are actually two versions of the boat: the 34 Club—which is the cruising alternative, the primary features of which are its twin wheels—and the 34 Fuoriserie—the racing model, and the one we tested, with its tiller steering being the identifying characteristic.

Read more about the Italia 9.98 »

Beginning with the popular little J/24 way back in 1977, J/Boats has become famous for its steady introduction of terrific racing and cruising boats, almost all of which shared one main characteristic: They sailed like a witch. More than four decades later, having built more than 50 separate, mind-boggling models, the Johnstone family that designs, markets and sells the brand shows no signs of slowing down. Their latest offering, for 2020, was another fast and fun racer/cruiser: the 32-foot-7-inch J/99.

Read more about the J/99 »

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new sailboats under 100k

Affordable Luxury: Navigate the Top 16 Boats Under $100K

Ever dreamed of sailing without sinking your budget? Dive into our treasure trove of the 16 best boats under $100K that promise adventure without the anchor of a hefty price tag!

new sailboats under 100k

Boats are a great investment for people that enjoy spending time on the water. However, the price range of boats doesn't fit everyone's budget. When you're looking at the cost of different boats, you'll likely come across some that are just as expensive as a house. If you're on a budget, you might be wondering about more affordable models. So, what are the best boats under $100K?

The 2018 Regal 2100 is a great boat for families. It's comfortable and designed for water activities. One of the best sailboats under $100K to consider is the Hallberg-Rassy 352. It has a cabin that you can spend the night in. If you want a pontoon under $100K, you should check out the spacious Bennington Q25.

Buying a boat doesn't mean you have to clear out your life savings. There are several great boats on the market that won't break the bank. Today, we're going to introduce you to 16 of the best boats under $100K. Keep reading to find out which boats you should be looking at.

1. 2018 Regal 2100

new sailboats under 100k

Full Performance Marine / YouTube

Average Price:  $48,430  | Passenger Capacity:  7

The 2018 Regal 2100 is ideal for leisurely days on the water.  It's a preferred boat for watersports, like water skiing and tubing. This boat is high-performing and great for cruising. On top of that, it's a very sleek and stylish bowrider.

Why We Love The 2018 Regal 2100

The 2018 Regal 2100 has a great amount of storage space.  It feels a lot roomier than most 21' boats because there's enough space to put all of your belongings out of the way. The seating arrangement also provides enough space for all passengers to sit comfortably, even when the boat's at full capacity.

2018 Regal 2100 Specifications

  • Length:  21'
  • Width:  8'2"
  • Weight:  3650 lbs
  • Fuel Capacity:  40 gallons

2. Bennington Q25

new sailboats under 100k

Bennington Pontoon Boats / YouTube

Average Price:  $96,666  | Passenger Capacity:  18

Bennington is a popular boat brand, and many people want to be the owner of the Q25.  This pontoon boat allows people to enjoy the luxurious features of a premium boat at a much lower cost. This boat even features the same material for seating that's used on high-end yachts. You can expect a very comfortable ride.

Why We Love The Bennington Q25

Bennington is a name people trust when they are looking for a pontoon.  This boat provides all the luxuries that people want in a pontoon for less money, like reclining seats and wood accents. There are several different floor plans to choose from, allowing people to choose the best fit for their lifestyle. There's also the choice to include add-ons, like a performance package.

Bennington Q25 Specifications

  • Length:  27'3"
  • Width:  8'6"
  • Weight:  4519 lbs
  • Fuel Capacity:  50 gallon

3. Skeeter SX240

new sailboats under 100k

Skeeter Boats

Average Price:  starting at $58,500  | Passenger Capacity:  8

Skeeter SX240 is a favorite boat under $100K among boating enthusiasts.  This versatile boat is great for cruising along nearly any body of water. There is more protection on this boat, just in case you hit rough waters.

Why We Love The Skeeter SX240

There are several features that make the Skeeter SX240 one of the best boats under $100k.  There's more storage space than other boats of a similar size. The windshield is removable, which is a great feature for people looking to gain more clearance. This is also an excellent fishing boat because it comes with 2 wells.

Skeeter SX240 Specifications

  • Length:  24'1"
  • Width:  8'5"
  • Weight:  2925 lbs
  • Fuel Capacity:  75 gallons

4. Four Winns Horizon 210 RS Bowrider

new sailboats under 100k

Four Winns / YouTube

Average Price:  $64,385  | Passenger Capacity:  9

The Four Winns Horizon 210 RS Bowrider is an excellent choice if you're looking for a watersports boat.  This boat is a top-choice because it's stable and maintains a steady plane. Even at slower speeds, you can still get an amazing performance from this boat.

Why We Love The Four Winns Horizon 210 RS Bowrider

Four Winns Horizon  210 RS Bowrider is stylish and comfortable. The custom seats are just as comfortable as your living room furniture. They are even made using handstitched upholstery. For the boat itself, you can choose from 4 different color options. You'll be able to customize this boat to your own taste for less money.

Four Winns Horizon 210 RS Bowrider Specifications

  • Length:  21'7"
  • Weight:  3450 lbs

5. Boston Whaler 210 Montauk

new sailboats under 100k

Average Price:  $61,854  | Passenger Capacity:  9

Boston Whaler 210 Montauk has caught boaters' interest because it's unsinkable.  Even if the boat is deconstructed, the parts will still float above water. This boat has been constructed using some of the best parts on the market, including several stainless steel components.

Why We Love The Boston Whaler 210 Montauk

Boston Whaler wanted to make sure people could customize the 210 Montauk to their enjoyment.  You will have the option to add facilities to your boat for water activities, like water skiing and fishing. The design of the boat also allows users to enjoy more comfort and flexibility.

