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Top 10 Explorer Yachts in the World

Exploring the seven seas on an explorer yacht is one of the most life-affirming experiences out there.

By Ellie Brade

modern explorer yachts

Over the past decade, the popularity of luxury explorer yachts has soared. And with good reason — is there a better way to see the world than from the deck of your own superyacht? Exploring the seven seas while authentically connecting with their natural beauty, is undoubtedly one of the most desirable and life-affirming experiences out there. Here, Ellie Brade presents 10 of the finest explorer yachts currently available for the intrepid travelers among you.

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Builder : McConaghy Year of build : 2012 LOA : 139.7 ft Number of guests: 9 Crew : 6

There is no mistaking Adastra (pictured above) thanks to her distinctive futuristic design and trimaran hull. Adastra has more than demonstrated her explorer credentials and has traveled the world, turning heads wherever she goes. Highly fuel efficient, she has a very small eco footprint, and her stable hull ensures a comfortable ride. With a trans-Pacific range of 10,000 nm she can cross the Atlantic twice before needing to refuel. An impressively shallow draft of just four feet allows her access to cruising grounds that other explorer yachts cannot visit, meaning very few places are off limits. Her 52-ft beam provides generously proportioned spaces, including the main saloon and a shaded outdoor deck. A light-filled, modern interior ensures an inviting base to conduct adventures from and accommodations include a full-beam master cabin. Adastra’s garage door folds out to create a platform for diving, and she carries plenty of toys and tenders for getting out and enjoying the water.

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Itinerary: Raja Ampat, Indonesia

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Adastra explorer yacht interior

A light-filled, modern interior ensures an inviting base to conduct adventures

Originally built for use in Indonesia and Southeast Asia, Adastra is at home in Indonesia’s warm waters. The archipelago of Raja Ampat — meaning Four Kings — straddles the Equator and has over 1,500 islands and islets, which surround the four main islands of Waigeo, Salawati, Batanta and Misool. Very few explorer yachts visit here due to strict regulations, and the area is largely uninhabited, meaning you will often feel as if you have the ocean all to yourself. Crystal-clear waters, endless beaches, and a variety of dive sites and reefs are all waiting to be sampled. Adastra’s draft works to her advantage here, allowing the yacht to move easily between even the shallowest of anchorages.

Start your cruise with a visit to the paradisiacal rain forest-covered island of Kri before cruising towards Gam Island, which offers incredible diving — step straight into the water from Adastra’s dive platform. Move on to Wayag Island, where you can take kayaks into the Wayag lagoon, which is mesmerizingly blue. If you’re feeling energetic, hike inland and upwards to enjoy long views across the water. Cruise through Dampier Strait and spot hundreds of manta rays before visiting Pulau Gam to try and spot the rarely sighted red bird of paradise. Diving fans won’t want to miss traveling south and visiting Misool, which is renowned for its myriad of underwater sites. Venture into the Gua Sacral ancestral caves, which were once an indigenous burial site. Kayaking through Misool’s Blue Water Mangroves, which are peppered with reefs, will have you in awe of the natural beauty.

For sale $10m. Contact Ian Sherwood, sales broker, [email protected] , +44 207 766 4300, burgessyachts.com

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Exterior of Octopus explorer yacht

A helicopter takes off from the Octopus landing pad

Builder: Lürssen Year of build: 2003 LOA: 414 ft Number of guests: 26 Crew: 63

One of the world’s most traveled yachts, Octopus is a groundbreaking expedition vessel that set the tone for the many explorer yachts that have followed in her impressive wake. With eight decks and at a gargantuan 414 ft, it’s no surprise that Octopus is packed with feature after feature, from a full basketball court to the entertainment-focused bridge deck. Her glass-bottomed underwater observation lounge means you can watch fish and sea creatures in their natural habitat. Huge storage capacity lets her carry no less than seven tenders, two helicopters, a submersible for eight guests and two crewmembers that’s capable of diving for up to eight hours, and even a large SUV for onshore adventures. Octopus has undertaken some truly special adventures, including recovering the ship’s bell from the wreck of the HMS Hood, cruising the coast of Antarctica and discovering the wreck of the WWII battleship IJN Musashi off the Philippines. Now, her legacy can continue with a new owner, as she’s currently for sale.

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Itinerary: Patagonia

Deck of the Octopus explorer yacht

At a gargantuan 414 ft, it’s no surprise that Octopus is packed with features

Octopus explorer yacht deck

The sun sets over the horizon on one of Octopus’s many decks

Often a gateway to Antarctica, Patagonia possesses an unspoilt beauty. Ripe for adventure, it offers an incredible mix of landscapes with glaciers, hot springs, mountains, remote islands, beaches and a wide variety of wildlife. Begin your journey at Puerto Montt, which ushers you into the company of the Patagonian Fjords and Andes Mountains. Make for the Corcovado Volcano and take in the awe-inspiring National Park. Explore by tender, or even take in the landscape from above in one of Octopus’s helicopters.

The waters boast a diverse ecosystem, and you are sure to spot whales as you cruise — there are many whale research programs around these waters, and the explorer yacht’s glass-bottomed lounge provides an unrivaled view into the kingdom of these giants of the sea. Make your way to the Piti Palena Fjord, located in the delta of the Palena River — this is an excellent spot for fishing. Continue onwards to the Guaitecas Archipelago, which has eight main islands and waters famed for being home to yet more whales and dolphins. North of the archipelago is one of the world’s largest nursing and feeding grounds for blue whales — a sight not to be missed.

For sale €235m (approx. $285m). Contact Matt Emerson, senior partner-director, Americas, [email protected], +1 212 223 0410, burgessyachts.com

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Exterior of The Beast explorer yacht

The Beast delivers adventure with a side of luxurious living / ©Aaron March

Builder: Profab Engineering Year of build: 2019 LOA: 128.7 ft Number of guests: 12 Crew : 9

With the  yacht’s camouflage exterior, The Beast’s owner describes her as “a little different.” What an understatement! Built to explore, and incredibly stable (no need for sickness pills on this one), this catamaran explorer-style yacht can tackle just about any cruising ground except Antarctica and has a long range of 5,000 nm. Thanks to her 39.4-ft beam, she has an incredible 4,000 sq ft of living space, elegantly fitted out with a modern interior. The Beast is packed with all the equipment needed for enjoying remote itineraries, not the least of which is a 42-ft custom composite fishing boat adorably dubbed The Baby Beast . An industrial-style, 49-ft aft deck is packed with water equipment that includes a custom amphibious tender for driving straight from water to land. A favorite spot is the upper deck with its teppanyaki grill and bar.

Itinerary: New Zealand

Deck of The Beast yacht

The Beast’s sunlit bridge / ©Aaron March

Often described as ‘the whole world in one country’ New Zealand packs a punch as a destination, delivering 9,300 miles of coastline, snow, rain forest, white-sand beaches and a rich local culture. As a relatively young country, New Zealand is a blend of cosmopolitan cities and wild, remote beauty that begs to be explored by superyacht.

Join The Beast in Auckland and soak up the skyline as you head for Great Barrier Island, where you can visit the Glenfern Sanctuary and learn about the country’s native birdlife. The island is a Dark Sky Sanctuary with incredible stars — learn about the significance of the stars to the local culture as you gaze up at the Milky Way and Magellanic Clouds.

Head for the Poor Knights Islands, an incredible marine reserve, where you can make the most of The Beast’s diving setup, using The Baby Beast as a base for daily adventures. Continue north to the Bay of Islands, home to a cornucopia of marine life and more than 100 different islands; come ashore and explore the island of your choice on board The Beast’ s amphibious tender. Northland has great spiritual importance, so take the opportunity to learn about the local culture and experience an authentic cultural performance.

