Lürssen Karriere


Werden sie mitarbeiter bei lürssen – und teil einer starken crew.

Als wachsendes Unternehmen in einer dynamischen Branche sind wir permanent auf der Suche nach professioneller Verstärkung für unsere Mannschaft. Nach Menschen, die zu uns passen und die genau wie wir exzellente Produkte immer noch besser machen wollen. Technische und kaufmännische Mitarbeitende, die mit ihren Fähigkeiten und ihrem Engagement die ehrgeizigen Ziele eines weltweit erfolgreichen Unternehmens mittragen und Lürssen in die Zukunft begleiten.

Langfristige Perspektiven bieten wir Ihnen zum Beispiel in unseren technischen Bereichen Konstruktion und Fertigung. Steigen Sie ein als Konstrukteurin bzw. Konstrukteur, als Ingenieurin bzw. Ingenieur in unseren Fachabteilungen Schiffbau, Maschinenbau, Ausrüstung oder Elektrotechnik. Für die Steuerung und Begleitung unserer Projekte bieten wir erfahrenen Projektleiterinnen bzw. Projektleitern spannende Einstiegsmöglichkeiten. Auch im kaufmännischen Bereich sind wir regelmäßig auf der Suche nach professioneller Unterstützung, denn nur mit qualifizierten Mitarbeitenden im Einkauf, der IT oder dem Finanzwesen werden wir unseren Erfolgskurs halten.

Wir freuen uns, Sie kennenzulernen!

lurssen yachts jobs

Lürssen Yachts — Pioneering Propulsion

Posted August 5, 2021 in Brokerage & New Build by Miriam Cain

German yacht builder Lürssen has been at the forefront of its field for more than a century, pioneering the way forward for the industry since they built the world’s first motor boat in 1886. Today, with green yachting and sustainability being such a huge topic, it is no surprise that the world-leading shipyard is working on developing innovative eco-propulsion systems. Navigator talks to Peter Lürssen about the future of yacht power.

Peter Lürssen

Why is Lürssen involved in the future of propulsion technology?

P The issues surrounding CO2 emissions is ever-present in all our lives, both on land and sea. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) committed itself to reducing the CO2 emissions of shipping by 50 percent by 2050 compared to 2008 levels, which includes those of the yachting sector. This is a challenging target for everyone involved, but I believe it is a necessity and at Lürssen we want to do our part to build our yachts in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

To give yacht propulsion some context, what are the basics?

P For a long time the combustion engine has served as a reliable power source in propelling yachts. However, over the years what was required of propulsion technologies kept increasing, while at the same time knowledge and technological developments pushed the boundaries of power. The use of the first diesel-electric propulsion systems as an alternative to a conventional direct mechanical prop-shaft drive made yachts even quieter and cruising became more comfortable. Then came hybrid-drive concepts, which were introduced at the end of the 1990s by Lürssen with the launch of the first hybrid propulsion motor yacht LIMITLESS. Now everyone in the industry is working toward emission-free cruising, and Lürssen is at the forefront of research and development in this area.

08 Launched in 1997, the 316ft (96.25m) LIMITLESS was the first hybrid propulsion motor yacht ever built

What are the current propulsion systems available?

P The current options for propulsion are the conventional diesel-mechanic system, the diesel-electric system (with or without Azipods), and a hybrid system (with or without Azipods). The diesel-mechanic type of propulsion is still very dominant today – it is an efficient system for most motor yachts that takes little space on board, with good reliability. It is the easy solution for most shipyards but it has its issues, the main being its inefficiencies when cruising at low speeds.

What is the diesel-electric alternative?

P Diesel-electric is a combination of electric propulsion motors and diesel generators that provide electrical power for both propulsion and the hotel load (the running of the equipment on board). If you add Azipods, the yacht’s maneuverability is greatly improved as the turning capability is much higher than that of a conventional propeller and rudder system. However, this type of propulsion system is usually only suitable for large yachts as it requires more space in the engine room for the converters and other parts.

What is the difference between diesel-electric and hybrid propulsion?