Boston Whaler 210 Montauk Specifications

  • Length:  21'4"
  • Weight:  2650 lbs
  • Fuel Capacity:  66.5 gallons

6. Hallberg-Rassy 352

new sailboats under 100k


Average Price:  starting at $39,169  | Passenger Capacity:  12

One of the best under $100K sailboats is the Hallberg-Rassy 352.  This is a great sailboat to consider if you want to have overnight adventures on the water. It's known for being a very steady boat, even if the water is rocky.

Why We Love The Hallberg-Rassy 352

The Hallberg-Rassy 352 features many of the amenities you have at home.  This is why it's one of the best choices for overnight cruising. In the cabin, there is a kitchenette and bathroom. The bathroom includes a toilet and shower, with running water. You can also enjoy luxuries, like the onboard stereo system.

Hallberg-Rassy 352 Specifications

  • Length:  35'
  • Width:  11'1"
  • Weight:  14,800 lbs
  • Fuel Capacity:  250 lbs

7. Yamaha 210 FHS Sport

new sailboats under 100k

Boating Magazine / YouTube

Average Price:  starting at $44,500  | Passenger Capacity:  10

One of the best center console boats under $100K is the Yamaha 210 FHS Sport.  Like most Yamaha boats, you can expect top-of-the-line performance from this boat. It's a great option to consider if you want to bring friends or your family out on the water to enjoy activities. This boat is excellent for tubing, water skiing, fishing, and more.

Why We Love The Yamaha 210 FHS Sport

One of the best features of the Yamaha 210 FHS sport is the twin engines.  You can pick up speed quickly, making this boat more exciting for water activities. It also features a jet-drive system to help propel the boat. This boat also features a curtained privacy area. You can use this area as a changeroom or bring a portable toilet on board for when you need to go.

Yamaha 210 FHS Sport Specifications

  • Length:  21'3"
  • Weight:  3003 lbs
  • Fuel Capacity:  50 gallons

8. Regal 28 Express

new sailboats under 100k

Regal Boats

Average Price:  starting at $84,900  | Passenger Capacity:  12

The Regal 28 Express is a fun motorboat that doesn't put people overbudget.  This stylish boat allows people to customize the exterior with 8 different color choices. It is one of the most comfortable boats from Regal for traveling to different destinations.

Why We Love The Regal 28 Express

The Regal 28 Express has all the luxuries for half the cost.  One feature we love is the Ultralounge. Guests can stay comfortable in this area while enjoying the surrounding view. The cabin is very sleek and spacious, with 6 feet of headroom and a queen-size berth. It also has picture windows that create amazing lighting in the cabin.

Regal 28 Express Specifications

  • Length:  28'9"
  • Weight:  7585 lbs
  • Fuel Capacity:  73 gallons

9. Sunseeker Tomahawk 41

new sailboats under 100k

SYS Yacht Sales

Average Price:  starting at $76,800   | Passenger Capacity:  9

One of the best Sunseeker Tomahawk boats is the #41.  This boat was built to remain steady in Mediterranean conditions, so you can expect easy cruising with good speed. It's an excellent boat for water sports or simply cruising and soaking up the sun.

Why We Love The Sunseeker Tomahawk 41

It's easy to see why the Sunseeker Tomahawk 41 keeps getting 5-star reviews after all these years.  This high-quality boat is also stunning, with lavish upholstery and beautiful woodwork. It uses a 2X250CV diesel engine, which gives the motor a lot of power. You can also spend the night in this boat because there's a double bed in the cabin.

Sunseeker Tomahawk 41 Specifications

  • Length:  42'1"
  • Width:  10'1"
  • Weight:  15,432 lbs
  • Fuel Capacity:  206 gallons

10. Nauticstar 191 Hybrid

new sailboats under 100k

NauticStar Boats

Average Price:  $40,381  | Passenger Capacity:  7

Nauticstar 191 Hybrid is one of the top modern boat models on our list today.  This affordable boat has a very stylish and functional design. The spacious seating plan allows for more room on board, so your guests won't feel cramped. This allows you to bring more friends along when you go fishing.

Why We Love Nauticstar 191 Hybrid

If you enjoy fishing, the Nauticstar 191 Hybrid is an excellent boat to consider.  It features an aft fishing deck, which includes rod holders. It's one of the best tournament-ready boats for anglers on a budget. This boat is also designed to remain sturdy, even when the water is choppy. It helps keep everyone on board dry throughout the ride.

Nauticstar 191 Hybrid Specifications

  • Length:  18'11"
  • Weight:  2160 lbs
  • Fuel Capacity:  32 gallons

11. Chaparral 250 Suncoast

new sailboats under 100k

Sunrise Marine / YouTube

Average Price:  starting at $60K  | Passenger Capacity:  14

Chaparral is one of the top boat brands in America.  Boat enthusiasts were thrilled to find out that they could be the owners of 250 Suncoast for a more affordable price.  Like most Chaparral boats, this model comes with all the features people really want when they're choosing a boat, like a polished spoke steering wheel and well-lit cockpit.

Why We Love Chaparral 250 Suncoast

While the Chaparral 250 Suncoast is a large boat, it's very easy to tow.  You don't have to be an expert on the water to be able to drive this boat safely. Another impressive feature is the spacious interior of this boat. While it has plenty of seating for all of your guests, it still doesn't feel crowded on board.

Chaparral 250 Suncoast Specifications

  • Length:  24'
  • Weight:  4100 lbs

12. Beneteau First 27

new sailboats under 100k

sailmoto / YouTube

Average Price:  $99,990  | Passenger Capacity:  6 to 10

Another great sailboat under $100K is the Beneteau First 27 . Some people are initially turned off by the very small fuel capacity of this boat. However, once they set sail, they are more than impressed by how fast of a cruiser this boat really is. It uses the wind to its advantage to pick up a good speed without going too fast.

Why We Love The Beneteau First 27

The interior of this sailboat feels very luxurious.  It's spacious with very good lighting from the windows. There's also plenty of storage space to stow away items that aren't in use. This boat also features a bathroom on board. You can bring guests out for longer journeys without having to worry about people's comfort. There are many amenities on this boat that you get at home.