Cruise onwards towards Cape Reinga, the very tip of New Zealand where the Maori people believe that souls depart this life for the next, and watch the meeting of the Pacific Ocean and Tasman Sea, which is an unusual and powerful sight. On the west coast, Ninety Mile Beach is a seemingly endless stretch of golden sand dunes. Away from the marine reserves, make sure to take advantage of The Beast’ s extensive fishing gear Below and right The Beast ; her sunlit bridge and land some fresh seafood to cook on her teppanyaki grill for lunch. Make your way back down the east coast, calling in at Auckland’s Waiheke Island on the way to enjoy a long vineyard lunch before reluctantly returning to civilization.

Charter from $185,000 per week. Contact Fleur Tomlinson, charter director, [email protected] , +64 930 201 78, 37, southyachts.com

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Exterior of Ragnar explorer yacht

Ragnar has been designed to look like an explorer yacht

Builder: Royal Niestern Sander Year of build: 2012 (rebuilt 2020) LOA: 223.8 ft Number of guests: 12 Crew: 17

There is nowhere on earth that Ragnar can’t take you, from glistening ice to remote desert islands. Named for the Norse King of the Vikings, Ragnar is a powerful and luxurious explorer yacht, with full ice-breaking functionality and an impressive 6,000 nm range. Ragnar is able to tackle all conditions, so make the most of your surroundings by taking your pick from her abundant toy and tender collection, with something to suit every type of cruising ground. These include an Airbus EC145 helicopter for heliskiing, a three-passenger submarine, snowmobiles, quad bikes, a 30-ft Marelli ice condition tender and more. Expansive onboard spaces include a top deck hot tub and pool, an observation deck, fully equipped gym and tranquil spa center for soaking away the day’s activities.

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Itinerary: The Philippines

Deck of Ragnar

Enjoy sunsets in far-flung locations

Guest in hammock onboard Ragnar

High-stakes hammocks aboard Ragnar

Helipad onboard Ragnar

The heli-landing zone on Ragnar

Although well-equipped for colder climates, Ragnar has plenty of warm destinations in her cruising plans, and 2022 will see her visit the Philippines, which is fast gaining popularity as a desirable charter location. Why? With more than 7,000 islands it is an ideal spot for exploring by yacht. Beautiful beaches and clear waters are a given, but each different island group — Luzon, the Visayas and Mindanao — has its own character.

Board the yacht in bustling capital city Manila before heading for quieter cruising grounds. As you cruise towards Palawan, the largest province in the Philippines with over 1,700 islands, stop off at the hidden gem island of Busuanga and climb the 700 steps to the top of Mount Tapyas, which delivers incredible views across the region. Busuanga offers unparalleled cruising and plenty to do on land and on the water; hike through rain forests and dive the crystal waters, which are home to several wrecks. Nearby Coron has sacred freshwater lakes that are carefully maintained by the indigenous population — take a swim beneath impressive limestone cliffs that overlook the lakes.

A must-do is a visit to Palawan’s underground river, as is a stop at Tubbataha Reef National Marine Park, a Unesco World Heritage Site where you’ll be able to sample what is arguably the country’s best diving. Make your way back to Manila, island-hopping as you go, and relax on board as you admire the landscape.

Charter from $525,000 per week. Contact James Clark, head of retail charter, [email protected] , +44 207 766 4300, burgessyachts.com

Planet Nine

Helicopter taking off from Planet Nine

A helicopter takes off from Planet Nine / ©Studio_M

Builder: Admiral Year of build: 2018 LOA: 240 ft Number of guests: 12 (plus 4 staff) Crew: 20

A world-class explorer yacht, Planet Nine has a guest-centric design with edgy naval-inspired styling. She is ice-classed, allowing her to tackle polar waters, and has an MD-600N Explorer helicopter, hangar and commercial landing pad for arriving and departing in style. Abundant spaces across her five decks, which are all connected by elevator, include social areas such as the cinema room, Jacuzzi, numerous dining spaces, beach club, sea terrace and an entire owner’s deck for ultimate privacy. Three Rupert Marine RIBs are tailored for use in extreme conditions — so you can explore secluded coves or glide past ice floes while spotting local wildlife. Back on board, the observatory delivers stunning 180° views.

Itinerary: Saudi Arabia

Interiors onboard Planet Nine

Ample lounge space for lounging inside / ©Studio_M

Dining area onboard Planet Nine

Al fresco dining aboard Planet Nine / ©Studio_M

As the spiritual home and birthplace of Islam, Saudi Arabia is rich with history and cultural significance, and has long been a center for pilgrims. Follow in their footsteps on your own journey of discovery. Explore the exquisitely blue waters of the Red Sea, seek endless sand dunes, and immerse yourself in the bustling towns and markets. Fans of diving will delight in all the Red Sea has to offer and can make the most of Planet Nine’s extensive dive gear.

Tabuk, just 62 miles off the border with Jordan, is the start of the Saudi coast and bears Egyptian and Ottoman influences — check out some of the area’s wild beauty spots and walk in the footsteps of the prophet Moses, who lived east of the city for many years. Cruise south towards the town of Al Wajh, which has over 60 miles of untouched beaches on either side. Continuing down the coast, Umluj (called the ‘Maldives of Saudi Arabia’) has 104 islands to its north. Jump on board one of Planet Nine’s RIBs and pick out your own private island. An hour inland of Umluj takes you to Harrat Lunayyir, a black lava field filled with cones and craters.

Visit Yanbu, an ancient spice trading post that was once home to TE Lawrence. A huge desert sits north of the town and gives way to the stunning ocean — a helicopter ride over the dunes will provide an unbeatable view before you touch down back on board for an aperitif as the sun sets. Round off your charter with a visit to historic Jeddah, the gateway to Mecca and crossroad of traders and pilgrims. Marvel at the beautiful architecture, visit the local souk (maamoul, anyone?) and revel in the city’s blend of old and new.

Charter from €650,000 (approx. $791,000) per week, for sale €85m (approx. $103m). Contact Charlie Carveles, sales and charter broker, [email protected] , +377 933 054 44, edmiston.com

Exterior of Latitude

Latitude was built in 1973 and refitted in 2020

Builder: Hitzler Schiffswerft Year of build: 1973 (refitted 2020) LOA: 179.4 ft Number of guests: 12 Crew: 16

In beautiful condition following a mammoth two-year refit completed in June 2020, Latitude will suit outdoor enthusiasts. An expansive lineup of water toys and vast deck spaces — bigger even than yachts twice her size — will keep you outside and busy all day long. This is truly an explorer yacht for connecting with nature and discovering new and remote destinations away from the stresses of everyday life. For those looking to wind down and disconnect, she has a strong focus on wellness and relaxation with a two-tier yoga deck, private masseuse/yoga instructor and a fully equipped open-air gym. Fishing fans will particularly enjoy Latitude — her explorer qualities and hardy design can take you to remote fishing grounds where you can take your pick from her comprehensive lineup of all the latest fishing gear.

Itinerary: French Polynesia

Outdoor deck onboard Latitude yacht

Latitude has a strong focus on wellness and relaxation

Set in the heart of the South Pacific, French Polynesia is a picture-perfect destination that combines a friendly welcome with incredible diving, idyllic beaches and unspoilt beauty. Plus, there’s a string of islands for yacht-hopping. With Latitude planning to spend two years in the region, the explorer yacht and her crew will know all the best secret spots. Join the yacht in Moorea, which pairs volcanic mountains with sandy beaches.

