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catamaran 24 ft

Seawind 24 Catamaran Boats for sale

1987 Seawind 24 Catamaran

1987 Seawind 24 Catamaran

Miami, Florida

Make Seawind

Model 24 Catamaran

Category Powerboats

Posted Over 1 Month

1987 Seawind 24 Catamaran SEAWIND 24 CATAMARAN Great condition classic Seawind 24 Catamaran sailboat for sale. This beach cat has new running rigging, new top of the line trampoline, new professionally built rudders, brand new 10 horsepower outboard engine. Main sail is in good condition. Jib and lapper are in very good condition. Jinnaker is in great condition. The boat is extremely clean and is on a trailer that is in very good condition. + TRAILER FINANCING AVAILABLE

Seawind 24 X 16 CATAMARAN

Seawind 24 X 16 CATAMARAN

Corona Del Mar, California

Category Catamarans

Length 24.0

Modifed Seawind Cat with Klegacell Hard Deck and marine ply/west expoxy Cabin. Four single berths, Main cabin for two more. Total of 6.Evinrude 6 horse with charging alternator.Propane 2 Burner Stove, 12 volt Fridge,Kenwood Stereo/Bose 5150 Speakers and Solar charging.Sail Inventory: Three jibs(two are North Sails), spinnaker, main.Kickup Rudders.Additional two mast spreaders added.Carbon sprit poleSalt Water pump for SInk in the Galley. Electric non macerate pump for the head which is mounted on starboard side.Can use the anchor lockers for fresh water tanks.Removed the center pod that the engine was mounted in. Removed the lower portion of it and installed it at the rear for mounting the engine. This achieved two goals. Provided mounting for the engine using the original outboard mount of which the lower section still has the taper for cutting through the water, and reduces the weight by a huge factor that offsets the weight gain of the deck and cabin. Just a win all day long. Done over 20+ knots of speed, even passed the Alcatraz Ferry twice! Allen949.482.7785

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Salt Water Sportsman

2023 Boat Buyers Guide: Catamarans

  • By Karl Anderson
  • December 27, 2022

Catamaran spinning circles

The popularity of the multihull (aka catamaran or cat) fishing boats has never been greater, as more and more boatbuilders enter this growing segment of the market. The inherent stability of the catamaran design rolls less with the seas, making fishing offshore less tiresome and more comfortable. Available from 20 to 48 feet, catamarans typically offer a large fishing platform with generous storage and fishing amenities. They are available in a wide variety of deck layouts, including center-consoles, dual-consoles, and even pilothouse and express variants.

Catamaran foredeck

Big Picture

The large deck area of a catamaran enables many large underdeck storage lockers and insulated fish boxes in the sponsons. This gives anglers ample room for gear and the day’s catch. The catamaran’s stability, fishability, and smooth ride in rough seas make it attractive to anglers as well as day-cruisers. A center-console version adds 360 degrees of angler access to the rail. With the dual-console design, generous seating behind a beam-to-beam windshield makes for a great family fishing-friendly setup.

Live bait is one of the most popular types of fishing in virtually every coastal zone. To do it successfully requires optimal water capacity and proper flow. The minimum size of the outflow water plumbing should be twice the size of the inflow. The plumbing should have a drain at the bottom to shed scales at the end of the day, as well as a drain at the top of the well to adjust capacity and allow overflow. Above-deck transom-mounted wells should fully flood to the lids when running to keep baits from getting beat up. 

Tip: A sump box with multiple pumps in case a pump fails is the best setup for first-rate livewells. Conveniently located inflow and outflow valves make it easy to optimize the flow without tiring your bait from swimming too much in the well. 

Catamaran helm

Rod Storage

Having enough rod holders is essential to be successful for opportunity fishing. Look for vertical rod storage along the console and across the back of the T-top. Many models also have rod holders along the outboard transom wall. Having plenty of gunwale rod holders for drift- and kite-fishing is helpful. 

Tip: Placing adjustable swivel rod holders by Gemlux makes deep-dropping, lure-fishing and drifting even easier because they allow your rods to face the direction the baits are fishing, yet they can be swiveled back to keep rods from sticking out of the boat while running and docking. 

Manufacturers often offer multiple choices for horsepower, but whatever the choice, the engines must come in pairs. For example, you might order twin outboards (one for each sponson) or four outboards (two for each sponson), but single- or triple-outboard configurations are not common on a cat. Optimal selection should be made based on user load, weight of the boat, ride comfort , performance desires, and best case for resale. It’s a rare day when you can run wide open, but having more horsepower gives better torque at slower speeds and thus better control. Running larger engines slower gives better fuel efficiency too.

Tip: When possible, choose the highest horsepower offered because it typically leads to a better resale value with a shorter sales cycle. 

Power steering from engine manufacturer Optimus or SeaStar is essential with the higher horsepower required for larger boats, and it makes installing and operating the upper station in a tower far more practical and comfortable.

With the power demands of electronics, livewell pumps, stereo amps and more, it is wise to have at least two house batteries, and for larger boats, a third or fourth with a multibank charger for dockside. Each engine should have its own dedicated battery as well. 


Typically choosing the largest screen or multiple screens that will fit on the console is best-case scenario for ease of use, ergonomics, and visibility. VHF radios, stereo controller, and equipment switches for lighting, pumps, and accessories should all be integrated with greatest visibility and ease of operator reach. 

Catamaran illustration

A Tale of Two Hulls 

A catamaran rides on pair of hulls, or sponsons, each thinner and sharper than  that of a similarly sized monohull boat. The narrow sponsons of the cat tend to slice easily through water to deliver a smooth ride, even in rough seas. At the same time, with the sponsons positioned out to the sides of the boat, cats tend to roll less, thus providing great stability to enhance crew comfort, security and safety. However, cats tend to corner more flatly than a monohull, and some hulls (but not all) tend to lean outward versus inward during a turn.

Catamaran running

Experts Say

Newer designs such as Invincible’s Morelli and Melvin-designed semi-asymmetrical sponsons eliminate some of the negatives of the cat design, such as “sneezing,” where water sprays out the front of the boat when hitting a wave. They’ve also controlled the uncomfortable “outboard lean” ­sensation common in older designs when in a turn. Once transitioned to a ­catamaran, many become true believers and preach the benefits of the design.

Editor Says: Saltwater fishing cats not only offer superb stability and smooth ride, but some also display exceptional speed and range. I recall one trip out of Key West, Florida, aboard an Invincible 40 Cat with four 350 hp outboards to the Dry Tortugas. It was a 60-mile run, and we made it there in 70 minutes. We caught more fish than our arms could bear, and then dashed back to Key West, arriving in time for cocktail hour on the same day. -Jim Hendricks, Staff Editor, Boating and Fishing Group

  • More: 2023 Boat Buyers Guide: More Resources , Boats

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Honda Outboards and Scout Boats Create New Boat Line

World Cat 400CC-X running

World Cat 400CC-X

Pursuit S 378 Sport Center Console

Price Boat or Premium Boat?

Southport 30 FE running

Southport 30 FE

Redfish from Florida Bay

Explained: Florida’s Polluted Water Problems

Wahoo caught offshore

Wahoo Fishing Guide

catamaran 24 ft

On Fishing With Millennial YouTubers

Capt. Chris Argiro with cobia

Fort Myers Beach Gets Back to Fishing

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  • Sailboat Guide

Seawind 24 is a 24 ′ 2 ″ / 7.4 m catamaran sailboat designed by Scott Jutson and built by Seawind Catamarans and Luger Industries starting in 1982.

Rig and Sails

Auxilary power, accomodations, calculations.

The theoretical maximum speed that a displacement hull can move efficiently through the water is determined by it's waterline length and displacement. It may be unable to reach this speed if the boat is underpowered or heavily loaded, though it may exceed this speed given enough power. Read more.

Classic hull speed formula:

Hull Speed = 1.34 x √LWL

Max Speed/Length ratio = 8.26 ÷ Displacement/Length ratio .311 Hull Speed = Max Speed/Length ratio x √LWL

Sail Area / Displacement Ratio

A measure of the power of the sails relative to the weight of the boat. The higher the number, the higher the performance, but the harder the boat will be to handle. This ratio is a "non-dimensional" value that facilitates comparisons between boats of different types and sizes. Read more.

SA/D = SA ÷ (D ÷ 64) 2/3

  • SA : Sail area in square feet, derived by adding the mainsail area to 100% of the foretriangle area (the lateral area above the deck between the mast and the forestay).
  • D : Displacement in pounds.

Ballast / Displacement Ratio

A measure of the stability of a boat's hull that suggests how well a monohull will stand up to its sails. The ballast displacement ratio indicates how much of the weight of a boat is placed for maximum stability against capsizing and is an indicator of stiffness and resistance to capsize.

Ballast / Displacement * 100

Displacement / Length Ratio

A measure of the weight of the boat relative to it's length at the waterline. The higher a boat’s D/L ratio, the more easily it will carry a load and the more comfortable its motion will be. The lower a boat's ratio is, the less power it takes to drive the boat to its nominal hull speed or beyond. Read more.