Beneteau First 27 Specifications

  • Length:  26'
  • Width:  7'9"
  • Weight:  5291 lbs
  • Fuel Capacity:  7 gallons

13. Fairline Targa 34

new sailboats under 100k

Average Price:  starting at $50,943  | Passenger Capacity:  6

The Fairline Targa 34 has an excellent reputation in the boating community.  Even people that are extremely picky about their boat's features love this boat. Part of the reason this boat is a hit with nearly everyone that steps foot in it is that it was in production for a decade. There was time to iron out all of the issues and design the perfect boat.

Why We Love Fairline Targa 34

The Fairline Targa 34 has been a best-selling boat for several years.  While new models are introduced to the market, they aren't enough to convince loyal Targa 34 enthusiasts to make the switch. From the spacious cabins to the impressive cockpit design and incredible speed, it's easy to see why people love this boat.

Targa 34 Specifications

  • Length:  34'5"
  • Width:  11'4"
  • Weight:  14,330 lbs
  • Fuel Capacity:  156 gallons

14. Sea Ray 320 Sundancer

new sailboats under 100k

Average Price:  starting at $47,799  | Passenger Capacity:  4

If you don't have the budget for a yacht, the Sea Ray 320 Sundancer is the next best thing.  The floorplan on this motorboat is very spacious. It also features cabinets and stowage space, so your items won't be in the way.

Why We Love The Sea Ray 320 Sundancer

The luxury cabin has us in love with this boat.  The kidney-shaped sofa offers ample room for passengers to get cozy. You can enjoy beautiful details and finishes throughout the boat, including cherry-wood cabinets. However, you will be able to easily convert the cabin space so you can spend the night in the boat. It even includes a double bed.

Sea Ray 320 Sundancer Specifications

  • Length:  32'3"
  • Width:  10'8"
  • Weight:  13,305 lbs
  • Fuel Capacity:  170 gallons

15. Avalon 2585 Catalina Elite

new sailboats under 100k

Pontoon & Deck Boat Magazine / YouTube

Average Price:  starting at $40,999  | Passenger Capacity:  13

The Avalon 2585 Catalina Elite   is another fantastic pontoon boat for under $100K.  This stylish boat doesn't skip on any of the luxuries that pontoon enthusiasts are used to. You can enjoy a day on the water with family and friends for a fraction of the price. While most Avalon boats sell for over 6 figures, this boat stays budget-friendly.

Why We Love The Avalon 2585 Catalina Elite

We love the seating plan on this stylish pontoon.  While it does appear unusual at first, the seating allows you to comfortably fit more guests onboard. It even features a unique lounge area behind the captain's chair. In the rear, there are low-reclining chairs. They have been designed so that even tall adults can sit comfortably without feeling crowded.

Avalon 2585 Catalina Elite Specifications

  • Length:  25'5"
  • Weight:  2450 lbs
  • Fuel Capacity:  38 gallons

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new sailboats under 100k

10 Best Catamarans Under 100k: The Affordable Dream!

new sailboats under 100k

As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. We may also earn commissions if you purchase products from other retailers after clicking on a link from our site.

I have been told that good catamarans under $100 000 are impossible to find, and since I’m not a millionäire but I love catamaran sailing, I said, challenge accepted!

The best catamarans under 100k include the Prout Quest, the Gemini 105Mc and 3200, the Dean 365, Tiki 38, and the Prout Snowgoose 37. All these catamarans are good but they are best suited for different types of sailing.

In this article, ill show you some of the most promising cats under 100k; this article could be a starting point for finding yourself an affordable cat. And if you’re not attracted by any cats on this list, at the end of the post, you will find factors to consider when buying a cheap cat so that you may do your own assessments of boats that are interesting to you.

Table of Contents

Prout Quest

The Prout Quest is a classic catamaran boat from Prout, cruising catamaran boat manufacturers who dominated the market in the 1970s and 1980s. Though these boats are no longer in production, the Prout Quest is a seaworthy catamaran that boasts an enviable reputation.

This boat is suitable for couples or single sailors looking for a liveaboard as it sports a spacious salon. In addition, there’s good access to natural light, a functional galley, generous storage, plus the boat is sturdy and excellent for solo sailing. Also, it’s pretty gentle and comfortable on a reach or downwind. 

If you want more info on the Prout Quest , check this article out.

The main downside of the Prout Quest is that it doesn’t have much headroom. You can get this 33ft (10.05m) pre-owned catamaran for about $55,000.   

new sailboats under 100k

Gemini 105Mc

Gemini catamarans boast a refined manufacturing process that results in attractively designed catamaran boats. They feature a pleasant performance, practical handling, livability, and good value for the money. Gemini 105Mc itself is a popular model with a legendary sailing performance. 

The boat has roomy, light, and airy accommodation areas, while the deck layout and rig provide a stable and safe platform. Gemini 10Mc comes with centerboards and kick-up rudders that allow you to venture into shallow waters and a beam that allows anchoring in a regular slip. 

I have written an entire article on Gemini cats , so if you want more info click this link.

While this boat is no longer in production and has been replaced by the Gemini Legacy 35, you can get pre-owned versions starting from around $89,000.

new sailboats under 100k

Gemini 3200

For a coastal cruise, the Gemini 3200 delivers a superb sailing performance. The boat features the basic comfort and spacing of a budget catamaran and is pretty easy to sail and motor single-handed. It also comes with centerboards designed to retract without breaking upon hitting an object.  

The Gemini’s beam allows it to fit into a standard size slip, thus reducing marina fees while the outboard motor makes for a quieter boat. This light boat performs well downwind or on a broad reach but can be challenging to maneuver cross currents and crosswinds without centerboards. It’s also not ideal for bluewater sailing (more info on bluewater cats here).

The Gemini 3200 goes for below $100k.