P The hybrid system combines the advantages of both the efficiencies of a diesel-mechanical system at higher speeds and the efficiencies of a diesel-electric system at slower speeds. Connected to the yacht’s electrical grid, the gear box drives the propellers to move the boat when required, while it also feeds the grid to power the hotel load. It has the advantage of low noise, no smoke, little vibration and, when cruising at low speeds you don’t have to start your main engines to move around in a bay or when leaving port. At higher speeds, the main engines are added and used together with the electric motor for maximum performance. This mode avoids electrical conversion losses and thus ensures more fuel efficiency. You can actually switch off your generators and use the main engine for your hotel load by taking the power from the main engines and converting them to electrical power. This saves running hours on the generator engines. And when you add an Azipod to the hybrid propulsion system you have a system with further improved maneuverability. The only drawback is the complexity of the power management system, but this is the propulsion system that is being used the most on yachts under construction today.

Lürssen Fuel Cell Innovation Lab inside_v2

Do you have a preferred solution that you recommend?

P The propulsion and power production system on a yacht is down to the client’s preferences in much the same way as the size and type of yacht is their choice. To find the best solution you need to take the client’s specific requirements into account. If their desire is to cruise in the Mediterranean and spend a lot of time at anchor or in port, for example, we will recommend a different system than we would to a client looking to cruise greater distances and venture further afield. The components should be designed in such a way that the yacht’s power consumption is maximally efficient and as sustainable as possible.

You mentioned the new IMO Tier 3 regulations enacted in 2016. Has this been the big driving factor in the eco-conscious approach of Lürssen?

P It is certainly an additional motivator as regulations obviously need to be adhered to, but I think the whole yachting industry knows how important it is to care for the oceans and the environment. The new regulation required a clean-up of the exhaust emissions for a yacht to be allowed to certain areas. It forced us to develop a new filtration system, which we had used before, but we expanded on this and developed a complete new set of filters. All yachts with their keels laid after January 1, 2016, have been fitted with a stateof- the-art exhaust after-treatment system that reduces the nitrogen oxide and noise emissions. We managed to create an extremely compact system through which can filter out 90% of the nitrogen oxides, thereby protecting the environment.

The state-of-the-art exhaust after-treatment system on board the 465ft (142m) NORD

Where do you see the future of propulsion?

P I think fuel cells will be the future – either driven directly by hydrogen or driven by hydrogen created from reformation of methanol, which is actually the solution we are aiming for. Since 2009, we have been involved in research projects aimed at using fuel cells on ships in order to advance sustainable shipbuilding. We don’t just want to use the latest technology on our yachts – we want to advance the status quo. Since 2012, the development of a modular fuel cell system using methanol has been underway – this is a government-sponsored research project that runs under the name Pa-X-ell.

How will this work on board a superyacht?

P Essentially, methanol is converted into hydrogen, which is then used in fuel cells to generate electricity. Unlike liquid hydrogen, which needs to be pressurized and stored in extensive structures, methanol has a higher energy density and can carry a lot of hydrogen within its chemical composition. It also can be stored in structural tanks in the yacht’s hull for long periods. Methanol is already available in almost every port in the world, and, despite its low flash point, it is as safe and as easy to handle on board as diesel fuel. The core of the system is the fuel cell from our partner Freudenberg. The hydrogen from the reformed methanol generates electrical energy with oxygen from the ambient air. Extremely low in pollutants and combined with regeneratively-produced methanol, it is also carbon neutral. Warm, moist air is the only by-product.

Built for global exploration, the 465ft (142m) NORD took her place in the top fifteen largest superyachts when she was delivered in early 2021

Does it have other advantages?

P Thanks to the modular construction the methanol fuel cell system can be adjusted to a customized yacht to keep space requirements and costs as low as possible and the total efficiency of the system as high as possible. Fuel cells cause almost no noise or vibrations, require minor maintenance and are more efficient than diesel engines. But most importantly, emissions like nitrogen oxygen, soot and even CO2 can be avoided. Due to the low dynamic capability of fuel cells, the system layout and the combination with other energy converters and storage is the key for a successful fuel cell power system.

Will we see this on a yacht in the near future?

P We actually are already building a superyacht with a fuel cell installed for a pioneering and technology-driven client. Of course, we had to prove the practical value of the new propulsion including the range, autonomy and sustainability. This zero-emissions technology will allow the owner to spend more than 15 nights at anchor or cruise more than 1,000 nautical miles completely emission-free. It is an extremely exciting project for Lürssen. I believe this will be a game-changer for the yachting industry.

