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NS-019 Blue Denim Sailboat Napkin for Decoupage

NS-019 Blue Denim Sailboat Napkin for Decoupage

Blue Denim and Sailboats - perfect together!

If only one image is shown, the pattern or its mirror image is repeated on all four panels when unfolded. If multiple images are shown then the front and back are different.

Manufacturer or Distributor Mesafina

Gala in the kitchen

5 Ways How To Make Easy Sailboat From Paper Napkin For Nautical Party

blue sailboat napkin

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     Sailboats are a festive and classic nautical party addition. We can make sailboats from one color of napkins or in a combination of 2 colors, both will be cute and impressive. This is an inexpensive way to make decor for a Nautical-themed party. Use solid colored napkins to make boats and you can even use leftover napkins for other party themes . Check out these easy techniques on how to make boats out of paper napkins.

5 Nautical Sailboat Techniques:

  • Boat Napkin Fold.
  • Easiest Sailboat Paper Napkin Fold.
  • Ship Napkin Fold.
  • Sailboat Paper Napkin Fold (adds dimension to the table, the photo above)
  • Yacht Paper Napkin Folding.
For these paper napkin folds techniques, you need luncheons 13″ X 13″ paper napkins and cocktail paper napkins 10″ x 10″.

Photo Napkin folding in the shape fish

1. Boat Paper Napkin Folding Technique

blue sailboat napkin

       This technique I call a ship paper napkin fold. The reason it is larger from all boats on the page. In the photo above you see the ship on an 11″ diameter plate. It will be great on large plates or we can place it next to the plate with utensils on the table. The best nautical cutlery holder napkin fold. The ship napkin fold is great to place utensils in because large enough for any size of utensil, plastic, or silverware.

    This ship boat napkin folding with silverware inside works for any size of silverware as you can see in the photo, it fits very well. How I made 2 colors ship from a napkin, I explain at the bottom of the technique.

blue sailboat napkin

One 13″ X 13″ paper napkin

  • Fold the top of an unfolded napkin in two.

blue sailboat napkin

2. Fold the corner on the top of the napkin. Repeat the same on the other side and it will be the top of the ship.

blue sailboat napkin

3. Fold the bottom of the napkin.

blue sailboat napkin

4. Turn the napkin around. Fold the corners of the napkin.

blue sailboat napkin

5. Turn around and the ship is ready to decorate a nautical theme party table!

blue sailboat napkin

Ship Paper Napkin Fold Tip

The ship napkin fold will be interesting if we use 2 colors of napkins. I used white and blue napkins folded the same way. Place the white ship inside the blue ship and as a result, you see the ship with a white top and blue bottom napkin folding. Two colors ship more interesting visually, in my opinion.

blue sailboat napkin

2. Easiest Sailboat Paper Napkin Fold

blue sailboat napkin

     The sailboat paper napkin folding technique is the easiest technique on the page! I call it the origami sailboat technique because found the technique on one of the origami websites. We can use one napkin and it will be one color boat or we can use 2 colors napkins or make a sail in one color and the boat’s body (the bottom) another color. I used a 13″ X 13″ paper napkin but we can use beverage napkins as well to make this sailboat, the boat will be slightly smaller but looks better on the 9-inch paper plate.

blue sailboat napkin

Sailsboat Napkin Fold Steps:

  • Unfold napkin.

blue sailboat napkin

2. Fold the napkin in two diagonally.

blue sailboat napkin

3. Fold the napkin in two again as a book.

blue sailboat napkin

4. Fold the bottom of the napkin horizontally. Corner N2 is placed higher than corner N1 for more resembles a sailboat.

blue sailboat napkin

In the photo below larger sailboat is from a napkin size 13″ X 13″ and the smaller beverage napkin is 10″ X 10″.

blue sailboat napkin

3. Ship Paper Napkin Folding

blue sailboat napkin

       This boat paper napkin folding reminds me pirate ship with 2 sails, so I call this technique ship napkin fold. I used a 13″ X 13″ paper napkin to make this sailboat. The technique has a few more steps than others but the result is impressive and worth it!

Ship Napkin Fold Steps:

blue sailboat napkin

2. Fold the top and bottom as I show in the photo.

blue sailboat napkin

3. Bring together the left side and right side by holding the corners from the left and right sides. Then fold together point A+B and C+D

blue sailboat napkin

4. At this point we can choose, we leave the sails the same size both or slightly different. If you like the same size sails skip the next step.

blue sailboat napkin

5. One of the sails I fold in partially and now each sail has a different length.

blue sailboat napkin

6. Turn around and fold the bottom.

blue sailboat napkin

This is one of my favorite nautical napkin folding techniques. So Impressive!

blue sailboat napkin

4. Sailboat Paper Napkin Fold

      This is a super easy sailboat paper napkin fold. Just two simple steps and the sailboat is ready to decorate any Nautical party table. I like this sailboat napkin fold for simplicity. We need just 2 steps to make this sailboat from a paper napkin. It is 3 dimensions paper napkin fold and gives the table elevation and an impressive look. If you look for simplicity, check out this Nautical napkin folding technique from 13″ X 13″ napkin.