For a review of the most popular Gemini boats , go here!

Dean 365 catamaran is incredibly spacious and boasts plenty of headroom, making it well-suited for a cruising family. This boat comes with 4 cabins, a big saloon, a huge galley, and generous storage making it safe, stable, and comfortable for open sea cruising and long voyages.

The Dean 365 is also on my list of best cats between 100 and 200k .

High-quality cabinetry characterizes the interior, and a comfy u-shaped dinette is located in the main saloon. There are additional lockers built within the quarter berth floors, creating additional storage space for all your sailing needs. 

Dean 365 is not a fast boat, and its bridgedeck clearance is below average , but its downhill cruising is impressive. This model is rare, but when available, you can get the boat for between $50,000 to $100,000.

Prout Snowgoose 37

The Snowgoose 37 is popular with bluewater cruisers looking for a robust, seaworthy, and budget-friendly catamaran. Though this boat is not a performance catamaran, it’s a strong ocean crosser that boasts an unrivaled circumnavigation record. The cat sails pretty well despite her length, performs well in light air, and handles rough weather rather impressively using her canoe sterns.

If you are confused with all the terminology, don’t worry, so was I, to get up to speed I would recommend you to either buy the book The Complete Guide for Cruising Sailors (here’s a link to amazon ) or read my article on catamaran parts .

Because of the aft mast rig and all control lines redirecting back to the cockpit ( catamaran parts explained here), the Snowgoose is relatively easy to sail single-handed. The boat is easy to maneuver into a marina and fits nicely into standard berths, further lowering your costs. Even better, the flat keels plus narrow beam makes the Snowgoose easy to beach – and keeps a lid on your maintenance costs.

The Snowgoose 37 has her share of downsides; minimal salon headroom, a slow speed of 6 knots, a low bridgedeck resulting in slamming in rough seas, and a solo engine that renders the boat less maneuverable than twin-engine cats. Still, the boat offers good value for money and you can get one for under 100k.

Tiki 38 is a James Wharram design catamaran. This reasonably priced bluewater catamaran ensures your safety on the high seas, performs well, and is ideal as a family cruising boat. It has 2 double cabins and single cabins, a navigation station, galley, toilet cum shower, and ample storage space for all your stuff in the bow and stern.

These cats are sleek, light, fast, and easy to handle. They are fun to sail in open water since they are highly maneuverable, and their shallow drafts allow you to explore new places. The boats also feature a large deck and a deckpod with a bunk for shelter during open sea cruising. With $100,000, you can get yourself a Tiki 38.

Crowther Spindrift 40

The Crowther Spindrift 40 is an excellent performance catamaran that you can buy without making a big dent in your pocket. Designed by the renowned Australian designer Lock Crowther, Spindrifts are sleek, fast, and capable of sailing quickly in light winds. They have good bridgedeck clearance, and though slamming occurs in rough seas (more on rough sea sailing here ), the boat sails quite smoothly in normal conditions. 

One key thing to note here is that these cats are generally old, so it’s important to examine the beams, decks, and boat systems carefully before purchasing one. They also have shorter headroom, plus you have to leave the main cabin and get into the cockpit to enter either of the two hulls. This can be a bit tiring if you are not young or agile.

Another issue is the Spindrift’s hulls are pretty narrow, so you need to keep off excess weight to avoid hampering the vessel’s sailing performance. On the plus side, the engines are easy to access, which makes your maintenance work more manageable. 

You can sail the Spindrift alone or with a minimal crew as the boat is easy to handle even during heavy weather. What’s more, there’s great visibility from either of the two helms. In light winds, the cat performs amazingly well, and maneuvering is simple and straightforward. Plus, the boat can fit easily into marina slips and is pleasantly comfortable at anchor. 

The Spindrift is not as spacious as the newer model catamarans, but you can still have guests over as the seating space is more than adequate. And the best part? You can purchase this beautiful boat for less than $100K.

This is also the same boat that the youtube channel Tulas endless summer used to sail.

Shuttleworth Open 35

Another catamaran that fits within the $100K budget is the Shuttleworth Open 35. This 35 foot (10.66m) cat is an open-bridgedeck John Shuttleworth design, built in the US. An excellent performer, the vessel bears the proven ability to cross oceans with great poise and sail in excess of wind speed. 

Large enough to fit a crew of 6, the boat’s impressive construction features composite foam, epoxy resin, e-glass, carbon fiber reinforcements, kick-up rudders, and daggerboards on each hull. The other exciting features include flush decks, an open cockpit, rounded bilges, and companionways with steps leading down to the cabins in the hulls. 

I discuss interior layout in one of my other posts here.

Below decks, the accommodation consists of 3 double berths – 2 to port and 1 to starboard. Each hull contains a head with a holding tank, while the galley comes equipped with a stove, refrigerator, and microwave, making the Shuttleworth comfortable to live in. 

This catamaran is a sailor’s dream; it can sail, race, and cruise too. And whichever option you go for, the boat’s capabilities are sure to impress you as this stylish boat can clock pretty high speeds.   

$80-100,000 and you’ll secure a pretty cool boat!

Woods Banshee

The Woods Banshee is a small but powerful cruiser-racer catamaran designed with a 35 foot (10.66m) hull molding. Richard Woods, the boat’s designer, opted for a vast beam, a characteristic feature quite unlike other 35-foot sailing catamarans whose beams are typically around 17.5′ (5.33m). At 20.5′ (6.24m), the Banshee’s beam is indeed pretty wide. 

But there’s a good reason for having an extra-wide beam on this offshore cruising cat. It dramatically increases the vessel’s accommodation space, allows for reduced wave interference between the two hulls, and enhances the vessel’s stability resulting in minimal heeling. While the Banshee comes fitted with an outdoor engine, the last two features allow the Banshee to deliver a sailing performance similar to that of a larger-sized catamaran. 