If you’re interested in  buying  or  selling a yacht , contact the professional team of yacht brokers at Northrop & Johnson today. As a world-leading yacht brokerage, Northrop & Johnson offers access to thousands of  luxury   yachts for sale  around the world, including private yachts not publicly advertised for sale. From yacht sales to new construction, contact our team of  yacht brokers  to get the results you need.   

Photo Credit: Tom van Oossanen

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Lurssen's 82m Project Cali leaves construction shed

Lürssen's 82m Project Cali officially christened Haven

Lürssen 's Project Cali has officially been christened Haven . The 82-metre superyacht was last seen snaking down the Kiel Canal in northern Germany in preparation for sea trials, with delivery imminent.

Designed in-house by Jim Robert Sluijter, Haven is characterised by a reverse bow and expansive deck spaces that place a "great emphasis on outdoor conviviality".

Speaking to BOAT International at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show , Sluijter said the project had been designed for a family-orientated and active client. While full details are yet to be disclosed, her interiors will be RWD -designed.

Haven 's sundeck spans an impressive 30 metres, while her beach club benefits from fold-down platforms that create sea terraces port and starboard. Other highlights include an al fresco dining area with a barbecue, pizza oven and outdoor cinema. Key numbers include a draught of 3.5 metres and beam of 12.5 metres.

According to BOATPro , Lürssen has nine yachts currently under construction. This includes the 122-metre Kismet , which is expected to see delivery any day now. 

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lurssen yachts jobs

To build your yacht with Lürssen

1 Philosophy

lurssen yachts jobs

My firm shall be known as a leader in both quality and performance.

Friedrich Lürßen, Founder, 1875

lurssen yachts jobs

The Lürssen family has continued to live up to the founder’s standard since 1875.

2 creativity.

lurssen yachts jobs

The art of realizing great ideas with the spirit of pioneers.

Lürssen builds the world’s first motorboat.

REMS has a Daimler engine with a cylinder capacity of 0.462 litres and a weight of 60 kilograms, producing an output of 1.5 hp.

Lürssen designs and builds the world’s first half-glider speedboat

Instead of planing hulls, Otto Lürßen relies on a rounded hull and powerful engines. At high speeds, these hulls partially emerge from the water.

Lürssen develops and builds the world’s first remote-controlled boat

The HAVEL is 13 metres long and is remotely steered with the aid of a wire.

Lürssen is the first to use a Voith Schneider propeller

Lürssen builds its first experimental boat with a Voith Schneider propeller.

Lürssen speedboat sets world record

Lürssen is the first to reach a speed of of 68.2 km/h, or around 37 knots, with a speedboat. Gert Lürßen himself sets the record on the Weser River.

Lürssen builds the world’s fastest motor yacht

SHERGAR is powered by two MTU diesel engines and two Allison gas turbines with an overall output of 16,100 hp, which take her to speeds of up to 45 knots.

Lürssen develops the world’s first common mounting of drive and energy systems

Main engines, gearbox and generators are mounted on a large common frame, thereby achieving extremely low noise and vibration levels.

Lürssen pioneers research into underwater exhaust systems for yachts

The findings form the basis for optimum positioning of the exhaust system to minimise backpressure, noise and emissions.

Lürssen is the first to use a common rail engine for a displacement yacht

A common rail engine as the main engine enables SKAT to reduce her emissions and fuel consumption to a minimum.

Lürssen builds the world’s first yacht with a pod drive

Lürssen builds the 90-metres ICE with a pod drive. The benefits: extremely high level of maneouverability, low noise level, reduced fuel consumption.

Lürssen delivers the world’s largest private sailing yacht

EOS has an overall length of 93 metres.To reduce noise levels in the interior when running the engine, she also incorporates the first active engine mounting system in a yacht.

Lürssen is the first shipyard to use process heating on a yacht

Lürssen is the first shipyard to harness process heat on a large scale in a yacht. On board the 156-metres AL SAID, process heat from the engines is used to help desalinate seawater for drinking.

AZZAM world’s longest private yacht

Lürssen delivers Azzam the longest yacht in the world. She not only sets a record with regard to her length of 180 metres and a speed of more than 30 knots – but also her building time of less than three years is record-breaking.