D/L = (D ÷ 2240) ÷ (0.01 x LWL)³

  • D: Displacement of the boat in pounds.
  • LWL: Waterline length in feet

Comfort Ratio

This ratio assess how quickly and abruptly a boat’s hull reacts to waves in a significant seaway, these being the elements of a boat’s motion most likely to cause seasickness. Read more.

Comfort ratio = D ÷ (.65 x (.7 LWL + .3 LOA) x Beam 1.33 )

  • D: Displacement of the boat in pounds
  • LOA: Length overall in feet
  • Beam: Width of boat at the widest point in feet

Capsize Screening Formula

This formula attempts to indicate whether a given boat might be too wide and light to readily right itself after being overturned in extreme conditions. Read more.

CSV = Beam ÷ ³√(D / 64)

Built in Australia but sold in many countries. Some were imported to the US. Seen in a later catalog (1987) from Luger Industries (USA), so it’s possible they imported them. Thanks to ‘catinthehat’ for providing updated information.

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New Nordic 24-foot Catamaran Tops 100 mph

Equipped with a  Mercury Racing   565 engine featuring digital shift and throttle,  Nordic’s  new 24 SX catamaran runs more than 100 mph, according to Kevin Doane, the general manager of the custom go-fast V-bottom and catamaran builder in Lake Havasu City, Ariz.

“We’ve run it over 100 mph several times,” said Doane. “It’s definitely a 100-mph boat with a 565.”

Nordic’s latest offering in front of the company’s support trailer.

The 24-footer reportedly also is the first model west of the Mississippi to be completed and tested with the new 565-hp engine, which debuted ( Read the full story ) at the 2012  Miami International Boat Show . The cat was unveiled at the Lake Havasu Boat Show and later displayed at the Desert Storm Street Party in late April.

“We’re looking for great things from this model,” said Thane Tiemer of Nordic, who designed cat. “We’re very happy with it.

Editor’s Note : A comprehensive feature on the Nordic 24 SX catamaran will run in the fall issue of  Sportboat  magazine, which will be on newsstands in late summer.

Related Story

Nordic Readies 39-Foot V-Bottom, 24-Foot Cat

catamaran 24 ft

MTI Pulls New SV42 Hull from the Mold

Mercury racing and ilmor marine make power moves for 2012.


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catamaran 24 ft

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Soubise plaisance soubise 50.

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The Multihull Company is pleased to announce the closing on the Balance 482 "SeaLife" We wanted to take a moment and thank her new owners on their amazing new catamaran, and to also congratulate our team handling the sale. TMC agent Andrew Hodgdon successfully represented the buyers on the sale of the vessel, while TMC CEO Will Miller represented the...


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6 Great Starter Catamarans

In early 2023, Cruising World approached us to seek our opinion on recommending a couple of brokerage catamaran options for first time catamaran buyers to consider when they first stepping into the catamaran market. Here are six boats hand-picked by The Multihull Company’s president and CEO, Capt. Will Miller, as excellent choices for brokerage-catamaran seekers. These are all worth a...

The Multihull Company Named Exclusive Dealer for Dolphin Catamarans and their New Model, the Dolphin 380

The Multihull Company, the world’s leader in multihull sales and service is excited to announce that it has been named the exclusive dealer for Dolphin Catamarans, a premier builder of high-quality catamarans, and their newest model, the Dolphin 380, designed by Philippe Pouvreau. "We are thrilled to be working with Dolphin Catamarans again and to be able to offer their...

Visit Us at the 2023 Miami Boat Show

The Multihull Company is thrilled to announce our participation in the Miami Boat Show, taking place on February 15-19, 2023. As one of the premier boat shows in the world, this event is the perfect platform for us to showcase our wide range of high-quality multihulls for sale.  We are committed to providing our customers with the best experience possible,...

Introducing the Tao 452: On Display At The Annapolis Boat Show October 12 – 15, 2023

The Multihull Company is thrilled to unveil the new Tao 452, an exciting addition to the world of blue-water performance cruising catamarans. Meticulously engineered and crafted to perfection, the Tao 452 is set to redefine the catamaran experience for sailors worldwide. If you've ever felt the need for more sailing performance from your current production charter catamaran or been disappointed...

Join Us At The Annapolis Boat Show Aboard the Voyage 590

The Multihull Company is excited to announce its participation in this year's Annapolis Sailboat Show. The event will be held from October 12 - 15, 2023 in downtown Annapolis, and The Multihull Company will be showcasing the exquisite Voyage 590 catamaran from Voyage Yachts. The Annapolis Boat Show is a highly anticipated annual event that brings together boating enthusiasts, industry...

Ian Edmonson Joins TMC As Yacht Broker in Fort Pierce, FL.

The Multihull Company is thrilled to announce the appointment of Ian Edmonson as a yacht broker at its newly opened Fort Pierce location. Ian brings a unique blend of boating passion, brokerage experience, real estate expertise, and customer-focused mentality to the team. Ian's love for boating began at an early age and has only continued to grow, leading him to...

The Multihull Company Opens New Office in Virginia

We are thrilled to announce that Alan Prater has joined The Multihull Company team as a Yacht Broker in Virginia covering the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. With a lifelong passion for the water and a career spent in the US Navy and as a maritime training professional, Alan brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our team. Alan...

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We take pride in our happy customers

Your team delivered on every mark. You’ve got an amazing broker in Mark Wattrus and I’m confident you will have continued success moving forward together. He was available 24/7 whenever I had questions. We had a great initial visit on the boat and his marketing plan and photos were superb

I bought a yacht that I had never seen. I did this because I trusted my broker Andrew Holland. It was not an easy job for Andrew, as I am an experienced boat builder and owner of previous yachts, but work in West Africa. Imagine how hard it was to communicate what I was looking for. Andrew came up with exactly what I wanted. He dealt with time delays, all my questions at odd hours, and was there for the survey. He reported honestly and professionally. After buying the yacht, I arrived at the boat on a Sunday night, after dark, after travelling from West Africa to the Caribbean, and found it was better than expected. He never pulled punches and made me aware of shortfalls. I expected to spend my one month leave working on the boat, but actually spent less than one week, and was able to spend 3 weeks sailing – wonderful bonus.

Thank you Andrew for putting up with all my questions, all my worries and all my crazy out of the time zone concerns – you were totally professional, but also I know that if and when we meet up, it will be like a friend finally meeting. You are always welcome on Aseka.

— Beverly Cory

Outstanding company with professional subject matter experts. If I were to buy or sell cruising sailboat, particularly a catamaran, Andrew would be my go to broker.

I have been sailing since I was a child and attended Massachusetts Maritime Academy. But when my wife and I began the process of purchasing an ocean cruising/racing catamaran, I realized that this is a world unto itself. Obviously, we needed to find someone knowledgeable to help us make an informed decision. More importantly, we needed someone honest and willing to put our interests before his or her own. I was lucky to work with Phil Berman at The Multihull Company. He repeatedly shunned the fast buck, choosing instead to work the long road to connect us with the “perfect boat”. I would be glad to recommend Phil and his company to anyone planning to purchase or sell a performance sailing machine.

— Eric Boutiette

Andrew Hodgdon was our broker when we bought our 2018 Lagoon 450F in Antigua in April 2922. He provided great service and was very attentive to our needs. We would highly recommend Andrew and the Multihull Company.

Trust & Expertise About Us

Successful relationships cannot exist without it. At The Multihull Company we base every relationship on a firm commitment to earning and retaining our client’s trust.

Advice of any kind is valuable only when grounded in hard-won expertise. It too, must be trustworthy. Trust and expertise define the heart and soul of The Multihull Company. We are a team of skilled professionals who thrive on providing expert, trustworthy advice and service to catamaran and trimaran sailors around the globe.

Follow us @themultihullcompany

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SEAWIND 24 Detailed Review


If you are a boat enthusiast looking to get more information on specs, built, make, etc. of different boats, then here is a complete review of SEAWIND 24. Built by Luger Industries (USA) and designed by Scott Jutson, the boat was first built in 1982. It has a hull type of Catamaran Twin Dbrd. and LOA is 7.39. Its sail area/displacement ratio 34.55. Its auxiliary power tank, manufactured by undefined, runs on undefined.

SEAWIND 24 has retained its value as a result of superior building, a solid reputation, and a devoted owner base. Read on to find out more about SEAWIND 24 and decide if it is a fit for your boating needs.

Boat Information

Boat specifications, contributions, who designed the seawind 24.

SEAWIND 24 was designed by Scott Jutson.

Who builds SEAWIND 24?

SEAWIND 24 is built by Luger Industries (USA).

When was SEAWIND 24 first built?

SEAWIND 24 was first built in 1982.

How long is SEAWIND 24?

SEAWIND 24 is 7.06 m in length.