This post on catamaran capsize will better your understanding of catamaran stability, so check that out!

The Banshee’s high-thrust outboard allows the boat to cruise at between 6-8 knots (11.11-14.82 km/h) while the V-shaped, softly rounded hulls help it move with great ease. You can even withdraw the outboard from the water while under sail whenever there’s a need to eliminate drag.  

This light foam-core catamaran has an excellent performance windward thanks to its daggerboards and outboard engine. Furthermore, bridge deck slamming, a common challenge with cruising catamarans in a non-issue with the Banshee.

Without a doubt, the Banshee is one spacious boat. Behind the sizeable sliding hatch is an expansive salon, there’s well-spaced accommodation, adequate headroom, and you have access to a large cockpit. Plus, there’s extra seating space on the bridgedeck saloon for dining and socializing. The full-sized navigation station boasts ample storage space while the bridgedeck plays host to a master bunk and a collapsible settee that comes in handy at anchor.

The Banshee is a pocket-friendly cruising catamaran that delivers superb performance, and you can get one at around $85,000.

new sailboats under 100k

Catalac 10M

Catalac Catamarans are British sailing vessels from the 1980s. These sturdy, well-built cats are designed to handle hostile seas, and the Catalac 10M is among the best family and couple liveaboard cruisers in the Catalac family. Excellent at offering a safe, comfortable, and spacious floating home over an extended period, they have minimal maintenance and operating costs. As a result, these rare but affordable boats are much sought after. 

The Catalac 10M is a 34 foot (10.36m) well-thought-out, quality cat that’s as strong as a battleship. Its spacious saloon contains a sizable u-shaped settee plus an expandable rotating table that can accommodate up to 8 people. The interior is well-lit owing to the large windows that also provide panoramic views. It also has ample storage space and spacious countertops. 

Double thick fiberglass makes the boat hulls undeniably strong , and it’s no wonder these boats are still crossing oceans today. The boat is exceptionally stable due to the short rig and the hull’s hard chine design. If your budget is about $100,000 , you can get yourself one of these unique boats.

How To Buy the Best Catamaran

Is there a perfect catamaran? Not exactly. The thing is, selecting the perfect catamaran is a personal choice. And like buying a home, you might need to compromise, customize or sacrifice one thing or the other. Having said that, there are guidelines you need to follow to avoid making painful mistakes.

I would also like to recommend two books that have helped me to better understand catamaran characteristics. The first one is called The complete guide for cruising sailors (here’s a link to amazon ). It is a good basic introduction to hull shapes and the balance between performance and comfort. It also includes a lot of pictures.

If you are more interested in how to sail and manage your catamaran, I have another recommendation for you, this one covers a lot of tips and tricks such as how to prepare your boat for offshore cruising or what to think of in case of capsizing. One thing I don’t like about Multihull seamanship is the graphics, they are hand-drawn and feel cheap but the information is great.

Let’s explore some of the important factors to consider when making a purchase decision in order to get the best possible catamaran. 

Factors To Consider When Purchasing a Catamaran

When looking to buy a catamaran, there are several crucial factors you need to consider apart from your budget. Below is a brief discussion on each essential factor.

What Is the Intended Use?

How do you plan to use your catamaran? Do you intend to spend most of your time cruising offshore, docked at the marina or anchor, or do you want to live onboard? 

For instance, a spacious Lagoon catamaran might be the perfect luxury liveaboard with creature comforts like a refrigerator and air conditioning, but it could turn out slower underway. This means it would not be an ideal choice for someone interested in long-distance cruising.

new sailboats under 100k

Comfort Versus Performance

Modern catamarans come equipped with luxurious amenities and top-end finishes like Corian countertops. But while these gorgeous extras add to your comfort level, they translate to additional weight which affects your catamaran’s cruising performance. For instance, this weight can lead to increased wave slamming in heavy seas, which can be quite uncomfortable.

Comfort, performance, or low price, you only get to pick two (unless you’re filthy rich ;))

new sailboats under 100k

Your Mechanical Skills

When buying a pre-owned boat, it’s best to buy one whose owner maintained it in great condition, particularly if you are not good with your hands. This is because your repair and maintenance costs could go through the roof. However, if you are mechanically inclined, you can do the repairs, thus significantly reducing costs.

Your Budget

You will need to set a realistic budget for your new catamaran. Doing so will help cover the cost of buying the boat and allow you to handle other related payments. These include paying for insurance, registration, marina fees, upgrades, maintenance, and repairs.

new sailboats under 100k

Daggerboards Versus a Fixed Keel

Most cruising cats sport fixed keels. This enables you to get more usable space in the hulls and also makes it easier to beach the boat. The keel is also less expensive to fabricate and adds more buoyancy to your boat. The downside is that you shed a couple of degrees when sailing upwind. On the other hand, catamarans with daggerboards sail faster and tend to make less leeway.  

new sailboats under 100k

Your Sailing Skills

Catamarans are easy to handle. Besides, you can take a sailing course to improve your skills. Still, you might want to consider going for a catamaran that’s rigged for single-handing. Such a boat comes with electric winches and, at times, a self-tacking jib.

Final Thoughts

Buying a catamaran is a significant investment. Thus, it’s essential to do your due diligence first before making a final commitment. Start by doing your research on the kind of boats you’re interested in, use this list as a guide to help you make the right choice, then find all the relevant information you can to make an informed decision. 

  • Catamaran Guru: Top Ten Tips for Buying a Catamaran
  • Multihull Solutions: What to look for When Buying a Used Catamaran
  • Multihull Company: The 14 Biggest Mistakes When Purchasing a Used Catamaran…
  • Multihull Company: Boat Details
  • Catamaran Site: Gemini 3200 Owner Review…
  • Catamaran Site: Catalac Catamarans for Sale By Owner
  • Katamarans: Prout Snowgoose 37 Review
  • Wharram: Tiki 38 Self- Build Boat Plans
  • Katamarans: Tula’s Endless Summer: Crowther Spindrift 40 Owner’s Review

Owner of A minimalist that has lived in a caravan in Sweden, 35ft Monohull in the Bahamas, and right now in his self-built Van. He just started the next adventure, to circumnavigate the world on a Catamaran!