Sailboat Napkin Fold Steps:

  • Fold the napkin in two.

blue sailboat napkin

2. Roll the napkin as I show in the photo. We fold the napkin in four but without crease. It should have the shape of a cone.

blue sailboat napkin

3. Make a pleat by folding the bottom towards the top.

blue sailboat napkin

4. For a more realistic look the front is better made slightly taller than the back.

blue sailboat napkin

It will be great in any color of a napkin. The color depends on your theme. It can be colorful or just blue for the sailor party theme, boat theme, or other nautical theme party tables.

blue sailboat napkin

5. Yacht Paper Napkin Folding

blue sailboat napkin

       This boat paper napkin folding reminds me small yacht with 2 sails, so I call this technique yacht napkin fold. I used a 13″ X 13″ paper napkin to make this sailboat. One color or two colors easy design nautical napkin folding technique in just a few steps. 

Yacht Napkin Fold Steps:

  • Fold the napkin in two as I show in the photo.

blue sailboat napkin

2. Fold in two vertically.

blue sailboat napkin

3. Fold the top layer of the napkin in half.

blue sailboat napkin

3. Fold the bottom towards the top and our yacht is ready.

blue sailboat napkin

4. We can make two colored boats with this technique if we use 2 colors napkins. I fold the same way 2 color boats. Then I fold the yellow napkin’s corners behind and I have a triangle. I placed the triangle inside the blue napkin and have in two colors boat and on the bottom we can’t see the yellow napkin. Of course, we can make it easy and place one inside the other.

blue sailboat napkin

6. How To Make Easy Sailboat From 5 inch Square Paper Napkin

blue sailboat napkin

       This paper napkin folding in the shape of a sailboat is fun and so easy to make. I am using a beverage or cocktail paper napkin 5″ x 5″ to make the boat. We can make from the boat a name place card if we use a solid color napkin. We can make a sailboat napkin fold in 2 easy steps. Check out this easy technique!

  • Fold the napkin in half.

blue sailboat napkin

2. Fold the left top corner towards the bottom. Do the same with the left side.

blue sailboat napkin

3. Fold the bottom halfway toward the top of the triangle. The boat is ready to decorate the plate or table. It is a great nautical paper napkin folding technique for a party.

blue sailboat napkin

Cute and nice idea to decorate the plate with the boat from a napkin for a party or just to bring a smile to your guests!

Photo Boat From Paper Napkin

Experiment with different folding techniques, and colors of napkins. Make your unique sailboats.

Photo How to decorate paper plates with napkins Flower

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Napkins in crystal napkin holder Photo

With a 508-pound blue marlin, Pensacola crew wins $167,000 at Emerald Coast classic

blue sailboat napkin

After the field of boats was cut in half because of weather concerns , 33 boats, captains and crew weathered it out and pulled in some pretty big fish in the 22nd annual Emerald Coast Blue Marlin Classic at Sandestin’s Baytowne Marina.

The big fish of the weekend was a 508.6-pound blue marlin caught aboard Just The Tip with Capt. Robert Rushing out of Pensacola. The marlin reeled in by Paul McMullen was the only marlin brought to the scales. Just The Tip also took third in dolphin with a 20.30-pounder. And they had a 35-pound wahoo for points. 

When everything was added up, the winnings for the crew of Just The Tip was $165,187.94.

As for Destin boats, they placed in tuna, wahoo, release division and crew division, taking home a big chunk of the $849,200 that was dished out in cash awards at the ECBC . 

Capt. Chase Lake and the crew aboard Team Supreme took in $97,199 in cash awards for reeling in the heaviest tuna, at 213.60 pounds and releasing seven blue marlins.  

“We didn’t catch any the first day,” Lake said. 

But on Saturday, they caught and released three blue marlins and then on the last day they caught and released four. 

More: Flat Dangerous fights 888-pound bluefin tuna for more than 5 hours

“The four we caught were all within an hour,” Lake said. “They were busy ... going as fast as we could go.”  

Lake said the marlins they released were 250- to 300-pounds each. 

As for the tuna, Allen Krake was the angler on the rod that pulled in the massive fish. 