DILBAR world’s biggest private yacht by GT

Lürssen delivers the 156-metres yacht Dilbar – the biggest motor yacht in the world by gross tonnage. Without a doubt Dilbar is one of the most complex and challenging yachts that has ever been built, both in terms of dimension and technology. With a gross tonnage of 15,917 t, Dilbar provides spaces in the interior which have never been seen on a yacht before. The impressive project was finished in an astonishing 52 months.

3 Continuity

Lürssen has the experience and reliability of a family that has been building standard-setting ships and yachts since 1875. With us, you will always find the right expert to talk to.

lurssen yachts jobs

Friedrich Lürßen founded our shipyard in 1875

Friedrich was not the first member of the Lürssen family to build boats – his father Lüder, born in 1805, was a boat-builder and had founded his own shipyard in the 1830s. Many of Lüder’s ancestors were also seafarers or boat-builders.

lurssen yachts jobs

Friedrich Lürßen

lurssen yachts jobs

Otto Lürßen

Son of Friedrich

lurssen yachts jobs

Frieda Lürßen

Otto´s wife

lurssen yachts jobs

Gert Lürßen

Son of Otto & Frieda

lurssen yachts jobs

Fritz-Otto Lürßen

lurssen yachts jobs

Son of Gert

Director since 1977

lurssen yachts jobs

Peter Lürßen

Son of Fritz-Otto

Director since 1987

At Lürssen, knowledge in all facets of boatbuilding has been handed down from generation to generation – something very few yacht-builders can claim.

lurssen yachts jobs

Lürssen´s corporate culture is based on long-term thinking – not just focused on the next quarterly results.

lurssen yachts jobs

All shareholders are family members – no external investors pursuing their own interests and no risk of a takeover.

lurssen yachts jobs

The Lürssen brand

We want to proudly place our family name on each yacht we build – that means we must always identify with our work.

5 Experience

lurssen yachts jobs

98% of Lürssen employees are skilled and qualified professionals. They have above-average experience, passion for excellence and an eye for detail. Many have been with us for decades.

Lürssen's pool of skilled workers and technicians

Management & design, skilled workers, the overall number of employees, trainees & apprentices.

lurssen yachts jobs

Lürssen works with the best designers, in-house engineers, naval architects and craftsmen.

lurssen yachts jobs

This, coupled with well thought-out workflows and carefully selected materials, results in top-quality yachts – and the best value for money.

7 Reliability

lurssen yachts jobs

More than 13,000 boats and ships built since 1875 – many of them still in service after decades – speak for themselves.

8 Made in Germany

lurssen yachts jobs

No country has a better reputation for technology and quality than Germany.

lurssen yachts jobs

Since Lürssen was founded in 1875, we have always been at the forefront in terms of investing in state-of-the-art technology to improve quality, speed and precision. Investment decisions are driven by one priority: how to guarantee the best technology to build your yacht.

lurssen yachts jobs

No other shipyard has delivered as many of the world's top 20 largest yachts as Lürssen.

180.65 m / 592'8"

lurssen yachts jobs

160 m / 524'93"

lurssen yachts jobs

156.00 m / 511'10"

lurssen yachts jobs

155.00 m / 508'6"

lurssen yachts jobs

147.25 m / 483'1"

lurssen yachts jobs

146,35 m / 480'1"

lurssen yachts jobs

141.60 m / 464'6"

lurssen yachts jobs


140 m / 459'3"

lurssen yachts jobs

139.00 m / 456'0"

lurssen yachts jobs

138,80 m / 455'4"

lurssen yachts jobs

138.40 m / 454'1"

lurssen yachts jobs

136.00 m / 446'2"

lurssen yachts jobs

12 out of 20 of the largest yachts built in the past 20 years are a Lürssen.

10 Lifetime Support

lurssen yachts jobs

Lürssen yachts have exceptionally long service lives. To keep your yacht in good shape and always ready for operation, Lürssen offers lifetime support.

11 Facility

lurssen yachts jobs

Lürssen has the best facilities in the world.

Five shipyards provide ample capacity to build and maintain multiple yachts simultaneously in covered halls and docks.

lurssen yachts jobs

Bremen Vegesack

lurssen yachts jobs

Bremen Aumund

lurssen yachts jobs

Bremen Lemwerder

lurssen yachts jobs

Bremen Berne

Let us build your masterpiece.