Member Boats at HarborMoor

  • Yachting World
  • Digital Edition

Yachting World cover

New catamarans: 2021’s most exciting launches

Yachting World

  • April 7, 2021

Fast cruising is the theme this year, say Toby Hodges and Sam Fortescue, who look at some of 2021's exciting new multihull launches

catamaran 24 ft

2021 looks set to be a bumper year for new catamarans as the trend for fast cruising yachts, which deliver plenty if living space continues. This year there are set to be several new catamarans on the market, here’s our selection of those about which we are most excited.

A group of wild enthusiasts in the landlocked Czech Republic are the force behind the new IC36 from Independent Catamaran. The debut model is a fully race-tuned cat that aims to appeal to speed freaks as well as performance cruisers. Oh, and it unbolts to fit inside a shipping container or on a trailer!

Perhaps closer in design terms to the Extreme 40 than a traditional cat, the IC36 has super narrow hulls, high displacement bows and an optional rotating carbon rig with composite stays.

A sporty-looking carbon beam braces the bows and doubles as a bowsprit for asymmetric sails. Deep daggerboards help windward performance, and there’s a racy dual carbon tiller providing direct rudder control.

“The first time I saw it, I just felt like it was from one of Jules Verne’s adventures,” says co-founder Jaromír Popek.

The boat has been optimised for electric propulsion with twin 6kW Oceanvolt saildrives and up to 15kWh of lithium-ion batteries giving a range of a couple of hours. Powerful hydrogeneration under sail keeps batteries topped up. For longer spells at anchor , there is also a decent 1.15kW array of Solbian solar panel s which folds away when not required.

As much fun as this boat should be to sail in its Raw racing variant, it is also available with more creature comforts.

The Pacer model has a coachroof, cockpit tent, more storage and cooking and freshwater systems. It can accommodate a reported eight people in the hulls, with a fridge and two-burner hob to port and a shower/heads to starboard. Or you can opt for a fridge and hob in the folding cockpit table.

Construction is in epoxy-glass composite with local Kevlar reinforcement and foam core, helping to keep weight down to less than 3 tonnes (key for trailering). And there are three buoyancy chambers in each hull, which underpin the claim that the boat is unsinkable.

For all the variants, the light weight and high-performance rig means you can sail in a breath of wind. In a blow, the sky should be the limit. Expect reaching speeds of 20 knots plus, particularly if you take the high-modulus carbon wing mast from Pauger.


LOA: 11.00m / 36ft 1in Beam: 6.20m / 20ft 4in Draught: 0.85-2.00m / 2ft 9in-6ft 7in Displacement (light): 2,500kg / 5,512lb Price ex VAT: €295,000 (for RAW) Builder: www.independentcatamaran.com

This new launch from the world’s number one catamaran brand is the largest in the range of ‘regular’ boats, before entering the more luxurious world of the Lagoon 65.

It has been drawn by VPLP and Patrick le Quement, whose design nous has done much to make cats more mainstream. Many of the features, therefore, will be familiar from the smaller boats.

However, that extra length creates more volume below, so the Lagoon 55 can be arranged with up to six true double cabins with ensuite heads. “It’s the first time we have six cabins of the same size and function and a larger flybridge,” explains products developments manager Martina Torrini during a premiere virtual tour of the first model to launch in March.

Another first is the curving steps up from the transom skirt to the aft deck, dubbed ‘the stairway to heaven’. “The surfaces of the transom can be used differently,” adds Torrini. “Not just a way to access the boat, they become in themselves a living area.” This feature extends the size of the cockpit to 25m2, and even offers a plancha grill.

There’s more social space on the huge flybridge (with fridge and bar) and a movable sunpad on the forward part of the coachroof. The boat also features Lagoon’s first ever dedicated forward cockpit, connected to the saloon by a drop-down window.

A 107m2 fat-head main provides grunt, but is coupled with a self-tacking jib. As with all Lagoons, the emphasis is on comfort and ease of use rather than speed and windward pointing ability.

LOA: 16.56m / 54ft 4in Beam: 9.00m / 29ft 6in Draught: 1.55m / 5ft 1in Displacement: 26,500kg / 58,433lb Price: €tbc Builder: www.cata-lagoon.com

Fountaine Pajot Samana 59

Replacing the five-year-old Ipanema 58, this luxurious 59-footer integrates many of the new design features of the 45, which boasted longer, wider hulls that nevertheless showed 10% less drag. Chief among the new attractions is an enlarged cockpit, forward lounge and flybridge, for more socialising space.

“We wanted to emphasise her identity by optimising her interior and exterior spaces to make this 59ft catamaran the equivalent of a larger yacht,” explains designer Olivier Racoupeau.

“Whether it’s the flybridge, the cockpit or the saloon, we’ve worked hard to find harmony between all the living spaces on board, to gain every millimetre inside and outside.”

There’s a door forward out of the saloon, and the option of a hydraulic bathing platform, which doubles up for tender storage. Up to six cabins are offered, and the rare option of putting the galley up in the saloon or down to port. Hull number one is joining the World ARC .

Meanwhile, a new 51 is tipped for launch in 2022, which will focus on sustainability and have 2kW of flush solar panels built into the flybridge.

LOA: 18.21m / 59ft 9in Beam: 9.46m / 31ft 1in Draught: 1.40m / 4ft 7in Displacement: 25,500kg / 56,217lb Price ex VAT: €1,302,900 Builder: www.catamarans-fountaine-pajot.com

The new 42 replaces the Leopard 40, and it draws on the latest design thinking from the larger boats in the range. Like the award-winning Leopard 50, it has continuous hull windows, a hardtop, and contrasting coachroof accents. But it also goes further, with plumb bows and long horizontal chines.

That lounging space on the coachroof adds 65% to the exterior entertainment area. “By integrating the geometry of the lounge into the GRP hardtop, we were able to achieve a lightweight area that added less weight to the boat than one average sized crewmember,” explains Michael Robertson, chief designer at builder Robertson & Caine. It has been cleverly engineered so as not to steal headroom from the cockpit.

In contrast to many modern cats, the Leopard 42 makes a virtue of the separate cockpit and saloon, whose seating is focused on the forward galley. There is lots of glazing and a full-height door out onto the foredeck. Every cabin has a third more floor space and twice the glazed area of the old Leopard 40. Each has an island berth and its own heads with shower.

But it’s not all about space. “Performance potential remains one of the top priorities,” says naval architect Alex Simonis of Simonis-Voogd Yacht Design. “We spend a lot of time refining the rig geometry and the sail layout to boost the efficiency of the rig plan. At the same time, the ongoing refinement in hull and appendage design allows us to create a yacht with better sea motion and more agility.

LOA: 12.67m 41ft 7in Beam: 7.04m 23ft 1in Draught: 1.40m 4ft 7in Displacement: 12,460kg 27,469lb Price ex VAT: €399,000 Builder: www.leopardcatamarans.com

The new entry-level yacht from France’s Neel Trimarans is designed to bring the world of three hulls to a new clientele.

Building on the success of the larger Neel 47 and Neel 51, the 43 takes the fight to the catamaran, with a big superstructure that includes two double cabins as well as a galley and saloon.

There’s a further double cabin forward in the central nacelle, and cosy singles in either bow. A sliding door and window allows the saloon and the cockpit seating areas to be socially connected, although they remain two very different spaces.

The bulkhead helmstation to starboard has commanding views out over the huge coachroof. From the drawings, this appears to allow a tight sheeting angle for the genoa, but brings the mainsheet, which is fastened to the transom, close to the davits and skirt of the central hull.

The main is square-topped with two full battens and there is also a high-performance carbon spar option.

Though the lay-up is in standard foam-cored glassfibre, Neel says it is leaning towards more environmentally friendly construction. Interior joinery is from sustainable Alpi wood and recyclable material.

LOA: 13.11m / 43ft 0in Beam: 7.50m / 24ft 7in Draught: 1.50m / 4ft 11in Displacement: 9,000kg /19,841lb Price ex VAT: €329,800 Builder: www.neel-trimarans.com

Marsaudon Composites has quietly built an enthusiastic following for its TS42 and TS50 catamarans since the smaller boat was launched six years ago.

That these have been the first boats to cross the Atlantic in the last two ARC s has also done its reputation no harm.

The yard is based at Lorient La Base, at the heart of the French offshore racing scene, so it’s perhaps no surprise these designs are lightweight and offer plenty of performance.

The direct tiller steering, which gives a responsive feel to the helm, is an example of the thinking that sets these boats apart from other multihulls and makes them sought after models. Yet they also have enough space both on deck and below to offer very comfortable living.

A 57-footer from the board of Marc Lombard will be the third design to join the stable. It shares the same hallmarks as the existing models, although a wheel steering option will also be offered.

In suitable conditions this is a cruising yacht that can be expected to hit speeds of well over 20 knots.