Lake said they caught it Saturday night and it took about an hour-and-a-half to land. They were fishing about 60-miles off Louisiana. 

From 2018: Three local boats in race for Gulf Coast Triple Crown

“We’re having a pretty great year,” Lake said.

Team Supreme has fished six billfish tournaments and placed in five of them. 

Lake said they have three first-place finishes, one second and one third, noting they are in contention for the Triple Crown. 

But in the meantime, they are gearing up for the Bay Point Billfish Invitational this weekend out of Panama City. 

Capt. William Pugh and crew aboard the Big Daddy’s pulled in $38,745 in cash awards. They caught a 62.5-pound wahoo that took fourth place. 

Capt. Steve Pixley on The Pointe won $15,277 in cash awards for a wahoo as well. The team placed fifth with a 56.9-pounder caught by Justin Guidry. 

The Great Escape II with Capt. Jason Rogers got in on the cash with a 128.8-pound tuna caught by Richard Van Rees. Their efforts were worth $10,429. 

“It was a good fight ... about 18 minutes,” Rogers said of the tuna, noting it came up pretty quick. 

The Great Escape II caught the tuna the first day of the tournament right before dark. 

In addition to the tuna, they also caught a wahoo and released a blue marlin in the 250- to 300-pound range. 

This was Rogers' first time to get in on the “money” of the Emerald Coast Blue Marlin Classic. 

“It was absolutely beautiful. I would not say it was fishy, but we caught what we needed to, and we caught the right one,” Rogers said. 

Capt. Jeff Shoults and his crew aboard the Mollie placed in the Crew Division with two marlin releases taking home $1,800. 

🗳️ Colorado Primaries: Lauren Boebert wins six-way primary | Epps, Hernández unseated | Charter schools take hit

The Colorado Sun

The Colorado Sun

Telling stories that matter in a dynamic, evolving state.

Chaos or success? Questions continue around abrupt closure of U.S. 50 over Blue Mesa.

blue sailboat napkin

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  • Original Reporting

The Trust Project

Original Reporting This article contains firsthand information gathered by reporters. This includes directly interviewing sources and analyzing primary source documents.

A construction worker in a hard hat and safety vest walks past large metal beams and tools at Dillon Pinnacles, Curecanti National Recreation Area.

As tourists, commuters, ranchers and shoppers await the promised partial opening of the Blue Mesa bridge by July 4, “what-ifs” and “how-comes” continue floating around about the abrupt closure of the bridge 10 weeks ago.

The 1,500-foot-long span known as the Middle Bridge was closed when inspectors, acting on directives from the Federal Highway Administration, found a significant crack in a crucial weld on a bridge girder.

The bridge was closed to traffic that same day, creating commuter chaos among people who had to chose between detours of six or seven hours to travel between Montrose and Gunnison, a trip that takes about 75 minutes when U.S. 50 is open. Parents were separated from their school-age children , workers from their jobs and patients from their medical caregivers .

As surprising as the closure was for those U.S. 50 drivers, state and federal highway officials had known for decades that there could be problems with bridges, like Middle Bridge, that were constructed with a certain kind of high-strength steel that was welded on bridges using a technique that turned out to be faulty.

The FHWA in 1978 created a “fracture control plan” for such bridges and in 1995 made new welding methods a standard for all highway bridge construction. But the bridges stayed open in a sort of watch-and-wait mode.

In 2011, the FHWA issued a technical advisory warning about “fracture critical” bridges after the Sherman Minton Bridge over the Ohio River between Kentucky and Indiana suffered extensive cracking that year. The bridge was closed for more than five months for repairs.

That cracking on a major bridge sparked an awareness that bridges across the country built with the steel called T-1 might pose unique safety problems. The Middle Bridge was in that category.

The advisory to states pointed out that all bridges built with T-1 steel should be inventoried and regularly inspected using ultrasound to look inside the welds that were most prone to cracking. Those inspections identified another bridge with dangerous cracks in 2021. The Hernando de Soto Bridge across the Mississippi River in Memphis , Tennessee, had to be closed for about 2½ months for repairs.

Those major bridge closures led to more focus on T-1 steel, which turned out to be truly high-strength after it was developed in the 1960s, but to also have a previously unknown problem with brittleness. Welded joints on T-1 constructions tend to develop problems with cracking because hydrogen was introduced into the welds during construction — a practice that is no longer acceptable today. Hydrogen gas can build up in the metal of a weld, forcing breakdowns in the structure.

Nowadays, that problem is understood and mitigated with hydrogen control measures and test welds during bridge constructions.

Why was CDOT behind on inspections?