We are looking forward to speaking with you

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Billionaires are getting ready for summer with wildly spectacular superyachts

  • Superyachts, the most expensive asset  a billionaire can own, are pushing the boundaries of luxury.
  • The boats, which cost eight or nine figures, are getting larger and include more features than ever.
  • From massage rooms to basketball courts, here's what the world's richest want on board.

Insider Today

For many wealthy boat owners, a private spa is a must-have on board. A sauna is a nice touch. A Jet Ski or two makes days at sea way more fun. And if you don't have someone on board who can whip up a Michelin-star-worthy meal , you might as well stay on land.

In the world of massive yachts , there's no such thing as too much. After all, if someone spends eight or nine figures to design the vessel of their dreams — or at least $500,000 a week to charter one — more is more.

"Yachting. It's not rational; it's emotional," Ralph Dazert, the head of intelligence at SuperYacht Times, told Business Insider at the Palm Beach International Boat Show, where dozens of superyachts — often defined as vessels over 30 meters in length — were on display.

And while there are certain classic features, such as jacuzzis and bars, what superyacht owners want is evolving, insiders at the show said. That might mean more crew members, more space for helicopters, or more water toys, but might also include manicure salons and putting greens.

"The bar of what is the baseline expectation has increased exponentially just over the last four or five years," Anders Kurtén, the CEO of brokerage Fraser Yachts, said. Clients are "spending more time on the boat and really wanting to extend the lifestyle they lead on the shore."

A lot of this can be chalked up to the pandemic. Superyacht purchases and charters spiked as life and luxury travel on land screeched to a halt. While the market has moderated slightly, the number of superyachts on order — 1,166 as of September, according to Boat International's Global Order Book — is still above pre-pandemic norms.

"What the pandemic really showed is that the appetite for being out there at sea, sort of living the marine lifestyle, is still as valid as ever," Kurtén said.

That means there's a lot of money on the water. The total value of the 203 superyachts over 30 meters delivered last year was $6.4 billion, according to data from SuperYacht Times. New custom builds from the world's most prestigious shipyards — Lurssen, Feadship, Oceanco , Benetti — can run into the hundreds of millions. Even used superyachts at the Palm Beach show cost as much as $75 million.

And it's not just traditional buyers like retired wealthy couples looking for a place to relax or celebrities looking for a place to party away from the paparazzi. New clients are often younger and have families, so want areas to work and watch movies . They also want pricey water toys, access to fitness equipment, or even pizza ovens for picky eaters.

"This would've never happened in the nineties," said Giovanna Vitelli, the vice president of the Azimut Benetti Group, the world's biggest producer of superyachts. "You would go with your beautiful woman, Champagne — the idea of yachting was much more showing off with your jacuzzi and things like that."

Pure opulence has made room for function.

When Benetti's Nabila set sail in 1980, its 50-person crew, gold-and-diamond-encrusted interiors, and lavish parties captured headlines and even inspired the Queen song "Kashoggi's Ship."(Seven years later, Donald Trump bought Nabila for $30 million , renaming her the Trump Princess.)

"Life on board was considered very formal — big formal dining rooms, boats were high on the water, you would be segregated from the rest of the world," Vitelli said, remembering another client who insisted on a replica of the Sistine Chapel above the dining table.

But the ostentatious, palatial-like interiors that used to be highlighted in yacht brochures have made way for lists of more functional features .

Related stories

Rather than esoteric novelties like an extra-large safe for rifles that one builder had to construct per a Russian yacht owner's request , the superyachts on display at the Palm Beach show featured basketball courts, saunas, and ice baths.

Owners want elevators and luxury gyms. Pampering options, be it a massage room, manicure station, or a professional-grade facial machine, are a dime a dozen. Some bathrooms have fancy Toto toilets, which can cost around $20,000.

Sterns (that's the back of the boat) used to be built high to guard guests' privacy. Now, they're built as "beach clubs" — an open swim platform.

And what good is a massage room if no one on board can give one? Many superyachts can hold twice as many crew members as guests, if not more. One broker, representing a boat that didn't have a masseuse, said it could be quite a "tricky" issue because if a charter wants one, they have to find someone who can massage guests and "pull their weight with the crew."