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5 Best Cruising Sailboats In 2024

Best Cruising Sailboats | Life of Sailing

Last Updated by

Daniel Wade

January 2, 2024

The appeal of owning a cruising sailboat is one that deep down almost everyone shares.

Even someone who has no intention of ever sailing can see the appeal of owning such a vessel.

So much of the appeal is tied into the possibilities , the sense of wonder that owning such a boat bestows on its owner.

‍ Whether you are making a voyage from one coast of the United States to the other or plan to make your way around the globe, a decent cruising sailboat is a must. Not all sailboats are built to withstand the high seas and high winds of the open water.

Sure, they may do well enough when hugging the coastline, but sailing far and away over the horizon is a completely different animal.

This article will help you know what to look for in a cruising sailboat and which specific boats you should look into buying. There are hundreds of great options on the market, these 5 are just some of the best.

Table of contents

What are cruising sailboats?

Cruising sailboats are ones that are designed to be used over long distances.

They are bigger, stronger, and far more stable.

If you imagine a typical small sailboat such as a wayfarer you are looking at a pretty solid boat.

Good quality, great for beginners, very safe, very affordable.

But, it is simply not going to cut it out at sea for long.

People have used the wayfarer to sail from the United Kingdom to Norway.

But, people have also done that in a kayak.

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should or that you would even want to if given the opportunity.

A cruising boat is meant to be liveable for long periods between making land.

Typically, cruising just means a multi-day trip.

In reality, it can be far longer.

Reid Stowe once sailed his self built 70-foot schooner for over three and a half years.

This is an extreme example, no one lives on their boat that long, but it gives you an idea of the possibilities.

To be able to spend so much time on a boat requires that it be of an adequate size to accommodate everything you would need.

If a sailboat is capable of housing you for a few days, technically it can be classed as a cruising sailboat .

Typically, cruising sailboats can reach speeds of ten knots.

This is needed to be able to make it from one point of land to another before supplies run out.

This is not a technical requirement to be “classed” as a cruising sailboat, just a practical one.

What makes a sailboat good for traveling long distances?

While, yes, a sailboat capable of traveling for multiple days without making land could be classed as a cruising sailboat. There are some criteria that it needs to hit to be considered a good choice. Your sailboat needs to not only be capable of making the journey but doing it safely. Here are some important things to consider when deciding if a sailboat would be suitable for cruising:

A boat that is not going to be stable is not ideal for cruising. When sailing for multiple days chances are you are going to crossing through rough seas and dangerous waters. If you don’t have a boat that can stand up to these conditions you are going to be in trouble. A good way of assessing stability is width and hull type. If a boat has a very wide, or multiple, hulls you can assume it is going to be quite stable.

The bigger the boat the better, not only for stability but for comfort. If you are going to be essentially trapped on your boat for several days it is a good idea to have as much room to move about as possible. Both in the cabin and on the deck. If you are stuck inside because of bad weather for several days every extra square foot you have is going to be a blessing. Size matters to when you consider how many people you can bring on your voyage. They don’t just require their sleeping quarters/bunk they need space to move around.

Strength matters. A strong hull will help you withstand even the roughest conditions. Some boats are built with metal reinforcing on their hulls, some aren’t. If given the choice, you would do well to choose the former. Strength doesn’t just mean material but the overall build of the boat. If a boat doesn’t have a strong mast, the sail is more likely to come down. A sailboat without a mast or sail is much more likely to capsize.

Being able to travel long distances is not only limited by the strength or sturdiness of the boat but how much storage it has. If you plan to be sailing for 7 days you will need 7 days worth of supplies. If a boat doesn’t have the storage to accommodate this, you won’t be able to make the journey. Just because a boat is larger doesn’t mean it will have more storage room.


More than anything, what makes a sailboat suitable for cruising is having an experienced skipper. There is a big difference between sailing for multiple days and multiple hours. Make sure you are capable of making the voyage before you think about whether your boat can.

What do people find so appealing about sailing long distances?

There is such a romantic notion of being able to sail wherever you please, whenever you please. Being able to make long voyages is so much more exciting than shorter ones. The chance to cruise from country to country is such an exciting opportunity that few people in the modern era have. Sailing from country to country used to be the only way to get around. Now, everyone uses planes. Sailing brings people back to their ancestral roots in a way no other form of transport does. There may not be new lands to discover on behalf of our countries, but there are new lands to discover for ourselves. Reading about, hearing about, or watching documentaries on places is not the same as exploring them for yourself by sea.

The sense of adventure and discovery is like nothing else. Who doesn’t dream of making the journey around the world? Most people will never do it, but the dream is still there. Most of all though, long-distance cruising is exciting . The adrenaline from making the dangerous trip through open sees is truly exhilarating. Whether you are racing or cruising along at your own pace, there is always a sense of danger when out at sea. Some people love it, they crave it, but it isn’t for everyone.

Is sailing long distances dangerous?

Sailing long distances may be romantic, it may be exciting, it may be freeing, but it is also one of the most dangerous things you can do. When you are out of contact with the rest of the world, out at sea beyond the help of those onshore, the potential for danger is huge. You don’t know what will happen, you don’t know what could go wrong. No matter how experienced, how skilled, or how brave you are there is the potential for disaster. There are things you can do to improve the odds. Being a great sailor is one, making sure you have the best cruising sailboat possible is another. You don’t have to spend millions or even hundreds of thousands on getting a great sailboat. Some are far more affordable than you might expect.

What are the 5 best cruising sailboats?