The hull shape is clearly a progression from the earlier models, while following the same light displacement principles with fine hull shapes. Lombard drew a new shape for the bows to increase efficiency and reduce the tendency for bow-down trim. He told us: “The bows are shaped so that, when the boat is powered up and starts to heel, the lee bow will generate extra lift to push the bow up.”

The additional size makes the interior spaces of this boat significantly larger than those of the 50-footer, especially in the hulls. Much thought has also gone into ergonomics and weight saving, stripping out and simplifying anything that is not essential. CEO Damien Cailliau likes to draw on a quote from Colin Chapman, founder of Lotus Cars: “Simplify, then add lightness.”

As an example, there are no hull linings, which saves weight and complication, but requires extremely neat moulding. “A core competency of Marsaudon Composites is that we produce excellent mouldings,” says Cailliau, “so we don’t need to hide our work.”

Article continues below…

catamaran 24 ft

Outremer 4X on test – a high-performance liveaboard cruiser that is built to last

It’s a mix of everything you need for cruising and what you want to feel for performance,” Loïck Peyron said…


Seawind 1260: Lightweight catamaran making waves on both sides of the Atlantic

The Seawind 1260 has been well received in the States, where the brand has a strong following, but these multihulls…

As a low volume builder – only 28 of the smaller boats have been built in total – Marsaudon Composites can offer semi-custom interior arrangements, providing they don’t add unnecessary weight. The boat can also be built with varying amounts of carbon to reduce displacement further.

At the same time as announcing this design Marsaudon launched a rebranding of the range, which will now be known as Ocean Rider Catamarans (or ORC). The new name is a better fit with the qualities with which owners identify than the Très Simple concept that led to the original TS designation.

To underscore the difference between these boats and the majority of catamarans in this size range a tiller has been incorporated in the logo.

Tooling for the ORC 57 is under construction and the first boat is scheduled to be unveiled in September 2021.

Base price ex VAT: €1,085,000 Builder: www.marsaudon-composites.com

Current Marine CM46 & CM52

The founder of RS Sailing , Martin Wadhams, is a racing sailor who now spends more and more time cruising.

Martin and his wife, Amanda, enjoy sailing fast boats and have spent some time looking to upgrade from their Pogo 12.50 to a multihull. Their search for a true performance cruising catamaran – and one that wouldn’t cost seven figures – turned out few viable options.

Australian-based designer Jeff Shionning put them onto some fresh designs he has done for Current Marine, a new South African brand formed from an experienced team of composites experts at Knysna, between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth on the south coast.

It has been set up to build the new CM46 and CM52 in low-volume semi-custom production. On visiting the yard a year ago, Wadhams was impressed enough with the high tech builds to order the second CM46.

He reports that the joinery is all laminated in, there is plenty of opportunity for layout customisation (in three or four cabins) and, owing to the lower labour costs in South Africa, pricing is keen.

Shionning’s CM designs are lightweight, efficient catamarans that should be able to sail well in light breeze and outrun weather systems in the open ocean.

Key features include daggerboards, fine bows, centralised weight of engines and tanks, and high bridgedeck clearance. The rig is also positioned amidships for optimum weight centralisation, while also helping to create a large foretriangle for flying a range of furling headsails. Aluminium or carbon spars and diesel or hybrid propulsion are offered.

Wadhams says there is good stowage space and payload capacity for comfortable liveaboard cruising. “They’re built using post-cured epoxy, carbon, E-Glass and PVC foam-cored laminates – a level above mainstream brands,” he insists. “This brings the construction found in a few larger, high-end boats into smaller-size catamarans.” The first CM46 is a full carbon racing version destined for an Auckland-based owner and is due to launch early 2021. The second boat (for Wadhams) has a more cruising-oriented spec.

Prices ex VAT: CM46 €635,000, CM52 €787,000 Builder: www.currentmarine.co.za

Seawind 1370

Is this the most popular new design of 2021? Although the first of this new 45ft model is not due to launch until later in the autumn, there has already been a phenomenal uptake in orders.

Publicity has been helped by vloggers Sailing Ruby Rose ordering one of the first boats, but a staggering 55 have been sold already. This has led to the Australian/Vietnamese yard establishing a new technical department that is separate from the production department.

European sales manager Jay Nolan says this 13-strong team is tasked with working up every system on the boat and looking at hybrid solutions.

Price ex VAT: €599,000 Builder: www.seawindcats.com

Outremer 55

A contemporary fast cat set up for short-handed world cruising, Outremer’s exciting new 55 launches this winter.

We previewed this VPLP design in our September issue and hope to test it during the spring. Much focus has been placed on weight and stiffness to help increase performance and ensure the boat can sail in the lightest breezes and therefore rarely need engine power.

Price ex VAT: €1,215,000 Builder: www.catamaran-outremer.com

If you enjoyed this….

Yachting World is the world’s leading magazine for bluewater cruisers and offshore sailors. Every month we have inspirational adventures and practical features to help you realise your sailing dreams. Build your knowledge with a subscription delivered to your door. See our latest offers and save at least 30% off the cover price.

Power Catamarans at factory direct pricing.

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AmeraCat 396

Single engine 25′ ameracat, “rides like a cat handles like a mono-hull”.

We are excited to release the newest model in our lineup, the AmeraCat 396. With a length of 39’ 6” and an impressive 12’ beam this is our biggest boat date. After months of design and planning the AmeraCat 396 has finally arrived and in production! Perfect for any offshore fishing, the AmeraCat 396 is sure to meet your every need. With the ability to be powered by 3 engines, up to 400hp each, the 398 is not only fast, it’s efficient and our smoothest riding catamaran to date. It’s unique center sponson gives it a smooth ride on the roughest days. AmeraCat is proud to have engineered this unique 3 sponson hull and we have spent years of research and planning to bring you this innovative hull design. The 25′ Single Engine turns and leans into V turns incredibly! Not only are you able to get all the benefits of a catamaran such as a softer ride and more stability, you get it at almost the same fuel efficiency as a mono hull of similar size! Here are some pics of the new AmeraCat 396 and the specs:

catamaran 24 ft

  • Aprox. Dry Hull Weight- 2860 lbs
  • LOA- 25′ 5”
  • Beam- 8′ 6″
  • Max HP- 350hp
  • Fuel Gallons- 85 gallons
  • Hull Draft- 15′
  • STD Livewell Capacity: 45 Gal
  • STD Fishbox Capacity: 200 Quarts
  • Freeboard AFT:
  • Freeboard Bow:
  • Trailering Height: 

Check out these videos of the 25′ SINGLE ENGINE POWER CATAMARAN!

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  • Beam- 8′ 6"
  • Hull Draft- 15'
  • Aprox. Dry Hull Weight-3340 lbs
  • LOA- 27′ 2”
  • Max HP- 600hp
  • Fuel Gallons- 150/160 gallons
  • Hull Draft- 14'
  • STD Livewell Capacity: 50 Gal
  • STD Fishbox Capacity: Approx. 300 Quarts
  • Aprox. Dry Hull Weight- 4850 lbs
  • LOA- 31′ 0”
  • Beam- 9′ 10"
  • Max HP- 800hp
  • Fuel Gallons- 265 gallons
  • STD Livewell Capacity: 60 Gal
  • STD Fishbox Capacity: Approx 400 Quarts

Caught on an AmeraCat!

catamaran 24 ft

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This little 24-foot one-design VPLP trimaran is not only the official multihull of the Tour Voile since 2015: with more than 100 examples sailing all over the world, this racing boat enthuses the world’s best crews as well as families who are fond of sports sailing or even racing beginners.

A guaranteed one-design, with willing commitment and support from the ADH Inotec shipyard (based at Port-la-Forêt, in Brittany, France), low running costs for maximum pleasure and an enriched racing program compatible with the Multi 2000 and Mocra circuits, this boat is the recipe for a formula whose success is extending to sports associations, groups of friends or companies wishing to discover in safety the sensations of exciting sailing. For these enthusiasts, Vianney Ancelin and his team have created the Easy Regatta concept. We shared a weekend with the members of the sailing section of the sports association of a major French bank, and had an incredible time!

An imaginative and committed builder-promoter

The Diam 24 was designed by the world’s fastest multihull naval architects. But it’s also a practical trimaran, a sort of Swiss army knife of sailing. Dismountable, transportable and storable in a specially-designed box, this gifted little craft also provides users with all the accessories of a magical toolbox that anticipates every requirement (launching and road trailers that don’t need a special permit, launching kit, various extra equipment...). This logistical flex...

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catamaran 24 ft


Best Bluewater Sailboats Under 24 Feet

Best Bluewater Sailboats Under 24 Feet | Life of Sailing

Last Updated by

Jacob Collier

December 28, 2023

Looking for a sailboat but don't want to bear the high costs? The best bluewater sailboats under 24 feet are trailerable and require low maintenance.

Many sailing enthusiasts cannot afford a large boat due to the docking fee and maintenance costs. Fortunately, bluewater sailboats under 24 feet, also known as pocket sailboats, are affordable small yachts that are trailerable to your choice of destination, so you don't have to bear the unnecessary docking fee.