"It's not uncommon to look for a deckhand who can also mix a martini, play an instrument, maybe entertain the guests with singing, and ideally even give a massage," Kurtén said.

Of course, a crew comes at a cost . Most are considered full-time employees, requiring salaries and benefits like health insurance. Captains, first mates, and chief engineers often make six figures a year. That's without tips; a charter guest will typically spend six figures on gratuities for the crew who worked during a weeklong vacation.

For the superrich, there must be room for toys.

It's not just the onboard amenities that count. What's known as "toys" in the industry — water slides, eFoils, Jet Skis, and underwater scuba diving jets — are popular, and costs range from merely hundreds of dollars (banana boats) to millions ( submersibles , which are still popular despite the recent tragedy).

" Tenders and toys, the sky seems to be the limit," Kurtén said. "More is more."

Of course, if you can't fit all those toys in the yacht's storage space, you can just use another boat. Jeff Bezos' support yacht is a superyacht in itself, measuring 75 meters and costing tens of millions of dollars. (His main yacht, Koru , cost a reported $500 million.)

Support yachts are also faster, meaning the crew can get to a destination first and set up the Jet Skis, seapools, and the like, Dazert said. "By the time the owner arrives on the main yacht, everything's set up, and he can go and have fun."

Even tenders, the smaller vessel that brings guests from the ship to the shore, are getting glow-ups. The Nero, a 90-meter beauty available to charter for about $500,000 a week and modeled after J.P. Morgan's 1930s ship, has custom-built tenders to match the design. The most expensive ones often cost seven figures. Nero has three.

"It used to be a tender was a tender," Jeffrey Beneville, who handles yacht insurance at NFP, told BI. "Now they're called limousine tenders. Think of an incredibly luxurious gondola that's got a hard top so nobody's hair gets mussed when they're being dropped off at the Monaco Yacht Club ."

One thing that clearly hasn't changed in superyachting: showing off. If the boat next door at the marina has an indoor-outdoor cinema, it's natural to want one too. Ditto a wine cellar or helipad.

"It's a bit of a celebration of your success in life, of wealth," Vitelli, whose company is behind the Lana yacht Bill Gates chartered for a birthday party three years ago, said. "You push it a little more."

And that's a boon for yacht makers and brokers catering to the superrich.

"Our job is to make clients' dreams come true," Kurtén said.

Watch: Inside the world's biggest cruise ship that just set sail

lurssen yachts jobs

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  3. Lürssen Yachts launched its 56-metre superyacht Project 13800

    lurssen yachts jobs

  4. EXCLUSIVE: 142m Lurssen superyacht NORD, formerly 'Project Opus

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  5. Lürssen delivers 111m superyacht Project TIS

    lurssen yachts jobs

  6. TIS Yacht by Lürssen Yachts and Winch Design

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  1. A career in shipbuilding at Lürssen

    Specialising in exclusive yachts and complex naval vessels, Lürssen is powered by innovation and teamwork. We see our employees as the key to our success. In addition to performance-based remuneration, successful candidates can expect long-term prospects, a friendly working atmosphere, and a suitable work-life balance when they come to work ...

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    Lürssen | 33,611 followers on LinkedIn. Ships built on family bonds since 1875 | Lürssen has been renowned throughout the world for the highest quality products as well as innovative ...

  5. Technische und kaufmännische Mitarbeiter gesucht von Lürssen

    Technische und kaufmännische Mitarbeiter gesucht von Lürssen. Als wachsendes Unternehmen in einer dynamischen Branche sind wir permanent auf der Suche nach professioneller Verstärkung für unsere Mannschaft. Nach Menschen, die zu uns passen und die genau wie wir exzellente Produkte immer noch besser machen wollen.

  6. Yacht refit by master German shipbuilder Lürssen

    With dock capacities of up to 351 meters, our Hamburg facility is ideal for complex repair, refit, conversion and servicing of various ship classes. The state-of-the-art shipyard was originally established in 1877, and acquired by Lürssen in 2016. It covers an area of 451,000m 2 and features one of the largest graving docks in northern Europe.