Dive off the coast, where you’ll be in the company of Tahitian stingrays — this will be just the first encounter with impressive sea life during your time on Latitude . Cruise onwards to Huahine, which presents a beautiful backdrop for a morning yoga session. Come ashore and meet the locals, who will be only too happy to tell you stories of French Polynesia’s history.

Next you’ll visit Taha’a, a white-sand island dotted with thatched villas. There is colorful coral off the island’s shores — dive and explore before heading ashore by tender for a picnic and a walk in the lush jungle. Raiatea is well worth a visit; it is regarded as a central point in French Polynesia and is believed to be the source of many ancient migrations to countries such as New Zealand and Hawaii. Finish your visit in Bora Bora, an extinct volcano set amidst an achingly serene lagoon.

Bora Bora is known as one of the world’s most beautiful islands, and with good reason. The vibrant shoreline contrasts with the blue waters, which are teeming with fish, and vibrant hibiscus flowers carpet the side of Mount Otemanu. Make the most of Latitude’s water toys and spend the day in the warm water before a final wind down back on board.

Charter from $161,000 per week. Contact James Clark, head of retail charter, [email protected] , +44 207 766 4300, burgessyachts.com

Exterior of Yersin

Yersin is 95% recyclable

Builder: Piriou Year of build: 2015 LOA: 251.4 ft Number of guests: 18 Crew: 24

One of the world’s most sustainable and green yachts, Yersin ensures guilt-free cruising with an incredibly low cruising footprint — she is even 95% recyclable. This spectacular explorer yacht was built with science and discovery at the forefront of her design. She offers an unmatched opportunity to cruise the world and learn about its oceans firsthand. Able to travel from the Poles to the Equator, Yersin is a true explorer. There has been no compromise on comfort, and her many features include a gym, hammam, spa, cinema, dining spaces, an owner’s suite and eight guest staterooms. Thanks to her history as a luxury research vessel, her setup also includes classrooms (hello, homeschooling), laboratories, a hospital, media room and multifunction tenders. This is a unique yacht that is fully equipped to visit the most remote destinations.

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Itinerary: Arctic Circle

Interiors onboard Yersin yacht

The elegant interiors aboard Yersin

Impressive green credentials make Yersin the perfect vessel for exploring the pristine wilderness of the Arctic Circle. A charter aboard this luxurious yet intrepid explorer yacht showcases the region, from epic icebergs and polar bear sightings, to fjord landscapes and fine dining beneath the shimmering Northern Lights. With Greenland acting as your gateway to the Arctic Circle, step on board Yersin in the quaint settlement of Nuuk before raising anchor and cruising towards the vast Jakobshavn Glacier in Ilulissat. One of the highlights of Greenland is the ice itself, with its pure, imposing beauty, and the town of Ilulissat, meaning ‘iceberg,’ is the obvious spot for enjoying this natural wonder.

Travel further to the impressive Eqi Glacier. From here, take Yersin’s tender to enjoy a ringside seat to witness ice calving, where new icebergs are formed as fragments of the glaciers fall into the sea. Having hiked through icy landscapes, sampled the extreme sports of glacier skiing and ice diving, or immersed yourself in the rural communities of this unique region, it’s time to depart Greenland. Watch Uummannaq Mountain recede into the distance as you take the passage to Canada’s Baffin Island. It is full of marine life, so look out for whales and seals as you cruise — they swim undisturbed by the near-silent Yersin. The coastline of Baffin Island is an excellent place to spot the most iconic creature of the Arctic region, the polar bear.

Cruise up the fjords and observe these majestic animals from the comfort of the vessel’s deck or, for a closer encounter, take a private wildlife tour with a local expert. Enjoy a lunch of fish caught fresh by the crew, and after a day in the crisp polar air, warm up by enjoying a sauna in the opulent spa.

For sale from €72m (approx. $87.6m, VAT paid). Contact David Legrand, [email protected] , +377 931 004 50, and Antoine X. Larricq, [email protected] , +377 931 004 50, fraseryachts.com

Exterior of Bold yacht seen from above

Bold’s striking profile from the air / ©Guillaume Plisson

Builder: Silveryachts Year of build: 2019 LOA: 279.8 ft Number of guests: 16 Crew: 20

Designed by fabled aesthetic powerhouse Espen Øino, Bold has a naval-inspired design and is the biggest yacht built by Silveryachts to date. Described by her builders as “a fast, world explorer vessel with a genuine, fully-fledged superyacht finish,” Bold is the world’s fastest explorer yacht with an extraordinary top speed of 23 knots. Her low draft, unparalleled in other yachts of her size and length, also affords access to shallow waters. Accommodation is for 16 guests and includes the master suite with a private salon. Social spaces inside and out include large entertaining decks and a huge open plan ‘loft style’ main salon, with floor-to-ceiling windows that lead directly out to a large wintergarden. An outdoor cinema on the sundeck calls for family movie nights under the stars. Ready for adventure, Bold has a large inventory of water equipment including three different Rupert tenders. A heli-hangar and heli-landing deck allow the use of helicopters if desired.

Itinerary: The Whitsundays, Australia

Bold is set to return home to Australia this year for the first time since her launch — she is the largest Australian-built yacht in the world, and she will be available for charter all around her country of origin. Venturing around Australia’s expansive coastlines requires a yacht with serious muscle, and Bold more than fits the bill. Begin your cruise by heading to Hook Island where you can snorkel before traveling to Blue Pearl Bay for more world-class snorkeling off the back of Bold’s tender. Nearby Langford Island, home to reefs and coral, is another inviting dive spot. Spend some time relaxing on the island’s sandy beach before departing for Chance Bay, where you can hike along the Ngaro Sea Trail towards Whitehaven.

Cruise south to Lindeman Island, which has some beautiful national park walking tracks. Escape even further towards the seclusion of the southern anchorages off Thomas and Shaw islands. Here, you can take your pick from Bold’s toy garage and explore the anchorage. The explorer yacht will then make its way back towards Whitehaven Beach, which some claim is Australia’s finest. Take a walk inland through the rain forest and drink in the views across Hill Inlet before being collected by tender and whisked back to your floating home.

A visit to the Whitsundays wouldn’t be complete without a glimpse of the Great Barrier Reef, the world’s largest coral reef system — a helicopter ride will guarantee the best views.

Charter from €985,000 per week (approx. $1.2m). Contact Romina Rastelli, EU charter manager, [email protected] , +377 931 029 29, hillrobinson.com

Exterior of Legend yacht with snow covered mountains

Legend is packed with every tender and toy you can possibly imagine / ©Chistopher Scholey

Builder: Icon Yachts Year of build: 1974 (refitted 2015) LOA: 254 ft Number of guests: 22 Crew: 28

Legend is packed with every tender and toy you can possibly imagine. Carrying submersibles, dive gear, snowmobiles, tenders, diving apparatus and more, she has something to suit every climate. Legend has extensively traveled the world, visiting Antarctica, Greenland, Iceland, Northern Europe and the Baltics, moving effortlessly from sun to ice. Transformed from a Soviet icebreaker in a no-expenses-spared refit, Legend offers high luxury on board with unique features such as a waterfall-fed 16-seater Jacuzzi, 14-person cinema, Balinese spa, modern gym, piano and whisky bars. Her sheer size and impressive internal volume mean that even the longest trips at sea won’t feel claustrophobic — there’s plenty of space to both gather and retreat. For serious expeditions, there is accommodation flexibility on board for up to 10 extra expedition staff. A commercial helideck and two helicopters mean it is easy to join the explorer yacht even in remote anchorages.