The Hernando de Soto Bridge problem prompted the Federal Highway Administration to follow its earlier advisory with a more strongly worded memorandum issued Dec. 13, 2021. That message directed all state highway departments to identify potentially problematic T-1 bridges by the end of March 2022.

Testing on those bridges and reports on the results of those tests were required to be complete by the end of March 2024.

Colorado missed those deadlines in spite of the memorandum stating, “these actions are critical to maintaining safety, avoiding similar closures of important structures, and the major disruptions that follow.” 

The highway administration granted Colorado an extension, according to a FHWA spokesperson, because federal law requires the agency to give states an opportunity to address noncompliance issues.

The spokesperson, who did not want to be identified, said “Colorado is currently doing that.”

Workers on a bridge use a hydraulic lift to inspect the structure above a large body of water. A utility truck is parked on the bridge.

There were reasons why Colorado slipped into noncompliance in the 2½ years since the memorandum was issued, according to Colorado Department of Transportation communications director Matt Inzeo.

The state agency initially had to wade through state and federal transportation requirements as bridge engineers went on the hunt for problematic bridges, Inzeo said. Meeting those enhanced requirements took place outside the scope of the state’s normal bridge inspection schedule.

CDOT completed an initial review of all 8,450 bridges in the state in early 2022.

After bridges that potentially used T-1 steel were identified, CDOT then had to sift through the detailed construction documentation to determine if they could be eliminated from the list that would require further testing.


U.s. 50 bridge closure is an “immediate 911 deal” for gunnison valley hospital, gunnison students take boat ride across blue mesa reservoir to get to class around bridge closure, colorado’s blue mesa reservoir still part of plan to keep water levels at lake powell from falling too low.

That meant digging into details of how bridges were welded together and if they were constructed using the methods that are no longer considered safe. They found five potentially problematic T-1 bridges.

Further inspection showed there were three that fit the federal criteria for further action — two over Blue Mesa Reservoir and one in Bent County. The Bent County bridge is small and low to the ground and was easily and quickly inspected. It was deemed to be safe in 2023.

The Blue Mesa bridges were a whole other matter. Doing the extensive federally mandated testing required extraordinary measures for the Middle Bridge. The Middle Bridge is 1,500-feet long and has 12-foot-high girders that are as long as football fields. The bridge sits over some of the deepest water in the state.

A concrete bridge extends over a body of water with hills in the background under a clear blue sky.

Initially, the department had to conduct load analysis on the U.S. 50 bridges to determine what kind of weight the semitrucks, tourist trailers, timber flatbeds and regular traffic were placing on the structures. Load requirements for the bridges have increased since they were built.

A full phase of testing on the Middle Bridge was approved in September 2023. That was planned to include stripping paint and peering into the bridge structure with ultrasound devices — in the same way a doctor might examine a damaged joint.

CDOT could not do the specialized inspecting and testing in-house. It contracted with Benesch, a Denver engineering firm, for that. That took six months to get underway. Benesch was not able to inspect the critical butt welds on the bridges until April because it was not possible to carry out the testing during the bitter, blustery winters that Blue Mesa is notorious for.

The ultrasound equipment that uses gels to conduct the sound waves through the metal would not work in frigid temperatures. Workers dangling from the sides of the bridge would not be safe in winter storms.

Chaos or success?

Inspections finally began April 8. Ten days later, when a Benesch employee found the now-infamous 3-inch crack that spelled big trouble, the bridge that had stood for 61 years with its questionable construction was deemed by state and federal highway authorities to be dangerous enough to warrant an immediate closure .

Highway authorities who have seen the test results have not argued with that decision.

But critics of the response, who asked not to be identified, called CDOT’s early response “chaotic.”

CDOT brought in Kiewit Construction to handle planning and to carry out the bridge repair work as well as help with detours. Michael Baker Engineering was hired to design the bridge repairs that Kiewit is constructing.

John Cater, a division administrator for the FWHA, said even though Colorado did not meet the deadline for T-1 bridge inspections, once the problem was identified, “I think they moved pretty aggressively to address it.”

Cater noted that the Blue Mesa bridge has presented “a unique challenge” because of its size and its location over deep water.

“In some ways this is a success story,” Cater said. “The crack was found, and it was closed before anything happened.”

Inspectors for CDOT are still in search of cracks. Initial testing has been done on Blue Mesa’s Lake Fork Bridge, but more in-depth testing will not take place until after the Middle Fork Bridge, 2 miles to the west, is patched up with giant steel plates and partially opened.

CDOT Region 3 director Jason Schmidt said testing may require some shutdowns on the Lake Fork Bridge, but he expects it to move much faster using techniques learned under duress on the Middle Bridge. He said if significant cracks are found, CDOT will be ready to quickly do repairs.