There are so many fantastic sailboats out there that finding the right one might feel impossible. The choice is overwhelming, even with the above guide on what to look for in your boat there are still almost endless choices. Luckily, this article is here to help. This section will give you a good selection of cruising sailboats at various price points. Which one is best for you will likely depend on a mixture of preference and budget. While none of these boats are exactly cheap, they won’t break the bank like some of the other options on the market.

Prout Snowgoose 37


If you are looking for a reliable sailboat look no farther than the Prout Snowgoose 37. This large catamaran makes use of its double hulls for increased width and stability. It is easy to steer, handles well, and is pretty spacious. There are more roomy catamarans on the market but none are as strong as this one. It is built to be sailed long distances in rough conditions. Its fiberglass hull makes it light and nimble all while retaining its strength. It is a slightly older model, but one that will serve you well. It is British made so finding one in the States can be a little tricky. If you do find one though you would do well to jump at the chance to purchase it.

Price: Less than $100k


The Corbin 39 is a beautiful blue water sailboat. It is a very rare boat with a proud history. Only a handful of these boats were finished to completion in the factory, the majority were sold as kits and built by the boat’s owner. Because of this method of production, this model can vary drastically on the inside. The interiors are all expressions of their owner’s creativity, and craftsmanship. This means you may want to have a proper look around inside the boat before purchasing one. The outside, especially the hull, is likely to be the same from boat to boat as they were sold as a piece. If you don’t mind potentially having to remodel the interior this might be the boat for you. The Corbin 39 is a rather large boat, the deck is huge and is perfect for transporting multiple passengers. You may have to shell out some more cash for renovations but the boat itself is second to none.

Price: $80k

Tayana Vancouver 42


Finding one of these cruisers isn’t going to be too hard, as quite a few were made, but it is important to note they were made almost 40 years ago. Some models were made in the early 2000s, but not many. This double-ended hull cruiser is incredibly strong, it has a cast iron ballast and can withstand even the very worst weather conditions. This boat is strong, rugged, but not very quick. If you are looking for speed this is not the boat for you. The hull is fiberglass so you know you are getting a sturdy boat, but the trade-off from the iron ballast means this boat is heavy and slow to maneuver. This double sail cruiser costs anywhere from $80-$100 grand depending on how old the model you are looking at is. The older ones are a bit cheaper, at the expense of being a little worse for wear.


This 40-foot cruiser is a jack of all trades type of craft. If you are looking for a very solid middle of the pack choice this is the one for you. It does everything well but excels almost nowhere except in size. The Nordic 40 is very large for the price you are paying, so you are certainly getting your money worth here. This vessel is sturdy, strong, light and nimble. It is capable of moving very quickly and agilely through the water in a light breeze but is more than capable of resisting tougher conditions. If you are looking for a cruiser that is good for living on, not just sailing on, this could be the one for you. Its extra size means extra storage and living spaces. It has a great shower, huge fridge, plenty of counter space and decent sized sleeping quarters.

Pacific Sea Craft 34


If you are looking for the perfect cruiser for you and your significant other, the Pacific Sea Craft 34 is just what you are looking for. It has a solid fiberglass hull and is capable of reaching decent speeds. The 34 may be slightly smaller than some of the other options but it still has plenty of storage, six and a half feet of headroom, and is simply stunning to look at. This sailboat is incredibly well designed, its 13,500 pounds of displacement make it strong and sure in the water without losing its agility.

Hopefully, you now have a good idea about what to look for in a sailing cruise boat. There are so many great options on the market, the ones mentioned above are just a good starting point. If you take the time to find the right boat for you , you won’t regret it. Buying a cruising sailboat is a huge commitment, it is important to be sure of your choice before you make the purchase. Good luck with your hunt for the perfect cruiser!

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  1. Best Sailboats Under 100k

    new sailboats under 100k

  2. Best Sailboats Under 100k

    new sailboats under 100k

  3. Best Sailboats Under 100k

    new sailboats under 100k

  4. Best Sailboats Under 100k

    new sailboats under 100k

  5. Best Sailboats Under 100k

    new sailboats under 100k

  6. Best Sailboats Under 100k

    new sailboats under 100k


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  1. Best Sailboats Under 100k

    Beneteau Oceanis 30.1 - Best New Sailboat Under 100k Price: New From $83,000 The Oceanis 30.1 simply takes on the appearance of a small yacht. Thin bow, optimized weight, bolina lining, and horn mainsail allow you to quickly move on to all gaits.

  2. Best Bluewater Sailboats Under $100k

    To give you a simple answer to your question, the best bluewater sailboats under $100K include the Allied Princess 36, Cabo Rico 38, Celestial 48, Freedom 36, Corbin 39, Tayana Vancouver 39, Nordic 40, Hans Christian 38, Hinckley Bermuda 40, Prout Snowgoose 37, and Valiant 40.

  3. 10 New Bargain Sailboats: Best Value Buys

    Launched in the U.S. in conjunction with the American Sailing Association, the Beneteau 22 offers a giant cockpit and modern-day performance. If you are looking for maximum cockpit space, and less space below, an alternative is the Beneteau 22.

  4. 20 Bluewater Cruising Sailboats Under $100,000

    20 Bluewater Cruising Sailboats Under $100,000 January 5, 2021Travis Turgeon Choosing the right bluewater yacht for your needs requires a ton of research. With so many designs and features available, it can be overwhelming trying to narrow down your options.

  5. 7 New Boats Under 100K

    7 New Boats Under 100K A roundup of respected, budget-friendly boats under $100K in 2020. By Jennifer Burkett May 29, 2020 What does $100k (or less) buy new these days? A lot! This is especially true for boats in the under-25-foot, trailerable range.

  6. Best Inexpensive Bluewater Sailboats

    Table of contents. ‍ 1. Cape Dory 30. If you're looking for a quality, affordable bluewater sailboat, the Cape Dory 30 is definitely worth a look. This boat has been cruising the world's oceans for over 30 years and has a well-deserved reputation for being sturdy, reliable and easy to sail.