Itinerary: Antarctica

The main deck onboard Legend

Legend’s main deck comes complete with Jacuzzi / ©Quinn Bisset

Journey on board Legend to Antarctica, where you’ll become one of the lucky few to have ventured 66-degrees south. Make the most of your mobile nature and get out on the water, whether kayaking through icy waters or gliding across the snow on Legend’s snowmobiles. As a Class 1 icebreaker, she can venture into pack ice sheets.

Join Legend at her anchorage off King George Island in nearby Maxwell Bay. Sail into the Bransfield Strait, passing penguins and icebergs as you go. On your first morning, a mandatory International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators (IAATO) briefing will outline the environmental responsibilities of visitors to Antarctica. Head for mainland Antarctica via the Gerlache Strait, spotting humpback whales along the way. The next morning, travel through the Neumayer Channel and watch calving Weddell, leopard and crabeater seals — an unforgettable sight. Legend’s crew will launch the Zodiac tender so you can cruise through brash ice for up-close encounters with local wildlife. Visit Andvord Bay to spot humpback whales and killer whale pods. Hop into the Zodiac again to visit Cuverville Island and its huge colony of Gentoo penguins. Later, drop anchor at Foyn Harbor and kayak around the wreck of the Governoren — keep an eye out for fur seals.

Cruise to Deception Island, where you can sail into the crater of a live volcano. Atmospheric whale factory ruins and the old bones of Whalers Bay hark back to the area’s past as a whaling center. Enjoy a hike up ‘The Nipple’ with views across steaming lava fields, then round off your charter with a visit to the chinstrap penguin colony on Baily Head, spotting plenty of other wildlife as you go. Disembark at Frei Station and visit the Russian Orthodox Trinity Church, where you can reflect in peace on this once-in-a-lifetime trip.

Charter from €490,000 (approx. $597,000) per week. Contact [email protected] , y.co

Exterior of La Datcha

La Datcha can let charter guests “set out on the journey of a lifetime to places others can’t reach”

Builder: Damen Year of build: 2020 LOA: 252 ft Number of guests: 12 Crew: 25

One of the newest explorer yachts to hit the water, La Datcha, was designed to fulfill the owner’s brief for a yacht that could let charter guests “set out on the journey of a lifetime to places others can’t reach.” The resulting yacht delivers luxury in spades and is the ultimate crossover between comfort and performance. From her head-turning profile, care of Azure Yacht Design, to countless tenders and toys including two helicopters, snow scooters and a submersible, it is near impossible to narrow down her best features. La Datcha’s six decks boast a modern interior, and when hanging out on board you’ll have plenty of options — head to the luxury spa to unwind or relax after a day of exploring in the observation lounge. Two master cabins make her ideal for two families to share her unforgettable experiences. Able to operate autonomously at sea for up to 40 days, the world is her oyster.

Itinerary: Kamchatka, Russia

Profile of La Datcha from above

La Datcha’s striking profile from above

Dramatically dubbed Russia’s ‘Land of Ice and Fire,’ the Kamchatka Peninsula lies in eastern Russia and stretches over 740 miles. With glaciers, geysers, snow and over 300 volcanoes, Kamchatka’s landscape is like nowhere else on earth. There is plenty of wildlife to spot, including the Kamchatka brown bear. Start your charter in the peninsula’s capital city, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, which is surrounded by three snow-capped volcanoes. Settle in on board, then fly to a nearby mountain top to ski a run or two. Cruise the fjords to reach Vilyuchinskaya Bay and fish abundant waters, whale watch or heli-ski. Enjoy incredible views from the top of the Vilyuchinsky Volcano before heading south towards Russkaya Bay. Take a helicopter flight over the Mutnovsky and Goreliy volcanoes; the brave can ski into the crater of the Mutnovsky volcano, which is home to a hidden glacier.

Back on board, your crew will take you by tender to spot Steller sea lions and sea otters. Cruise north to Cape Shipunsky and Bechevinskaya Bay, once a top-secret submarine base, and enjoy heli-skiing en route. Visit the ‘Valley of Geysers’ in the heart of Kamachatka — this spectacular Unesco World Heritage Site is home to a number of volcanoes including Karymsky, one of the most active in the world. Next, visit Klyuchevskaya Sopka and Morzhovaya Bay, home to yet more spectacular volcanoes. Round off your visit by heli-skiing on Zhupanovsky Volcano before relaxing at the Nalychevo Nature Park. Here, you can bathe in wild springs and hot thermal pools with a chilled glass of champagne in hand.

Charter from€740,000 (approx. $900,500) per week. Contact Stefano Feltrin, managing director, [email protected] , +39 349 858 2600, ladatcha.com

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Ellie Brade

Latest in luxury, the explorer.

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modern explorer yachts

Built for Adventure: Everything You Need to Know About Today’s Explorer Yachts

What is an expedition or explorer yacht .

Most yachts are designed to cruise inland and coastal waterways but in reality, very few are built to voyage the world’s oceans. It is only these bluewater vessels, known as explorer or expedition yachts, that can take you on adventures to the most remote, spectacular, and pristine corners of the globe.

A few decades back, these long-range motoryachts were called “ trawlers ” after the commercial fishing trawlers they often resembled, topped by enclosed pilothouses that frequently featured reverse-slanted, “ North Sea ” windshields. But over the years, the trawler yacht category became crowded with “wannabe” boats that only looked like their rugged offshore counterparts. In reality, many of them were unable to venture very far from the coast.

Enter the true explorer yacht – a vessel that is purpose-built to be seaworthy and self-sufficient enough to serve as a luxury platform for oceangoing expeditions that are virtually without limits.

modern explorer yachts

“ The whole idea of an expedition yacht is how the owner intends to use his or her boat. We are working on the first Cheoy Lee 107 Explorer project now. It’s a boat capable of going practically anywhere in the world ,” said Jon Overing of Overing Yacht Design , the naval architect who collaborated with Cheoy Lee Yachts on its new Explorer Series .

“ The whole idea of an expedition yacht is how the owner intends to use his or her boat. We are working on the first Cheoy Lee 107 Explorer project now. It’s a boat capable of going practically anywhere in the world ”

What gives an expedition yacht “go-anywhere” capability?

It’s not just one single aspect of the vessel’s design, construction, or outfitting. With the world’s best explorer yachts, it’s the entire package.

“ I think any viable explorer yacht has be based on a full-displacement hull. That type of hull makes a better sea boat than a semi-displacement or planing hull … Full displacement hulls also inherently have more volume, and you need more volume to fit the mission profile for an expedition yacht. ”

Rugged and reliable:

What to look for in explorer yacht design and construction, full-displacement hull.

modern explorer yachts

Sufficient speed

Historically, full-displacement vessels tended to be slow through the water, making up in seaworthiness what they lacked in speed. “ The image in everyone’s mind was a 10-knot boat, but it doesn’t have to be that way ,” Overing said. Today’s full-displacement hull designs, notably our fast-displacement hullform that Overing has developed for the Cheoy Lee Explorer Series .  Overing’s fast-displacement hull combines superior seakeeping, optimum range and efficiency at 9 to 10 knots with the capability of running over 14 knots if needed to avoid a storm or make up time in a tight itinerary. With a speed/length ratio of 1.6 – 1.7, the Overing fast-displacement hulls are capable of well exceeding theoretical hull speed allowing higher speeds if the owner chooses the higher horsepower options.

Bulbous bow

modern explorer yachts


Practical profile.

Take the Cheoy Lee Explorer Series , for example. These multi-deck yachts sport graceful superstructures that are skillfully wrought in aluminum by Cheoy Lee Shipyard artisans . They feature spacious on-deck gathering areas, including flybridge, bridge and lower aft deck lounges, designed for sunbathing, dining and entertaining. They even boast aft beach clubs that are ideal for launching myriad watersports adventures.