The best bluewater sailboats under 24 feet are the Pacific Seacraft Dana 24, Norseboat 21.5, Catalina 22 Sport, Pacific Seacraft Flicka 20, and West Wight Potter 19. These sailboats have ample space for a couple and even a moderately-sized family along with all the amenities you may need.

A roomy cabin, galley, and settees are necessary to go cruising in the bluewater. However, sailboats are a cheaper and more convenient way to enjoy the shallow waters as all you require for sailing is a hull, rudder, mast, and sail. The sailboats on this list make your sailing experience even better with accommodations such as bedding.

We are a bunch of sailing enthusiasts and spend most of our weekends trailing our pocket sailboats, traveling to various offshore destinations. With years of knowledge, we have drafted a list of the best bluewater sailboats under 24 feet and discussed them in detail, so you can make an informed decision before buying your sailboat.

Table of contents

‍ Our Top Picks

West wight potter 19.


The West Wight Potter 19 is one of the most popular sailboats and has been at the top for over three decades. This sailboat is manufactured in California by International Marine, known for making reliable and robust sailboats.

Over the years, the West Wight 19 has seen significant changes in its design, making the boat easy to sail and increasing the storage space while keeping the design compact and available.

The 19-footer is the smallest sailboat on this list, but it doesn’t keep the boat from offering accommodations to make your experience comfortable.

Small sailboats are more about sailing instead of cruising with luxury. However, the Potter 19 offers several luxurious amenities.

The four berths allow you to camp in for a couple of days instead of spending only a day out on the water. Each berth is around six and a half feet long, with two settees and a v-berth.

The storage space under each berth and the ample walking space in between provide enough room for a small family to spend quality time. A small sink, stove, and mobile head increase the boat's functionality and ease the voyage.

The West Wight Potter 19 is far from disappointing when it comes to its sailing chops. Due to its lightweight build, you don't need a powerful truck to trail this sailboat to your preferred destination.

The hull and deck are fiberglass, which keeps the boat steady against rough water. A high freeboard keeps the cockpit and the deck dry.

The West White Potter 19's design is ideal for lake, river, and coastal sailing. However, this boat is up for the challenges as an individual has sailed from California to Hawaii, making history for the Potter 19.

You can buy West White Potter 19 from  Sailboat Listings  for $6,900.


  • Hull Type: Lifting keel
  • LOA: 18.9 ft.
  • LWL: 16.9 ft.
  • Beam: 7.5 ft.
  • Displacement: 1225 lbs.
  • Ballast: 370 lbs.
  • Sail Area: 115 sq. ft.
  • First built: 1979
  • Developer: International Marine (USA)
  • Designer: Herb Stewart

Catalina 22 Sport


The Catalina 22 Sport has quickly become a hot cake sailboat since the Sport version of the 22 feet hull was recently released. A retractable lead keel in the upgraded version makes it easier to haul the boat.

Other than that, the vinyl seating, a chrome fence, and a more dynamic frame give the boat a sporty yet exclusive look, putting it above its close competitors. That is why the Catalina 22 Sport has become a common sight at harbors across the state.

The update maintains the superior quality of the original Catalina yacht with a robust built, easy and comfortable sailing, and several accommodation features. The hull is made from hand-laid fiberglass bonded with a hull liner.

Beautiful single-piece fiberglass makes the deck a sight for sore eyes. It is treated with non-slippery material to keep the passengers safe from injuries.

A complete standing rig with an upgraded stern rail with controls keeps the boat sailing steadily. But the absolute joy of sailing this beautiful sailboat lies in an exclusive cockpit design. Raised contoured coamings keep the cockpit high and dry.

This boat is not just all about the looks and easy sailing. As mentioned earlier, it also has a roomy cabin with accommodations that can allow you to spend a couple of days on the boat. Two full-length berths measuring over six and a half feet are comfortable for full-grown people to sleep peacefully.

The V berth makes a bed for two where children can rest. Even though the Catalina 22 sport has enough space for a family of four to walk around without stepping on each other's toes, it is ideal for a couple to get away for a refreshing couple of days.

The best thing about Catalina releasing a newer model is that it boasts a 12 Volt electrical panel. You can keep electrical appliances working for a comfortable sailing experience.

Besides that, Catalina offers several optional features to enhance your experience on the 22-footer. These include a mast carrier at the front and rear, fabric cushion upgrade, headsail furling gear, and more.

Since the Catalina 22 Sport is made on order, you can contact dealers from  YachtWorld  to get the price of this boat.

  • Hull Type: Fin w/spade rudder
  • LOA: 23.62 ft.
  • LWL: 19.32 ft.
  • Beam: 8.67 ft.
  • Displacement: 2,380 lbs.
  • Ballast: 550 lbs.
  • Sail Area: 110 sq. ft.
  • First built: 2004
  • Last built: -
  • Developer: Catalina Yachts
  • Designer: Gary Douglas

Pacific Seacraft Flicka 20


The Pacific Seacraft Flicka is the most convenient and trailerable sailboat on our list, with an overall length of 20 feet. If you like a minimalist lifestyle and want the same in your bluewater pocket sailboat, this one's for you.

A functional galley with a sink and a counter and a small sink, toilet, and shower provides you with the basic amenities you and a couple of your friends and family need for a few days offshore.

There's more to the accommodation you can expect from this 20-footer sailboat. This boat has four berths, including a v-berth, so sleeping comfortably or stretching your legs occasionally is not an issue. A pop-up dining table and a chart table within the cabin make eating and other activities doable.

Nevertheless, most people underestimate the Pacific Seacraft Flicka 20’s ability to handle offshore rigidity, and they are often surprised at what this boat has to offer. A full-ballast keel, hull shape, manageable rig, and a self-draining cockpit ensure satisfactory offshore performance by the littlest contender.

Moreover, we find its outstanding standing headspace one of the boat's best features. Unlike other pocket sailboats, the Pacific Seacraft Flicka 20 has a six ft. headspace. You don't have to duck every time to save your head from banging against the roof.

The Pacific Seacraft Flicka 20's size and its minimalistic yet fulfilling features are why this boat is in high demand. With only 400 of them ever made, you will have to dig deeper and longer to find one worth buying. Due to this, the price of this boat is also slightly higher.

You can buy the Pacific Seacraft Flicka 20 from  YachtWorld  for $29,900.

  • Hull Type: Long keel
  • LOA: 24 ft.
  • LWL: 18.75 ft.
  • Beam: 8 ft.
  • Displacement: 6,000 lbs.
  • Ballast: 1,750 lbs.
  • Sail Area: 261.89 sq. ft.
  • Fuel: 12 gallons
  • Fresh Water: 20 gallons
  • Engine: Yanmar
  • First built: 1974
  • Last built: 1994
  • Developer: Pacific Seacraft
  • Designer: Bruce Bingham

Pacific Seacraft Dana 24


The Pacific Seacraft Dana 24 is the best overall sailboat on our list. This one is the larger of the two Pacific Seacraft sailboats mentioned. It has an overall length of 24 feet but provides you with loads of amenities.

According to the features listed, the boat might seem insufficient for an overnight sail on the water. Once you are on the boat, it won't occur to you that you are on a sailboat that is just 24 feet long.

While only four feet longer than the Pacific Seacraft Flicka 20, it adds enough space to make the cabin roomier and another berth for one more person. Not only that, the extra length provides more space to the galley.

You have increased movement and work it better. However, the length still keeps the sailboat maintaining the qualities of a smaller sailboat, allowing you easy maintenance and mobility.

Despite being larger, Pacific Seacraft Dana 20 is faster than the smaller one. As surprising as it may sound, this is because this boat's engine is more powerful and helps the hull sail faster. A high bow flare and freeboard ensure the deck remains dry unless high tides take charge.

It is ideal for a pair, especially couples who do not look for much except spending quality days offshore with the basic amenities on hand.

The Dana 24 were sold as kits and bare hulls. No one knows how many of these sailboats exist and how many of those are factory assembled. Due to this, you might also find slight differences in the build from unit to unit.

You can get the Pacific Seacraft Dana 24 from  YachtWorld  for $49,000.

  • LOA: 27.25 ft.
  • LWL: 21.42 ft.
  • Beam: 8.85 ft.
  • Displacement: 8,000 lbs.
  • Ballast: 3,200 lbs.
  • Sail Area: 361.22 sq. ft.
  • Fuel: 18 gallons
  • Fresh Water 40 gallons
  • First built: 1948
  • Last built: 2007
  • Designer: W.I.B Crealock

Norseboat 21.5


Do you prefer an open sailboat with a rugged design to keep your sailing experience raw? Get your hands on the Open Cockpit Norseboat 21.5. This boat has no cabin.

Simple sailboat design with settees on the side and enough storage room for a couple of passengers to enjoy a voyage across the lake or cruise near the coast.