  7. SAIL Top 10 Best Boats for 2023

    For almost 20 years, we've called this awards program SAIL Best Boats, but this year, we're refining and renaming this program to better and more fairly represent the boats we've selected. Restricting boats to categories and labels—such as Best Cruising Monohull 30-40 feet and Best Performance Monohull 40-50 feet—doesn't bring our readers the full picture.

  8. The best bluewater sailboats (we analyzed 2,000 boats to find out)

    The 10 best bluewater boats. 1. Westsail 32. Photo credit: The Westsail 32 is one of the most iconic bluewater cruisers and 19 have set out to cross the Pacific in the PPJ rally since 2009. In 1973, this small cruising sailboat garnered a 4-page spread in Time magazine.

  9. 5 Top Affordable Bluewater Cruising Sailboats

    You can whittle down the list by setting some parameters: boats that cost $250,000 or less when they aren't much more than 10 years old, are under a half a million new, and are still in production in one form or another today.

  10. Best Bluewater Sailboats Under 24 Feet

    The best bluewater sailboats under 24 feet are the Pacific Seacraft Dana 24, Norseboat 21.5, Catalina 22 Sport, Pacific Seacraft Flicka 20, and West Wight Potter 19. These sailboats have ample space for a couple and even a moderately-sized family along with all the amenities you may need. A roomy cabin, galley, and settees are necessary to go ...

  11. Top 5 Small Sailboats / Daysailers Under $100K

    In this episode, we're sharing my top list of some of the most affordable small sailboats or daysailers under US$ 100,000, and we'll talk about their price and features as well. Some of these...

  12. Top Sailboats under 100k PT2

    We're back with this week's 5 sailboats under 100k pt2; I have two fantastic but very different sailboats for 100k or less.

  13. 10 Best Boats Under 100K: Sport Boats, Sailboats, PWCs & More

    1. Heyday WT Surf When you want to surf as well as have room for a large crowd, check out Heyday's spacious 23-foot surf boat that uses water ballast to create perfect ridable waves and carries 17 people at the same time. Learn more at Heyday Wake Boats. 2. Ski Nautique 200

  14. SAIL's Top 10 Best Boats Nominees 2024

    The new Dufour 41 comes quickly in the wake of the Dufour 37, one of SAIL 's Top 10 Best Boats of 2023. Both draw their DNA from their bigger sister the 470 launched two years ago, with the same sheer line and chine that enables the boat to carry maximum volume forward on a narrower profile under the waterline.

  15. 20 Blue Water Cruising Catamarans Under $100k

    The Maldives 32 is an excellent basic boat readily available well under our $100,000 price point. Thanks to the fiberglass construction, the Edel Cat 33 is another light boat, at just 3.6 tons and with a shallow draft of just 2.6 feet.

  16. 10 New Cruising Sailboats Under 35 Feet

    Dufour Grand Large 360. Dufour Grand Large 360 Jon Whittle. Dufour Yachts introduced its new 360 Grand Large model to CW's Boat of the Year team in 2018 as a coastal cruiser intended for a couple or perhaps a small family. With that in mind, judge Alvah Simon found numerous clever elements to praise within the boat's 35-foot-2-inch hull—a ...

  17. Affordable Luxury: Navigate the Top 16 Boats Under $100K

    One of the best sailboats under $100K to consider is the Hallberg-Rassy 352. It has a cabin that you can spend the night in. If you want a pontoon under $100K, you should check out the spacious Bennington Q25. Buying a boat doesn't mean you have to clear out your life savings. There are several great boats on the market that won't break the bank.

  18. Best Single-Handed Bluewater Sailboats

    The Hunter Channel 31, J/109, and West Wight Potter 19 are great budget-friendly, single-handed sailboats. Moving up in price, you can look at Hanse 371, Jeanneau Sunfast 3200, and even a Dehler 29. Depending on the size and the amount of features it has will determine what they are worth.

  19. 10 Best Catamarans Under 100k: The Affordable Dream!

    The best catamarans under 100k include the Prout Quest, the Gemini 105Mc and 3200, the Dean 365, Tiki 38, and the Prout Snowgoose 37. All these catamarans are good but they are best suited for different types of sailing.

  20. Best New Cabin Cruiser Boats For 2022

    2022 Cutwater C-288 Coupe 2022 Back Cove 372 2022 Galeon 410 HTC 2022 Nimbus C11 2022 Sea Ray Sundancer 370 Outboard 2022 Tiara 48 LS 2022 MJM 4z Greenline 58 Fly Regal 38 FXO 2022 Beneteau Gran Turismo 41 Above: A 2021 Beneteau GRAN TURISMO 41 yacht running on the water. Photo: Ancasta International Boat Sales.

  21. Motor Yachts for Sale Under $100k

    $8,699,000 Contact Featured 2007 BENETTI 100' BW Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States $3,750,000 Contact Featured 2009 DOMINATOR 95'

  22. Best New Boat Under $100k?

    I have been looking around for the best new boat under $100k for a while. This is what I have found: Sunsation 288 Performance: 70+ with 496 HO seem to me to be the #1 choice for me overall. Baja 26 OL: The Pre Fountain boats were a bit too slow but it sounds like Reggie is vacuum bagging and laying them up a bit better and hitting the 70 mark.

  23. 5 Best Cruising Sailboats In 2024

    The Corbin 39 is a beautiful blue water sailboat. It is a very rare boat with a proud history. Only a handful of these boats were finished to completion in the factory, the majority were sold as kits and built by the boat's owner. Because of this method of production, this model can vary drastically on the inside.

  24. This Is The Coolest Sailboat Race In The World That You've ...

    The truth is, the Global Solo Challenge is way more than "just" another long-distance sailboat race. And the 19-year-old American woman Cole Brauer (who's currently in second place) is way ...