“The exterior styling of an explorer yacht doesn’t have to look like a tugboat. It can be modern, classic, traditional – however you want,”

At the same time, however, expedition yacht design should address the long, rough passages the yacht will frequently face. Typically, these yachts have high bulwarks, full pilothouses and Portuguese bridges designed to protect the yacht from seas breaking on deck. The new Cheoy Lee Explorer 132 , which features an aft-pilothouse design is an excellent example of form following function while still displaying an eye-catching profile.

High-tech construction.

modern explorer yachts


“ It’s another system of checks and balances you are bringing into the project. I view it as an insurance policy for the owner ,” Overing said, adding, “ If you are building a good boat to begin with, there’s not a lot of cost difference in building it to class. ” Cheoy Lee Explorer Yachts are available built to Lloyd’s ✠ 100A1 SSC Yacht Mono G6 classification.

Fuel tankage.

modern explorer yachts

Commercial-grade equipment.

Maximized storage..

modern explorer yachts

Well-laid-out crew areas.

modern explorer yachts

Bespoke owner/guest accommodations.

modern explorer yachts

Satellite communications.

Tenders & toys., have it your way:, building a new explorer yacht.

There are pre-owned expedition yachts on the market today that come in all makes, models, sizes, vintages, and levels of bluewater capability. An owner who elects to purchase a brokerage boat is best advised to develop a mission profile for his or her desired vessel in advance and then choose the boat that ticks off the most boxes on that list. How far do you want to go? How many guests do you want to bring with you? It’s important to determine all your desires and needs before you start shopping for a yacht.

Explorer Yacht Dorothea III Winer Voyager Awards 2020

“ It’s always a compromise with a pre-owned explorer yacht. It’s someone else’s design for another owner ,” said Panu Virtanen, vice president – sales, Cheoy Lee Shipyard North America. He added, “ Who built it and how was it built? Does it have maintenance issues? It’s important to find out. ”

Use a surveyor with a proven track record to determine whether there are any hidden problems with the pre-owned yacht. And if you decide to go ahead with the purchase, many brokers recommend keeping a budget in reserve to refit the vessel. You may need to update the electronics and stabilizers, and you probably will want to change at least some of the furnishings and the soft goods. The yacht also may need its classification certificate renewed. “ That can be an expensive process ,” Virtanen cautioned.

Building a new explorer yacht with a reputable shipyard, on the other hand, will ensure you get the vessel that fulfills your individual dreams for global exploration. “ You can get exactly what you want ,” he said.

The shipyard can help you to put together a team dedicated to designing the best expedition boat for your mission profile, including members of the shipyard’s management, design and engineering teams, the yacht’s naval architect and interior designer, along with your captain, yacht broker, and yacht management company, if you so desire. This “ dream team ” will be dedicated to creating an explorer yacht that is unique to you.

“There is no ‘perfect boat’, but when you build one, you can come extremely close to getting the explorer yacht that is perfect for you”

Do you want a main-deck master suite with panoramic views so you can see spectacular scenery you when you wake up each morning? Do you want to be able to cook breakfast for your family yourself in an eat-in galley on a sunny Sunday morning? Would you like to be able to soak in a Jacuzzi on the flybridge, watch a film on the foredeck, or fish from the aft deck? Or do you fancy a beach club where you can lounge virtually at eye level with the sea, hop onto a Jet Ski whenever the mood strikes you, and enjoy a cocktail while your yacht’s underwater lights attract an “ aquarium ” full of exotic fish? “ There is no ‘perfect boat ’, but when you build one, you can come extremely close to getting the explorer yacht that is perfect for you ,” Virtanen said.

modern explorer yachts

Who builds the best explorer yachts?

If you plan to build a new explorer yacht, it’s important to consider working with a shipyard that has a commercial shipbuilding pedigree in addition to a proven reputation for launching high-quality luxury yachts. Longevity, integrity, and family are key factors behind a successful shipyard. Few shipyards around the globe can boast more than 150 years of experience under continuous operation by the same family, like Cheoy Lee.

“ Cheoy Lee Shipyard has 150 years of experience in building commercial vessels that operate 24/7 in demanding conditions. That is the philosophy of the commercial side of the company, and it carries over to all the explorer yachts that we build as well. ”

It’s also important to research other expedition yachts the shipyard has launched in the past. Have they won awards and voyaged 200,000 nautical miles through most of the world’s oceans in a decade, like the 146’7” Cheoy Lee expedition yacht Dorothea III ?

“If you plan to voyage far, you need to be able to rely on your yacht in any conditions anywhere in the world. That experience is what you look for in a shipyard when you are building a true expedition yacht.”

modern explorer yachts

“ Cheoy Lee Shipyard has 150 years of experience in building commercial vessels that operate 24/7 in demanding conditions. That is the philosophy of the commercial side of the company, and it carries over to all the explorer yachts that we build as well ,” Virtanen said. “ If you plan to voyage far, you need to be able to rely on your yacht in any conditions anywhere in the world. That experience is what you look for in a shipyard when you are building a true expedition yacht .”

Cheoy Lee Logo grey red

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Reviewed: Azimut Magellano 25 Metri

  • By Phil Draper
  • Updated: March 11, 2021

Azimut Magellano 25 Metri

When Azimut Yachts wanted to enhance its Magellano series with larger models, the Italian builder returned to UK-based designer Ken Freivokh, who was responsible for the first Magellano 74 model 10 years ago. The result is the Magellano 25 Metri, a raised pilothouse design.

Freivokh says a length overall of around 80 to 90 feet is a real sweet spot for yacht designers like him because the scale is sufficient to create proper proportions. The 25 Metri’s profile is elegant and timeless, and there’s something of the 1930s streamline moderne movement about it. The similarity could be the boldness of line, the glazing shapes, or perhaps something as simple as the horizontal stainless-steel banding that rounds off the rim of the wraparound swim platform. Maybe it’s the wooden battens on the after corners of the superstructure.

Azimut Magellano 25 Metri

There’s a modern take on color with the exterior that Azimut displayed on Hull No. 1. Straying beyond whites, dark blues and gray metallics for hull paint is often contentious, but the hull here is a soothing blue-green metallic—what the Italians call ottanio and the English call teal. I like it.

The outdoor spaces are everything they should be. Side decks connect the foredeck terrace with a conventional cockpit aft. In that cockpit are double longitudinal sofas, a transom blind, and a step between the stern garage door and a beach terrace. Up top, the split-level flybridge is protected by the opening hardtop above and has two helm seats to port, a bar with a pair of stools, booth dining and an aft area open to interpretation—in this case, sun loungers.

Azimut Magellano 25 Metri

The yacht’s interior concept comes from Milan-based architect Vincenzo De Cotiis, who dressed Hull No. 1 with a distinctly 1950s flavor. It sounds kitschy, but it’s uber-cool. The majority of the decor bounces off various off-white textures: laminates, fabrics, lacquer. The result is light and bright. And the yacht’s unusual hull shade influences various marble and velour upholstery choices (or perhaps the influencing was the other way around). Horizontal surfaces, such as those running down each side beneath the picture windows, are a softer, yellower faux marble. Other detailing includes brown-leather sole tiles, mottled rugs, irregularly shaped ceiling panels, faux brasswork, and lots of glass and mirrors, often distressed. De Cotiis loves the appearance of wear and tear.

There is a sightline to port from the aft deck all the way through to the windshield and beyond, an important design element from Freivokh. The stand-alone sofas and the rotating marble-topped dining table in the main salon are mostly items from De Cotiis’ own collection.