  7. Lürssen

    Lürssen (or Lürssen Werft) is a German shipyard with headquarters in Bremen-Vegesack and shipbuilding facilities in Lemwerder, Berne and Bremen-Fähr-Lobbendorf.. Plant in Lemwerder Plant in Schacht-Audorf (). Lürssen designs and constructs yachts, naval ships and special vessels. Trading as Lürssen Yachts, it is one of the leading builders of custom superyachts such as Paul Allen's ...

  8. Lürssen

    Phone: +1 954 603 1730. EMAIL: [email protected]. Lürssen, the privately-run, north German yacht builder, was founded in 1875. With the build of one of the world's first motorboats in 1886, the pioneer Friedrich Lürssen laid the foundation for his leading international shipyard, which today has an outstanding reputation among yacht ...

  9. About Lürssen

    Lürssen Yachts is a family-owned German shipbuilding company based in Bremen-Vegesack. Building some of the largest and most innovative German yachts in the world, the Lürssen skillset includes design and construction of private yachts, naval ships and other specialist boats. Lürssen builds extraordinary vessels from 50m/164' to 180m/590' in ...

  10. Lurssen Yachts

    Based in Germany, Lürssen is the leading shipyard for large luxury yacht building. The Lürssen shipyard is a family business in the 4th generation. Since more than 140 years more than 13000 ...

  11. Lürssen Yachts

    Lürssen Yachts — Pioneering Propulsion. German yacht builder Lürssen has been at the forefront of its field for more than a century, pioneering the way forward for the industry since they built the world's first motor boat in 1886. Today, with green yachting and sustainability being such a huge topic, it is no surprise that the world ...

  12. Lürssen Delivers Three New Superyachts—With A Combined ...

    The yacht also features an interior designed by RWD for new owners that will be taking final delivery in 2024. ... André Konarske/Lurssen. In fact, more than a dozen yachts between 220 and well ...

  13. Lürssen custom-built yachts

    Lifetime support. Bespoke superyachts and gigayachts by Lürssen. Traditional German shipbuilding quality and experience since 1875. Custom luxury motor yacht design, engineering and manufacture. Newbuild services from planning to delivery and beyond.

  14. Semi-complete hull 130m+ Lürssen yacht Project Deep Blue spotted

    The yacht, which is expected to have a gross tonnage of around 9,000 GT, is one of Lürssen's first projects to use the builder's new slipway which is able to accommodate much heavier loads. According to BOATPro, Lürssen has 13 projects in build including Project Deep Blue. She is expected to see delivery in 2025.

  15. Lurssen Yachts for sale

    Lurssen. There are presently 6 yachts for sale on YachtWorld for Lurssen. This assortment encompasses 3 brand-new vessels and 3 pre-owned yachts, all of which are listed by knowledgeable yacht brokers and boat dealerships predominantly in France, United Arab Emirates, Spain, Monaco and Turkey. YachtWorld offers a diverse array of models ...

  16. Lürssen's 82m Project Cali officially christened Haven

    Lürssen 's Project Cali has officially been christened Haven. The 82-metre superyacht was last seen snaking down the Kiel Canal in northern Germany in preparation for sea trials, with delivery imminent. Designed in-house by Jim Robert Sluijter, Haven is characterised by a reverse bow and expansive deck spaces that place a "great emphasis on ...

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  19. Lürssen: Expertise in yachtbuilding you can count on

    Let us build your masterpiece. We are looking forward to speaking with you. [email protected]. Choose Lürssen and discover the world of luxury yachting based on experience reaching back to 1875. Complete yacht services, custom and bespoke motor yachts, superyachts and gigayachts with state-of-the-art technology made in Germany.

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  21. Billionaires' Superyachts Are Bigger and More Luxurious Than Ever

    The total value of the 203 superyachts over 30 meters delivered last year was $6.4 billion, according to data from SuperYacht Times. New custom builds from the world's most prestigious shipyards ...

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    Household & Domestic Staff Recruitment Agency in Moscow, Russia. Address: Shabolovka Street Nr 34, Building Nr 3 Moscow, Russia, 115419. Phone : + 7 (499) 1120 595. E-mail : [email protected]. Amidst the grand tableau of Moscow, where iconic gilded domes contrast elegantly with sleek modern skyscrapers, the Morgan & Mallet Moscow ...