But that's not all. The Norseboat 21.5 also comes in a cabin design that offers enhanced comfort. Whichever version you prefer, this boat offers a rugged design with carbon-fiber material instead of fiberglass, making it stronger than most sailboats.

However, you will have to compromise on the beauty part. Still, the boat provides a steady sailing experience with all the necessities you might require.

The Norseboat 21.5 sits lower near the water, and with a simple handling sloop rig and fully battened mainsail, it sails light and quick against the light wind. The boat is highly responsive to the tiller, requiring minimum effort from you to put it in the right direction.

Both versions of Norseboat 21.5 are lightweight, making them easy to haul and trail. You won't need a large truck to trail this boat to your favorite spot.

A mid-sized vehicle will do the job. On the other hand, their build maintains a strong presence uplifting their seaworthiness while a foil-shaped stub keel maintains stability.

You can buy the Norseboat 21.5 directly from  Norseboat .

  • LOA: 21.8 ft.
  • LWL: 19 ft.
  • Beam: 7.1 ft.
  • Displacement: 1,750 lbs.
  • Ballast: 275 lbs.
  • Sail Area: 197.2 sq. ft.
  • Developer: NorseBoat Limited (CAN)
  • Designer: Kevin Jeffrey/Mark Fitzgerald

Easy handling, low cost of maintenance, minimalistic designs, basic amenities, all while going offshore — these are the main selling points of pocket sailboats. All the boats mentioned above will serve you well if you are looking for the best bluewater pocket sailboats. Choose wisely!

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Born into a family of sailing enthusiasts, words like “ballast” and “jibing” were often a part of dinner conversations. These days Jacob sails a Hallberg-Rassy 44, having covered almost 6000 NM. While he’s made several voyages, his favorite one is the trip from California to Hawaii as it was his first fully independent voyage.

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Mana 24 - Self-Assembly 'Cat-Kit'

Wharram's first kit boat.

Introducing the CNC-cut self-build 'Cat Kit', a trailable family camping boat. All plywood parts are pre-cut - just take it out of the box and assemble it yourself! Keep it at home, trail it and sail it anywhere. MANA is the Polynesian word for 'spirit' given to an object by its maker or the person that uses it.

Mana 24 with decktent

An Economical Way To Enjoy Sailing

Due to the present period of financial austerity and increasingly high marina costs, a large number of would-be sailors are having a hard time financing the dream of sailing their own boat.

However, there is an economical way to enjoy sailing, by building your own small lightweight boat, keeping it at home and trailing it to the waters you want to sail in , chasing the good weather. This gives the opportunity to explore many more sailing areas than if based on a permanent mooring and at a much lower cost.

In designing the MANA, we explored this idea and looked sideways into the world of camping and have combined the innovative CNC cut "flat pack" boat-building concept with the philosophy of outdoor living to create the unique MANA camper-sailer, specifically designed for trailer sailing.

All these ideas have come together, resulting in the new MANA 24 design, a catamaran specifically designed for trailer sailing. The MANA kit is sold with all the plywood cut out by CNC cutter , so building the boat at home will be a bit like assembling a flat-pack . All the parts slot together perfectly so a hull can take shape in a day.

A person slotting CNC cut pieces of plywood together

Building from such a kit takes away the worry of measuring and cutting all the boat parts, which can be quite daunting to many first time builders and saves a lot of time in the early stages of building. As she is built from a pre-cut kit, we have been able to give the Mana more complex and beautiful shaping , giving her more interior volume than the Tiki designs. During construction all the kit parts slot together and are locked with wooden wedges, so no room for error. Even all the stitch holes (for fastening joints with cable ties) are drilled and lines scribed where to glue on bearers and stringers.

MANA's 23'6" hull length has a special significance for James Wharram . In 1956 he made the first successful catamaran voyage across the Atlantic in his first catamaran, the 'Tangaroa', also 23'6" long.

In trailer/sailer design every increase in length equals harder launching and recovery work. At 23'6"- 7.15m hull length MANA 24 sits between our TIKI 21 and TIKI 26 designs (both very popular trailer sailers), with easier launching and handling like the smaller TIKI 21, but an interior space close to that of the Tiki 26 . Her new chined hullshape gives more width for the bunks, which are placed aft where the hulls are widest, and where there is least motion.

A catamaran hull turned on its side, heat lamps above, Hanneke working with epoxy

For speedy assembly the hulls and beams of the MANA are connected with quick-fit webbing straps with over-centre buckles, which are very strong and much easier to fit than bolts.

With the main mast of the MANA placed well forward the platform gives ample flat space for a low cost dome tent or a custom-made pramhood tent, which can double as spray hood when sailing. Adapting camping habits to a sailing lifestyle gives wider sailing opportunities at minimum cost and lots more family fun!

MANA uses the well proven Wharram Wingsail rig in a new Catrig configuration. The Wingsail rig is a modern version of a high aspect Dutch style gaff rig, sleeved round the mast for maximum aerodynamic efficiency.

In this new Catrig configuration the mainsail gives the drive with a very clean leading edge. The small mizzen aids with balance, steering and tacking . Having no jib, there is no need for a very tight forestay. The standing rigging uses the latest dyneema rope, which is light and easily set up. The mizzenmast can be used as sheer pole for single-handed assembly.

Mana 24 with decktent erected

Mana 24 Design Data

Bird's eye layout drawing of Mana 24 catamaran

What You Get In A Mana Kit

CNC cut plywood parts, timber parts, epoxy materials, fastenings, ropes, blocks and fittings are all included in the kit. See the price list .

A completed Mana hull and a hull in component pieces

Transporting The Mana Kit

The entire kit can fit and be transported in the back of a van with ease. The van in the photos is a VW Transporter.

Two men lifting plywood parts into a van

Boat In A Box

Your Mana 24 kit will arrive in a box like this!

A box on a trailer

We're Taking Orders

The Mana 24 kit is now available and we are taking orders. We will be handling each order individually due to different options and shipping costs, so if you would like to discuss ordering a Mana kit, please contact us , we will then be able to work out shipping details to your building site and supply you with a pro forma invoice.

Mana with sails up

Cost of complete kit, including all fittings, masts and sails is £12,750 (if bought complete, separate costs below). All prices excluding VAT, and excluding shipping costs (shipped FOD, Freight on Delivery).

If your budget is tight, it is possible to buy the kit in two stages , buying masts, sails, rigging, ropes and fittings later. Or you can buy just the basic Boatbuilding Kit which includes the building rights and plans, and source fittings, rope and fasteners yourself as all are detailed in the plans.

1. Boatbuilding Kit - Total Cost £9,975

  • Complete set of plywood parts to build two hulls, crossbeams and motorbox, CNC precision cut. All plywood Robbins Elite BS1088 Marine Plywood, guaranteed for 15 years, manufactured from selected Gaboon (Okoume) veneers throughout
  • Platform panels, 2 large, 2 small, prefabricated from 40mm plastic honeycomb, glassed top and bottom
  • Small hardwood timber parts, CNC cut to size, ready for final shaping, sanding and fitting
  • Perspex windows and washboards, CNC precision cut
  • WEST Epoxy kit, includes all resins * , pumps, fillers and glass cloth, mixing sticks, 1 box vinyl gloves, 1 rubber squeegee
  • Sikaflex 295 for fitting windows
  • Sikaflex 221 for bedding fittings etc
  • Neoprene rubber for sealing hatches
  • Rubber for padding beam mounts
  • Gripfast nails, stainless steel machine screws, cable-ties and roller-sleeves (to be cut into paint/epoxy-pads), 2 paint-pad handles.
  • Douglas Fir timber for stringers, framing etc and hardwood for hatch coamings (mahogany) and keel strips (iroko), all in long lengths to be cut to size by builder *

* N.B. For overseas customers Boatbuilding Kit should be bought excluding the long lengths of Douglas Fir and hardwood timber for easier transport. Cost deducted by £1100. We can also not include the epoxy resin and hardener as these are hazardous products with freight restrictions. You will need to buy these through your local dealer. Cost for these deducted by £900. (i.e. Cost of Boatbuilding kit excl. long timber and epoxy £7,975).

2. Blocks, Fittings And Rope Kit - Total Cost £1,200

  • All blocks, cleats, shackles and other fittings to rig the Mana
  • All ropes for sheets, halyards, lanyards and standing rigging (Dyneema)
  • Stainless steel buckles and webbing straps for crossbeams
  • Shockcord for tillers and hatches
  • Aluminium boathook/mizzen boom
  • Set of fittings for both mastheads and hinging unit for base of main mast, fabricated from aluminium and stainless steel

3. Sails, Made By Jeckells Of Wroxham - Total Cost £1,530 (Specify Colour)

  • Mainsail with two reefs
  • Mizzen with 1 reef

4. Masts * - Total Cost £510

  • Aluminium mast tubes. 4 ½” OD x 10swg for main mast, 2 pieces @ 5m and 2.30 long, plus sleeve. 3” OD x 10swg for mizzen, 4m long.