Azimut Magellano 25 Metri

The galley is forward with white cabinetry, and with charcoal-shade work surfaces and backsplashes. Most appliances are Miele, and there’s a Mabe refrigerator. The galley is a semiformal space, open to owners and guests, but capable of being closed off by a pair of mirrored doors set at a shallow angle so as not to directly reflect the yacht’s symmetry. A banquette is adjacent to the galley and is ideal for crew, who have their own door to the portside deck for access to quarters in the bow.

A reverse-spiral staircase with a day-head beneath it climbs up to the raised pilothouse and flybridge. The helm console is to starboard in the wheelhouse with touchscreen instrumentation from Raymarine. A mini couch here tracks back and forth electrically from an inaccessible spot behind the staircase to a snug spot virtually amidships, and in doing so, it closes off the stairway, setting up a great pilot berth right next to the wheel.

Azimut Magellano 25 Metri

Driving this yacht is all it should be. The Magellano 25 Metri is offered with twin 1,400 hp or 1,550 hp MAN V-12 diesels, which deliver quoted top speeds up to 25 knots. I got on board Hull No. 1 at the beginning of this past October off Portofino, Italy. The boat had standard engines and was over half-load with eight people aboard. With those V-12s spinning 2,300 rpm, and the Humphree electric fin stabilizers and transom blades set to autotrim, I recorded a top hop of 23.6 knots on various headings and a total fuel burn averaging around 142 gallons per hour.

At a cruise-all-day 2,000 rpm and 19 knots or so, the engines burned 101.4 gallons per hour, which, allowing for a 10 percent reserve, means a range of around 350 nautical miles. With full tanks and engines purring at 1,000 rpm, there’s a potential 1,500 nautical miles to be enjoyed at 9.5 knots.

Azimut Magellano 25 Metri

We had a calm sea state and a breeze measuring slight to zero—not the harshest of conditions to see what the yacht’s dual-mode hull could do. The hull design comes from naval architect Pierluigi Ausonio and is named for a double-chine geometry that works well at displacement and semidisplacement speeds. The prop shafts spin in half tunnels on each side of a skeg keel.

I can report that the hull is light on the helm and turns precisely. The build quality also inspires confidence. While the specs suggest that the yacht is all vinylester, glass fiber and foam, in reality, the flybridge, hardtop and garage door moldings are carbon fiber, a material that helps a lot in stability versus utility trade-offs.

Azimut Magellano 25 Metri

The lower deck, accessed from a starboard-side staircase abaft the galley, accommodates eight guests in four staterooms. The master is just abaft amidships and has hullside windows, a sofa to starboard and twin sinks to port, with a separate head-and-shower compartment. The VIP, which is forward of amidships, has a transverse berth to port, as well as an en suite head and walk-in closet to starboard. Between the master and VIP, the guest stateroom to port has a transverse double berth, and the stateroom to starboard has twin berths that convert to a double. All the staterooms come with Loro Piana bed linens, dark-grain Venetian blinds and Bose entertainment systems.

Hull numbers 2 and 3 of the Magellano 25 Metri are US-bound and will have the bigger MANs as well as upgraded 21 kW generators. At the time of this writing, five hulls had been sold. While the Magellano 25 Metri has a distinct style, it appears that it also has global appeal.

Take the next step: azimutyachts.com

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Future-Proofing Multifunction Displays

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modern explorer yachts


modern explorer yachts


Part of the renowned, EYOS-designed SeaXplorer series, La Datcha is the ultimate expression of the modern day expedition superyacht.


modern explorer yachts

Part of the renowned SeaXplorer series, La Datcha was delivered in 2020 and ushered in a new era in expedition yachting. As design partners with Damen Yachting and Azure , EYOS was instrumental in developing La Datcha and the rest of the SeaXplorer range from the first lines drawn on paper. EYOS contributed over 150 design criteria based on its combined decades of expedition experience. A forward observation lounge and deck, for instance, allows for epic sightings of polar bears or bow-riding dolphins. Increased fuel and provisions capability- up to 40 days- allows for extended expeditions well away from supporting infrastructure. Bridge wings extend over the side of the hull to allow better visibility during ice navigation.

modern explorer yachts

La Datcha Superyacht Gallery

modern explorer yachts



Six richly appointed staterooms- each including a walk-in dressing room and an en-suite bathroom- comfortably accommodate 12 guests. On the lower deck, there is a Turkish bath and sauna, massage studio, and a gym. On the yacht’s upper decks, there are a variety of locations from which to take in the sweeping landscape views, whether from a railing or Jacuzzi.

Beyond its unparalleled interior, designed by Vasiliy Shprits Studio , the yacht boasts an extensive toy collection tailored for remote expedition destinations. There is a Triton submersible , a dive center with a decompression chamber, and ample watersport toys and tenders. Significantly, a generous-sized helideck and enclosed hangar allows for not just one but two helicopters. This makes La Datcha the ultimate choice for heli-ski expeditions.

Key Features

  • Ice Class and IMO Polar Coded
  • Large selection of tenders, jet-skis & water toys
  • TRITON 1650 Submersible (depth rated to 500m)
  • Full dive centre with decompression chamber
  • Massage room and fully equipped gym

Gross Tonnage

Cruise Speed

modern explorer yachts


  • 2 x Helicopters
  • 1 x Submersible (3 pax)
  • 1 x Vip tender/ rescue boat
  • 1 x Dive support tender
  • 1 x Beach lander tender
  • 4 x Waverunners
  • 2 x Expedition ribs
  • 2 x Snowscooters




A realm of pristine beauty and untouched majesty that beckons the adventurous spirit within us all. As the Earth’s southernmost continent, this captivating destination offers an otherworldly experience that words often struggle to capture.

modern explorer yachts

French Polynesia

Made up of 118 volcanic and coral islands and atolls, French Polynesia is world-renowned for its rich culture, green peaks and breathtaking nature.




+1 801 390 7025 | [email protected]

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modern explorer yachts

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modern explorer yachts

The 40M Sunreef Explorer is a versatile multihull craft dedicated to discovering new horizons. Her propulsion options allow for transoceanic range and solid performance in rough seas. Blending elegance and modern technology, this luxury power catamaran can be heavily customized to match ambitious navigation plans.

The extended aft deck houses a launching crane, a 7m tender, two jet skis, and storage for a variety of water toys. With the hydraulic aft platform lowered, guests can enjoy a full-beam private beach on the luxury catamaran. The 40m superyachts’ 13.34m beam provides for immense living areas, totaling 654m² with accommodation spreading across three decks.

Custom features available for the interiors of the electric catamaran include a playroom with a self-leveling pool table, a steam room, or a master suite with a private fold-out balcony. Alfresco relaxation areas include a large sun lounge with a spa pool surrounded by oversized sunpads and a bar as well as a vast bow terrace. Contact us now to inquiries about 40m Sunreef Explorer.




38 m / 124.7 Ft

Length overall

13.34 m / 43.8 Ft

Beam overall

Sunreef Yachts

Naval architecture

654 m² / 7039.6 Ft²

Living space


Sunreef Explorer Line A Range Of Pioneering Yachts


BARCHE -- 2022-09

BARCHE | 2022-09



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modern explorer yachts

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modern explorer yachts

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A New Generation of Mini-Explorer Yachts Is Bringing Style to World Adventures

Great design inside and out sets these models apart from their predecessors., michael verdon, michael verdon's most recent stories.