Tail lights of a line of cars winding around a bend in a dirt road with pilot cars at the front and back.

The department is also getting ahead of a possible Lake Fork Bridge shutdown by preparing a county road as a detour. That road would be in addition to the county road that is serving as a detour for the Middle Bridge.

The Colorado Transportation Commission has already approved $20 million for all the testing and repairs on the two bridges as well as work on dirt-road detours. CDOT has requested another $10 million.

Once the T-1 bridges are fixed, Colorado has hundreds of other bridges in need of repairs. A Federal Highway Administration listing of poor-condition bridges shows that Colorado has 437. Another 5,370 out of 8,954 bridges in the state are considered to be only in fair condition.

“We have to continue to be vigilant,” Cater said.

Inzeo also has a silver-lining attitude toward the devastating U.S. 50 bridge closure.

“The anomalies in the welds have existed since the bridge was originally constructed, and we have 61 years of lived experience and bridge use without issues,” he said. “Still, we are grateful that the inspections have identified these issues before any incident occurred, and the fixes that are now underway will restore the ability of these bridges to carry the traffic that they did before.”

No highway authorities contacted for this article would say that — if the Middle Bridge problem had been found 13 years ago when T-1 steel welds were first definitely identified as a danger, or 2½ years ago when states were put on alert to find and fix T-1 bridges — the crippling closure could have been avoided. They are focused on being thankful that there were no calamitous failures.

Type of Story: News

Based on facts, either observed and verified directly by the reporter, or reported and verified from knowledgeable sources.

Nancy Lofholm Freelance Journalist

Nancy Lofholm has been covering news from the Western Slope — by choice — for more than four decades. In that time, she has covered everything from high-profile murders and "stolen" elections to bat research and wine making. Nancy... More by Nancy Lofholm

Aquarium fish source logo

Electric Blue Moscow Guppy Guide – Breeding, Tank Setup and Best Places to Buy

Electric Blue Moscow Guppy

Table of Contents

The Electric Blue Moscow Guppy is a selectively bred variety of the common guppy (Poecilia reticulata) , which is a popular freshwater aquarium fish . This particular tropical guppy variety is known for its striking coloration and appearance.

The “Electric Blue” part of the name refers to the vibrant, metallic blue coloration of the fish. The “Moscow” part of the name comes from the fact that this variety of guppy was developed in Russia, particularly in Moscow, where breeders focused on refining and intensifying the blue coloration.

Electric Blue Moscow Guppies typically have a deep, bright blue coloration covering their entire body, including their fins. They are often characterized by a solid, non-variegated blue color, which sets them apart from other guppy varieties that may have multiple colors or patterns.

These tropical fish guppies are popular in the aquarium hobby due to their beautiful appearance and relatively easy care requirements. They are a peaceful and hardy species, making them suitable for both beginners and experienced aquarists. However, like all guppies, they require clean water, proper filtration, and a well-maintained aquarium to thrive.

In this guide on the electric blue moscow guppy we explore how to breed, tank setup and best places to buy electric blue moscow guppies

Key Characteristics and Care Guidelines

  • Appearance:  The most defining feature of Electric Blue Moscow Guppies is their intense metallic blue color. The entire body of the fish, including the scales and fins, is typically a solid, shimmering blue.
  • Size:  Electric Blue Moscow Guppies are small fish . They typically reach an adult size of about 1.5 to 2 inches (3.8 to 5.1 centimeters) in length, making them suitable for smaller aquariums.
  • Tank size:  A minimum of 10 gallons for a group of 6 fish.
  • Diet:  They are omnivorous and accept a wide range of foods. Their diet should include high-quality flake or pellet food, supplemented with live or frozen foods like brine shrimp, daphnia, and bloodworms.
  • Origin:  The Electric Blue Moscow Guppy is a relatively new guppy variety, and its exact origin is unknown. However, it is believed to have been developed in Russia in the late 1970s or early 1980s.
  • Lifespan:  Guppies typically have a lifespan of about 2-3 years in well-maintained aquarium conditions.
  • Social Behavior :  Peaceful, Schooling fish  that swims in the top half of the water column.
  • Tank Mates: Blue Hawaiian Moscow Guppy , Red Moscow Guppy , Black Moscow Guppy , Blue Moscow Guppy , Spotted Cory Ember Tetra

Electric Blue Moscow Guppy Guide

electric blue moscow guppy

Tank Setup:

Setting up an ideal aquarium for Electric Blue Moscow Guppies is crucial to their well-being. Here’s what you should consider:

  • Tank Size : A 10 to 20-gallon aquarium is generally suitable for a small group of guppies. Ensure that the tank is properly cycled before adding fish to maintain water quality.
  • Filtration : Use a reliable aquarium filter to keep the water clean and maintain stable water parameters. Guppies are sensitive to ammonia and nitrites, so efficient filtration is vital.
  • Temperature : Maintain a water temperature between 75°F to 82°F (24°C to 28°C), as guppies thrive in slightly warm water.
  • Lighting : Moderate aquarium lighting is sufficient. Provide some plants, both live and artificial, to create hiding spots and enhance the aesthetics of the tank.
  • Substrate : Guppies are versatile when it comes to substrate, but a fine gravel or sand substrate works well. They appreciate plants and decorations for shelter and breeding.
  • Water Parameters : Keep the water pH level around 7.0, and ensure hardness between 10-30 dGH. Regularly test and monitor these parameters to maintain a stable environment.

electric blue moscow guppy

  • High-Quality Flakes or Pellets : Guppies readily accept high-quality flake foods or pellets designed for tropical fish. Look for products with a good balance of proteins, fats, and essential nutrients.
  • Live and Frozen Foods : Occasionally supplement their diet with live or frozen foods like brine shrimp, daphnia, or bloodworms. These provide essential nutrients and variety.
  • Frequency : Feed your guppies small portions 2-3 times a day. Ensure that they consume their food within a few minutes to prevent overfeeding, which can lead to water quality issues.
  • Vegetable Matter : Guppies also benefit from occasional offerings of vegetable matter, such as blanched spinach or zucchini. This provides fiber and helps mimic their natural diet.

How to Breed Electric Blue Moscow Guppies Guide

electric blue moscow guppy

Breeding Electric Blue Moscow Guppies, like breeding other guppy varieties, is a straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step guide to breeding these beautiful fish:

1. Prepare a Breeding Tank:

  • Set up a separate breeding tank or partition within the main tank. A small tank of around 5 to 10 gallons is usually sufficient.
  • Ensure the tank is well-maintained, with stable water parameters, proper filtration, and appropriate hiding spots for fry (baby guppies).
  • Maintain a stable water temperature between 75°F to 82°F (24°C to 28°C).

2. Select Healthy Guppies:

  • Choose a male and female Electric Blue Moscow Guppy with desirable coloration and good health for breeding. Make sure they are mature, typically around 4-6 months old.

3. Conditioning:

  • Prior to breeding, condition both the male and female guppies with a high-quality diet. Offer them a variety of foods, including live or frozen foods, to boost their health and fertility.

4. Introduce the Pair:

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Online Retailers:

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Ukraine-Russia war latest: US warns North Korea against sending troops to Ukraine - as NATO appoints new chief

NATO has appointed a new secretary general - while the US has warned North Korea against sending troops to fight in Ukraine. Meanwhile, Evan Gershkovich has been seen before the start of his behind-closed-doors trial in Russia.

Wednesday 26 June 2024 20:05, UK

  • David Cameron discusses Trump and Ukraine in hoax call recording released by Russian pranksters
  • NATO appoints new chief
  • US warns North Korea against sending troops to Ukraine
  • US journalist seen ahead of trial in Russia
  • Your questions answered : Has Western media been honest about Ukrainian military failures?
  • Big picture : What you need to know this week
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That brings an end to our live updates on the conflict in Ukraine for this evening.

We'll bring you any major updates overnight. In the meantime, you can scroll through the blog below to catch up on the day's developments.

Vladimir Putin today held a phone call with the interim president of Iran, Mohammad Mokhber, the Kremlin has said.

The Russian president and Mokhber discussed "mutually beneficial bilateral cooperation in all key areas", including energy and "large-scale infrastructure projects".

Russian energy giant Gazprom announced earlier today the signing of a memorandum with the National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC) to supply Russian pipeline gas to Iran.

As many football fans will be aware, the Ukrainian men's national team have been playing against Belgium in a crucial match in the European Championship in Germany.

Soldiers in the Donetsk region have been taking a break from the conflict there to watch the match in Stuttgart - where Belgium supporters rose to applaud as the Ukrainian national anthem was played before kick off.

Ukraine must win the game or hope there is a winner in the match being played simultaneously between Romania and Slovakia (or a win for Slovakia if Ukraine lose) if they are to qualify for the knock-out stages of the tournament.

The United Nations Security Council has condemned a deadly attack that targeted churches and synagogues in Dagestan.

Twenty people were killed, most of them police officers, during the attack on Sunday.

Five gunmen were also killed, while at least 46 people were taken to hospital with injuries in the predominantly Muslim region.

The statement from the UN Security Council said: "The members of the Security Council condemned in the strongest terms the heinous and cowardly terrorist."