* N.B. For overseas customers we suggest you source your mast tubes locally as shipping long lengths will be costly.

Collage of images of a catamaran

Building Time Estimate

We kept precise building hours while building the prototype. We built to a high quality standard with excellent finish, i.e. a lot of time spent on precision sanding, fairing etc. Building time in the early stages of building is greatly reduced by the CNC cut plywood parts, which takes away all the worry of measuring and cutting and lets the builder assemble the hulls very quickly.

Summing Up Of The Times We Took

  • All construction work; hulls, beams, gaffs, tillers, hatches, including epoxy coating all interior surfaces: approx. 500 hours
  • All exterior glassing work; hulls and crossbeams: 90 hours
  • All sanding of glassed surfaces: 45 hours
  • Painting, two coats epoxy primer, two coats 2-pack topcoat incl. non-slip decks and antifouling: approx. 80 hours

N.B. What should be noted is how many hours it takes to do sanding and painting compared to the building time. Glassing, sanding, fairing and painting add up to 30% of the total building time. On our basic building time estimates in our Design Book, final finishing and painting are not taken into account. Working from a kit does save many hours.

Transport Sizes And Weights

  • The plywood kit, including made-up platform panels will be in labeled bagged bundles measuring in total approx. 2.5m x 1.20m x 0.3m and weighs around 300kg
  • Fastenings, blocks, fittings and ropes, 1 box, approx. 60 x 40 x 30cm . Weight 25kg
  • The WEST epoxy kit measures approx. 1.3m x 0.6m x 0.45m and weighs around 100kg

For overseas transport the above items have to be packaged in one special wooden pallet crate - 2.62m x 1.29m x 0.77m - at additional cost of £250.

  • Timber will be a long parcel (around 3.5m - 4m long) and will weigh around 50-60kg
  • Aluminium masts, in max. 5m long sections , weight incl. fittings 40kg

For overseas customers we advise them to source the timber and masts locally.

You will be able to collect the complete kit from Cornwall, UK yourself on a trailer or in a van saving on a lot of shipping costs and paperwork.

Interested in building a Mana? Contact us now:

Munson Boats

  • Spill Response
  • Munson Built

Munson Boats

Just another day at the beach

The same heavy-duty construction and attention to detail that we put in our larger vessels are also used in our 24’ Series. Incorporating a wide bottom for maximum stability and 64” wide bow door, you can rest assured that you have the most proven 24’ workboat made today. It is popular for transporting ATVs, dive gear, oil boom, fire pumps and anything else that will fit on board. Our 24 is even big enough for an enclosed cabin without compromising too much deck space.

It’s difficult to convey the incredible strength, fit and finish of a 24’ Munson. Today’s Munsons are a product of over 2,500,000 man hours of striving to design & build the world’s finest welded aluminum workboats. That’s why our customers will tell you that a Munson is twice the boat of any other 24.

Our clients say it best…

“I love your 24 foot PACKMAN. It’s been the most usable and used boat we’ve purchased in the 24 years I’ve been here”

Read Full Testimonial

catamaran 24 ft

Model: 24-47 Utility

Coos Bay, OR:   The Port of Coos Bay is a deep-draft coastal harbor and Oregon’s second busiest shipping port.   The Port District selected this 24’ Packcat as multipurpose utility boat with bow A-frame for lifting 1000 lb. anchors for maintaining aids to navigation.   Additional outfitting includes a tow post, engine guard, push knees and 500 lb lifting davit. Simrad navigation electronics, LED flood lights and a remote controlled spot light complete the package.



catamaran 24 ft

Model: 24-46 Utility

Lake Pend Oreille, ID:   The US Army Corps of Engineers selected this 24’ Packcat for maintenance operations at Albeni Falls Dam, the site of a natural waterfall.   Outfitting includes 5” tow post with 12V powered tow line reel with 150 feet of 5/8” synthetic floating line, engine guard, push knees, cargo deck tie down pockets and 3” pipe davit with 12V Powerwinch.   Navigation electronics include a Garmin 8610xsv touchscreen plotter/sounder and marine VHF.   A retractable bimini top covers the cargo deck.   Twin Mercury 200’s provide plenty of power for pushing and towing operations.

catamaran 24 ft

Model: 24-45 Sport

Klawock, AK: Located on the west coast of Prince of Wales Island, Klawock is home to the first salmon cannery and oldest salmon hatchery in Alaska. The 24’ Valhalla Boat was built to take advantage of the exceptional fishing and hunting in the area. Options include a bow control station, side boarding door, kicker bracket and trim tabs. The cabin incorporates a Webatso forced air cabin heater and seating for persons.


Model: 24-44 Research

Corvallis, OR: The USGS Corvallis Research Group conducts water science research to support the needs of federal, state, and tribal partners. Their 24’ Munson research boat is outfitted with a large console T-top with canvas enclosure, seating for 4 persons, flip-up work table, lifting davit, side boarding door, 12V washdown pump, Lowrance 9” plotter/sounder with triple shot transducer, 9.9 hp kicker motor and EZ Loader trailer.

catamaran 24 ft

Model: 24-43 Utility

Cordova, AK: The Cordova Ranger District selected this 24’ Munson for accessing remote locations in the Chugach National Forest. Outfitting includes an offset wheelhouse, shock mitigating pilot seat, Webatso forced air cabin heater, side boarding door, anchor windlass, 9.9 hp Yamaha kicker motor, Garmin radar/plotter/sounder and trailer.

catamaran 24 ft

Model: 24-42 Fire

Concord, CA: Military Ocean Terminal Concord (MOTCO) is the primary West Coast ammunition terminal for the US Military. The Concord Federal Fire Dept. selected this 24’ Munson for fire/rescue operations along its 5 miles of shoreline. A Munson “Fire Ant” self-contained skid mounted 500 GPM fire pump was provided to allow the fire pump system to be quickly removed/installed on the main deck when needed. Additional outfitting includes side dive doors, 2 dive ladders, tow post, engine guard and trailer.

catamaran 24 ft

Model: 24-41 Dive

Mesa, AZ: Maricopa County Sheriff’s Lake Patrol overseas 1000 square miles and dozens of popular lakes in Southern Arizona. They selected this 24’ Munson for dive/rescue operations. Outfitting includes port and starboard side doors, bow door dive ladder, 12 Roll Control tank holders, flip up deck seats, canvas bimini top, 500 lb. davit with power winch, engine guard, tow post, and trailer.

catamaran 24 ft

Model: 24-40 OSR

Kodiak, AK: The US Coast Guard Base in Kodiak is one of the largest in the world with over 3,500 active duty, DHS civilians and family members in the area. Kodiak, also known as the "Emerald Island" is also the second largest island belonging to the United States. Coast Guard Base Kodiak operates a pair of Munson 24' boats for oil spill and emergency response. Outfitting includes twin Yamaha outboards set wide for maximum maneuverability, tow post, swim step, engine guard, flood lights, cabin heater and trailer.

catamaran 24 ft

Model: 24-39 Fire

Algonac, MI: The City of Algonac is situated on the largest fresh water delta in world, at the mouth of the St. Clair River. Their 24’ Munson fire/rescue boat includes a Hale 500 GPM Hercules fire pump with bow monitor and bow discharges, tow post, engine guard, dive ladder, Whelen LED light bar, search light, Garmin navigation electronics, and EZ Loader trailer.

catamaran 24 ft

Model: 24-38 Sport

Dubai, UAE: The Palm Islands add over 78 kilometers to the Dubai coastline. This 24’ Munson is used to service a luxury home on the outer Crecent Island, which forms an 11 km long breakwater. Outfitting includes foredeck seating for 6 passengers, aft cockpit seating for 6 passengers, side boarding door, flip out bow door ramp, and trailer.

catamaran 24 ft

Model: 24-37 Survey

Kansas City, MO: The US Army Corps of Engineers Kansas City District manages 500 miles of the Missouri River. Their 24’ Munson is used as a hydrographic survey boat with aft moon pool and derrick for deploying a 45 lb. Reson 8124 multibeam transducer at survey speeds of 12-15 mph. Additional outfitting includes a Honda 6500 watt generator, 1000 watt inverter, air conditioned cabin with 3 work stations, motor guard, and triple axle trailer.

catamaran 24 ft

Model: 24-36 Utility

LaConner, WA: The Swinomish Indian Tribal Fisheries Office operates two Munson Boats including this 24’ used for research diving, crab test fisheries, intertidal clam surveys and oyster farming. Outfitting includes an enclosed cabin with port side work station, 3” pipe davit with 12V windlass, side dive door, dive bottle racks, dive ladder, Garmin 741xs plotter/sounder, VHF and trailer.