  • This 400-Foot Megayacht Has a Bonkers Underwater Lounge, and It’s About to Debut in Monaco
  • Candela and Polestar’s First Electric Foiling Boat Was Just Delivered—and It’s a Stunner
  • Private Aviation’s Top Firms Are in an Epic Battle for Your Business. Here Are the Perks They’re Offering.
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Ocean Alexander 27E

The original explorer yachts were either barebones trawlers favored by retired sailors or square-hulled, aluminum vessels that resembled commercial fishing boats. Fifteen years ago, a few builders unveiled a new category, the mini-explorer, with smaller boats that were long on function but similarly short on looks. These just-launched versions, however, not only have ocean-running hulls but panache to spare in the form of artistic interiors, open sterns and fashionable profiles. It’s a whole new way to discover the world—this time, in style.

Azimut Magellano 25

modern explorer yachts

With its dual-mode running surface, the new Magellano 25 can cover vast distances at a leisurely cruise or whip along at 25 knots. The 83-foot hull is a prime selling point, but the interior is the real breakthrough. Vincenzo De Cotiis, known for his award-winning residential design, incorporated fiberglass in a novel way, mixing it with a bronze powder and spreading it strategically across the interior to complement Verde Alpi marble, walnut, polished brass and two original pieces of his artwork. This very un-explorer-like interior also has four staterooms, contiguous banks of windows in the salon, an air-sanitizing system developed by NASA and crew quarters for three.

Numarine 32XP

modern explorer yachts

A creative interior by Italian design firm Hot Lab is one of the prime differentiators between Numarine’s 32XP and its last-gen explorer series. The 105-footer has nearly 6,500 square feet of interior space, which Hot Lab used to great effect to create an open salon with oak floors, loose furniture and floor-to-ceiling windows. The master suite on the upper deck, VIP cabin on the main and four suites on the lower deck are also uncharacteristically elegant for an explorer. The aquamarine exterior and zigzag window patterns may be flamboyant, but the vertical bow and 4,000-mile transatlantic range mean the boat is built for serious business.

Ocean Alexander 27E

modern explorer yachts

While only explorers of 150 feet or more have open transoms, at 89 feet the 27E has adopted that stern to hold a Jet Ski,a tender and gear. Though the yacht’s profile is different from the other explorers, its designers had the same familiar goal: maximize interior space while incorporating open layouts and expansive windows. With all four staterooms on the lower deck, the main deck has ample space for socializing, extending to gathering areas on the top deck and foredeck. The 2,100-nautical-mile range means the 27E can get from Miami to Barbados with ease, while the three-foot-nine-inch draft allows it to cruise in shallow waters like the Bahamas.

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Maserati Tridente Electri Boat

Maserati’s First Electric Boat Delivers Style and Fun on the Water—We Took It for a Spin

Ritz-Carlton Yacht Ilma

The Ritz-Carlton’s Massive New 790-Foot Megayacht Just Hit the High Seas

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Latest Galleries in Marine

Reposado Sailing Yacht

‘Reposado’ in Photos

Admiral Quaranta Superyacht

Admiral Quaranta Superyacht in Photos

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Explore More

This model of Explorer mega yacht can be considered as a real jewel, designed with the tipical skills and know-how of pure Made in Italy. Characterized by a sturdy hull to be able to navigate even in the most remote areas, She embodies all the luxury of the most modern yachts.

The Explorer megayacht is divided into 4 decks for a total length of 70 meters. The owner has access to an entire deck where every type of comfort can be found , including a large indoor and outdoor lounge area, a cinema and a private apartment. This deck also houses the Touch&go helipad. In the bow area of the main deck we find the area dedicated to guests, with 2 guest cabins and two VIP cabins, while in the aft there is a storage area for tender and toys. At the extreme bow of the main deck we find the observatory, a real uniqueness for this type of yachts. The lower deck is entirely dedicated to the crew. In the bridge deck there is, finally, a Wheelhouse of about 98 square meters to allow a complete view during any type of maneuvers.

For further information, feel free to contact: [email protected]

Technical Data

>builder Admiral - The Italian Sea Group

>naval architect Admiral Centro Stile

>exterior designer Admiral Centro Stile

>interior designer Admiral Centro Stile

>hull Steel

>superstructure material Aluminium Alloy

>max beam 12,5 mt / 41 ft

>max guests accomodation 12

>max crew accomodation 17 + 1

modern explorer yachts

Work with us

Design & creativity, the headquarter, launched yacht, yacht model, cookie policies, safety and quality policies, t: +39 0585 6440 f: +39 0585 506250.

THE ITALIAN SEA GROUP S.p.A. Viale C. Colombo, 4Bis 54033 Marina di Carrara (MS) Italy

VAT 00096320452 Share Capital € 26.500.000,00 i. v.

modern explorer yachts

modern explorer yachts


Innovative, spacious and comfortable with long range capability, this is all you could want in a modern explorer yacht.

Modern explorer yacht combining smooth cruising and comfort.

This new vessel is designed by renowned naval architect Joubert & Nivelt and designer Franck Darnet.

This yacht features the most up to date equipment making this a very attractive and competitive package. Accommodation is provided for eight guests in four staterooms.

A great family explorer vessel.


  • Very seaworthy and innovative hull design.
  • Bureau Veritas Class.
  • Long range for ocean passages.
  • Zero Speed Stabilizers

To be confirmed

Superb accommodation is provided for up to eight guests in four comfortable double staterooms. In addition, there are quarters for six crew members.

  • Length: 38m/125ft
  • Max. Draught: 1.75m/5ft 9"
  • Hull construction: Aluminium
  • Exterior Designer: Franck Darnet, Franck Darnet Design
  • Interior Designer: Franck Darnet Design
  • Naval Architect: Joubert-Nivelt Design
  • Engines: 2 x MAN V12 1020 hp
  • Generators: 2 x CAT 51 kw
  • Range: 4000nm
  • Flag: To be announced
  • Classification Society: Without classification
My aim is to create a bright and luminous interior atmosphere.

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Super yachts (<24M)

The Explorer series combines the seakeeping abilities of the Expedition series and shares a similar hull form while bringing a modern, contemporary look and feel to the design. The vessels in the Explorer line make use of huge, seamless windows in the superstructure and vertical hullsides portlights, which work together to ensure that the ship takes full advantage of available natural light, all the way down to the cabins.

Bering 65  to see details

modern explorer yachts

Bering 72  to see details

modern explorer yachts

Bering 75 to see details

modern explorer yachts

Bering 77  to see details

modern explorer yachts

Bering 78  to see details

modern explorer yachts

Bering 80 to see details

modern explorer yachts

Contact us Now & Let Our Ocean-Going Yacht Manufacturers Build The Perfect Vessel For You

When you are ready to have the ultimate vessel ready to be used at your disposal, do not hesitate at all in contacting Bering Yachts. Our ocean-going yacht manufacturers will gladly construct the perfect vessel for you. To contact us, click  HERE .


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    modern explorer yachts

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  5. Discover Luxury: Charter the 2021 Explorer 62 'Explocean' in Miami!

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  1. The 10 Best Explorer Yachts for High-Seas Adventures

    Turkish boatbuilder Bering Yachts revealed details of its new 162-foot flagship explorer yacht, the B165, at the Dubai International Boat Show in March. The yacht can carry 18,400 gallons of fuel ...

  2. 9 Explorer Yachts Made to Cruise the World's Most Remote Destinations

    Nothing screams "explorer yacht" louder than the 190-foot SeaXplorer 58 Pink Shadow from Damen Yachting. This oceangoing beast was just launched from the Dutch brand's yard in Antalya ...

  3. Six cool explorer yachts launched in 2022

    The 67 metre shadow yacht Nebula was launched at the end of 2021 and subsequently delivered by Spanish yard Astilleros Armon in July 2022. The all-alumunium catamaran follows in the footsteps of fellow ShadowCat support yachts 66.2m Hodor and 68.2m Wayfinder, with a range of 5,000 nautical miles at 12 knots. The 2022 Explorer Yachts Summit will ...