Russian pranksters have released footage of David Cameron being tricked into thinking he was speaking to a former Ukrainian president.

The Foreign Office (FCDO) announced at the start of June that a "number of text messages were exchanged followed by a brief video call" between Lord Cameron and someone who claimed to be Petro Poroshenko.

In the casual video call published by website Guido Fawkes, Lord Cameron discusses Labour, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine with someone purporting to be Petro Poroshenko.

Mr Poroshenko was Ukrainian president between 2014 and 2019, and has remained a prominent figure in the country since leaving office.

Earlier this month, the UK Government made the hoax call public knowledge to stave off any attempts to manipulate video footage of the former prime minister from the communications.

Asked by the imposter if he believes anything will change after the general election, Lord Cameron says Labour has been "as enthusiastic" in their support for Ukraine as the Conservatives.

He said: "I don't think you'll see change. Obviously if they win it will be a new government, there will be some getting up to speed on some issues, but I think fundamentally they've supported everything we've done.

"I think the Labour Party, if they win, will continue that approach."

Asked about his engagement with former US president and current presidential candidate Mr Trump, Lord Cameron says the Republican would want to "back the winning side" in Ukraine but his attitude is "hard to predict".

He says: "I had dinner with (Trump) and my aim was to convince him not to block money for Ukraine, because obviously the speaker, Mike Johnson, wanted two things: he wanted to vote the money for Ukraine but he also wanted to keep his job, and I thought it was important to try to make sure that Trump backed him sufficiently to do that, which is what happened in the end."

He adds: "I think ultimately (Trump) will calculate at the time what's right for him.

"I think the key thing is if we can make sure that Ukraine is on the front foot and Putin is on the back foot by November, then he will want to support the winning side, as it were, and that's what we've got to ensure.

"It's hard to predict exactly what his attitude will be but that's the most important thing."

Elsewhere in the video, the imposter can be heard saying that not sending Ukraine an invitation to Nato is a "bad signal".

In response, Lord Cameron says: "There's not going to be an invitation because America won't support one.

"So what I've said to the president, (Volodymyr) Zelenskyy, is: let's try and get the best language we can about Nato support for Ukraine. But don't, let's not, we mustn't have an argument between Nato and Ukraine before the summit."

Later in the video, Lord Cameron discloses a conversation he had with Kazakhstan's foreign secretary Murat Nurtleu during a visit to the country earlier this year.

Lord Cameron says: "Kazakhstan are convinced that Putin wants a slice of the north of Kazakhstan.

"(Nurtleu) said Ukrainians are dying for Kazakhstan, they are putting their lives at risk to hold back  Russia  and that benefits us."

At the end of the call, the imposter says: "Thank you, my friend. It was nice to see you again, and I remember our first meeting with Lord Hague and Bernard and Lily Vie."

The FCDO said it had released details of the exchange publicly over dears it could be "manipulated".

The call was carried out by Russian pranksters who use the aliases "Vovan and Lexus" and appears to have lasted around 15 minutes.

The duo are well-known in Russia and have claimed to have duped a string of politicians and celebrities in the past including Sir Elton John, US statesman John McCain, Prince Harry and JK Rowling.

The Foreign Office said today that the call looked like a Russian information operation designed to distract attention from Moscow's war in Ukraine.

A spokesperson for Britain's Foreign Office said in a statement: "We made public the fact that this call happened weeks ago, to do the right thing and make sure others were warned of the risk at the earliest opportunity. 

"The Foreign Secretary understood this was a private call with a Ukrainian politician.

"This is clearly Russian, and is standard practice for information operations. Disinformation is a tactic straight from the Kremlin playbook to try to distract from their illegal activities in Ukraine and the human rights abuses being committed there."

It did not answer a question about the video's authenticity, which Sky News has not independently verified.

The US is reportedly moving towards lifting a ban on American military contractors deploying to Ukraine, according to a group of US officials familiar with the matter.

The US is said to be looking for ways to speed up the maintenance and repairs of Ukraine's weapons systems.

The equipment that has sustained significant damage in combat currently has to be transported out of the country to Poland, Romania, or other NATO countries for repairs, which takes time.

US troops are also available to help with maintenance and logistics, though this is only from afar via video chat or secure phone.

One advanced system that officials say will likely require regular maintenance is the F-16 fighter jet, which Ukraine is set to receive later this year.

The policy is still being drafted by US officials and has not yet received final sign-off from President Joe Biden, officials said.

"We have not made any decisions and any discussion of this is premature," one administration official told CNN.

"The president is absolutely firm that he will not be sending US troops to Ukraine."

The White House has been determined since the war began in 2022 to limit both the danger to Americans and the perception that the US military is engaged in combat there.