catamaran 24 ft

Model: 24-35 Utility

Sacramento, CA: The US Army Corps of Engineers operates this 24’ as a crew boat and for aids to navigation maintenance. Outfitting includes a walk-through cabin with seating for six, cabin heater, 1000 lb lifting davit with 12V windlass, wash down pump, Furuno radar, plotter, sounder, VHF radio, and triple axle trailer. A folding radar mast minimizes the height overall to 10 feet when on the trailer.

catamaran 24 ft

Model: 24-34 Sport

Ketchikan, AK: M/V Paige Two transports her owners and guests to and from their remote island cabin in Southeast Alaska. Outfitting includes seating for 4 passengers, pot hauler, kicker motor, downrigger mounts, rod holders, fish cleaning table, Raymarine plotter/sounder, VHF, cell phone booster antenna, spot light, and trailer.

catamaran 24 ft

Model: 24-33 Tender

Valletta, Malta: This 24’ Munson serves as a yacht tender for the 77m superyacht M/V Yersin. Outfitting includes a four point lifting system, side boarding doors, anchor windlass with pulpit, dive bottle racks, dive ladder, trim tabs, battery charger, block heater and oil change pump. Electronics include a Simrad NSE8 plotter with integrated radar, sounder, class B AIS, and VHF radio. A canvas boat cover and cradle was supplied for storage on the mothership.

catamaran 24 ft

Model: 24-31 Utility

Sinclair Island, WA: Sinclair Island is one of many islands located in the San Juan archipelago that does not have public ferry service and is only accessible by private boat. M/V Island Time transports her owners and guests to and from their island home. Outfitting includes a walk-through cabin with seating for six, aft cockpit cross seat locker, Garmin 740s plotter/sounder, and hydraulic transom jack plates for raising the motors vertically when beaching.

catamaran 24 ft

Model: 24-30 Patrol

Richmond, VA: The Virginia State Police Search & Recovery Team operates a pair of Munson 24’ landing craft that are used for dive operations, swift water rescues, evidence recovery, wildland fire and oil spill response. Outfitting includes a walk around cabin with forced air heater, dive bottle racks, dive ladder, tow post, davit, Lowrance HDS-9 GPS with side scan sonar, and Flir night vision camera.

catamaran 24 ft

Model: 24-29 Utility

Orcas Island, WA: Located on the northwest tip of Orcas Island, YMCA Camp Orkila has been connecting youth and families to the outdoors with more than 280 acres of private beach, preserved forest and open fields. The M/V Whale Fish landing craft is outfitted with perimeter deck seating, hydraulic transom jack for shallow water operations, and Yakima kayak racks for transporting 2 tandem kayaks.

catamaran 24 ft

Model: 24-28 SAR

Orland, CA: The Army Corps of Engineers based at Black Butte Lake in California operate this Munson as a general purpose utility vessel. It is called into duty as a search and rescue support boat when necessary. A special draining stretcher locker was installed on the T-top roof to protect stretchers from the elements and was designed for easy retrieval of stretchers. The single Honda 250 outboard was selected for maximum range and an impressive top speed.

catamaran 24 ft

Model: 24-27 Utility

Baker Lake, WA: The Mt. Baker National Recreation Area is an impressive mountain landscape on the southeast flank of Mt. Baker. Baker Lake is a great place for hunting, fishing, and many other recreational activities. The forest service is responsible for maintaining public facilities frequented by visitors. Mt. Baker forest rangers operate this Munson during their maintenance of campgrounds and other water-only attractions.

catamaran 24 ft

Model: 24-26 Utility

Friday Harbor, WA: San Juan Pest Control Service operates their Munson as a transport vessel within the San Juan Islands as a transport and crew boat. The open-back wheelhouse features a canvas enclosure for cold weather operation. A 30 gallon washdown tank with electric pump is located on the front deck. Other features include an electric start kicker with a fuel pickup on the main tank, side boarding doors, and roof mounted ladder racks.

catamaran 24 ft

Model: 24-25 Tender

Abu Dhabi, UAE: This 24’ Packcat is used as a tender for a superyacht in the Middle East. Four point lifting eyes allow the vessel to be launched and retrieved from the main deck. Port and starboard side doors allow for ease of boarding and diving operations. Additional outfitting includes bow and stern anchor windlasses, 2 dive ladders, dive bottle racks, Raymarine electronics and canvas enclosure for the center console.

catamaran 24 ft

Model: 24-24 Patrol

Port Angeles, WA: The Olympic National Parks Department run this Munson as a workboat with duties that include patrols, dive operations, search and rescue and as a transport for equipment and personnel. Equipment includes a walk-around wheelhouse, bow door dive ladder, dive bottle storage racks, Garmin GPSMAP chartplotter/sounder, and GoLIGHT 2020 remote search lighting with remote control pad on cabin roof.

catamaran 24 ft

Model: 24-23 Patrol

Kelso, WA: The Cowlitz County Sheriff's Department operates this Munson as a workboat with duties that include patrols, dive operations, search and rescue and as a transport for equipment and personnel. Equipment includes a walk-around wheelhouse, bow door dive ladder, dive bottle storage racks, Garmin GPSMAP chartplotter/sounder, and a hinging roof ladder that allows SWAT team members to climb up to roof during the boarding of large commercial vessels.

catamaran 24 ft

Model: 24-22 Fire

Southport, NC: The Sunny Point Fire Department operates this Munson as a fire and rescue boat. Capabilities include dive support and ATV transport. The SPF SAR boat is outfitted with a 48" wide console T-top, 26" wide side doors, 3" tow post, motor guard/tow line guide, Whelen 17" LED light bar, and two Go Light 2020 400,000 CP search lights with control pads. A 4" pickup installed in the hull allows crews to operate a removable fire pump.

catamaran 24 ft

Model: 24-20 Research

Montgomery, AL: The Alabama Water Science Center conducts hydrologic projects that address a wide variety of water-resources issues, including water supply, ground-water contamination, and the effects of land use on water quality. The Alabama USGS Munson is outfitted with Kohler 5EKD generator, roof mounted air conditioner, lifting davit, and a Garmin 4210 navigation system with GPS, Radar, and sonar capability.

catamaran 24 ft

Model: 24-19 Utility

San Francisco, CA: The Pier 39 Marina operates this Munson Utility as a multi-purpose workboat with duties that include routine maintenance, harbor cleanup, biological research, and vessel rescue in the harbor. Equipment includes bench seat storage lockers on the main deck, deck flood lighting, and push knees with a removable cross brace. The removable brace is designed for pushing stricken vessels without damage to either craft.

catamaran 24 ft

Model: 24-14 Utility

Valdez, AK: The City of Valdez Harbormaster selected this 24’ Munson as a pump-out and harbor workboat. A Keco 325 gallon skid mounted marine pump-out system with lifting eyes can be quickly installed on board and removed when not needed. Additional outfitting includes a tow post, engine guard, push knees, EZ Loader trailer and soft fendering system for working alongside other vessels.

catamaran 24 ft

Model: 24-10 Utility

Vancouver, BC: Crosby Marine provides a wide range of marine services for film, television, commercial and video projects. M/V Mini Me was custom built for the film industry and is used as a multifunctional support vessel such as crew shuttle, fog, safety, or camera boat. The landing craft bow door and two side doors make this vessel almost indispensable on set. A tilting console windshield keeps the operator cool while underway.

catamaran 24 ft

Model: 24-2 Dive

Seattle, WA: Established in 1902, the Bureau of Reclamation is best known for the dams, power plants, and canals it constructed in the 17 western states. Reclamation is also the second largest producer of hydroelectric power in the western United States. They operate a Munson model throughout the Western United States conducting underwater inspection and repairs of hydroelectric dams and associated facilities.

catamaran 24 ft

Model: 24-1 Patrol

San Diego, CA: The San Diego City Lakes Ranger District operates a Munson during their oversight of freshwater lakes and reservoirs. They collaborate with the FBI and Border Patrol during homeland security and evidence gathering missions. The forward deck was designed for the easy transport and loading of a UTV. Special features include a flip out dive ladder, extended cabin roof, heavy duty to post and tow protection screen.

catamaran 24 ft

“As I’ve always been with your products, I love your 24 foot PACKMAN. It’s been the most usable and used boat we’ve purchased in the 24 years I’ve been here. We are now looking at replacing two boats with one new PACKMAN.”

Roger – USDA Forest Service Craig, Alaska


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  21. Mana 24

    MANA's 23'6" hull length has a special significance for James Wharram. In 1956 he made the first successful catamaran voyage across the Atlantic in his first catamaran, the 'Tangaroa', also 23'6" long. In trailer/sailer design every increase in length equals harder launching and recovery work. At 23'6"- 7.15m hull length MANA 24 sits between ...

  22. Munson 24' Series / Custom welded aluminum boats

    The Munson 24' Series offers the 1/3 more usable deck area than most 24' pointy bow boats. It is popular for transporting ATVs, dive gear, oil boom, fire pumps and anything else that will fit on board. The 24 is big enough for a small enclosed cabin without compromising too much deck space. Visit this page to see our entire line of 24' vessels.