  4. Adventures ahead: the most exciting explorer yachts of 2024

    Builder: Cantiere delle Marche Length: 45m This fully-custom explorer yacht was commissioned by her experienced owner in 2021. Designed by Giorgio Maria Cassetta, Project T features sleek, rigorous exterior lines that connect an almost vertical bow to the transom (and its generous beach club).The owners will have the entire forward section of the main deck to themselves, encompassing a full ...

  5. Explorer Yachts for Sale

    Modern explorer yachts for sale offer the perfect combination of ocean-going sturdiness and superyacht comfort; they look just as at home in the wilds of Alaska as they do in the Gulf of Saint Tropez. Because they are designed for long voyages, explorer yachts are often packed with special features for guests to enjoy on board, such as gyms ...

  6. Top 10 Explorer Yachts in the World

    Builder: Lürssen Year of build: 2003 LOA: 414 ft Number of guests: 26 Crew: 63 One of the world's most traveled yachts, Octopus is a groundbreaking expedition vessel that set the tone for the many explorer yachts that have followed in her impressive wake. With eight decks and at a gargantuan 414 ft, it's no surprise that Octopus is packed with feature after feature, from a full basketball ...

  7. Built for Adventure: Everything You Need to Know ...

    A fuel-efficient hull is essential when it comes to ensuring an expedition yacht has the range to cross oceans. Cheoy Lee Yachts Explorer Series yachts feature a bulbous bow, which reduces the hull's resistance to the water. " When Overing Yacht Design developed their first 50-meter fast-displacement hull in the late 1990s, Overing brought ...

  8. Top 10 largest explorer yachts in the world

    One of the most memorable launches of 2021, the 139.7 metre super explorer yacht Solaris travelled to the top of this coveted list of expedition yachts when she hit the water last year. The highly secretive project is built by Lloyd Werft, which also delivered the 115m explorer Luna in 2010, the fourth largest explorer yacht in the world. Spread across an impressive eight decks, Solaris was ...

  9. Reviewed: Azimut Magellano 25 Metri

    The Azimut Magellano 25 Metri has modern explorer-yacht styling, long range and mid-20-knot performance. By Phil Draper. Updated: March 11, 2021. A good portion of the Azimut Magellano 25 Metri's 29-foot-10-inch beam carries forward, creating enough internal volume for four staterooms. Courtesy Azimut Yachts.

  10. Luxury Explorer Yachts

    On deck, explorer yachts have the potential to carry a small fleet of additional craft encompassing everything from tenders and your typical superyacht water toys (Jet skis, kayaks, sailing dinghies, etc), to personal submarines and even off-road/all-terrain vehicles for on-shore exploration. The expansive deck space often has a dual role as a ...

  11. La Datcha

    Sleek and imposing, BOLD is a modern interpretation of an expedition yacht. Her high speed allows rapid transits between far-flung ports, and her stunning main saloon and loft space is one of yachting's most dramatic spaces. Explore Yacht. Part of the renowned SeaXplorer series, La Datcha was delivered in 2020 and ushered in a new era in ...

  12. Explorer Yacht Buying Guide 2023

    Often these are built with steel or aluminum hulls but also have the luxurious modern amenities typically associated with a motor yacht. TRIBU 2007 165′ 9″ MONDO MARINE Motor Yacht. ... Smaller explorer yachts (sometimes referred to as 'Pocket Explorer Yachts) are an attractive proposition for owners as they are fuel efficient and almost ...


    Sustainable. The 40M Sunreef Explorer is a versatile multihull craft dedicated to discovering new horizons. Her propulsion options allow for transoceanic range and solid performance in rough seas. Blending elegance and modern technology, this luxury power catamaran can be heavily customized to match ambitious navigation plans.

  14. Archipelago Expedition Yachts 47-foot explorer all-aluminum powercat

    Two years ago, he began a search for a 45- to 60-foot explorer yacht with long range, good seakeeping characteristics and speeds in the upper teens to mid-20 knots. It was a combination of features, he came to realize, that virtually no current boat fully embodied. There were plenty of durable, high-speed boats capable of handling adverse ...

  15. Explorer Yachts for Sale

    Modern explorer yachts are now pushing the boundaries of what's previously been possible in the realm of speed, allowing some to reach around 14 knots when needed thanks to fast displacement hull designs and higher horsepower. 5 Steel Hull

  16. The best explorer yacht concepts

    The 2021 Explorer Yachts Summit will take place at the Yacht Club de Monaco on November 11. Lontano. Revealed by fledgling studio Bassan & Benedetti, the 78 metre Lontano is based on the hull of a supply vessel from the Norweigan shipyard Ulstein and features a striking military-inspired exterior. Powered by twin Rolls Royce AZ 100 electric ...

  17. These New Mini-Explorer Yachts Are Bringing Style to World Adventures

    Ocean Alexander 27E. While only explorers of 150 feet or more have open transoms, at 89 feet the 27E has adopted that stern to hold a Jet Ski,a tender and gear. Though the yacht's profile is ...

  18. Darnet 38m Modern Explorer Motor Yachts Ocea for sale

    2023 Ocea Darnet Modern Explorer. Modern Explorer combining smooth cruising and comfort; This new vessel designed by famous naval architect Joubert & Nivelt for exterior and Franck Darnet design for interior is gathering all modern and up to date equipments making this yacht very attractive and competitive.

  19. Admiral Explorer Mega Yacht

    Discover the Admiral Explorer mega yacht can be considered as a real jewel, designed with the tipical skills and know-how of Italian Luxury. ... She embodies all the luxury of the most modern yachts. EXPLORER. The Explorer megayacht is divided into 4 decks for a total length of 70 meters. The owner has access to an entire deck where every type ...

  20. HAWK RANGER 68

    The HAWK RANGER 68 is a 68m superyacht expedition vessel with a 12.5m beam, a volume of 1800 GT adds plenty of space across its five decks. The HAWK RANGER was designed from the outset with function and practicality in mind. She is robust and ocean-ready. Her 6,800 mile range sets you free to visit many far off destinations.


    Modern explorer yacht combining smooth cruising and comfort. This new vessel is designed by renowned naval architect Joubert & Nivelt and designer Franck Darnet. This yacht features the most up to date equipment making this a very attractive and competitive package. Accommodation is provided for eight guests in four staterooms.

  22. Exploration steel yachts boats under 24-meters

    Bering Yachts manufactures steel exploration oceangoing yachts under 24 meters. Find these small luxurious, rangy, and safe motor displacement boats in Bering catalog. ... The Explorer series combines the seakeeping abilities of the Expedition series and shares a similar hull form while bringing a modern, contemporary look and feel to the ...

  23. Explorer Motor Yachts for sale

    Some of the most popular Explorer models currently listed include: 62, 23.35 meter, 27m Big Joy - Arkin Pruva, 34m Trawler and 35m trawler. Various Explorer models are currently offered for sale by specialized yacht brokers, dealers and brokerages on YachtWorld, with listings ranging from 1992 year models up to 2025.

  24. Cheoy Lee launches 40m explorer yacht in China

    Cheoy Lee has launched the first unit in the Cheoy Lee 130 explorer series from its facility in Zhuhai, China. The 39.7-metre yacht is scheduled for delivery at the close of 2024. The model has been designed and built to "handle the demands of bluewater adventures around the globe" and features robust lines by American firm Overing Yacht Designs.Key numbers include an 8.5-metre beam, a volume ...