The US state department has also warned Americans against travelling to Ukraine since 2022.

European Union countries are looking to set up a new sanctions regime to counter hybrid attacks, draft European Council conclusions showed today.

EU leaders will meet tomorrow and Friday to discuss critical issues including the war in Ukraine, the Middle East, security and defence and recent political events in Georgia.

Discussing a new framework to target hybrid attacks that have been rising over the last year is also on the agenda.

"The European Council strongly condemns all types of hybrid activities... including intimidation, sabotage, foreign information manipulation and interference, disinformation, malicious cyber activities and the instrumentalisation of migrants by third countries," the draft conclusions stated.

"In response to Russia's destabilising actions abroad, the European Council reiterates its call for work to be taken forward in the Council to establish a new sanctions regime."

NATO said in May it was "deeply concerned" about recent hybrid attacks that affected several EU countries, notably those on its eastern flank, and blamed Russia.

Moscow regularly denies Western accusations that it is involved in hybrid attacks.

What are hybrid attacks?

NATO define hybrid attacks as threats that combine military and non-military as well as covert and overt means, including "disinformation, cyber attacks, economic pressure, deployment of irregular armed groups and use of regular forces".

These kinds of attacks are below the threshold of open armed aggression but are intended to manipulate the targeted government and society indirectly.

They aim to cause public panic, soften the targeted country's authorities, and force decisions desired by the aggressor.

They can be conducted by agents of secret services or special forces, non-state mercenaries, private military contractors or recruited local criminals. 

China is not neutral when it comes to the Russia-Ukraine war and has sided with Vladimir Putin, according to the US ambassador to Beijing.

Nicholas Burns said that despite its claims of neutrality, China was providing a range of technologies to Moscow while maintaining strong trade ties with Russia throughout the conflict.

Speaking in the Chinese financial hub of Shanghai, he said Russia's invasion, now in its third year, had become an "existential crisis" in Europe.

"We think it's a major mistake to allow Chinese companies, by the thousands, to be sending so many components, technology components, microprocessors (and) nitrocellulose to Russia to reinforce and strengthen the defence industrial base of the Russian Federation for this brutal war," Mr Burns said.

China "is not neutral, but has effectively sided with Russia in this war", the ambassador added.

Beijing has refused to refer to Russia's invasion as such, and has blamed NATO for provoking Mr Putin. Prior to the invasion in February 2022, China and Russia signed an agreement vowing a limitless friendship.

EU sanctions

Meanwhile, China has called on the European Union to "unconditionally" stop sanctioning Chinese firms.

The EU's 14th package of sanctions on Russia included several companies located in Hong Kong, as well as two global satellite giants.

The firms are now subject to drastic restrictions over sales of "dual-use goods and technology" that could be used for the "enhancement of Russia's defence and security sector".

Beijing hit back on Tuesday, saying it opposed "unilateral sanctions with no basis in international law" and had lodged "stern representations" with the EU.

"The development of normal exchanges and cooperation between Chinese and Russian businesses does not target any third party," foreign ministry spokeswoman Mao Ning said at a regular press briefing in Beijing.

By Ivor Bennett, Moscow correspondent

In general, the official line from the Kremlin on this case is that it's a matter for the court and it therefore can't comment.

That was the answer last week when Vladimir Putin's spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, was asked why the trial would be held behind closed doors.

Russia insists its courts are independent, and that justice must be left to run its course.

Today, the line evolved slightly. Mr Peskov said the case was "not so resonant" in Russia.

That's not how it felt at the courthouse in downtown Yekaterinburg.

There were dozens of camera crews and photographers there, including a local outlet called Scream TV, which appeared more interested in us, as foreign media, than the case itself. 

The US accuses Russia of stockpiling Americans, like Evan Gershkovich, to use as human bargaining chips.

If that's the case, it feels like the Kremlin is trying to maximise its leverage, because Mr Peskov also said today that there was currently no sign of a possible exchange.

Moscow is working on a "big treaty" with Iran, Russia's foreign ministry spokesman Maria Zakharova has said.

Ms Zakharova's comment appeared to be a reference to a comprehensive bilateral cooperation agreement that is being negotiated between Tehran and Moscow.

Earlier this year, it was reported that Iran had supplied Russia with ballistic missiles.

Reuters news agency reported that the Iranian regime had supplied around 400 missiles to Russia for the first time since Vladimir Putin launched his full-scale invasion.

The munitions included many short-range ballistic missiles, with the ability to strike targets at a range of between 186 and 435 miles.

And in January, Russia's foreign ministry said that a new interstate treaty reflecting the "unprecedented upswing" in Russia-Iran ties was in the final stages of being agreed.

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